Not So Sneaky Solar Wind
IC date: Autumn 32, 1007
OOC date: Oktober 21, 2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Solar-Wind, Sodium-Fizz
GM: None

The Med bay bed where Solar-Wind is supposed to be, is empty, again. The base med staff have said that he simply vanished again. The tech staff have said that they saw his likeness earlier the day, other Harborites saw him too, here and there, but nobody really knows where he is at the time, though he is in the base, he seems to be everywhere, or nowhere at all. Right now, he's got some heavy looking shoulder bags on, laden with stuff. He's raided the kitchen area as well, and the lower engineering levels. Now he's just seen passing by with a determined look on his muzzle, though also a distracted look too. Sleeping, in bed, no, the big guy just can't be stuck there forever. 'I've rested enough already' he mumbles to himself as he continues about his business.

Sodium-Fizz growled in frustration, rubbing a hoof across the bridge of her muzzle. She'd been all over the darned place by now looking for their escaped trouble patient. Twice! If she didn't know better she'd have sworn he knew she was coming. Maybe she should ask Ruby-Blossom for sneakiness tips the next time she saw her, if she could find her. As it was she had resigned herself to simply waiting the one place she knew Solar-Wind would show up sooner or later, the door outside.

Of course, she found her elevated perch in the room hours ago and had been forced to wait since then. She could almost relate to the stubborn stallion, being forced to just sit around while her pots and cauldron's bubbled on outside of her supervision. The fact that Brightheart, her impromptu apprentice, was taking care of them for her wasn't that much of a comfort either, though she had to admit she was pleasantly surprised no explosions had rocked the base.

A large black earth stallion with similar looks to him as that of Solar trots through the area. upon his back is a pack (it contains his wings) and across his shoulders is some heavy shoulder bags. His mane is greyish black as well. His cutie mark is just simply that of the sun, stylized like that of Celestia. His color is slightly off, but its excusable, and unique, the big stallion does have a slight limp in the same fashion as that of what solar was walking with though. He passes through with either a nervous glance, or perhaps just a bit of annoyance at the occasional glance his way. either way, he's just a tad off his game or something. He is always looking around, for things. bits of metal, scraps of trash, something.

Ruby-Blossom stifles a small yawn as she glances down from the rafter overhead. "Hmm…" peering at Solar-Wind from above before giving a disregarding shrug before rolling over to look up at the ceiling - nothing to see here it would appear. The mare a tad cranky about things that happened the other night.

Sodium-Fizz leans forward slightly and peers downwards from the cross-beam she's lying on, her wings spread for stability. It certainly looks like it could be the escape pegasus, though there were no way to be truly certain of it. Best just to have a closer look instead. Pushing herself upright she put her muzzle underneath her musty old and torn cloak, initially her planed for Ghostwalk costume though it seems to have become a permanent fixture, before pulling out a vial. A quick gesture later the contens poured on on the beam, black and sticky. Perfect.

She set of down the beam, making sure to put each hoof in the sticky goop as she went. Hopefully this would startle Solar-Wind enough to stay in bed till he healed up. And if it didn't it would still be just as fun. She let a hoof slip of the side of the beam, pressing it to the underside. It stuck, three steps later she continued keeping pace with the suspicious pony, each hoof issuing forth a sticky sound as she walked along the underside of the beam.

Solar-Wind interrupts two random work ponies and asks a few questions regarding the repair of the teleport room, asking where they hucked the damaged stuff. The voice is that of Solar so totally, but it sounds alot deeper, perhaps he's got a cold or something sickly like that, or its just another pony, it /is/ an earth pony after all.

For Sodium-Fizz, that seemed enough. With a very soft giggle she set of down the beam in a gallop, leaping as she reached the far wall above the door. Whatever concoction that let her walk upside down seemed to work just as well on a vertical wall as she set of downwards, stopping just over the door and waiting, her eyes on the pony she suspected was Solar-Wind.

Ruby-Blossom curiously watches Sodium-Fizz before waving a hoof, "I need me some of whatever that is."

Solar-Wind seems to be in a discussion with the two base ponies, but it ends as politely as it started, and they each go their separate ways, Solar again heading off in another direction, towards the lab it seems. He pauses checks his bags, makes sure he's still well hidden, then continues about his stealthy hidden in plain sight approach to his task.

Ruby-Blossom hmms as she rolls over again to see Solar heading towards the lab. She quickly points, "I suggest you stop. Now. I'm in a bad enough mood as it is." she calls out from her perch on the rafter.

Sodium-Fizz was, to be frank, shocked. The Solar-Wind she knew would just beeline for the door and take off, not be sneaky. Unless his encounter with the paralyzing agent had awaken some kind of self-preservation instinct long since suppressed. The voice coming from up the rafters made her head whip around. Ruby? Sweet Luna, she'd been up there herself yet hadn't seen her at all.

She defiantly needed to ask about those sneakiness pointers. Shrugging for herself she looked over at Solar-Wind. "And here I was going to threaten to go tattle on you to Ruby… It seems the only one who's authority you kinda respect is her."

Solar-Wind didn't even pause, he swallowed hard, though, just keep walking, I'm not here, just keep walking, I'm not here, aww buck. Two ponies that saw through his disguise. But, wait, he's not stopping, maybe they're wrong, he didn't even miss a step, not even the dawn of recognition as the big earth stallion continues about his way. Were they mistaken?!

A lone bolt flys through the hair and firmly smacks Solar in the back of the head - it's small and won't cause any real harm but it will hurt! Ruby continues to glare from her perch - glaring even harder. "You just went out the other night. Don't /make/ me break your legs." bitter berry today.

With a loud sigh of frustration Sodium-Fizz spread her wings and took a leap of the wall, shooting across the room to land in front of him with a sticky 'glop'. She can't help to let out a low 'snerk' as Ruby speaks, shooting a glance upwards. "See? You're making the /lot/ of us really frustrated with you… If you don't stop this we'll break you enough till you can't move… Now what's your excuse /this/ time, Mr. I Know Best?!"

Ruby-Blossom hops down from the rafters and promptly punches Solar in the saddle bag - just to remind him he's hurt and all.

Solar-Wind is stopped dead in his tracks, first with that bolt or whatever the hay that was, "OOowww?!" then really "Ahhhhhn0ooooow" he pauses gasping hard wide eyed in absolute agony, of that punch. The stallion practically drops with that hit, knees quiver a bit and he stands there panting. looking back to the dashing off Ruby, then over to Fizzy though he opens his mouth to talk, and nothing comes out, but a very dull Ooooow sounding. he gulps hard still reeling from that hit to his oh so sensitive wings. His head reels a little, yup that certainly got his attention, almost made him pass out though. He just stands there panting some. He lifts a hoof reaches around grabs a water from his pouch, and slams it down before he just pants, eyes tightly closed in the pain., knees still quiver. He's trying to respond to you, but doesn't quite get it out.

Sodium-Fizz sighs once more and looks about to rub the bridge of her muzzle in frustration yet again, a rather common gesture these days it must be said. The painfully quivering stallion before her isn't really something she wants, but if he's going to learn. She reached out, placing one of her sticky hooves on his yaw and turning his face to meet hers. "Well?"

Solar-Wind lets out a soft sigh his voice broken in pain, "I need to make three sets of armor, wing blades, and gear for the mission, Solar armor, or at least something like it" he intones "for you, for me, and for Ruby" he notes, "it needs to be special, good, and most of all, protect us from what we'll be facing" he offers, "and for that I need metal. and knives and stuff" he sighs softly.

Solar-Wind furrows his brow, "And what Is that GOO?" he squeaks. "That's not Right at all?" he grunts some as you goo his cheek

"It's a alchemical sticky resin, it lets me walk on walls and ceilings," Sodium-Fizz retorts, "so you can imagine you're not going anywhere short of back to bed. Need to make armor? Ask for help, there's somepony bound to be able to give a hoof, you git." Her muzzle wrinkled up slightly. "Besides, armor for me? You're most likely best off making it for somepony else, I'm not sure I could make it along."

That brought her up short for a moment, then she shot a glance down the tunnel Ruby-Blossom absconded through. "Reminds me, I have to talk to Ruby about one of my failed attempts at a cold-resistance potion. It goes up in flames rather violently, perfect weapon."

Solar-Wind slouches some and wanders back to his room. grumbling the whole way. "I agree, I hurt, but that’s just not fair," he hrumphs, "she didn't have to punch me there. And just how did you know it was me anyway?" he asks before going back to his room.

Sodium-Fizz smirked. "To make a point I recon. You're not quite fit yet to start making armor, Solar, and if you try you can bucking well believe you won't be fit enough to wear it when the time comes, got it?" She shot him a glance before giggling. "And how we knew? Well, do you know any /other/ huge, limping stallions around here?"

The alchemist pointed to the bed, her expression tightening into a scowl. "Now, to bed with you and stay there! I'll round up somepony to help you with your metalwork."