Mystic Juggling
IC date: Autumn 51, 1007
OOC date: November 9, 2012
PCs: Rising-Chaos, Ginger-Spice
GM: None

It's a good day to die! Or at least that's the feeling one gets when seeing the sheer amount of shiney and sharp mettal flaoting along a certain smiling gingerbread brown mare, her horn burning a soft purple. Ginger-Spice had more or less looted her dinner cart of everything from the bigest vegetable cleavers to her grandmothers silver teaset spoons for this. She'd been putting it off for far to long by now, but with the odd zombie about it was best to see to it.

With that in mind she trotted up to Rising-Chaos' front door and gave it a cheery knocking, smiling brightly as the shiney wall of pointy stuff fell in behind her.

There are the sights you want to see when you open the door. A smiling mare with a large assortment of knives and other dangerous implements pointed right at you is not one of them. Rising Chaos flinches instinctively at the sight. Thankfully, the mare herself is familiar, triggering a memory. She relaxes slowly, the half drawn machete easing back into it's sheath. "Ginger Spice right? You're here to learn more about your magic?"

Ginger-Spice smiles brightly and nods, making all the sharp, pointy bits bob up and down in a worrying approximation of the gesture. "Aye, on both counts! I've been havin' a bit o' a tiff with gettin' everythin' to do wha' I want when I'm out o' the kitchen. I'm sorry to kinda drop in like this though… Do ye 'ave the time to help a poor mare out?" If anything the smile grew even wider.

Rising-Chaos is unable to turn her gaze away from the knives, the many, many knives. The mention of trouble with control is not, at this very moment, very comforting. "Nice to see you again. Don't worry about the sudden visit. I did tell you I'd help you any time. I'll get some stuff together, feel free to come in while you wait."

"Thank ye, Risin'-Chaos!" exclaimed Ginger-Spice, steping around the other unicorn and heading inside, bright purple eyes looking about eagerl. "I brought a few things to practice whi', cannae have ye scruff up ye own stuff can we? I must say, ye 'ave a nice place 'ere!"

Rising-Chaos keeps an eye on Ginger making sure that the mare doesn't destroy anything before picking up her saddlebags. "I can see you brought your own tools," she remarks, raising her eyebrow. "Although I have a few things that may prove helpful, one moment." She pauses a moment to consider the compliment on the house. "Thank you, I try and take care of it, not always easy in this town." She runs to her library, gathering a few books and packing them away. She disappears up the stairs for a few minutes, and comes back down with fulls saddlebags. "I have everything we need, would you like to go outside to practice?"

Ginger-Spice nods, "Sure we can, ye're the one that knows! I'll jus'… um…" Spice squinted at the wall of metal as she spun around, seeking for a way to the door for a few moments before sighing. Her horn flared brighter for just a second, a twitch of her head parting the curtain of steel. "Ah, there we go!"

Rising-Chaos watches the display with a disapproving look on her face. She nods as a path is made for her, stepping through. "Thank you." Once outside she waits for Ginger Spice, bringing out a couple of magic practice balls from her saddlebag, like the ones in schools, that were specifically designed to be easy to use with magic.

It took a few moments for the gingerbread brown mare to join Rising-Chaos out on the street. If nothing else than becaus Ginger-Spice had to file all the pointy things back outside again, and doing so in a neat little single line. Once done she turned about to face Rising, a smile still on her muzzle. "Right, there we go! Oh… I remember these!" She grinned, reaching up and tapping one of them with a hoof.

If Rising Chaos is disappointed, she does a good job of not showing it. She watched the procession of knives out her door with a critical eye however. She smiles back at the mare Enjoying her enthusiasm. "Yes, their rather fun, I thought they might help you." She toses a couple in the air, catching them with her magic. "They're a bit easier to use than the knives." Not to mention safer, she adds in her head. On impulse she starts to juggle the two balls in the air, not nearly as impressive as Ginger Spice's magic, but fun!

Ginger-Spice eyes the balls criticaly for a few moments but nods, all the sharpies floating together to the side… before dropping like rocks into a big, resounding pile, "So… do ye have about thirty or forty o' 'em?"

Rising-Chaos deflates alightly when Ginger asks for more. She'd never been able to handle more than five or so. She opens her saddlebag and pulls out the others, depositing them on the ground in front of Ginger. "I have ten, though if I'm right you are worried about fine control over multiple objects, yes?" She bring out a pair of books as well, placing them on the ground beside the balls. "Those are for you to take home, read them, study them. they will help, trust me." She prances back and sits down to watch Ginger. "Now take those balls, and let's see what you can do."

The ginger mare smiled and nodded, her horn lighting up for a bare moment before reseding to a suprisingly dull glow, the balls wrapped in their own glow. With a very slight twitching of Ginger's head she sent them orbiting, nine balls orbiting the tenth a very tight, interlocking pattern while the tenth set about orbiting her horn. "Well, the thing is I'm nae usin' telekinesis for thi'… I'm usin' animation spells, see? An' usein' Starbright's Principle o' Multi-Magical Resonance to tie the telekinesis to it afterwards."

"Ye know, to let me free up thinkin' about 'olding everything. Lets me jus' order stuff around an' let 'em do the control…" It's actualy a fairly clever way to do it, even if holding the controls for that many animation spells can be tricky. It's obvious that she's had plenty of practice in that.

Rising-Chaos watches, obviously ompressed. She listens to the explanation, and her respect for Ginger Spice rises. It is indeed a very clever method. Chaos gets to her hooves and walks around Ginger while she speaks. "Very interesting way to control a large amoutn of things at once. Though from what you've told me sometimes they don't do what you want, especially at range." She pauses to consider the problem. Without warning, she uses her magic to grab the tenth ball and send it flying down the street. "Maintain the pattern." She casts a spell that lets her watch Ginger's casting in detail.

The gingerbread mare blinked in suprise as her tenth ball shot off. Ginger-Spice's horn flares for a moment as she rellayed new instructions to the center ball. In this case, it seemed, not to attempt to follow the pattern in the place it was flying a moment before but to simply float wherever it is. For Rising-Chaos though, it's rather an interesting thing to whatch as the strands of magic binding the unicorn chef to the ball snapps into a new shape, the others remaining the same still.

Curiouser still is the constant throbbing of information along the strands, while it seems they follow orders well enough the information they have to work with seems to be at great fault. As Ginger-Spice lean forward and begins to squint after the balls they become more and more eratic in their motions.

Rising-Chaos watches closely as the mare tried to keep control on her spell. She tightens her focus examinging the disharmonies in detail. The technique is certainly not at fault though, just it's implementation. She extends her powers and makes some subtle alteratiosn to the spells. The spell changed slightly, Chaos wait to see the results.

The spell is changed to no longer execute orders directly to each object. Instead, all instructions are given to the tenth ball, which in turn relays more orders to the balls around it. Entirely experimental, but could provide some useful data.

Ginger-Spice blinked in suprise, her brow furrowing up slightly in thought. "Ohh… I dinnae know ye could do tha'… or tha' I could use it as a relay…" She squinted for a moment, then closed one eye and peered at the distant balls, her tounge stuck out the corner of her mouth. They're still messy, and with one eye closed the central ball really starts to drift from the lack of depth perception. It's small satelites, however, do a lot better as they get a much more local point of reference.

Rising-Chaos smiles, releasing her hold on the spell as it's getting tiring. "Little trick they taught me at university." She watches as the balls start to orbit much mroe regular patterns. "That is another, it's all in localisation. This way you can get groups of objects working togther, much like chefs in a kitchen, each with their own role and the tools to do it." She watches the progress happily, not expecting to have done so much in a single day. Her respect for ginger increases even more as the mare immediately experiments with all the ways this changes the spell.

Ginger-Spice turned her head slightly, her horn flaring as she brought the balls back towards them. That's not to say it's without problems as a pair of ponies pass by before it… the lack of direct line of sight sending the balls careening of on their own, vaugely in Ginger's and Chaos' direction, leaving a pair of startled ponies with their bellies sucked in as far as they can in it's wake.

Rising-Chaos is caught completely off guard by Ginger's loss of control over her spell. She ducks as the balls come flying towards her. "I thought I left this behind when I elft school," she mutters. She tries to catch a ball with her magic, but only succeeds in making it hit her in the forehead. "Just like old times."

Ginger-Spice winced and rushed over to Rising-Chaos, her eyes only leaving her for a moment to dart in the directions of the balls, letting the animation spell colapse on itself. Skidding to a stop next to Chaos she lent down, peering into her face worriedly. "Are ye alright, there? I dinnae mean for 'em to do tha'…"

Rising-Chaos laughs at Ginger's concern. She gets to her hooves, a smile on her face. "Alright? I'm in a rather good moood actually." She looks around at the small amount of chaos the balls caused, smiling. "Reminds me of some particularily fun experiments at university. I'm fine." She starts picking up the balls and piles them up in front of her. "I think that went rather well."

Ginger-Spice bites her lower lip for a moment, her horn lighting up as she lent a hoof in the ball retrival process. Giving Chaos a nervous glance she sighed, "I still feel I owe ye for tha'… How bout I get ye a dinner as a way o' appology?"

Rising Chaos' mind is on fire at the possibilites. Already she is excited to learn so much more about the spells and changes she has made. Almostwithout noticing she's levitated her notepad beside her and is writng notes down. Still, she hears Ginger offer her dinner. "Dinner sounds wonderful, though you don't owe me a thing." She looks at the balls befor eher, neatly gathered together. "Would you like to take some of these home, for practice? I cna offer you say, five?"

Ginger-Spice shook her head, "They're usefull an' all, but…" Ginger shot a glance to her heap of sharp metal. "Well, I 'ave a lot to use. And I want to see how tha' trick scales up… Whit more objects…"

Rising-Chaos puts the balls back into her saddlebags. "Fair enough, I'll trust your judgement." She puts her saddlebags back on her back, and picks the books back up, offering them to Ginger. "For you to take home. Unfortunately I am rather busy, so we'll have to cut this lesson short." She offers a smile to Ginger, her mind ablaze with possibilites. "Thanks for dropping by."

Ginger-Spice smiled brightly as her horn lit up bright, vivid purple once more. With some effort she the animation spell rippled amongst her sharpies and they rose into the air. After a few more moments of muzzle-scrunching focus they shifted subtly as shey rearanged themselves in a new pattern, one that seems to coincide with the changes for the balls. Turning about she flashed Chaos a bright smile as she levitated the books onto her back. "It's me tha' should give ye thanks! This'll help aplenty! You jus' stop by the next time ye see my cart about and dinner'll be on me!"

With a wide grin and a wave the gingerbread brown pony set of down the road, her wall of steel dancing along merrily behind her.