Nice Interviews
IC date: Summer 68
OOC date: August 27
Location: NICE Lobby
PCs: Lorelei Rising-Chaos Spin-Doctor Whistlestop Skyflower Midnight-Sun Ruby-Blossom Moon-Willow Plot Twist
NPCs: Cloudy-Note

Evening at NICE Co. They've had a busy day of interviews of various sorts, ponies coming through for jobs and orientations. Here is also where interviews for orphanage jobs happen! Which is why Lorelei has been invited to sit at one of the desks, alongside a dark grey pegasus with a suit and tie named Cloudy-Note. There are clipboards. And stacks of applications all over the place. More applications than one may expect residents of Horseshoe Harbor, if anyone was counting, but luckily for them very few ponies bother to go that far.

They wait for the next victi—er, applicant… Cloudy-Note with a pasted-on smile and clipboard in hoof. There has been little conversation. And many cups of coffee.

some ponies are champions, they bring their own clipboards. Rising Chaos is one of said champions, and like a champ, is here for an interview. She walks in the door with none of the nervousness or uncertainty other ponies may have shown. It seems Chaos has decided to spruce her look up just slightly for the interview, her black cape is pristine, showing off the skilled make of it, and the heart shaped brooch fastening it is glowing just enough to be pleasant. Her mane and tail are done up just a bit more than usual, and there's a lack of her usual saddlebags, as well as a few other touches to make her look nice while maintaining a the proffesional, cold look. She takes an application for the matron position at the orphanage, filling it out without delay, and after a small moment of looking around (and, indeed, counting the applications), she walks towards the table with Lorelei and Cloudy Note.

Lorelei is looking smiley and cheery and most assuredly not bored. Nope, not at all bored. Not even a little. There is not anything boring about government work, nothing at all. She is certainly not wishing her Aide or bodyguards were here to do something dumb to entertain her, nosiree. "Oh! Hello," she says as Rising approaches, perking up a bit.

Cloudy-Note, too, smiles as Rising approaches the desk. She was already watching the intricately dressed mare wander in, which was so hard to do because of /so many other/ invisible ponies milling about to get in the way. "Welcome to NICE Co!" she chimes in the most fake bubbly voice a corporate pony could have. "We're happy you decided to drop by and give us an application. May we ask which one of our extensive job listings you are applying for today?" Smile, smile, smile.

Rising-Chaos gives Cloudy Note the mirror image of her expression, but suitably toned down to match the pony. Rising Chaos doesn't smile big, she smiles efficiently, so her smile stays small, but looks sincere. Her voice is pitched carefully, with enough respect and awe to be pleasing, but still very calm, fairly neutral. She's good at this. "Hello, my name is Rising Chaos, Its my honour to be here. I will be applying for the position of matron at the orphanage." She direct her smile to Lorelei, where it becomes slightly warmer, because Lorelei is kinda cool. "Hello Lorelei, nice seeing you here." She holds the application carefully, along with the clipboard and pen she brought, and stands near the table, waiting for her application to be requested as well as an invitation to sit. Respect.

"It's good to see you again," Lorelei says, sincerely if a bit succinctly. This isn't the time for casual conversation, but pleasantries might be exchanged! "Oh, you're interested in the Matron's position?" This seems a little surprising to her. Not that she knows that much about Rising, just one doesn't naturally connect 'construction manager' with 'orphan matron', after all. She waves a hoof to a chair. "Please, have a seat."

"Yes, have a seat." Cloudy-Note chimes in, complementing Lorelei's invitation. "If we may have the application, we can begin the interview." Smile, smile. Hooves are crossed in front of each other on the desk. "It is good that you have prior history with the Mayor. We truly want nothing but the best for the poor, sweet, innocent little foals who will be taking shelter in this much-needed building. I believe you will be our first applicant for that position! Isn't that exciting?"

"Wonderful to see you as well Lorelei, as always." Rising Chaos places the application in front of the two as she takes a seat, sitting with her normal poise and confidence. thigns she is very careful to project in her psture. "Indeed, I have been working at town hall for a few months, as well as spearheading efforts to rebuild parts town after a fire. Both of which were done under Lorelei." She keeps the smile plastered on, not that it's taking much effort. "It is exciting, yes. I want nothing but the best for the orphans in town as well, and think this is the best way for me to contribute."

Lorelei nods, leaning to look the application over. "You've always been very reliable with your work. Why, I don't think we'd have recovered the records half as fast as we have been without your assistance." She blinks, and glances over at Cloudy Note. "You all /did/ take my notes on the fireproofing required in our building codes… right?"

Cloudy-Note gives Lorelei a minute to scan the application, then claims the item for her clipboard, eyes shifting to quickly scan through the contents. Yep. It's an application alright. It's then set aside into its own pile, what with this being the first Matron application. A quill is lifted, put to the parchment on the clipboard, Cloudy-Note's grey eyes lifting again to stare at the applicant. For just a moment, she turns to blink at Lorelei. "Of course, Mayor. Safety is our number one concern at NICE Co. Do not worry, we did everything in our power to disaster-proof our buildings."

Without missing a beat she turns back to Rising. "Ms. Chaos. We just have a short series of questions to ask in relation to the application and the job. Just to ensure we get the perfect candidate for the position. First question." She glances down at her clipboard for a moment, then back up. Smile. "If you could be any fruit, what kind would you be, and how would you taste in a fruit salad?"

Rising-Chaos smiles, knowing the mayor's aversion to fire. "I will take good care of the building Lorelei, I even know a few spells that will help out wiht that." That question catches her off guard though. for a split second, a look of confusion flashes across her face before that composed look comes back. "I would be the melon. Not the most exciting of fruits, perhaps, but I would bring the entire salad together."

Lorelei looks relieved at this, settling back in her seat. Well, good. Fire will not ruin /this/ building, not if she has anything to say about it. Hmph. She blinks at the question, though - apparently, she wasn't expecting it either. She casts a sideways glance at Cloudy. Fruit?

"An interesting answer." Cloudy-Note admits, checking something on her clipboard. She glances towards Lorelei to judge her reaction too! After all it's really the mayor who's going to have final say in all this. She's just…facilitating. Yes. That's the word.

"Thank you. Next question." Smile! "What is your favorite color of fish, and what emotion does it remind you of?"

Rising-Chaos doesn't miss a beat, keeping her eyes focused on Cloudy Note as she answers the questions. She does try and keep an eye on what Lorelei is doing, how she's reacting to these questionable qustions. "Silver, it reminds me of calmness and confidence."

Fruit might confuse Lorelei, but fish… apparently fish make sense. This time she looks to Rising, and nods thoughtfully at the answer, looking as if she's pondering this for a moment. Yes, yes. Silver fish. Of course.

"Of course." Cloudy-Note says. "A sensible answer." More smiling. More writing. Another glance towards Lorelei, and a little more notes. "Just a couple more… If you could have any number of bits, how many would you pick and what would you do with it?"

Rising-Chaos again, barely even misses a beat. "I would have enough bits to send myself back to school, so I could learn all I could about magic and its uses, while having enough left over to buy a nice house when I am done." that's her second answer, but the first one sounds a little, well, insane and dangerous. Power for the sake of power is not something that is valued in the matron of an orphanage, probably.

Lorelei nods and sits back in her chair again. Hm. "Education is important," she muses with a nod; apparently that answer's good enough for her.

"Mhmm…" Cloudy-Note scratches a few more things. There is a split-second where her smile fades, looking at Lorelei's reaction, but the glimpse is fleeting at best. Then there is a full minute of silence between the last question and her last question. One more time does she look up, studiously studying Rising's likewise 'fake' expression. "You are accused of a horrible crime. How do you defend yourself?"

Rising-Chaos took note of that flicker, since she's watching Cloudy Note closely, just as she knows Cloudy saw her confusion earlier. Her expression shifts away slightly from being so fake, and much more sincere with that last question, it is interesting. "I collect evidence, find witnesses, and go through the due process of the law to prove my innocence thoroughly. I remain calm, polite, and co-operative throughout, since hasty decisions and panic will help nopony but the accuser."

Lorelei blinks, though whether the faint expression of unease is at Cloudy's question or Rising's answer is hard to tell. She ponders this answer as well, though seems a bit less sure what to think of it.

"How very thorough of you." Cloudy-Note observes, scratching a few final notes down on the clipboard. She didn't actually look at Lorelei this time, but she does put her clipboard down. "That was all of the questions NICE had prepared for these interviews." She turns her fake smile on Lorelei. "Mayor? Any final words or questions?"

Rising-Chaos feels the stirring of frustration at the response to that, but it cannot be helped. It was a very uncomfortable question. Even then, her smile didn't waver or fade. Her gaze switches to Lorelei, where her expression and look becomes a little less intense. She keeps a careful eye on cloudy Note though, she doesn't trust that pony at all.

Lorelei thinks about this for a second, crossing her hooves in front of her on the table. "Well… I know you sort of answered this already, but… why would you like this position? What do you think you'd bring to it that would help the foals in the orphanage's care?" Because /somepony/ has to ask at least one traditional interview question.

Cloudy-Note doesn't pick up her clipboard. She does have this…look. Like the fake expression permanently froze on the NICE pony's face and she wants /so much/ to twist it into some other shape. But she can't. That wouldn't be professional. Instead she turns back to Rising. Smile…

Rising-Chaos relaxes internally, this question makes sense. She can deal with it. "I've worked in an administrative capactiy at town hall for quite some time now, this seems like a logical extension of my work with the harbour. I feel like my administrative skills will be very important to make sure that the foals in the orphanage's care are safe, happy, and educated, while having the opportunity to find a nice home. I've recently settled down a bit more, and this is an ideal time for me to take on a greater responsability. I would always work hard to get the best for the ponies in my care, and would keep clear and informed judgement on how to get the best in every circumstance." She find her smile becoming even warmer, because it's kinda true. Not that she likes the little foals, but helping is nice, and it gives her an even greater safety net of 'ponies who are predisposed to like her'. When Cloudy Note turns her smile back on Rising, it's met by an equally fake smile, Rising is on to you, filly, she's watching you like a gryphon.

Lorelei nods and smiles - her smile looks a lot less strained than Cloudy's. She seems pleased enough with this answer, and a decent bit more confident in opinionating now. She leans back in her chair, and nods again. "Well, that was my question."

Cloudy-Note nods her head slowly. "That is the end of the interview then." She turns to Rising, her head tilted, "Do you have any questions for us? If not you are free to have a nice day and we will get back to you when we have made our decision."

"Many of my questions would only apply if I get the job, and so they will wait until you have made your decision." Rising Chaos, confident with her chances and how that interview went, stands up. She then walks over and extends a hoof to Cloudy Note (Lorelei will get a hoofshake after). "Thank you very much, I'm honoured you would give me the time to apply for this position. I am very impressed by the friendlyness shown by NICEco."

Lorelei accepts the second hoofshake with a smile and a nod. "Thank you for your interest! As she said, we'll get back to you once we have a decision. I don't imagine it will take too long - a few days, perhaps, to make sure everypony who is interested gets a chance."

Naturally Cloudy-Note accepts the hoofshake. It's the professional thing to do. She nods after Lorelei speaks, adding in her own two bits. "Of course. NICE prides itself on polite, professional, and public-friendly attitudes. Thank you for your time, Ms. Chaos, it has been a real pleasure to get to know you!" Cloudy's gaze unfocuses. Already looking past Rising to the door where the next applicant for…/something/ should be showing up any time now!

Rising-Chaos smiles slightly wider. "Of course, you want to make sure the best candidate possible is chosen. Wonderful talking to you Lorelei." Her tone endeavouring to suggest that said candidate is her, but only subtly. She likes Lorelei, doesn't want to pressure the mare. "You as well ma'am, I look forward to seeing you again." At least she had some fun while she was here, and as she walks towards the door, her stride as confident as always, her smile doesn't go down. Once she's out the doors, it shrinks just slightly, but only slightly.

After the interview with Rising Chaos, a pony with a labcoat came trotting from the factory floor, stopping to whisper something to Cloudy-Note. "Oh… Excuse me." she says to Lorelei, setting her clipboard down for the Mayor. Her smile seems more forced than usual. "I am being asked to visit with a PR manager. I am told a replacement is on the way. Do excuse me. He should arrive in time for the next interview."

Cloudy-Note thusly trots off through the double-doors, flanked by the labcoat-wearing pony! How mysterious.

And a minute later, Spin Doctor arrives. The tall, grey-shaded unicorn is wearing a mustard-colored suit today, no hat, with his mane smoothed back. His horn gleams as a clipboard floats in front of him, and he eyes it as he makes his way to the desk. He sets the clipboard down atop it and smiles up to Lorelei. "Hello again, miss Mayor! I trust you are doing well?" The unicorn slips around to settle into Cloudy Note's vacated seat and settle back.

Lorelei blinks after Cloudy, tilting an ear curiously but seeming to accept it with a shrug. Hm. Interesting timing, but okay, sure. Her ears perk a bit as Spin Doctor arrives, and she gives a cheery wave. "Oh, hello there! Yes, quite well, thank you. A pleasure to see you again."

"Likewise," says Spin Doctor, grinning. "I'm looking forward to seeing the orphanage running in full form! Let's see if we can't get that taken care of as soon as possible. I believe our next candidate should be arriving any moment, now…" He takes a moment to check his pocket watch, as though it could tell him specifically when.


That would be the sound of a boulder crashing against the door three times and sending the door flying open on the third. And by boulder, I mean hoof, and by hoof, I mean the one attached to a rather tall stallion. Said stallion ducks his head down to peek under the doorframe. "HALLO," he says loudly. "I am supposed to interview I think! My name is Whistlestop how do you do?" He's shaking just a little, though whether that's from nerves or coffee is yet to be seen. At least Skyflower gave him some etiquette tips?

Skyflower follows in after the lovable lavender lummox a moment later. "Coo-eee! I do hope you don't mind my being here. I'm just moral support for Whistlestop. Don't mind me, I'll be as quiet as a churchmouse, just you see." She smiles, perhaps a trifle nervously.

Lorelei jumps a bit at the thumping. That is one loud boulder knocking on the door yep. Oh wait, that's… a pony? …Wow. To the slim 'earth pony', Whistlestop looks /very large/. However, Whistlestop probably looks pretty large to most ponies, so this might not be saying much. Still, she stares for a couple seconds before remembering her manners. "Oh, um… hello. Welcome. Er, have you filled out an application?"

Spin Doctor rises from his seat as Whistlestop arrives, alhough it's with noticable trepidation. He hesitates before remembering himself, and smiling. "Welcome! Welcome, Mr…." He glances down at this clipboard. "Whistlestop, was it? Come in, come in. And I'm sorry, I'm afraid I didn't catch your name, miss…?" He turns to Skyflower with a smile.

Skyflower gives Spin Doctor a dazzling smile. "Skyflower, dear. And it's lovely to meet you: I'm looking forward to the good work your company will be doing for our little town. But you're here to talk to him, after all, not me. Wouldn't dream of butting in. I'll just have a seat." And so she does, daintily.

"Oh! Yes." Whistlestop disappears from the doorframe for a moment so he can fetch his application. This time, when he returns, he pushes against the doorframe, squeeeeezing his way into the room with paper in tow. One might be wondering fearfully if he's going to bring the room down on their heads, but no, he gets through with only an ominous creak of wood.

He deposits the very carefully written application on the desk, beaming. "I would like to help the orphans!" he claims proudly. He spares a glance for Skyflower, a very grateful, happy glance, then settles down on the floor in front of the desk.

"Of course, miss Skyflower. That won't be a problem at all," says Spin Doctor. "I am Spin Doctor, chief PR representative for NICE Co, and I'm sure you're familiar with the elegant miss Lorelei, here." He gestures to Lorelei, before settling down. "Now, then, let's see…" He draws Whistlestop's application close and reviews it with a thoughtful frown. "If you'd like to help the orphans, Mr. Whistlestop," he says, without looking up, "You're certainly taking the right steps! That is just the sort of attitude we're looking for." Read, read. Hmmm. He nods slightly. "Very impressive," he says. If not especially relevant to child care. He slides the application over to Lorelei for her to review, and looks back up with a smile. "We do have some questions if you're willing to answer them."

Lorelei turns slightly pink at Spin Doctor's words. Elegant? Well. Of course she's not going to deny /that/, but it's still quite nice to hear, isn't it? She looks the application over curiously and gives Whistlestop a sincere if small smile. She's still a bit in awe of this pony's size. Would he /fit/ in the orphanage? (Okay so he's not quite that large BUT STILL.)

"I can answer things!" Whistlestop says hopefully. He looks between the two ponies in charge, beaming.

Spin Doctor draws his clipboard close and begins to toy with it. "Great, great. Glad to hear with it." He produces a pen after a moment and starts to take notes, then glances up. "Firstly, Mr. Whistlestop, let's give you an imaginary scenario, here…" He leans back in his seat, pen floating up to tuck behind one ear. "You're in a kitchen with every conceivable gadget and tool, and an unlimited amount of all ingredients possible. What kind of a dish would you make, and how big would the portions be?"

Whistlestop's eyes widen a little and go distant as he imagines this very thing. "Cake!" he says with awe. "I would make a great big, enormous cake and I would get help from everypony I could find so that it would be so big and then there would be big pieces for every pony in town!" His eyes refocus, and he smiles nervously. "Is that the right answer?"

Skyflower doesn't say anything but she does titter a little, covering it with a cough.

Lorelei is a bit more prepared this time for unusual questions; she barely even looks surprised. Whistlestop's answer makes her grin slightly, though she doesn't look disapproving. Who doesn't like cake?

Spin Doctor begins writing as Whistlestop begins answering, nodding slightly as he watchis his clipboard. "The only correct answers are honest ones, Mr. Stop," he says, glancing up with a quick smile. Now he wants cake, and there is none to be had. Hoisted by his own petard! How unfortunate.

"Next question," he says, clearing his mind of baked goods (or so he thinks; the cake will haunt him). "As you know, the progression of colors in a rainbow is as follows: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Can you tell me a better way to organize these colors, and why?" He sets the clipboard down, steeples his hooves with his elbows resting on the table, and watches Whistlestop curiously.

"Stop?" Whistlestop says, startled and worried. "Stop what?! — Oh. Me. I am Whistlestop. Haha…" Oh dear. Still, he thinks about that question. "Um… Well, the colors are used for weather things," he says slowly, "and also sometimes for drinks. And they go together in the same order, for both things! So maybe they should be arranged for usefulness? Soooo… Maybe purple and blue first for most mellow. They are used in things that are…ummm. Fog, light breezes, like that. And then Yellow and Green, which is kind of spicy and also good for rain and windstorms. And then Orange and Red, for overwhelming flavor and then finally Indigo, which is dangerous to ingest." He nods slowly. "That is how they should be organized."

Spin Doctor makes a little check mark on his clipboard. "Purple, blue, yellow, green, orange, red, violet. I believe that would be… P. B. Y. G. O. R. V. Is that correct?" He pauses, pen still, and looks up to Whistlestop with a raised eyebrow.

"Uh— uh—" Whistlestop sits upright. "Um, no, i…it's Indigo at the end, not violet. Um. I am sorry if I misspoke. I meant to say Indigo. Indigo. Indigo." He rubs the back of his neck nervously.

"So it was," says Spin Doctor. That moment of brief tension dissipates as he takes some more notes. "We're almost done with the questionairre portion of the test." He pauses, reviewing his notes, and takes a moment to glance up to Skyflower, curious as to what she's doing.

Skyflower is, in fact, mostly just watching. She's trying not to be fretftul but at the same time, well, she's a naturally fretful pony. But Whistlestop seems to be handling himself well.

"You can drink colors?" Lorelei pipes up a bit belatedly. From the look on her face she'd been pondering that thought since it had been mentioned but hadn't been quite sure if she should ask about it. Curiosity wins out! Maybe she's just misunderstood.

"Um, yes," Whistlestop says nervously. "From the rainbows. The pegasi make weather and use the rainbow colors for weather. Sometimes they distill it too… It is dangerous though."

Skyflower chimes in. "Oh, why yes. Rainbow formula, prior to being spun into a usable consistency, is a liquid. Although the question is not whether one can drink it but rather whether one should, and I assure you that given its chemical make-up one should most certainly not. Although it makes the most DAZZLING colors if mixed properly with an accelerant." She pauses in her little rant and blushes. "Do go on."

Lorelei seems utterly fascinated by this idea. Also a bit weirded out. Skyponies are even weirder than landponies!

Spin Doctor smiles. "If you ever have the opportunity to tour a weather factory, miss Lorelei, I would encourage you to take it. It really is quite a fascinating process!" He sighs and shakes his head. "It puts our humble, yet exceedingly capable, manufacturing facility to shame." He pauses, glaning about, then smiles. "Shall we move on to our final question, Mr. Whistle?" he asks, of Whistlestop.

Whistlestop nods a little to Skyflower's words, beaming a bit. "Yes, Skyflower makes big pretty colors in the sky!" he says enthusiastically. Then he blushes. "Um. Yes," he says to Spin Doctor, blushing contritely.

Spin Doctor nods, then lifts the top sheet of his notes to review a paper beneath. He lifts his chin and arches his eyebrows in a physical implication of quotation marks around his words: "A sailor is on one side of a river. He has a boat, a sack of grain, a chicken, a comedically oversized lollipop, and a crate of illicit contraband forbidden by the Celestial government. He may only transport one item across the river at a time. He cannot leave the chicken alone with the grain, the lollipop alone with the chicken, or the grain alone with the contraband. What course of action should he take to best ensure he is not discovered and prosecuted by trade authorities?" The paper is lowered, and he regards Whistlestop curiously.

Whistlestop blinks a bit. And then he considers this very seriously. He leans back, hoof on his chin as he thinks about it. "Well," he says slowly, "if he is only worried about being arrested, he does not care about keeping his contraband safe. So he should destroy it. He should combine the contraband with the grain and feed it to the chicken, and then leave the chicken on the boat and send it down the river. He should not touch the boat or leave any feathers." He nods again. "That is what he should do."

Skyflower, doing little back-and-forth gestures with her hooves as she tries to figure it out, looks up when she hears Whistlestop's answer and now she can't stop smiling.

Spin Doctor listens, focused without being overbearing, and steadily nods as Whistlestop reveals the various steps in his plan to destroy the evidenc. "I see. That is an interesting approach, Mr. Stop." He retrieves his clipboard and starts taking notes. "Also consider, for future reference, that chickens make excellent scapegoats for many of life's problems, much of which are legal in nature." He scratches a few more bits, then leans back and smiles to Lorelei. "We're all but done. Do you have anything to ask yourself, miss Lorelei?"

Lorelei is a firm believer that a job interview should contain at least /one/ obviously relevant question. Thus, it falls to her to ask it! She leans forward in her seat. "Now you said you want to help the orphans. In what capacity? I mean… do you see yourself more as an administrator or a caretaker?"

"Caretaker!" Whistlestop says immediately. "I am not a leader. I am good at doing what I'm told. I want to help little ponies. I am a good pony. I am also a good jungle gym!" He beams proudly, as if this were an accomplishment all of its own.

Spin Doctor nods approvingly. "A caring spirit is certainly of value in an orphanage," he notes. He's not sure about this literal approach Lorelei has- obviously they're using some old-fashioned HR techniques in this little town- but, eh. You work with what you've got.

Skyflower has managed to calm down again and is very studiously not saying anything. It wouldn't do to interrupt her cuddly-wuddly schnookum-lamb's interview, after all.

Lorelei nods and smiles, looking the application over again. "Well, we do have need for ponies to care for the foals. Make meals and clean up and keep them company… and play with them, of course." She gets the feeling he's more than prepared for the playing.

"I like that!! I can make meals and clean up and keep company and playtime! I am good at that! I am, I promise!" Whistlestop is so excited! And hopeful!

Spin Doctor listens politely, leaning back for now, looking between Lorelei and the enthusiastic Whistlestop.

Lorelei chuckles and sits back in her chair. "That's what I needed to know. Thank you."

Whistlestop looks between the two. Vibrating. "…Do I have a job?" he asks hopefully. Too soon, like as not.

Spin Doctor chuckles as he pushes up from his seat and steps out from behind the table. "Not just yet, I'm afraid. We're still sourcing candidates, but we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we have made a final decision."

The big stallion wilts a little. "Oh." But just as quickly, he regains his good cheer. "Okay! Well, I am…I am…" He pauses, working his mouth thoughtfully as he looks at Skyflower. Then he repeats something, slowly, from memory. "I am looking forward to hearing back from you and I am pleased to make your acquaintance. es."

Skyflower nodnodnods cheerfully.

Lorelei smiles over at Whistlestop. "I'm sure you'll hear from us soon enough. Thank you very much for your time, sir!" She extends a hoof for him to shake. It's admittedly a somewhat dainty hoof.

Spin Doctor nods. "The pleasure was ours, to be sure. Thank you for your interest. Mr. Stop." He lines up to shake hooves afterwards as well, even as a little voice in his wrist says 'oh noooooooooo'

Whistlestop's hooves are not dainty. Not in the least. And both of them engulf Lorelei's. But contrary to expectation, he's very delicate with his hoofshake, having been schooled for hours by Skyflower in the ways of proper hoofshakes. With a smile, he then turns to Spin Doctor and does the same. It's sort of like handling spun glass for Whistle, but he seems to do okay.

Spin Doctor is pleasantly surprised, and smiles broadly, and slowly releases a breath he had not realized he was holding.

Skyflower stands as well. "Excellent. We look forward to hearing from you and I certainly hope that the both of you have a lovely day. Mr. Doctor, madame mayor," she says, giving both a polite nod of the head.

With a beam, Whistlestop nods to them both. "Thank you! Bye!!" And with that, he turns and squeeeeeezes out into the waiting room, plodding heavily and quickly toward the door before he has to deal with more terrifying interview!

Spin Doctor bows his head before Skyflower, still smiling. "And you too, miss Flower."

Skyflower follows Whistlestop out the door, chatting amiably about the whole affair once they're outside. "I think that went rather well."

Spin Doctor settles back into his seat, and offers Lorelei a grin while collecting his things. "I think that went rather well."

Another short while after the interview with Whistlestop, the interviewers have shifted again. Instead of Lorelei, it's Bellows the Forepony alongside Spin Doctor, looking mightily uncomfortable in very formal attire. Formal for him being a dark brown suit, a navy blue tie, and a white undershirt that looks much too small for the big ol' factorypony to be wearing. It's like he took a trip to someone else's closet for a dapper outfit, and that someone was about three sizes smaller than he.

There's also a clipboard laying on the table in front of him, a blank sheet of paper clipped to it, and a quill sitting next to that. Which Bellows is staring at. Intently. While picking at his collar with a hoof. "This..used to fit a lot better. Five years ago." he grunts to the pony next to him.

"Remember, Bell, it's not just what you wear, but how you wear it," advises Spin Doctor. He's a tall pony, but beside Bellows, the unicorn's slender physique makes him look delicate. He's still wearing the well-tailored, mustard-colored suit that is apparently his job interview attire, as he leans back in his seat and reviews some paperwork. Always there is paperwork- but never so much he can't chat while he reads it. "So quit fussing with it and put a little steel in your posture. It'll make all the difference." He glances up and nods to the little worker bee doing the running between the tables where the interviews are happening, and the front desk. "Is the next one here?"

Said little worker, a diminutive intern earth pony who probably drank one too many cups of coffee, nods to Spin Doc and his question. "Yes! I'll go fetch him!" Zoom! Off the little intern goes to lead the next interview candidate in.

Bellows answers Spin's comment with a grunt of breath, straightening his posture at the risk of making his suit strain at the seams. "How I'm wearin' this is exactly the mystery." he grumbles under his breath.

Midnight-Sun looks exactly as one would expect a pony who has been nervously waiting in line all day to look: his mane was presumably well-groomed earlier in the day and his ears perkier, but all of that has wilted by now. But when the applicant ahead of him departs, he straightens and gives his mane a quick pat with one hoof to try to wrangle it into a better semblance of order. Then he puts on a serious expression and follows the worker.

Midnight can't help an assessing look around as he clears the threshold, but advances on the desk with a show of confidence. Putting a neatly-filled-out application down precisely between the two ponies, he says, "Umm, hi. I'm Midnight Sun. I've come to see about working at your factory."

Spin Doctor rises as Midnight Sun approaches, his omnipresent clipboard set aside, and steps out from behind the desk to offer Midnight a hoof. "Midnight Sun? An evocative name. A pleasure to meet you; I am Spin Doctor, and my associated is the factory foreman, Bellows." He gestures back to the earth pony crammed in an undersized suit. "And- I believe you were with us for the tour the other day, were you not? Excellent! I'm glad to see we were able to spark your interest."

Bellows nods in turn as he's introduced, managing to give some kind of smile. It looks more like a grimace. One hoof is lifted in greeting, his suit straining in protest at this movement. "Welcome to the factory again."

Midnight-Sun looks surprised to have been remembered and relaxes a bit. "Yes, that was fascinating! Particularly the way you were able to adjust what to make so quickly! I thought it must be very interesting to work here." He seems a little intimidated by Bellows, but — determined not to show it — he nods cheerfully to return his greeting. "Hello again."

Spin Doctor returns to his seat. "Excellent, excellent. I take it, then, you are interested in a job here in the factory, specifically?" As he settles down, he reaches out and draws the application close, eyes darting across its neat handwriting- neat is good- with mechanical precision. "Please tell us a bit about what you're looking for, Mr. Sun."

With the question hanging out there already, Bellows doesn't add anything. He does, however, lean over to glance at the application from over Spin's shoulder. Squinting at the text, glancing up at Sun, then down at the text again.

Good, this is starting to feel a little familiar. It's been a few years and he's nervous, but Midnight knows how this sort of thing works. Besides, he's prepared for this question. "As I mentioned, my interest in NICE Co. is based in wanting to learn more about your manufacturing methods, but that is probably not where I would be most valuable initially. No, as I mention in the application, I am best at clerical work of all kinds. I can develop, process, and file paperwork; manage inventory; and keep accounts. My first choice of position would be as a member of clerical staff."

Indeed, his application includes reference to his last job, as an archivist at the Canterlot Archives, a job which would entail all of those skills. A closer look also reveals that a couple of pairs of transposed letters on the application have been lightly circled.

Spin Doctor finishes his overview of the application quickly enough, setting the paper down on the desk and sliding it over so Bellows can get a better look at it. "An office position, then. I see." He smiles once more. "Something you appear to be quite experienced in, I might add. How fortunate for us, no?" He glances to Bellows, then looks back to Midnight. "Are you much for sums? Is accounting more your speed, or do you prefer something else? We do have some HR positions open, after all."

Bellows slides the application onto his clipboard. Might as well get some use out of the flimsy thing. An ear remains cocked to the questions, the momentary pause as Spin glances his way causing him to look up. "Hm? Oh. Yes. Quite fortunate. I hate paperwork, best to find some other pony good at it to make sure it's done right." Then Spin continues and Bellows makes a thoughtful face, once again squinting at Midnight. "Looks more like a number cruncher to me."

Midnight-Sun is visibly gaining confidence as the interview proceeds smoothly to his areas of strength. "I am at my best when unleashed on a disorganized pile of paperwork and told to fix it. I'm handy at sums; if you've got need for someone to help out in accounts, I'm your pony."

Spin Doctor maintains his smile, evidently pleased at what he hears. "And you're confident about it, no less. You see?" He reaches over to elbow Bellows. "Confidence is what really sells a stallion."

The unicorn then leans forward, propping his elbows on the table, hooves pressed neatly together. They look to have been recently hooficured. "Allow me to present you with a hypothetical situation, then," he says. "And I'd like you to tell me how you would handle it."

When so gently ribbed, and elbowed no less, Bellows turns a brief glare to the well-groomed unicorn. It's brief, but it does come with an irritated snort. He's plenty confident! The forepony directs that intense look back to Midnight in preparation of paying /extreme attention/ to the answer he gives to whatever is about to be said.

Spin Doctor lifts his chin slightly as he regards Midnight- perhaps not with as much intensity as Bellows, but with a high degree of focus. "You have before you three fruits: a fresh apple, a mango, and an overripe banana that, while perfectly edible, is probably better suited to baking banana bread. You have four hungry ponies: a pegasus, a unicorn, an earth pony, and a visiting alicorn dignitary. All of them want fruit. Tell me, what is the best way to divide this fruit up amongst everypony that wants some?"

Bellows' intense stare falters upon hearing that question. The big forepony goes squinty at his cohort, shaking his head slowly. "You call that a scenario?" Making a face, Bellows turns his gaze back to Sun, tapping a hoof on the table. "Go ahead, answer it. I get to ask one next."

Midnight-Sun seems to take two beats before answering smoothly, "One gives the dignitary the apple alone and makes a salad of the others for the others. The dignitary's honor is maintained and the mango will help cover up any… issues… brought on by the banana." He pauses a moment, then continues, "Well, that's the answer Proper Place's _101 Interview Questions_ says indicates management potential." His expression gives no hint of his opinion of Proper Place's wisdom.

Spin Doctor leans back in his seat slightly, turning his head and nodding. "So it does," he notes. "You're an astute observer, I see." He lowers his hooves to his lap, as he turns to nod to Bellows. "Bell, do you have anything to ask before I proceed?"

Bellows seems just as unimpressed with Midnight's answer. Or rather, the explanation of where the answer came from. "Really. You two just asked and answered a question from a book in an interview, and expected it to mean somethin'?" The big pony sits back, arms crossed. The sound of a seam popping somewhere on his suit interrupts the brief silence. Bellows hardly flinches. It was a stupid suit anyway.

"Yeah, I got a question." he continues, glancing sidelong towards Spin first, then directing that steely gaze back to the potential factory prospect. "Let's say you're workin' late one night, the factory's pumpin' out a hundred things a minute to meet some big deadline, and one of the main machines ups and dies on you. There ain't enough time to wait for a professional fix-it pony to come look at the thing, so what do you do to help?" A hoof lifts to tug at the edges of his collar. "I don't expect you to be a mechanic, but everyone here would do something to help. So what would you do?"

Spin Doctor furrows his brow ever so slightly as he listens to the answer. Not especially relevant to clerical work, perhaps, but, well, this is Bellows, and he is a stallion of simple aspirations. Spin Doctor smiles once more as he turns to regard Midnight, curious to see how the pegasus handles the question.

Midnight-Sun looks directly at Bellows for a moment, but seems not able to keep eye contact. Instead, he addresses his answer to Spin Doctor. "It's would be every pony on deck out there. If we can't fix the broken-down machine, there's no choice but to push the rest of the factory to make the deadline. I'd work with the foreman to figure out a plan to do that." This is a terrible plan.

Indeed, Bellows does not look entirely pleased with this answer. "Spoken like a true paper-pusher." he says, leaning closer to the desk. He puts his hooves on the desktop. "One more. Let's say you're in charge of all the documents for a very important holiday project. You come to work, and a fire breaks out between you and your office. What do you do then?"

Spin Doctor remains quiet and composed during the answer, giving no indication of his approval. Bellows' followup does bring a bit of surprise from the unicorn. He shifts slightly in his seat, turning to regard Bellows curiously, as though more interested in the forepony's response to Midnight's response than whatever Midnight has to say.

Midnight-Sun pales, but answers that one immediately. "I yell for help, call the fire department, and rely on my backup records — stored in the file room — to help me finish the holiday project. It'll be uncomfortable working without an office, but the job will get done."

Midnight-Sun . o O ( It's not, after all, as though we would be losing hundreds of one-of-a-kind historical artifacts. )

"At least you got backups." Bellows says grudgingly, sitting back with a soft 'whump' of displaced air and another sound of a seam or two ripping. At least his suit looks like it's more comfortable now. Maybe even loose in places. "I'm satisfied." he says, looking sideways at Spin Doctor. "You got any more textbook questions to throw out?"

Spin Doctor is the picture of poise as he smiles back to Bellows, though this is a practiced, business smile, not the sort of warm demeanor he slings around during tours and interviews. Thankfully, a bit of that warmth returns as he shifts to regard Midnight once again. "Perhaps I do. Tell me, Mr. Sun, what quadrilateral shapes do you think best describe your relatives on your mother's side? And likewise, what three-dimensional form with no more than twenty sides do you feel is an accurate representation of your father's family?"

Bellows scowls. "You're just asking that one because my questions made too much sense."

Spin Doctor's smile widens slightly, but he keeps his attention on Midnight for the moment. It's all a test, you see. Operating under pressure. A good indication of workplace reliability.

Midnight-Sun comes back immediately with "Squares and and tetrahedra, respectively." But his grin says he doesn't actually mean to register as "rebellious teenager", and after a moment he adds, "Well, technically I think that particular profiling technique is bunk and if you're asking whether I can be relied upon to show up every day, the answer is 'Yes — unless the place is on fire, in which case see above.'."

The suited unicorn maintains his very precarious composure. There are job interviews, and then there are job interviews. He draws himself up in his seat slightly and settles back, once more bracing his elbows on the table and pressing his hooves together. "Once more you show a solid understanding of the reading material," he says. He didn't even realize there were prescribed answers for that one and the fact is a little unsettling. "We're almost done, I think. One more question, and please…" He waves a hoof slightly. "Approach this one with an honest and open mind. The truest answer, of course, is the one that comes from the heart."

Bellows props his head up on a hoof on the desktop, tapping the other one softly. He's surely expecting one more crazy uber-scientific personality test question he wouldn't ask in his nightmares. But he doesn't let out the snarky comment that comes to mind. No. That would be unprofessional.

Spin Doctor levels his focused gaze and practiced smile on Midnight. "A train departs Canterlot, headed east towards Manehattan at approximately twenty leagues per hour. There are two hundred and thirty two leagues between Canterlot and the nearest Equestrian Post Office distribution center. Assuming the train has twenty bags of mail on board, and the facility will require ten minutes to process and sort each bag, how much fuel will a worker need to burn all of the letters before incriminating evidence regarding insider trading, in an unidentified bag, can be lost in the postal sorting system?"


That was the sound of Bellows' head hitting the desk in surprise. He sits up quickly and just…stares at Spin Doctor. That was unexpected. He turns, props his forelegs up on the desktop, and redirects his look to Sun one more time. This could be an interesting answer.

Midnight-Sun nods along with Spin Doctor's description of the problem, happily tucking away mental notes and starting to do math to them. Then of course comes the final clause, and Midnight's nods… stutter. His ears go back, then forth, and his eyes twitch. He opens his mouth to ask a clarifying question when Bellows' reaction startles and distracts him.
Midnight starts to speak again, then pauses, eyeing Spin Doctor as though looking for a clue to his motivation. Nothing forthcoming, though. Unlike all his previous answers, this one starts slowly, as though he's feeling his way as he speaks. "Well, first, destruction of evidence is obviously illegal and so the worker should refuse to do any such thing. Ditto destruction of other ponies' mail. But if we reword the scenario to include slightly fewer criminal offenses" — this last is said with some trepidation — "it becomes clear that it's a trick question." He seems more comfortable and assured now; this is the part of the question that actually makes sense to him. "At most, one would need some starter, since paper is its own fuel." He nods affirmatively, but his smile is uncertain. Did he just blow it?

"That is true, Mr. Sun," says Spin Doctor, grinning broadly. "Paper does burn rather readily. As we learned in the case of the Ponies vs. Shady Acres. It was that insider trading scandal that broke last year. Terrible mess." He leans back in his seat and waves a hoof before him as if to clear the air. "NICE had a lot of Hearth's Warming bonuses go missing because some buffoon from Pleasant Incorporated was trying to cover his tracks, but, well, that's neither here nor there."

The unicorn glances over to confirm that Midnight's application is present- on Bellows' clipboard, it seems, before looking back to Midnight. "That concludes our questions, Mr. Sun. I thikn we've gotten to know you rather well in our short time, and we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we can regarding your future with NICECo. Do you have any questions for us…? Any concerns?" Oh, he's sure the pegasus has concerns.

Bellows finds himself nodding. "Okay, I'll admit, that wasn't such a bad answer to a trick question." He scoots the clipboard, application and all, closer to Spin Doctor, setting back on his flank. His poor suit is practically hanging off his back now.

Midnight-Sun seems reassured by Spin Doctor's explanation. He even essays a chuckle and "Oh, right, I think I read about that." But his chuckle rings somewhat false. Well, maybe it's just nerves. Given a chance to ask his own question, he doesn't even think to go with the question he's prepared ahead of time and instead focuses on the thing that's bothering him right now. "That was a very strange question at the end there. Do you ask all your applicants to contemplate illegal acts?"

"Of course not," says Spin Doctor, grinning brightly. "But they are an example of the sorts of question you won't find in Proper Place's manuals. She is much too refined a mare to have ponies contemplate illegality." He reaches up and folds his hooves behind his head. "They also put an applicant on their hooves. Make them answer on the go, give us an idea of what they're like under pressure. And, of course, it gives us a clear idea of who to watch out for." He lifts a hoof and waggles it in the air. "We're committed to a sterling image at NICE Co, after all, and our workers are as much a representation of our brand as myself or Mr. Bellows, here. We want to make sure ~all~ of our employees are of such sound, upstanding character as yourself, Mr. Sun."

Midnight-Sun clearly finds the compliment compelling and a suitable distraction from his worries. How *does* Spin Doctor do that? Some of the tension leaves Midnight's lines and he nods, "Oh, I see. I guess that makes sense. Well, then, one more thing that I'd like to know: as I mentioned, I am really interested in your manufacturing techniques. When I get my position here, do you think we'll be able to work out some way for me to cross train and learn something about the… mechanics, I guess? of how this facility operates?"

Spin Doctor's bright demeanor remains as sparkly as ever. "Of course. In fact, we encourage that sort of thing! We like to make sure our skilled paper-pushers are familiar with our manufacturing processes, just as we like for our floor workers to understand just how their actions impact things up in the offices. When everypony is invested in every other pony's success, after all, it really creates a tighter bond." He draws a hoof to his chest. "It helps us all to work together, not just as a company, but as a family."

Bellows busily cleans an ear with a hooftip. Classy guy. Far as he's concerned though, the interview's all but over. "Yeah… We're all about the family here. S'not just a job, you see. It's a committment. But you'll see if ya get hired."

Midnight-Sun puts on an uncertain smile in an effort to cover up how weirded out he is by the "company is mother, company is father" routine. He clears his throat, fishing for a response, and comes up with. "Right. Well, that's just dandy." He takes a half-step back from the desk to indicate that he thinks the conversation is pretty much over and says, "It's been a pleasure to meet you again. Both of you," he hasitly corrects, including Bellows in his somewhat wobbly smile. Remember, confidence! "I'm sure it'll be a delight to work with you. When can I expect to hear from you?"

Midnight-Sun . o O ( Okay, *that's* pretty creepy. I knew there was something hinky here, but… wow. )

Spin Doctor slips out from behind the table and stands. "Within the next couple of days, to be sure. Don't worry- we'll let you know as soon as we have information for you." He offers a hoof to Midnight. "We're nearing the end of our interview process and will be making decisions shortly, and we know better than to leave a good pony hanging on whether or not they've got a position waiting for them." Because you know what's really villainous? Not telling folks who don't get the job. I mean, who does that, really?
Midnight-Sun shakes hooves with Spin Doctor. "I look forward to it." A nod to the forepony. "Mr. Bellows." And he departs.
Spin Doctor lifts a hoof and waves, smiling cheerfully. A little worker bee is along to see Midnight to the store and offer a pink pencil with the NICE logo on it as a souvenir.

Spin Doctor watches him go, then turns towards Bellows with a sigh. "Bellows, Bellows, Bellows," he says, returning to his seat. He settles back into it and reaches out with a hoof to rest it on the forepony's shoulder, his expression weary, troubled. "What are we going to do with you, hmm?" The unicorn pauses, then grins brightly. "Get you to a tailor, that's what. We'll have you looking like a right fine gentleman and you'll love it."

Bellows, for a brief moment, arches an eyebrow at Spin Doctor. At least until he grins. Then the forepony regains his prior look of general grimacing and seriousness. "Eh. If it's on the company tab, sure. Otherwise I think I'll just…avoid professional meetings. You can take'em all for all it matters to us worker ponies."

Another day, another interview. The fine ponies of NICE Co., plus one Mayor Lorelei, had to go through quite a few of these! It's so nice to see so much of the community excited! Here we are again in the lobby, but there's only one interviewing desk now. The other was removed to be used in place of a ladder for changing lightbulbs. At this desk? Cloudy-Note and Lorelei!

For her part, Cloudy-Note looks much as she did during the first interview she helped with, only this time in a sleek purple suit and a matching violet tie. The clipboard is arranged neatly in front of her, quill lined next to it, the pegasus worker keeping that serene (if fake) salespony smile as she waits for the next applicant to arrive.

Arrive Ruby does! The turquoise mare trots into the lobby while sporting a broad, almost cheesey grin. Spotting the desk off to one side she immediately trots that direction and offers a wave of her hoof before reaching back to draw her application from her saddle bag. "Sorry about juice stains, my little ones got to it when I wasn't looking." offering a more meek but still cheesey grin. "So hi! I'm Ruby Blossom!" too cheerful sometimes!

Lorelei is looking prim and proper as always, which is to say, not incredibly, though she does have her cavat and she's done her mane all nice as per usual. Natural elegance does a bit for one's appearance, and Lorelei's usually the sort to keep it up, but, well, she's been very busy the past week! She has a stack of paperwork in front of her now, in fact - perhaps applications she's going over, or perhaps something entirely unrelated. There is time between interview and that is time that can be used for work! …It's hard to do all this stuff when all four of your main aides have become otherwise occupied.

Luckily (or unluckily?) for Lorelei, Cloudy-Note has been very quiet between interviews. Nigh robotic at times! If she didn't keep drinking from that coffee cup nearby, one might get the wrong impression. When Ruby arrives, Cloudy offers a slow bob of her head, respectful greeting enough in reply to a waved hoof. "Good evening! Welcome to NICE Co, where tomorrow's dreams are created today." Smile, smile~

The juice-stained application is glanced at, Cloudy Note drawing it closer to the edge of the desk with a hoof. "Ah… Miss Blossom. I am Cloudy Note, and this is Mayor Lorelei. We shall be conducting your interview this evening. It's a pleasure."

Ruby does her best to keep smiling even when corporate slogan is thrown out; she laughs quietly while rubbing the back of her head. "Nice to meet you, Cloudy Note. Oh Lorelei~ I know her, she's a real catch ya know." sagely nod before plopping herself into a seat in front of the desk. "So this is an interview, huh?" she beams warmly.

Lorelei blinks and glances up, giving a small nod and a smile of her own. She pushes the stack of paperwork aside for the time being. "Oh, hello, Ruby Blossom. Pleasure to see you." She blinks at the comment and blushes faintly, clearing her throat. Is it good to be a 'catch'? Does somepony have to throw her first? That sounds awkward.

"Unless you are here for a different reason?" Cloudy-Note asks, her head tilted but her smile not fading. No… She won't falter. Not /this/ time!

There's a moment of silence, Cloudy-Note bobbing her head again, towards Lorelei this time, then she turns her attention to the application. "You desire to be one of the orphanage's Caretakers. We have several positions open in that realm. All final hiring decisions for the orphanage are up to the Mayor, but we of NICE Co. are offering our help to make sure we find the right pony for each job. Do you have any questions for us before we begin?" Cloudy-Note crosses her forelegs onto the table just behind the clipboard, sitting at attention. Those emotionless eyes just watching the uber-friendly mare.

Cloudy-Note's eyes do draw some attention from Ruby, whom hmms curiously and gives the other mare a curious gaze before cocking her head to one side. "I don't. Do you?" Then again, the interviewer asking questions is sort of the whole point of this, isn't it?

Lorelei blinks, looking Ruby over, then looking down at the application, then up at Ruby again. "…Don't you run a business in town already?" she asks after a moment. She's /sure/ she recalls that name on a building permit /somewhere/.

Cloudy-Note sits in silence for the couple moments it takes Lorelei to speak up and ask about owning a business. The NICE pegasus sits back. "It may be difficult to care for many little ones if you have to balance your time between them and your other responsibilities… How do you intend to juggle those duties?" Lo! The interview begins with a two-pronged questioning!

Not only does Ruby run a business, she also applied to expand her business & home shortly before the whole Windigo Winter. Ruby nods sagely "I sure do! Honestly I'm suprised you haven't stopped in to see me - after you're such an important figure among town and pretty too; you'd imagine you'd like to treat yourself to a little a pampering once in a while. To say nothing of wanting to look your best for your stallion friend." She sits up slightly. "Oh! Seaside-Sunset and Tropical-Shimmer are totally capable of handling the salon while I help out part time, and at home we have Kludge, Windrose, and even Sunshine to help out with the foals. Maggie's also been becoming more active with taking care of her little siblings." she leans forward. "So when do I get to hug the foals?"

Lorelei blinks. "Oh, well, I've been very busy, you see, and…" and then her brain parses the last bit of that and she turns a very peculiar shade of pink, for just a second. Oh. Right. Ahem. Yes. Of course. Oh dear.

Cloudy-Note blinks, her fake smile-mask melting into a confused expression. "Hug…the foals?" Two more blinks! Then the NICE worker scrunches her nose, lowering a hoof to the application and her clipboard. "I think you misunderstand, Miss Blossom." she notes, looking up. That smile's back! Composure, get! "We need to ask you some questions to see if we should consider you for the job. You do not just get to hug the foals. First thing's first."

Ruby-Blossom scrunches her nose. "Ask away." She does resist the urge to prove Cloud-Note just how wrong she is; then again anypony who would deny her foal-hugs must be of questionable morals. But she still manages to smile softly. "Miss Lorelei, did you have another question?"

Lorelei looks over at Ruby. "Huh? Oh. Er, no, not just yet." She nods to Cloudy Note. "Proceed." After all, /she/ has her composure back. Lorelei's still got a little to regain.

Cloudy-Note bobs her head again. Calm. Serene. Yes… She plucks up her clipboard and quill, dips her gaze to the application, then fixes her eyes on Ruby. "First question. What is the difference between cupcakes, cake, and pie?" Quill, ready!

Ruby raises her hoof to her chin in thought. "Hmm.." a moment later she beams. "Cupcakes are like a personal cake, a cake is a personal cake is you try hard enough, and a pie isn't cake at all!"

Cloudy-Note nods her head slowly. "That makes sense." she says, checking…things on the clipboard. Check. Check. Check. "Okay. Next question." Again her gaze lifts to the salon-owner. "This one is more job relevent. How do you feel is the best way to handle a foal that is angry and upset?"

Ruby's answer is unlikely to surprise. "Hugs!" she nods sagely. "But it's also important to talk to them, understand why they are upset, and then help them work through it. But hugs and cake or ice cream are always effective tools."

Cloudy-Note lifts an eyebrow. Hugs. Okay. More jotting! The rest of what was spoken may or may not be making it on the page. It's hard to tell. "Hm. Okay. One more question then…" Those emotionless eyes glance up. "Assume you have acquired a large amount of bits from another pony, but you know they obtained their bits through illegal means. How do you handle the other pony and what do you do with the bits?"

Lorelei eyes Cloudy sideways. She looks a bit… curious. Maybe she's just still trying to suss out how these questions apply to work at the orphanage. Are there things she just doesn't know about orphanage work? Is the difference between cake and pie that intrinsic to the job? She always thought foals liked both!

Ruby gives the most innocent blink of her large ruby-red eyes, and then another; with a complete air of innocence she replies. "I don't quite understand." she cocks her head to one side. "If a pony was bad, I'd do my best to help teach them what's right." slowly her head cranes the other direction. "I think the most important that the foals are taken care of, and also important they be taught what's right." In the back of her mind Ruby tries to recall if she ever stole from this Company, and she's certain she never donated to a corporate orphanage.

Cloudy-Note purses her lips thoughtfully. "It /is/ important to know right from wrong. That is the purpose of this question, to see how you handle doing the right thing." Of course she makes a note that the 'bits' side of the question was left unanswered. Surely that's important to some paper-pusher somewhere. One final checkmark, Cloudy-Note sets the clipboard down and scoots it towards Lorelei. Her head bobs towards Ruby, that smile once more on her face. "I believe that concludes the interview. Mayor Lorelei will review our notes and make her decisions accordingly. If she approves you for the job, then maybe you can…hug the orphans."

Ruby-Blossom huffs cutely before slipping to her hooves. "It's okay." she wiggles her hoof at the strange mare and the strange mayor. "I look forward to hearing from you Miss Lorelei. Come see me for some pampering regardless of your answer."

Ponies interested in applying for a job find the commons of the NICE building set up for the task. Many other ponies are present, applications in hand, being directed by a handful of receptionists to tables set up near the offices on the eastern side of the large atrium, where many interviews are being held at once. Those who don't have an application already are provided with one, as well as a purple pen with the NICE logo on it. There's coffee and donuts and tea if you need a snack while you ponder the form. And once you're ready, you're given a number and get to relax and read an informational pamphlet until your number is called.

As such, Moon Willow has been ushered through the process. An industrious-looking pegasus receptionist is ushering her over to a table near the back. Seated there are two ponies: the first is recognizable as Spin Doctor, NICE's headest honcho in the building. The tall, grey-coated unicorn is wearing a well-tailored suit with a mustard color, and he's sifting through stacks of paperwork as he waits. He's recognizable enough, but the pony beside him may not be so familiar.

Taking up the second chair is a slim, shimmery-blue mare, wearing the mayoral cravat. Lorelei's got an (admittedly smaller) stack of paperwork herself, and a clipboard on which she appears to have been taking notes. Or doodling. It's hard to tell. She's not exactly letting anypony get a look at it one way or another.

Moon-Willow smiles politely. "Hello! I'm Moon Willow. it's nice to meet you."

Spin Doctor looks up as Moon Willow approaches, then adopts a bright smile, setting his paperwork down. He slips out from behind the table to offer Moon Willow a hoof. "A pleasure to meet you, miss Willow. Thank you for making the time to come speak with us today." After his hoof is shaken, if Moon chooses to do so, Spin Doctor touches it to his chest. "I'm Spin Doctor, chief HR representative of NICE Co's. Western division. With me…" The unicorn steps to the side and gestures to Lorelei. "Is the honorable mayor Lorelei, whom you may be more familiar with." Spin Doctor moves to head back around to his side of the table, though he remains standing so long as the ladies do. "She has asked to be a part of all interviews regarding orphanage positions."

Lorelei gets to her hooves as well, extending a hoof to shake. "Greetings," she says warmly, giving her a nod and a smile. "Do have a seat." She settles back to her own seat, crossing her hooves in front of her.

Moon-Willow sits down delicately. "It's nice to get a chance to officially meet you ma'am. we hadn't really got the opportunity before."

Spin Doctor settles down himself and draws himself up to the table, smiling. "I assure you, miss Willow, even based on the short amount of time I've spent with her, your mayor has proven herself a capable asset to the town." He reaches out a hoof. "Do you have your finished application available…?"
Lorelei blinks and blushes faintly at the unicorn's compliment, looking slightly pleased with the assessment. "A pleasure, certainly. I'm always happy to meet the Harbor's citizens!" she says cheerily to Moon Willow, seeming sincere if perhaps the slightest bit cliche.

Moon-Willow nods. "Oh, I don't doubt it." she pulls a scroll from her bag, "Here you are, sir."

Spin Doctor accepts the scroll and draws it close, unfurling it with a flick of his hooves and gleam of magic that lights his horn in pale green. He holds it flat against the table before him as he reads it quickly, smiling slightly as he does so, then reaches over to slide the application across the desk to Lorelei. He grins back up to Moon Willow. "Now, then, miss Willow, can you tell us a bit about what sort of a position you're looking for?"

Lorelei accepts the paper and looks it over thoughtfully, nodding here and there as she reads it over.

Moon-Willow pauses thoughtfully. "I'll gladly fill whatever is needed. But I would really love to be considered for a position as caretaker."

Spin Doctor nods once. "Very good. We've a number of positions that could count as such, of course. Do you look forward more to working with children, or managing the affairs of the orphanage?" His demeanor has shifted to one of pleasant curiousity, though his gaze remains fixed on Moon Willow, studying her with obvious care.

Moon-Willow smiles softly. an ever so slightly wistful look in her eyes. "I would really love a chance to work with the children. I spent much of my free time babysitting the children near my home before I left Canterlot."

Lorelei sets the application atop her little pile of papers once she's finished looking it over, picking up her clipboard and pen again. She tries to look oh-so-professional and governmental. She's probably practiced this look.

Spin Doctor manages to make looking professional look easy, himself. With his crisp lapels and his fitted shirt beneath the mustard jacket he wears and his mahogany grey mane combed just so! It actually may be a bit off-putting for ponies used to something more casual, but anyway. He grins to Moon Willow. "Is that so? Experience with children is always useful. They can be quite a hooffull, so if you know what you're getting yourself into…" He chuckles as he settles back in his seat. "Now, we have some scenarios we'd like you to imagine yourself in. Please, consider the question carefully, and give us an honest answer regarding them." Unlike the last fellow they interviewed, who ~honestly~ cribbed all his answers from a book on how to ace interviews…

Moon-Willow straightens up ever so slightly. "Yes sir."

Spin Doctor grins. "Very good. Now…" He rests a hoof atop the table before him and watches Moon Willow with a slightly narrowed gaze. "What are your three favorite words in the dictionary, and what color ink do you think they should be printed in?"

Moon-Willow blinks slowly. what kind of question is that? oh well. surely he knows what he's doing. "Let's see, curiosity is first. And I think that would be a lovely sun-shine yellow if your talking about coloring words. and then protect, which I think would be a shining gold. and lastly…um…" she blushes and touches a silver eight note, which bears a stunning resemblance to Nocturnes cutie mark. "Love, and that I believe should be a fiery red."

Spin Doctor turns his head and nods with a little frown. "Very expressive, miss Willow, thank you." He draws his notepad close and jots down a few things with a pen held in a magical grip. Without looking up, and while still writing, he asks… "Now, then. When is the ideal time to construct a pillow fort?"

Scribble scribble scribble goes pen on clipboard. Lorelei blinks and glances up at the second question, however. Pillow fort? She looks thoughtful. When /is/ the ideal time to construct a pillow fort? Well that possibly depends on the type of pillows, and how many you have… more scribbling ensues.
Spin Doctor turns his head and nods with a little frown. "Very expressive, miss Willow, thank you." He draws his notepad close and jots down a few things with a pen held in a magical grip. Without looking up, and while still writing, he asks… "Now, then. When is the ideal time to construct a pillow fort?"

Scribble scribble scribble goes pen on clipboard. Lorelei blinks and glances up at the second question, however. Pillow fort? She looks thoughtful. When /is/ the ideal time to construct a pillow fort? Well that possibly depends on the type of pillows, and how many you have… more scribbling ensues.
Moon-Willow looks thoughtfully. "Hmmm. Well, whenever play time is allowed I suppose. of course there has to be time allowed for things like eating, schoolwork, and chores like making the bed. though I suppose all that is subjective to age. so probably mid afternoon, as one of the times for playing. playing is very important for little foals. Having it mid afternoon still leaves time for clean up and nap time. of course, for those to old for nap time."

Moon-Willow looks thoughtfully. "Hmmm. Well, whenever play time is allowed I suppose. of course there has to be time allowed for things like eating, schoolwork, and chores like making the bed. though I suppose all that is subjective to age. so probably mid afternoon, as one of the times for playing. playing is very important for little foals. Having it mid afternoon still leaves time for clean up and nap time. of course, for those to old for nap time it would be more likely followed by a quiet time for reading or quiet games. my appologies, I didn't mean to seem like I'm getting off course. Its interview nerves."

Spin Doctor clucks his tongue and waves a hoof. "Pay it no heed, miss Willow. Thank you for your answer." He writes for a few moments longer, then glances up, to Lorelei. "Miss Lorelei, have you anything you'd like to ask of miss Willow, here?"

Lorelei blinks and looks up from her clipboard, seeming slightly startled. She most certainly was /not/ diagramming out a pillow fort. Not at all. Nope. Ahem. "Oh. Er, certainly. Yes. Um…" she ponders for a moment. This is the first time one of NICEco's rep's questions have actually given information she considered relevant! "Well, you have experience with foals. It sounds like you understand that there's more to the job than just playing with them. Orphanage caretakers are also going to need to help maintain the building. It won't all be fun and games!"

Moon-Willow laughs. "Oh, I know that quite well. Foals can be quite a hoof-full if your not careful."

Spin Doctor smiles while he's writing. "Indeed so." He sets his pen aside and looks up to Moon Willow. "Another question, miss Willow: where do you see yourself five years from now? Where do you see yourself five miles from here? And if you could only take five different things with you to a desert island, what would those things be?"

Lorelei nods. "Indeed. I just want to make sure our applicants are prepared for the work. Our foals deserve the best home and care we can give them, of course." She seems entirely sincere on this matter. Passionate, even. Of course, Spin Doctor's question is juuust enough out of left field to make her blink and look over at him, train of thought momentarily broken. "There's no desert island within five miles of… oh." Yes. Another one of those questions. Alright.

Moon-Willow taps her chin. "Five years from now? either working at the orphanage or working as a guard here in the harbour. Five miles from here? Perhaps in a home of my own. As for your last question, firstly of course someway to purify water. also, a large book and ink to write my thoughts down in. um an axe and a thick blanket."

"Very practical answers, all of them," notes Spin Doctor, wearing a pleasant smile. He makes a quick check on his notepad, reconsiders, scratches it out, then writes something else. "Alright, we're almost finished. I have one more question, then, if you'll be so kind…"

He places the notepad in his lap and rests his hooves atop the table as he watches Moon Willow curiously. "At what point does taking candy from a baby not only become profitable, but a morally superior decision?"

Moon Willows jaw drops. "Um…when the child is choking or risking choking? or risking a terrible allergic reaction I suppose…"

Spin Doctor nods slightly, and lifts his chin just a bit as he watches Moon Willow. "I see." He retrieves his notepad. "Is that the extent of your answer, then?" He smiles as he moves to start writing once more, though his pen hovers as if he is waiting beforehand.

Moon-Willow nods. "Honestly, saving a child to me is quite profitable."
Spin Doctor smiles brightly. "It certainly is. There really is no greater investment one can make than in the next generation, is there?" He jots down a few things, then turns to settle his notepad into a stack of papers. "I believe that will cover our questions for you, miss Willow. Before we adjourn, do you have anything you'd like to ask myself? Any concerns you'd like to share?"

Moon-Willow shakes her head. "No, not really. Thank you though."

"Very well," says Spin Doctor, as he pushes up from his seat and moves to step out from behind the desk. "That concludes our interview, then. I thank you once more for making the time to speak with the mayor and I. We're looking to fill these positions very soon, and so you can anticipate receiving an answer within the next day or so. " He gestures to a busy little worker bee of a pegasus who bustles up. "Please, feel free to help yourself to coffee and donuts on your way out, and if ever you have any questions, come bring them to us. We're happy to help."

Moon-Willow bowed her head "Thank you very much for your time sir."
"Not at all, not at all," says Spin Doctor. "It's my pleasure, truly. Have a good day, now." He smiles, and offers a wave as the worker bee escorts Moon Willow to the door. Or the donuts, if she'd rather.

In the NICE Factory lobby, once again two NICE employees have set up the interview desk, waiting for the next factory applicant. This time, Cloudy-Note has been joined by a second smoke-grey pegasus with a deep forest-green mane, wearing a dark brown suit. They both have clipboards, nametags (the grey pegasus' name is Smoky-Tree), and serene, almost fake smiles.

They wait. Like tigers in the brush, hunting prey in the jungle… Nice tigers with feathery wings and big smiles instead of claws and sharp teeth.

Moonglow comes up to the door, starts to knock, remembers that they're open, and comes in. She comes over to the two overly-cheerful pegasai and stands at attention, like one does.

Both of the NICE employees smile. They were smiling already, of course, but this smile is extra smiley! "Please—" Cloudy-Note begins to say.

"—have a seat." Smoky-Tree finishes.

"And set your application on the table." Cloudy-Note continues, reaching a hoof out to tap a spot exactly equidistant between the two interview-ponies.

"Are you here for a factory job?" Smoky-Tree asks.

"Or a factory job?" Cloudy-Note also asks.

Moonglow places her application on the table. Paperwork! "Ah, well, I had wanted to ask you about that. I didn't see a job description, exactly - is there one?"

"There was not exactly a job description, no." Smoky-Tree notes, while Cloudy-Note eyes the application.

"Our superiors decided there were enough jobs to find one for anypony that applied." Cloudy-Note then says, passing the application to Smoky-Tree. Their smiles never left their faces…

When they've both had a glance, the application is returned to that exact spot, perfectly between them. They even nod their heads in sync. "Basically we have two kinds of jobs available." Cloudy-Note says.

"Working machines or clerical." Smoky-Tree states.

"Though there are a few other one-off jobs—" Cloudy-Note continues, the pair of ponies naming off several job titles in succession, taking turns.

"like janitor"

"dock loader"

"quality checker"

"cafeteria worker"

"window washer"

"—and cheerleader." Cloudy-Note finishes. "Which one of those do you feel might suit you best?"

"And why?" Smoky-Tree adds.

Moonglow thinks. Some of those job descriptions are.. unorthodox. She supposes that window washer makes sense, there /is/ a lot of glass here, but cheerleader? ..these ponies are weird. And as nice as the extra income will be, gosh those machines do ever look boring. "Well, cleaning up the place - I'm guessing that's more of a night shift job, eh?"

"Actually no." Smoky-Tree notes, tilting his head towards Cloudy-Note. Whom has, at the same time, tilted her head towards Smoky-Tree.

"There are always things to clean up while the machines are working." Cloudy-Note notes.

"The goal is to remove as much mess as possible before the end of shift. When the factory ponies leave—" Smoky-Tree states.

"everybody leaves." Cloudy-Note finishes. "There is no night shift so that all of our employees"

Smoky-Tree continues, "—can spend evenings with their families and loved ones without worry of overtime or conflicting schedules!"

Both of the interviewers lean forward on the desk, hooves crossed atop their clipboards. "So which job would you be interested in?"

"And don't forget to include why." Smile, smile!

Moonglow suppresses a desire to roll her eyes. This is an interview, and one must be professional, after all. "Well, what about the orphanage? That's around the clock, isn't it? I mean, if it's possible, I'd like to work evenings.. but in any case, clerical work is probably the best fit. It was always something I was good at back when I did weather work."

Both of the interviewer pegasi suffer a brief twitch of their smiles. "Ah…" Cloudy-Note says, while Smoky-Tree glances down at his clipboard. "Well if evenings are really preferred, I'm sure we can find something."

"Paperwork is usually an around-the-clock thing." Cloudy-Note pipes. "We have another pony performing clerical work, keeping sales records organized. You could perhaps help there."

"Or in keeping our financial records from getting out of hoof." Smoky-Tree adds. "The orphanage is pretty well staffed at this point."

Cloudy-Note clears her throat, "Mayor Lorelei is not on site to confirm an orphanage interview either. Our factory is in much greater need of employees."

Moonglow nods. "That's fine. I'm most familiar with the Cloudsdale system, though I'm sure I can work with whichever filing you use!" Happy happy. It is a bit infectuous, isn't it?

This seems to appease the interview ponies. At least a little. They're still smiling if that means anything!

"Excellent." Cloudy-Note says.

"Next question." Smoky-Tree states.

Cloudy-Note bobs her head, using her wings to lift her clipboard. "Speaking of weather. If you were a type of weather, what would you be?"

Smoky-Tree bobs his head. "And why?"

Moonglow thinks, then gives a long and technical answer. Especially the why. It's really more theory-based than they were probably looking for, but oh well!

That somehow seems to satisfy the two interviewing ponies. "I suppose that works…" Smoky-Tree says, both of the interviewers making a few checks on their clipboards.

"One last question then and I think we'll be done here." Cloudy-Note says.

"A paperwork question." says Smoky-Tree. "Let's say you discovered in your record-keeping that several of your superiors had been fudging numbers."

Cloudy-Note continues, "You try to bring it up, but you are continuously brushed aside."

Smoky-Tree sets his clipboard down. "One night you come to work to find the files in question missing. What do you do?"

Moonglow smiles. "Well, if the files were missing, then that's a separate chain of custody issue. I'd have to file a Report Of Missing Paperwork Etcetera Report, or ROMPER.. then I suppose it would go through your process for that, probably get filed somewhere itself.. though of course, I don't think any of us would want to have to do all that paperwork, so I'm sure we can avoid losing any!"

"As for the fudging.. well, it's an interesting hypothetical, but that seems awfully unlikely. I'm certain managers of the caliber you have here at NICEco could find ways to get their numbers correct without anything so crude as 'fudging' numbers!" She positively BEAMS at the interviewers!

"Of course." Smoky-Tree affirms. "We have an impressive record of clean sheets."

Cloudy-Note scratches a few more things down on her clipboard, then sets it down. "I believe we have all the information we need. We will let you know within a day whether you have successfully obtained a job here at NICE Co."

Smoky-Tree and Cloudy-Note both bob their head. In unison. "We are pleased with your answers. Be expecting a favorable response. Do you have any final questions before we close this interview?"
Moonglow says "Not right now. Have an excellent day, and thank you!"

..the messes some ponies get themselves into.

One arrives at NICE to find a well-oiled Pony Resources machine in operation. Job applications and information are available at the desk, ponies in nametags and ties are around to answer questions and ferry applicants from place to place, and once a pony is ready with application in hoof, they're seen along to a series of tables set up out in the commons, where suited types are conducting the actual interviews.

It is in such a fashion that Plot Twist is being seen to a table near the back. There, a tall, grey-coated unicorn in a green herringbone jacket and dark blue tie is seated behind a small wall of paperwork, busily reading, signing, shuffling, and repeating. Beside him sits Lorelei, mayor of Horseshoe Harbor. Though the unicorn looks as though he may be lost in his work, he glances up as Plot Twist is brought near, flashing her a smile, and hastens to slip out of his seat and out from behind the table.

"Welcome! Welcome! Thank you for coming," he says in eager greeting, reaching out to offer Plot Twist a hoof.

The tall sleek purple pegasi pony, strides through the building at a brisk trot. Not in her usual uniform or even wearing her trademark blades, Rising informed her that would uncouth after all, Plot Twist instead wears a simple travel saddle and a plain dress covering her body cutiemark and tail. "Thank you for seeing me." returning the gesture and trying to keep the good side of her face toward the two ponies, long pink mane styled so to try and cover her scars. "I'm Plot Twist I hear you are doing interviews for the Orphanage?"

Lorelei glances up as Plot Twist comes in, putting on a smile. She's looking slightly strained. Perhaps a bit overworked. But she's doing her best to be cheery, and she pushes her own stack of paperwork aside to offer a hoof to Plot Twist as well. "Indeed, welcome. Yes, we are."

"It is as the mayor suggests," says the unicorn, as he shakes Twist's hoof. "I am Spin Doctor, chief PR consultant for NICE and director of NICE's Western operations. I believe you are already familiar with miss Lorelei." He gestures back behind him, before slipping around to his side of the desk. His horn gleams, and one by one, the stacks of paper set before him are lifted up and settled on the floor behind him, leaving a desk clean aside from a notepad and pen. "Please, please, have a seat," he says, as he himself does just that. "Now, then, may I see your application…?"

Twist isn't much of a smilely pony, when she smiles the scars make a mess of her in the best of times. The forced smile to match Spin Doctor's is one that manages to mix right combination of uncomfortable, scarred monster, and acward to fail so hard it could hardly count as a smile. "Mayor." she gives a nod as Lorelei is introduced by the oddly grimy pony. "Right." digging about in her packs retieving a slightly ruffled and wrincked form and places it on the deck before taking a seat. The application has a list of her jobs. Well job. Captain of her Empress Night-(scribble) Luna's Shadowbolts. A list of skills including tracking, tactics, stealth and military operations, not to mention good with foals! At teh end Captain Solar is listed as well as Rune, and perhaps more importantly a recomendation from Rising Chaos. "So how do these interview things work? You just ask questions?"

"Yes, actually!" says Spin Doctor, his smile spreading into a grin. If he's offput by Plot Twist's monstrous visage, he doesn't seem to show it. In fact, he seems perfectly willing to look her in the eye with a steady gaze and maintain it… at least for a moment, until he takes to perusing the application. "That is exactly what an interview is." Peruse peruse. He frowns slightly, then nods a bit, then arches his eyebrows with surprise, then smiles at something else. "Quite a storied history, here, miss Twist," he says. He reads for a moment longer before setting the application down and looking up. "A violent one, no less. Quite a career change, going from a life of military service to one of looking after children. Can you tell me a bit about why you are interested in this position?"

Lorelei leans to look over the application as well. She's a bit less able to look at Twist without staring, although her stare is much more curious than anything else. Like she's trying to remember something she's forgotten and she thinks maybe if she looks at her enough she'll figure it out. She has enough etiquette to realize this is rude, though, and the paper is a welcome distraction. "Indeed, it does seem a bit of a… switch, miss."

Twist shifts a little in her seat, downy wings fluttering at her side. "I-well." the usual deadpan stillness in her voice wavering ever so for a moment. "Didn't exactly have a choice in my profession, and I've always wanted foals myself. Professional hazard has seen to that." glancing away and doing very well in only blushing a little. "I wanted to try my hoof at something a little more productive and less … violent." dull grey eyes slowly raise back up to the pair of interviewers "I watch my -er well Forshadow's kids when she takes her trips. Keep'um safe even in the Wintersong, teach them about the forest. That lends its experiance as well. You can sheild a foal from the world or you can teach them how to keep keep safe themselves."

Spin Doctor takes a few notes as Plot Twist says this. Once again, he's all polite smiles and crisply pleated demeanor even in the face of explanations that might make other ponies think twice. "Very good," he says. "It certainly is a noble profession, tending to children. I can't fault any pony an interest in that." Plus, if they turned away every pony with a checkered past, they'd never have staffed this place. Shucks, Plot Twist is actually being up front with hers! That's got to count for something.

The unicorn sets his notepad down and looks back up. "I understand you're familiar with many of the foals already in the orhanage, as well. Many of them being former residents of Daybreak Village."

Lorelei nods politely along with Twist's words, looking thoughtful. Like Spin Doctor, she certainly can't discriminate too much against less reputable pasts. She's getting quite used to this town, after all. Still, she eyes Twist appraisingly as she nods, as if looking for any signs of dishonesty. Or maybe she's still just trying to remember whatever it is she's forgotten!

If one where looking close, knew what they where looking for, they might notice a slight tick in the Captain's eyes, or the way her wing tense readying for flight when foal's and daybreak are mentioned together. "I haven't spent much time with the foals in Daybreak. Redmane prefers I keep my distance from Daybreak. Old grudges die hard, and I don't want any trouble. I have spent time with more than a few of the Harbor's foals though." she may not have wanted to bring that up but she is at least honest about it.

"Mm," says Spin Doctor, looking at his notepad for a moment as he draws it close and makes a few marks. He does that a lot. Fussin' with the notepad. Floaty pen magic. Afterwards he glances up with a smile. "Certainly over nothing that would make you a poor candidate to watch the foals here in the town's orphanage, I'm sure." He glances to Lorelei for a moment, before sitting up. "Miss Twist, we have a series of questions we'd like to ask you. They're designed to help ascertain your suitability as a candidate. I'd like you to answer them in an honest and forthright manner, if you'd be so kind. The right answers, as always, are the ones that come from the heart."

Lorelei sits back in her seat, looking over to Spin Doctor. She's long since accepted that she does not fully understand the use of the questions these ponies ask, and that she might as well let them do their questioning before she puts any in. Landponies consider the strangest things when looking at job qualifications! She's still trying to figure it all out.

When Lorelei glances at Spin Doctor, he winks back at her.

Gunmetal grey eyes fallow the pen in a failing attempt to glean what it is that unicorn is writing! All smiles but has so much to write? Frustrating. "I imagine Solar or Redmane could fill you in if you want the details." Twist offers in her mild tone, not really indicating one way or the other. "Ruby as well. I imagine she is apply to the Orphanage." iddly she traces a line about her collar bone with her hoof. Remebering a particular cut she made once. "Ask away. I will awnser to the best of my ability"

"Excellent," says Spin Doctor. He doesn't pursue the matter of the references. Either he doesn't recognize the names, or they're not relevant. "Now, then, picture in your head a series of cubes. There are ten total; the first is one foot to an edge, the second two feet, and so on, so forth, until you reach the largest, whose edges are ten feet long." He leans back slightly in his seat. "What is the total number of things you believe you can do with these cubes?"

Math? Twist didn't expect /math/. Despite the heavy topics this seems to be the first to really throw her for a loop. An uncomfortable (at least for Twist) silence falls as she thinks. "Things you can do? Well … depends on your ingenuity I suppose, or your imagination. So I guess I could do allot with them. Ten times ten thousand things, if you need a number." wings give an indifferent shrug.

"Ten times ten thousand would be one hundred thousand," says Spin Doctor. He pauses with his pen poised above the pad, and glances up at Plot Twist. "Do you agree?"

"Yes but it sounds more impressive my way." Twist raises her eyesbrows, though it was said without humor a twinkle of humor might be caught in her eyes.

"Very good," says Spin Doctor. He makes a mark, then rearranges his notepad such that a blank page is on top when he sets it down with the pen resting beside it. He then turns, fishes around in a drawer on his side of the table, and produces a pad of white paper and a pencil. The pencil is placed on the pad of paper, and the pad of paper is slid, by way of glowing green magic, to rest before Plot Twist.

"Please draw for me a cat," he says. "If you have a cat of your own, you must draw a different one."

A grunt escapes the mares lips. Drawing and animals are also among the things she fancies. Though questions! "I guess." she takes the pencil in her mouth and starts to sketch. Not owning a cat she is free to doodle as she will. "I'm not sure if its any good but here you go.

Plot-Twist rolls 1d10 (Kitties!) — Result: 4 | Sum: 4

It isn't very good, but at least it looks like a cat.

Spin Doctor waits patiently as Plot Twist draws, observing quietly. As she finishes, he retrieves the pad of paper and holds the picture of the cat up to observe it. "I see," he says. "Very good. What is this cat's name?"

"Dog." Twist says in a rather contrary fashion, though not with a hint of spite.

Spin Doctor labels the picture 'dog' and sets it aside.

"Let's move on to our final question," he says. He scoots forward a bit and steeples his hooves before him. "Tidy Sums is an accountant who is embezzling money from the company from which he works. He is able to embezzle one million bits a month. He may embezzle funds recklessly at a rate of two million bits a month; for every month spent embezzling funds at a reckless rate he must subsequently spend two months embezzling at a cautious rate of five hundred thousand bits per month. Now, if Tidy Sums wishes to maximize the profit he can make over the course of fourteen months, what are two different offshore investments for him to hide his embezzled fortunes in?"

More Math! Aurge! "Are you asking how to embezzle funds?" ears canting to one side the other up quizzically. "I don't know much about investments sir." shifting uncomfortably noticing the Mayor in her over worked state has nodded off. "I-um I guess you could try Investing in land and people? Friends will help protect you when you are discovered, and land will provide its own riches in time." scratching her head a moment hoping this is the awnser with the least amount of math too it. Still too much math for her.

"Lands and people, hmmm?" echoes Spin Doctor. He retrieves his pad of paper and takes a few notes, considers, adds a little check somewhere, considers further, and writes a little more. He then turns and sets the notepad aside, then looks to Plot Twist with a smile. "That concludes my questions. Miss Lorelei, if…"

He pauses as he turns to regard the mayor for a moment, then chuckles and turns back to the pegasus seated across from him. "Well, it seems she has no further concerns or questions of her own. It seems our interview has come to an end, then, miss Twist." He pushes back from the table and stands, then steps out from behind it once more. "We'll be sure to have an answer for you regarding your employment status very soon. Do you have any questions yourself?"

Twist stands too. "Not sure what that has to do with child rearing but I guess you would know best." more head scratching. So confusing too many numbers. "Rising answered my questions when I talked with her at the Orphanage." giving a bow to the odd unicorn. "I will look forward to your response. There is much work to do and I would like to get to it." with that she turns to leave.

Spin Doctor might protest were one to describe him as odd. As it stands, he smiles, and bows his head in response to Plot Twist's own bow. "Of course, of course. We're all quite busy these days, I understand. Thank you for making time to come down here. Have a good day, miss Twist!" He offers her a wave as she sees herself off, then turns to settle back into his seat and toy with his paperwork. "Miss Worker Bee?" he calls out. "Please bring in the next interviewee, and see to it miss Lorelei here is provided with some coffee."