Neither Spin, Nor Drift, Nor Rising Chaos...
IC date: Autumn 54, 1007
OOC date: November 14, 2012
PCs: Rising-Chaos, Spearmint, Spindrift, Thunnini
NPCs: None
GM: None

Horseshoe Harbor - Outskirts of Town

Ruby and Magpie's stint Harbor Side was short lived to say the least; the pair returning to the portal after providing some specific instructions and a couple of letters. The first letter addressed to the Element Holders contained a synopsis of the recent events AU-side including the amassing of Queen's Forces near the base. The second letter is addressed to Rising-Chaos of all ponies! Ruby after much consideration could think of a better pony to deliver a letter to Harbor Side; since the foals were simply not up for consideration! Ruby also informed the Element Holders of their intentions to create a distraction on Friday - a prime opportunity to cross-over if there ever was one.

After requesting a saddle-bag bloated with fruits, veggies, a bag of candy, and sandwhiches fit for a Winny - Ruby departed since she simply couldn't leave Kludge all alone; not like she was in a hurry to get back to him or anything! Don't speculate!

This leaves one very blind pony to deliver the provided letter.

Ow. Ow. Ow. The little mint-colt limps along down the path, note held tightly in his teeth. He'd given the necklace - once somepony had explained that he'd actually grabbed something of use - back to Daffy (it had taken a little work to unwrap the thing from his hoof). Spearmint isn't looking so minty anymore, either - apart from the earlier smudges of ash, now there's dirt, and quite a few bruises. Maybe a little red in there. He's not had a good day.

But he has a mission! He's been made a delivery colt. Even if he's not /entirely/ sure who he's supposed to deliver the paper to, he's gonna deliver it, darn it! …And then he's gonna go home and take a hot bath. …And get soooooo totally grounded. …/Again/. Meh.

Somewhere along the road behind the blind colt, a cloaked shadow follows, totally not taking advantage of Spearmint's blindness to tail him with relative ease. All he may hear is the occasional scuff of hooves on the road- not an uncommon sound.

Thunnini is quietly poling along in her go-cart, travelling along with Spearmint. She's still a bit upset that she was too slow to help much with the rescue, especially since Spearmint got hurt, but at least she can keep him company as he goes about his mission.

Spearmint sighs faintly. "This'd be a lot easier if I knew where I was going," he mumbles around the letter. Mostly clearly! When you've got practice speaking around a spoon or ladel or the like, a simple piece of paper doesn't upset your speaking patterns much. "I know Ms. Rising lives in town somewhere, or Ms. Ruby would've told me to go somewhere else, but…" He shakes his head. Still a bit out-of-it. At least he's pretty sure of which path he's on. At least he has a friend with him! That'll stop him from wandering into the forest again or something. Right?

The creeping shadow continues to follow.

Well, it's a shadow in the metaphorical sense. In actuality it's a pony. A tall, skinny pony in a cloak. It's Spindrift, actually, that's who it is, okay? In case there was any doubt who the sinister presence lurking around here all the time was. And she's not really creeping, but she is going slowly. A blind colt and a seafilly in a wheelie bucket are pokey prey to stalk. Still, Spindrift is measured in her pursuit; she is impatient, of course, but she's in great enough mastery of herself that it does not show.

Brume is nowhere to be seen.

Rising-Chaos is standing on the street, apparently deep in concentration. Before her on the ground is an open book. She's holding a couple stones in front of her with her magic and is giving them quite a lot of thought. She spots the approaching foals and gives them a wave. "Hello Spearmint, Thunnini, what are you two up to?" She expects they're off on more crazy adventures, something she's had quite enoguh of recently.

Spearmint blinks and pauses, tilting an ear. He… /kinda/ knows that voice. He lifts his head and clears his throat slightly. "I'm supposed to be delivering a letter, miss."

As Rising comes into view, the trailing shadow that is Spindrift ducks out of sight, a brief flicker of a grey cloak all that is visible before she is out of sight.

Which sounds nice and dramatic, but all she's really doing is ducking behind a tree. An agitated squirrel up in its branches starts squawling down at her, and she scowls back up at it.

"Oh, hello, miss Chaos," says Thunnini with a wave of her hoof. "We have a letter for you from a pony that was disguised as some sort of insect-looking thing. Not exactly sure what it's about, though."

Rising-Chaos is pulled from her thoughts by the little foal's comment. She gives Spearmint a better look. "Who are you delivering a letter to? It must be important, to send you out in such a state." She puts everything down and approaches the foals to get the letter. "a letter for me, thank you very much for delivering it." Meanwhile, her mind races with all of the possibilities of what it COULD be, she just hopes it's not from Canterlot. "May I have it? Then you two can be on your way."

Spearmint blinks, flushing a bit. Oh! That's why the voice sounded familiar. Whoops. He clears his throat a bit and stretches his neck up to hold the letter out to her. "Uh, yeah, here. S'for you."

The creeping shadow up yonder ducks out from behind its tree and makes for the bushes with an elegant roll, which goes perfectly well until her cloak gets caught up on a branch and she sprawls out under the bush with a grunt of pain. The squirrel continues to nag after her, which is not making it very easy to hear the discussion up ahead.

Rising-Chaos takes the letter gratefully, taking out a couple of bits to give to the foals as thanks. She focuses on the letter, seeing it's from Ruby. She opens it and reads it carefully. Somehow she fails to notice the antics of the shadow down the street, not that she cares, the inhabitants of the harbour long ago ceased to amaze her.

The envelope contains a letter written on some musty parchment with some distinctly large teeth marks on one corner.

Dear Rising

Long time no see! It's me Ruby! I totally suck at writing letters, and will try to avoid pointing out the obvious like how a whole bushel of us ponies are missing. That explosion six weeks back blew us right into another world a strange cold land where Nightmare Moon rules, and all the ponies not trying to kill us are forced to hide, and fight for their lives.

Getting to the point if you're reading this letter it means we found a way between our world and the frozen wasteland I'd call it Equestria Cold, but the beer maker wouldn't appreciate that. We're all surviving on this side but excited to come home; it's way to cold here but don't worry I keep warm at night by sharing a bunk with Windrose.

Look at still writing when there's work to do! The Portal on the cold-side is actually in the middle of an abandoned changeling hive well abandoned by changelings but totally full of zombies. Did I mention the zombies? I'd totally recommend sending some trust-worthy ponies to guard the portal on your side I likely gave directions to who-ever I gave this letter to.

Some of us just don't feel right about heading home without helping the ponies on this side, and that's been a huge challenge! We've had to fight off zombies, evil enchantresses, dragons, and hunger all they have over here are these blue leaves which totally taste like leave WINNY DON'T EAT MY PAPER! Argh, I can't believe I wrote that! Ignore the chew marks.

We'd be real grateful if you could let everypony know we're okay, and if you've seen any of the ponies from this side please show them this letter; they're totally needed on this side as they possess the Elements of Harmony. It's almost like a fairy tale except evil; actually it's exactly like a fair tale.

I forgot to mention we fought Nightmare Moon well mostly we tried to fight her then she ran away when a bunch of zombies busted out of the ground like Winny busting into a cookie jar that was uber creepy. I totally don't recommend visiting if you haven't figured that out yet. I mean you could if you like snow and having your flesh gnawed.

It'd be super if you could stash some medical supplies, food, and even alchemical components (Did I spell this right!?) near the portal Harbor Side we could totally use them. I'd also recommend talking to whoever brought this letter cause a letter is written before hoof, and sometimes things change.

Totally time for some gossip you wouldn't believe it! Sodium-Fizz totally had the hots for Winny; then again Winny like a giant adorable zombie-stomping teddy bear I can't blame Fizzy. I totally made them kiss now they're canoodling and snogging; it's SO adorable at least when Fizzy isn't trying to kill me over making them kiss. Then there's Solar-Wind he's totally trying to hook-up with this psychotic Captain that serves under Nightmare Moon that crazy pegasi stabbed me in the neck! I don't like here, totally doesn't have any manners and is so uncool.

We met a lot of ponies on this side that aren't evil though they totally thought I was a spy when we first arrived; probably because I was spying on them I didn't know if they were going to eat us or what so I hid for DAYS; no pony even knew I was there it was awesome. Before I forget. Winny insists you visit Iron Stock and tell her that Winny's okay, and give her a hu~~~~~

The pen streaks off to the edge of the paper and the dainty writing is replaced by far larger script possibly the writing of a child.

Hey Boss, it's Winter Solstice. I bet you don't remember me but I hope you do so that I still have a job when I get back. I miss you but I am on a pretty amazing adventure so it's not so bad. Actually it is kind of terrible so I do miss you. If you have not eaten that sandwich I left out then you may want to throw it out because I bet it is kind of funky right now. I will bring you back some snow as a souvenir. I know you probably get snow in Horseshoe Harbor anyway but this is evil snow from a nightmare world. Sincerely Winter Solstice who works for you by the way in case you forgot.

Well there goes the last of my paper. Anyways I'll see you when I get back, you can totally buy me dinner your treat!



PS: Zombies stink and don't want to by your friend.

PSS: Don't get jealous about Windrose cause you can't have her back. <3

Rising-Chaos reads the letter quickly, getting all the information she can from it, choosing to ignore the remark about windrose. She allows herself a smile from hearing from a friend she had been a little worried about. she folds the letter back up, and bring out a notepad, noting down the things that were asked of her. She returns to her book and lies down, musing as to where to get food and medical supplies, and what to include. She reopens the letter and slowly tears out Winter's written segment, to be delivered later.

After Rising was done reading the letter, Thunnini spoke up with a tone of curiosity. "What was the letter about, miss Chaos?"

The lurking shadow is no longer hiding in the bushes. She's on the path, and approaching, sea-green gaze locked onto Rising. Her cloak billows around behind her as she strides forward… a few twigs and leaves caught in the coarse fabric. Also a squirrel pitches a peanut shell at her. It misses, but it's still not very dignified.

Spearmint blinks, shuffling uneasily from hoof to hoof (after tucking the bits away in his saddlebag, because, you know, why not, okay). It's always so boring waiting for other ponies to read! He perks his ears at Thunnini's question, also curious. It'd be nice to know what the heck he got flung around for today!

Rising-Chaos looks over to the seafilly and smiles. "Just a letter from a friend who's been gone for a while. Nice to hear from her, she just wanted to tell me she was fine, stealing my friends, and safe. She also asked me to do a couple favours for her around town." She spots the mysterious cloaked figure but ignores it for now. She doesn't want to start something with the foals still here, one of whom just stopped thinking of her as the 'bad guy'. There's also always the chance that they're just a passing pony, a mare can hope.

"What kind of favors?" inquires Thunnini with a headtilt. Curious seapony is curious!

"Indeed, Rising Chaos," says Spindrift, close enough now to be heard, and soon stopping behind the foals. Chaos's hope that Spindrift is merely passing by does not come to pass. She is in far too irritable a mood to be passing anywhere. No, if you're going to get whipped up into this sort of a seething ire it's with a definite purpose, not just for a nip on down to the market. "What kind of favors? Something the pirate pegasus down by the docks would be delighted to hear, I'm sure."

Her gaze flicks over Spearmint and Thunnini, lingering for a moment on the latter, and in that moment there's a brief flicker in her glowering expression, but it hardens back up as she lifts her head to bore into Rising with her sea-green gaze once more.

Rising-Chaos is about to tell answer Thunnini's question when Spindrift joins the picture. Chaos' smile vanishes, she does her best to prevent her face from forming a scowl, in fact, she avoids looking at Spindrift entirely. Her voice, however, remains pleasant as she speaks. "Mostly letting others know she's alright, a couple messages to deliver, one warning." She finally looks Spindrift's way. "Hello mistress Spindrift, when you have the right to know about my personal correspondence, I will kindly oblige by telling you. For now, I will keep it to myself."

Thunnini awws. This sounds like nobody will be told anything while Spindrift is in the area. "Need any help?" she offers to Chaos.

If there's anything Spindrift detests more than everything here, it's being ignored by everybody here. She draws herself up, the arch of her eyesbrows deepening, and maintains her stare at Rising Chaos. "Until that painted trollop you're working for asks you what it says, I'm sure. Already I can imagine you're thinking about how to leverage your petty ambitions with this situation. A pirate blockade of the portal, perhaps? Hold the safety of the missing townspeople at ransom for a smattering of coins?" Her lips briefly draw back in a sneer. "You seemed eager enough to profit off of sending myself, the zebra and Brume into danger, after all."

Rising-Chaos manages to keep herself together, but her temper is starting to flare dangerously. "My dearest Spin, no need for the harsh language." Chaos spits the last few words through clenched teeth. "No call for insulting the Queen, as she will not be seeing this letter either. I am quite aware of the need for ponies to have some privacy." She stops to give Thunnini a smile and small shake of her head, she'll be fine. She turns back to Spindrift, still laying on the ground. "As for my ambitions, it is in my best interests that my friends," she pauses, "a concept unfamiliar to you, perhaps. It means ponies I care about. I would like them to get home safely, at personal expense if necessary. Even so, pursuing my ambitions is a praiseworthy thing, isn't it?" She forces a small smile. "I am glad none of you were hurt badly on the expedition, I would hate for something to happen to you out in the forest." Soemthing in her tone implies that while her concern was genuine, that concern for Spindrift's safety does not extend to the town.

Spearmint blinks and tilts an ear, frowning. He does not like the sound of this. …This sounds like the sort of thing he should be telling his mother about. "…Uh… but… Ms. Rising. We know where Ruby is, an' what's going on… and… and we wanna help. …Some of our friends are there too."

"And if they're friends of Spearmint, then they're going to be friends of mine, too!" declares Thunnini. After all, she likes the friends of Spearmint that she's already met, so she trusts his choice of friends.

Spindrift remains silent as Rising responds, her mouth drawn, her jaw clenched such that it flexes slightly with the clenching of her teeth. If she blinks, it's only reluctantly, her stare unerring as it focuses on the unicorn. And as Rising finishes on that curious note, the Mysterious Wanderer doesn't respond immediately- instead letting the foals speak their part. At last she tears her gaze away from Rising, looking down at the two young ponies before her with a flick of her ears. Her drawn lips curl into a frown; her eyelids flutter. For a brief moment it seems like her building emotions are about to spill into something approaching tears.

But with a toss of her head and a baring of her teeth, she shakes it away, looking back up at the unicorn, once more in cold mastery of herself. "Promising words, but they are spoken by a pirate's accomplice," she says, her tone level and low. "You will doubtlessly be present for the extraction. Brume and I will be as well. We will do nothing to interfere with you- if, in fact, you are there to assist- but any obstruction of the effort will not go unpunished." She watches for a moment, then whirls away and begins stalking back up the path she approached along, pausing briefly to flip the hood of her cloak up along the way.

Rising-Chaos gets to her hooves, seething with anger as her compuse cracks. Her face changes to a growl as Spindrift says her piece. She takes a step after her as she leaves. "I was not, in fact invited," she hisses. "Perhaps I'm not needed with such mighty and arrogant ponies such as yourself in attendance. Especially if I 'cannot be trusted'." She gives the last few words the hatred they deserve. "Though if you do a thing to hurt or scare my friends, I will destroy you, understand me?" Uncharacteristic loyalty from the mare, though it could just be an excuse, who knows.

Chaos takes a few deep breaths, then turns to the foals, who are probably quite afraid by now. "Thank you my dears, but I'm sure the others are safe under the protection of winter and Ruby. you two have one important job thoguh, keep having fun, so the others feel like they're at home as soon as they arrive." Her voice doesn't reflect the enthusiasm in her words thoguh, and the sweetness falls flat. She glares back to Spindrift, her mood thoroughly ruined. With a whirl of her own, Chaos begins to gather her blongings.

Spindrift doesn't err from her departure, nor does she look back, nor does she respond. She flinches briefly at Rising's angry shouts back at her, but catches herself before it becomes too visible. For all intents and purposes she appears to be coldly disregarding anything Rising has to say.

Of course, it's easy to look cold when your back is turned and your hood is drawn up and nobody can see the terror in your eyes.

Spearmint is indeed looking somewhat frightened by this entire exchange. The grown-ups are fighting and the foal doesn't know what to do about it. His ears go flat and he cowers a little bit. He really does not like where this is going. He gulps, biting his lip and fidgetting. "Uh…" 'Keep having fun' doesn't /quite/ sound like 'helping'.

Thunnini looks from Chaos to Spindirft and back, then leans over and hugs Spearmint. "How about if we get out of here? I still need to get a few things to Daffodil and the others," she whispers.

Rising-Chaos watches the mare go from the corner of her eye, though pretending to not notice. It's easy to look indifferent wiht your back turned, but it's best to look and when others see it. She turns back to the foals. "It was only a suggestion, to make them feel more at home." she scowls in Spin's direction. "Obviously you can only participate if you are powerful enough, which even I seem to not be." Her face contorts into a snarl. "Not that me being too weak is a surprise." Chaos whirls around and storms off before either foal has a chance to move. "If somepony needs me, I am busy," she growls over her shoulder as she leaves.

Spearmint nods slightly, gulping. "Yeah… I… I, uh… that might be a good idea." He scuffs a hoof, lowering his voice. "Momma's gonna ground me forever if I get into another fight."

"Okay!" smiles Thunnini, giving Spearmint a quick kiss on the cheek before sitting back up in her go-cart. "Onward to the docks!" she declares as she starts poling her way back to the harbor.

Blink. BLUSH. Spearmint stands stock-still for a moment, a bit stunned, before smiling a bit goofily. "…Right. D-docks. I'm coming!" He spins around to bound - okay, limp - after her. "L-let's get the stuff." He's a helper, he is.