More Small Talk
IC date: Summer 42
OOC date: August 1
Location: Mane Affair
PCs: Sunshine-Stormcloud Ruby-Blossom

Evening in the Blossom home! Ruby can be found in the living room with her nameless little foals; all three currently occupied by a little ball that is pushed between each foal then back to mommy. Gleeful little giggles eminating from the little pegasi and unicorn, and occasionally from mommy too.

Sunshine is…watching. Watching with a mixture of d'aww, envy, curiosity, and maybe a little bit of 'hmph'. She's also polishing her legs. Which are detatched for better polishing. She's pinged out most of the dents and scratches, though there's still some 'work' that could be done to them she can't rightly handle. Surely a trip to the local (or Daybreak) blacksmithy in the near future. "My, foals do grow fast. Next thing you know they'll be talking. …Maybe even before your other little twins start talking."

Several curious gazes are thrown Sunshine's direction as Ruby quietly examines Sunshine polishing her legs; admittedly she's never seen the mare take them off - she wans't aware they were removable. She offers the other mare a warm smile while gently pushing the ball to her little pegasi whom pounces atop of it, or rather attempts to but her weight just pushes the ball out from under and to her sister who squeels with delight. "Dragonheart says a few words. Including some she shouldn't have been taught, you're call."

Sunshine's ears flick. "I'm still sorry about that. It just kinda slipped out on one of those Daybreak trips and she picked right up on it. Because that's what kids do, you know." ping, ping, ping. It's a dainty little hammer she uses to bang out dents, it is. She also looks very odd with no hind legs, just metal sockets where they go. "It could've been worse…"

Smile! "I'm sure it could have!" the little unicorn pushes the ball back to mommy which incites a small giggle form the turqoise mare who pushes it back towards the foals who viciously attack the approaching orb from both sides *om nom nom* "Sunshine? Does it…umn, feel strange?"

Ping ping ping! Ping bang bang. Tap tap tap. Sunshine glances up, in time to see the little foals nomming upon the ball. D'aw… Her ears perk up again. "Does what feel strange?"

The little unicorn manages to climb atop of the small rubber ball before her sister wiggles her way up and claims the throat with a triumphent little "wah!" Ruby daws quietly, watching the little ones attentively. "You know…kinda…not being there?"

Sunshine studies Ruby for a moment, then glances down at the metallic limbs she's hammering on. "Well… Kind of. It's hard to explain. They have a faint bit of magic in them, so I can control'em so I kinda feel them that way. But…yeah. It's a little weird. You get used to it."

Ruby-Blossom nodnods in response quietly staring at Sunshine. By this time the wee foals have managed to trap the ball between them and ferociously kick at from both side while squealing in delight; squealing that continues even as the ball shoots through the air to gently bop Sunshine on the noggin.

Bop! Sunshine blinks, squinting at the ball, and then the foals. She shakes her head, but she's grinning too, plucking the ball up to bat it back at the twin foals. "…sigh. Too cute. So how /did/ you manage to have a pegasus anyway?"

The little foals watch 'Auntie' Sunshine with expectant little eyes once the ball lands near her, and squeal in delight as it's batted their direction; stumbling in their attempts to pounce the orb of fun.

Ruby gives a little hmm at Sunshine's question. "I just assume it's because I sleep with Windrose everynight." She offers a grin to Sunshine. "If I have any pegasi relatives I wouldn't know, never met them." She glances upwards "Or my parents." A momentarily lapse of smile before she offers the silly grin to Sunshine again.

Sunshine tilts her head, then nods and goes back to pounding on her legs. "So you might've had a pegasus parent. …Have you ever thought about looking for'em? I mean… Maybe they're still alive out there somewhere."

Ruby-Blossom actually looks a little aggitated at the very mention of 'looking' for her parents, and it takes a moment silent little mouth motions before she manages to bark. "Why would I look for anypony didn't want me to begin with?" she points at the little stark white filly pegasi - white mane, white coat, and pretty eyes just like mommy. "Always being teased for being blank as could be. Blank flank, blank coat, blank mane. Bet you even have a blank brain."

Sunshine's frown returns. She rubs the underside of her chin, then goes about the task of reattaching her legs. This seems easy enough, just insert leg into socket, twist, and…it sticks! Hurrah! Then the other leg, twist, click! She stretches the metallic limbs out… "Are you sure they outright abandoned you?" she wonders.

Ruby-Blossom plucks her playful little foals and gives them a big ol hug; the little ones cuddled up in mama's front legs. "Dunno what else you'd call it." The mare starts to look a tad bitter. "I wasn't a popular foal; even left the orphanage soon as I figured out how." She shakes her head to try and clear the thoughts. "Haven't thought about any of that in a while…strange…"

Sunny nods, sliding off of the bench with a soft 'thunk' noise. She wanders her way over towards Ruby and her foals, sitting (with only a little rattling this time) behind the other mare. That way she can drape a foreleg over the other's shoulder. "Sorry. I was just curious is all. After seeing how you are with kids, it'd be hard to swallow that your parents would've been the type to just ditch and run without a good reason." She smiles wanly. "My parents had plenty of good reasons."

A small huff escapes the corner of Ruby's mouth. "Everypony thinks they had a plenty good reason. Canterlot." she mutters the name with more than a little illwill. "Social status and presentation is so important there, and clearly I would have been an embarrassment - everypony treated me like one as is." she glances over her shoulder at Sunshine while gently bouncing her foals on her knees. "Oh that's right, you don't know about /that/." the tone suggesting more than a little secret.

"You're right, I don't know about /that/." Sunshine agrees, smiling. "You don't talk about your past much. There's a lot I don't know. …Like now I know you may have come from an upper-class family."

Ruby-Blossom gives a little shrug of her shoulders "There's alot that alot of ponies don't know." she admits. "Someponies may know things, maybe I was a little too generous at times." she leans way back to give Sunshine's cheek a little nuzzle. "I guess I /could/ tell you, but I don't know if you'd believe me anyways."

Sunshine shrugs, draping her other foreleg across Ruby's other shoulder since she's all leaned back anyway. "After what I've seen and been through here, how could I not believe something?"

Ruby-Blossom giggles softly "Well, then /maybe/ we'll have that conversation shortly. For now, how about helping me put these two to bed?" Oh look they seem to understand /that/ word judging from their disproving expressions.

"Alright alright…" Sunshine pushes on Ruby's back to get her sitting up more. That way she can get herself moving towards standing up. It takes her a while sometimes. "One of these nights we'll swap stories about our colorful pasts. Maybe Magpie can listen in and be all shocked about everything."

Ruby-Blossom giggles softly whilst slipping her hooves and placing the foals on her back. She begins to trot towards her bedroom. "Daw, she wouldn't be that shocked about mine. She even takes after mommy."