No Lollygagging
IC date: Autumn 48, 1007
OOC date: November 6, 2012
PCs: Solar-Wind, Ruby-Blossom, Sodium-Fizz
NPCs: Polar-Breeze
GM: None

Sodium-Fizz sighed as she walked down the corridors. Again! She'd done a lot of sighing and walking as of late, it was getting about time to change that up. If nothing else, there were things that needed doing and she couldn't just mope about. Stoping by a door she eyed it for a moment before spining on her forehooves and bucking it in. "Polar-Breeze! Get your fuzzy backside out of bed, we got work!"

Breeze practically jumps into flight, "Queen Queen Queen, where? What?! What?! Oh?!" she gulps and lands on all four hooves, looking over to the waker wide eyes blinkblinking, "Don't do that!" she huffs, "A gentle nudge on the shoulder or something works alot better than panicking a pony!!

Sodium-Fizz giggles brightly and smiles. "You have no idea how much I've wanted to do that after all the time's Ruby's startled me!"

Nightmare Moon's voice tickles into Fizzy's ear with the softest of whispers - breath tickling oh-so gently it might as well be a gentle breeze. "Like this, child?" Speaks Nighmare Moon's voice to Fizzy alone! Sadly when Fizzy whips around to see who's there - there's no pony! But in front of her is Ruby waving at Breeze - cheerfully chiming in Breeze's own voice "Morning, sleepy head."

Breeze goes wide eyed at suddenly Ruby, "h H Ha how, do you DO THAT?" she squeaks and shivers, "Solar has mentioned that /ability/ before, says it scares the _ out of him too!" she mentions still looking a bit startled, "If not Miss Fizz waking me up, then there's you?!"

To call Fizzy startled would be a bit of an understatement, the grey mare lying sprawled on the floor with her forehooves to her chest, gasping for air to recover from the shrill shreik of fright. She does, however, manage to level her pale yellow eyes on Ruby, accusingly.

Ruby-Blossom looks well-aware of the fact she took 'startled' to a whole new meaning; perhaps they should start calling it 'Rubied'? The mare leans over Fizzy then leans in way close until she's touching noses with the other mare. Winny's voice teasing out. "Don't go bonkers over a little start." Huge, evil tease!

Breeze then suddenly grins, "Hey Ruby, can you Do Solar's voice, P Please?" she gulps and looks curiously to Ruby, "I doubt you could do so well with such a husky voice as his, ya got girly voices down pat though, or course, cause, well Duh"

Yeah, downright evil! Fizzy pouts and swats at one of Ruby's ears as she pulls herself from the ground, her wings spreading suddenly so get the dust of her before turning her attention to the two other mares. She can't help but to smile though. "Solar's voice, really Breeze? You're not going to kiss her once she pulls it of, are you? That would get… a bit awkward."

Ruby-Blossom can't help but chuckle at Breeze's rquest - thrust onto the ground by the rising Fizzy. She rights herself and clears her throat "Commander Blossom! Mightly fine flank you have." a brief moment of pretend drool to be had.

Ruby-Blossom slaps a hoof against her own forehead "How could I have been so stupid. That's it." she slumps. "It's so obvious now.

Polar-Breeze does a wide eyed stare, looks briefly around, stares at Ruby, then busts up laughing, "Wow, you ARE good" she laughs, "Could probably scare the queen something fierce, Ooh Ooh, In your world there Is a Celestia like lady, right? Do ya have her voice in your, uhh library?" she asks honestly, "Cause that would probably scare the Queen half to death and back!" she laughs

Sodium-Fizz smiles. "That would actualy be a fair idea. Then again I'm not sure even Ruby could make Celestia and Luna justice…" The alchemist tapped her muzzle before turning to Ruby, an eyebrow raised. "And… what's obvious now?"

Ruby-Blossom looks up - utterly ashamed that she failed to think of this sooner. "That's my point exactly - what she /just/ said. Celestia's voice, Jelly's sun necklace, and take it one step further with some make-up and clever staging." she rubs her forehead. "OR better yet…" she sits up and smiles. "That might be the answer." Ponies who know her (Fizzy) /might be able to tell she's got something on her mind - likely something very, very, very extremelly stupid.

Breeze looks to Ruby, "what, what is it, did I do something wrong?" she gulps now worried, "I'm sory, I, I didn't mean to

Sodium-Fizz hums softly and nods slowly. "That… might be a really good idea, we'll have to persue that one too! Good work you two!" The alchemist gave the two mares a very wide grin, though she does give Ruby a questioning glance as she turns towards the door, a ear flicking, asking them to follow. "So, a fake Celestia, huh? Or something better still… I'm almost scared to ask what you have on your mind, you're downright devious, Ruby."

After a moment of though she laughed. "I guess that's one of those things about you I like!"

Ruby had actually had the thought all her own - hence her sudden fore-hoof to forhead gesture; Breeze just happened to think of it at the same time - clearly the gal is far more tactical than her leader! The mare ughs cutely. "So dumb." sprawling on her back. "So dumb…

Polar-Breeze looks to the other two mares as she starts to slowly follow behind Fizz, "Ru Ruby you mean you could voice Miss Celestia, but but, she's not been here in over a Thousand years, you know her voice" she asks softly, sounding hopeful then sounding like somebody kicked her, hard, she gasps with a quick grunt, "But, going there, that would mean" she SWALLOWS HARD, "that would mean that you're going to your death" she issues, and shakes her head violently, "Solar said that we are to help protect this place, that protecting his friends mattered most, I can't let you kill yourself like, Like this, thats just Crazy" she practically shouts at Ruby.

"Solar says to Protect his friends at all costs!" she shouts "I can't let you go, that, thats just crazy!"

Sodium-Fizz stops in the middle of her stride, her ears dropping. "Then… that's no good. Indeed, unless we manage to shock the socks of Nightmare Moon straight off, that's a death sentance…"

She rubbed her muzzle with a pastern, thinking. "Unless we can figure something out… Something brilliant."

Ruby-Blossom rolls to her hooves and begins to trot after Fizzy - glancing over her shoulder at the rambling Breeze - who like suddenly sees through her soul. Ruby of course just deflects her acurate observations - not like Breeze would know whe's bluffing. "Go where? There's no where for me to go, Breeze. I mean. I am going to Hive for scouting later, but that's with Winny and Pinkie on a mission." she laughs boisterously "I'm not going to my death anywhere." The tought of sneaking into Canterlot to drive Moon into repenting is fun. This prompts aloud AHA of realization from the mare…who in naturally Ruby fashion does /not/ share her immediate thoughts.

Ruby-Blossom bumps right into Fizzy's flank - oh that soft and gray. The mare raising her head and proclaiming "A Hearthwarmings Carol - the one about the stingy stallion visited by three ghosts.

Ruby-Blossom says "I mean it couldn't be more perfect."

Polar-Breeze is relieved and visabally shows it, "Thanks for doing the Solar voice Ruby" she smiles to Ruby, "I miss him" the mare admits with a hint of annoyance in her voice, "he needs to fly home soon" she announces

Sodium-Fizz eeps as Ruby plants her face in her flanks, giving the younger mare a rather embarased and distraught stare over her shoulder. "Watch where you're walking, a'right? And Ruby, you're not running of anywhere untill the rest of us got your back, understood? Becaus if you do, I'll bloody well come after you and Luna help whoever gets in the way. I would storm Canterlot just to drag you back before you do something stupid, you know. And you -know- I would succeed!"

The alchemist stomps a hoof, sounding dead serious. And very, very much like she's from Trottingham. "And it wouldn't be pretty. Lets just all focus on what we need to do here and now!"

Ruby-Blossom rooollls her eyes and then smiles warmly. "Glad you're listening to my plans." she proceeds to trot past Fizzy then stops - realizing she's not the pony leading. "I've actually been to Canterlot back home, I've even snuck into the castle - once. I didn't get very far, but it was a great learning experience.

Polar-Breeze kinda oooh's, "Snuck in to Canterlot, here that would get you killed, but in your home?" she asks curiously as she follows the other two mares

Sodium-Fizz rolls her eyes. "Where we come from you're more likely to get a slap on the hooves an be sent on your way… Depending on how much

Ruby-Blossom glances over her shoulder at Breeze. "A stern talking to, a light spanking, a written apology - something along those lines. Our Canterlot is a light nicer - I even PREFER Luna. Far more down-to-earth after her banishment to the moon ended."

Breeze just nods some, "sounds ok, I guess" she offers with a shrug, "your world really does sound nice even if everyone is crazy" she smiles to the both of you

Sodium-Fizz rolls her eyes. "But yes, lets not find out exactly the ways of gruesome deaths we can suffer if we sneak into Canterlot just yet. I rather like to keep all my limbs attatched to my body very much, and I know the lot of you would agree if you know what it's like not to. Either way, I came here to get Polar-Breeze for practice. We'll need her and Icicle-Face to come along to agitate the Nightmare's forces and leave them directions to the Hive."

Polar-Breeze stops blinks, "Practice? for a raid?" she perks a brow, "what kind of practice are we talking about?" she query's "Ice, really, he's a jerk, I think he was with Redmane or something like that, on guard duty for him

"Actualy, we're not going to go on a raid. We're going to lose convincingly and run away!" Fizzy beamed at that. Strategic brilliance, that! "Of course, we're going to… accidentaly lose a saddlebag to the Shadowbolts, containing some progress reports and maps for our new hideout. You know, the place we've already moved a lot of food and supplies, and non-combatants too? The place that doesn't actualy exist. Bad-guys always love to think everypony else is kinda stupid."

*Groaaaaaaan* sounds the big door and a rush of cold wind blows in, and in trots one big pegasus pony. He guards the entry a moment before hauling the door back closed, no sooner than he gets it closed does he have a smaller pegasus mare aplied to him like a sticker to him, absoloutely hugging on to him tightly for which Solar-Wind is particularly surprised. "So much for coming in unannounced" he mumbles as he offers a gentle kiss to her forehead, just a little peck, "yeah Missed you too Breeze" he mentions as he tries to disengage himself from the other pegasus, "If you don't mind I'd like to get out of this gear" he asks her, "Please

Sodium-Fizz actualy pouts. "Way to go Solar… I was hoping to get her and icicle-face to practice running for dear life. We're going to need that!"

A moment later she's given the big stallion a hug of her own. "Good to see you back about, Solar-Wind."

Ruby-Blossom sits there - not nearly as impressed with Solar's return as the other ladies~ Hardly cares or hard to get? She gives a small un-ethuasttic wave. "Did you bring my Pecan Sandies?

Solar-Wind Looks a bit confused but its not the first time, "Uhh Ok?" he offers then is hugged again, He offers a little return hug right back, sans wings, as they are mostly tucked away. "had to do some recon" he notes some. "Good to be back home" he smiles with a quick nuzzle of her ears before starting to fumble with his gear and saddlebags. He looks up and over to Ruby and smiles, "no, no pecans on this Iceball, but I did find a bunch of Ice" he grins jokingly.

Ruby-Blossom trots up so she's inbetween Breeze and Fizzy - she looks at one mare, then at the other before laughing loudly and latching onto Fizzy. Maybe Ruby caught the crazy from Maddie when kissed way back when.

"Oh, ice… Can never have to much ice." Fizz rolled her eyes and sighed. "I'm never going to enjoy icecream ever again, I swe-…" She never does make it further than that, blinking in… well, not shock, this seems to have become suprisingly frequent… suprise. She shoot Solar a level gaze. "Things have been… odd.. around here."

Solar-Wind looks at the three mares standing before him as he still fumbles with his thermal suit, hooves evidently numb or something, he just hrumphs, and looks between the three, "Here, with you three, Define Odd" he laughs some as he struggles to get his gear off again. You all can hear him cursing under his breath as he tries to get free of his chilled clothing.

Polar-Breeze just giggles ,"Its a mare thing now" she laughs at Solar as she watches him struggle, "Oh do you need help getting undressed there Solar, hooves numb?" she giggles giving him /that/ look

Ruby-Blossom steps back then firmly /shoves/ Breeze into Solar-Wind. "There you go! Warm yourself right up!" she beams cheerfully - not a single hint of jealous; matter of fact she turns her attention to Fizzy. "As I was saying earlier. Hearthswarming Carol, are you familiar with the story?

Sodium-Fizz nods, "Yes… I mean, how could I not? My family is shock-full of performing theatre unicorns! Father complains every single year about the how bothersome it's working all the illusions needed around Heartswarming Eve performances…"

Ruby-Blossom grins ear to ear and makes a twirls one hoof in a 'continue' motion. "I think it would be worthwhile to perform our own little version for Nightmare Moon; of course she wouldn't be aware it's a performance.

"That… is actualy a very good take on it. Of course, that's going to take some work… and we'll have to figure out some way to get her to a place of our choosing, at a time of our choosing as well." Sodium-Fizz hummed for herself as she ran a hoof across her muzzle in thought. "One can hope it would be enough to break her out of it… but… we do know she didn't respond particularly well to our attempts last time. It might even come over worse if we try it like this."

Ruby-Blossom says "Would you prefer I just shiv her?"

Solar-Wind Eeps a little at the mare suddenly thrust before him, while Polar flops into him unceremoniously, a blush seemingly universal, "Uhh, Hi, think you could help me out a moment he asks sounding a little pittiful actually, and a bit out of sorts with himself

Polar-Breeze on the other hand looks a little more hopeful as she starts to help him out with his predictment

Sodium-Fizz shot Ruby a glance from the corner of her eye, actualy looking like she's truly considering it. Then she sighed. "No, I guess not… Not after seeing you leap to the defence of the Shadowbolt anyway. I could most likely do it, but then again I could leave him die, eaten by the trotting dead. Buck, I was about too."

Solar-Wind "What you both did really did something special then" he notes as Breeze finishes helping him free of his thermal suit, and finds her practically nuzzling his side. He pauses looks like wide eyed terror or just startled, and slowly looks back and /down/ at her, "uhh Hi?" he queries then looks back to Sodium-Fizz with a curious 'help me' look "What happened while I was gone anyway?" he gulps

Sodium-Fizz shook her head, clearing it of the moody line of thought before. "Oh, not to much to be honest. Just a lot of talk. And some preperations. Winter-Solstice, Ruby," she shot the mare a glance - or at least where she should be, how did she keep sneaking of like that she had no idea - before turning back to Winter, "and Pinkie were planing on heading out to the hive. Ruby said she'd try to provoke them to seek out the Nightmare's camp. On the same note, I was hoping we could head out and pick a fight with the Shadowbolts and accidentaly loose directions to the Hive. Leave them occupied with each others for a while…"

The alchemist fell silent for a moment before continuing. "On another I still want to get Will out of the way… An-.." She blinks, eyeing him. "What?"

Solar-Wind says "yes, get will out of the way, it would help with a great many things I feel" he nods while the mare at his side is hugging him, he's being hugged by Breeze, and the big stallion doesn't quite know what to do. He looks to fizzy, then to Breeze and back, Then back to Breeze whom is just simply applied to his form."

Sodium-Fizz rolls her eyes and smiles, waving a hoof dissmisively at Polar-Breeze, "A'right, a'right… Breeze, go and get icicle-head and get to practicing. We'll have to be fast and nimble to get out of the ways when we 'lose' our confrontation with the Shadowbolts. So get practicing. I need to steel Solar-Wind away for a while…" She pauses for a second, thinking it over. "And not like -that-!"

Polar-Breeze un-adheres herself from Solar and gives him a quick kiss on the side of the muzzle before she departs and trots contentedly away down the hall "Ok Miss Fizzy" she chants as she departs. Solar is just left blushing intently blinking wide eyedly at the departing mare, then looks to Fizzy. "Uhh, Thanks" he offers, "What's up?" he asks

Sodium-Fizz facehooves. "Gah! You didn't even pay attention, did you? I just went through everything! Ah well, no need to be all cross over that… You look like you need a cup of tea." With that the grey mare turned around and set of towards the caffeteria before calling over her shoulder. "And just what did you do to get her to throw herself at you?"

Solar-Wind looks down, looks outright confused, and trots after her, "Oh, uhhh, so we're going to practice at failing?" he comments, "we did a pretty good job at that on Nightmare night, I don't think we'd need much more practice than that, but vs. Shadowbolts, you do know they fly with blades, wing blades, and hoof blades, and they are just dang sharp at flying right, I mean look at my left Cutie mark, It could be called a Cut-Up Mark now after that last run in" he grumbles some. "Breeze, I have NO IDEA" he mentions as he follows, "So how are we going to play this one?" he asks, are we all going to fly in there, and try something stupid, or is it us going to be stupid on purpose?

Sodium-Fizz shook her head. "No, we're heading for the the forest and then wait till we spot a Shadowbolt patrol and try to sneak past it. But you know, badly. We want them to spot us and chase us down. In the scuffle, we'll lose some of the equipment we're carrying when we make our escape, making them feel good about themselves and thinking us far more incometent than we actualy are. We will have leads and clues as to the location of the Hive there, signifying it as important. Hopefuly that'll make them turn their attention that way and give us some more breathing room."

The mare turned slightly, flashing Solar-Wind a small smile. "And if you ever figure out, let me know, okey?"

Solar-Wind nods at your description, "ok sounds bout right, Just lets try not to get ourselves too battered, them bolts are flying more and more aggressive flight patterns than usual, Trust me on that one" he states factually "I could use some warming up first before I go out on any missions any time soon, Warmth, sleep would be nice too, I haven't gotten much of any sleep, rest, whatever" he intones then pauses where he's at looking to Fizz, "uhhh, yeah? Umm, Its been mentioned that some Mares like me because of my size, and err, my looks?" he gulps some hoping not to sound presumptuous, "and umm that I'm a fire-pony n Guard" he offers trying to be 'helpful' though more over he's just curious what you're getting at.

Sodium-Fizz smiled at him teasingly. "Your looks, eh? Doesn't that mean they should be running -away- from no, not at you? But yeah, lets get you some warm tea, a warm meal and some bed-rest!"

Solar-Wind hrumphs some but nods at the last three, "Last three please, I so could use the last three in that sentence" he nods enthusiastically.