New Town New Faces
IC date: Winter 67, 1007
OOC date: February 24, 2013
Location: Portside
PCs: Willow-Grove, Nocturne, Hemlock

Despite the fact that it's been clear skies lately, the snow is still abundant on the ground. And walking in the snow is what appears to be a young lady pegasus, white like the ground around her. Her long green hair is a bit bedraggled, the flowers woven in just barely clinging to life somehow, and she seems rather shivery, herself. Shivery, and a little dismayed. And lost! Lost, too, because she doesn't seem to recognize her surroundings very much. Must be new.

Hemlock is quite busy with super important, official business. A hero is never idle in his duty.

This is his excuse for rolling around and playing in the snow while laughing like an idiot.

Hemlock is, as always, enjoying himself immensely. When you are him, it's almost hard not to have fun sometimes. He's just in his burgundy shirt, his saddlebags a little ways away so the contents don't get damaged during play. The possibility of them getting stolen hasn't even crossed his mind. He's also wearing a pair of bracelets and a vial around his neck. The new pony isn't noticed yet, but give him some time…

In the distance, Nocturne can be seen trotting through the snow, apparently preoccupied with his own thoughts. The unicorn trots in circles, barely aware of his direction, and eventually bumps into the disheveled pegasus. "Oh, uh… sorry." The mare's disposition is obvious to him, but he isn't sure how to help, until he lets a quick mumble. "Y'alright?"

The pegasus jumps a little, her wings flaring. There seems to be the slightest atmospheric disturbance around her: the air, just a little warmer. But not warm enough, clearly. "Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry. I, ah…I-I'm okay. I-is there an inn or something around here?" She smiles slightly, though she blinks and leans around to see Hemlock playing in the snow. Blink.

Hemlock fijnsihes making a spirited attempt to make a snowlicorn. Pony anatomy is not well suited to making snow shapes that aren't 'pony lying on it's side' or 'oval with smaller oval attatched'. He pop up to his hooves,a nd spots the new pony. How does he know she's new? Because he make sa point of knowing as many ponies around town as he can. Also because she looks REALLY lost. He prances over and bows low. "Hello there, lovely mister Nocturne, who's this you've stumbled upon?" He's a big stallion, covered in snow, with a smile that's shining like the sun. Welcome to Horseshoe Harbour.

Nocturne ponders for a moment. Having never used one himself, he can't give a helpful answer. He eventually turns around as the pegasus leans over, and smiles as Hemlock greets himself. "Well, this is…" The unicorn turns to Willow with a quizzical expression. "I'm sorry, didn't catch your name."

"Er— Willow. Willow-Grove," Willow murmurs with a genuine, but shaky smile. "I'm new in town. I'm n…not used to it being so c…cold!" She looks between the two helpful stallions, wings flicking a little. "I'm l…looking for a place to stay for a while. Do you have any r…recommendations?"

Hemlock stops himself from suggesting his camp, flirting can come later. He holds up a hoof. "One moment, miss Willow." He prances back over to his saddlebags, and pulls out a heavy black cloak. Prancing back over, he offer it too the new mare. "can't have a gorgeous pegasus like yourself go cold, now can we? I'm Hemlock, hero for hire. It's a true honour to meet you miss Willow."

Nocturne raises an eyebrow as Hemlock brings out the cloak. This guy is prepared for everything "And I'm Nocturne. Nice to meet you." Putting a hoof to his chin, he ponders a place for some rest, turning to Hemlock. "Do we even have an inn here? I mean, I'll offer my place… but the insulation kinda sucks."

Willow-Grove blinks…and laughs for a moment, a hoof over her mouth. It's practically a giggle, but it's more oh-wow than oh-you. "Sorry— that was very sweet of you," she says of Hemlock's compliment, and she does wrap the cloak around herself with a grin. "The warmth is appreciated. Thank you Hemlock, and also you, too, Nocturne. I wasn't expecting to find myself here, quite honestly. … Wherever here is. Where /is/ here?"

Hemlock is quite obviously pleased as pudding about the laugter. Such a beautiful voice for an equally pretty mare. hemlock would fall head over hooves for any pony, and is doing so! "It warms my heart to see you smiling, miss. Welcome to the infamous Horseshoe Harbour! You've come at a wonderful time," because we're not on fire right now. "I would love to help you find somewhere to stay." He gives Nocturne a friendly shove. "This is a port town, colt. Of course there's inns, and taverns if that catches your fancy. All the pleasures a pony could want we have in great supply."
Nocturne shrugs. "Well there you go. Can't promise they'll be the coziest places in town, but they'll do. So, uh… how'd you get here anyway? Do you even remember?" He glances over the mare curiously, now finding her condition and situation somewhat alarming, almost visibly as his eyes grow wide.

"A wonderful time? I would prefer to be here in the Spring. But alas, situations change, as they do." Willow sighs for a moment, cheer ebbing briefly, before she shakes her head and smiles again. "Of course. I was flying overhead and my wings got too cold and stiff to keep going. Do you often get ponies who don't know how they wound up here?" She blinks, curious. "Perhaps we can go to one of these inns where it's warmer and talk more there. I really dislike the snow. I'll buy some drinks! I'm curious about this Horseshoe Harbor."

Hemlock nods and bows low again. "Very well, come with us miss Willow. I'll lead the way to a nice enough inn." He turns, moving off to retrieve his saddlebags. the possibility of them not following never enters his mind. "I wouldn't know, really. I've only been here a couple months myself. I don't know much about newcomers since I am one." He laughs, just to lighten the mood. "Buying the drinks would be my pleasure, of course. I'm sure Nocturne, who is wonderful company himself, and I would be happy to tell you anything you need to know."

Nocturne jolts uprigh r, apparently having spaces out again. "Huh? Oh, yeah. Sounds good." The unicorn follows Hemlock as he leads, stopping as the group fibs themselves in front of an old wooden building, complete with saloon doors. "The Salty Stallion, huh?" Nocturne reads the hanging sign with a tone of sarcasm.

Beyond the saloon doors, a surprisingly pleasant scene is revealed. Tables are set with thin red cloth, and the bar appears to be made of a smooth ceramic. Patrons vary greatly, but a fair portion appears to be composed of older ponies with sailing garments.

"Hmm, Salty Stallion," Willow chuckles, shaking her head. "Port towns." She follows them in with the air of one who might be holding her breath just in case there's a stench, but she finds it much nicer than she had expected. Not ~Canterlot~ nice or anything, but it's not a dirt hole or covered in stallion stench (no matter what the name would have her believe). She approaches the bar, pulling out a pouch and sorting through what appears to be many many kinds of currencies before she pulls out a mouthful of bits. "A round of ale, please," she says pleasantly. "For me and my two friends."

The bartender lifts a brow, but grunts in agreement, pulling the bits over to his side and ducking down to fulfill the order. Willow thus turns and points out a table. "Shall we, then?"

Hemlock leads the way in, grinning at the patrons and bartender all, as if they are all close friends. He gets a few waves, half hearted and enthusiastic. He bounces with joy after being called a 'friend', mission successful! Once he's taken a seat at a booth, which is pretty clean all things considered, he invites the others to join him. "So tell us about yourself miss Willow. We need to know who you are so we can decide what unsavoury bits to hide from you." Playful wink, just teasing!

Nocturne winces slightly at the bartender, and is quick to make his way to the table. Looking around a little frantically, he eventually turns to the mare. "Yeah, and you mentioned just getting lost here. I've never heard of that happening… although I sometimes wonder how certain ponies end up here."

"Too many clouds," Willow says to Nocturne. "I'm from a pretty far-off locale, and I'm not used to the cold temperatures. Usually when I vacation, it's in the Spring and Summer. This year, though… I just felt the need to get away early, I guess." She blushes, and shrugs a little. "I was trying to make it out to maybe Zebreka or something, but… it was too cold and I hurt my wings so I had to land here in Horseshoe Harbor. Maybe I'll venture on when it's warm out again."

Hemlock nods, putting on his face that makes the speaker feel like he is super interested in everything they are saying. "Well there's worse places to land. I hope you enjoy your stay miss." He beams, even if he's said it before. "Horseshoe Harbour is a port town, vibrant trade and all that boring stuff. It is, just on the border of equestria, and so is a gathering place for adventurous types. Heroes like myself can make quite a living here. I'm in town with the rest of my band, been adventuring in one way or another my whole life. Figured it was just a matter of time before I ended up here." The place sucks you in, with it's adorable foals and pretty guard captains…

A barmaid eventually arrives, setting down an entire pitcher of ale and three mugs. "Compliments of the stallion three tables down," she days, gesturing behind her. A blue earth pony can be seen, giving a wave as he nibbles on a piece of chocolate.

Nocturne finds himself rather unsettled as the wave appears to be in the direction of himself and Hemlock. "Yeah, thanks. Anyway," he turns back to the pegasus with an unsettled look. "You'll find a whole lot more than that here. The place can attract some… unique individuals. I'm a musician myself, but I'll do all sorts of odd jobs for money. Maybe you'll find some work yourself."

"Work?" Willow-Grove blinks for a long moment, before she frowns delicately. "Oh, you know…I suppose I hadn't…thought of that. Yes, I ought to find work, shan't I? I only have so much to pay the keep, after all." She flips some of her green hair away from her face, and then tilts her head. "How does one get into adventuring, anyway? That sounds like an intriguing profession. — Musician, too. Did you go to school?"

Hemlock snickers to himself. He's a pretty strong stallion, and looks it. Willow, on the other hand, doesn't. Not that that would ever stop a pony form adventuring. "Adventuring can be as simple as picking up your bags and going, that's what I did. If you have the knack, and the passion, you'll do just fine." He leans back, after pouring the three a drink, and taking a sip of his own. It takes a bit of effort to not show distatse, the ale is so weak! "there's plenty of opportunities for work around here though. It's a town, just like any other."

Nocturne nods. "I hear there's still a good bit of construction going on. They're probably looking for help." Once again he notices the mare's frail form, and takes a long swig from his mug as he ponders how to derail his comment. "Oh, and yeah, I went to school for a few years in Baltimare, but dropped out when I moved here. Mostly self-taught."

"Ahh… construction." Willow takes a polite sip of ale, preferring not to go into the whole…not being much for manual labor. "Well… thank you both. I hope to hear your music sometime, Nocturne!" She smiles brightly, tucking her mane back. "I should probably go and see about a room. I'm pretty tired." Unclasping Hemlock's cloak, she drapes it on the table instead. "Thank you for that — it was a huge help."

Hemlock nods, puttign away a small smile of stuff he just finished putting in his beer. He finishes off his drink, and puts the mug back on the table. "Well since you were kind enough to buy me a drink, I'll settle your room for tonight at least. Wouldn't want such a pretty mare to go through any trouble." He pops to his hooves, takes his robe. "See you later, miss Willow." And the stallion is off, paying the bartender, and out the door, probably to go laugh like an idiot again.

Nocturne stands up and waves at the mare. "Yeah, it was pretty cool meeting you. Take it easy, you guys." With that, the unicorn trots off to the table where the blue earth pony sits. Wouldn't hurt to try to get some answers over what's been happening in this town. The other stallion grins as he is accompanied, and a conversation sparks up. "I dunno what happened, I was just hanging out in the market, and- sure, chocolate sounds good."

And Willow watches the two stallions leave, shaking her head with a chuckle. At least she made it someplace safe for the night.