Nightmare Day
IC date: Autumn 42
OOC date: October 31, 2013
Location: Horseshoe Harbor - Town Square
PCs: Dream-Daze, Makuru

Nightmare Night! Or maybe Nightmare Day? It's still morning in Horseshoe Harbor and though the town is decorated with pumpkins and cobwebs and all sorts of spooooooky scary stuff they kind of lose their effect when the sun is high in the sky. The weater team made sure that the forecast today called for clear skies so all the foals could go out and collect candy to their heart's content.

While ponies go about their last minute holiday business, buying candy they should have bought a week ago In the middle of town, near the fountain, a little zebra is sitting with a bunch of small phials and bottles, carefully mixing them into a larger evaporating flask. Surrounding him are small piles of brightly colored confetti.

Suddenly foal! A second shadow joins that of the striped colt putting bottles and phials and mixing things together. A shadow that belongs to an equally silent little filly, whom has suddenly taken up residence peeking over Makuru's shoulder, just far enough away to avoid getting casually smacked with a hoof, but close enough that she's, y'know, right there. Watching, very curiously, at the art of mixing going on. There's a bag nearly the same size as her set behind her, stuffed full of something or other to make it bulge. Candy? Costumes? Decorations? Who knows!

Makuru pours some powders and petals into the bottle and swirls it around, the contents becoming a splotchy, mottled rainbow of colors matching the confetti all around him. Seemingly content with the way its shaping up he carefully drops one last dried flower into it and quickly corks the mixture. He has not noticed Dreamy sneaking up behind him yet, so focused is he on his work.

Once the mixture is all corked up, Dreamy tilts her head. It looks interesting! But then most potions look interesting. Maybe it's the bottles. Or the liquids. Shoot, she'd probably be amazed by a vial of water. It takes a moment for her to realize that she hasn't exactly been noticed yet. … She leans back, reaches into her bag, and pulls out…a mask. A gas mask? Yep. With authentic-looking smears of dark brownish red all over it! She puts it on, turns back to Makuru, and…

Breathes. *pssshhhhhh* *hoooooooo*

Makuru jumps in surprise at the sudden creepy breathing noise from behind, dropping the bottle onto the cobbles where it cracks open and spills it's now-glowing contents upon the ground. "Oh no!" Makuru shouts. "Duck and cover!" He turns and tries to tackle Dream Daze to the ground as behind him… nothing happens.

Whup! Dreamy hadn't meant to make Makuru drop anything! But it happened, and now she pays the price through full-body tackling! Right back into her bag o' stuff too, which is luckily filled with things that don't have a lot of hard edges in them. Flump! The little filly flails, blinking from behind the gas mask, wiggling a hoof in a sheepish 'hello' motion. Nothing is happening though! Why did she get tackled? She tries to peer around Makuru at the dropped potion.

Makuru looks over his shoulder at the potion. "Huh… that should've blown up," he says with confusion. His eyes return to the pony he just tackled. "Oh, hey, Dreamy. What're you doing wearing that ma—"

There's a FWUMPH! from the potion on the ground as it abruptly explodes into a mushroom cloud of confetti easily five feet tall. The rainbow colored paper flutters down around the pair like a tickertape parade.

Dreamy turns her attention back to Maku when FWUMPH! Suddenly confetti! Everywhere! A mushroom cloud of it, falling all around, a colorful snow. Somehow she looks pleased with this development, despite her expression largely hidden by the smokey color of the lenses in the mask. She clops her hooves together in applause! So pretty!

After a moment of appreciation for the colorful spot of chaos, Dreamy pushes the gas mask up off her face, so she can beam up at her striped friend, and then hug him apologetically for making him drop that potion.

The zebra colt returns the hug enthusiastically. "It's alright, Dreamy!" Makuru says as he carefully begins pushing the pieces of the broken bottle into his nearby saddlebag. "I'm just practicing for tonight. I wanna make sure I have the recipe right for my costume. Oh, is that what the gas mask is for? Are you going as some kinda… gas mask pony?" Very creative, that Makuru.

Apologies given and the topic shifting to costumes, Dreamy begins to nod her head! Two nods, a pause, and the little filly reache back to pull the bag around and start digging in it. Costume-stuff gets tossed out! Gas mask, labcoat, another long leather coat, a pair of goggles, a set of black boots, a set of brown boots, a foam hatchet, a plastic little vial set! There's enough for at least two costumes there, a fact confirmed when Dreamy shoots off a mental daydream of her, first as a 'mad scientist' in the labcoat, goggles, and black boots. Then as some kind of..masked pony. Gas mask, black coat, brown boots, and foam hatchet floating.

But why would a pony need two costumes?

Makuru watches the costume pieces come out of the bag and he imagines her wearing them, his mind sorting out what pieces goes with what ensemble seemingly automatically. He's never been very good at separating Dream Daze's thoughts from his own when she's projecting thoughts. "Wow, you're really going all out this year, huh? But how are you going to wear two costumes at once? Oh, wait, is one for one of your friends?"

Dream-Daze shakes her head with a grin. She shoots off another mental image. Dreamy, making the rounds of the Harbor all trick-or-treat style, as the mad scientist with her friends! The result? A big pile of candy! And then? …Dreamy, making the rounds again with the gas-mask costume! Thusly obtaining a second pile of candy! Going all out indeed!

The colt's eyes go wide as he considers the possibilities of having multiple costumes. "Oh, wait, what if you… went trick-or-treating at the beginning of the night in one costume, and made all the rounds, then switched costumes and… and… oh, wow, if you went out again then you'd get like double the candy!" Double candy!? Inconveivable! "Oh, but wait, is anypony else going out with more than one costume? You shouldn't go by yourself the second time, nopony should go trick-or-treating by themselves. It's not as fun."

Dreamy doesn't seem to have an immediate answer to that. She offers a shrug, floating the pieces of both her costumes into her bag, a piece at a time to make sure it all fits properly. Halfway through she pauses, peeking towards the striped colt with a hoof on her chin and a thoughtful expression. Another daydream! This time of Makuru, in a 'cowboy' costume, making the rounds with all the friends. And then… All of the ponies change costumes! And go again! Double candy for everybody!

Surely this is the best plan. Nobody will suspect that the endless stream of foals is really just the same group twice!

Makuru begins loading up his own saddlebag, being careful to not put anything in the side that now has a bunch of broken glass in it. He doesn't want to cut himself later! "I wonder if we could get extra costumes for everypony," he wonders aloud, certainly not being influenced by some mysterious external source. "May I could find, like, a ranger hat and go as a wild west sheriff or something for my second costume. Oh, but it's really short notice, where are we gonna get that many outfits?"

Dreamy has this look on her face right now, studying Makuru. The movements of her costume going into her bag have slowed as a result. This is not how others usually respond to her talent! It's different. Almost refreshing. The look turns into a grin, Dreamy pausing the floating of stuff altogether so she can point a hoof at Main Street, coupling it with a mental image of… A store! What store? A General Sundries and Antiques store! Which happens to be the store her parents run. There's another image too! Within this store, is a chest, filled with odd outfits and clothes and stuff. Which is where Dreamy found the majority of her costumes. As shown by the image of a little unicorn rifling through the chest of junk. She knows where spares are!

As she watches what the effect of this (slightly more complex) daydream has on the zebra colt, the labcoat floats by. Just before it tucks into the bag, a small cloth-wrapped cube drops out of a pocket, taps the ground twice, and rests in the street.

Stripey brow furrowed, Makuru tries to make sense of the story 'his' mind is conjuring up for him when he sees Dreamy point down Main Street. "Yeah, I guess we could go shopping for it. Maybe check out, like, a thrift store or something. Or an antiques shop. I bet they have a whole bunch of old clothes that we could make into costumes." The oddly specific thought of unicorns sorting through junk finally breaks Makuru's suspension of disbelief. His friend receives a strange look and his eyes track up to her horn. "Hey, what are you doing?" But then there's a distraction cube! Inquiries are forgotten as he looks at the little item which fell from the labcoat. "What's that thing? Did you put it in your pocket?"

Dreamy doesn't get a chance to answer! Because there's a distraction that has been pointed out. She turns to peer at the cube, the last of her outfits tucked into her bag, freeing her up to trot over an squint down at the object. The mysterious, brown-wrapped cube. She shakes her head to the question, giving it a nudge with a hoof so that it tips to another side. Yep. It's all wrapped. And very cube-y.

Makuru looks down at the cube. Then up at Dreamy. Then back at the cube. "…I'm gonna open it." He reaches a hoof for the mystery box and begins unwrapping the cloth around it.

The cloth was folded, tucked in a way that didn't require a string to keep it covered. Convenient because unwrapping it is as simple as finding the right corner to untuck! The rest just falls open to reveal…

A small, tarnished, silver box, just a couple inches tall on any given side. There's a seam in the middle, and a hinge. It opens? There's not even a lock on it. It's so… Simple.

By now Dreamy's sidled up next to the striped colt to peer at their discovery, a hoof lifted again to poke at one of the tarnished sides. She's giving Makuru a look again. Probably wondering if he's going to open it.

The lid is a little stubborn. It takes a little effort to pop it up on the hinge. They're just a little rusty! But when opened, inside the box is a little shiny pony figurine, made out of crystal. It almost seems to glow with a faint inner light, a sort of pulsing green light. A magical musicbox! It doesn't require any winding, it just plays with the lid open, the pedestal the figurine is standing on spinning from some unseen device. The tune it plays is mellow, like a lullabye. Dreamy watches it with curious eyes, hoof lifted. A musicbox! Like the ones her mother makes!

Makuru does most definitely open the music box. He's afraid for a moment that he might break the thing when it winds up being stuck and in fact panics momentarily when he finally forces it open. "…oh, it's a little dancer pony." The box is held aloft for both foals to watch the figurine spin. "It's really pretty. I wonder what it was doing in there."

Dream Daze can only shrug, repeating part of an earlier daydream. The part of Dreamy rifling through a box of clothes and things, only this time it ends with her pulling out the labcoat! Wherever it came from before, that's how she got it.

She gives the musicbox a nudge. Actual magical music boxes are kind of unique!

Makuru shakes his head at the repeated mental image. "Agh, that's so weird! How are you making me think things? Is that magic? Miss Fizz says that you shouldn't make ponies think things." So weird. The colt offers the music box to Dreamy so that she can poke it better. It's pretty and all but he's really not that into pretty things.

Dreamy gives her horn a nudge! And nods her head, too. Welp, now he knows better! She puts her magic to different use, plucking up the musicbox, letting it hang in the air for a moment so she can watch it, and then slowly urges the lid shut. It gets wrapped back up in the cloth and tucked into the bag with all the other stuff, leaving the little filly to beam at Makuru, and offer another apologetic hug. She almost feels like she's bullied him! Between the scare-prank and the daydreams…

Makuru accepts the hug. Hugs are good for apologies! "You should go pick out costumes for everypony, Dreamy. I'm still trying to make sure that mine comes out right. I think I've almost got the ingredients right!" The colt lets go and reaches for his saddlebag. "I've just gotta go do something with this broken bottle first. I'll see you tonight, okay?"