No More Ghosts
IC date: Autumn 55, 1007
OOC date: November 13, 2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind
GM: None

Solar-Wind *YEOCH* "Hey, what was that for" it certainly gets him off the dreary subject then and there, and rather startled, "you, You bit me?!" he just stares at Ruby looking wide eyed, "but, but What?" he shouts at her, "Yeah, I found somebody nice, practically crazy, more or less, beat to Tartarus and back, a good fighter, that one, but she's not you, I'm sorry, You've got somepony special already" He sighs rubbing his neck, "What are you growing fangs or something, that hurt!" he mentions still startled that somepony would purposefully bite another.

Ruby-Blossom blinks and realizes something - she reaches up and wiggles a pair of fake fangs free "I guess I did forget to take this off after last night." entirely serious - she /was/ wearing fangs as they were part of her changling costume. "Hate to break it to you hay for brains. I have alot of special someponies nowadays, and I'm happy for you. It's not like I'd suddenly be jealous that you're not clammoring over me." Okay she might be, but that's not the point.

A soft if burdened clop-clop-…-clop, draws closer from one of the corridors. Before long, limping out into the room is Sodium-Fizz, swathed as usual in her Nighmare Night costume turned permanet ficture. Though a much more resent addition seems to be the sling which cradles her left forehoof and the rather bulging sack tied to her side. A smile spreads across her muzzle as she spots the antics going on, though it does go a bit fritzy opon seeing Ruby. Apperently somepony isn't entirely over her latest episode.

Fizzy watches from the doorway for a few moments. "Well, well… What are you two arguing over now…? It's rude biting ponies you know, Ruby. You really should check your maners, they've been awful lately. Almost as bad as Solar's, even if he had the good graces to run away before he could stuff his hoof so far down his throat he could jank his own tail." She glared at the two of them. Yeah, somepony's still sore about that.

Solar-Wind blinks glances to Ruby, then slow dawning realization that Fizzy is standing right over there. The big guy cringes and slinks off to retrieve food for himself, other food, "Err, yeah, I'll let you two, uhhhh discuss" stop, turns to look at you, "Sodium-Fizz, what this time?" he asks, helpless before his sense of caring, he trots right over looking to the hoof in sling, "just what this time?" he asks, looking to sling, but not touching anything yet, "Anything I can be of service with?" he asks

Ruby-Blossom doesn't even /hesitate/ to approach Fizzy - not in the slighest despite being well aware of how angry the other mare is with her. "Hi Fizzy." even attempting to hug the older mare warmly. "I hope you're feeling better." warm, sincere smile. "I brought you tomato." offering the bright, fresh tomato to the other mare. "I recall them being one of your favorites." smiling like a dofus while well within Fizzy's reach.

Sodium-Fizz raised a wing, keeping it between herself and Ruby as she laberously limped over to a nearby table, the odd stumble seeming to bring a pained expression to her face. "I'm serious Ruby… You and Solar really screwed up the other night. Really, really badly. You're lucky I couldn't… or wouldn't… overpower Winter." With a sigh she turned, planting her flanks on one of the moth-eaten pillows serving as a chair, and gave the two ponies a glare.

Despite being brushed off - Ruby follows Fizzy right over to where the other mare sits, and tries again. "I won't apologize." she says rather bluntly. "I did what I did because I love you - I mean, not in the same way you might love Winny; but I do. I did something aweful to you by making you face your feelings, and I'd do it again." She looks well aware that she's liable to further anger Fizzy. "Because even if you don't notice it, I do. You do your darndest to push your emotions deep down, because you're afraid to be hurt again." she huffs and glares - a loving, adorable glare. "That alone is proof enough that you haven't escaped your past, or that stallion's control." She certainly has begun to look a tad upset, mostly upset that's liable to hurt Fizzy again. "I know things have been tough for you, but…you're not alone anymore." she glances down. "You're welcome to hate me, but I'll still be there for you." she grins softly as she recalls something - something sad. "I'll always be there for ponies I care about, regardless."

Solar-Wind nods to what Ruby says, "I may have a special somepony, but I'm still your guardian, both of you" he looks to you both, "I'll still protect you from anything that wants to both you, mess with you, harm you, I'll take them down!" he huffs rightly, "but when its each-other, I'm lost, and out of the loop, and I can't help" he states, then adds quietly, "right now I see a mare thats hurting, and I don't know why, and I need to know why, and how I can help" he states as he looks to that sling, with sorrowful eyes.

The grey mare gave the other two a small smile, one more sad than angry. With a sigh, and a wince, she pulled her foreleg from the sling; her hoof, crocked at the pastern, and coat well up her foreleg several shades of grey lighter than hers and looking as if wrought from granite. Reaching up she draped around Ruby's neck, pulling her close. "I know, Ruby. I'm running and hiding, 'cause I can't let it all catch up to me… I'm not angry… I don't hate you, either of you. You're friends… Like family. That's why I'm telling you this, warning you. You forced me to go somewhere I was not ready to go, don't do it again. It might work out, it might not…" Soda fell silent, a worried expression on her face. One of fear. "Either way… You should never do it again, please. For your own sakes…"

Sighing she sat back and reached around for the bag at her side, heaving it onto the table with a rocky clunk. She eyed it worriedly for several moments before reaching over, defly working the knot with a hoof and the tip of her wings. "I'm saying it becaus I'm deffinatly not safe to be around when I go all… crazy. Like the one other pony in this frozen wasteland's found out…" Pulling back the sack fell around the object it's contained, the head of a statue sitting on a kinda runny-looking neck. The face ought to seem familiar, especialy to Ruby who have spent plenty of time wearing it. Though why Nightmare Will would have a statue of her looking puzzeled is anypony's guess…

Ruby-Blossom is silent for several long moments before softly chiming. "Good job…I guess?" The mare not nearly as startled as she should be - in fact leaning in to firmly nuzzle Fizzy. "I will do it again." she whispers to the other mare - and her alone; before leaning back to smile at her warmly. "Something will always happen to set you off and make you lose control. I'll take the risks to help you cause I care, and I'll deal with it somehow." She tries to grin even broader - which makes it look all the more cheesey. "I'll take care of you, and help you. You don't need face these things alone." she beams "Even if you kill me, I'll just stick around as a ghost!

Solar-Wind 's eyes practically bulge out of their sockets, staring, "That, thats the head of Will" he gulps hard, jumps a full pace backwards, stares at it hard. Everyone can actually hear his heartbeat, double pause, then the big pegasus gets this hopeful, look to his muzzle. in a burst of wings, his blankets are gone, flat out gone, and he's just in his thermal suite, "This, this means her magic, Her magic is negated!? Right?, RIGHT?!" he's yelling now, shouting, eyes darting here and there. He dashes from the room, though not far, as you can hear the sound of metal, protesting, and then clattering, then hooves, pounding back to the cafeteria, with Solar holding a long jagged looking metal staff, thats probably been ripped from a bedframe or something like that. "That means, That MEANS the curse is broken! and They've been set Free, all of them have been set Free!" he shouts, tears rolling openly down his muzzle.

Solar has lost it, flat out lost it, as he weilds that bedframe long metal staff, he ducks his head and grinds it into the stone beneath his feet, dragging it this way and that, grinding it down to a nasty looking edge! The big pegasus is making an impromptu dangerous weapon by the looks of things, and he's getting prepped for something vicious by the looks of things. "I'll set them free, I'll Set them Free!" he keeps shouting.

Sodium-Fizz gave Ruby a pained smile, pulling her closer still and planting a soft kiss on her forehead, right bellow where her horn should be. "Ruby, please… I don't need yet another ghost…" Pulling back she ran her good hoof across her face swiftly before turning her gaze towards Solar-Wind, though it does rather little to hide the fact the slight pegasus mare is crying. After a moment she gave a tired chuckle. "I knew he'd like this part…" she muttered before raising her voice. "I guess that might be the case… We didn't hang around long after we stole her head, my hoof was hurting like you wouldn't belive becaus of the Stonefish Elixir… and having to use another to get out would have been… bad. I don't have the things I need to regrow limbs… and it's one of the most disgusting feelings I can think off…"

After a moment she sighed, "I guess trying to disuade either of you from being idiots… isn't working though. So much for that idea…"

Ruby-Blossom grins sheepishly while hugging Fizzy all the tighter. She really is quite shocked at what Fizzy just presented - but she's had a very shocking week to say the least; she's really quite in awe - at least until Solar goes haywire. The mare watching with curiousity for the longest moment as the bigger stallion fashions a weapon. "Solar. Stop right this instant." her tone serious, deadly serious - crazy Fizzlebottom serious. "Stop right this instant, Solar-Wind." the younger mare glaring at Solar with an intense ruby-red eyed glare.

One of the mare's hoofs dropping down, wiggling about in prepration should Solar choose to ignore her warnings.

Winter-Solstice pages: If Winter was a more prideful character she would be miffed that Soda gets the kill credit but she just thinks it's exciiitiiiiing

Solar-Wind is still dragging that metal bladed staff about, and dang is it starting to look like a right dangerous thing, its long, spiked at one end, from him ripping it from the rest of the bed frame, and then there's that edge, and curving bend that he's placing into it from sheer mass of strength put behind it. "I can't, I can't stop, I've got to set her free, free from that camp, free from them, I can save her now, With will out of the way, the curse is broken, and I can help her escape!" he shouts back. Its all perfectly logical, perfectly reasonable, but also at the same time, its crazy, him vs practically camp, he'd never make it.

"Solar… If you take another step…

"Solar… if you take another step, your head will join Will's on the table…" came the low, threathening tone of Soda's voice, accompanied by a cold glare. After a moment she added, with a wicked grin, "and most likely my foreleg, too. It'll just slide right off, I think… not that you care, do you? Silly Soda's given you what you want, no need to bother with her any more right? Don't mind her pain…"

What? Common sense does not work on Solar. Hopefuly guilt will!

Ruby-Blossom 's glaring quite intently at Solar-Wind all the while holding Sodium-Fizz in a sisterly embrace; ruby-red eyes glaring firmly at the stallion. "I told you we need to sit tight for a while. You won't do her any favors getting yourself killed. I know I'm /not/ that important to you to anymore, but the least you could do is pretend once in a while." The mare attempting to boister Fizzy's guilt trip. "You'll have much better success with your friend's help, and the help of the elements, and know a plan." A moment of silence before she adds "That better not of come from Windy's and my bed…"

Solar-Wind 's wild eyes look from one mare to the other, back and forth, *CLanG* drops the metal blade thing, eyes press closed though tears are getting through. He murmurs, "done it again, thinking with my Heart, not my head" he sighs deeply "I want her to be safe, I want to protect her though" he murmurs while actually crying, big guy is broken so hard, completely shattered emotionally. He reaches down picks up that big nasty looking blade trots over to the both of you and lays it down solidly. "I'm sorry" he mentions softly, looking so hurt he can barely make noises, words tiny, and tight sounding. He looks to Fizzy, "I, Do care about you, and your injuries, and" he looks to Ruby, "And I care about you too, he leans over to give her a kiss on the cheek, or at least try to do so. "Came from mine, bed was broken anyway, uncomfortable thing" he grumbles some

Ruby-Blossom pats Solar-Wind gently atop of the head. "It's not wrong to listen to your heart, you just need to listen to everything it's saying. It may be telling you to go save her - but it's not telling you to do so at the expense of your own life, or your friends." she ponders quietly. "You've a fine warrior spirit - but you need to refine it; a wild flame is dangerous to everypony - but a well tended fire can serve all." she frowns. "We need a samurai master or something for Solar." she glances. "You know - this goes back to what I told you when we first got here…sit and take deep breathes; you really need to start doing that all the time.

Sodium-Fizz smiled softly and reached out, stroking Solar's mane gently. Or as gently as is resonable with a solid stone hoof anyway, her flesh-and-blood one wrapped tightly around Ruby. "Don't worry about it, Solar… I think we all been guilty or listening to one thing on the expense on the other the last few days… or weeks. Luna knows having been stuck here have not been easy…" Soda sighed and leaned against Ruby, taking a moment to not-so-subtly wipe her tears of in her coat.

"We'll… happily help you try to get to her, and the others… Even if I'm a bit of a cripple till I can make something that un-petrify me…"

Ruby-Blossom pipes "I can help you Fizzy - just tell me what you need." the mare seems to be all over the place recently - figuratively and literally. "Speaking of which - I still have this tomato for you." nudging the tomato on the table behind the Fizzy. "I brought it back from the Harbor. Did you know I went back to the Harbor?" hey good news!

Sodium-Fizz blinked, seeming to have noticed the piece of vegetable for the first time since she's stepped in the room. Her eye twitch as she turns her redened eyes on Ruby… "What…?" She looks back to the tomato, eyeing it suspiciously before shaking her head. No, she's not going to touch the dangable thing, despite their assurances. Or maybe becaus of it.

Turning she pulled herself out of Ruby's embrace, facing Solar-Wind. "True enough, I supose… though one have to wounder what truly is worse. Being ruled by passion, or living without…"

Ruby-Blossom blinks "What?" a severe frown "I brought it back for you - Solar ate the orange I brought him." she frowns even more. "Fizzy…" both forehooves on her hips where she sits. "Eat it. I brought it for you." she glances past Fizzy to Solar-Wind. "She doesn't trust me…

Ruby-Blossom says "I trust you completely - which is why I would have let you hit me the other night, and didn't put up a fight." ruby-red eyes shifting towards Fizzy. "If you think i'd ever do anything with the intent of simply hurting you…"

Solar-Wind murrs softly, "The orange tasted like an orange should" he nods, "brought tears to me eyes it did" he nodded some, "Its perfectly safe Fizzy, anyway, you're the alchemist here, so you have all the potions n stuff" he mentions, "This is ruby, ruby friend here right?" he asks kinda jokingly

Sodium-Fizz turned back towads Will's head with a grunt, struggling for a few moment to get it back in the bag. "Maybe so… but you have. And you've more or less told me you'd hurt me again, for 'my own good'… You knew I'm not… stable, emotionaly. And still…" She shot Ruby and Solar glare. "So no, I don't trust you, not like that… Becaus now I know you'll make me hurt if you think I need it… and to be frank I'd rather go and be chewed on by rat wights again…" With a shake of her head she slipped her petrified hoof back into the sling.

Ruby-Blossom looks visibly upset - a mixture of anger and hurt that quickly fade to a perfect poker face. "You know what? You're absolutely right. I'm not trust-worthy." she hops to hooves. "Thanks for reminding me." the mare trotting off towards the Main Base without another word.

Solar-Wind looks between the mares, then to the departing Ruby "oh nonono" he practically squeaks he stares at Fizzy, "not cool" he shakes his head and darts after Ruby, "Ruby Wait, please wait!" he shouts after the waywards mare, hoping to catch up with her, or have he listen to him at least, maybe something, "arrrghgods why do friends have to fight?" they likely both hear as he charges after Ruby.

Sodium-Fizz sighed softly before letting herself keel over against the table. The surface of the table against her forehead didn't give much in the way of comfort, she knew that from experience. Drink did, to a degree… but she'd turned the rest of her rock spirits into cheap explosives. She was crying again, a sob wracking her body. Stupid… Just so stupid, everything.

A moment passes before Fizzy feels a hoof on her shoulder - clearly no pony was heard coming back in; so there's only one pony it could be…Pinkie Pie! No that's not right. Ruby just stands behind Fizz for a long moment with one hoof on her shoulder before she manage to bring herself to speak. "I…ah…" well a valiant attempt - she herself still quite upset. "Anything I do is because I care deeply about you…even if I hurt you or make you hurt; it's because I've grown fond of you. Clearly I'm an idiot, and don't understand how to care properly. So, I…I'll umn…just stay out of your way from now on, alright?" hoof leaving Fizzy's shoulder.

"Don't, Ruby… pl-please…" The grey pegasus turned, a wing comming up in a feeble attempt to wipe away the tears. "I… I don't want you to go, I just… don't want you hurt." Sodium-Fizz bit back a sob before reaching out. "You're as good as family… and I wouldn't stand adding you to the list of mistakes, of ghosts." Soda sighed and let her hoof drop together with her gaze. "There's a reson I'm almost never home, you know… 'Cause I couldn't stand to hurt them, either…"

Ruby-Blossom huffs softly before draping both fore hovers over Fizzy's shoulders. "Even if you hurt me - I'll endure it, I don't care." giving the older mare a firm squeeze. I've been hurt before - I can endure it." Tring to convince Fizzy or herself? "I…" she huffs softly again. "I know I hurt you, and upset you - if helping you open up your emotions means you get angry with me - so be it. I'll stay with you, and help you through any hardship. I may be a jerk - but I'm a loyal one. I only did those things for you - I knew they would hurt you; I knew it and did it anyways. I don't ever want to make you hurt - but I know you'd hurt all the more if didn't take this chance, and face your fears. I…I won't ever hurt you out of spite or anything. You have no reason to trust me anymore - cept…"

Sodium-Fizz burried her face against Ruby's neck, her foreleg wrapped around her in a tight hug. "I know, it's just… You're my jerk, mine. You're like a sister… a little sister, you're fun and happy and full of pranks and I can't help but like you… I… I can forgive you for hurting me, I can… but I can't let you risk doing that again, becaus I wouldn't have stoped at just hitting you, understand…? When I am like that…" Soda drew a quivering breath. "Just promis me you'll be careful… becaus I couldn't stand losing a little sister… I can live with this, I can… but not with that. So promise, just promis me that… That you won't stab me in the back, just promise me my little sister won't stab me in the back… so I don't have to be afraid of you."

Ruby-Blossom firmly presses her muzzle into Fizzy's back. "I could never stab you in the back or betray you - I'd rather die." her tone couldn't be more serious at the moment. "I wouldn't leave you either." steeling herself as she recalls her own adopted little sister kicking her to the curb in favor of a far more comfortable life style. A moment of silence and a soft swallow. "You're a better pony then you give yourself credit for. You can hate me for what I did, I can live with that. But I can't live with the thought of you hiding from your emotions because of what HE did to you. I can't stand the thought of him still controlling you like that - even if you don't recognize it for what it is!" her voice raised - clearly angry as she spills out /why/ she did what she did in plain english; from her perspective /he/ is still controlling Fizzy because she's hiding from her own emotions.

That actualy brought a bitter laugh from Fizzy, "Him… He's dead and gone, he's been gone for years now…" She sighed, leaning up against Ruby, staring down at her hoof. "I've had my vengance for what the old coot's done…"

Soda nuzzled Ruby for a moment before pulling back, forcing herself onto her hooves. "And I don't hate you… I don't want to… just… be careful, becaus you wan't me to be 'better'… but if I hurt you, it'll be worse… As I said, I don't need ghosts…" She looked down at her hoof for a few moments before turning towards the doors, starting to limp away.

Ruby-Blossom trots right after Fizzy - claerly intent on helping the other mare to her bed. "Don't worry, Fizzy. I'll help you through anything. Cross my heart, and hope to die." Cheerful smile - even if forced.

Sodium-Fizz cringed noticably as she turned, redened eyes eyeing Ruby for a moment before she turned back. "Just… don't die by my hooves. I don't need another one."

Ruby replies with a friendly nuzzle, and nothing more as she takes Fizzy off to the bunks for rest.