Movie Night
IC date: DATE
OOC date: September 15th
Location: The Rusty Bucket
PCs: Samantha Starbright Camilla Jellybean Typhoon-Wave Tradewinds Freeze-Frame Winter-Solstice Ruby-Blossom Dream-Daze Moonglow
GM: Samantha

"Hi everyone!" Samantha calls from atop the Rusty Bucket's old wheelhouse. "I'm glad everyone turned out, this is gonna lots of fun! I got this old projector workin', and there were all these old film serials too, and I figured, hey, we oughtta show 'em!" She pulls a large switch, and the projector flickers to life, showing a large white square on the Bucket's sail, unfurled and pulled taut for the occasion. "It'll take just a minute or two to get things set up, so — find your spots!"

Starbright flaps down, then pauses to stretch his wings. He looks tired, like he hasn't gotten any sleep in a while, but he waves a wing at Sammy before looking around for someone else. "Hrn, Cammy shoulda been heah by now," he mutters, tapping a foot impatiently. Where could she be?

Camilla sneaks into the tavern. a nuts. there's her daddy. maybe he won't notice her new tattoo!

Jellybean is a pegasus, and the nice thing about being a pegasus is never needing to worry about having a place to sit outside if the weather's right. He's pushed a small but comfortable-looking cloud into place and spread out a blanket on it, big enough for Typhoon and himself and maybe a few other flight-inclined ponies. "I wonder what she's showing?" he asks Typhoon.

The Bucket's deck is a patchwork of blankets, with many couples or families gathered to lay out under the stars and watch the show. The bar is running, naturally, so drinks are easy to find, and it seems many ponies brought picnic baskets of their own.

Freeze-Frame tugs her father up from below deck, a plate of pizza and various fried foods resting on one of her wings as she finds a good spot.

Jager on the other hand looks a bit annoyed, but has a green bottle of booze in tow as he sits down, grumbling something to himself in his gravely voice… if it wasn't for his pink daughter, the stallion would probably just blend in, seeing as how he's a rather bland tan furred pony.

Midnight-Sun looks pretty happy to be here as he surveys the crowd. Seeing some cloud-seating being arranged by a pony he vaguely recalls having seen once, he heads that way. "Hi, I'm Midnight Sun. Mind if I sit here?" he asks Jellybean. The spider on his head waves a cheerful greeting at the weatherpony.

Typhoon-Wave smiles, settlng down cozily on the blanket after smoothing out the corners and making sure it looks all nice. "I don't know! There's a lot of good old movies. Maybe she found some old sea adventures or something?" That seems like the sort of old movies that would be stashed away in this town, but who knows!

Magpie comes trotting up the gangplank with bulging saddlebags. "Come on, Tale Chaser!" she calls back, almost bouncing on her hooves in anticipation. SOME ponies haven't actually SEEN a movie before. Or at least not many. "Hurry up with the blanket before all the good spots are taken!"

Starbright ahs, there's his daughter. He flaps over and lands next to Cammy, nudging her gently. "Theah y'all are! C'mon, befo' theah's no decent what is that, young lady," he says, staring at the tattoo. "How did… WHEAH did y'all get that?" He shakes his head. "Y'all know y'all're grounded for the next two oah three forevahs, yeah?"

Off to the back sits Winter Solstice. She learned a long time ago that if she sits in the front of an event like this, she usually leaves the theater/auditorium/funeral parlor/strip club*/day spa/elevator/daycare center with a bunch of popcorn and candy and grieving widows' flowers stuck to the back of her head and a lot of ponies complaining about the view being spoiled. It's a great way to get free food! However, the sort of food available at the rusty bucket is not the type she wants to take home with her, and so she's sticking to the nosebleed section. (It's called the nosebleed section because a lot of drunk sailors punch eachother in the face there.)
She's wearing a helmet with a pair of soda cans stuck to the side. There are straws in them. Rather than drink from them herself, she offers a sip to passers-by.
*It's a club in a very narrow building. They're very trendy in Manehattan, where real estate is at a premium.

Samantha looks up from where she's fiddling with the film feed. "Eh? What's up, Starbright?" she asks, peering over at her brother and — apparently — neice.

A Blanket Monstrosity shambles up the gangplank after Magpie. Four pink hooves teeter about beneath the shuffling mound of quilted fabric. "M'comin', Maggie, m'comin'."

Jellybean had placed the cloud low enough to the ground so that he could chat with other ponies while still not getting in anypony else's way. "That'd be fun," he offers. Winter gets a wave. "Hi Winter! Would you like some popcorn? We made plenty."

Samantha shouts, "And here we go!" The film starts to spool with a chattering sound, and as the tinny music starts to play, the screen is lit with a title card:

~The Planet of Peril!~
Crab Buster ~as~ FLASH DODGER

The film opens with Flash being visited by his friend, Doctor Ardent Star, who has apparently invented a zeppelin that can fly into space. Further, Ardent has discovered another world hiding beyond the moon, and is planning to fly there. She wants Flash to go along — there seems to be some romantic attraction between the brainy unicorn doctor and the brawny earth pony.

Tradewinds trots over and settles himself next to the big mare. "Hey, Winny! How's it goin'?"

Camilla collapses beside Statbright to try and hide the tattoo.

Starbright sighs at Sammy. "Apparently, mah daughtah's a buddin' delinquint. Have y'all met yet?" He holds Cammy up to his sister. "Cammy, say hi ta yoah auntie. Then explain wheah ya managed ta find a tattoo artist willin' ta tattoo a li'l kid."

Kludge quietly takes a seat off to the side; finishing up a few things in the workshop took a bit longer than expected, so he's trying to sneak in without disturbing the others.

Samantha peers. She leans over from the wheelhouse roof and peers at Cammy. "We met, yeah. Pff. What're you thinkin', adopotin' a kid? See what a terrible dad you are already?" She mock-glares at her brother. "…soooo what's it a tattoo *of*?"

Winter-Solstice looks left, looks right. She hears her name! Who said that? She looks up. Oh, yeah. Pegasi and their Z-axis shenanigans. "Oh, hey, Jellybean! Sure!" She opens her mouth wide. "'Ere, 'oss ih ing ah ouff."
While she keeps her mouth open and her head tilted back- the cans of soda on her helmet drizzle onto the floor behind her bench- she glances to the side to Tradewinds. "Oh, uh. 'eya, 'aptain. Ahla haghanga aff haugha alahaghauk."

Tradewinds reaches over and gently pushes Winny's mouth shut, then nudges her nose down until the sodas stop spilling. "Sorry, I missed that."

Camilla smiles nervously. "Hi Aunty!" she looks down at the mark which is a perfect copy of Queens cutie mark with a Timberwolf in the reflection of the mirror. "It's the new griffin in town! Hennalee!"

Midnight-Sun smiles happily at Jellybean and Typhoon Wave and sits down on the cloud. The spider on his head looks down past him and decides to hang on quite tight. "Thanks!" He gives the starting film a few moments of appreciation before recalling some form of manners. Seems like nopony is going to mind if he talks quietly, so: "I'm Midnight Sun and this is Sophie. What're your names"?

Samantha ooohs. "Hey, that's some pretty sweet ink—" Oh. "Uh, I mean, that's terrible, how could you." Cough.

Starbright peers at the cutie mark. "No, it ain't," he says. "It's that pirate queen's cutie mark. Augh." He face claws, then peers up at Sammy. "Ya know, Ah been askin' mahself th' same question. But y'all know what they say. Good parentin' starts with a tethah." He glares at Cammy, then looks up at Sammy. "Y'all know a good untattoo artist?"

Samantha shrug?

Soon, Flash Dodger, Dr. Ardent Star, and Flash's best friend Buddy have boarded the star-zeppelin. Flying high into the sky, even higher than Buddy could have flown on his own two wings, Dr. Star pulls the great lever to activate the Etheric Screw and with it sail the solar winds to another world! As they fly into the stars on obvious wires with a blast that appears to come from a fire extinguisher, Buddy leans over the side and comments on how cold the air is between worlds.

Jellybean blinks, but is nothing if not oblidging and so takes a hooffull of popcorn and drops it into Winter's mouth. Of course, Tradewinds pushes her mouth and so popcorn is just kinda going everywhere now. Midnight gets a smile. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Jellybean." He gestures to his wife, "This is Typhoon Wave." He holds up the bowl he has. "Popcorn?"

Tradewinds snickers at the screen. "Ya know, I saw the remake of this when I was a colt. Flash! Aa-aah! Faster than a pegasus!"

Winter-Solstice blinks daftly at Tradewinds as popcorn bounces off her face. "Er," she says, before opening her mouth up and waiting for the next round. Jellybean's distracted, though, so Winter adds 'get more popcorn' to her to-do list and smiles back at Tradewinds. Then remembers to close her mouth, which makes her smile slightly less terrifying. "I forgot what your question was. How's your boat?"

Winter-Solstice's attention immediately starts gravitating towards the screen. High adventure is ahoof!

Tradewinds laughs. "She's doing fine." He picks up a piece of fallen popcorn and playfully throws it into the audience ahead of him, then quickly lowers his hoof and watches the screen with rapt innocence.

Magpie's eyes sparkle as she watches the screen, awestruck. She leans against Tale Chaser and beams, not even thinking of the snacks she packed so carefully…

In the next scene, the three crew members are bundled up in coats more appropriate to arctic expeditions. It's clearly been several days, and they're just rounding the moon — and there it is. A new world! But moments later something goes wrong — the etheric screw is going crazy! It's out of control, and they're going to crash-land!

…wow, that was short. Apparently each episode is only about twenty minutes long.

Tale Chaser is mumbling about reasons why that wouldn't work, not least of all the fact that everybody knows the space between worlds is a giant ocean, but Magpie seems too amazed to hear, so he gradually quiets and watches as well, leaning his head against Maggie's.
… and then the film ends. He sits up a bit. "Oh, uh…"

Typhoon-Wave gives Midnight Sun a shy wave, smiling and scooping up a hooffull of popcorn for herself. Nom. She turns to the screen, watching with interest. "…I think my brother had this movie. Or something like it," she states once it's done.

In the back, Winter Solstice surges to her hooves. "YEAAAHHH!" she calls out. "ENCORE! ENCORE!" She stomps a hoofy applause.

Midnight-Sun says "Yes!" and grabs a hooffull of popcorn. He tosses one kernel up to his passenger — who deftly snatches it out of the air — then munches the rest. When the film ends, he answer Typhoon Wave with "Neat! I've not seen it before, which is a shame. It's so ridiculous!"

Jellybean puts a foreleg across Typhoon's shoulders and scoots her in a little closer, watching the movie. "That was neat. When I was little we watched movies at a place like this. Well," he says, realizing that he's at the Rusty Bucket, "at an outdoor theater. They were talkies, though. Mostly musicals, like with Tap-Shoes and Ginger."

Camilla smiles brightly. "Auntie Starlight likes it!"

Freeze-Frame has been quietly enamored this whole time with the film to notice the filly that was going to laugh at her yesterday, camilla, or any of the other crazy goings on. she only watches the film, in a sort-of trance. this… this was amazing! it was like a play that you could… replay! a photo you could take but it conveyd the whole story! she stomps as well, a biiiiiig smile on her face! she looks back at the projector and decides to go investigate the device after the applause dies down.

"Auntie Stahlight once glued her beak to her hand," Starbright mutters in response. "We are goin' first thing tomorrow ta get that removed."

Samantha says "Hey, that was an accident! It's not like I meant to get glue on my beak!"

Samantha takes a few minutes to spool up the new reel, and then the next episode begin with a brief recap of the last minute of the previous episode.

After a violent crash-landing on the mysterious new world (you can tell it's violent 'cause of all the camera-shaking), the battered trio crawl from their damaged ship and shed their coats. Dr. Star theorizes (on absolutely no evidence) that some sort of ray seized their ship and dragged them to the surface; this theory seems justified when minutes after the crash, a group of strangely dressed earth ponies arrive to investigate. Though the three try to hide, Buddy's incompetence gets him quickly discovered, and Flash has to come to his rescue, knocking out several alien guards in a poorly choreographed fight scene. One guard clearly goes down despite being nowhere near the kick Flash just threw.

Tradewinds vibrates slightly because of WInny's applause. "It's a serial," he says. "That means they're showing more than one!"

Winter-Solstice hushes. "Oh. They are?" Sure enough. The big mare seats herslef once more and stares at the film, agog and entertained, and mercifully quiet.
Until the fight scene. "FLASH, LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!"

Flash clearly responds to Winter's cry, as he drops his forequarters and throws a powerful kick that knocks out the sneaky guards in one blow!

Freeze-Frame smiles a bit as she watches the device sputter up, flying up to carefully look at the film reels themselves… she can see tiny little pictures! maybe if she got a bit closer she could tell just what exactly was going to happen before it's happen…!

Camilla scowls. "I don't wanna!" she pouts.

Starbright glowers at Camilla. "Y'all ain't got a choice in th' mattah. Y'all're too young ta have a tattoo." He sighs. "Oh, goodness, an' just imagine what'd happen ta me if th' adoption agency finds out about it.."

Jellybean winces when the fighting starts, hiding his face behind his hooves at each blow. He takes another little hooffull of popcorn when it's over. "Gosh. That was amazing."

Satisfied, Winter settles back down, though she remains alert should any other warnings need to be called out. She glances to the side, sees Tradewinds there, and asks, offhandedly. "So how's your boat?"

Magpie whispers to Tale Chaser, "I don't think they're really fighting."

Tale Chaser glances between Maggie and the screen. "You, uh- you think they're colluding?" He squints. "Maybe it's a conspiracy an' Dr. Star is in on it?"

Oh no! While Flash was busy saving Buddy's tail, a squad of soldiers found Doctor Star and captured her! Flash returns just in time to watch her being loaded onto a flying machine like a huge dragonfly, held prisoner at the point of some odd spear-like weapons. He punches the cliff face, in obvious distress.

Dr. Star is brought by the guards before the throne of FANG THE FEROCIOUS, the Emperor of the Planet Ringo! Fang is as intelligent as he is evil, and smiles an evil smile. It seems Doctor Ardent Star is just his type. Plans for a wedding begin immediately!

Tradewinds mutters, "Just watch the film, Winny."

Camilla squeals at the screen and hides her head under Starbrights wing. "Oh no!" She squeaks.

Winter-Solstice pfffts. "Fine," she says.
Thirty seconds later, she holds out the straw to her helmet sodas. It's not very long, so a bit of leaning is involved. "Thirsty?" she asks, of Tradewinds. "I got root beer on one side and blue leaf on the other. I can't remember which is which, though."

(OOC) Tradewinds: I assume Fang is a dragon?

(OOC) Samantha: Nah… well, he's a pony that's made up with big fake fangs and fake wings and stuff. And a fu-manchu mustache, because.

(OOC) Starbright: Eh, these things were always kinda racist. I bet it's just a pony in scaleface.

(OOC) Samantha cackles

Freeze-Frame gets closer and closer, her wingbeats to keep her chubby body afloat starting to perhapps disallign the film or gradually push the projector stand a bit, which disalligns the picture from the sail just a tad. Freeze Frame still marvels at the film reel itself withut noticing she's doing this.

Starbright sighs at his squealy daughter. He settles down and tucks his wing around Cammy, holding her close. "It's okay, puffball," he tells her. "Ah'm sure Flash'll save Doctah Stah right quick."

Samantha yelps! "Ah! Ah! Don't touch it!" She steadies the projector and scootscoots it back onto the screen. "You can look at it after the show!"

Tradewinds says "Oh, uh… thanks." He leans over, chooses the left straw at random, and takes a long slug."

Jellybean's wings flutter with worry. "Oh no! Is he going to be okay?"

The wedding proceeds apace! Taking Dr. Star to his evil scientists' evil lab, Fang orders Ardent Star fitted with a Mind Shackle. She's placed in a massive machine, and a strange coronet is settled over her head. Within a storm of crackling Q-rays and flickering lights, Star's expression goes blank and slack — and then, released from the machine, she obeys the Emperor's every order! He laughs an evil laugh!

Winter-Solstice rolls 1d2 — Result: 1 | Sum: 1

You have chosen wisely, Tradewinds. You get root beer.

Winter smiles cheerfully as she continues to lean her helmet towards the stallion, though she soon scowls at the screen and starts shaking a hoof at the sinister Fang.

Magpie takes the time while the reels are being changed to pull out a cupcake from her saddlebags (laying open in front of her and TC) and devour it messily. OMNOMNOMNOMNOM

Tradewinds snickers and leans his head the other way, right up against Winny's.

Starbright nudges Cammy. "Wait heah, li'l sugah," he tells his daughter. "Ah'll be back befo' th' next reel's on." He slips away, then dashes to the snack (and drink) bar.

Camilla squeals dramatically. oh no! flash better save her! she clings to her aunts tail when her daddy abandons her.

Samantha ack!

Tale Chaser watches. Cupcakes, huh? He's about to go looking for his own, when he blinks at Magpie. "You, uh, you got a little sprinkle…" he says, tapping his nose. Then his chin. Then many spots in a little circle around his mouth.

Jellybean nibbles on some chocolate-covered raisins that were brought along. "Thanks for remembering these, honey. They're just the thing right now."

Freeze-Frame lands next to samantha and smiles up to her. "How many bits did you have to pay for all this?!? how are these made?!? I'll save up my allowance for life!"

Starbright didn't abandon his melodramatic daughter, he went to get her munchies. He returns a moment later with a GIANT TUB of popcorn, a couple of sugary drinks, and a set of burger (which may or may not contain actual meat; he didn't ask). He watches his daughter dangle. "Well, Sammy, Ah guess that means Ah c'n ask y'all ta babysit sometimes?" He holds one of the burgers out to Cammy.

Typhoon-Wave chuckles, leaning her head lightly against Jellybean's neck. It's a good night for a little cuddling, it seems. "Sometimes a pony just needs some chocolate?" She scoops one for herself after a beat. Yes. Sometimes a pony needs some chocolate.

Samantha laughs and smiles to Freeze Frame. "Oh, I found this in a junk shop and fixed it up. It wasn't expensive, but it took some work to make it… uh.. work!"

Samantha glances back at Starbright. "Um… well, I guess?" She's trying to feed film into the machine. "As long as she doesn't, y'know, climb into the steam engine…"

Freeze-Frame bounces up and down excitedly. "ooh! it's so cool! I'm gonna learn to fix one up and have these around!" this bouncing and excitedness causes her to bump the projector with a wing!

Camilla smiles brightly. "Oooh! steam engine! that sounds fun!" she can't wait to climb on it! she releases her hold on Samantha in favor of grabbing a burger.

Starbright taps Cammy on the beak. "Y'all heard yoah aunt. No climbin' in steam engines, unnahstand?" He gives her the burger, then tucks her under his wing again, settling in to watch the next serial.

Jellybean nods, beaming. "I know I do." He leans over, careful not to disturb Typhoon, and holds out some raisins. "Winter, you want some?" He's leaning down to put them in reach.

Samantha args and grabs the projector again. "Please… please be careful. I promise you can look at this after the show."

The credits on the next episode have a new bit; it gives all the others, and then adds "And featuring Silver Screen as RAVEN LOCKS". A handsome, powerfully built earth pony shakes his long, flowing black mane and flashes the audience a rogueish toothpaste-commercial grin, obviously intended to make all the mares in the audience swoon.

Flash and Buddy are making plans to infiltrate Emperor Fang's terrifying flying castle by stealing one of the dragonfliers. When a patrol lands and leaves the flier, they climb onto its back and drop from above onto the two guards. After a brief fight, they snatch the unconscious guards' uniforms and run inside to lift off — but not a few minutes into the flight, another ship pulls alongside and pirates leap aboard the dragonflier!

"Oh," says Winter, as if just remembering something. She unfastens her soda helmet and plonks it on Tradewinds' head. "Here." She's then about to sit up, when she sees chocolate covered raisins. Right there. Being offered to her. Her jaw goes slack, and she reaches out to scoop up the offered snacks. "YES," she says. "Thanks, Jellybean! You want, uh… uh…"
She glances about. She didn't bring snacks besides her soda helmet. The big mare makes a face and then grins up at Jellybean. "I could sit under your cloud and reach up and pound on it from below? It'd be like one of those Magic Hoofsies mattresses you see in cheap hotels."

Tradewinds says "I'm pretty sure it'd be like getting punched in the stomach by Winter Solstice."

Tale Chaser adjusts his glasses as he watches. He makes a little face at the introduction of Silver Screen. It's not ALL about good looks and brawny muscles, you know.

Sophie covers four of her eyes with four of her feet at this turn of events. She seems to be having a great deal of fun sneaking occasional glances at the screen.

Jellybean giggles and looks over at Typhoon, then at Midnight. "What do you two think?"

Tradewinds loudly boos the pirates! "Boo! Pirates, boooooo!"

Midnight-Sun says "That sounds like an absolutely terrible idea. Lets do it!"

Four ponies scowl up at the Rusty Bucket from down on the docks. Who said that?!

Typhoon-Wave blinks and shrugs. "I… I don't think she can make it rain on her, can she? So I guess it's alright."

Jellybean says "Nope, this is a dry cloud." He looks at the screen and giggles. "My big sister had posters of him on her wall when she was a teenager."

"Lay down your arms, servants of Fang!" shouts the stallion featured in the credits. "You are now the prisoners of Captain Raven Locks!"
It takes a few minutes for Flash and Buddy to convince the pirate that they are not, in fact, Fang's minions.
But once things are explained, it seems the captain is more than willing to help.

"Right!" says Winter, who rolls under the cloud and out of sight of Jellybean, Typhoon and Midnight.

A moment later the cloud starts rattling around like it was suffering an earthquake. It's a good way to make your butt numb.

Camilla smiles innocently. "Sure!" she chirps innocently, munching on her burger.

Tradewinds takes an experimental slurp of Blue Leaf.

Midnight-Sun says "S-s-see? This i-is *gre-re-re-reat!"

(OOC) Tradewinds: Th-th-th-this ma-a-a-a-a-kes my-y vo-i-i-ice sou-ou-ou-nd si-i-i-illy-y-y!

Tradewinds says "Gaaaah! How can something that's not beer taste this much like lousy beer?"

Blue Leaf soda tastes like *survival.*

Camilla giggles. "Yay! Pirates!" she cheers.

Those four down on the dock nod solemnly. There, see, that one has the right idea.

Jellybean eeks! For a moment this brings back memories of that one time he sat on an active thundercloud, but then he giggles a bit and relaxes. "Th-th-th-this is k-k-k-k-kinda f-f-f-fun!"

But as Midnight Sun is being bounced around, Sophie, who has been paying more attention to the film than anything else, loses her grip on the pegasus and falls off! And of course the only thing supporting them is a cloud, which *she* can't even begin to walk on! She falls right through and plummets towards Winter!

Camilla points. "Oh look! a spider! wow daddy that's HUGE!"

Freeze-Frame is back to just quietly watching the movie, totally engrossed agian by a few things she knows from helping with school plays.

The cloud's rumblin' and vibratin' carries on for a few moments before halting. "Ack!" says Winter, from below. There's a few moments of silence, before the big mare speaks up to Jellybean and Typhoon from below. "Hey, uh, I didn't even know you guys could make it rain spiders. Is this some kinda new weather team thing?"
A big shaggy white hoof pokes up through the cloud afterwards, with Sophie atop. It's like a little spider elevator to the sky.

With the Captain's help and his gunner, Thundershot, they breach the walls of Fang's Flying Fortress and Flash and his stout companions rush in to save Ardent Star!
They fight past dozens of guards to reach the bride's chambers. When they reach her, the becrowned mare thanks them for coming and saving her in a curiously monotone voice, then reaches up and presses the hidden switch on her bedpost. Thick plumes of smoke come pouring into the room, and the heroes gasp and fall unconscious on the floor!

Starbright eyes his daughter suspiciously. Tether, right. He snickers at the 'yay, pirates', though, then looks up. "Uh huh. Ah've met that spidah. Her name is Sophie. She seems rilly scared o' gryphons though, f'r some strange reason." He shrugs.

Jellybean blinks, peers at the spider. Offers her a piece of popcorn.

Midnight-Sun carefully pries the moderately traumatized spider from Winter's hoof and sets her back on his head. Then he sticks said head down through the cloud to grin at the mare. "Thanks!" Sophie looks a little woozy, but waves too before they disappear back above the cloud.

Winter-Solstice snaps off a salute to Midnight, then turns and bellows at the screen. "DON'T BREATHE IN THAT SMOKE FLASH AND OTHER PONIES IT LOOKS UNHeaawww nevermind they did it anyway."

Typhoon-Wave gives a little, "Eep!" and scoots back from the spider, blinking at it in surprise. Did that come out of the /cloud/? That's /horrifying/- oh, okay, it's Midnight Sun's. …She's not /entirely/ sure that she's comfortable with that thing but at least it's not /actually/ raining spiders, so.

Camilla flutters up to the huge spider. "Hi!" she chirps cheerfully.

(OOC) Samantha: Some ponies are born with spiders; while others have spiders thrust upon them

(OOC) Starbright: The idea of being born with spiders fills me with an existential horror I can barely comprehend.

Freeze-Frame frowns a bit as her ears flatten against her head. "Wagh! what happens! what happens what happens!" She decides to start eating her pizza to tier her over while she waits for the next reel to be fitted.

Starbright grabs Cammy's tail before she flutters too far away. He'll be keeping a much better eye on her from now on.

Camilla huffs and tries to pull free. "Leggo! I wanna see the neat spider!"

As the next episode opens, Flash, Buddy, and the pirate crew have been sentenced to work in mines beneath the surface of Ringo. They are lorded over by screens projecting the looming face of Magmane, King of the Underrealm and loyal vassal to Fang the Ferocious!
The other miners are slaves, criminals, and rebels. But while working, though the heroes do not see it, a pony who appears to be made out of living mud detaches itself from the wall and slowly walks towards them.
Yep, that's right. A literal "mud pony". Wow. Just… wow.

"Y'all cain't just go runnin' off willy-nilly, puffball," Starbright says, flapping up to the cloud so Cammy can see the spider. "Y'all need ta ask permission ta see th' spidah, li'l sugah."

Tale Chaser squirms in his seat. This is why you can't trust dry land.

Midnight-Sun's eyes cross as he tries to give something riding atop his head a meaningful look. "Sophie, be a dear and reassure Typhoon of your bening intentions." The spider levers herself up on four of her legs and waves her four forelegs at Typhoon Wave, beaming a friendly expression. "She's perfectly harmless." He carefully does not finish the statement with "since you're bigger than a rat". "Just very excitable," he finishes instead, feeling rather proud of himself for how reassuring that must surely be.

Jellybean continues to watch, leaning up against Typhoon and folding a wing over her.

Tradewinds says "Huh… you seein', this, Winny?"

Freeze-Frame quietly munches away at the onion rings that came with her pizza… "This is great, isn't it, Papa? … papa…?" she looks around, the stallion nowhere to be seen. she just huffs instead and grumbles, watching the film instead.

Winter-Solstice twists about and looks up at Tradewinds from where she's been reclining under the cloud. "What about it?" she says, looking at the screen. She stares. "That's a little insensitive, now, isn't it?"

Camilla sighs. "Miss Sun! Miss Sun can I see your spider?" she, unlike Typoon, is not much bigger then a large, fat rat.

Starbright beams at his daughter, before his attention is drawn to the sad little pegasus huffing. "Hey, li'l sugah, if'n y'all want, y'all can watch th' movie with Cammy an' Ah," he leans over to tell Freeze Frame.

Raven Locks apparently has some /talent/ with locks, because he's able to fish a hairpin out of his mane and uses it to free himself, Flash, Buddy, and Thundershot. They sneak off into some side tunnels, and suddenly they're surrounded by (sigh) Mud Ponies. At first there's a little action, but it seems that the (ugh) Mud Ponies aren't actually evil. They're rebels who refused to bow to Magmane's evil will when he murdered the previous king and stole the throne, and he had them transformed into this hideous shape as punishment. They'll help Flash if he promises to find and destroy Magmane's Y-ray device that turned them into this deformed state!

Tradewinds says "Yeah… they could have at least made 'em outta rock."

Midnight-Sun gives Sophie a hoof to step onto and holds her out towards Camilla. "Behave," he mutters as she passes him. "My name's Midnight Sun, actually. I doubt you remember, since you were busy getting painted at the time. Anyway, this is Sophie. Now, she's friendly, but she *is* a lot smaller than you, so be—"

Winter-Solstice cups her hooves to her mouth and shouts. "THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH BEIN' MUDDY!"

(OOC) Freeze-Frame: now I want Landslide to have heard that. XD

(OOC) Samantha: AND cricket.

Jellybean giggles and reaches down to pass more raisins and popcorn to Winter.

Tradewinds says "Well, they do kinda make you wanna take a bath…""

Winter-Solstice pffts at Tradewinds as she settles back down. "Speak for yourself!" She accepts the offered popcorn and raisins from Jellybean, and gives him a little hoofbump, before looking back to Tradewinds. "It's good for the skin, you know. Very rejuvenating."

Camilla giggles. "Hi Sophie! you're SO cool!"

Midnight-Sun finishes: "— careful." Then he blinks and looks all around as though looking for something. After a few moments, he turns his attention back to Camilla. "Do you want to hold her through the next reel? I think she's really into the film."

Midnight-Sun . o O ( Did we forget the ironic slapstick bill this month? )

So the heroes creep through the mines and up into Magmane's palace. But soon they're surrounded by guards, and though they fight valiantly, the heroes are knocked out and taken away. Magmane runs a hoof thorugh his flaming hair. "Their punishment will not be light. For their foolish resistance, they will face… the OCTOROCK!"

Winter-Solstice makes a face as she munches popcorn, and asides to Tradewinds, "These guys are really kinda bad at staying conscious, aren't they?"

Freeze-Frame at this point, feels a bit robbed… or maybe Flash is a little incompitent… at any rate she finishes dinner and curls up on her blanket all alone, staring at the green bottle of booze her dad left behind…

Jellybean gasps. "Oh no! What's an octorock? It sounds scary!"

Camilla nods. "Kay! come on Sophie!" she settles the spider on her back and trots over to Starbrights side. "Isn't she just the COOLEST?! hey freeze frame! you gotta come see this!"

Starbright leeeaaans in to peeeeeer at the Spider. "Yeah, she's pretty cool, alright," he tells Cammy, patting his daughter on the head, before depositing her on his back. Pyramid! He settles down and looks up at minigryph and minierspider. "Y'all climb up an' ya can see ovah th' othah ponies in front o' us."

Tradewinds nods and chuckles. "How many captures is that? Hey, I'mma get some popcorn too." He trots off to the bar while Samantha switches reels.

Freeze-Frame Blinks and looks over at cammy, she thankfully doesn't have a kneejerk to the giant spider, although her cheeks puff up at something else. "… You got your cutie mark before me?!? Bogus! you're like… half my age!"

"That ain't a cutie mark and she ain't keepin' it," Starbright says darkly, pushing the poprocn over to Freezy.

Camilla scowls. "I am too!" she huffs. geeze! it's only staying for a week before it fades away after all.

Freeze-Frame grumbles and dips her snout into the popcorn as she patiently awaits the next reel to be put on.

The next reel opens with Buddy whining. The heroes are all in a cage, suspended over a pit full of rock and lava. But Flash, Thundershot, and Raven Locks seem pretty much resigned or patiently waiting, so Buddy's the only one complaining at the moment.
"Come, great Octo-rock!" shouts Magmane. "Come and devour those who oppose the might of MAGMANE and FANG THE FEROCIOUS!"
In response to his voice, a great creature rises from the depths, tentacles waving like they were attached to strings. The cage with the heroes slowly lowers into the pit, dumps them out. How will they fight this beast?!

Tale Chaser squints. "S'not what tentacles look like," he mumbles.

Midnight-Sun settles back into his cloud seat and laughing at the screen. "Go Octorock!"

"TRY BEFRIENDING IT!" shouts Winter, spraying the pony in front of her with little bits of popcorn husk.

Tradewinds hurries back as the reel restarts, popcorn under one wing, and a mug under the other. He settles back down next to Winny and starts crunching away. "Go, Flash!" he yells in return.

Magpie starts laughing, and pokes Tale Chaser in the ribs. "Oh! It's the worst thing I've ever seen!" seh cackles.

Starbright pushes his sugary drink to Freezy, too. There, now both the cubs get delicious drinks. He glowers up at Camilla. We'll see about that. But he doesn't want to ruin the movie, so he stays quiet.
For now.

Camilla huffs. honestly! it's not like she did the ritual to make it permanent…yet…

Tale Chaser oofs at the poke, and grins, bumping Maggie's cheek with his nose. "Seriously. I think they just put a buncha old socks on a hose."

Flash kicks and punches at the flailing tentacles, rescuing Buddy at least twice, but he's battered back! There's nothing he can do until Thundershot pulls a half-stick of dynamite out of his mane. "I knew this would come in handy," he says with dark humor. "Maybe I can give it a little burn."
But Flash has other ideas! He grabs the dynamite. "Perfect!" He lights the fuse by holding it over a lava geyser, then rears back and hurls it — straight up. It clacks against the stalactites on the ceiling. "TAKE COVER!" he shouts as the bomb goes off, and a shower of stone spears comes raining down, piercing the octo-rock in dozens of places!

Jellybean can't look away from the screen now. He really hopes they befriend it.

Midnight-Sun says "Alas, poor Octo-rock. We hardly knew ye."

Freeze-Frame glowers in Magpie's direction a bit. "It's like… called suspension of disbelief!", she shouts across the deck towards the piebald.

"I DON'T THINK YOU GUYS ARE REALLY TAKING INTO ACCOUNT MODERN ADVANCES IN ADVERSARY CONFRONTATION TECHNIQUES," bellows Winter from her seat. She sighs and leans back a bit. "Oh, well. Professor Fang prolly woulda just chloroformed it or something in the next scene and they'd have to bust it out of a… out of a coffin or something."

Starbright rubs his muzzle. "Aiunno, it IS pretty awful," he tells Freezy. "An' Ah remembah likin' this when Ah was a li'l cub. It doesn't hold up great ta th' test o' time, li'l sugah."

"yeah! suspend disbelief!" Camilla chirps beside Freeze Frame.

Tradewinds says "I think you may be asking for too much moral complexity, Winny.""
"Yeah?!? well… well… -YOU- Try and build an octorock puppet! these people have like… all sorts of imagination to come up with this stuff and they had to build it all by hoof! imagine how much paper n' glue n' stuff it'd take to make one!"

"It's no epic adventure, but it /is/ a silly little romp," observes Kludge. "Perfect for making quips and munching popcorn." And given the size of the tub of popcorn the craftspony is munching from… well, that would explain the lack of quips on his part.

"Yeah?!? well… well… -YOU- Try and build an octorock puppet! these people have like… all sorts of imagination to come up with this stuff and they had to build it all by hoof! imagine how much paper n' glue n' stuff it'd take to make one!" Freeze Frame crosses her arms and makes a pouty face.

Samantha says "Well they coulda at least used some magic on it or somethin'…."

"Ah did build an octorock puppet," Starbright says, tilting his head as he thinks back. "Remembah, Sammy? Poppa was SO mad, Ah'd used all th' glue in th' house. An' accidentally got it stuck ta th' ceilin' in th' bathroom…"

Winter-Solstice crosses her hooves and sticks her tongue out at Tradewinds. "Yeah, well," she says, afterwards.

Camilla giggles. "Is that how you had that glue accident Auntie Starlight?"

Samantha blushes. "Ah… n-no. Not exactly." She giggles. "Daddy /wasy/ pretty mad."

It's chaos, then. Flash and the others flee the pit while the crowds are fleeing from the rumbling cavern and the death of the feared Ocotorock! The heroes are able to make their way through the palace, punching out guards occasionally, until they reach the laboratory and Buddy hits the Y-ray with a chair until it quits working. In a bit of impressively terrible double-exposure, the Mud Ponies slowly turn into earth ponies, and surround Magmane and his guards.
"Your time is ended. We will never bow to you again — or to Fang the Ferocious!"

Starbright shakes his head. "Naw, th' gluin' herself ta herself was totally separate." He hrms. "But poppa was pretty mad about that, too."

(OOC) Samantha: Next week: Camilla has glued herself to the ceiling. "HOW?!"

(OOC) Kludge asks "Hey, anyone seen my stockpile of wood glue…?"

(OOC) Starbright blinks. Looks up. Sighs. "Yeah. Y'all're mah daughtah."

(OOC) Camilla: LOLS.

(OOC) Tradewinds giggles uncontrollably.

Jellybean snuggles up to the wifey. "What do you think of this, Typhoon?"

Typhoon-Wave chuckles, leaning against him cozily. "I'm not sure I'm… following it all," she admits, "but it /is/ entertaining. I can see why Shooting Star likes them."

Freeze-Frame blinks up at starbright. "Wait, wh-what…? Well how come I've never heard of an octorock 'till now?!?" Bluff called!

"YOU TELL 'EM!" Tradewinds yells at the screen.

"Yeah!" shouts Winter. "Throw off your shackles and rise up, proud children of the earth!! Seize the means of production!"

Starbright peers at Freezy. "Well, it's not mah fault yoah education is missing huge gaps in important science fiction crittahs," he says with a shrug.

Jellybean nods. "I think I'm about the same."

Tradewinds pauses and turns to Winter Solstice with wide eyes, leaning away slowly.

We return to poor Ardent Star. She stands, staring blankly as Fang and his top scientist discuss her. "Soon, the mind bending will be complete, and she will be your slave forever."
"Excellent," says Fang. "She will be a fitting wife, then!" As he laughs maniacally, the camera zooms in on Ardent's blank faced expression, and a surge of strings — TO BE CONTINUED!

Freeze-Frame just shrinks down a bit now, totally buying what Starbright is saying. she curls up as best she can given her chubby body.

Camilla hmmms thoughtfully. glue sounds like fun thing to play with…

Winter-Solstice offers Tradewinds a shrug. "Whaaat? It's a good plan! They can overcome the disadvantages inflicted upon them by their slavery by seizing the factory themselves, and integrating with the local space economy." She waves a hoof. "I mean you can't just free a buncha slaves and be like 'okay you guys got this.' You gotta follow through!"

(OOC) Jellybean: Winter, not-even-closet Socialist.

(OOC) Winter-Solstice is looking out for the common pony

Starbright pats Freezy and Cammy both, then passes the popcorn around. It's a good thing he can't hear Cammy's thoughts yet. "It is fun, though. Sammy, y'all gonna th' next one, too?"

Midnight-Sun rolls his eyes. "Of *course* the mind control isn't permanent. Why are all would-be evil emperors so predictably incompetent?"

Samantha fiddles with the film reel. This one doesn't seem to want to work. Argh.
"A-ha! There we go!"

Before they can attack Fang's Flying Fortress and retrieve Ardent, the heroes will have to put an end to Air Marshal Crag and his air defense squadron. To do that, there's only one possible choice — recruit the Flying Folk. So they're flying to the Sky Islands in Raven Locks' airship. They arrive and are immediately under suspicion of being Fang's agents. But it looks like that won't be a problem when the massively rotund, bombastic griffon Sul-Tan, King of the Sky, shows up and throws his claws around Flash's neck in a huge hug! "AH! I HAVE BEEN SEEING MUCH OF YOU ON THE VISI-SCREEN CHANNELS! YOU ARE MAKING FANG VERY NERVOUS INDEED!" he bellows.

Midnight-Sun says "Noooooo!"

Tradewinds says "Uhh. No offense, Winny, but where the hay did you learn words like 'integrating with the local economy'?"

Camilla snickers. oh! she could make her own monster for her daddy! she screens as Midnight cries out. "Oh no!!!"

"Books," says Winter, attention mostly on the screen. She opens her mouth, pauses, then settles back, tapping a hoof to her chin. "Is that offensive to griffons?" She twists about in her seat to see if the griffons in the audience look uncomfortable or not.

Midnight-Sun says "I'm out of popcorn."

Freeze-Frame grits her teeth a bit but gets back to enjoying the show… she's not gonna let the other ponies and griffons ruin her perception of the show…

Midnight-Sun says "Excuse me." and dives off the cloud, on the hunt for precious sustenance.

Starbright snickers. "Ah love him! Sul-Tan was always mah favourite," he says, nudging Cammy. "See, that theah is a propah king o' th' gryphons." He beams happily. Offensive? NEVER!

Tradewinds says "Nah! Anyway, he's a space griffon."

Camilla giggles. "Really daddy?! COOL!" so that's what griffin kings are like then!

Winter-Solstice watches Starbright for a moment, then smiles, sitting back down. "I guess not," she says. She watches for a few moments more, then frowns a little, and leans over to murmur to Tradewinds. "Wait. Should we be worried the griffons are looking up to a space tyrant who chokes ponies?"

Sul-Tan waves his wings for emphasis as he struts up and down, chewing the scenery like a cheap buffet. "YES! WE WILL FINALLY STRIKE A BLOW AGAINST FANG THE FEROCIOUS! THE SKY-FOLK HAVE WAITED FAR TOO LONG FOR THIS BATTLE, BUT NOW, WITH THE END OF MAGMANE'S REALM, WE HAVE A FREE HAND!"
It seems the whole sky-folk navy is mobilizing to attack Crag's squadrons and assault the fortress itself.

Midnight-Sun locates important schlock-watching supplies by the bucket and returns to the cloud, having missed relatively little of the ridiculously over-the-top space griffon action.

Camilla cheers. "Yay! kill em!"

"No, befriend them!" counters Winter.

Tradewinds gives Winny a flat look. "That was a hug, not a choke. And this explains some things about how you display affection."

Midnight-Sun says "Kill them with hugs!"

Starbright blinks. "That seems rilly unlikely," he tells Sun.

"Depends on who's hugging!" Tradewinds shouts to Starbright.

A open air movie showing - nothing unusual about another pony joining the crowd, nope. Ruby settles into a spot amid the crowd under the cover of night, and she wears a massive grin while watching and patiently waiting; she's all dressed up in garb that would be the equavilent of a certain villain - hoping to give a pony or two a shock when they finally notice.

Winter-Solstice squints at the screen, then shrugs at Tradewinds. "Sorry. I see a big ol' dude with a loud voice and I just sort of assumed that it was yet another contagonist tht Flash and his posse would have to clobber or get imprisoned by. It's kinda their thing, you know?"

Shut down the guns so Sul-Tan's ships can attack from above; find and rescue Dr. Star; and then blow the main generator and run for it before the Flying Fortress stops doing that first thing. That's the plan.

Jellybean giggles a bit. "Sul-Tan reminds me of my auntie."

Camilla watches with rapt attention. she's of course cheering the griffins all the way. yay griffins!

Typhoon-Wave blinks and puts a hoof to her mouth to keep from bursting out laughing. "A little bit," she manages aside to Jellybean between giggles. There's a mental image that will not go away now.

Tradewinds says "Naaah. He does plenty of befriending! Just not… big tentacle beasts."

Starbright grins at Camilla, turning his attention to watch the gryphons. He cheers on, too, giggling a bit. Yep, definitely his daughter.

Freeze-Frame gradually scoots away from the griffons to go back to her lone blanket… it was a better spot to watch the movie anyhow and… really now she's just in a grumpy mood.

Magpie stares in rapt wonder at the screen's flickering images, leaned up against Tale Chaser, not even paying attention to the treats she still hasn't eaten.

Soon, the attack commences! The batteries on the Flying Fortress open fire, and the Air Defense Squadron comes flying in to ward off the Sky Folk. But Flash isn't waiting for the squadron to be thrashed before he heads in — he dives his air skimmer and starts a run on the dock right away!
Sul-Tan stares and laughs. "IMPETUOUS BOY!" he calls. "BUT WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER? DIIIIIIVE!" And the sky folk start on their way in!

Tale Chaser is stuffing his face with candy, eyes wide behind his spectacles. He is enthralled.

(OOC) Tradewinds: DIIIIIIVE! XD
(OOC) Jellybean queues up some Queen.
(OOC) Camilla: queen?! where?!

Jellybean's jaw drops. "Griffons are so cool."

Winter-Solstice surges to her hind hooves and throws her front hooves up above her head! "DIIIIIIIIVE!"

Camillas jaw drops. "Wow! He's SO cool!" she squeals suddenly and instead of floofing draws a dagger from beneath her wing. it's sadly dull but anypony trying to attack her wouldn't know!

Starbright gahs at Camilla. "Where did y'all get that?" he asks, staring at the dull knife. "Ya cain't just pull out a weapon in th' middle o' a movie!"

It's implied to be a terrible crash as Flash's skimmer hits the dock and skids across it. Flash dives out of the vehicle, out of the camera shot, then the screen shakes and flames blast from the direction of the skimmer. Dusting himself off, Flash runs into the next room. There are guards there! He knocks out one with a punch, then keeps running! Left, right — but soon he's cornered! Out the window, there's a courtyard, and behind a squad with their blast-spears! At the last moment, Flash dives for the window — and he's shot! He slumps to the floor!

Camilla blinks. "er…um…Miss Rune said I needed to practice a 'martial skill'. like wing blades!" she lifts up her other wing to show the other dagger. "It's not like they're sharp."

Winter-Solstice sinks back to her seat because she's been tottering around on her back hooves this whole time. She looks a bit worried. The big mare glances to Tradewinds. "Do you think he's okay?"

Tale Chaser clings to Magpie with an audible gasp. Nooo!

Tradewinds fluffs his wings and shrugs. "Well… I assume they wouldn't kill off their hero. That sure wasn't in the remake, though! Maybe some doctor will save his life?"

Starbright faceclaws. Where does Cammy get friends like that. "Y'all cain't just pull 'em out in th' middle o' a movie theatah, sugah," he tells Cammy. He peeks under her wing and sighs. Two of them. "It makes othah folks nervous, an' it's dangerous, even if they ain't sharp."

Jellybean whimpers. "He'll be okay, right?"

Camilla sheathes the blade. "I got scared!" she defends.

Magpie is hugging TC just as hard! "M-maybe he was a clone! Or-or he's faking?!"

Fang the Ferocious jumps to her hooves and with boisterous triumphant laugh shakes /her/ front hooves in the air. "At last Flash Dodger has met his end!" angry hoof shakes, so angry! Pay no heed to the enthuastic cross-player.
That would be Ruby…

Starbright fluffs Cammy. "Ain't no reason ta be scared, puffball, Ah'm h… uh…" He stares at Ruby. "Wow. Uh. Alright, mebbe theah's a LI'L reason ta be scared, but not enough ta pull out weapons."

Samantha says "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Jellybean squeals, flails limbs and wings and falls right out of the cloud onto Winter! "Everypony run! It's Fang the Furious!"

Magpie shouts, "*Ferocious*! And it's not him, it's a FALSE one!"

Winter-Solstice suddenly has a Jellybean in her lap. She stares at him for a moment then moves to heft him back up onto the cloud as one deposits a jar on a high shelf. "You dropped this," she says, to Typhoon Wave.

Typhoon-Wave gives an alarmed yelp of her own and topples to the side, managing not to fall off the cloud only by consequence of the fact that her reaction to being startled seems to be to shoot straight up into the air about twenty feet or so.

Ruby the Ridiculous points her hoof at Magpie; she's even dyed her coat to better suit her role and her voice is quite spot on for the villain. "True I am no /him/, but none the less the citizens of this Harbor shall now bow before my might!" another ridiculous laugh.

"That a challenge?" razzes Kludge as he throws a piece of popcorn at the "villain" in the audience.

Samantha huffs. "…Oh my gosh. You scared me there!" She laughs a nervous laugh and resumes trying to load the next reel… yeesh!

Freeze-Frame screams and flaps her wings, flying up up up to get away!

Ruby glowers at the popcorn throwing pony and shakes her hoof angrily. "I'll bury you alive in Popped Kernel Carnal Doom Dungeon, you insolent clod!" look at that hoof shake - so angry.

Kludge has another popcorn kernel on hoof, ready to throw. He opens his mouth to say something in retort… and instead tosses the popcorn kernel into his mouth and munches on it, silently waggling his eyebrows at Ruby.

Camilla grabs her own popcorn ammunition and jumps to Kludges side. "There's no way you can stand before the might of a griffin!" she challenges Ruby, sticking her tongue out at her.

Starbright gets up to grab Cammy when she leaps away, then shrugs and sits back down. She's only throwing popcorn, after all, and besides, Ruby kinda deserves it for giving him a start in the first place. He cheers on Cammy and Kludge. "Woo! Y'all show that mean ol' nasty villain what f'r!"

The next episode (on the next reel) finally starts. It opens with a recap of the last couple minutes, like most episodes. The troops are coming in and Flash is at blast-spear-point, trying to flee! Flash dives for the window — that's weird. The blast hits to the left of the window, and he safely dives through, then gallops away while the guards look on. …huh.

(OOC) Samantha wishes she were making that up. It really did happen in one of the Buck Rogers serials. >.>

(OOC) Kludge: I've seen similar things in a Zorro serial.

Tradewinds laughs at all the antics, hoping htis isn't the part where the town burns down. When the next reel starts, he starts shushing everypony and turns to watch… as Flash… doesn't..?!? "HEY!"

Winter-Solstice scratches her head as she settles back into her seat. "Did- did he just retcon getting shot?"

Meanwhile, Tale Chaser gasps and starts putting together an elaborate theory about alternate timelines.

Someone has awarded you karma! Keep being awesome!

Ruby pooints at the screen when Flash escapes unscathed. "Absuuuurd!" then silences herself and settles in to crowd - at the very least she provided a distraction while Samantha changed the reel.

Samantha scratches her head.

Jellybean reseats himself, getting comfortable after being deposited on the cloud by Winter. "Sorry," he says to her.

Along the way, Flash shuts down the guns, but the real point of the next episode is when he finally finds the beautiful Doctor Ardent Star. She has that blank-eyed expression as he gently pulls the circlet off her head, looking into her eyes. "Ardent… come on.. wake up now." Her eyes flutter, and she slowly focuses on him. "Oh… Oh Flash!" She hugs him tightly.
Then, an evil chuckle. "You are too late, Flash Dodger!" Fang the Ferocious steps into the room. "Ardent, my dear…. Kill Flash Dodger."
Ardent's horn flickers and she lifts a small, slender weapon, some sort of pistol, points it at Flash… "I must obey," she intones.

"No you don't!" shouts Winter, from her seat in the back.

"Yes you do!" Tradewinds shouts, just to be contrary.

Just as Ardent raises the weapon, the film freezes, the projector making an awful noise as the film hangs. The frame overheats, and starting from the center, it burns away in a bubbly mess.

"Aaah!" Samantha shouts as the movie stops. Then "AAAH!" again, as flames start erupting from inside the projector!

Starbright is there in a flash, dumping both of the remnants of cups of sugary drink directly on the projector to attempt to quench the flame!

Jellybean sees the flames. "Oh dear! Oh dear oh dear oh dear that's no good. Honey, I'll be right back." Kissing Typhoon quickly he takes to the sky and makes a beeline towards a cloud he thinks has some rain in it. He starts pushing it toward the burning projector.

Ruby-Blossom ughs loudly "That projectionist is SOOO fired."

"OH MY GOD SHE'S MELTING HIS FAce wait no that's not what" says Winter, stammering to silence. She stares for a moment longer, then turns to look back at the projector. "That doesn't look good. Jellybean! Get a rain-" He's already on it. She scratches her head, then turns and looks back to the group.
"Well, er, I think, y'know, if the movie isn't gonna finish, we should vote on how we think it ends."

"Awww," says Kludge as he watches the fire-fighting attempts promptly start. A marshmallow nearly onto a stick for roasting might be a clue as to why this was his reaction…

Tradewinds just stares, his jaw hanging open.

Samantha grabs the projector stand, and hurls it over the side of the Bucket. Splash! Hisssss. That's the end of the movie, really… "Um… uh…" She grabs Ruby and drags her up to the front of the group. Then pulls out her wrench and menaces a vaguely defined area in front of her. "Yes, I must obey," she monotones, mugging hopefully at the audience.

Starbright awws as his sugary drink joins the projector at the bottom of the sea. He peers at his sister, then ohs and retreats back to his seat to watch out the rest of the now-a-pantomime.

For the briefest of moments Ruby is a tad confused as to why she was drug up front, perhaps the popcorn went bad and this was a clever guise to have the audience part with their snack without a refund. The next moment she throws one hoof forward to point at an empty spot - presumably the one where Flash Dodger /should/ be. "Yes! Yes! Obey! Destory Flash Dodger! Destory him my puppet!"

Winter-Solstice stares for a moment, then blinks. Oh! She hops to her hooves. "DIBS ON CAPTAIN RAVENLOCKS! I mean, er…" She threads her way through the crowd to take a place up front with the others, and promptly flexes. "Don't listen to him, Flash!" She glances about. They don't actually have a Flash, do they? "Use your machismo and stunning good looks and big ol' muscles to win her back. Also your charm. Don't punch her." She flexes in a different pose, then pretends to kick a space goblin.

Jellybean pushes the sluggish raincloud, trying to get it into place. Too slow, he thinks, and now he's worried the fire will spread. Well, this should work: he backs up to build up some speed and gives it a great big push, sending it hurtling at the screen. It's not a trick they teach at school but the cloud careens into the sail and, in accordance with how clouds work, releases its contained moisture… onto where the fire USED to be. Which is to say, on Samantha and Ruby.

Tradewinds leaps up and soars over the crowd to drop in place in front of Samantha. "No! Ardent, don't do it!"

Tradewinds recoils in overacted horror, his face a mask of betrayal.

Samantha acks! "HEY!" she shouts, glaring up at Jellybean. "Pffft." She shakes the water off her beak and rubs at her beak. "Uh… Uh…" She casts about for a second, dripping. "Uh…" She shuffles her feet. "I don't actually know what to do."

Tradewinds clears his throat. "Ah… You're not Fang's slave, Ardent! He has no power over you anymore! Shoot Fang instead!"

Jellybean rubs his forehooves together, looking contrite. "I'm sorry." He flies back to his cloud and leans against Typhoon.

Fang the Ferocious gasps in shock as water drenches the 'stage'. "NO! Impossible!?" she drops to a kneeling position and shakes her front hooves in the air. "How did he know the cooling system for the primary reactor ran through this room!? You fool! You'll destroy us all?" Ruby's still pretending! Improvise!

"Wait! No! Befriend him!" suggests Winter Raven Locks, mid-flex. "Like, shoot him in the knees to teach him a lesson, yeah, but then, we'll go out and get a sandwich and start trying to do good works."

(OOC) Jellybean: Winter has the best ideas.

Midnight-Sun says "I vote for the plan with the sandwich!"

Tradewinds breaks character to stare at Winny. Again. "You can't befriend Fang the Ferocious!" he objects.

Typhoon-Wave looks a bit… well, not entirely surprised. Befuddled? Maybe. This is Horseshoe Harbor, after all, fire is normal. But… aww. Movie. She leans against Jellybean, draping a wing over him. "…Maybe Shooting Star will let us borrow the rest of the set sometime."

Jellybean says "Do you think he has the whole thing?"

"Why not?" says Winter Raven Locks, hooves on her hips. "Has anypony tried?" She turns and regards Ruby the Ferocious. "Like, maybe if someone just offered you a hoof and said 'y'know we can make this work' you'd be less of a jerk. What do you think?"

Samantha looks confused, but, uh… She looks up at Tradewinds. "I, uh…. I can't stop myself?" she asks uncertainly. "Fang is… my master now." She gestures with her wrench, getting ready to 'shoot'.

Tradewinds glances back and forth at Winny and Samantha. "Uh… well… um…" He's only heard just so many stories about mind-controlled mares, and… well… "Ahem." He steps closer to 'Ardent', the 'gun' almost touching his chest. "I know you won't shoot me, Ardent Star! Because…" Suddenly, he grabs Samantha and swoops her into a dramatic stage kiss.

Winter-Solstice turns away from Ruby the Ferocious, staring at Tradewinds and Samantha, before a broad grin crosses her muzzle. "Yeah, dogg!" she howls, pumping a hoof. "I mean, uh, true love! Beats mind control lasers!"

Out in the audience, Tale Chaser d'awwwws, clapping his hooves to his cheeks.

"Maybe," Typhoon ponders. "I'd imagine he would've wanted to know how the story ends. She looks down at the impromptu 'ending' going on and grins a bit. "If he doesn't, well, I can tell him it ends like this and he'll never know the difference."

Samantha makes a yelping sound, and her wrench hits the deck with a clang. Mmph?! "Uh… I- I- I- I- … Uh… Hi, Flash," she finally manages, eyes wide, blushing badly.

Jellybean giggles. "I like this ending." He kisses Typhoon on the cheek.

Ruby-Blossom scowls. "Blast you Flash Dodger, blast you!" she twirls her cape and storms away. "This does not end here!" then ducks behind the mast of tbe Bucket.

Samantha peeks back behind the mast. "Uh… Does it really not end here, or are we done?"

"I love you, Ardent Star," Flash Dodger says as he sets her back on her feet. "Run, Fang!" he shouts, pulling away from her. "Your Y-Ray is destroyed, your Flying Fotress defenseless against the Sky Folk! Soon, you will be the Emperor of nothing at all!" He turns to Ardent and holds out his hoof. "Come on, we have to find a way off this death trap…"

Samantha's eyes widen. "Oh! Oh, right. Um. Way off. We can, uh…. steal… Fang's… personal flying machine?"

Midnight-Sun calls, "That's when suddenly there's a bunch of steam coming out of a vent and the ceiling starts to collapse!"

Tradewinds suddenly staggers. "Sul-Tan and the Sky Folk have destroyed the Fortress's G-Diffuser! We're going to crash!" Then he straightens up and announces, "TO BE CONTINUED!"

Midnight-Sun vaults off the cloud to the deck just so he can stomp applause.

Winter-Solstice makes sure to strike a heroic, flexing pose before the episode ends, then hold it after the TO BE CONTINUED.

Samantha giggles and hugs Tradewinds. "Yay! Thanks everypony for coming out tonight! I hope you all had a fun time!" She gives Winny a hug too, 'cause Raven Locks deserves a hug. ^^

Ruby gives a little a cheer from her spot in the audience - just regular ol' Ruby, yup she's been there the whole time honest. "Woo. TradeWind's getting all the action."

Tradewinds chuckles. "So, uh, if we get somepony to salvage the projector, can you fix it up so we can see what really happens?"

Tradewinds is kind of glad there's not a big bright projector up there now, because his face just about matches his shirt.

Samantha rubs her head. "Um. I dunno. I guess I can try. I'm not sure the film is… uh… that was a pretty big fire…"

Winter-Solstice returns Samantha's hug, grinning like a loon, then turns to bow before the audience, then make her way back to th back near her seat and where Jelly's cloud is. She leans up to grin at Jelly and Typhoon. "Hey! What'd you guys think?"

Applauding one's hooves against a cloud is a poor idea when one's talent is generating storms, so Typhoon settles for clapping them together instead, if slightly awkwardly. (Who applauds like this really.) "That was g-great!"

Jellybean cheers and whistles. "That was great!"

Tradewinds says "Yeah! Got any more?"

Samantha blushes a bit and holds up her claws. "I, just had the one…"

Midnight-Sun finishes stomping up a storm. "I thought that was fantastic in every sense of the word. Too bad there's no more where that came from." He turns an inquisitorial gaze on Samantha. "There isn't, is there?" Sophie, having been retrieved some time earlier, is jumping up and down on his back in delight.

Samantha rubs her head. "W-well, I mean, I guess there's more… SOMEWHERE… I don't have, like, a box in my basement…"

Tradewinds says "Okay, okay, Maybe next year, eh?"

"Heck yeah it was!" agrees Winter, with Typhoon and Jelly. She turns and calls out at Samantha. "We need to go questing for more!!"

"Or write your own," suggests Kludge. "Why not write it up as a play, and perform it live?"

Samantha laughs a bit. "O-oh, I'm not a writer! I just fix machines! And I'll have to quest for a projector too!"