Noodle Bombed
IC date: Autumn 58, 1008
OOC date: November 16, 2013
Location: Portside
PCs: Noodle, Glitter Bomb

It's been a pretty dreary day today, and with evening having set, that hasn't gotten a lot better — but at least the lights have come on in the harbor. Flickering gas lamps line the cobbled streets and wooden boardwalks, casting their glow on ponies passing by.

But apparently, not all ponies pass by: one such pegasus, more beanpole than pony, is staring at a gas light on the boardwalk, butt firmly planted as she cants her head and whistles appreciatively at the light. Not like a catcall whistle, no — more like a songbird.

Glitter-Bomb skips happily along! The lights are so pretty! The boardwalk is so pretty! And nighttime just means you can't see the clouds, so everything's peachy! "Why hello there!"

Noodle leeeeeans in a little to look at the lights, whistling under her breath. She pauses, ears cocked to the light, then whistles again as if in response. When Glitter-Bomb greets her, she doesn't seem to notice at first, but at length she finally half-turns her head toward the pony while still keeping her eyes locked on the light. "…Have you ever talked to fire?"

Glitter-Bomb nods. "You could almost say it's my special talent! Well, not quite, but sorta? I mean exploding is just really fast fire!"

Noodle turns to look at Glitter more fully now, her golden eyes wide in the lamplight. "You talk to explosions? Wow… I talk to all sorts of things, but not usually explosions. Explosions usually means I can't hear other things when they talk at all."

Glitter-Bomb giggles, as lilting as ever. "Well, I mean, usually I'm making things /not/ explode. But you know, it's like.. hello Miss Bomb! Could you please not explode! Thank you! And it's funny, because ponies call me Miss Bomb too! But I never talked philosophy with a bomb. That would just be silly, and I don't even know /how/ it would work!" She stares at the lampflame herself for a bit. "Pretty.."

Noodle blinks a few more times. "Oh, wow… I didn't know bombs were girls! I have a lot to learn about bombs…" She flutters her wings and looks back at the flame. "I think the fire is saying that it doesn't like being cooped up in that tiny glass," she comments, ears flicking.

Glitter-Bomb shrugs. "Maybe, maybe not. It seems to be having fun in there!"

Noodle watches it a little while longer… then looks at Glitter-Bomb. "Do you think that an explosion is what happens when you let fire out to play?"

Glitter-Bomb nods. "Yeah, that's kinda what it is, but then it goes away! Usually. And other ponies don't like it when it doesn't go away, because then everything's on fire and it's pretty and sparkly for a little bit but then it gets all ashy and ugly and that's no fun. I mean what's the point of dressing them up if they're just going to go burn up all the clothes you made them? Huh? That's not very grateful! Explosions can be big jerks!"

Noodle blinks a few times at her, absorbing this information. "…You put clothes on explosions?" she says slowly, thinking about this. "I guess that makes sense. Everypony needs clothes. Even explosions. What do I do?" She has to think for a moment about that, before she brightens. "Oh! I put clothes on food. Well … sort of. I put sauce on noodles. Sort of… Does that count as clothes? Maybe I should wear sauce."

Glitter-Bomb thinks about that. "Yeah, I guess it is! You're right! Sauce is food clothes! Like icing, but for noodles! I don't think cake icing would be very good on noodles, but I've never tried it.."

Noodle's eyes widen. "Oh… that would be very strange! But I bet if you used yam noodles it'd be really good…" She stares off into space for a long moment. "… I will try that. I will try yam noodles and icing. I'll call it the… the…" She pauses. And then looks at Glitter with a somewhat vacant smile. "What's your name?"

Glitter-Bomb smiles. Meeting ponies is fun! Names are fun! "I'm Glitter Bomb! And what's yours? Squiggle?" (eying Noodle's flank as she asks that last part)

Noodle nods quickly, looking pleased. "Yes, I am Squiggle! It's nice to meet you, Glitter Bomb. What do you do for a living?" Was she paying attention to … any of the conversation at all?

Glitter-Bomb bounces. Meeting ponies is so much fun! "Hi Squiggle!"

Noodle bounces! … And then blinks. "My name's not Squiggle. It's Noodle!" Gosh, get it right.

Glitter-Bomb blinks! "Oh! Noodle Squiggle?"

Noodle blinks a few times. "…Who?"

Glitter-Bomb goes hmm. "No, Who's not here. I don't know /where/ they got to."

Noodle shakes her head. "I think They found a new job out in Canterlot."

Glitter-Bomb looks confused. "I know They did, but Who did too? Wow, everyone's moving back to Canterlot these days!"

Noodle shakes her head again, harder. "Everyone's not in Canterlot! Everyone's in Appleloosa. Now, /Anyone/ might be in Canterlot…"

(OOC) Glitter-Bomb: Everyone? But they're not even dating Appleloosa!
(OOC) Noodle laughs!!

Glitter-Bomb perks up. "Canterlot? Are you from Canterlot too?"

Noodle opens her mouth … and closes it. And opens it again. And squints sort of skywards. "…I don't know?"

Glitter-Bomb thinks. "I'm pretty sure I Don't Know is from Cloudsdale. He's a pegasus, after all.. but you don't know I Don't Know? Or you know I don't know if you know I Don't Know, so… Some ponies have silly names. Like Squiggle! I mean it's a really pretty name, but it's silly too! I like your name, Squiggle Noodles!" And then, after a bit, "Or.. you don't know? Like, you don't know, not like I Don't Know? Because I don't know anypony named You Don't Know. That would just be crazy!"

Noodle just blinks for a long moment. "W…What?"

Glitter-Bomb blinks back! This must be some kind of local Horseshoe Harbor tradition, with the blinking! Whee!

Noodle blinks a final time… and then beams. "I really like you! You have a pretty mane, and you're very smart, and… there was some other stuff but I forgot it. What's your name? I want to be friends with you."

Glitter-Bomb is sure she already said that, but whatever! "I'm Glitter Bomb! And thanks!"

Noodle perks and beams. "Hi Glitter Bomb! I'm Noodle!" … She already said that too, right? This pegasus is really weird. "Do you live here?" She pauses, and glances around a moment, before her eyes get kind of big. "…Do /I/ live here?"

Glitter-Bomb thinks about that. "I don't know if /you/ live here, but /I/ do!"

Noodle's eyes get a little wider. "What if I left the stove on? Wait, do I have a stove? … Does this qualify as a crisis?" And then a moth flutters by and all attention is diverted as she delightedly watches it go. "Ooh! Fly, tiny critter!"

And then that moth flies into the gas lamp and fizzles. Noodle smiles expectantly, waiting for the moth to reemerge, a beautiful phoenix.

That's how that works, right?

Glitter-Bomb's stomach reminds her that lunch was a long time ago. "Noodles? Wait.. is that /your/ noodle cart over by the town square, under that tree, with the "out to lunch" sign on it?"

Noodle is still smiling blankly at the gas lamp. Come on, little phoenix! Come on! "Hmmm?" She turns to look at Glitter Bomb, utterly diverted again. "What? Oh! Yes! Yes, that's right! A noodle cart! I make noodles! I'm going to make a noodle cake! … Wait, that would be silly. Why would I make a noodle cake?"

Glitter-Bomb tilts her head. "Why /wouldn't/ you? Well, I guess if you wanted to make something else you wouldn't. Huh."

"Anyway, I had a noodle cake before and it was really yummy! It was like a pancake, but made out of noodles, and fried, and it was so good!"

Noodle blinks a few times. "Oh! No, I didn't mean a noodle pancake, I meant a noodle layer cake, with icing. Yam noodles! And noodle flowers… Yeah…" She pulls out a notepad from god-knows-where, and starts writing things down. The whole thing looks horrifically scribbled upon. "I should try that too though…!"

Glitter-Bomb licks her lips. "That sounds really good too!"

Noodle starts walking away, muttering to herself as she walks awkwardly, one hoof holding her notepad. Why doesn't she just fly? Probably because she forgot she can. "Yeah… That does. Oh and noodle shakes. Noodle shakes would be interesting…"

Glitter-Bomb follows. She can't fly, either, well not intentionally anyway. So it's convienent.

Noodle walks for a little ways, muttering to herself … and then slows down. She peeeeks over her shoulder, then squeaks, and starts to run!

Glitter-Bomb looks confused. What a weird pony. Nice though!

Noodle takes to the air and squeeeeeeaks, whistling all the way, until she vanishes into the distance! "THEY'RE AFTER MEEEeeeeeeeeeee!"

What a weird pony indeed!