log:Old Job, New Friends
IC date: Autumn 69, 1007 A.C.
OOC date: November 27, 2012
PCs: Sky-Sparkler Stormdancer Plot-Twist Jellybean
NPCs: None
GM: None

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There's a rainbow-makin' shed. Equestria spreads out below.

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Plot-Twist Purple, wearing modified Shadowbolt Uniform
Sky-Sparkler Unicorn mare, blue coat, yellow mane & tail

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Stormdancer has arrived.
Jellybean has arrived.

Between one thing and another, the weather shed above Horseshoe Harbor has been shorthooved of late. First the usual distance from Cloudsdale making it hard to attract weather ponies, then the plague of poison joke that turned over half the team into foals, then over half the team was blasted into another reality… All in all, Sky Sparkler isn't certain about what she'll find when she gets to the shed today… but she's going anyway, and bringing her new friend (and fellow resident at Casa de la Chaos) Stormdancer. The two are standing on a cloud that Sky Sparkler is raising up to the shed with her magic.

Stormdancer is taking the free ride with some semi-serious self-deprication. "Feels like I'mma foal 'gain," she complains with a laugh. "But I do 'preciate the lift, Sparky!" Her feathers -are- grown back out to about a foal's lengths, so it's appropriate. And hey, she's helping with what she can, flapping away with her hooves dug in so Sky doesn't have to do -all- the work. … Just most of it.

Whats this? Plot Twist has found something interesting. A shed that seems to make weather things! Empty and unguarded! What kind of people leaves such a trove of resources exposed like this? Don't they know any pegasus with the gumption could make Cloud Mortars? The shadowbolts pony pokes around dipping her hoof in a little bit of rainbow, considering taking some to make some Las Pegasus Glow if she could find a still when a noise is heard on the clouds outside. It could be trouble. Ducking in cover she hides waiting to see just who is coming to this cloud shed.

"Don't push it too hard," Sky replies to Stormdancer, hopping from the little cloud to the larger one. "If there's one thing my mom taught me, it was to take care of your wings," the unicorn says firmly. She hasn't noticed the interloper yet, but she is walking, slowly and stadily, towards the shed. Her voice isn't as nasal as Plot Twist might remember, the curse of the pencil seems to have been lifted.

"Ah know," Stormdancer adds with just a trace of a whine. "But I've -gotta- get back inta shape, both muscles an' magic." She wiggles her hooves free and makes the hop, too, briefly poking her flank with one. "Livin' like a ground pony fer so long's gone an' made me soft 'n places I'd rathe' not be!" A thoughtful look, then, before she trots to catch up. "That, or eatin' real food 'n a regular basis. Rather blame it on the not-flyin' part."

Plots Twist looks at her own round flanks and frowns a little. Compaired to the other pony-No! Focus your a captain of the Shadowbolts. This is no time for those kind of thoughts! Trapped in a small shed with ponies ready to find her there isn't much time to think of something. Peeks out between a weak point in teh cloud wall she eyes the two and spots one in particular. That face looks so familiar. Where has she-! Like lighting she pounces Stormdancer "Ah ha! Thought you would try and sneak out through the portal did you!" Without her blades she is a whole lot less deadly but she still like getting hit by a train, big flanks and all- no! We agreed to cut that out. Stupid brain.

Late to the party, here comes Jellybean! Little wings flapping mightily as he flies up to check out the weather shed for the first time since he got back. "Hello?" he calls out. "Is anypony here?"

Sky Spakler did not expect that they would be ambushed when they got to the shed, but after her time in the alternate universe her reflexes are still reasonably good. Good enough to jump back, and start gathering an electrical charge. "Portal? What are you taking about?" she demands. "Are-huh?" she turns her head away from Plot Twist as she hears her youthful boss's voice. "Jellybean?"

"Augh!" The poor, innocent (mostly) mare falls back from the -totally- unprovoked aggression on her blue self, her forelegs coming up to take the brunt of the hit. Cloudstuff flumphs up around Stormie, leaving a nice winged imprint behind as she keeps the roll going enough to get bring her hind hooves up to her belly and kick back. "This -ain't- how I prefer gettin' jumped b' strange mares!"

Jellybean flaps nervously, hiding in the shed with his little snoot poking out. "Are… are you all fighting? How come you're fighting?"

Plot Twist pulls a heroic pose, puffing out her chest, all the while her hoofs trample all over the poor Stormdancer. "Thought you could trick these poor ponies Stormcaller?" maybe she is hero material after all, maybe that silly Ginger Spice wasn't crazy? "I recognized you right away. I'm protecting this town so you just march right back through that portal and don't go bothering these nice ponies anymore." a back hoof makes sure to give a nice jab to punctuate that point. Turning back to see who the new pony is she smiles. A horrible thing her smile, with all those scars on her face it makes her look really angry or just really crazy. "I-erm I got um don't worry!" tryting to hold back a blush from 'jumping mares' comment. Really she doesn't mean to keep leaping on mares! It just kinda happens.

Around now Sky Sparkler would fingersnap, but she doesn't have fingers. "I remember you now! You were the one in the clouds!" she says, pointing her hoof at Plot Twist. Aaaand she's confused again. Sky Sparkler missed the memo about the Shadowbolt joining the light side of the pony. "Wait, you want to protect the town?" She scratches the back of her head with a hoof.

Stormdancer is rather too busy limiting the trampling to her non-vital bits to answer poor Jellybean- though that final jab still knocks the wind out of her briefly. Until, distractions to the rescue! She burrows deeper into the cloud and starts tunneling around to the shed- perfect stealth! Except for her tail sticking up like a banner, or the fin on a cloudshark.

Jellybean remains in the shed, watching the in-process kerfuffle worriedly. He's sniffling. "I just wanted to make sure that the weather was all getting done," he offers.

All this heroic posing seems to be distracting as Plot Twist seems to realize there is nothing under her hooves but clouds! "Look out!" she calls to Jellybean. The poor filly is going to be attacked by that shadowbolt! Leap, Leap Leap! She keeps trying to pounce that tail but ends up with nothing but fluff on her face blowing her face on after you. "What? Who? Ya!" trying to not be so distracted by that weird magicly suspended unicorn. How weird is that anyway. "You know you lend a hoof that little filly is in trouble!"

"I'd help, but I'm trying to figure out HOW to help," Sky Sparkler admits. "On the one hoof, we have a pegasus that when I first met was attacking me for not having the right papers and a pencil up my nose, but who is the one claiming to be acting in defense." As she speaks, she lifts one of her forehoofs, holding it up. "And on the other hoof," she raises her other forehoof into the air, "We have a pony that I have on good word only arrived in Hoseshoe Harbor after I was blasted across the barrier, long before we opened the portal back."

Physics is giving Sky Sparkler a dirty look, that she firmly ignores, continuing to stand only on her back legs, weight supported by the cloud.

Jellybean nods to Sky Sparkler and trots out of the shed. He looks around at the assembled ponies and wipes his nose "W-well. It's nice to meet both of you. My name's Jellybean and I guess I'm kinda the head weather pony in town. Do you two want to do weather work? It's fun." He flaps his wings eagerly.

Stormdancer pops her head up out of the clouds to, very maturely, blow a raspberry at her pursuer, before yeeping and ducking back under to make a beeline for the edge of the cloud. At the very last moment, she makes a sharp turn off to the side. With any luck…! Either way, she pops back up again, gasping for breath. "Jest came… ta check… yer widgets!"

Plot Twist is getting flash backs from before. Ponies being tricky and making her look foolish. No pony is taking this seriously! Why are ponies here always playing tricks? Slidding to a stop at the weather shack she eyes Jellybean as she (well she thinks he is a she, hard to tell when he is so foalish). "Head weather pony? Kid your not much that a few moons old how-" she groans and shakes her head. "I … I guess. Not like I'm much use around here anyway." she falls back onto her flanks and sputters at the others. At leas the little Jellybean seems to be nice enough.

Sky Sparkler nods to Plot Twist. "We'd be glad to have you with us… even if the equipment here isn't as nice as we might like, the job is a lot of fun." She lowers her forehooves to the cloud, making Physics happy. "As for how he's the boss… Well." Her innate honesty wars with wanting to make a new friend that will stay. Should she explain 'just another Tuesday'?

Jellybean blushes and scuffs a hoof into the cloud. "I'm not really a little pony. I mean, I AM a little pony but I'm s'posta be a big pony. Some stuff happened." He flaps his wings earnestly. "But I AM a big pony, honest!"

Stormdancer splays out on the cloud, ruffling her feathers as she calms down. "This's gotta be -the- weirdest town I ever been ta," she notes, pointing a hoof at Jelly and Plot. (But not Sky. Hey, never poke at your ride home!) "An' I've been ta Neigh Orleans an' Las Pegasus -both-."

Physics is still pretty sad about a unicorn standing on a cloud in all honestly. Plot Twist has long given up trying to under stand the horned ponies dark and horrible magics. If she can cope so can physics. "He?" the ex-captain blinks in surprise. Looking back to the little pony she squints through her welding goggles and flips the dark frames up. "Are you sure?" not taking the little pony at his word all at once. "Far be it for me to question sunnyside up ponies." with a casual flick of her hoofs she drops her goggles back into place and rolls her head. "I have experience with making cloud mortars, tornados and thunderheads. Not so much … more … um" she waves a hoof at the nice weather provided for teh ponies in the town. "Perfect happy weather." a flick of her short short tail she sets back into the clouds. "Quick learner though."

"This place can get pretty crazy," Sky Sparkler admits, agreeing with Stormdancer. Turning back to Plot Twist, she notes, "One of the biggest parts of the job is watching for off-shore storm systems, and making sure they don't cause too much damage, and are broken up before they can grow again in the Everfree."

The little colt nods along to Sky Sparkler's explanation. "The sea is the big thing we have to worry about. But if you're unsure about how to work with things I'd be happy to teach you. An', an' Typhoon Wave would be good, too: she's really good with storms, so she'd be able to teach you all about storm prebe- prefen- prenev-how to stop storms from happening." To Stormdancer he blushes a bit. "It's not /that/ weird here."

Stormdancer just chuckles lightly, before she glances out at the ocean. Her wings flex again, giving a couple slow beats, and then she's looking back at the others. And, oh-so-innocently, with a cheery smile, asks: "'bout how far out do ya start tryin' ta damp 'em down, if yer tryin' ta tame 'em 'fore they hit the port?"

"Whats the big deal?" looking out over the clouds and tilting her head Plot Twist wiggles in her spot. "I mean weather did fine running wild where I come from. Little rougher but why baby it?" scratching her chin she walks over to the shed and grabs some rainbow not even about to hide the fact she is taking some. "Sure I will get some training, maybe I wont be so bad at it? Need to find a way to be useful around here." streatching her wings she takes off the bottle of rainbow in her hooves as she heads for the incoming weather.

Jellybean hmms. "Well, it really depends. Unless it's something big we usually take care of it closer to shore: no reason to go long-distance flying for something that might blow somewhere else with the breeze. But if it's big enough to cause damage we go out to meet it."