Morale And Purpose
IC date: Autumn 18, 1007 A. N.
OOC date: October 7, 2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Windrose
NPCs: None
GM: None

Ruby-Blossom trots into the Base from the Cafeteria - the mare still wearing her aquired thermal suit but now with the helmet/hood down. The mare trots right up, and joins the group at the table; settling right in as if everypony already knows she's here.

Kludge pulls out some paper and starts making some sketches, contemplating things that might work in this climate.

Windrose mehs. Looks like Kludge is at least doing something useful. But her usefulness would need to be outside, where no pony wants to go it would seem. Sigh. Well, maybe she can find something to do… Huh? When the other pony walks past them and sits down, she looks out of the corner of her eye. Then squints a little. Then hmmms. "Wait, I know what I can do…"

Which is, she turns around and promptly tries to tackle the thermal-suited pony, yelling "Turnabout is fair play!" Revenge for all those fountain tosses!

Just as quickly as Windy attempts to pounce Ruby's able to slip right under the table - popping up on the other side right hwere Windy /was/ sitting. The mare looking entirely calm about the entire situation. "Hello to you too Windy." she harumphs "I guess no pony /is/ happy to see me."

Kludge looks up. "Oh, hey Ruby," he says with a "why am I less than surprised?" expression on his face. "I'd say that I didn't expect you to be here, but it seems to be the current normal for this location."

Windrose ends up missing her mark and landing sprawled on the floor. Huff. "That was a happy pounce," she objects to the 'no pony' remark, "but I still owe you for throwing me in a fountain." She gets up and trots over to sit down again. "Well she -was- right there with me and Winter when it happened. Surprised I didn't notice her until now."

Ruby-Blossom frowns at the entire greeting! "Good to see you guys too." crossing her hooves in front of herself in a clearly insulted manner. "Harumph, and after all the trouble I went through too." At Windy's response she pounce across the table to gently hug-tackle the other mare. "In that case. Good to see you." She glances over her shoulder at Kludge "I expected Kludge to be happier to see /me/ of all ponies.

Kludge ponders that for a moment. "It's a tossup," he admits. "While I do like being around you, this place is a real downer. And while I know you can take care of yourself, part of me was hoping that you'd be back at the Harbor, where it's safe." He does care, even if it's hard to tell at times.

Windrose laughs a bit at the hug. The first bit of laughter she's had since ended up here, so it's a good thing to have. Hugs Rose back. "Well, he does have a point. I wouldn't really want anyone else I like to be stuck in this place either. So don't feel so insulted."

Ruby-Blossom huffs softly "I was laying low until I was confident you guys were safe." she glances over her shoulder at Kludge before giving Windrose an extra firm hug and friendly nuzzle. "I thought it was safer if somepony stayed unnoticed for the moment, in case things went wrong."

"Well, it looks like we're about as safe as can be expected for this place," Kludge points out.

Windrose ohs. "Well okay then. Yeah, this place kinda sucks right now but everyone seems to be fine." Nope, that Ruby possibly had ulterior motives in hiding out for a while never would cross her mind. Otherwise than a few dives into the fountain she's been a good pony, after all.

Ruby-Blossom rolls off of Windrose before helping the other mare to her hooves. She trots over to Kludge to gently nudge him with a hoof. "We had no way of knowing that for sure!" a tad heated as she nudges him again firmly. "You dolt. You're doing the absolute worst thing in this situation. You're settling into the pace of gloom and doom around. The best thing you can do for these ponies right now is show them there is hope! I don't know what will happen, but I'll do whatever I can to help these guys."

"I'm just hoping that I'm wrong and this isn't the biggest adventure I've ever been on," shrugs Kludge. "I don't mind helping out, but given my track record with adventures, well…"

Ruby-Blossom ponders options for getting through to Kludge before straddling the bench beside him and grabbing his face - making the stallion look at her. "Kludge. I need you to relax - we'll get through this like we always do. We're here together, and together we can make a difference. But we need you to look on the bright side of things, I need you to." peering at the stallion in what might come off as a very romatnic moment.

Windrose gives Kludge a poke as well as she chimes in "Well the first start is to not be so negative about it!" … And then Ruby drags him into a very interesting, to say the least, position. Which she promptly clams up… well other than putting her forehooves over her mouth to keep from giggling as she leans out of the way

Kludge gives this a bit of contemplation. "Well… at least I'm learning about cold-weather designs, right?" As attempts at positivity go… it could be worse. At least there's (something resembling) a smile on his face now, which is better than the pensive expression that had been there.

"… Eh, it's a start in the right direction," Windrose decides.

Ruby-Blossom smooshes Kludge's cheeks before leaning to give him a small kiss on his cheek. "Sometimes hope is all we have. We need to show these ponies there is hope, and we'll find a way out of this. We always do." grinning as she slides to her hooves again then slings a leg over Windrose. "You guys just need to smile, and be safe. I'll find us a way out of this." A decisively tall order.

Kludge nods in acceptance. "Safe I can do. The repair work around here, for example. Or even creating some sort of vehicle so it's easier to move around outside without turning into ponysicles." He's not sure how to make it move without having somepony out in the cold, but that's half of the fun of designing something new: solving the problems.

Ruby-Blossom ponders "Couldn't you just have an interal wheel of some sort for a pony to run on to turn the wheels?" she cocks her head to one side. "I don't know if a vehicle is such a great idea - unless you come up with a method to conceal it's tracks. If Snowfield assists that would be possible.

Windrose sits back down. "Well if you do come up with a way to move around more easily, I'd be able to help keep ponies from getting lost at least." Considers this for a moment. "… Hey Ruby, where'd you get the fancy suit, anyways?"

Kludge goes back to working on designs for the vehicle. The sketches vary; some wind up with tall vehicles, while others are extra wide or very long. At least it's giving him something to think about!

Ruby-Blossom cheerfully proclaims "I stole it while spying. But the Professor agreed to let me keep it." she beams triumphantly. "I had to spy to make sure they weren't going to eat us or something." she grins at openly admitting she was skaulking around even if Kludge hasn't figured it out yet. "I recommend a device that can run on wing power if possible, the pegasi are going stir crazy." she blinks suddenly "Kludge, can you build some sort of cylinder that could let the pegasus fly in place - like some sort of chamber with wind?

Windrose ohs. "Well, it's a good thing you didn't run into the other spy they had while you were spying, isn't it?" It's hard to tell if she didn't get it, or if she's just playing along for the sake of amusement. Goodness knows they need more of that around here too. "I can attest to pegasi not liking being cooped up for too long indoors, we prefer to be able to stretch our wings and be free."

"Hmmm… a windmill, perhaps? But then you'd have the wind rattling around inside the vehicle, and vents would defeat the purpose of keeping the cold out," muses Kludge, focused on the design. "Or maybe… hey, Windrose? How big of a turning radius do pegasi like to avoid getting dizzy?"

Ruby-Blossom sneaks up behind Kludge an oh-so gently blows in his ear before ducking away to avoid being clopped again. "I was that spy Windy. I was spying to ensure the group wasn't going to be locked up or eaten, or anything like that." she huffs addorably. "I was looking out for you guys.

Windrose just gives a Ruby a look that's still hard to tell if she was teasing or not, and then Kludge distracts her for a moment. "Kinda depends on the pegasus. Just like not all ponies run the same way, not all pegasus fly the same way. But in general, as long as there's enough room for us to turn without having to bend too tightly we're okay."

Kludge rubs his ear with only mild flailing - having an ear blown on is much less reflex-inducing than unexpected shouts. His reaction to Ruby mentioning that she was the "spy" is a momentary facial expression of "huh." Makes sense, given who was involved. As for the vehicle design… a capstan that would be big enough for a pegasus to fly in circles to push would not be feasible for a land vehicle that needs to keep a low profile.

Ruby-Blossom nudges Kludge from behind again - clearly intent on distrating the fellow. "Sooo. Who's bed am I sharing tonight?

Windrose mock-deadpans "Who has beds?" Then leans over Kludge's shoulder. "I dunno. You might be better off designing just some sort of excersize area when it comes to pegasus."

Ruby-Blossom mutters "Thats what I was suggesting with the wind chamber thing."

Kludge pauses and gives Ruby a bemused look. "Well, I haven't heard any complaints about me snoring, if that helps you decide. Extra warmth would be appreciated, though."

Ruby-Blossom snickers addorably "You're an awefully big fella Kludge, and I do think I should wait until I get a ring before bedding with a follow." sticking her tongue out in a very teasing fashion.

Windrose facehoofs when Ruby just goes against what she was hinting at with that remark. Then smirks a bit at Ruby. "Well if you don't want to bed with a guy, I wouldn't mind extra warmth either."

Kludge chuckles, not surprised that Ruby responded the way that she did. "You asked; I answered," he responds innocently… or as innocent as one can with a small smirk on their face.

Ruby-Blossom gives Windy a warm hug and glances over her shoulder at Kludge "Windy wins for tonight. It will cause less of scene." winking at Kludge before letting go of Windy and giving him a hug too.