O Snowfield Where Art Thou?
IC date: Summer 19, 1008
OOC date: July 9, 2013
Location: Wintersong Forest - Deep Wilderness
PCs: Jellybean
NPCs: The Windigo
GM: Snowfield

Jellybean trots down what he can remember of the familiar paths to Snowfield's hut, relying on his intuition where his memory fails him. He thought about sending it as a letter, but decided that this deserved a personal touch: Snowfield's his friend, after all. Having found her home, he knocks on the door. "Snowfield?" he asks, wings fluttering, "It's me, Jellybean. Can I talk to you for a second?"

The odds of Jellybean making it to the front door to knock are rather slim considering the current state of affairs at the cottage in the woods. Large crystals of ice sprout out of the ground around the house at random intervals, criss-crossing the ground. The nearby trees are haphazardly coated with inch thick layers of the stuff as if freezing spells missed their intended targets. The door to the cottage itself is frozen open, filled with immense icicles which all but seal the entrance and require one to engage in some serious shimmying to get through. The open window is significantly less barricaded. A layer of virgin snow lays across the landscape, indicative that nopony has walked through this area in some time.

Jellybean wanders around, looking fretfully at the magically-induced mayhem surrounding him. "Snowfield?" he calls out. "Snowfield! It's me, Jellybean! Can you come out please?"

The only response to the pegasus' calls is a soft wind whistling through the trees. If the little unicorn is inside the cottage she's not coming out.

Jellybean continues the search, becoming more worried with each passing moment. His wings ruffle. "Snowfield? Please, come out. I promise I'm not going to try and make you do another singalong, even if you have a nice voice for it." He starts off in a direction that would seem random to anypony who didn't understand his sense of intuition. "Please, Snowfield, I just wanted to talk to you."

The direction that Jellybean has chosen to go in is sprinkled judiciously with ice crystals on the ground. Every meter or so there is a pair of them, spiked outward in a ring shape and just smaller than a pony's hooves. Could this be a path that Snowfield took? Or some other creature in Wintersong? The little witch is hardly the only creature known for using ice in terrifying ways out here, just look at the snow bunnies.

Jellybean has thought of that, but on the other hoof he's now wanting to make sure that she's okay. "Well, I don't know if you can hear me or not. I don't think you'd ignore me for this long or anything. But in case you're waiting to hear what I want to talk about, it's about the wedding."

There is no response from the forest. How long has it been since Snowfield was at her cottage? Would she still be lurking around this area to hear the pegasus' story?

Jellybean heads deeper into the forest. He's scared, of course, being not the sort of pony who enjoys going on adventures, but more than that he's worried about his friend. He relies on the trail that could very well be hers when he sees it and on his gut when he doesn't. After about five minutes of walking in silence he starts singing, quietly at first. It's a song about different kinds of clouds. Quite cheerful.

The forest darkens as Jellybean trots further into it. Trees grow closer together and snow perched between the needles of the pines mask even more light. It would be an easy task to fly above the tree line and back into the sunlight, but how would one follow the trail in that case?

Something in the bushes rustles at Jellybean's singing. The fact that it continues at about the same volume may very well mean he's being followed.

Jellybean flinches, wings a-rustle with nervousness, but decides to keep singing. After all, Snowfield would recognize that, wouldn't she? Following the trail he comes to the end of the Cloud song and starts in on the one about the three fillies in a canoe. Of course that one's not quite as good without somepony else to do the round for the chorus.

The rustling in the forest begins to make a chiming sound, almost crystaline in its clarity. It echoes Jellybean's own melody, about a measure behind in a close approximation of the round his music lacks. It's not a particularly Snowfieldy sound, being pleasant and playful to the ears.

Jellybean blinks when he first hears the sound, his curiosity getting the better of him. He keeps singing but now heads in the direction of the harmonizing noise. If it's not Snowfied, maybe it'll be able to help him find her?

The chiming sound was following Jellybean so heading in its direction means backtracking. When he approaches the source it seems to move upwards into the treetops, hiding amongst the shafts of sunlight lancing through the dimness of the forest.

Jellybean pauses, blinking again. He turns around and resumes following the path, keeping an ear out for whatever it is that's following him. Finishing the one about the canoe, he clears his throat. "This next one's my favorite song. It makes me think of Typhoon. Usually we only sing it in winter, but I guess it's always winter here, right?" It's a less upbeat song than the last two, but with a sweetness to it. The wording is archaic, but it seems to be about two pegasi meeting one another on a cloud late at night.

The chiming cheerfully follows along behind Jellybean as he continues into the forest. As the trees grow thicker and the darkness deepens further a dim blue light becomes visible between the trees. Could this glow be the mysterious accompaniment Jellybean is experiencing?

Incidentally, this particular ballad doesn't sound quite as good performed in a round.

Jellybean is nothing if not persistent, still following the trail wherever it takes him. At least getting out will be easier: he just needs to go up. He's starting to worry about whether or not he's going to find her for tonight but for now he keeps following and singing. He's happy for the company.

The trees break rather abruptly as Jellybean continues his trek through the forest. It doesn't get any brighter, however, for the cloud cover in this part of the forest is apparently impenetrable. A single mountain rises out of the earth here defiantly, growing no plants upon its surface save for a few mushrooms in puddles near the base of it. The frozen peak high above flashes and glimmers with cyan late but something about it is incredibly unsettling. The beacon gives off almost palpable waves of maliciousness.

The shining light that had been following Jellybean stops several meters back in the forest, refusing to get closer.

Jellybean turns around when he realizes he's no longer being followed. He gives the shimmering light a little nod and a friendly flutter of his wings. "Thank you for keeping me company: that was really nice of you. I'm a little scared, honestly, but if my friend might be in trouble I have to help them." With that he spreads his wings and takes off, flying towards the light at a slow, steady pace.

A sound halfway between a pained growl and a roar can be heard as Jellybean approaches the pinnacle. Great waves of fog flow out of the tunnels which break the surface and tumble down the mountain… the ones which don't float into the sky and spiral around in a big, threatening storm, at least.

Jellybean swallows nervously. This is getting scary. But he shakes his head. "Snowfield needs me." He wings around, making a steady little circle so he doesn't have to get any closer, at least for the moment. He calls out. "Snowfield? Are you in there? It's me, Jellybean."

The growling from the caverns at peak of the mountain goes quiet momentarily when Jellybean calls out for Snowfield. The fog roils around a pair of shining cyan eyes which manifest within the murk. The malicious energy seems to intensify as it locks its gaze on the pegasus as if that stare could freeze the very blood within his veins.

Jellybean whimpers. "Snowfield? What's happened?" He maintains his little circle, keeping his eyes on the blue eyes in the cave. "I'm sorry I haven't been in touch with you. I guess I haven't been that good of a friend. But… well, the thing is, I'm getting married. Well, you knew that. You were there when I proposed and everything. But it's coming up really soon and I want you to be there, because you ARE my friend and I want all of my friends to be there for the happiest day of my life." He makes a little hoof-scuffing gesture, "But it looks like you have your own problems right now." Pause, and then, in a hopeful little voice, "Maybe you want to talk about it? I may not be that bright, but I'm told I'm a good listener.

The creature pulls itself foward and nickers threateningly at the sky, revealing its true form as it emerges from the mist and snorts. The icy blue equine rears back and kicks its hooves at the airborne pony— that's no unicorn, Jellybean, it's a windigo!

Jellybean flies back out of reach, letting out a cry of surprise. "S-snowfield? Is that you?" He circles, perhaps a trifle warily, outside of reach of those hooves. "Or," he says, swallowing, "if that's not you, who are you? Have you seen my friend? She's a very small unicorn, but she's not a filly."

The windigo snorts at Jellybean as the pegasus backpedals through the air. It does not deign to follow the pony into the air and instead lets out a dismissive snort. They're not known for being talkative, windigos.

Jellybean lands on a nearby outcrop and peers politely at the Windigo. His wings ruffle a little: nervous, cold or uncertain. Possibly all three. "I've never seen a Windigo before," he offers. "I mean, outside of Hearthwarming Eve and that was really my cousin Drizzle in a costume." Pause, hoofscuff. "I wish I had some discontent or ill-will to offer you but I try to get along with everypony. Sorry."

After a moment of stupendously awkward silence, he continues. "Only, I really am looking for my friend. I'm worried about her. She lives all alone out here and I know she says she prefers that but it means that there's nopony around if something goes wrong. Are you sure you haven't seen her? I mean if you aren't her having gone through some transformation. I still think that might be it: she's really good with the cold and is maybe a little crabby sometimes."

The windigo pauses in its angry snorting to listen to Jellybean. It digs at the ground with a hoof in agitation at his words, as if unsure how to respond. Its lips part to nicker at the pegasus.

Something in its chest around where its heart ought to be glimmers with a green light which is reflected all through the creatures body a beat later. Only for a moment, then the light is gone. It seems to have had a profound effect on the windigo. The creature rears back and howls with anger at the pony standing upon its mountainside, sending up plumes of dark clouds. The air temperature drops dramatically and Jellybean may feel ice crystals creeping up his legs.

Jellybean yelps and hops into the air, wings shaking nervously. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to offend you or anything, I promise." He swallows, then calms down. He should probably be more afraid than he is, but he was brought up to be polite and doesn't think this shouldn't apply to supernatural entities of malice and despair. He tilts his head. "Can you talk? I think you understand me: at least, you seem to."

The windigo does not seem inclined to speak. There's another glimmer of green within its chest and it whinnies with barely suppressed rage, steam shooting out of its nostrils. It digs at the ground again, this time with more vigor— perhaps it is trying to intimidate Jellybean before taking to the skies after him.

Jellybean flies in a little circle. "I'm sorry. Am I annoying you? Should I go away? I mean, it sounds like you haven't seen my friend - unless that really is you - and so I should probably start looking someplace else. But if you see her - if you aren't her, I mean - can you try to let her know that I'm very worried and I'd like to see her and I want her to be at the wedding?" He swallows. "Would you like me to go now?"

The creature seems to pause at the mention of the wedding. Its reverie is interrupted by a third flash of green light in its chest and it shrieks a terrible banshee's cry at the pegasus. A wave of cold air blasts forth from the windigo towards Jellybean. That seems like a cue!

Jellybean yelps and flies away. "I'm sorry I bothered you! I hope you have a nice day!" Well, that wasn't so great. Hopefully she's somewhere safe.