Never Ever
IC date: Autumn 70, 1007
OOC date: November 27, 2012
PCs: Sodium-Fizz, Moonshine, Ruby-Blossom
GM: None

Music, no, no Its just a beat, like the pounding of a drum accompanies the clip-clop of hooves on the cobble stones of the path leading round harborside. While no drum beat is seen, there's the sound of it as Moonshine makes her way to a halt parking her wagon at the edge of the crater where she sets up shop so to speak. The unicorn is oddly not intoxicated just yet, so something must be off or something. Oh well, she's still about and active and still playing with keeping warm or course. The trim little unicorn pulls her tent open manually, she's not quite gotten any thing quite so fancy as that of what Spicey has with her tent, but its all good for her. "Mm servin' up some fresh late season Cider here'!" she shouts to anyone in proximity, "Can be foal brewed, or some o' the more risque stuff too!, got all proof's and toxicity levels going too!" she calls out, "Come one come all, n get your warm drinks!

And the market goes on, ponies approaching, browsing and buying of Moonshine's stock, just like they do from most every stall set up around. All in all, it's a rather normal day! Well, with the exeption of a rather glum-looking 'other-world' pony - one can tell by the goggles and the heavy winter clothing hanging around her frame - taking a look around before leaving and the apperance of a pair of mares. One of them is a somewhat prominent local, the owner of the oft-abused salon in town. The other is just wears clothes for some reson.

"Cider you say?" asked Sodium-Fizz as she stopped by Moonshine's tent and craned her neck forward. She'd been wearing her ratty clock outside for the most part since they got back, though today she seems to have switched it up - rather so - by donning a ensamble consisting of a off-white linen shirt with cuffs underneath a purple, brass-buttoned waistcoat with long coat-tails draping well down her flanks. And completing it with boots and her recovered rimless glasses.

Moonshine smiles to the well dressed local pony, "Why yes missy, Tiz some of the chilliest or toastiest cider n' town" she laugh's some, "Spiced, or plain, Hard or tame I certainly can accomadate most any tastes, by the mug, or by the barrel, take yer pick, just two bits a mug and a bit more for a tankard, or well we can haggle on the barrel if you're into that" she smiles "Though if ya want it heated, you'll have to give me a sec, no trouble no trouble at all that be!"

Sodium-Fizz stod silent for a few moments her eyes darting back and forth across the offered selection, looking rather undecided. "Do you have… bottels? And no hard cider, just plain… Think it would be nice to have some at home…"

Ruby-Blossom chirps soflty as she glances over Fizzy's shoulder at what's being offered. "No hard? Who are you and what have you done with Fizzy?" she teases the older mare - quite aware she has plenty LESS reasons to drink these days. "I bet…" she trails off before glancing towards Moonshine.

Moonshine laughs some and smiles across to ya, "well I'm not good with the glassware in the bottle form, how about we cut a deal on half price for a barrel, call it good that way" she offers, kindly with a questioning glance, "Ooh, how about 20bits maybe, thats half off right there, and then some, will tap it all pretty like n everything nothing extra?" she asks then looks over to the other mare, "And how about you Missy?" as she pours a glass o' the tame stuff for the first mare to ask, "Ya like this one hot, or leave it chilled?" she asks so that the first asking mare may sample the taste.

Sodium-Fizz shot Ruby an annoyed stare. "I've replaced her with a changeling coppy, obviously," said Fizz and turned to look back at Moonshine. "And.. that sounds much more than resonable actualy 20 bits it is." Hoofing through her waistcoat soon produced the bits. As she did she glanced at Ruby curiously. "And you bet… what?"

Ruby-Blossom beams cheerfully at the older mare "Nothing!" she just grins goofily for the longest moment before leaning to whisper to Fizzy. "How you going to get that thing back to Iron Stock's without Winny's help?" pointing out the fatal flaw in the deal that's just about done.

Moonshine pools those bits together, and tromps up to her waggon You both hear the *waTHUMP* of the unicorn tapping it, then another *Whump!* as the waggon practically jumps for a momment, then the unicorn apears rolling the big barrel out of the wagon before you, a hint of magic controling its decent and truning radius, "Alrighty here, n'd Here we go!" she offers politely as she spins it about in its place part magic, part hoof-powered, then levitates a pair of small beach stones over to keep the big barel in place., "alrighty now that thats taken care of, what can I getcha?" she asks of Ruby-Blossom, as she hands over that other super thick glass mug to Fizzy still chilled though oddly the outside is coated with a fine soot, the inside is clear and clean though.

Sodium-Fizz blinked, her face falling. Oh yeah, she had not tought of that! Hoof meet face. "Oh, stupid… I should have figured that out before. And… Oh." Soda blinked as the mug floated over to her and she reached out, hooking her hoof around it before pulling it in close and giving it a good look. And then a taste.

Ruby-Blossom shakes her head at Moonshine. "I don't tend to drink things of questionable orgin from ponies I don't know, on the side of the road." Ruby-red eyes darting sideways to Fizzy then back to moonshine. "Or I could just say 'I'm not thirsty'?

Moonshine hrumphs some taking a little offense, "Name's Moonshine" she offers with a little grunt, "Eh, around here I guess" she shrugs, "or would you like my foal brews, very tame, maybe even tame enough for you? hmm Missy?" she giggles softly under her breath, then looks to Sodium Fizz, "did I detect a moment of distress, whatever is the problem?" she asks, "oh and as for the sooty outside, thats cause of when I dragon brew stuff, soot tends to get Everywhere!" she laughs then strikes a big grin, "cause well since I'm a dragon n' all, all that fire n smoke n soot n stuff!" she just laughs though its hard to tell if she's joking or outright serious.

Sodium-Fizz gives Moonshine a very flat, certainly one that's even flatter than Moon's tamest foal brews left out for a week. "Very funny… My name's Sodium-Fizz, by the way. And as my friend pointed out…" the grey mare shot a quick glance at the barrel, "I might have some problem getting that to the docks…"

Moonshine blinks surprised the other mare didn't find that funny, oh well some ponies have no sense of humor, "tell ya what, I'll get it where you're going ok?" she offers politely to you then turns around and shouts to nobody in particular, "Shop's closed for a bit, for Delivery!" and she concentrates a bit making sure the awning is tucked away, and the door closed up tight. She then takes a little flask from her pocket and sucks down much of the contents quite possibily all of it, its rather unsure. Her horn lights off and the mare steps her fore hooves upon it, "I can get it anywhere ya need me to get it"

"Home," came Sodium-Fizz's answer straight off, "Iron Stock's Sturdy Seaworthy Sinkproof Shipworks. It's… rather a mouthfull to say, but…" She smiled thinly.

Ruby-Blossom chuckles softly "Home, huh?" gently nudging Fizzy before leaning over to whisper "I do foresee a problem when you get hitched.

Moonshine nods some as she cleans up a her shopwaggon using a bit of magic here and there, then kicks away the pebbles she had collected to use as 'wheel-chocks' for the barrel, "Well do lead on, and we'll get this home for ya" she offers to follow behind you

As seemes fitting the skitish and relationship-shy pegasus, the word 'hitched' - taken in this context - was enough to send Sodium-Fizz tripping over her own hooves. Despite standing still. Turning about she stared at Ruby. "We get what?! No. No we're not! And… and don't joke about that," she added with a shudder, "please."

Turning about she set off down one of the roads towards the harbour, gingerly trotting along and her ears twitching back and forth.

Ruby-Blossom giggles and nuzzles Fizzy affectionately "Dont' be shy about it.

Moonshine turns a little "Alrighty Miss" she smiles as she starts rolling it with her forehooves, a bit of gravity, and an ounce of magic "Oh, Miss if this is for /that/ sort of celebration, I've gotta get yer bits back to ya, cause such things like that need to be celebrated, n' embraced even" she offers, "I couldn't charge for your happiness like that, such a cause for celebration n' all" the mare offers politely though is absoloutely beaming, "such a happy time, happy happy time!" she grins as she trots after.

Ruby-Blossom snickers loudly as Moonshine rolls with it. The smaller mare giving Fizzy a gently nudge before grinning stupidly at her then ducking to the other side of Moonshine's cart to avoid Wrath of Soda.

Sodium-Fizz stoped dead in her tracks and spun around, glaring both of them down. "No, it's not! Drop the subject or Luna help me, I'll…" The grey mare's eye flicked back and forth between them for several moments, her ears pinned back against her head. Finally she huffed, the air seeming to go out of her. "Just… get the dangable barrel where it's going…"

Moonshine screeches to a halt, looks wide eyed at the mare in front of her. Its very good the unicorn mare had such good control over the barrel or that pegasus mare would'ave been Squisshed, all flat like, and Ewww PonyMUSH! The mare halts dead in her tracks, and cowers like she's been smacked or something looking up to the pegasus mare with actual fear going for her. She's not used to anypony being rough like that, nor talking like that to her, she's frightened actually as she cowers behind the barrell like that, "I, I, I'm I'm I'm, I'm sorry Miss" she gulps hard as she looks up from the ground at Sodium-Fizz absoloutely terrrified she's going to get hit or something!

Ruby-Blossom quickly trots up to Fizzy - well aware she might get punished; and firmly nuzzles the older mare. "I'm sorry fizz…but with Winny that WOULD be a very good thing…" hers splay back and she huffs. "Oh, umn. We have a double date with Winny and Kludge on Friday - so you know.

Sodium-Fizz scoffs and takes a step away. "That doesn't change the fact I hate the idea… And… and…" The grey mare shifted from hoof to hoof uneasily, pale yellow eyes flickering back and forth in thought. A date with Winny sonded… but… "No we're not. I… Maybe. Just… don't bring up… that again!" Soda muttered. The grey mare turned her head, pale yellow eyes playing across Ruby. And Moonshine, though it seems far more so to just keep tabs on her than out of concern.

Ruby-Blossom huffs loudly then lowers her shoulders - looking like she's ready to pounce Fizzy; instead she stops "I wouldn't want to ruin your new clothes." she trots closer and attempts to force the nuzzle upon the older mare again. "I might bring it up again, cause I'm a total jerk who loves you." she huffs and tries to latch onto the other mare - which will make walking challenging.

Moonshine kinda gets up though her knees quiver and she maintains that cowered look not totally silent and right terrified she's going to tick off the beat up looking rich one. (nice clothing=rich in her mind) she trots quietly after, as she did say she was going to deliver it to her/for her.

Ruby-Blossom chirps sweetly "I'm sorry Fizzy." she lets go of the older mare "I'll catch up with you later, sis." then disapears off into a dark alley.

Sodium-Fizz scowled after Ruby as she dissapeared, then sighed. "No you're not…" Though to what Soda's reffering to is hard to tell. Kicking off the pegasus took to the air and turned in the direction of the Rusty Bucket. She hadn't wanted anything alcoholic when this started, but she did so now.

Moonshine looks up as you take off, "Uhh, hey wait?!" she squeaks , "where, Where's home?" she asks "I, I don't know where to drop this stuff off at!" she calls up to the departing pegasus, while she just holds onto the barrell looking confusedly after the departed mare. She huffs out, "confusing" and leans on the barrell