log:Mommy Sparkler
IC date: Autumn 8, 1007
OOC date: September 27, 2012
PCs: Sky-Sparkler, Rising-Chaos, Jellybean, Kludge, Solar-Wind, Windrose, Winter-Solstice, Ruby-Blossom
NPCs: None
GM: None

Ponymush - Thursday, September 27, 2012

It started as what was becoming a normal day in this abnormal town. Windrose dragged herself out of bed, shuffled down to Rising Chaos's bathroom, and went about getting her morning routine under way. Something seems slightly off, but being a bit sleepy still because she had a rough night sleeping at all for whatever reason, Windrose doesn't really think much about it… Until the sink seems to be higher than she remembers, and she props herself up with her front hooves to brush her mane and teeth. Gets a good look in the mirror. A much younger pegasus gets a good look back from the reflection.


Somewhere in the background birds flee from the tree they were nesting in at the shriek.

"That's not my alarm." Mumbles Chaos, her little filly body looking tiny on her big comfy bed. Soon, however, the panic of the scream makes it's way through even her sleepy head and she jolts upright. She puts on her cape very carefully and prowls downstairs, knife at the ready. She hears panicked sounds coming from the bathroom, so in that direction she goes. Inside she finds what looks like Windrose, except instead of a pretty pegasus mare, she sees an adorable pegasus filly. It doesn't take her long to make the connection and soon laughter fills the house, this is just too perfect.

Solar-Wind awakes with a start on hearing an echoing scream. The Fire Rescue Pony kicks into gear and bolts awake on his cloud that he's managed to anchor to a tall building's current weather vane, "Where theres screaming, there's trouble, I'm gonna check it out" Squeak, "wait what?" cough couch cough, "ah, ahem?" cute, wait, thats not right, cute voice? squeaky voice? Solar wind hops up on his cloud stretches out his wings and jumps off his cloud ready for action.
He finds himself plummeting down causing him also to let off a squeal of, "FEATHERS!!!!!!" as he drops landing on the sloping roof, and sliding to the gutters where he arrives with a /FRUMP!/ and a hard stop. He's STUCK on the roof!

It's also a normal day for Kludge, given the town's current definition of "normal." For him, it involves having some breakfast (some flowers and a bit of bread, check), inspecting some hidden bandages (in good shape, check), and patrolling the town for those pesky blobs (two-by-four within easy drawing reach, check). The blobs tend to hide, except when they're playing around with (read: bullying) other Harborites. The Harborites, in turn, tend to scream when confronted by the blobs, which then gives Kludge an idea of where the blobs currently are.

Thus, upon hearing Windrose's scream, he gallops off towards her voice. He starts slowing down when he hears the laughter of Chaos, but is still alert. Knocking on the door, he calls out "Are you alright in there?"

"AAAAAAAA" Stops to pant a few times and catch her breath. "AAAAAAAUghwah?" Windrose stops shrieking when the laughter breaks from the doorway. Blinks twice. And then practically pounces on top of her. "Rising Chaos!" Gives her a few shakes. "You said this wouldn't be contagious!"

Foal Windrose is, while cute, a bit awkward looking. She's got longer, almost gangly looking legs for a foal (sort of like filly Fluttershy did), her wings look like they started growing before she did, and the curly bangs of her mane almost hang over her eyes.

Then there's a thud on the roof, a knock at the door, and questions of things being alright faintly heard… she promptly bolts off Chaos and goes looking for something to hide behind. "DONT LET THE OTHER PONIES SEE ME!"

Sky Sparkler is honestly doubtful if 'normal' can ever apply to the town of Horseshoe Harbor. 'Typical' might apply. Then again, her 'typical' day, with so much of the town even younger than she is, involves getting up hours before dawn to get the clouds ready for that day's weather. It'd be easier if she wasn't going for textbook perfect clouds, but there's no one to show her what corners she can cut. It is only when she is returning to her home that she gets any brief rest as she gets breakfast. Alas, as she pulls out the bottle of fresh harborwater Rising Chaos demands, she hears the scream. "Oh what NOW?" she wonders aloud.

The now-mini-pegasi has found himself on the edge of the roof and he keeps flitting his wings in and out, looking them over then he Solar-Wind squeaks and gives a wided stare at his minted fresh blank-flank "My cutiemark, What, What, Awwwmaaan" his attention is dirverted though by the sound of a knock on the door which causes him to peeer down off the high roof. This is surely not a good thing for him as his wings are pathetic at this age, and he was really a horribile flyer this young.

The newly flightless bird peers off the edge to Kludge, "uh, uh, hi?, Hello, Ummmm" he squeaks while his mini-wings are out looking totally out of sorts with the situation, "Ummmmm howdo, uhh get down?" he squeaks

Rising-Chaos stops laughing as Windrose pounces on her, giving her hugs before she runs off. A knock on the door, prompts Chaos to get up at trot to the door, passing Sky Sparkler on the way. "Windrose is a filly now, she's super cute, go find her after you deal wiht the water." She says in passing. She opens the door to see Kludge. "howdy Kludge, we're all fine. Seems Windrose got a bit of a taste of the town's poison." A second voice prompts her to look up. "Oh hey Solar, there's a roof entrance, I'll open it for you in a sec." She looks back to Kludge, "come in if you like." She leaves to go let Solar in, not seeming distressed by any of this at all.

Kludge looks slightly relieved and mostly disappointed. Relieved, because nopony is currently in any danger; disappointed, because there's no blobs to chase down. He does accept the offer to come in; who knows, maybe there will be something to do! Trying to hunt down the blobs is fun and all, but it does feel nice to do something both productive and helpful.

"I am not!" Windrose can be heard shouting from the bathroom, and then the door thudding shut again. Somepony seems to be having a bit of a self-image issue. Nitpicky perfectionist now an awkwardly limbed foal? You darn well better believe there's self-image issues. On the other hoof, we now know the change wasn't limited just to that first day. If we didn't already.

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Sky Sparkler looks first at her boss, then up at the hallway to the bathroom. Lovely, just what her day needed. She sighs as she puts the water in the approprate metal orb in the living room. "Is this town ever going to give me a break?" Oh, and Kludge is here, and there's strange thumping noises… "Windrose can see to herself for the moment," she decides, sticking her head out the window to see another foal, this one a pegasus, on the side of the house. "Okay, one thing at a time." she heads for the roof door, moving out to give Solar Wind a hoof up onto stable footing.

(OOC) Jellybean geeps. "Sorry folks, gimme a second and I'll attempt to join in."
(OOC) Jellybean sees weatherponies, needs to get herself involved properly. ^.^
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Well, here's one pony who knows about the weather coming this way. Though he doesn't seem to be having his usual luck with them. "Come bac here, cloud!" the newly-youthened Jellybean cries as he tries to wrangle it into submission. He manages to get his hooves on it but can't actually seem to bring it to a stop, and now it looks as though it's heading for somepony's house. "Somepony help!" he wails.

Solar-Wind is assisted into the house via that Unicorn and nods his thanks, "th th Thank you maam" he mentions a bit akward and out of sorts he practically stumbles on his hooves a little as he gets inside. He gazes around, "Everything's so big from down here" he cowers some, he's so /not/ used to this. He was once a big buff tall proud Pegasi, now reduced, to, well a reduced form. He looks back out the doorway at the oncoming cloud, "Aim for the door!" he shouts at the cloudladen weather pony, "Aim for the door!" he shouts again hoping the other pegasi will hear him and his squeak, and he tries to brace for impact to recieve the other flyer. He's all big hooves scrawny legs, plump body, and nearly helpless wings. And, of course, that Blank-Flank!

Rising-Chaos lets Sky go fix the situation with Soalr on the roof, and instead moves to the bathroom to coax Windrose out. "Hey now," she says, her voice soothing ,"you can't stay in there all day, come on out. I promise, it's not that bad. And I am looking for a cure, it shouldn't be too long before this gets fixed." She stiffens when there's a wailing from outside, and flinches when the call for help comes. Her smile becomes glossy. I this really going to eb the start of my day today. The shouts of "aim for the door" don't help, this is her hosue thank you very much! Chaos turns and bolts up the stairs.

(OOC) Sky-Sparkler is now trying to manage the chaos, and minimise futher damage. You may fear for her sanity. XD
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Winter-Solstice has arrived.
(OOC) Rising-Chaos: oh good, just what my poor hosue needs. Hi Winter~ <3

Windrose … opens the door just enough to peek out, but by that point Rising is already taking off down the stairs again. "Bu.." Sigh. She squeezes her eyes slight for a moment. "Com'n Windy, it's not -that- bad… and she's right. It's kinda odd in here." Lets out a breath in a low exhale. Followed by a "BUT I DONT WANT TO BE A FILLY AGAIN!" Huffs a few more times, then rights herself. "Okay, now I think I've got all of it out of my system."

(OOC) Sky-Sparkler: Chaos, if I do this right, you'll be saying that ICly.

Kludge takes one looks at the stampeding cloud, and decides to help. Taking up a defiant stance in front of the door, he braces a two-by-four in an upright position. If this works, the cloud should tear apart on the lumber… but even as a grown-up, Kludge wasn't a weatherpony; how well this will actually work is anyone's guess!

Solar-Wind looks down to Kludge and his defensive 2x4 attack, "Noooodon'tdo that, no playin' baseball with da weatherponies, there's a pony in that cloud!" he squeaks out frantically to Kludge. He's waving his forehooves and wings like he's trying to get Kludge's attention. Oh his voice is so squeaky he sounds as if someone stepped on a mouse or something!

Well, the good news is that it does indeed tear up the cloud. The bad news is that in the process it whacks Jellybean in the nose. He looks at his snoot cross-eyed for a moment: there's a pause, and then heeeere come the waterworks.

The good news is that Sky Sparkler is a weather pony. The bad news is that she's got exactly one nerve left. Still, she's got her way of busting rogue clouds. She summons up a bolt of ligntning from her horn, aiming to plant it into the cloud and cause half of it to explode, stoping the other half… there SHOULD be enough left for Jellybean to be able to get down safely. If, in her stress, Sky Sparkler doesn't overcharge it.

Kludge rolls 1d10 (Mostly cosmetic zapping, right?) — Result: 8 | Sum: 8

(OOC) Rising-Chaos: as it turns out, mostly cosmetic zapping nope

Windrose finally gets up enough gumpsion to meander into the other room…. and into chaos as usual it would seem. "Okay, I think Sky-Sparkler was right," she deadpans in her younger, higher pitched voice, "it's this -town- that attracts craziness." … Then remembers she's now where people can see her, emits a cute squeak and plops down on her rump to wrap her slightly oversized wings around herself. "Just don't look at me too closely!"

Solar-Wind aims for bolting down the stairs to make sure the misguided weather pony is alright, he nearly skids to a halt at the top of the stairs, oh its such a long way down, those stairs. He blinkblinks and practically hugs the wall, going one step at a time. The pegasi is actually afraid of heights or something, well afraid of the stairs at the very least, he gets about two steps before he's plastered to the wall, wings and body included looking with wide eyed terror all the way down those stairs, "there's just so many of them ,its so Far Down!" he can't move, now he's just a tiny trip hazard near the top of the stairs.

Well, what goes around, comes around! Kludge winces as he feels Jellybean run into the 2x4. "Oops, sorrEEEEEEEP!" he yelps as Sky Sparkler's lightning bolt hits where the cloud /was/… which is right in the 2x4! "Owww…" he whimpers, his mane and tail frazzled by the shock and the 2x4 slightly smoking.

(OOC) Solar-Wind: tranquility, HA

Jellybean manages to land more or less safely, though he's still blubbering and wailing. Seeing Sky-Sparkler and thus seeing a grown-up he comes running to her and wraps his front hooves around her legs. Oh hey, he's wearing a dress.

(OOC) Rising-Chaos: welcome to my life in Horshoe Harbour XD
(OOC) Kludge: A low roll would've been "Yikes, my hat is on fire!", and a /very/ low roll would've been "There goes my hat!" If it was a 1… well, time to roll another d10, this time for how singed my forehead is.
(OOC) Windrose: Hahahaha boy in a dress
(OOC) Jellybean: It's actually fairly normal for Jellybean.
(OOC) Jellybean clarifies. "Grown-up pony clothes. He's swimming in it.'

Rising-Chaos is half way up the stairs when she turns back around to bolt back down. There are crying ponies everywhere, a awkward pegasus colt who's petrified of her stairs, her assistant is being hugged by the captain of the weather team, thoroughly in tears, wearing a dress and had just cannoned a cloud into her house. Windorse is being shy in her living room and Kludge just got zapped by her assistant. It's all too much for the filly, and she just sits down in the middle of the foyer. "Am I going to have a /single/ day where my house gets to stay in one piece?" she yells, flailing her arms, then gets down to the real business at hoof, pouting.

Solar-Wind is stuck adhered to the wall almost at the top, "be brave, What would Daring Do?" he asks himself in a squeak. "Never back down" but he still just can't, can't move from his spot practically at one with the wall up there. He wines a little, "I wannaget DOWN NOW" he pleads breaking down since he can't fly, and since he can't fly, its just /so/high. Heck up three steps is high to this kid, so, that is absoloutely terrifing to him.

*clunk* *clunk* *clunk* *clunk.* Something porky this way clunks.

It's Winter Solstice, and as was the case the other evening on the night of Windrose's arrival, the normally tall, nigh-amazonian profile she maintains as an adult has been replaced with that of a chubby foal. Her red and white mane hangs in her face, covering her eyes, but beneath those bangs she's grinning like a fool. As for the clunking… she's wearing boots on her hind legs. They're sized for an adult, not a foal, so they're baggy about her hooves in a way that makes one wonder what's keeping them on. What's more, they're essentially metal, hoof-encircling sconces of armor held up- at least in normal circumstances- by straps, so they're clearly quite heavy. They don't seem to be slowing her one bit- *clunk, clunk, clunk*- as she clunks her way up the street, veers off to the side, and makes her way towards Rising Chaos's Manor of Madness.

Pausing at a distance, watching the cloud and 2x4 nonsense at the door, she raises her voice and calls out. "I heard screaming! Show me where the evil is, that I might-" Puff! She blows her bangs up out of her face and for a few moments her eyes are visible. "… smite it!"

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(OOC) Solar-Wind: awwgods, "somebody's got princess syndrome and a case of Mad-Mare to boot, metal boots that is!
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Shaking off the worst of the zapping, Kludge tucks the 2x4 back into the improvised sash from whence it came. "No active evil here, Winny - Windrose just happened to wake up a foal like the rest of us, and it kinda surprised her." Looking over the enthusiastic battle-filly, an idea crosses his mind. "Ooo, you wanna go hunting those blobs?" he asks enthusiastically!

Pouting ponies. Crying ponies. Ponies afraid of stairs. Ponies afraid to be looked at.

At least Rising Chaos and Windrose are being somewhat quiet, but Sky Sparkler's hair is begining to poof out. A result of leaking magic, this static buildup is a visual cue to her stress level. "RIGHT," she grinds out. She picks up Jellybean, dress and all, using her magic, and carries her weather captain into the kitchen. The foal is placed on the table, and several slices of bread are shoved into his mouth. Next up is Solar Wind, who is lifted from the stairwell wall, and tossed towards the living room. Time to learn to glide. "No, no smitings. Not yet at least. There may be some spankings…" she grits out.

Jellybean is now on a table. Jellybean now has bread in his mouth. This is a sufficiently surreal series of events that it snaps him out of his bawling: he looks up at Sky Sparkler with abject confusion on his face. He tries to say something around the bread.

Windrose looks up for a moment. "… That screaming you heard was mine," she answers Winter. Then ducks her head down again to just peer over her wing a little, to hide her blushing when she admits that. "Yeah, I got foaled like everypony else. So whatever is doing it isn't just affecting the ponies already here that one day."

Solar-Wind is lifted magically and aimed down toward the living room. He firstly flails, secondly sqqueals with mixed shouts/squeaks, of "Feathers! Feathers Featherrrrrrs" and can only really aim not really glide, but aim. Aim, Fire, Couch! BOUNCE! The pegasi hits for a soft landing bouces back off the forementioned couch back, and lands softly in a couch cushion with a completely confused look on his muzzle. He looks at the stairs, and PBBBBBBBTS at them, puffs out his chest and looks all proud that he defeated them all-by-himself!

Winter-Solstice draws closer to the house; she leans slightly to the side, looking past Kludge, inside, to see foals being tossed about and a frazzled Chaos in the midst of it all. Looking back to Kludge, and *puff*ing her hair out her face, she reveals a slightly disappointed expression before her bangs flop back down in her face. "No evil to smite? Oh, crumbs." She scuffs the ground with a forehoof. "What blobs are you talking about, huh? Oh! OH! Windy!" She surges forward and leans in through the doorway. "They GOT you!"

Rising-Chaos snaps out of her pouting at the sound of a familiar voice, it's Winter, and Chaos likes Winter! She hops out of the house and waves to her freind. "Hi Winter, come in, do." She yells, beckoning. She turns back to her house just in time to see her assistant snap, throwing ponies around. this is unaacceptable! She trots right up to the frizzled mare. "Excuse me missy but this is my house and you're /my/ assistant. I'll have you know that there is delicate equipment around and I don't want you throwing my friends about willy nilly, it's not very responsible." She gives her most serious look to Sky, she emans business and isn't backing down

Kludge yelps as he's barely able to get out of Winny's way. Maybe having her along isn't as quite a good idea as it seemed on first glance? Nah, can't be that bad - she's ready for adventure, and she's not as… /singleminded/ as Whistlestop. Just don't get directly in her way!

Windrose blinks a couple of times at Winter-Solstice. "Who? They said this was a curse. But if there's a who involved…" Her shyness over her awkward yet cute appearance is forgotten for the moment as she bolts to the portly foal and gives her a few shakes. "Who?! Who's doing this! I wanna make 'em eat a hoof beating for making me look like this again!"

Winter-Solstice wobbles about as she's shaken. She's not *fat,* but she is chubby enough that she's sort of Truffle Shuffley when jostled so. "Hrbllblblblbl!" she articulates, before *puffing* her bangs out of her face. "I don't know! They! Whoever they are! It must be a they! I wanna give 'em a good kick, too!" She lashes out with a hindleg, and one of her metal boots shoots off her foot, only to be arrested by a strap a moment later and drop to the ground with a thunk. She perches on three legs as she waggles the fourth to pull the wayward boot back into place and stuff her hoof back down into it. "You and me both! I'll pin 'em down and you can give 'em a ONE TWO," *puff* "And then you can pin 'em down and I'll give them the THREE FOUR. And altogether that makes…" She puffs her bangs idly as she counts in her head. "Ten ounces of justice!"

Ruby-Blossom has arrived.

"Right now you're not my boss," Sky Sparkler says coldly. "You are a little filly, and acting like a little filly. And right now I seem to be the only responseable adult pony in town."

Her hair puffs out completely. "WHICH IS WHY I'M GROUNDING YOU FOR THE NEXT YEAR!"

Solar-Wind squeaks to Windrose or whoever really, "Think its something in the food r' sumthin" never "speckted I'd get like this" he comments some and pouts "I wannamy BIG wings back" he pouts "I want big wings like big Pegasi! The Wonderbolts!" with that he takes off at full tilt racing around the house tail side near the ground fore hooves nearly prancing at the sky Zooooom!

ZOOOOOOOOOOM I'm a Wonnnrbolt! shouts the dusty red mini-pegasi! Imma Wonnrbolt!

A low yell of mild panic in the distant grows louder, and louder - heralding the impending arrival of an out of control cart barreling down Main Street. The filly which had intended to be pulling the cart is preciously hoisted into the air by the very harness she used to get the contraption in motion; the weight of the cart's content exceeding those of the puller! Perhaps if some responsible pony wasn't too busy yelling at filly's she'd be able to avoid the impending collision that will inevitably further the chaos good thing there's a convenient puddle there to break the mare's fall!

"Best idea I've heard all day," Windrose replies. "And then we'll give them ten more and … eeep!" She jumps out of the way as the other pegasus goes barreling past. Fortunately her wings still work… sort of. It's followed by a "Ow!" as she once again bonks her head on the ceiling due to them being stronger than her filly form can handle, and she thuds in a sprawl on the floor with gangly legs out at odd angles. "… I'd forgotten how awkward this stage of my life was. It hurts twice as much without cloud walls to crash into!"

Rising-Chaos is taken aback. She just got grounded, she's a student at the royal canterlot university! She's a unicorn and what's more she's paying this mare to live with her! One look into Sky Sparkler's face shows the deadly seriousness of her punishment. She proceeds to throw a tantrum, stomping her hooves cutely and whining "no fair, it's my house I bought it." Once more she sits down and pouts, still stamping with her two forlegs, she's mad.

Stopping a cloud is one thing, but an out-of-control cart? Kludge yelps and clambers over Winny, trying to get as far into the house as possible in an attempt to get out of the way of the cart!

Winter-Solstice is climbed over and is totally cool with it, being as solid as a rock. After Kludge clambers down, she turns around to see what the fuss is, only to see the cart barreling towards the house with Ruby strapped to it. "Hey! HEY!" she calls out, ambling forward in a porky prance. "Slow down! SLOW DOWN! And if you're NOT gonna slow down, let me get on board because that looks like FUN!" Her prance eases into a trot and soon a galumphing gallop, metal boots clunka-clunka-clunking, as she moves to intercept the cart with her… self.

Peril is eminent in Horseshoe Harbor and mere walls are not match for the power of an out control foal! The out of control cart hitting a pot hole, flipping three times in the air right over Winny before crashing through the window of Rising-Chaos' home the cart smashing into the floor form of shrewd ply wood go! The filly dislodged from her harness and landing preciously on the soft cushioned couch thankfully nopony is hurt but the impact is sure to dislodge things from walls and shelves.

Ruby-Blossom looks utterly stunned with 10.0 landing on the couch - a perfect landing on all four hooves - as if the entire thing was planned! Save for the look of shock and horror on her face.

Winter-Solstice vaults up into the air and flails at the cart sailing overhead with her forehooves. "Noooo!" she squeals. "That's cheating!!" She lands clumsily and turns around to gallop back towards the house, out in the street while the horrid collision occurs.

Jellybean finishes the bread that was put in his mouth. He raises his hoof quietly. "Miss Sparkler? Can I come down now? Am I in time out?"
Oh dear Luna not again! Windrose flops back on the floor as somepony comes crashing through the window, covering her head with her forelegs and her wings flopped over her in general. Bits of smashed cart clatter about the floor around her, then she peeks up. Just in time to see Ruby land on the couch on all four hooves. For the moment foal-aged wonder kicks in over her previous panicing. "Whoa!"

Solar-Wind has managed to keep clear of the incoming hazard and now finds himself adhered to the oposing wall opposite the crashed cart with his forehoves over his eyes, wings up in attempt to shield himself from the chaos, he goes from wall to corner, to under a flippin' book case in near fractional time as the cart comes through. Mearly totally hidden under the bookcase only his eyes and muzzle peek barely from underneath

Sky-Sparkler rolls 1d10 (Does Sparkler recognise Jellybean as a foal?) — Result: 10 | Sum: 10

Kludge looks at the cart, then at Ruby, back at the cart, over at the window, back at Ruby… then rolls his eyes and sighs.

it's all too much for Rising Chaos. She collapses to the floor sobbing, her poor house!

Ruby-Blossom looks utterly shocked before managing to blurt "What the hoof!" she peeks underself "Well that's good…" she mutters appearing rather in awe of the whole situation. "I can't even move a load of bricks without the bale going to hay!" wiggle-wiggle "I think I'm stuck." Less stuck and more in shock that she didn't die! Big Ruby eyes look to Kludge then about the ensued chaos. "I'll just assume it was like this before I got here…

Winter-Solstice reaches the door and once more stops just outside, leaning in. "Ruby! Are you okay!?" She turns to Kludge. "What is it with you and carts getting smashed, I mean really!" Puff, she blows her bangs out of her face. "It's rubbing off on other people, too!" Pushing her way further inside, she waddles up behind Rising, plonks down on the floor, and reaches up to rub Chaos's shoulders. "Attaboy, champ, you'll get 'im next round. He's on the ropes! Nice digs you got here, though. I can see why everybody is stopping in. Still wish there was some evil to smite, but it can't have everything." Looking up at Sky Sparkler, she brightens, then puffs her hair out of her face again. "Hey! You're still big. That's quite suspicious, you know. You want some help with all these crazy foals?" asks the foal. "I can start stacking them up in the closet or something."

Sky Sparkler has demonstrated her authority over small foals. She counts that as a win. Turning to Jellybean. "As for you… you got hit too? No wonder I'm the only one working the weather. No, you're not in trouble, you've stopped crying-"
Then there is the crash. "Oh for the love of Luna's jock-strap," she swears. She looks around for Rising Chaos's liquor cabnit. "Momma needs a drink," she mutters.
Sky-Sparkler is also not responding to Winter's questions yet.

Windrose makes a confused expression. "Luna's -what-?"

Winter-Solstice is used to being ignored when she asks questions so she doesn't seem to notice. She's still rubbing Rising's shoulders. "Chin up, sport!"

Jellybean nodnods to Sky Sparkler's question. "Me an' Typhoon Wave. She's at home because she can't really fly so she can't really get down. I went down to get some food." After talking he semi-automatically sticks a hoof in his mouth.

Solar-Wind Is still under a bookcase terrified and looking to all these other foals the only thing going through his mind is (insert static here, perhaps an echo and the sound of someone saying What The Feathers?/WTF?) The little angel on one shoulder, saying stay here where its safe, the little devil pony says, go, go out there and torment! he listens to the 'good' side, and doesn't subject others to his lack of sanity.

Kludge's eye is twitching slightly. Why is he getting blamed for carts being destroyed? The previous one was Winter's fault; it was fine (albeit disassembled) before the "dragon" landed on it. And if you're talking about his old wagon, well… it burned up with the rest of the neighborhood when Rumble-Riot squashed that phoenix family. When was the last time in Horseshoe Harbor that the destruction of a cart was his fault?

Windrose plods over to the bookcase idly and squats down to peer under it. "You okay under there?" For the moment she seems to have forgotten about her own insecurities.

Solar-Wind looks up timidly to Windrose and gives a little bob of his head, "it it its safe here" he comments softly as he kinda tucks himself into one corner, "plenty of room" he mentions as he issues a big yawn as he folds his wings all sleepily like

.. "Ooookaaaaay." Windrose just sort of looks quirky as the little guy decides to just go to sleep hiding there. Shakes her head a bit and trots back to… well, shoot, she's not entirely sure just what to do right now.

Winter-Solstice gestures to Windrose, while maintaining her seat behind Rising. "Windy! C'mere, c'mere." Gesture gesture. She pats Rising on the head with one hoof while waving the other.

Rising-Chaos looks up at Winter Solstice, tears still filling her eyes, but a small smile growing on her lips. "Winter, that doesn't make any sense." She says, slowly, "but thanks." She gets up and wraps her big friend into a tight hug. She squeezes tight for a moment then lets go, turning to face the rest of the room. It takes her a moment to digest the scene before her. her library is a complete mess, books everywhere, furniture is smashed. Remnants of a cart fill the kitchen, she must not have any plates left. Winter gets so much exp, house is defeated. Chaos let's out a sigh, her smile becoming manic, too cheerful. "Right! Well, now, this has been an interesting day. I'm glad you all stopped by, your company has been the best!" Her manic grin disspates and she deflates. "How am I ever going to get his cleaned up? Chaos need sa drink to." She sits down and pouts. "Too bad I'm a filly, SKY! Drinky extra for me, okay?"

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(OOC) Ruby-Blossom goes to sleep under the couch cushions "Fort.
(OOC) Ruby-Blossom: My house got destroyed first!
(OOC) Rising-Chaos: I'll help you repair it later XD
(OOC) Rising-Chaos: no excuse to destory mine!
(OOC) Ruby-Blossom: Its not my fault your house is the only building left - we can't possibly expect the destruction level to lower! It's all just focused now!
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Ruby-Blossom slips off the couch after regaining a semblence of composure and sneaks stealthily out the door - after all no need to get yelled at tonight!

Winter-Solstice is huggably soft. She seems a little surprised at the squeeze, but awkwardly returns it, smiling brightly beneath her eye-covering bangs. "Awww! Don't worry! I can help clean up, yeah? I might as well. I'm too small to actually work and the boss is getting mad that I hang around making noise all the time instead of being useful, is what she says. See, look, watch!" Hauling to her feet, she moves over to shoulder a broken wagon wheel up onto her broad back and swiftly ferries it outside. With a 'hup!' she tosses it out in the street for someone to trip on. Hauling back in, she grins like the cat who caught the canary. "Quest successful! I'll do it again, too, just watch me!"

Windrose trots over at Winter's beckoning. "What, what?" Winces as she has to step over a piece of broken whatever it was beforehand. "Um, sorry if my panicing earlier caused part of this. I.. ah… well…" She spreads her oversized wings fully and stretchs out her gangly long for a foal legs. "Sorry, this was a -very- awkward stage for me."

Kludge looks around with a slightly resigned look, then starts helping with cleanup. He gets the larger pieces of debris gathered so Winter can remove them, then looks around for a broom.

"Windrose! Good! Now hold still," says Winter. She puffs her hair out of her face, hauls across the room to grab another chunk of wagon, then returns to hand it to Windrose. "Hold this for me, would you?" It's just a small piece.

Windrose grabs the piece, shifting a bit to rest it across her shoulders. Looks back to Winter. ".. what am I suppose to do with this? I can't fly with it at this size!" Not that it's big, she's just small other than the awkward limbs.

Rising-Chaos stops her pouting for now, and helps with the cleanup. She's a weak little filly, her magic is enough to lift anything big, but she's cleaning her house here. She focuses on restoring the library, uncovering Solar in the process. She shoots him a glare before moving on, thinking her point made. "Thanks guys, for all the help. I feel like my house has taken a lot of abuse recently."

Solar-Wind is asleep under that bookcase, so said glare is useless, he's just a pile of wings feathers, dust, and zzzzzzz snoozing little colt of terror, yes terror. Zzzzzzzzzz

Winter-Solstice starts hauling with gusto, grabbing stuff and moving it outside, and working much harder than one might expect for a filly, especially as porky a filly as her. Again, there's something of a discrepancy between her potato-like build and the burliness to which she applies it. After three Miscellaneous Wagon Chunks are moved outside, and another one stacked up near the door, she makes her way back to Windrose and retrieves the chunk she's been holding. "Thanks! You're a peach." Hauling back outside, she tosses that bit in the pile with the rest, before marching back inside. Sweeping into the library, she takes a few books off the shelf and balances them on her head before approaching Rising. "I found these. YOu want to keep them or should I get rid of them with everything else?" The books push her abundance of bangs even further down over her face.

Windrose whews when Winter takes the piece again, she was starting to feel a bit wobbly. "You're welcome, I suppose."

Rising-Chaos stares blankly at Winter. She really appreciates the help but sometimes it helps that her friend's polite as well. "We're keeping the books, all of them, they're kinda important." She brushes Winter's bang's out of her face and smiles. "Thanks though, you're the best Winter." Chaos sighs and gets back to the seemingly monolithic task of restoring her library. She stacks the books in one cleared corner of the room, trying to gain some semblance of organization. Under one bookshelf she finds a iron orb, dented, laying on the gorund. A growl of frutration escapes her throat and the orb is thrown after her assistant who is long gone. Chaos sets back to work with a vengeance.

Windrose picks up a couple of books to help. Mostly because she can still fly up to the higher shelves that the non-pegasus foals can't reach. Considering all the putting up with her being new and all Chaos has put up with, it's the least she can do to help.

Winter-Solstice puts the books with the rest of the books. They're upside-down. She doesn't seem to notice. Turning around, she watches the scene with the orb, and purses her lips. "Don't get mad, Rising! Why, when I get mad, I like to sing a little song to myself."

Leaping atop a couch, she gets ready to vault into a musical number, drawing a deep breath! "Don't get mad~ It's pretty bad~" She hovers there for a moment, before dropping back down, nudging the couch back into place, and silently shrugging some more junk onto her shoulders to take outside.

Solar-Wind snortsnortsnort Sneeezes at all the dust, looks around, yawns again seperates himself from under the bookcase trots over to the couch, grabs a cushion in his teeth, yank, Yank, YANK's it from the couch and happily trots back to HIS bookcase with his prize in mouth dragging a much larger than him cushion, drrrrrraaaagggging it back to his bookcase where he promptly tries his mightiest to get that cushion under the book case so he can sleep proper like. Its no cloud 9, but at least its /something/

Kludge finishes sweeping up the lesser remnants of the cart. He gives the room another look-over, shaking his head at the amount of mayhem that occured in this small space in such short time.

Winter-Solstice lingers outside after hauling that last bit outside, and starts the busy work of pulverizing everything. Here her metal boots are put to good use, as she stomps bits and pieces until they are bittier and piecier. "Smash!" her voice can be heard, from outside, in between the bangs and clunks of her stomping and kicking. "Ha! Yeah! Heh heh. Hi there! SMASH!"

Rising-Chaos gives up on the library for now, the bookshelves are too heavy for her to move and she's tired. She stamps over to the kitchen, where Sky and Jellybean are, and just glares at them. Her expression softens when she sees a pony she doesn't recognize. "Hey there, I'm Rising Chaos, this is my house. It's usually more intact than this, that's my assistant Sky Sparkler, who are you. Why are you here?" She's in no mood to be particularily polite right now, Chaos has had a trying morning.

Jellybean makes a little noise best described as 'meep.' "I accidentally flew a cloud this way and Sky Sparkler helped break it but then I fell and I started crying so she took me inside and gave me bread and my name's Jellybean and I'm the captain of the weather team here and it's nice to meet you."

Winter-Solstice is still busily stomping around outside. Eventually she seems to finish up, or at least get bored, and tromping back in, she calls out from the door. "Rising! I finished with the cart. I can come back tomorrow and help patch things up if you want, but I gotta head home and make sure the boss didn't throw out the sandwich I was saving in the fridge!"

Having finished his share of the cleanup, Kludge gives a wry smile. "Well, that was… fun, in an odd way." Contemplating the prior mishaps, he recalls one of his original objectives. "Say! Does anyone want to go hunting the weird blobs? I think they're trying to make the town into *more* of a mess!"

"Rest. I need rest," Sky Sparkler decides. "Momma is going to go to her room, and will sleep. And if you wake momma up, she is gonna be angry." Yeah, she's really out of things at the moment, as she staggers up to her room. I think quiet is advised.

(OOC) Rising-Chaos: aww, looks like Chaos won't explode into anger :(

Jellybean waves to Sky Sparkler as she leaves the room. "Have a nice nap, mommy."

(OOC) Sky-Sparkler: Yes, but Sky Sparkler is decending further into madness.
(OOC) Jellybean: We like madness.

Rising-Chaos deflates as everyone starts to disappear. "Bye Winter, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Good luck with the sandwich." She trudges along to the door, looking at Kludge. "I would, but I have to go take care of some very important things. I have some research that I must do." She sighs. "Thanks for dropping by Kludge, you're probably the only one who didn't break anything or anyone." She walks out of her house, the door falls off the hinges. From outside she yells, "OH COME ON!"