Of Pies And Punch
IC date: Summer 31
OOC date: July 21
Location: Town Square
PCs: Magpie Blackbird Tick-Tock Jellybean Typhoon-Wave Ruby-Blossom Kludge
NPCs: Jellybean's Family
GM: Applejack

It's a…somewhat cloudy day today in the Harbor. And somewhat cold. Different from what had been forecast once upon a time, but not so cold that a bunch of happy, friendly pegasi can't deal with it. In fact, with so many able-bodied members of various weather teams, every so often the clouds get cleared away to make way for another hour or so of sunlight!

Of course, the /need/ to constantly clear away masses of cold clouds just to have a nice day is drawing more than a few idle comments and curious questions, though most of the various family members have chalked it up to the oddity that is the Wintersong Forest.

Nontheless! Despite the odd weather for a summer season, the wedding planning process is in full swing! There have been several trips made to the local stores, sussing out clothing details, floral arrangements, banquet options (which, in some cases, were one and the same), and other such items. Jellybean's mother, Grapevine, has been forefront with the grand majority of these planning sessions, pointing out /only the best/ for her little Bean's Big Day.

Today's topic of discussion? Food. Grapevine's arranged for some of the best bakers in the Harbor to bring out some of their best dishes, arranged in several buffet lines of various food types. Naturally there are food tents /everywhere/, with pegasi and Harbor residents alike either producing, consuming, or commenting on all the deliciousness. Grapevine in particular has an entorage going, with herself, Jellybean, Typhoon-Wave, Cumulus, and Solid-Spectrum being escorted by a city guard from booth to booth, buffet to buffet. A second group has Misty, Gale, Eddy, Slide-Rule, Shooting-Star, and Drizzle, though this group has managed to keep themselves hovering closer to the dessert booths than the others.

Tropical Front makes up the entire third group. Though this is partly because she has a booth of her own that she's just wheeling along with her, sampling some of the food, and countering with some of her /own/ food. Because pegasus cuisine is the best, seriously.

Jellybean is as happy as can be following his mom and dad around from tent to tent, his fiancee by his side, checking out all kinds of delicious food. He's sampling daintily, wanting not to overstuff himself before he's had a chance to try everything. "I liked the quiches in that last tent," he offers, "but then I really like spinach."

As one of the wedding party, it is Blackbird's /solemn duty/ to help sample all the food. Absolutely vital. Only the most serious of ponies need apply. With that in mind, the town schoolteacher dutifully follows Jellybean and Typhoon — but there's only one problem: he's already getting full. "Those quiches were /delicious/," he agrees.

Admittedly Ruby was extremelly curious regarding who Jellybean's best stallion would be, and Blackbird's presence seems to appease her curiousity - out of assumption. She's there too, sampling the various dishes while trying to stay close to the bride to be; finding this gathering to be more than a little plentiful.

Typhoon-Wave has been slowly-but-surely getting… well, not /comfortable/ with the crowd, but at the very least used to it. Mostly. Kind of. She's been kind of quiet, but not unenthusiastic - hey, it's nice to have /help/ on all this stuff she had absolutely no clue how she was ever going to get done herself. "I l-like spinach too," she pipes up in response to Jellybean, smiling faintly. "They w-were really good."

Magpie looks a bit uncertain. She's not clear on whether everything's free or if that's just for the actual wedding planners. Ah well. No real matter; for Magpie, everything tends to be free. Hovering a quiche (which she is currently mentally pronouncing 'quitchy'), she insinuates herself among the relative crowd of pegasi near the desserts. "Hey Eddy, hey Drizzle," she chirps to the two whose names she can remember.

Tick-Tock may not be a perfect chef but he is determined to lend a hoof to Jellybean so he's turned up with various bowls of salad, the biggest one being a bowl of potato salad he spent the last six hours trying to perfect.

Kludge is with Ruby, likewise sampling the various foods, but also glancing at the various tents themselves. What can he say - as a craftspony in the lumber trade, it's kind of a habit to check how any woodwork is doing.

"Oh they absolutely were divine!" Grapevine says in agreement to Blackbird's quiche quip. "But they were just a touch overdone, so that will have to be taken into account. There's a lot of good food around here and I must have only the absolute best around for this wedding. Oh and I'm so glad you could join us, my little Beanie has told me so much about you! Oh, and /you/, my dear Ms. Blossom, have simply made our darling Typhoon's day with your willingness to help. This place is so full of helpful ponies. Really quite different than what I heard on the winds, don't you know."

The main party is rounding the bend of banquet delights, coming up to Tick-Tock's salad booth. Salads being a staple of any good pony diet, Grapevine marches right on up to get herself a taste test! "Hmm.. Mmm. Not bad! Honeybean, what do you think of this nice pony's salad dish?" Cumulus and Solid-Spectrum seem content enough to let Grapevine do most of the leading, sneaking tastes where they can. Nothing's been bad so far. This will be a difficult thing to judge a final menu off of.

Meanwhile, the second group's raiding the cookie tent for the fourth time today, though by 'group' we really mean 'Eddy', whom keeps zooming over to grab another couple cookies, balance them on his head, and race back to the rest of that family unit. Drizzle watches each dash with an eyeroll and a sigh, though he eventually ends up sneaking nibbles of cookies when he thinks nobody's actually paying him any attention. When Magpie comes over, Eddy promptly balances a cookie on her nose, his wings buzzing and keeping him hovered a few inches off the ground. "Hi! Did you come to eat cookies too? They're really good! Almost as good as these ones in Cloudsdale we always go by, but not quite, but they're really good anyway!"

Drizzle, meanwhile, wipes a few stray crumbs off his mouth and half-waves a hoof. It's as greeting as he's willing to give anybody.

As Kludge passes by a particular tent, he is greeted with a blackberry pie, thrust out in front of his face. "Here you go dearie. Try some of this, I guarantee it's better than anything you've tasted around /here/ before. I can't believe some of the things you ponies eat! It's no wonder you're all skin and bones out here!"

Tropical Front strikes again…

Jellybean gives Tick Tock a wave when he sees him. "Oh hi. I didn't know you cooked." He flutters his wings a little in happy greeting. "Ooh, potato salad? Sounds good, but if you see uncle Frog Rain he probably shouldn't have any." He winces a little. "Last time was bad enough."

Ruby offers Grapevine a big ol smile in return. "Jellybean never told me he had such a lovely and well-spoken mother, I should have assumed given how well he presents himself." Butter up the mother, butter up the groom - can't lose! She takes another look around at the gathering of Jellybean's family, and then back to the stallions mother. Her smile waviers a hint, and she gently bumps her flank against Typhoon's before whispering. "He really does have a big family."

Kludge blinks - suddenly, pie! "Thank you," he says with sincere politeness as he accepts the offered slice, munching on it. After thoughtfully chewing for a bit, he swallows and beams a smile at Tropical Front. "That /is/ a very good pie! Not sure I've ever had one quite this good," he admits.

Magpie crosses her eyes at the cookie that's suddenly on her nose. She gives her head a flip back, and noms the cookie right into her mouth. "No magshic even," she mumbles. A wink directed Drizzle's way. Why does she like him so much? Wants to cheer him up, s'pose.

Tick-Tock grins at Jellybean and says "I don't but my mum did. She gave me her cook book before I left Manechester and I only use it on /very/ special occasions and since you're one of the nicest ponies I've met, I'd say your wedding was very special indeed."

Typhoon-Wave blushes faintly and glances over to Ruby, nodding. He /really/ does. She's used to a small family! A three-pony family! They may all be friendly and welcoming and very very nice but there's just so /many/ of them and she's kind of spent the past week in faint dread of forgetting a name or something and terribly offending somepony.

"Hey! It's not that bad!" A voice from the pegasi crowd calls out. Maybe that was Uncle Frog Rain.

Grapevine's ears splay. She nods silently, mouthing the words 'Yes it is'. A moment later she has little bowls of potato salad passed out to everybody in her little wedding group! "Let the nice pony know what you think. This is /very important/ that we get the perfect salad." Perfection in everything is a must!

Solid and Cumulus share a glance, nibbling at bits of potato, with Solid hanging back to flank his daughter on her other side. "I didn't expect so many to show up, honest. I swear when the invitation came along, it was like we found out half the factory's related." He frowns thoughtfully. "I'm not so sure the other half isn't either and just didn't want to come. Imagine what would happen if all Equestria suddenly had to fend for themselves weather-wise."

Eddy's eyes look like they're about to pop out of his skull at Magpie's backflip! "Whoa! That was cool! Do it again!" Quick as a flash, with the faintest smoke trail left behind, Eddy has another couple cookies balanced on his wings, a third being placed on Magpie's head. "Oh oh oh, look at this, watch this!" He leaps! And spins! Sending the two cookies on his wings sailing up into the air, back down to where the colt sits, mouth hanging open!

One cookie lands next to his hooves, the other lands on Drizzle, who wipes off the crumbley mess. "Hey! Watch where you're throwing those!"

Tropical Front gives Kludge the biggest grin a pegasus can ever hope to give. She's a pretty big gal, that makes for a pretty darn big grin! "Of course it is!" she boasts, head lifted, "My pies are legendary among Cloudsvillians! Why, I've saved worlds with my baked goods, that's how good they are." Another slice is offered to Kludge. "Have a little more."
Jellybean smiles, tail swishing from side to side after a taste of the potato salad. "It's really good! I haven't had potato salad in forever but this seems like a really good recipe." He pauses, trying to think of something thoughtful to say about it, not really being much of a foodie himself. "Is that mustard?"

Tick-Tock beams at Jellybean. "Maybe. It's a secret that I will keep for as long as I shall live."

Tick-Tock says "But, since you've already guessed, yes it does have mustard in it, but it's home made mustard, which is also from mummy's cook book."

Kludge gives Tropical Front a nod of thanks. "I should probably take this slice over to my marefriend," he demurred. "And there's so much food here to try! But when I've had all of the firsts I care to have… I'll definitely be back for seconds!" he grins.

Magpie gives Eddy a little pat. "You might wanna start with, like… popcorn or something. That won't, y'know.. make a mess." She sidles over to give Drizzle a little nudge then. "How come you look so annoyed? Have you tried the quitchy? It's good."

Ruby peeks to Typhoon and gives her a gentle little bump again. "You holding up okay?" she whispers with a small smile. "His mom is really excited." she grins mischeviously. "She must approve."

"We'll add it to the list!" Grapevine declares. "Any friend of my Beanie that cooks this well deserves a spot on the catering list." Cumulus produces a clipboard from under one of his wings, makes a checkmark, and replaces the clipboard. "Got it."

"Excellent. What's next? Ooh, over here…" Grapevine begins to lead towards the next food booth, where someone's been making crepes!

Eddy doesn't look the slightest bit embarassed. "It's not that much of a mess." he insists, brushing at some of the crumbled cookie in front of him with a wing. "Oh! I know!" Zoom! He goes tearing off towards another of the booths, this one with cups of home-made ice cream. Is there really any other kind of ice cream in a place this far from civilization? Four bowls, the colt claims, just when no grown-ups are paying any mind to him amid the tasting-frenzy, balanced on his head, both wings, and flank. He comes trotting back as fast as his little legs will carry him when the cobblestone road just jumps in his way!

That's how he saw it. Really he just tripped. Plonk! "Whoa!" Ice cream bowls go flying! Four little missiles of frozen treat come tumbling over towards Magpie, Drizzle, one splattering on the moody colt's head. The other two went a bit farther than that.

One landing on great Aunt Tropical Front's flank. The other on Kludge.

There's a moment of shock on Tropical Front's face, feeling the chill of ice cream sliding down her flank. A glance back, and a glance over at the kids whom were the source of the sudden mess. "Oh! OH! Oh you kids think that's /funny/!"

Eddy apparently does. He should be looking abashed that he tripped with ice cream, but the 'sorry' face is fighting a losing battle with 'giggles'.

"Oh I'll show you funny!" Tropical Front shouts, reaching into her booth to pull out a nice, fresh apple pie. Several of the other friendly pegasus ponies clear the intended path to the giggling Eddy.

Typhoon-Wave nods, glancing over at her father. "I imagine th-that would be a little… more chaotic. I d-didn't know he had so many relatives e-either!" To Ruby, she flushes faintly, twitching an ear. "…I h-hope so." She lets out a breath, shifting her wings a bit awkwardly and lowering her voice. "I-it's all a b-bit… overwhelming. I'm n-not sure I f-fit in." A worry entirely of her own devising, surely. These ponies don't seem the sort to make anypony feel unwelcome! "B-but they're all very n-nice."

Jellybean hears the sound of splattering food and winces. Gently, he nudges Typhoon. "We may want to find some cover. I've seen this happen before." To Tick Tock: "Uhm, can we hide behind your table please?"

Kludge hurriedly collects both the offered slice of pie and the unexpected bowl of ice cream, then heads for Ruby. "Got a slice of blackberry pie for you, my dear," he says as he gets within talking distance. "And if things go the way they might seem… well, I think we won't have to go to the food - it'll come to us."

*blink blink* "Uhh, Typhoon. I think maybe…" Ruby points at Jellybean "What he said."

Typhoon-Wave blinks, glancing around. "Oh… oh dear." She glances sideways at Jellybean. "…You've s-seen this before?" She sounds like she can't decide if this is surprising, amusing, or frightening.

Tick-Tock nods, happily and says "Of course, Mr Jellybean, I don't see why not."

Magpie's horn flashes to snatch the bowl headed her way right out of the air! With an almost instinctive reflex, instead of trying to stop its momentum (a word Magpie doesn't know), she whips it around herself and sends it back along a reciprocal course (another word she doesn't know). Which is how Eddy gets not only covered in ice cream, but whanged upside the head with a bowl…

As it turns out, Blackbird's already hiding under Tock's table. "Welcome to the party," he says to Jelly and Typhoon as they find a spot. He offers an apologetic grin. Maybe his hiding has to do with the small cache of food under there with him. Snacks or ammo?

"What…?" Grapevine is catching on that there is a ripple in her events schedule. Cumulus glances back at the parting crowd, blinks, and grimaces, edging himself to a good spot to duck between the potato salad booth and the crepe booth. "Oh no… No! Tropical Front, DON'T YOU DARE!" Grapevine shouts, wings spreading. One hoof paws at the cobblestone, the purple mare waiting a half of a second before galloping towards the impending fray!

"It's TOO LATE! The dessert has been tossed and my flank demands vengence!" Tropical Storm shouts back, Eddy just now realizing he may be in some sort of sweet hazardous line of sight. So dramatic! "Pie is served!" Her wings flex, and the apple pie is chucked in an arc across the square! Poor little Eddy, laid out on his back, hiccuping from his massive bout of giggles, can only stare with a look of pure glee at the falling pie. "Hey! Watch this!" He shouts at Magpie and Drizzle, opening his mouth as wide as he can! Which isn't anywhere near enough for the pie…but before the pie can strike, a pile of ice cream does first! Splat! And then the pie! SPLAT! …And then the bowl, plunking atop the colt's snout like a horseshoe ringer. Eddy sits up, the bowl askew like some odd army hat. He wipes his face off with a hoof, blinks at Magpie, and then at Tropical Front, whom is now booming laughs like a battleship cannon. "I hope you know, this means war!"

There's a certain glee to the little kid's expression, complete opposite to the look of complete horror his mother has now that she's caught up to the situation, too late to stop the quick little colt from leaping back atop the ice cream booth's table, and chucking a few more bowls of ice cream. In random directions. He inhales a deep breath, and shouts out as loud as he can:


Tick-Tock takes his potato salad with him as it would make great ammo for a food fight and he doesn't want to waste it and he puts it down a trap door he installed under his table.

Ruby isn't a coward, but she is a bit of a diva at times; so it's no surprise she's chosen to hide behind the booth along with Jellybean and Typhoon; sneaking only the occasional peak at the fray. "Oh my. Looks like Eddy got his just desert, and Tropical-Storm got her vegence..a la mode."

Typhoon-Wave blinks over at Ruby, wincing but grinning slightly despite herself. "Ow. That pun." Apparently food fights are something she's /not/ scared of! (Maybe Shooting Star can be blamed for that. Maybe.) Not that she looks like she's in any hurry to join in, granted.

Jellybean rocks back and forth a little underneath the table. "It's okay," he says, feathers ruffling. "Aunty's just having one of her moments, that's all. She gets this way sometimes."

Ruby-Blossom reaches over to smoosh Jellybean's cheeks between her hooves. "Such an exciteable family, no wonder why you like to hang out with us - must remind you of home."

Tick-Tock gives Jellybean a hug. "It's alright Jellybean. Calm down. You'll be safe, I promise. It isn't your fault this is happening, you won't be in any trouble."

Kludge arrives behind the tent with Ruby and the others, offering his marefriend the slice of blackberry pie. "I'm feeling audacious," he declares. "Anyone have any food requests they' dlike me to get, either airborne or from a table?"

Blackbird can't help but chuckle a little. Puns are excellent. "Seems like we have front-row seat to the event of the century," he says to the congregated group beneath the table. He pauses, and picks up a little bowl of jello. "Want some?"

Tick-Tock closes his eyes an wrinkles his nose before a deep blue barrier appears around the stall, protecting those inside from pastry projectiles and falling food.

Magpie leaps up on a stall. "Vengeance?! There is no honor in this cowardly attack! I will strike you down, as I did strike down Nightmare Moon! HAVE AT THEE!" And with that she scoops up a lovely lime jelly mold, and it goes sailing towards Tropical Storm.

Grapevine is practically in Tropical Storm's face! As if she could get any more purple, ranting hard enough to make her wings flutter! "Tropical Storm, that was completely uncalled for! I'll not have you go and ruin my Beanie's big day just because yo-"


Ice cream lands atop Grapevine's head, giving her a similar ice cream bowl 'hat' that Eddy has from his war station. Jellybean's mother pauses in her rant, much like Tropical Storm did moments ago, lifting a hoof to the mess in her mane, pulling away chocolate and caramel swirl. She stares at it, while Tropical Storm looks down at her dear sister with a smug look, pulling another pie from her pantry and offering it up to Grapevine with a wing. "After you, sister."

Grapevine heaves a sigh, stretching out a wing of her own to accept the pie, turning, and /flinging/ it out towards the ice cream booth! Alas, her aim is a touch off. It splats against Shooting Star, hovering above the booth, where he assumed he was safe. He may have been pointing and laughing a little. But now! Now he's covered in blueberries. "Wha… HEY! Awright, now it's personal!" He dives behind another food booth, serving a sort of cold soup and sandwich. This makes for an interesting weapon. Dunk the sandwich in the soup, and toss!

Either way, he's not helping.

Poor Drizzle, through all this, has ended up covered in a few different food items, looking more and more grumpy about it by the moment. "Yeah… And they call /me/ a kid." he mutters, scooting back to try and get out of the way, under another booth.

"Ohohohoho! Good shot! You got him square in the—"


Tropical Storm now has jelloface. "Oh! OH! They did it AGAIN! I won't stand for this! Everyone gets a pie now! EVERYONE!"

Thus did it come to pass that pies, ice cream, and soup-soaked sandwiches were flung into the crowd and at each other. Some pegasi duck for cover, like the core of Jellybean's group! Others…begin raiding the various food booths, shouting of revenge, vengence, and desserts! The skies were dark with the shadows of flying food, and the fountain ran red with spilt punch…

Ruby taps a hoof inquisitively against her chin in clear ponderification. "I suppose the best way to butter your mother up, I mean aside from literally throwing butter at her - is to offer her a nice little spa service after this, yes?"

Jellybean nods a little, still looking frazzled. This is the… hectic side of the family, and he's showing no inclination to do anything but stay hidden until it's wound down. "Spa would be good. Nice, relaxing spa. Peaceful and quiet and nothing to throw at anypony."

Ruby-Blossom says "Well, except mud. But I don't want to be caught in family mud-slinging, all sorts of things I don't need to know about somepony else's family.""

Magpie is still standing on the jellies stand, laughing like an absolute lunatic. "MuahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" She laughs her derision as she hurls jellies indescriminately, twisting to avoid the odd projectile that comes her way!

Tick-Tock rubs his head due to a recently obtained headache. "I /really/ hate that spell. On the other hoof a spa sounds like a great idea, it'll give you all a chance to relax as well as apologise for caking each other in… well, cake."
Ruby-Blossom peeks over the top of Tick-Tock's stand to give Magpie a curious glance then she sneaks back down and shrugs. "I think she'll get along with your family, Jellybean."

So much food… Flung to every corner of the Town Square! Such a sight to behold! Gale has joined Shooting Star at the soup and sandwich booth, tag-teaming anypony they can get their sights on. Grapevine and Tropical Storm are doing something similar…though Tropical Storm is acting as the world's biggest shield for her sister, flinging pie after pie from her stock at any pony in her path! With a generous double-berry pie helping flung at the mischevious piebald filly!

Eddy has abandoned his post. There are plenty of other foals willing to pick up his slack, keeping the flow of sticky ice cream going though, and plenty of other pegasi hiding calmly if they didn't want to join in the fight.

A few moments later, it becomes evident where Eddy went. Apparently he went to the cake booth, which was a little out of the original perimeter. It was meant to be special. …And now there's several pegasi airlifting a great big cake over the square. The shadow of it eclipsing the sun, and making several of the other food fighters blink and look up at the iminent dessert.
Ruby-Blossom quietly scootches /under/ Tick-Tock's booth while attempting to drag Typhoon with her. "I think they're about to cake this square, it's full sheet."

Magpie stares up at the massive cake. The moment of distraction sees her double-berry-pied (is that one pie with two kinds of berries, or two berry pies?), and she tumbles from her perch with a yelp. On the ground, she scrambles towards the safety of the glowing barrier around Ruby. "LEMME IN!" she squeals. "THEY'VE GOT CAKELEAR WEAPONS!"

"…Oh dear," Blackbird comments, looking up at the growing shadow.
Typhoon-Wave gives a faint squeak and backs up willingly. This is not what cake is meant for! …Usually. "Oh dear," she agrees with Blackbird, ducking back under the booth.

Kludge follows Ruby, idly munching on the pie and ice cream he had brought over. "I am not looking forward to cleaning this up," he mutters.

Tick-Tock grunts with the strain of the spell as he opens a small gap in the shield for Magpie to fit through.
Jellybean digs himself deeper underneath the table and just whimpers a little. "I want a nap," he says, as though this summarizes his experience of this event.

The food fighting slows, and then stops in awe of the giant dessert hovering above everybody's heads. Several of the fighters scramble for cover! A few others salute the cake outright. Tropical Front grunts. "That's a waste of a perfectly good cake… Oh well! It was nice fighting along your side, dear sister." Grapevine sighs, patting Tropical Front on her messy back. "Likewise."

Eddy giggles from over the cake, his 'helmet' tipped back. "Behold the cakeocalypse!" he shouts, flits to land on top of the cake's top layer, and then signals to the other pegasi. "Drop it!" Ropes get dropped, the cake falls! With Eddy riding the top layer, a cowboy hat in one hoof, all the way down. "Yeeeeaaaaaah!"


…In the aftermath of the cakening, frosting and sweet substance has splattered everywhere, covering nigh every booth in some manner of delicious dessert. Many ponies are standing around, covered in batter or glaze, but most don't seem all that unhappy with the situation. It /was/ a pretty good cake. Tropical Front took most of the cakesplosion for Grapevine, already starting to nudge her cart out of the plaze, one half of her great frame covered in cake. The other half nearly pristine. "I'm sorry, Grapevine. You put this much food in one place with /this/ family, you knew full well what was bound to happen! You have nobody to blame but yourself."

Ruby gently nudges Kludge. "No desert tonight." she peeks out as a small gap is opened for Maggie. "Get to chopper!" she then grins broadly to show off her teeth before ducking back under the table.

Just before the cake is dropped the barrier flickers and dies as Tick-Tock can't keep it going any longer, meaning that all hiding under it get caked in the cake.

Jellybean is now covered in cake. Sheepishly, he comes up from under the table. "Mom? Aunty? Do you two want to go to the salon after this with me and Typhoon, maybe?"

Tick-Tock opens the trap door and pulls out his completely unscathed potato salad and flings a spoonful of it at Magpie."Am I to late for the food fight?"

Magpie dives through the opening an instant before the shield flickers and falls. "No!" she shouts, and then all is cake. She scuffs lamely at her eyes with a hoof. And then, insult to injury, she gets a dollop of potato salad across her muzzle. "Uck," she replies. Then nibbles on some cake scraped from her shoulder. "…it really IS a good cake," she admits.

Kludge sighs, then resumes eating the slice of pie and bowl of ice cream. The cake adddition goes well with both, at least!

Grapevine sighs deeply, but she can't quite hide the hints of a smile that tug at her mouth. "I think we all deserve some spa time." she says to Jellybean, looking back at the cake-covered carnage. "Don't worry, we'll have the place cleaned back up in no time! I dare to say we've learned how to clean up a giant mess after a few family gatherings ending like this."

Eddy pokes his head up from the mess, pushing his bowl-hat off. He looks out across all the cake, throws his hooves up in the air, and giggles. "I win!" …Only to be pegged with one last bowl of pudding. Flung by Drizzle, from above. He almost smiles. Almost. Instead silently flitting off to join ponies in getting cleaned up.