New Ship in Town
IC date: Summer 79, 1007
OOC date: September 7, 2012
PCs: Queen-Pegasus, Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Rising-Chaos, Sky-Sparkler, Mad-Mare
GM: None

Look! Actual pirates sailing into Harbor - what a strange occurance! An unfamiliar ship with a jolly-roger consisting of a skull and four hearts coasts gracefully to a stop at the docks; the ship easily rivals the largest pirate ship in port. The vessel is remarkably clean and well-maintained; perhaps Maddie's goons could take a note or two!

A pair of ropes drop from the deck from which a pair of ruggedly handsome pirates slide down to the docks - quickly working to secure the mor the ship as the gangpank slides from the deck and angles down until coming to rest on the dock. The two pirates quickly standing at attention at the base of the gangplank; a marvelously beautiful pegasus appears at the top of the gangplank - powder blue eyes roaming across the docks as she mutters "Seriously?" glancing to her first-mate on her left; a handsome pony with a wavy mane. "My apologies, M'lady. This is the only dock this side of Equestria." eyes cast slightly downwards in obvious respect. To the mare's right a rugged looking stallion with a scar on his chin peers over the edge of the deck at the surroundings "Looks safe, enough m'Queen." A haughty sigh before given as the mare gracefully trots down the gangplank.

It may come as no surprise that Ruby-Blossom is currently with Kludge - despite not being anything close to a couple, they seem to spend a great deal of time trotting about together.

"…and that's why you use three-inch corkboard when installing a watermelon," remarks Kludge, obviously finishing up a tale from his time as a wandering craftspony. The sight of a new ship in harbor catches his attention. "Huh, odd flag. Ever seen that one before, Ruby?"

Rising-Chaos is resting in the shade as usual, today she has a strange wire mesh device and is studying it wiht some fervour, taking many notes in her books. She is wearing her cape and glasses and has her mane in a ponytail. As the new ship drifts into the harbour, she looks up, and takes a moment to admire the ship. She is about to look back down when she sees what seems to be the captain get off the ship. "hmm," she says, "I wonder who this is?"

Safe. Hah. Apparently somepony didn't check the map notes before docking.

Currently the docks are abuzz with activity. Most of this activity consists of many construction ponies working on a nearby building, with a sign in front that reads 'Future home of the Horseshoe Harbor Port Authority and Harbor Watch'. Near this construction project, a canopy has been put up to let the current dock-worker ponies do their job.

Naturally when a huge ship comes to port, it's going to get some attention, and these Port Ponies are all over it! Thus do a pair of rough-'n-tumble ponies come trotting from under this canopy, one wearing a yellow hardhat with the picture of said hardhat on his flank, the other with an image of a wrecking ball on his. Yeah, they go and approach the pirates. Because…holy cow, pirates.

"'Ey! Dat's a right nice ship ya got there, toots!" the hardhat-wearing pony calls out.

Big pirate ships aren't the only thing arriving today, but the smaller cargo ship isn't doing much other than loading and offloading. Mostly of boxes, but some passengers as well, including one who is a new migrant to the happy town of Horseshoe Harbor, a unicorn mare wearing saddlebags.

Sky Sparkler is looking at the much larger ship, and generally looking around as she tries to find her bearings.

The pegasus mare is tall, sleek and pink - each step less of a trot and more of a strut; the stallions waiting at the base of the gangplank quickly taking a respectful bow as she nears with her top-two in tow right behind. A look of distain in her eyes as she steps foot onto the docks; appearing less than pleased by her surroundings - leaning back just a little to brush one hoof along her firstmate's jawline "At least there's something pleasant to look at…" that wasn't a compliment for her first mate - she's simply looking into a mirror, and that allows her to ignore the unpleasant scene of four pegasi stallions swooping down from above to capture the cat-calling hard-heart wearing pony into a net, and swiftly fly him out into the harbor where he's 'deposited' a significant distance from shore. The mare hands the mirror to her first-mate with a little 'harumph' before trotting down the dock with her entourage - two pegasus stallions in the front, first mate and weapons master in the back. She's undeniably beautiful - but only on the outside.

The look on Ruby's face certainly suggests she's familiar with the pirate ship - in fat she may/may not have angered this very invidual at one point or another - it may even be related to the damage on her ship when she arrived. Quietly she tugs at Kludge's mane "Let's go have dinner, my treat. Now." seeming in a hurry to vacate.

Kludge isn't one to turn down a meal, but he has also learned that Ruby doesn't do things for no apparent reason. "I take it that's a 'yes'?" he asks in a low voice, nodding for Ruby to take the lead on the nonchalant-yet-determined exit.

Hardhat finds himself most suddenly airborne! And then wet. Very wet. Much splashing ensues, the benetted pony having to swim his merry way back to the dock. This leaves Wrecking Ball on his own!

"Hey now!" said pony calls, getting as business-like a look on his features as he can. Still chasing down the newly arrived trio of rough ponies! "That was uncalled for. He was just complimenting your ship. Which, by the way, is going to cost a stalleon a night to dock here!" Docking ain't free, don'tcha know!

Wreckingball finds himself at the business end of a cutless courtesy of Tough-Love while Heart-Throb leans to peer at at the construction pony; all the while Queen struts ahead with two pegasi in front of her - two more drifting down from the deck of the shift to fill in the flank. Heart-throb softly tsking "Have you any idea how rude you've just been to m'lady?" Tough-Love pushing the tip of that cutlass against Wreckingball's throat firmly enough that even a swallow could end the stallion's life - chiming in "I reckon we could let you off the hook if you apologize. Best address our queen proper like, else…" a small nod of the chin towards the flintlock pistol digging into Wreckingball's chest while adding "I imagine she'd like a peek at your logs, brighten her mood to see who's been through these docks recently.

Ruby gingerly begins to move away from the approaching pirates, trying to be non-chalant while hurrying out of the way - she knows bad news.

Wrecking Ball blinks! Suddenly being held at swordpoint! This is no less rude, and even causes WB to take a step or two back, if only to ease the sharp pressure. "Yeah, I don't think…you wanna be doin' that, bub." he dares to say, eyes flicking from the two 'ruggedly handsome' pirates to the unnaturally beautiful one still walking away. "…I don't care if she's the bloody Queen of Canterlot herself, a fee's a fee, an' Boss always gets her fees. So how 'bout you and Junior here tuck yer pointy bits and loose cannons away, eh? This ain't the proper port to start trouble in."

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the dock… It looks like today's passenger ship was expected! Because suddenly there's a small three-pony band playing near the new arrivals, being harmlessly loud and obnoxious. There's even a little colt foal prancing about, throwing confetti, and a sign next to the band that says Welcome to Horseshoe Harbor!

Rising-Chaos loses interest in the pirate, her face controting into a sneer as the pirate displays her arrogance. She does notice a small band playing, and a small smile plays across her face. With a small laugh she packs her wire mesh contraption away, picks up her books and trots over to the band. She sits down near them and enjoys the music, not entirely sure why the band is playing but not minding either.

Heart-Throb would take offense to 'rugged' were such things implied, he's simply handsome - a long silky main and finely curved chin - handsome handsome; Tough-Love on the other hoof is ruggedly handsome despite holding the other pony at both sword and gun point. Confident the point has been made he sheathes the cutlass. "Your boss is welcome to come get what's hers, chump." the two stallions falling into step behind their Captain once again.

The mare on the other hoof is quite board with the 'quaint' little setting, eyes darting around curiously as she struts down the docks. "How..charming." sounding less than impressed by the small ensamble.

Ruby on the other hand manages to duck behind Kludge as the mare passes, peeking out curiously from behind the larger fellow until she's confident the pegasi are not heading back this way. She glances over her shoulder at Rising curiously.

Kludge does his best to appear as an idle bystander. Nope, nothing here but an earth pony stallion watching the world go by. He figures questions can wait until the pegasi are compeltely out of earshot, and he suspects that Ruby will clue him in if/when the time is right.

At least the 'threat' to Wrecking Ball's life is over. For tonight! "Hoo boy…" the dockmaster mutters, the soaked Hardhat finally catching up to the dock to join WB as they amble back to the canopy. "Better get boss. We got ourselves some fun customers."

"Ya think?" Hardhat grumbles, altering his direction to trundle off down the streets in search of higher authority.

And the band continues to play. They played for every pony that got off the cargo/passenger ship. Now they play for Rising! There's an accordion pony, a bass-pony, and a pony with a drum/cymbal set attached to his body. And the colt, of course, still throwing confetti and streamers around. He even hops up to Rising with a cup of confetti balanced on his head! "You wanna throw some, lady?"

Rising-Chaos says "oh, may I?" Upon receiving a consenting nod she throws some in the air and giggle some more. Before she throw some more she notices Kludge and Ruby. Se calls out to him, "come over, join us, it's fun!"

Ruby glances wearily over her shoulder towards the pirates that are no longer in view for the moment, and are likely terrorizing the the Main Street and other poor ponies. A heavy sigh of relief - clearly relaxing as she glances to Kludge about to speak before Rising catches her attention. "What?" a small hint of a smile "Oh no, enjoy yourself." Glancing to Kludge and nodding him towards the fun-time to be had.

Kludge gives a small chuckle. "Well, if you insist. Perhaps a raincheck on dinner, then?" he asks in a conversational tone, then lowers his voice. "Sure you'll be able to make it back to your place without being spotted?" he adds, friendly concern in his voice.

Throwing confetti is always fun! Naturally that's why they let the kids do it most! The little colt looks so happy when RC joins in the fun of throwing hoof-fulls of confetti about, even going as far as to scoop up a few piles of the stuff to refill the cup for more throwing!

And the band plays on… Something upbeat. Something a pony could surely dance to.

Hardhat returns to the port mere moments after leaving! Poor guy, looks completely out of breath he does, but apparently he found who he was looking for. For the Mad Mare ambles on the scene moments after that, flanked by her two trusty ponyguards Rock'em and Sock'em. She stops at the canopy, the cause for alarm practically /right there/ at the dock. No… Not the pirates. The ship!

"…Wow. /That/ has to be the tackiest thing I've ever seen sail the seas." the Watch captain remarks, just eyeing the great monstrocity of a ship. …Sigh. That brings up memories of when she first came to harbor, in a great, big, grey, metal beast of a ship. Such pleasant memories~

Ruby strangely enough doesn't sneak away but rather trots right up to Maddie - friendly given she hasn't been properly educated on the horrible things Maddie has done to Sadaka. "Hey." friendly enough to be had as she nears the other mare. "Got a moment?" cocking her head towards the behemoth of a pirate ship.

Kludge joins in the confetti-throwing, even going as far as throwing confetti in time with the music. He's not what anypony would consider a dancer, but he does enjoy the music and does dance a bit with it.

The welcoming band launches into a new song! A march this time. In fact, they begin marching along with it, the cute confetti-casting colt following right along behind, still tossing his good cheer around. And yes, he's beckoning to Rising, and now Kludge too, to follow along with them. Because everypony loves a parade~

Well, almost everypony. Maddie's attention is drawn to this horrible vision of good cheer. She frowns… Luckily for her, her attention is soon to be diverted by the sudden appearance of Ruby! "…Hm? Oh. Hey. Uh…" Mad tilts her head curiously at the other mare's expression. "Apparently I have several. You don't happen to know who owns that ship, do you?" She squints her eyes at the 'hairdresser'. "It's not /yours/, is it?"

Rising-Chaos joins the parade for a while, throwing cares away to join the fillies and colts in simple joy. How fun!

Sky-Sparkler was quiet because she was arguing with a porter about the location of the rest of her luggage. "Clousdale? You do know that is where I STARTED this trip, don't you? Oh for…" she sighs, shaking her head. "Just make sure it gets sent here, care of the weather department at city hall." THEN she has time to take in the party elsewhere in the dock. Oh, hey, a warm welcome. She hums along with the music, a little static entering the soundscape as she walks over.

Isn't Ruby lucky? Maddie's actually willing to have a cordial conversation with the mare! "Oh heavens no, it's not my ship." glancing towards the large pirate ship, clearly not comfortable at the moment. "I can assume wanted posters don't frequently make their way this far out." those Ruby eyes glancing back to Maddie with a sigh. "She goes by Queen Pegasus, she's a muderous as she is beautiful. I'd really recommend playing this one gentle…" she suggests with a small smile - getting the feeling Maddie won't take her advise.

Kludge joins in the parade, dancing and throwing confetti. He doesn't care if he's making a fool out of himself; parades like this are meant for having fun! Noticing the newcomer unicorn, he waves and wanders over. "Welcome to Horseshoe Harbor! Name's Kludge; what's yours?"

The marching band/welcome party's friendly colt is all too happy to bounce over and welcome Sky Sparkler. With a smile, a toss of confetti, and an offer of the confetti cup! "You wanna throw some too? C'mon, it's fun! Just ask them!" he says, pointing a hoof at Kludge and Rising Chaos.

Surely that will help make up for lost luggage!

Maddie does, indeed, look like she's going to ignore Ruby's advice of playing anything gentle. Her dictionary doesn't even have that word. Gentle. It's such a… A foreign word… Too fancy for her tastes. The very thought makes her wrinkle her nose distastefully. "Queen Pegasus? Seriously?" The distasteful look takes on a slightly nauseous tint. "And ponies thought /my/ name was tacky. Ugh. We already /have/ some annoying royalty here. We don't need more. Let alone some two-bit gangster wannabe. With a ship too fancy for her pants."

Ruby stomps a hoof to refocus Maddie's attention to the very firm glare of her ruby colored eyes. "I'm telling you. She's seriously bad news. Maybe if you actually /looked/ at the wanted posters you'd know that. You're lucky she didn't have that big lunk shot!" her tone softening "From what I've heard, I mean…

Rising-Chaos pauses from her revelry and detatched from the parade, almost bounicng over to the newcomer. "Hi!" She says excitedly, "my name is Rising Chaos, what's yours?"

Oh yay, party. Sky looks first at the pony that asked her name. "Kludge? I'm Sky Sparkler," she replies with a smile. She accepts the confetti from the parade colt, launching some into the air with a flash of light. "Rising Chaos? That's an odd name… I'm Sky Sparkler."

It's hard to keep looking unimpressed in the face of such conviction! At the mention of some pony getting shot, the nearby Wrecking Ball fidgits where he stands. Seeing as he was said pony. He also clears his throat, interrupting the two mares. "I think that's overreacting a little. I mean, sure they're mean, but I ain't dead!"

Maddie's eyes roll towards her port forepony. " …Not /yet/ anyway." she mutters, attention drawn back to the all-too-serious Ruby. "Alright, alright. So they're big, bad meanies. Isn't that /more/ reason to kick them out of port, and not less? Seriously. This is /my/ Harbor. They make one move against it, they'll find out what getting on the bad side of /real/ criminals means…"

The Parade Colt goes 'ooooooooh' when Sky not only tosses some confetti up, but does so with flashy lights! Magic is wonderful~ "That was cool! Do it again!" The colt holds his cup up! "Ohpleaseohpuhleeeese!"

The pseudo-fireworks display draws an appreciative nod from Kludge. "Flashy~! Nice to meet you, Sky Sparkler. Hope you enjoy the town," he smiles.

Rising-Chaos grins widely. "This is a nice town by and large full of nice ponies. I'm sure you'll fit right in" She takes a moment to reflect. "Well, you aren't likely to be actively hounded by anypony anyways. It's never boring at least."

Ruby gives a small nod to Maddie before turning to trot back off to the far more festive ongoings that don't involve killings or mamings - violence doesn't tend to agree with her as she likes every little bit of her where it belongs.

It doesn't look like anything's going to get any more violent tonight! Maddie's left to make notes, and plans as to what to do about this new menace.

The welcome party, and their seemingly endless songs of general upbeat partiness, is all too happy to keep entertaining. Though they seem to be losing a bit of steam at this point, the trio of ponies ending their last song and packing up to go. Except the colt, who's absolutely entranced by the light-and-confetti.

Sky nods to the Parade Colt, and focuses, sending up a larger stroke of electric power, to the sound of a clap of displaced air. "I just hope things go well with my new job," she replies to Kludge, "But I think I will, thanks." She gives Rising Chaos an odd look. "Actively hounded? Dare I ask?"

Rising-Chaos luaghs and says non chalantly. "Not a big deal, you should be fine. What is your new job?"

Sky Sparkler looks side to side. "Weather Pony," she says, bracing herself for the inevitable reaction to a unicorn claiming that profession.

Kludge shrugs. If Sky can do the job, that's all that matters. Besides, she seems to have skill with electricity, so there is that. "I'm a carpenter. If you need sturdy construction, I'm your pony. If you want pretty… well, try someone else."

The Party Colt is happy he got to see another round of 'fireworks'. So happy in fact, that he gives Sky his cup of leftover confetti, before trotting off to rejoin his leaving companions. The ice is broken, their job is done!

Rising-Chaos extends her hoof to Shake Sky's. "I'm hardly the pony to think a unicorn's magic is weird, sounds like a fun job! I may not be as handy with my hooves as Kludge, I am a student researcher myself, but if you need anything don't hesitate to let me know." She beams at Sky, trying to be friendly as she can, she wants as many friends in this town as she can get!

Sky-Sparkler nods in turn to Kludge and Rising Chaos, shaking the later's hoof. "I'm still looking for a place to stay, but I hope that I'll sort that out at town hall," she says.