Of Hoof And Feather
IC date: Winter 44
OOC date: 2/1
PCs: Daisychain, Gravity
GM: None

The gryphon is still spinning down from the prior encounter with Rising-Chaos, and his then arch nemesis Daisychain. It all nearly came to blows before RC stepped in… Oh so close, and Gravity was just unsure just how, or really even why things had fallen apart so. He had always been trusted around ponies, but something about this odd pegasus, just threw him off, pretty much from the get-go.

Gravity, stalked over the rafters towards the wall with the fireplace, above but to one side of Daisychain, enough so that she wouldn't be startled to see him there, enough that it could be readily explained that he was there too for that radiant warmth, but not. His voice is quiet at first as he speaks up while looking down to her. "What is it about Gryphons?" he actually asks…

Daisychain has settle the rest of the way down in front of the fireplace. Her head cocks to the side and after a moment she looks up towards the gryphon. The look only lasts a second before she 'hmphs' at him, turning her head to stare into the fireplace. She even goes as far as adjusting herself so her back is to him…

Gravity shrugs, a little, "Something I said?" he chuffs lightly, "Really not bright to turn your back on a predator like that" he comments lightly "shows weakness" the gryphon intones. The lines were already drawn more or less by that of Rising-Chaos, even told pretty much to ignore each other, but there's this inherent problem, there's part cat in him, and we all know about curiosity and felines…

Daisychain stretches out one of her wings, wrapping it around in front of herself. Using her mouth, she starts pulling at a few of the feathers. But, as much as she'd like to just ignore this problematic gryphon, there's always a part of her that doesn't want to fight anypony, or other creature, regardless of her past. Her ears flick around a bit, listening for any creak or ruffle that could give away Gravity's exact position. "If I…were afraid…then…then I might be worried." There's a bit of a harsh tone still floating about her tongue.

Gravity watches her every movement, yes predator and prey, but its not like that, its just what he does. He's very good at watching, even in this dim light. "Good point" he states, and though his voice carries, he makes it well known where he's at, as he sees pony ears flicking and working to try and triangulate positions. He's only up there because its more comfortable for him, and it is /his/ territory up above the rafter line. In case she doesn't or can't track him, he grinds a talon against the rafter he's sitting on, its a noise that is easily trackable. His voice starts quietly again, "You say you've taken on gryphons in the past yes?" he asks softly.

Daisychain 's ears had been following since before the scratch. As they say, deprive one of your senses and the rest grow stronger. She preens and plucks at her wing a bit more. Her eyes roll a bit behind her goggles, not exactly wanting this conversation. She lets out a long sigh, "….Yes…."

"Gryphons aren't common here in Equestria, thus you've been traveling" the burd states, "In other places where ponies rarely stray, for what reason did you go?" he asks then pauses for a time, "If I may ask that is" he gives you an out in case the memory is not a pleasant one…

Daisychain pulls her wing back in, stretching the other one out to get to work on it. Another sigh escapes her breath. So many questions! "A…advanced flight school…" she answers, keeping her responses short and sweet for the moment. She preens a few feathers.
Gravity sort of inhales sharply, its a sound of surprise, "Impressive" he comments honestly "For ponies to arrive there takes both bravery, and serious skills" he notes, "I'm surprised you didn't opt for the Bolts' flight training school, their team is rather unique and special" the gryphon offers sounding reasonably impressed.

Daisychain lets out a small snort…something touched a nerve. She does her best to remain civil at the request of Rising, however. "That…/would/ have…been next…" the pegasus grinds, flicking her tail again. A few feathers come out of her wing as she continues combing it.

Gravity twists his head about and looks her over, "I see no reason why the Bolts would not accept you, You look perfectly healthy to me" he states then goes quiet. "Competition isn't it" he churrs, "Us gryphons tend to have an aggressive spirit towards competition…" he trails off

The hair on Daisy's neck stands up. That /really/ struck a nerve. She lets out a bit of a hiss but does everything it takes to keep herself together. The pegasus gets on her feet and picks up the fireplace poker in her mouth. She stabs one of the logs with it, sending a few small embers into the air where they fade out long before touching the ground. The log crackles and collapses into a pile of ashes with a glowing core,.

"I see" he nods, "For what its worth. I'm Sorry" the gryphon offers, "I'd never had gotten so far with such skills, you'd fly circles around me" he huffs slightly at his own admission to the pegasus. Gravity just sits there watching her as he tucks and retucks his wings with a nervous habit or something.

Daisychain puts the poker back, sitting back down in front of the fire and staring at the coals radiating a soft glow. She gets lost in the memories again for a moment. "And…and I…I…" Daisy takes in a deep breath, "I would'a gotten farther…if it weren't for…./them/…" That last word has a bitter ice-cold edge to it.

Gravity makes a distinct noise of distress or awkwardness for that matter. He starts. "They, whom were likely stronger in every way, but for their flight, just wanting to be better than a /mere/ pony, likely the only pony in the class, they couldn't let a pony show them up in their home territory" he tells her as if he knows precociously what happened, though really its a stab in the dark. His kind is this way though, at least all of the high and mighty flyers, or anyone in any high sort of guild, warriors, hunters, even the mystics were all like that, all high and mighty, haughty and cold to all outsiders, and what more outsider could you get than that of a /pony/ "Bullies" he comments with his own gruff near growl, and a definite sound of having 'been there done that' to his voice.

The gryphon isn't too far off with his assumption and in-fact, is just about spot-on. Daisy's wings flare for just a moment, the hair on her neck standing up again. There's a bit of a spark of anger in her eyes, a feeling she's been sadly growing more accustomed to lately. She shivers at the memories, before turning around and staring right up at Gravity in the rafters, "An' what gave them th' right? I thought we was supposed t' grow outta bein' stupid as we got older?." Yeah. The nerve's been hit, but at least Gravity has managed to get the attention driven more towards his species and not himself. Daisy's southern accent is really coming out as it tends to when she's angry. "Jus' cause I was a good flyer don't mean they gotta torture me…an' hurt me…an' all th' other stuff they did t' me." She huffs, breathing heavily.

I was in line t' be top draft in /THE/ Wonderbolt Academy. I can't tell ya how many times my parents had t' replace my glasses cause /THEY/ broke 'em, but I can tell ya jus' how many tests I had t' fail…how many re-starts I had t' do…how many times…" the spark fades, replaced by a wetness forming behind her goggles, "I had t' run away 'cause of them…"

Gravity sighs deeply "Stupidity had nothing to do with it, Its us" he states, "Look at me, all talons, and sharp beak, and claws, heavy wings and fierce eyes" he purrs out, "Built hunters, warriors, predators by nature, by design, being fearsome comes natural, we pick, we fight, and it is how we are quite often, look at me and you'll see it, its how Gryphons are" he trails off and slumps. "You saw Evergreen the other day, she's a prime example of warrior, in /that/ guild, so proud that she made clan warrior" he sighs, "Then there's me" he exhales with something that sounds like an inward laugh. "Ya know what I am?" he errrs some, "I'm none of that, oh sure got the talons, n' sharp beak, but thats about it, what guild did I get stuck in, oooh, bet you'd never even guess" he states, "but Go ahead and try" he just laughs at himself, as its an obvious point of contention.

Daisychain curls up into a ball, her wings wrapped around her like a protective barrier from anything outside of them. Guessing doesn't seem to be on the top of her agenda though. That might have to do with the fact that Gravity is in fact a gryphon. "At least…at least you…were given that. Time…after…after time…behind…the backs of…of the professors…they would…would ruin…everything." She's not sound quite so bold now…in fact, rather hurt. "The school…they…they let me stay…because…because they knew…knew what I could do."

The pegasus sniffles from within her feather cocoon. "But…/they/…./they/ wouldn't stop…no…no matter what. All…all my schoolmates…they…they wouldn't…they didn't…care." She goes silent for a moment, "And…I…I…I…" she can't seem to get the rest of her words out.

Gravity squints his eyes shut, "given, no, forced into more like" he states oh so quietly. He is either going to regret this, or its going to backfire, or he's going to get a swift kick, or worse. Gravity slips his 'hider' necklace on and simply disappears visually. He uses his owlish tendencies to move slightly, and drop down to the ground, he cushions himself in a recoil of his legs, taking it heavily but without a care. He instantly slumps to the ground, completely flattening out. You couldn't see his approach, you could hear his every move mostly, but just couldn't see him. But there before your eyes, and over you extends a wing, and he becomes visible, He's right there!, the look on his face is resigned and ready to take whatever abuse you inflict upon him. He gulps hard, ready for the worst, but then states "I care" is the only words that he can possibly utter, He closes his eyes slightly and turns as if protecting his face from an oncoming abuse.

Daisychain's dampened eyes peer out from behind her feathery shield as the gryphon drops to the floor, hearing it all…/feeling/ it all. She cowers back a little…regardless of how tough she seemed earlier, the fight is nowhere to be seen in her right now. Her eyes go wide as if she's almost expecting to be attacked, but they go even wider when he speaks those simple words. Like pedals opening around a flower, her wings uncurl from around her. There's an innocence radiating from her face, a glow like her demons don't exist.

"I…I…I…" Her words are stuck again for a moment. She looks down at the ground and her goggles start to fill with tears. Her wings shiver right before she launches forward, wrapping her front legs around Gravity in a tight embrace, "I'm…I'm so sorry…"

Gravity flinches, actually cowers for an instant as hooves embrace him, she can feel how startled he is, but that fades as fast as it onset. His wide wings holds her right back. He is very quiet, as he exhales a pent up breath. "Don't be" he quietly offers, "you were right though, so many gryphons are, act poorly towards ponies, towards others in general" he puts it "With Gryphons, warriors are expected, desired even, strong flyers, fighters, just" he sighs, "I don't fit those roles" he states, "had we fought tonight, had Miss Chaos, not broke us up" he shakes his head some, "you likely would have won, even though you have no weapons but your hooves" he slouches, evidently embarrassed by this statement.
"I can't perform in flight, oh I fly strong n' all, but I'm no wonderbolt, I'm a crafts-gryphon, I build stuff, construction, design, structure." he sighs, "an embarrassment to gryphon kind" he sighs, "I understand bullies" he states, "look where I am, how far away is the closest Gryphon establishment?" he asks and shrugs himself. "you ran away, just like me" he states softly, as he leans in

Daisychain shakes her head, burying it into Gravity's neck. "But I…I…" Her voice is muffled through all the feathers. She takes in a deep breath as she tries to settle her nerves…a tough task indeed. "I…/hurt/ them…I…hurt them…bad…" There's a certain grave tone to her voice as she speaks. After letting out a whimper, she sobs heavily with her face pressed tight into him.

Gravity is stunned by her admission, but settles quickly enough, still holding her in his winged embrace. He sighs out deeply, but remains unmoving, he nods, "You stood up to them?" he asks softly, and sighs, "braver than I am" he comments as he leans in to you, needing you now as much as you are needing him at this point. He gulps hard, "Did" he pauses trying to think, "Did any of them" he gulps, "Die?" he asks

Daisychain shakes her head again, face still planted in feathers. She finally lets go of the hug and looks up at him. Her goggles are pretty wet on the inside so she pushes them up to let the tears fall free, "I…I didn't…no…" She sniffs, through a runny nose, "I…didn't…kill them. But…I…" The look in her face suggests it was still pretty bad, "I….sh…sh…" Come on now Daisy! You can say it! "I…shattered…their…their wings…" To a pony like Daisy, it would have been a fate worse than death. She slams her face back into the gryphon's neck, bawling harder than ever.

Gravity cringes as you tell him what was done to the bullies, his brow furrows some, looking down, he's unsure of many things, but he goes forward all the same. "They took your life, you took their dreams" he states and shudderingly sighs leaning more into you, "In war thats perfectly fair, They drew the battle lines, You ended the battle, though no-creature truly won the fight" the gryphon sighs deeply and shakes his head, "see, there it is again" he hrumphs to himself, "all us gryphons think in is terms of battle, war, and the like" its like he's swearing at himself or something, its evidently ingrained in their culture. He settles in some.

Daisychain pulls her front legs away again, sniffling and trembling lightly, "But…I…" She lifts her goggles again and rubs at her swollen eyes, "They…they didn't…didn't deserve…something so…so bad. If…if I ha…hadn't…I…I would have…graduated." Her shoulders slump as she slides down to the floor, "I was…I was a…a week…away…"
(OOC) Gravity: nods. "ferrets have a tendency to go really quick, we lost one of our other ferrets not more than about a month ago, really not more than a few weeks before this ferret got sick. So this whole thing has been pretty rough lately. That ferret had picked me as his favorite, and vice versa, he was my fuzzy. That dude was quite a loss to me

Gravity is already at ground level, his voice is soft, caring, tender even. "We all have limits, you reached yours and timing sucked feathers" he offers "How many were there?" he asks curiously what the odds were. His wings are still around her comfortingly, he looks around to this house then back to her, he dips his head low, eyes closed, forehead dipping to touch hers, a nudge of caring most definitely.

Daisychain closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath. It's not exactly something she planned on talking about this evening after all. But, the subject was brought up despite it's sensitivity. The nudge to the forehead seems to ease her a small amount. Finally she speaks, "There….there were…two…well…two that I…that I hurt." Her eyes get lost in memories like she can still see their faces, "Greybeak…and…and…and…Fantail…"

You can feel and slightly hear an angry, aggravated growl at the back of his throat, and a radiant heat as well, shoulder-feathers bristling as his mind slips predatory agin, "Two Gryphons against a slight pegasus mare" he practically snorts, you hear that tone, in his voice, the same one you heard earlier this evening of rage, but now its not just rage, but disgust against these two. His foretallons aren't holding you, merely his wings are, but if you looked to them, you'd see that they are whittling at the surface of the floorboards, likely well leaving deep grooves of talon-marks. His voice is still slipping into that rage tone, "I'd have put them in their place had I been there to witness their cruelty" he grates out.

Daisychain shakes her head, looking into the gryphon's eyes. She sits back up and wraps her hooves around him once again. Her face stays out of the feathers this time so it's easier for her to talk, "No…" she sighs, a slight worry to her words, "It…they…aren't…aren't worth it anymore…" Her wings spread out and wrap to further embrace the hug.

Daisychain's actions, settle him back down again, that embrace mellows him out, leading him to sigh. He nods some. The gryphon mellows out, the violence switch turned off by the embrace of this equally caring pony, his breathing levels out to normal levels. He leans in and holds her for comfort. "The past, is that, past, behind us, with lessons taught, and lessons learned" he offers, "now we look ahead, I swear to you, that I won't be like those gryphons of your past, I will protect you, and call you friend if you allow it" he offers

Daisychain nods as she gives a small nuzzle into the gryphon's neck, "Again…I…I'm so…sorry. I…I judged you…because…because of them. It…it wasn't…wasn't fair to you…and…I was…was no better than them for it." The look in her eyes shows that the apology is truly and honestly sincere.
Gravity smiles, showing off that suddenly appearing red mohawk that wasn't there previously, as his beak, well can't really smile, but really that mohawk shows such emotion right there, with that, there's a quick nuzzle-nudge, and a fluffing of feathers, and all is right in the world, "Apology accepted my-friend, lets forget that bad start, start fresh, new day" he offers softly as he settles down with you by the fire for the night.

Daisychain gives a bit of a bashful smile in return. She squeezes one last time before letting go and curling up, covering herself with her wings like a blanket. The fire is certainly settled, but the glow of the embers still gives off a bit of heat to fight off the chill of the nighttime air. "Thank you…" Daisy says before letting out an enormous yawn and closing her eyes. "Good night…" And with that, she fades into slumber.

If anypony were to slink downstairs that night they'd see quite a sight, that of Gravity Gryphon, embracing Daisychain in a feathery hug, both soundly asleep before the embers of a fire in the fireplace.

Goodnight everypony