Not Exiting
IC date: Autumn 46, 1007
OOC date: November 5, 2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Sodium-Fizz
NPCs: Polar-Breeze, Ice-Spiral
GM: None

Things have rather calmed down since yesterday; there were no almost-kisses with Ruby-Blossom, Fizzy figured that was good thing. That had been… awkward. On the flip side, Magpie were nowhere to be seen and she'd rather liked chasing her across the base. That had been fun, taken her mind of things. She could rather do with more distractions she felt, having shouted Winter-Solstice halfway deaf about her own personal problems in frustration. And then there had been the bussines with… Well, the less thought about the better.

Shaking her head for herself Sodium-Fizz turned down another corridor on random, blinking slightly as it took her into the large room before the door to the outside. "Empty… Not that I can blame them, really." A slow canter across the room and she put a hoof on the door, then an ear. She imagined she could hear the sounds of groans and other zombie-like noises on the other side.

Ear pressed against the door - sounds of the undead filtering through; then far more distinctly Fizzy hears the groans of zombie-like creatures - on this side of the door! Suddenly a nibble on mare's ear tip! Zombies in the base!? Were it not for the giggle that ensued it would be a very logical conclusion. "Hi there." Ruby pipes while planting her flank on the floor.

It would appear that Ruby-Blossom have some kind of magical ability to startle the older mare halfway to death, proven once again by Sodium-Fizz yelping loudly in shock and leaping into the air. It works a lot better compared to last time, in large because having enough free room to flap her wings. From on high she stares down at Ruby. "D-do you always have to do that?! At this rate my fur will start turning grey!"

She glances down at her forelegs for a moment. "I mean, not my normal shade of grey…"

Ruby-Blossom beams up at Fizzy - all smiles. "I like you fur~" she admits with a teasing tone and chuckle. "Yes, actually. How else can I keep you from being /too/ serious?" head cocked slightly to one side. "Don't make me come up there and get you, I will if I have to." stare. "Oh! I need some potions - they're sending me on another certain death mission tonight."

Sodium-Fizz pouts. "Another?! When will I get a chance to do it…?" With a soft chuckle, if one acompanied by a nervous smile, the pegasi touched down again, her wings folding to her side. "So… what do you need? Or rather, what do you need to do? A lot of ways to solve one problem after all!" She chuckled and wraped a foreleg around Ruby's neck, pulling her close for a gentle nuzzle.

Ruby-Blossom hugs right back. "They're just sending me on a little recon mission" her voice lowering signifigently "to the hive." her voice returns to normal. "I think the sticky stuff would be useful, and that muddy thing you used yesterday too. Winny is going as my back-up - so anything to help our horse power pony rev-up would be good too."

Ice-Spiral wanders past looking as if he just woke up, groggily at that, "Goodmorning, Lt. Fizz, and Commander Blossom" he intones automatically, "Er just Sodium-Fizz, sorry" he corrects kinda

"Huh… Well, I can get that… Both the 'gum everything up' version and the 'look at me, I can climb on walls' one? I'm not sure about the Rockfish Elixir, though. It was rather hard to breath, and had Solar not tackled it all out of my I'd most likely would have wound up hurking up liquid stone…" She pulled a face. "Still, I will see if I can whip something better up this time around. For Winny, I got a vial that should make her stronger still, as if she needs it. For a while…"

She fell silent, both to give Ice-Spiral an icy stare. She'd have to do something worse than making Magpie tell everyone hes' in love with Kludge, if this keeps up. She fell silent for that, and for thinking. "Right, Ice… Hmh… Ruby? Do you think you can dream up a way to make the evil zombie filly ticked of with the Nightmare's forces, while you're out there? It would help us out if -they're- fighting each others, rather than looking our way."

Ruby-Blossom peers curiously at the unfamiliar pegasi that addresses her as a Commander "Oh, one of Solar's guys." a small smirk as she looks the guy over. "Here to hit on my Fizzy?" her tone more than a little teasing before her eyes dart to Fizzy again. "Oh, I've been pondering a few things of that persuasion." she grins as she tugs out a bottle of Will's perfume "Those things do tend to lean towards scent and sound. So perhaps some extra hints of 'Will' will inspire them to check out Will's encampment.
grunts some putting his hooves up at Sodium-Fizz, "I corrected myself, sorry, It kinda was ingraned into me by you know who" he offers in retort, he looks over to Ruby, "And what would you prefer be called, anything but commander, or master, or misteress, if you're into that kiinda thing" he chuckles with a little leer. "While you're out on your recon could ya see if Solar's about?

Sodium-Fizz sighed. "What, the gimboid isn't back yet? Here I was hoping to send him out on his own task… I want him to get into another fight with the Shadowbolts and… lose a few documents telling of our efforts relocating to a new base of operations. And maps there… The Hive."

Ruby-Blossom rolls her eyes. "Maybe's he out scoping for some hot stallion flank." throwing a particularly broad grin at Ice. "Or is that why you're kept around?

Ice Grumbles, "Im not like that, Just somebody that Volunteered and can hold my own in combat, or at least that was the thought" he looks down a little embarassed how that went exactly. "He diid say he was curious about the other Pegasi that are about the region, only ones I know of are that crazy bunch of fanatics up on the Pass" he shrugs, "but thats about it"

Sodium-Fizz laughed, "Ah, they can't be that crazy! They're not me. But, if Solar-Wind isn't back yet…" Fizz turned, eyeing the door worriedly. "Where is he?"

Ruby-Blossom rolls her eyes. "It's amazing /either/ of you survived following Solar-Wind about. That big guy can endure the punishment he invites - but I don't think you guys can." she flops gainst Fizzy and yawns softly. "I'm sure he'll be okay - I know he will."

Ice shrugs, "still could be with the pegasi on the mountain" he shrugs, "If he's with them, then he's just fine, Or they killed him" he shrugs some, "they are even more flighty that we are" he offers reassuringly

Sodium-Fizz shot Ruby a glance and unfurled a wing, wrapping it around the younger mare. "Lets hope so. We still need his help surviving this. I can't help but feel like I should look into trying to get a shot of hydra brewing though… Sooner or later that pony is going to lose, if not life, limb. And that's not pretty. I'm not sure where we'd get hydra blood around these parts though, so he better not."

Ruby-Blossom unexpectedly blows into Fizzy's ear - surely this will derail that glum train. "We'll work things out. He knows better to lose a limb cause I'd kill him, and knows better than to die cause then he'd totally miss out on this." flexing in an adorable fashion.

Ice-Spiral rightly blushes, these imported mares, just Wow, so playful and fun and (his jaw has dropped as he is intranced and totally helpless before the /show/

Fizzy seems glum indeed, rubbing her right foreleg almost nervously. That is untill Ruby blows into her ear, at least. A complete success! Exept she now have an grining Sodium-Fizz pouncing her to the ground, giggeling. "Well, unless you stop blowing into ponies ears, you might loose a limb!"

She grins mischeviously down at Ruby, seeming more or less to have disregarded Ice-Spiral.

Ruby-Blossom laughs loudly as she's pinned by the slightly more mature mare - squirming under her weight. "I don't see /why/ I should stop blowing ponies. Into ponies ears, why I should stop blowing into ponies ears!" she corrects herself quickly while laughing and haugging Fizzy - Poor confused ice-Spiral

Ice-Spiral earns his name, and is spiraling out of control just staring at the two mares enjoying the 'heat' of the moment, "Oh wow, so this is what your world is like, Hey, uhh ya think I could tag along on the return trip?!" he asks openly, "if its like this everywhere, than I want a bit of that action!

"Sure, knock yourself out! Well, you know, as long as you don't have to pull anypony here to come along, anyway." Fizzy giggled as she rolled onto her back, batting a lock of dusky purple mane out of her face. "I wish we could go back already… We've been here for so long, now… I must already have gotten my monthly letter from my parents, now. I bet they're worried why I havn't written back… My sister was with foal, last time I saw here… I might be an aunt…" She sighed. So much for good mood.

Fizzy is squeezed oh so roughly by the younger mare below. "Don't fret, I'm sure things will get sorted soon. I promise." Making a promise she has little power to keep. "Anyways, you've got me for the moment…oh wait, i was trying to cheer you up, not depress you. Just forget I'm here.

Ice-Spiral just watches, and shakes his head, "Maybe I should get Breeze, she may understand this better than me" he notes and flutters off

Sodium-Fizz chuckled softly and looked after Ice-Spiral. "Poor stallion, I think it must have gotten to much for him… And, don't say that, Ruby. It's just me being my usual mopey-pants self. I'm not really a cheery pony by nature, it's hard work. Sometimes I just get tired…." She smiled, placing a soft kiss on Ruby's forehead before untangling herself from the younger mare, streatching her wings. "But hey, I got you to cheer me up!"

Ruby-Blossom chcukles softly as she sits up and attempts to stop acting like a dufus. "Yeah. You're pretty when youre happy." Couldn't go five seconds, could you Ruby? "Well a smile is what's important." A stupid grin to be had. "He could just be going to get Breeze to show her /how/ he wants her to act." Laughing loudly.

Polar-Breeze rightly wanders in, "Ice said you two were acting weird?" she mumbles, "I woke me up and everything" she yawns hugely "So whatsup?

"Blowing other ponies…? I mean, blowing other ponies in the ear?" Fizz smiles mischeviously at Ruby. Have at you! "And… Thanks, you've complimented apperance more than once now, and I'm pretty certain you're the only one that's been really sincere about it. Besides Him." She pulled a face.

Smiling she spun on Polar-Breeze. "Oh, not much… Ruby's planing on showing you how to blow ponies… ears."

Ruby-Blossom snickers loudly "Fizzy - that's entirely inappropiate; is that what you teach all the young mares these days?" grinning ear to ear as she acts like a complete buffoon. "Regardless - where's Solar; I'd think /you'd/ keep be track of the boy?"

Breeze tips her head looking confused, "blowing ponies, uhh do you mean like with explosives, cause I know how to do that" she offers genuinely still looking a bit confused, "Oh solar, Uhh, no, I think he left yesterday afternoon" she shrugs, "He gets these things about him, I think he mentioned something about Cave Sickness or something like that"

Sodium-Fizz actualy blushes and shoots Ruby a dirty glance. "You lot already seems to know all about it, I hardly have to teach. 'Sides, I'm rubbish at it… Or wish I was." Her muzzle scrunches up again before turning back to Polar-Breeze. "But yeah, the way you've been oggling Solar, I'm suprised you didn't follow…"

Ruby-Blossom chuckles softly and looks oh-so innocent a pony who doens't know her like Breeze is liable to believe her innocence. The mare raises a hoof at Fizy's words then lowers it, clearly deciding not to go down that path.

Breeze blushes intently, caught red hooved. "I uhh, but I uhh, he's umm he's very independant, I, I don't think he knows, sometimes' he's pretty thick, and, and, and he's head over hooves for one of the Bolts, Their Captain" she sneers with a grumble,

Sodium-Fizz laughs. "Oh, he is now, is he? Last week it was Ruby-Blossom. Somepony have a hard time picking and choosing, I'd say." With a smile she waved Breeze over. "Now, come along. We don't bite."

Ruby-Blossom rubs her own cheek softly as she curiously looks at Breeze then back to Fizzy - eventually grinning stupidly again. "Yeah, their Captain really wanted to sink her blade into my throat. Being held Captive by her isn't fun. Solar'd be liable to lose an eye or worse…" a smirk.

Breeze is still in her night clothing, just a simple getup of a cloak and a loose shirt arrangement its obvious Ice rudely woke her up to deal with the other mares. She trots over loosely "umm yes?" she asks with a curious note to her voice and kinda gulps. "Captain Solar, said something about respecting bounderies and something about uhh, I think it was Kludge, and that he already had been corting miss Blossom" she looks over to Ruby, "Maam" she offers, "He does really like Ruby though, just he's not sure if it goes both ways" The mare giggles, "he's a bit of a chicken when it comes to stuff like that"

"Well, that certainly sounds like Solar-Wind indeed. As for their captain… To be fair, she is kinda mind-controled from what I understand…" Sodium-Fizz bit her lip thoughtfuly. "I wish Kludge would hurry up with those crossbows… I want to get Will out of the picture, maybe her… well, without her, hopefuly whatever magic she's weaving will dissapate."

Ruby-Blossom lifts a hoof "My experience is it does dissapate - when I clocked her The Shadowbolt Captain was knocked on her kiester too." the mare grins - yeah she punched Will - that was /awesome/.

Breeze just goes wide eyed, "You, you got to hit her, Wow!" she is impressed, and nods some, "Solar mentioned that its weaker with range, but still effective at controling base motivations, but not emotions" she offers politely as she lays down before the both of you somewhat at a tired sprall

Ruby proceeds to flop atop of the sprawled mare - uninvited and unexpected. "Hahaha. Pegasi are so emotional. Does any pony else ever notice this?" she asks with a broad stupid grin before realizing she's talking about pegasi to two pegasi.

"Of course, we've got to be the best at everything. Have you ever meet a thicker pony than Solar-Wind? Or a more tired one than Polar-Breeze? Or a peculiar one as me?" Sodium-Fizz smiles cheekily and plonks her rear-end on the floor next to them, her wings spreading and refolding. "Or a better alchemist than me, for that matter! Or a prettier grey pony than me?"

Polar-Breeze oooof's as she's spralled atop. She's just like a feather bed but a bit squishier in consistency, "Hey" she squeaks, "He Just woke me up, I didn't go to bed like, like till early this morning, cause I was sitting by the door"she grumbles, "D, doing guard duty" she adds in there.

Ruby-Blossom smirks as stays sprawled atop of the other mare "Suuure, guard duty. Stayed up all night waiting for Solar~" her tone teasing to say the least. "Mmm…prettier grey pony - nope. Better alchemist." she seems to ponder this one longer, waiting for Fizzy to get sore before grinning "nope.

Sodium-Fizz blinks in suprise before frowning at Ruby. Ouch, sore spot. She seems about lay into her with a retort of her own as Ruby issues forth the final 'nope', leaving her looking a bit lost. While she can certainly do elixirs ranging from giggle-inducingly silly to devestatingly effective, she does not seem to have the same tallent with quips and comebacks. "I… Well… yeah."

Shaking her head she dropped to her side, resting her muzzle on her forehooves. Silent. At least for a while. "Hey Ruby… You ran away awfuly kick yesterday… After we all took that spill."

Breeze looks up to ruby, "yeah so what of it, I like him, whats so wrong with that?" she comes back on Ruby, "He's got everything that none of the boys here've got and he's just so big, I mean really, nobody's that Huge round here" she adds with a massive blush going for her "I mean physically,

Ruby-Blossom notices she's done bad and is quick to attach herself to Fizzy and nuzzle oh-so affectionately; certainly she likes the other mare - then again she seems to like alot of ponies nowadays, huh? "You're awesome Fizzy, at all sorts of stuff including alchemy - never doubt that." The ruby-eyed mare glancing back towards breeze. "He's a big boy, that's true. Sadly all the blood seems to go everywhere other than his brain." she grins broadly - certainly teasing the other mare.

Solar-Wind just grumbles some, "do they grow them all big on your side, I mean besides Kludge, he's downright dimunitive for an earthie" she notes some with a diferint viewpoint. "but I mean look at Winter, she's downright huge for, I mean stature, not bulk, er weight, I mean she's stocky and I wouldn't want to cross her for nothing" she admits wholeheartedly. "but is everyone bigger there?

Sodium-Fizz eeps as she once more gets assaulted by the sneaky, ruby-eyed pony. Still, she doesn't complain. And doesn't push her line of questioning either. "Don't worry yourself over it Ruby, I know."

Turning slightly she smiled at Breeze. "And… yeah, the only other pony I know that grows that size is… Well, yeah, Winter. She's kinda the mare equivalent of Solar-Wind I figure… Big, strong, handsome and not entirely bright in the way everypony else thinks it… As for size? No. Not really. Most everypony are in the same size-range of me, Ruby and Kludge…"

Breeze nods a little and sighs, "maybe one day I could see for myself" she queries, "once we get the elements back in alignment and all that spoo"

Ruby-Blossom humms softly "I just had stuff to do - and well, figured I leave you three to deal with Maggie's questions about the birds and the bees." she laughs warmly.

Sodium-Fizz pouts. "Well… we didn't. I bribed her with a potion to run around the base and sing 'Solar-Wind lo-oves Kludge~'…" She blushes slightly. "Besides, I had my hooves full… I did rather snapp at Winter earlier, too. I liker her, but she can' push my buttons at times."

Ruby-Blossom says "What happened with Winny?" the mare asks curiously while hanging off Fizzy. "What'd she do? Be too awesome again?"

Breeze looks over some as the attention is now on fizzy, she whew's some and gets herself back up, tugging on her night clothing and yawning hugely

Sodium-Fizz bit her lower lip for a moment. "Eh… She asked me to concoct some coffee analogue with my 'mad science'… and… um, I snapped at her for that. I don't like mad science…" She pouted. "And… um, yeah, that's all of it!"

Insincere smile, much?

Ruby-Blossom laughs oh-so loudly at Fizzy - like rolling on the floor holding tummy laughter. " shouldn't ever take anything Winny says…haha…negatively - her heart accounts for two-thirds her mass; she's sweet as they come."

Sodium-Fizz pouts, actualy seeming to be embarased. "I know… not only is she great eye-candy, but she's adorably naive and sweet…"