New Foal On The Block
IC date:
OOC date: 5/30
Location: Town Square
PCs: Hawthorn Magpie Pumpkin

A bustling town square! Hey look, a neat fountain!
The bustling town square holds a handful of buildings surrounding an important-looking fountain. At the center of the fountain is a statue of an adventurous looking filly shading her eyes with one hoof and gazing importantly into the distance. On her bronzed flank is a scroll and compass, and around her neck hangs a pair of binoculars.
Holes set equidistant around the pedestal spout water into the horseshoe-shaped pool around her. The water is littered with bitcoins, but it seems the pool is not just for wishing; everypony is permitted to wade in and cool off during the summers, too.
There is a plaque here. Use +view plaque to see it.
Spring has sprung! The grass is green, the flowers are blooming and the air has a fresh, loamy scent.

Hawthorn is sitting on a bench. He looks a little stiff, as though he's been on the bench for a very extended. He's pretty soaked through, too, what with the rain, though at least his hat has kept most of it off of his muzzle. Despite his obvious discomfort, the colt looks pretty happy, crowdwatching with a big grin.

Magpie trots over to peer at the pony on the bench. She's wearing a red raincoat with a matching hat. "Hey," she says. "Aren't you cold an' wet?" she asks the colt.

Hawthorn huhs? He cranes until he finds who's talking to him, then waves a hoove excitedly. "Uh huh! It's okay, though. Eventually I'll get dry and warm." He beams happily. "Hi! I'm Hawthorn. Who're you?" He shakes himself off, sending a spray of water everywhere, then hops off of the bench to offer a hoof to the other pony, offering to shake.

Magpie flinches back from the water. She does take his hoof though. "I'm Magpie. This is Sticky." She points at her hat. Or, on closer inspection, to the green gecko clinging to the underside of her hat brim. "Eventually can be a long time, y'know," she says with a rueful grin.

Hawthorn beams happily as he shakes hooves. He's a very beamy pony. "Hi! And hi, Sticky!" He peeks up into the hat brim. "Neat!" He giggles, then ohs and shrugs. "Yeah, but I don't think it'll be a loooong eventually. I think it'll be a short one."

Magpie chuckles. "Got'cha. 's nice to meet you, I don't think I've ever seen you before. So what're you waitin' for?"

Hawthorn shakes his head. "Naw, you wouldn't. I just got here today!" He looks around. "I'm waitin' for my parents. They should be along eventually."
Magpie ohhhhs. "Well! Welcome to the harbor. Why're you sittin' in the rain, though?"

Hawthorn grins broadly. "Thank you! It seems real nice. I hope I get a chance to look around it before I hafta go." He ohs. "Because my parents told me to meet them here, so I'm waiting for them here."

Magpie looks around. "What, here on this exact bench?" She pauses. "Have they been gone long?" Hasn't it been raining like all day?

Hawthorn ohs. "Well, not this EXACT bench, no, but here. I think. Unless they meant over there. Or maybe at the inn." He blinks. "Gone? Oh! No, I got here first, so now I'm waitin' for them to show up."

Magpie says "Ohhhhh. Well, they probably wouldn't mind if you went in out of the rain. Ya ninny."

Hawthorn sticks his tongue out. "It's just RAIN. It's not like it'll hurt me or anything." He giggles. "Besides, if I'm sitting here, I can see everyone who comes in, so I know when my parents show up."

Magpie snorts, but has to grin. "You're silly." She trots behind, then flops her front hooves over the back of the bench, leaning casually beside you.

Hawthorn chuckles. "Thank you!" he says, with a grin. "So… why are YOU out in the rain?" He blinks and pauses. "You're Magpie, right? And your hat lizard is Sticky?" He peers at the gecko. "Why is he Sticky?"

Magpie nodnods to Hawthorn. "Oh, I'm just — uh — wandering around I guess?" She shuffles her hooves. "Oh, him?" She takes off her vinyl rain hat and shakes it up and down a few times. Sticky clings to the underside of the brim and gives her a baleful look. She puts the hat back on. "See? He sticks to stuff."

Hawthorn ohs. He looks around, wondering where Maggie could have been wandering to and from, before blinking at the lizard. He gives Sticky a gentle poke, then ohs. "That makes sense!" He beams happily. "How did you get a lizard?"

Magpie wells. "He sorta hitched a ride on me once, and just… stuck around!" She looks around to see if anyone noticed her joke.

Hawthorn chuckles softly at the joke. "Well, that's nice. He seems like a friendly… um… lizard. I guess."

Magpie beams! She nods. "Thanks! He is." She grins. "Welp. I gotta go wander some more. I hope I'll see you again after your parents get you!"

Splash splash splash, rain rain rain. Pumpkin should probably be indoors. It's raining, after all, and school's out. But, well, Pumpkin has never been much of an indoor pony, which explains why she's tromping around in the muddy streets right now without a care in the world.

Hawthorn waves at Magpie. "Have fun wandering!" he calls after her, before turning to watch yet another foal tromp through the mud. He tilts his head to the side. "Hey," he calls out. "Why're you tromping around in the mud?"

Pumpkin blinks a few times, mid-tromp. "…'cause it's fun? Y'all know about fun, right?" she says with a giggle. "Ah mean, just look at these puddles!"

Hawthorn scratches his head, then climbs off his bench yet again. He hops into a puddle with a somewhat disappointed little splash, then giggles. "Alright, I guess that is kinda fun." He jumps to a new puddle.

Pumpkin grins. "See? Ah told you. Puddles are fun." She hops into another one, then pauses and gives her new playmate a look. "Ah haven't seen you at the schoolhouse before. Ah reckon you're new in town, right?"

Hawthorn giggles at the splashing. "I never knew!" He nods at the question. "Uh huh! I just got here today. I probably won't be joining your school, though." He smiles brightly. "I'm just waiting for my parents, really. I'm Hawthorn! What's your name?"

Pumpkin blinks. "Won't be joinin' school? How come?" Splash splash splash. "Ah'm Pumpkin. Pleasure meetin' ya."

Hawthorn takes a break from splashing, watching the other foal for a bit. "Oh, well, my dad wants me to go to a real fancy school in Canterlot, so once he gets here, we'll probably head there."

Pumpkin tilts her head. "Wait, if y'all are going to Canterlot, what're you doin' all the way out here? We ain't nowhere near the big city."

Hawthorn nodnods. "I know! But it's closer here than where I'm from, and we — me an' my parents, I mean — we were headed here first, then we were going to turn towards the city, but we got separated in the mountains, so I came here to wait. 'Cuz that's what they told me to do."

Pumpkin says "Separated?" She scuffs a hoof in the dirt. "You mean you're waiting for your parents all on your lonesome?" More scuffing. "Do y'all have a place to stay? Mah family lives on a great big farm an' we've got spare rooms for guests. Ah bet ma n' pa would be happy to give you a bed.""

Hawthorn nodnods. "It's okay! We made plans 'n everything!" He beams happily. "I'm sure they'll be here any day now! They probably just got slowed down what with the landslides and all." He tilts his head. "We-e-ell… I have a room at the inn, and my parents gave me money to pay for it for a while, so I should be okay. But thank you!"

Pumpkin nods again. "Well… okay, so long as you're sure. Ah mean, this here's Horseshoe Harbor: we take care of each other."

Hawthorn beams happily. "That's really nice of you! Thank you so much!" He looks around at the harbor, or at least as much of it visible from where he's standing. "It's really nice here! I think I like it."

Pumpkin giggles. "It is! Ah ain't never been nowhere else, but ah really like it here. We get all kinds of folks passin' through on account of the port. It's a shame you're only stayin' for a little while."

Hawthorn nodnods. "I've only been back home, and then the trip to here and, well, here." He ohs and nods a bit. "Well, if my parents take more than a few days, we wouldn't make it to Canterlot in time for me to take the entrance exams anyway, so maybe I can convince them to stay longer!"

Pumpkin says "We-ell, ah wouldn't want you to miss out on a chance to go to some fancy school out in Canterlot. But you could do worse'n going to school here. Our teacher's real smart!"

Hawthorn shrugs a bit. "I'm not all that… I mean… It'd be nice to go to a real fancy school and learn and all that, but I sorta miss all my friends back home, and I'm kinda worried it'd be really hard." He shakes his head, then smiles. "Oh, yeah? Who's your teacher?"

Pumpkin blushes, "His name's Mr. Blackbird. He's an Earth Pony an' he invents all kinds of neat stuff. Mah brothers invent stuff too, but they're a pair of pains in the neck, not like him at all."

Hawthorn doesn't seem to notice the blushing. "Well, neat!" He hrms. "Maybe I can see about going to school until my parents show up? At least for a few days, I guess." He shrugs, then blinks. "You have brothers? I don't have any siblings."

Pumpkin smiles. "Ah've got a great big family. Ah've got a big sister, two big brothers an' ah got a baby brother now, too! He's a real cutie. Ah can't wait until he can talk."

Hawthorn ooohs. "Sometimes I wish I had a big family." He shrugs. "But I've got my mom and dad, so I guess I can't complain." He beams. "I'd like to meet your family one day, if that's okay."

Pumpkin thinks. And then her stomach rumbles. "Well, ah bet it's about dinner time. Y'all wanna come with me an' have supper? It'll be fine!"

Hawthorn giggles at the rumbling. "Naw, that's okay. I should wait for my parents for a while longer." He climbs back up onto the bench, waving a hoof. "It was real nice to meet you!"