New Building, New Ponies
IC date: Autumn 14, 1007
OOC date: October 3, 2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Dream-Daze
NPCs: Seaside Shimmer, Tropical Sunset
GM: None

A long day of construction has wrapped - the additional foundation laid and the frame of the structure securely in place! Ruby stifles a small yawn "I'm tuckered" despite doing relatively little by comparison - then again she's no work pony as Kludge knows. "All I need to do is have some pony figure out some spell or charm to prevent damage." she frowns "I really can't imagine doing this again.

"Too bad there's not something that protects against lack of common sense - but then, that goes for most anything, doesn't it?" agrees Kludge. It felt nice being able to do construction again, and not having to worry about random telekinesis made work more relaxing. He still hadn't gotten around to rebuilding his wagon, but it's still on his to-do list, along with working with the foals to build their clubhouse.

Suddenly Kludge is looking into pair of large ruby-red eyes; the expressive orbs obscuring his vision as Ruby gets unusually close. "I've been wondering…" snagging Kludges hat before hopping back to get a good look at the other unicorn's horn while wearing his hat atop her head. "I wanted to see how it looks now." peering oh so curiously.

Kludge's horn in much better shape than it was before the Foalpocalypse, no longer resembling a ginger root. It's still undersized for his age, though, and has a slight seam where the hairline crack (which was still present during the Foalpocalypse) used to be. "Still don't have full control of my telekinesis, but at least I have *some* control, and it doesn't activate unless I want it to."

Ruby-Blossom grins at Kludge as she playfully tosses his hat - attempting to land the hat atop of Kludge's head as if she were playing a carnival game. "Glad to hear that, I really wish I could of done more. Why, I'd give my horn if it helped you.

Kludge grins bashfully as he catches the hat on his head. "The fact that you bandaged it so that it could heal better was a big help," he points out. "I'm just glad that things are back to normal, and there were no lasting problems from that bout of Poison Joke."

Or so the stallion is inclined to believe!

Ruby-Blossom beams cheerfully at Kludge "Yeah, I'm glad that whole thing is over. Wait here, I want to grab something." trotting around to the back of the 'building' where the material's cart is. A moment passing before an unfamiliar voice chirps "Hey handsome!" then another nearly identical voice "We're looking for the Mane on Main, but like there's nothing here." the first voice chimming in again "Is this some sort of joke?" "She wouldn't play a joke like this, Sunset." "I suppose you're right, sis." A pair of nearly identical earth ponies standing behind Kludge - the primary difference between the sisters being eye and hair color - but at least the pair match very well!

Kludge blinks. "I take it the two of you are new here?" he inquires, somewhat rhetorically. "This is where Mane on Main is… was… will be…" He shakes his head, deciding not to worry about tenses. "There was a big fire about a fortnight ago - burned down the whole neighborhood. Mane on Main is being rebuilt, as you can see." He offers a hoofshake. "Name's Kludge, and you two are…?"

The pair of white fillies looks curiously at Kludge then curiously at each other light blue eyes meeting light green before they look back at Kludge. "This looks /nothing/ like the photograph." "Nothing at all." "Ruby said this place was open for business." "Hearing it burnt down is a /total/ bummer." Both nodding in agreement. "So are you like the forepony or something?" "Look at those muscles, you know he's a hard-worker." "I suppose you're right." "Cute hat too." It's about this time Ruby comes trotting back around the corner carrying a small box by a string - big ol' ruby eyes blinking curiously then again. The look on her face totally says it all - she forgot /something/! "Ruby!" the twins pipe in unison followed by "Your mane!" clearly as shocked to see Ruby's mane as she is to see the twins.

Kludge looks from the twins to Ruby and back, clearly bemused. "I take it the lot of you know each other?" he asks in an amused tone of voice, clearly stating the obvious intentionally.

The twins perk up and pipe cheerfully "Of course know Ruby. She totally helped us out a few years back." "We were total brats, and on the completely wrong path. "She hooked us up." "Got us internship at salon." "We don't know where we'd be if it weren't for her." "Sadly she didn't stick around long." double-glare followed by perky smiles! "So we were totally surprised to hear from. "Totally." Sunset agrees. "Doubly so when offered us a job." "You know we've never been to the country side." "Grew up in Marehattan you know." they blink and grin "Remember that priceless diamond you took us to see?" "It totally got stolen by Scarlett O'Mare right before you left!" "Can you believe that?" "We were like whoa." the twins nodding in unison. All the while Ruby looks like she wants to interject but the mares really seem to ramble. She sets the small box down near Kludge before coughing softly "I forgot you girls were coming, the last couple weeks have been very very taxing, you wouldn't believe it."

Kludge might not always be the fastest on the uptake, but he can pick up on specific phrasing… and what he's picking up is that the twins are Not In The Loop regarding Ruby's secrets. "You're in luck; things are currently calm, so you'll have time to settle into town without being in the middle of chaos."

The twins turn to grin at one another in a mischievous fashion. "You two are so friendly." "How unusual." "She normally won't give a stallion the time of day." Their grins broadening in unison before both of the mare's lean forward to more closely expect Kludge. "Ruby's found herself a man~" they sing in unison - enticing a fit of blushing from Ruby who flails her front legs "I have not!" the pair playfully cowers "Kyaa!" "She's going to eat us!" Darting behind Kludge so the stallion is between them and Ruby. "But it's true~" "Totally true~" "It's amazing, really." "Yes, quite." "To think Ruby would settle down in such a little town." "A quaint little home. Is there going to be a picket fence?" "When's the wedding?" "Are we in line to be the bride's maid?" "Oh the calm before the storm!" "A gale of romance and passion!" Ruby incredibly red by this point. "You two are still brats!" The pair ducking behind Kludge with another playful "kyaa~~ Monster!"

Kludge is just standing there with a flummoxed expression. Yesterday it was Winter Solstice thinking that he and Ruby were a serious item, and now today a couple of Ruby's acquaintances are shipping the two of them? All we need now is for the Lemonade Brigade to start playing matchmaker!

…on second thought, the fact that it was even mentioned might cause it to happen. Oh dear.

Two pairs of hoofs now rest on Kludge's back as the the mares look at Ruby from behind their pony shield. "Since the salon is like…" the pair glancing sideways at the 'structure' before the other continues "Not really much of anything right now." "This means we totally have free time." "Yeah free time." "So where's the happening spot?" "Or is this it? "It's kind of sad really." each girl patting a hoof against Kludge's back "Obvious why this would seem interesting." "Interesting indeed." "But did you notice?" "I noticed." "I think there may pirates here." "Were you aware of the pirates?" "You weren't aware were you?" "Why else would you invite innocent little us here?" Ruby huffs adorably "You two are anything but innocent. I forgot how troublesome you could be." Despite that the Ruby eyed mare is beaming brightly. "It is strangely quiet today though.

"That it is," agrees Kludge. He opens his mouth to say something, then pauses, a thoughtful look on his face. "Say, Ruby? How much should I say about the town? You have a better idea of how they'll react…"

Suddenly where Ruby was there's a blinking outline of the mare! This leaves Kludge alone with the pair who quizzically wonder aloud "Where'd she go?" "That was fast." "Faster than normal." "Certainly." grins crossing their faces "So Kludge, what is it you wanted to tell us?" "You're not going to come onto us are you?" "That'd be bad." "Very bad." "Ruby's got a temper." "A fierce temper." "Something fierce." "I'll say." "So tell us." "Yeah, tell us!"

"Well, this past week most of the population of the Harbor were turned into foals due to some Poison Joke… the town apparently burns down on a somewhat regular basis… the forest is NOT some place you'd want to visit without a group…" Kludge ponders recent events. "It's a lively town; this just happens to be the calm after the storm." Or before the next, but he's trying to be optimistic!

And then there was a foal!

A legitimate foal! One of the smaller foals of the town, for that matter. A little blue unicorn, Dream Daze, comes bouncing down the street looking like she hasn't a care in the world~ Where /has/ she been, anyway? It doesn't seem to matter much, seeing as she's out and about again, and looking as cheerful as ever.

The twins hmm curiously before trotting around to sit in front of Kludge. "That sounds exciting." "Totally exciting." "Was Ruby turned into a foal?" "I would of paid to see that." "Me too. Bet it was addorably." "/Totally/ addorable." grinning at one another then at Kludge. "So how'd you meet Ruby?" "Sweep her off her feet?" The foal doesn't go unnoticed - her presence ellicting a squeel from the twins who rush over "Are you a foal?" "Or an adult?" "What's your name?" "Cute bling." "Is that a fashion statement?" "I want one." "Me too." both suddenly hugging the addorabl foal. "Is this yours?" "And Ruby's?" griiin!

What is this?! Suddenly mobbed! Dreamy would squeak, if she had a voice to squeak with! Instead she flails, if cutely, and looks from one twin to the other, blinking her big, expressive eyes up at Kludge in a 'what is this?' sort of fashion. What? What bling? Do they mean her nametag…? Everypony should have a nametag… Even the blind ones.

If he had been taking a drink, Kludge would've done a spittake. "Ladies, this is Dream Daze, one of the local foals. Dreamy, these two are acquaintances of Ruby's who *don't know* about the town." The inflection is intended to hint that these two don't know about Ruby's secrets; Kludge hopes it gets across. "The first time I recall meeting Ruby was during a lemonade competition. Bit of a long story to that, but it was a matter of being in the same place at the same time. Wound up helping her a few days later when she was trying to build her shop by herself, and I've generally been helping out ever since."

The foal is the center of attention with playful little hugs and mane-strokes before the girls set the poor thing down. "A lemonade competition?" "How silly." "Very silly. Sounds like fun. "Very much fun." beaming excitedly - very clearly amused. "So you two have been together since? Adorable." "Very adorable. If only we could meet a guy like." "A cute guy." "Rich." "Handsome." "Kind." "Handsome." "You just said that." "Did I?" "Handsome it is!" the pair grinning at Kludge and Dream.

Such a whirlwind of activity! By the end of it, Dreamy's backed herself up to stand next to Kludge, looking ruffled, but none the worse for wear! Dazed, perhaps, but smiling up to the newcomers in that totally cute little foal way. Her head tilts though, peering up at Kludge. As though trying to decide how many of those 'important qualities' the twins are naming off actually apply.

The pair clearly have a laundry list of qualities they want in their stallion or respective stallions really. "Oh my gosh!" the pair gasping "Oh no!" looking at one another before gasping in unison "We totally forgot!" Quickly the look towards Kludge and Dream-Daze "I'm STeraospiidceal" the pair blinking looking at one another again as they realize talking at the same time totally does work. The mare with primarily green hair starts "I'm Seaside Shimmer." the mare with primarily blue hair continues "I'm Tropical Sunset." continuing in playful unison "By powers combined, we are totally awesome!" standing sideways with Seaside in the front and Sunset behind facing the opposite direction. "We came to town at Ruby's request." "To help with her salon. "But that's temporarily gone." "So it's time to have some fun!" "That didn't really rhyme." Sunset sticking her tongue out "I know.

Kludge looks at Dreamy and gives a shrug. The twins as a pair have the presence of personality in the same scale as Whistlestop has physical presence: overwhelming, particularly if you're directly in the path of motion! "Nice to meet you two," he says to the twins.

The pair switch directions as they continue rambling. "It's a pleasure to meet you." "Our pleasure indeed." "You're a big strong fella." "You'll drag our bags from the port right?" "Wouldn't leave a damsel in distress." "You're not a damsel." "Neither are you." "Well you're distressing. "That's true, hey!" Sunset suddenly rough hugging her sister. "You'll help?" "Of course he will!" "Where are we staying anyways?" "I'm sure Ruby told her boyfriend." "Yeah, he'll know.

Kludge looks from Seaside Shimmer to Tropical Sunset and back, mildly confused for a moment. Boyfriend? Who are they talking… wait, me? Even after I told them otherwise? Sigh… "Actually, this is the first I've even heard of you," he admits. "So, I have no clue what's going on." On a whim, he opens the box just far enough to take a peek inside… hey, it's a hat! Just like his current one, but of higher quality materials and workponyship - nice!

Dream-Daze shrugs too! And then gives a bow to the pair of perky ponies. Surely she'll be seeing them again sometime if they're sticking around the harbor long. Plenty of time to get to know them~