Morning Chaos
IC date: Autumn 5, 1007
OOC date: September 24, 2012
PCs: Rising-Chaos, Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Sky-Sparkler, Windrose

It's a beautiful day in Horshoe Harbour. the sun is shining, the air is warm and the skies are a beautiful blue. The foals of the bay are out playing once again, loving their new forms, and why shouldn't they? Being a foal is fun, and so the genrla air around town is one of joy.

In a stone house near the edge of town, a certain filly is having fun indeed. She's just had a new friend over for the night, and she has all sorts of fun plans for her awesome new assistant. Rising Chaos is running about her house, giggling like mad as plans form in her little filly mind. Oh the fun that is in store.

The -first- thing Windrose did upon rolling off the couch was to make sure she was still her proper age. Yep, appears so. So just being in town isn't going to deage her. That's a relief. This is followed by a stretch, and then a wince as her wings twitch a bit, and huffs. "Pegasi weren't really made for couches… or couches for pegasi."

And then the hyper running about foal pulls her fully back to reality. "… this is still going to take getting use to." Was she really the only thing close to an adult right now? That's almost as frightening as being a foal again.

Sky Sparkler is one of those weirdos that gets up early. So much so that she missed the curse that has gripped most of the town. (She was off dealing with Dread Pirate Salty at the time) But when she returns to her new home, she finds things not as she expected. The foals everywhere, that look familiar? Eh, that's one thing, but then there's this new pegasus in the place… She sets down the bag (containing fresh seawater from the harbor) and looks around the place. "Ummm. What the buck is going on?" she asks aloud.

Rising-Chaos quiets down with the arrival of Sky Sparkler, her assistant's return giving her a focus for her energy. She bounces over to her lovely assistant, "welcome home! Everyone was turned into a foal overnight!" Apparently that's enough explanation. She levitates the water out of Sky's bag and bounces away. "Oh, by the way, that's Windrose, she's my new friend, she just got here yesterday." She waves over at the sleepy Windrose. "Windorse, this is my roomate and assistant Sky Sparkler!"

Windrose mutters something about forget being a gracious host, next time she's claiming the bed, under her breath as she rubs her eyes with a foreleg. Then sort of snaps out of it when she realizes somepony else is here… wait, is that another -adult- pony?! Almost abruptly she's wide away and bounds over. "OH THANK CELESTIA! I was worried I was going to be the only grown-up in a town full of br—deaged kids!"

At the moment Sky is feeling a little overwhelmed at the enthuasim of the greetings. "Everyone was.. Right. Not asking yet. Windrose, hello, I'm Sky Sparkler. As far as kids goes… any clue about why this is happening?"

Rising-Chaos turns her head over her shoulder as she puts the water in a special container made for it. "Not a clue why it's happening, but it's kinda fun." She turns to look at Sky. "How did you remain unaffected. Tell me your secrets!" Her voice becoming very excited

"No, I don't, I just got here yesterday with -no clue- this was going on," Windrose replies. Then coughs softly, and brushes a hoof quickly through hehair to get rid of any bedmane effect. "But regardless, a pleasure to meet you despite… the current situation."

"Lovely," Sky replies to Windrose, before sitting on the couch. "Everything seemed normal when I left, which was early yesterday morning…" she muses. "Maybe it happened after I went?"

A loud crash and shattering glass heralds the arrival of hard-hat wearing Ruby! The small foal rocketing through the window and utterly oblitering Rising Chaos front window, and taking out a leg of Rising's kitchen table - which miraculously stays upright! The mare tumble backwards relatively unharmed thanks to her hard helmet and overalls. "Son of a…" she cries loudly - holding both hooves against her yellow construction helment as she rolls back to rest on her flank - hissing addorably in discomfort before groggily wandering back to the window where she prompts up on her rear hooves and yells "I TOLD you it was too heavy for you to pull, you dolt colt. You're not even half a stallion at the moment!" that would be more insulting were Kludge a stallion at the moment. The kitchen table begins to teeter in the background!

"WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!" On pegasus reflex Windrose bolts off the ground at the window shattering. "Pirates are raiding the harbor while it's unguarded! Every pony for themsel—OOMPH!" And promptly smacks into the ceiling because she forgot she was indoors at the moment. Some pegasi don't like being couped up for very long, so it's a fairly common mistake. It ends with her sprawling back on the floor, eyes swirling. "… This is why we build our houses out of clouds…"

As it happens, Sky Sparkler has good reason to fear a pirate attack, which is why she uses her electrical telekenesis to try and grab the projectile before it can do more damage. She might throw it back out, but then she hears Ruby talking.

Rising Chaos's eye twitches with the sound of breaking glass coming form the kitchen. She rushes in, taking in Ruby, the teetering table, the broken window; with a certain amount of horror. "Hi Ruby! What did you do?" She yells, distress clear in her voice. she just watches the table, the table filled with priceless lab equipment as it stays upright, just. She sits down. "What's even happening right now?"

"Well, how was I supposed to know you had put all of the bricks on it while my back was turned?" hollers Kludge in response, looking about as cross as Ruby. "A small pile of lumber, no problem; that same stack of lumber PLUS a stack of bricks larger than me, of /course/ I'm not going to be able to handle it at this size!"

The teetering ceases for the moment much to Rising's relief - at least until Windrose whacks the ceiling - the vibration rattling the wall and dislodging a picture frame which smacks into a coat rack that topples over, hits the coffee table - and sends another object flying into the kitchen - straight for the table! Ruby looks over her shoulder at Rising and pipes addorably - all decked out in construction gear - she wouldn't take risks considering the head trauma she's experienced in the past week. "It's not my fault! Kludge is puny!" she points a hoof towards the voice outside - any damage caused by Windrose's freak out won't be her fault, right!

Windrose just holds a foreleg over her face. "Please tell me this is -not- the usual way things go around here."

Sky Sparkler does the good assistant thing and tries to grab the second flying missle with her magic, holding it in midair. "Sorry Windrose," she replies to the pegasus. "I've been here a few weeks… and yeah. This is how things seems to happen." She closes her eyes. "Two fires, this, and Dread Pirate Saltlick last night." No, she doesn't know what saying that name will mean yet.

A singular little dust bunny flitters through the air coming to perch perfectly on Rising's nose!

Rising-Chaos feels her little filly nose twitch, tickle. Oh no, she can't stop it! She lets loose with a sneeze powerful enough to send her reeling back, bumping into the counter. A single plate falls from the counter and rolls along the floor, bumping into the table. For a moment, one perfect moment, the table remains upright. "come on." Hisses Chaos, hoping against hope the table will stay upright. As soon as the words leave her mouth, the table crashes downwards in an explosion of noise and shattered glass. Her face forms into an expression of total sadness, and Chaos falls to her rump. A baleful glare is cast onto Ruby. "Where's Kludge?" she asks, her voice deceptively sweet. "He's gonna be really sorry this happened."

Windrose yelps again and darts behind Sky as things start falling and breaking. The confirmation that this sort of activity is -normal- is not helping any. When the cacophony dies down she peeks over the other pony's shoulder. "Seriously starting to wonder if coming down here looking for a job or two was a good idea…."

Ruby-Blossom winces at the sound shattering glass come from several feet behind her - that is /not her/ fault; she's here and well that's there - so yeah! A small shake of her head before she waves a friendly hello to Sky-Sparkler "Hi Sky." she ponders "Hi umn…fountain lady?"

Speak of the devil - or at least of the irate pony! *stomp stomp stomp* comes Kludge, glaring at Ruby. He looks like something the cat dragged in - while Ruby wound up taking the aerial route, Kludge was dragged much closer to ground level, and has the scrapes and bruises to show for it.He stomps on over to Ruby, glaring daggers. "Next time you change the load on the pulleys, TELL ME! And just saying 'You can't haul that!' doesn't count, unless you /also/ say 'I added a few dozen bricks to the load' after it!" Even without his cutie mark, Kludge still knows the basics of being a craftspony, and one of the biggest no-nos is to change things without informing the others involved.

Sky sighs as her effort to save the lab is undone. "I'm Sky Sparkler," she replies to Ruby, but not doing much to save the filly from her deserved karmic comeuppance. "And Wind, while it's often like this, there's a lot of work to be found here… That's why I wound up here."

Windrose exhales more loudly than she probably needed to. Then the other pony comes in, and the two start arguing it would seem. She shakes her head a bit, and trots over to give Chaos a nudge with her snout. "Com'n, com'n. Sitting there and pouting won't accomplish anything."

Kludge's yelling is met with the biggest rubiest foal eyes possible - brimming with tears as the smaller foal looks up at Kludge with her hat slightly askew as it's a tad too big for her little foal head. Bottom lip quivering addorably as she's yelled at - by Kludge of all ponies! "S..stupid!" suddenly bolting past and towards the door while streaming tears - honestly she never expected Kludge to yell at her, like ever for anything! Foals are so emotional, aren't they?

Rising-Chaos sniffs, her laboratory is destroyed; what is she gonna do? She lets out a sigh as Windrose tries to calm her down, and gets up. She's shocked to see Ruby rocket past her in the direction fo the door. Instantly, she follows her friend, and tackles her before she can escape. "Hey now Ruby, it's okay. It was just stuff right, are you okay?" She gives Ruby a little nuzzle, see it's not so bad.

Sigh. Kludge closes his eyes, quietly slumping to the floor. It's not that he liked yelling at Ruby, but dealing with unexpected happenings with construction can be a challenge even when things are normal, and this is about as far from normal as he can think of. "Can't we wait for things to go back to normal?" he asks in a tone that suggests that it's not the first time today he's said it.

(It's the seventh time, but who's counting?)

Sky lets out a sigh of her own. "I hope things will calm down. I really do," she muses. "I mean, it can't be this bad all the time, right?"

Being tackled by Rising-Chaos prevents Ruby from making a timely escape, and gives Kludge time to apologize! The small turquoise mare sniffling cutely as she hooves at the ground for a few moments in a semi-desperate attempt to escape before flopping limply against the floor - being cuddled by Rising-Chaos which isn't all that bad. *Snuffle* "K…Kludge yelled at me!" sounding sincerely hurt!

"About all I know," Windrose replies as she looks to Sky, "is that I'm -really- on the fence about having foals of my own some day right now."

Sky nods in agreement to Windrose. "If all foals act like this… yeah." She shakes her head. "No where near that point in my life, but… yeah."

Ruby-Blossom lifts one hoof while still face-down against the floor - semi-muffledly and whinely responding to Windrose and Sky's observation "I'll take theeeem~" flopping flat against with an addorable little whine.

Kludge walks over to Ruby and gives her a hug - gently, trying to avoid his scrapes and bruises. "I just yelled because we could've been hurt or worse, y'know? This is why we do construction procedures my way, because I know how to do things in less risky ways."

Ruby-Blossom whiiines "But we wouldn't have to do this if that dolt didn't squash those phoenix in front of my shop." deflating under the hug of Chaos and Kludge would pouting audibly "Destroyed it all!" A renewed bout of tears to be had.

Windrose says "Aaaand now I have no idea what anypony is even talking about." Windrose turns as if to leave. "I'm going to find some breakfast. Does this town have any decent cafes or…" stops and trails off, then slaps hoof to her face again as she remembers what's going on. "Right, wouldn't be any adult ponies to be running it right now anyways"

"There are some nice cafes, I think I'll join you," Sky Sparkler says to Windrose, edging towards the door. All else fails, there's the weather shed up in the clouds, which should have at least a hot plate.

Rising-Chaos gives Ruby one last little squeeze for comfort. "I'm sure it can be fixed Ruby, we can always fix anything, just like my table." She grins at the cute little filly, then gets to her hooves. "Hey guys, I can make you breakfast if you want! The kitchen isn't entirely destroyed!" She waves at the two adults, there is no way they're confused or anything, not at all. It seems Chaos ha gotten over her table smashing, or at least bottled the anger up.

At the mention of breakfast, Kludge's stomach grumbles to remind him that he had been working without plenty of food. "Breakfast sounds good," he admits with a sheepish grin.

Oh there is no way this cannont turn out bad. Except all sorts of ways. Windrose chuffs softly. "I guess it would be foals cooking no matter what. Don't look at me, I'm a mapmaker, not a chef."

"We can fake something," Sky says to Windrose, as she sneaks to the door. There is such as thing as too much chaos in the morning.

Without really waiting for any replies, Rising Chaos sets to work. Now, as you may expect, a little filly can't exactly see up on the counter. The first thing she does is go for the flour; she's going to amke pancakes! Unfortunately, Chaos is a very little filly, and the big bag of flour is too much. Down it falls, flour goes everywhere! After the dust clears, the kitchen got a new colouring, white, all white. In the middle of the floor stands the bag of flour, Chaos underneath. A shy, forced giggle comes from beneath the bag. "I guess we're not having pancakes then, you guys want to eat out?