My Littlest Pony Part 2
IC date:
OOC date: Januari 19, 2012
PCs: Magpie, Sodium-Fizz, Kludge, Nocturne, Winter-Solstice
NPCs: The Rats, The Mice

When we last left our heroes they were absconding the scene of an encounter with the sewer rats of Horseshoe Harbour aboard a precarious safety of a floatsam raft, piloted by Kludge, floating down the filthy flows of the city towards the sea. All in all, there could be worse ways to spend the evening. Or better. Either way, certainly ways that stinks a lot less! And such talk is certainly not figurative.

"Ugh, this place smells foul… I can almost see the methane fumes up there," muttered Sodium-Fizz as she turned her gaze skywards, or roof-wards rather. "I need to bring this up with the mayor at some point…" The pale yellow gaze of the mare danced across the cealing, quite failing to catch one thing, a fairly important detail. The beady eyes of a rat crawling along the pipes up above, keeping track of them. Tapping it's observations out over the pipes to an old friend, a old friend with a grudge.

"Maybe that's part of the reason the town's so flammable?" suggests Kludge, still helping to pole the raft along.

Rising-Chaos sits in the middle of the makeshift raft, looking miserable. In other words, completely normal except she's soaking wet. She's not nearly as attentive to their surroundings, not really caring at the moment. They're safe aren't they?

"Well, it's a sewer," suggests Winter, before trying to stand up. This immediately sets the raft to rockin' about, and it wobbles and jostles and tips and tumbles until the "big" mare setttles back down, carefully, legs folded beneath her. "You can't exactly tell people NOT to use it. That defeats the purpose! She should defintely look into hiring nicer rats, though."
Nocturne has been lured into a false sense of security as the monotony of the raft ride gets to him. His attention is merely on the walls, and he hadn't uttered a word in quite some time.

Magpie yelps as the raft rocks and bobs. She pushes up close to Winter and shivers, looking around at the shadows. "I don't think we actually hire them," she says nervously. "But yeah… nicer ones. Smaller maybe. These do seem to be.. y'know… rats of abnormal proportions."

Rising-Chaos rolls her eyes. "The only thing of abnormal proportions here is us, I'm afraid." She gets to her hooves, moving towards the back of the raft. She plans to shake herself to some semblance of dryness.

Rats of abnormal proportions? Perhaps, most likely they are just ponies of abnormal proportions. Though the rats seems to have strangely abnormaly proportioned intellects to normal, so in a way Magpie's rather right. Slowly the stream turned once more ahead of them, prompting Soda to sigh loudly. "Another turn? We've been down here for hours! Well, a hour… maybe one and a half… Shouldn't it take less time to get out of here? And what's that watery, rumbly noise?"

What indeed? Somewhere up ahead in the gloom the water rushed up and against jutting wood and under low hangings… and then promptly ended in a two-hoof long drop. Nothing to worry abou! Well, exept when you're riding a raft down a river of sewage and you're rat-sized.

When Magpie draws near, Winter sits up, shifts over, then drops down on the near-filly, smooshing her between herself and the board on which the party floats. She glances back at Nocturne and Rising. "Okay! SUper exciting rapid run time. You guys want me to sit on you two, too?" She looks a bit further, to Kludge. "Kludge, you're on your own. You're too big to be sat on."
Rising-Chaos shakes herself, somehow managing to keep her balance. "Wait, what?" Her head whips around to see the drop, making her groan. "My day just loves to get worse, and worse. I'll pass on being sat on though, thanks. I like breathing." The unicorn moves to the center of the raft, lies down and casts a spell. "I just hope this works, or I'm swimming again."

Kludge braces, but still keeps the pole at the ready. "Thanks for the concern, Winny," he chuckles.

Nocturne blinks, looks at Rising, back at the rapids, and over to Magpie. "Suit yourself, Rising." He shrugs and trots up to Magpie. "OK, so… what?"

The jutting jetties and hanging… hanginess up ahead drew closer, together with the much-larger-than-normal waterfall and… Was that movement up ahead on the… whatever… that hung across the sewer?

Magpie blinks and lets out a wheezy squeal! "What?! No! Don't sit on me! I don't wanna do this! HELP!" She struggles and flails under Winny's bulky bulk.

Winter-Solstice pushes herself upright. "Well, fine! But this thing doesn't have seatbelts!" She shuffles back over off of Magpie and plops down with a harumph. "So if you all go tumbling off into the water don't come to ME all, 'Oh, Winter Solstice! Why dinnae ye sit upon me tae keep me anchored when we went oover the waterfall, ha cha cha cha!'"

Rising-Chaos snarls at Nocturne, whatever dude. "I'll be fine Winter, trust me. This isn't the first time I've fallen down a steep drop. Also, I'm pretty sure nopony here actually sounds like that." though it does vaguely remind her of ginger Spice. Rising covers her eyes and waits for it. Her spell anchors her to the raft, maybe she'll be alright.

The makeshift raft drew near the wood jutting out into the water, wood looking really much like a jetty up close an-… It went right over the edge, bringing the ponies with them. Even the flight-enabled Sodium-Fizz, somewhat to caught up with the antics of the other ponies over board. The raft tumbled end-over-end as it fell and came to a abrupt and harsh end in the waters bellow…

Or well, that's what one would imagine happens. The drop seems decidedly smaller, not to mention not nearly as harsh. It's presumably the netting that's stretched across the sewage fall a bit bellow the crest, which seems spectacularly good at catching makeshift rafts and ponies. Of course, why there is a net there in the first place is a completely different question…

Kludge takes a good look at the net. "Anypony else both relieved and worried that there's a net here?" he asks, glancing over at the others to make sure they're okay.

Nocturne examines his surroundings. "Yeah… leaning on worried. Any ideas?
"What do you mean, it doesn't sound like anypony here?" protests Winter. "That's a perfectly good impression of an accent froooooohhhh my gosh who could have seen us going over the waterfall like this!!!" Winter's legs flail about as she tumbles through the air and downward to her death! Or a short ways into the net. Her weight is relatively considerable enough that she distends it downward, resting on her back, as her legs cartwheel in the air above her. She then lifts her head, still cartwheeling, and peers about. "Is this some kind of spider web?" She raises her voice. "Hey, Magpie! Soda! I get to save you guys from spiders again! It's just like old times!"

Rising-Chaos looks up when she doesn't plummet as far as she predicted. "Oh I don't like this at all. Get ready for trouble ponies." She gets up and trots over to the edge, looking over the edge. Where does the drop lead? Can she jump off and be safe if things get tricky?

The edge of the net… leads way down, unhealthily so by the look of it. The only pony that could make it safely would be Sodium-Fizz most likely. Speaking of which, the grey and purple mare lies sprawled on top Nocturne and seems to have caught sight of the same thing the stallion is treated to as he looks up. Rats. With spears? More like sharpened sticks really. And really, they're far less.. filthy than the rats…

Mice! They've fallen into a mice trap? Reverse mice trap? Looking about quickly reveal that it's less of a trap and more of a small settlement pulled together out of debris. If the rats were to clever, the mice are much more so!

Kludge blinks at the welcoming committee, then carefully gets to his hooves and bows to the mouse warriors. "Sorry about dropping in unannounced," he apologizes.

Nocturne stares at the mice and tries to think quickly, which doesn't prove fruitful as he doesn't have his saddlebags with him. He looks up to Soda to address her, "Are you alright?" He tries to trot into the center of the raft and think of a plan.

Winter-Solstice pulls herself upright, though not without considerable kicking and turning about that shakes the net and all its contents along the way. She looks up. "Mice! With tools! That's ridiculous. Everybody knows they can't hold things unless they have hooves!" The big mare looks down at the water, then turns to smile at Rising. "Rising! Still got your swords? If you cut the net on one side it'll swing down and then we can climb down and drop from the bottom!"

Rising-Chaos looks down, cursing under her breath. Of course it would be too far to jump, of course. "This day… I swear, when I get home…" She looks up at Winter's question, only just now noticing the mice. "Um, yes? Is that really a good idea though?" The two blades are unsheathed anyways, it's probably for the best to trust Winter on these things.

As Rising unsheathes the swords the mice raises their spears - apparently not caring for Winter's call of logic, using their freaky wiggly appendages to grip their weapons - and as they are about to bring them to bear… they are brought to a halt. By a squak. Off the net, up on the safety of the walkway next to it, stood a white mice, a once red cloth napkin tied around it's neck. It squeaked again, wiggling it's paws.

The rest of the mice looked at each other for a moment before falling away, creating a passageway from the raft. Right up to the beckoning white mice.

Kludge looks at the other ponies, then shrugs. "Guess we have an invitation of sorts," he notes. "Better not keep them waiting, right?" With that, he starts walking along the passageway.

Rising-Chaos sits down and covers her eyes with her hoof. "You have to be kidding me."

Winter-Solstice makes a face. "Okay, hold on, Rising. Don't go cutting anything just yet." She starts shambling her way up through the cleared path, navigating the net about as well as someone with big clumsy hooves can be expected to, and chatters the whole way up. "Okay, so not only do they have weird little… handy things to manipulate tools with, but they want to talk? They're -animals.- They can't talk! Everybody knows that."

Nocturne helps Fizz down and takes a few steps forward. "I don't think we have a choice," he says, eying the spears.

Rising-Chaos makes a face of her own. "I think I got that the plan had changed when the mice wanted to talk, Winter," she mutters to herself. The unicorn move to the side of the raft closest to the beckoning mouse. "How, exactly, are we supposed to walk across net? I'm not sure if I trust rope walking after last time." The swords are still out, and will remain out until there aren't spears anywhere near her.

Sodium-Fizz looked about, almost a bit nervously. "I… might have lost a few chemicals down the drain… at some point…" she muttered. "But… but nothing that should do this! Really!"

The white mouse, on his part… or hers… it's… gestures at the others. Suddenly, mice. A lot more mice. With wood scraps. For a bridge. Nifty. It gestured impatiently, dropping onto all fours and scurrying away a short distance, gesturing at them again.

"Thank you," smiles Kludge at the mice building the improvised bridge. Once the bridge is in place, he walks along it, following where they're showing him to go.

"Awesome," agrees Winter, taking a step back and watching the other ponies, waiting for them to start making their way down the makeshift bridge. "Remind me to flush some cheese next time I come visit you, Soda, for these guys. Or… or do they even like cheese?" She frowns and looks at the napkin mouse. "Is that racist of me to assume so?"
Rising-Chaos swears under her breath at the bridge being formed. there goes her one excuse. With a groan of displeasure, she follows Kludge on to the bridge.

Nocturne shakes his head and follows the rest of the group. He makes no glance at any of the guards, only the ground and the group ahead of him.

The mice gave Winter a paw-waggle that might be interpreted as a maybe, though to what is hard to tell. Then, once more, it gestured for them to follow and scurried on in amongst the nests towards the wall of the sewer tunnel.

Sodium-Fizz, on her part, set down on the solid ground of the path lining the tunnel, now overtaken by what seems like a mice village almost stacked onto itself. And walled off. "Cheese… I mean… sheesh… This place is strange… it's like a little mouse town. Though I wounder what the walls are for…" The grey mare kept glancing at them as they walked in amongst the building, a quartet of armed mice taking up the rear.

As they reached the back wall the white mouse came to a halt and stood up on it's back legs once more, a paw indicating the sewer wall with a sweeping, encompassing gesture. And it's much to encompass indeed. On the wall was a painting, and in the painting was six ponies. There was the silhouette of a little filly, a winged mare, a pair of stallions - one with horn and one without - and in a mare towering above all of them. And there was a rat, the largest, meanest and smelliest of rats. Oh, and there's another pony there too, a unicorn mare with a pair of blades floating by her side - surrounded by the other ponies and standing facing the rat…


On several occasions Winter veers off from the group and tries to poke around in a mouse house until she is pushed back out by insistent mice that aren't gonna have none of that. Every time the "big" mare complains: "Awww, c'mon! Everybody knows the first thing you do when you reach a new town is go through every house and raid the treasure chests for goodies! You're not supposed to mind!"

Thankfully, the presentation of the mural is enough to turn her away from her heroically larcenous ways. She stares up at it, agog, then blinks at Rising and Kludge. "Wait, so, wait. Okay, not only do they use tools, and… and wear napkins, and build houses, but they write pony fanfiction?"

Kludge looks at the painting, then at the rest of the ponies, back at the painting, then at the tribe of mice, then once more at the painting. He sighs, mumbling "Remind me not to take my hat off until this is over."

Rising-Chaos follows along meekly, not wantign to start anything. That being said, she's positively seething with anger. This is extremely humiliating, and the mice are not going to be happy when she's big again. The mural is just the final straw, and she falls on to her flank. "This is insane. I have to be dreaming, this isn't happening. I'm not going to let it happen," she raves. "This is the stupidest thing that's happened to me in… About 76 hours."

Winter-Solstice looks away from the mural once more, down at Rising, and frowns, reaching over to nudge the unicorn with a hoof. "C'mon, Risey! You try any harder to play the straight pony around here and you're gonna pull a muscle."

Sodium-Fizz blinked and cocked her head to the side. "Oh wait, look! There's more of the mural. It… looks like the mice guiding us to a way out as… a reward. Oh and look, there's a big flask! They got a quick way back to the Flask!" She frowned slightly. "Assuming we take on their rat problem…"
Nocturne puts his head in one hoof. "I'm not in the mood for any- wait, really?" He turns to Fizz as she speaks. "So how bad do you think the rat problem is?" He steps closer to the mural. Still, he's pretty displeased with the situation, being in a sewer and all.

Winter-Solstice reaches up and scratches the back of her head with a hoof. "Oh." She considers the mural for a moment longer before shrugging. "That seems easy enough. It's like a quest." Spotting the white mouse once more, she calls out. "So where are the rats at, then? We'll go pop 'em in the nose and have them beat faster than you can say 'nimh.' … which is just a nonsense word I just made up. I don't even know where I got it from."

Rising-Chaos looks up at Winter. "What does that even mean? I'm fine, just, this is creepy. Also, miss Fizz, that is a lot to get off of a mural done by mice. I hope you're right." She collects herself and sheathes the swords. She ceases to pay attention to Winter, who just doesn't make any sense at all. She gets to her hooves and snarls at Nocturne. "well, remember when we got chased by the horde of aggressive rats? Who here wants to bet that those rats are the ones we're going to take care of?"

"Yeah, you're probably right," agrees Kludge. "The big question is, how do we take out said rats? Namely, their boss - I suspect that if we take that one out, the rest will scatter."

Sodium-Fizz eyed the others. "But yes, the question is how. I have a few potions… and Arcee have her blades. Winter is… Winter…" She came to a pause, eying Kludge and Nocturne thoughtfully. "And… And I got nothing…"
Nobody asks what Magpie has, of course.

Winter-Solstice continues to watch the white mouse but apparently no answer is forthcoming. "Well…" She shrugs. "Right! Back the way we came, then, I suppose." The "big" mare turns and tromps back towards the entrance of Mouseville. "As for how exactly we beat it, we bonk it. In the nose. Until it stops being sinister and starts being unconscious."
Nocturne turns to Kludge. "Perhaps these ones can arm us in some way? I'm at least dextrous in my magic, and I'm sure you've got plenty of muscle." He looks around at the mice, still unsure if he is understood. "Would that be possible?"

Kludge shrugs. "I'm modestly strong, but I wouldn't win any weightlifting competitions," he clarifies.

Rising-Chaos turns to follow Winter. At least she, of all ponies, thought to bring something to fight with. Though, to be fair, Winter existing counts as bringing something to fight with. "I like Winter's plan. I have had a long day, making things unconscious sounds fun."
Sodium-Fizz waggled a hoof in frustration. "But… shouldn't we… I mean… Ugh, fine!" Soda sighed, guess they were going in without a plan. Ah well, since when was that any different than normal. They'd taken on an army by winging it once, so why not a second time? Well, admittedly they'd still been more than three times their current number but still.

The white mouse squeaked and gestured and… spears were offered to the ponies without arms, as in everypony but Chaos. Which the magician might just be grateful, they all smell subtly iffy. On her part, Sodium-Fizz declined hers.

Winter-Solstice accepts one of the spears! "Handy!" she says, holding it between her hooves. She totters for few inches on just her hind legs before dropping the spear and hrumphing. "Yeah, that's not going to work. Probably just as well."

Nocturne inspects his weapon with some excitement. It's no steel sword, but it's not a bare hoof. Now that he knows that he is understood, he continues. "Then where do we go?" The unicorn turns to the rest of the group. "I'm ready to get out when you are- can we get her a weapon too?" He asks, pointing to Fizz.

Kludge accepts the offered spear, giving it a few careful practice swings.

Rising-Chaos just keeps walking, but pauses as she passes Winter dropping the spear. "You want my machete? I don't really need two." She doesn't even look worried by the thought of fighting the rats, she hasn't used many spells today, so is confident.

Sodium-Fizz frowned. "I don't need one… And, no offense," she said to the mice, "they're a bit… ratty. I mean, not as in rat ratty but just ratty ratty and… Oh, forget it." She shook her head for herself and pointed after Winter and Chaos. "And after them, they seem to have a fair idea. Just go back the way we came and we'll be find them." With that said Soda fell in behind the two mares.

Heading back the way they came quickly brings more of the mice "settlement" to view, wood and debris pulled together to make a very lose approximation of houses and walls. Though walls with working ramparts and a fully functioning gate it seems. A gate that swings open at the command of the white mice.

Winter-Solstice tromps her way right out of that gate with head held high and a bounce in her step. "Right! Now all we have to do is climb back up the waterfall and spend an hour heading up stream which will be slower than it was when we were on our boat thing and then we should probably be where the rats are, I think," she declares. "Piece of cake!"

Nocturne pauses, finding himself fascinated with the civilization that the mice had developed. "Whether it's your doing or not, Fizz… it's somethin'." He bears a grin to her, trying to brighten the overall mood for once. That is quickly cut short as the gate opens, and he tries to brace himself for what's ahead.

Kludge walks along with the others, staying alert for any rat trouble.

Rising-Chaos trots along quite happily. Having two swords is always better than one, so Winter rejecting her offer doesn't matter. "I just want to do this, then go home and bathe for an hour or so." She prances right out the gate, not really waiting for anypony else.

"I have a few things that's really good at getting the smell and ickiness out… I'll even give you it for free," offered Sodium-Fizz with a small smile. One that disappeared as the gate slammed shut behind them with all haste and making her spin around. "What the hay…? Why in such hurry guys?"

Of course, Kludge see's the reason almost instantly since he's keeping an eye out for it. Beady rat eyes in the darkness, beady rat eyes surging forward to meet the sextet of ponies.

"Somehow I'm less than surprised," sighs Kludge as he brings the spear to bear against the rats. "Anyone got any brilliant tactical ideas?"

"Oh!" says Winter. "Well, that cuts down on travel time, at least!"

She promptly whirls about and balances on her forelegs, waggling her kick-primed hind legs about in the air. "And even more if they come to us! C'mere! Line to get your tails kicked staaaaarts right here!"

But balancing is hard and Winter drops back down with a grunt. She looks across to Kludge. "Thrash 'em if they get close, that's what I was thinking. Keep close to the gates- that way they can't surround us. And hopefully those mice have something they can throw from above."
So there's a reason you don't charge first. Rising Chaos back up in the face of the appraoching rats. She's starting to really, really regret coming out first. She flourishes her blades in front of her as a deterrent. "We could always try shock and awe on the stupid things," she comments as she draws close to the party.

Nocturne is caught by surprise by one mouse, and spends a few moments rapidly batting his spear at it, more to scare it than injure it. He doesn't expect the force of the rat's tackle, which quickly overwhelms him. In a quick moment of panic, his horn glows and he is again surrounded by a subtle red aura. Instead of a verbal threat, though, he only growls, amplifying and distorting it with his magic, into a monstrous growl.

Kludge bashes on a rat that gets close enough, and stabs at it to try to chase it back away from the group.

Rising-Chaos still hasn't made it back to the others, and is reluctant to continue further. Something about rats is making her freeze up.
The rats spill forward, quick and numerous indeed, though as the reach Chaos up ahead they split and rolls round her, bearing down on the others. The big rat leading them seems big, almost as big as the boss-rat. Though unlike that rat, this one just look plain scruffy rather than villainously scruffy. It also barrels straight down against Winter, the most directly obvious threat.
Hern her part Sodium-Fizz takes to the air, only to toss a vial of sticky black goop into the swarm of rats, sticking a few of them in place. A few of hundreds. Nocturne's magic is rather efficient though, scattering the rats around him. For the moment.

Though, where is the biggest, meanest and ugliest one? Like any mastermind he shows up when the battlefield is set and his prey is separated from it's group. The rats split up before Rising Chaos, the ugly black rat breaking out from the throng of scruffy, ratty bodies.

A threat is heading straight towards Winter! Who is standing there with those two muscular metal-pounders primed and ready to start knockin' blocks off! She stares back over her shoulder at Scruffy McChargeLeader there, considers her good fortune, and when he gets close, tries to go all Blacksmith Style on him, kicking backwards at his nose. Pow! Pow!

The momentum of her backwards buck carries her back a short ways. She winds up and kicks again! And slides again. And proceeds to jackhammer her way into the crowd, pausing only when it gets thick enough she needs to tuck low, get her bulk beneath a rat and start flipping them into the air like tables.

Nocturne quickly flails back into standing position and grasps his spear, still letting out a few roars at rats that inch near him - he's actually having some fun with it. As one finally resists his intimidation, he hurls his spear into it, ducking only soon enough to reduce its compromising tackle to some large scratches down his back, leaving him still standing at least.

Rising-Chaos is most certainly not enjoying herself. She looks back towards the group and sees nothing but rats. "I hate this place so much." With a sigh, she turns back towards the main part of the horde in time to see the big rat from before. A frustrated whinny accompanies her stepping towards it. "Oh, it's you again." Is this really going to happen? A duel between her and that massive, hungry rat? Rising is exactly angry enough to do it though, and her horn starts glowing brighter.

Rat battle galore! Apparently the rats can't take a pony even when they are the same size. Well for the most part. Scruffy seems more stunned than anything from Winter's bucks, largely because it manages to evade all - for the most part - but the last, which he took to the head. The body of rats that have been pressing in against them started to recede ever so slightly at their fighting prowess - or flailing dangerously prowess. Some support come from up above where Soda and the mice are dropping stuff on top of the rats collective heads.

Of course, Chaos isn't offered a similar reprieve as the circle of rats around her tighten up and the boss-rat tenses up, ready for the showdown between him and and blade-wielding pony. With a snarl he lept forward.

Kludge runs around, stomping on the tails of the rats circling the fight between Chaos and the boss-rat. At the very least it should keep them distracted.

"Rising!" calls Winter, from somewhere across the sewer-turned-battlefield. Rats promptly begin to be flung into the air in a straight channel winding its way through the crowd and towards the unicorn; with her head tucked low and her weight thrown forward, Winter charges through them until she bursts into the RING OF DEATH formed around Rising and the Boss Rat. The big mare huffs, nostrils flared, then flings herself forward, bringing all her weight to bear, and…!

Sits on the boss rat's tail, anchoring it in place. "Ha HA!" declares the "Big" mare. "I don't know if they have any proverbs about catching rats by their tails, but I'd quote one now if I knew any!"

Rising-Chaos takes the only sensible option when clsoed on on three sides and the thing on the fourth jump at you. She runs straight forwards, letting one blade stay up high so it cuts one of the boss rat's legs. She whirls around, snarling at the stupid thing. "That's it, I have had enough of this." She starts stamping her hooves on the ground. "today has been stupid heaped on stupid. And now there's you." There's a puff of smoke, which clears the reveal three, perfectly calm Rising Chaoses, all with two swords. Winter's timely arrival makes her smile. "Thanks for the assist."

Nocturne analyzes his surroundings. Soda will be fine, being able to fly. Kludge seems to be holding his own. Winter is a tank… Rising is nowhere to be seen! He raises his head up to look around, remembering that he's taller than most of the rats, finally finding the sorceress… and two more… and Winter. "Oh, sweet bleeding Celestia," he bubbles to himself. He quickly resumes his prior assault on nearby rats, trying to keep the sorceress' enemy force from growing in power.

And turn-about! The big boss-rat squeaked in confusion as it's leap didn't carry it nearly as far as he'd imagine, not to mention the cut on his leg. Not to mention the confusion Kludge and Nocturne puts down on two of the three sides of the circle around Rising, keeping them at bay. A moment later Soda joins in the fun, splatting more sticky goop right in the third corner leaving only Chaos, Winter and the boss rat. Oh right, and Scruffy who just came crawling out of the horde of rats, throwing himself at the now sitting down and definitely not bucking Winter!

And of course, the boss-rat's day go from bad to worse when he's not facing one sword-wielder… but three.

"Whoop!" says Winter, as Scruffy vaults from the crowd and attempts to tackle her. And does! The "big" mare goes tumbling off the leader's tail as Scruffy careens her way, reaching up to get her hooves between herself and the scruffy rat before he can get his teeth on her face. A bit of tussling ensues as Winter rolls about beneath the clawing, biting thing, the pair rolling back one way through the clearing, then back through the other. Swing! Miss. Claw! Dodge! Kick… ha! Winter manages to knock the critter off-balance and then roll about to sit on top of him.

Her sit is impervious to all resistance! From her perch she's able to turn and cheer Rising on. "Go, go! Get… ahh…" Wait, three Risings. Winter frowns. Which one is which? She shrugs. "Go… team! Go Team Rising!"

Kludge adds a few more kicks and stomps to make sure the rats he's disrupted are rendered fully non-combatant, then heads over to do the same to the remaining side.

Nocturne has managed to bring back enough energy for his sound magic as most of his opponents watch their leader get taken down - except for one, that claws quite deeply across his back. The resulting roar called upon all sorts of unfocused magic within him. The resulting sounds is high-pitched, low-pitched… and anything but that of a pony.

Rising-Chaos doesn't give the rat a single chance to recover. In a second, she's on him again, all thee of she. It's hard to tell, but if you know where to look, and have really good eyesight, you could tell she's the one closest to Winter. The swords, real and fake, ring the leader, penning him in as much as possible. "Listen buddy. You want to eat me, I want to light you on fire." Her grin turns malicious as smoke start to curl up from beneath the rat's butt. "The thing is, I'm going to get what I want." The real machete darts forward and scratches the leader's cheek. The fake blades are completely immaterial, as are the fake mares, so they aren't hurting or blocking anything.

Winter-Solstice wiggles a hooftip in one ear and whistles across to Nocturne. "Dayum, boy! You got some chords! I- hey. HEY!" Scruffy starts thrashing about beneath her, and Winter reaches over to bonk him on the head with a forehoof. "You're beat, Rizzo! Sit your business down already and be chill!"

Scruffy… or Rizzo, or whatever affectionate nickname Winter have decided to bestow upon the scruffy rat… goes cross-eyed as his head drops to the ground. He's out like a light. Meanwhile Nocturne's auditory magic works its literal magic and sends rats scurrying of to safety out of the sound, breaking up one side of the ring as surely as Kludge breaks up another before helping Soda incapacitating those she's caught in the goop before they can break free.

It's more or less Chaos against the large rat now, a rat both terrified and angrier than ever before. Enough so to ignore the building heat and the cuts as he lounged forward, paws swiping wildly at the images and Chaos alike.

Winter-Solstice stares at Scruffy a bit more. Yep, he's out. The "big" mare hops to her hooves, turns about, scoops up Rizzo, and hauls him over head! DO YOU EVEN LIFT? She does. She lifts rats.

And then throws them at the leader! "Hup!" Her forelegs push outward and she hops forward a bit as Scruffy is lofted at the rat king. "Have your minion back, cheesehead!"

Nocturne looks around at the now clearer area around him. He dispels his magic and continues some sparring against the few that remain around him.

Kludge simply chases off (or knocks unconscious) any of the normal rats that he comes within reach of, staying clear of the big fight.

Rising-Chaos is unfortunately hit by the rat's flailing. She tumbles over, and the other two illusions fizzle out. Steaming, she gets to her hooves, picks her swords back up and charges. She jumps at the rat, planting all four hooves in to the thing's side before flailing away with her swords. She gets quite few scratches off, and puts more pressure on the fire spell, which now has flames all over the rat's rear.

The boss-rat only get a moment to enjoy it's victory in beating Chaos back before finding himself batterd by hooves, sword and hurled lieutentant alike. Not to mention rather heated sensation under the tail. With a loud sqeak he turned tail, runing for it. If not particularly quick on account of carrying the other rat along on his back.

In fact, most of the rats seems to have broken and is in the process of running away. So much for the whole 'barbarian at the gates' thing they had going.

Winter-Solstice keeps her hoof on the tail of one of the fleeing minion rats as it scratches and scrabbls and scooby-doos and tries to escape. Only when the crowd has gotten a fair distance away and the poor thing is all on its own with the big scary ponies does she let her hoof up, release it and watch it high-tail out of there.

With that done, Winter turns back to the group and hops! "We did it! I think. At least until they go home, mope for a bit, then decide to try again sometime after we've left. But for now- yeah! Go team!"

With the rats having broken and fled, Kludge trots back over to the gate. "I think it's time for me to return the spear to the armory?" he asks.

Rising-Chaos stands there for a moment, not really doing anything. eventually, she sheathes her swords, and sighs. "I'm not so sure. That leader is going to be in serious trouble, he just got embarrassed really bad. That might cause some troubles, the mice will be fine for quite some time." That said, she just starts walking back to the mouse village. "I'm tired, going home."

Nocturne begins to calm down and looks around one last time. "I," his speech is interrupted by his gasping for air. "I hear that." The unicorn slowly trots back to the gate behind Rising. "Let's get outta here."

Sodium-Fizz nodded as she alighted next to Winter, giving the (relatively) big mare a brief nuzzle before turning to the others. And doing so with a smile. "Oh come on, listening to you lot it sounds almost like this was a bad thing! I mean, sure… It wasn't really planed like this, and I suppose I'm down one plan for the Spire… but really, it's not -that- bad. Just a shrinkage, a villain and a army… I mean, it's not like you have to climb out of the gullet of a Hydra or anything. Or climb treacherous steeps and perilous plateaus at all!" Soda shook her head. "But yes, I do think a bath would be nice about now… So, getting out?"

The last question was directed at the white mouse, now standing in the middle of the open gate, squeaking at them. It might be praise. Or maybe something else… Like the recipe of super-tasty celery soup. Though at the repeated question it points… up? Up above is a small opening, most likely leading to street level. Rising up towards it were a bundle of pipes and small gangways, a steep climb. Soda blinked. "Huh. Well, that's a bit more like it, I guess…"

Rising-Chaos just sighs. "Sodium Fizz, I hate you." She obviously doesn't mean it, but is just tired. With another resigned sigh, she starts climbing. It's go-home time.

Nocturne looks up to the hole above him. "Soda… next lesson, no potions, no slimes… I've had enough for a while." He looks at the mouse, feeling good that he knows its kind is safer. "Wasn't… too bad, I guess. It's almost over."