Meet Sunshine
IC date: Spring 16
OOC date: April 7
Location: Mane Event
PCs: Sunshine Ruby-Blossom Sadaka Magpie Jellybean


The cheery sound of the door to the Mane Event opening chimes throughout the shop, heralding the arrival of a tiny little white filly! Bright blue eyes peek inside, looking this way and that, but spotting nothing that would make her want to scamper right back out that shop door. Thus she steps inside, looking both confused and curious, little ears twitching and tail tucked up along one side of her white coat. "H..hello?" comes a hesitant voice, like she isn't sure she even wants to announce her presence. Moreso than the bell already did, anyway.

In what is a rare occurance, Ruby can actually be found inside her shop today - the increasingly 'lazy' mare having actually decided to show-up for work today instead of leaving business to Seaside-Shimmer and Tropical-Sunset. At the moment she settled in a comfy stool behind the counter - an extra pillow under her flank for additional comfort. Ruby gives a small, lazy wave "Afternoon." Her customer is currently left to the attentions of a hair dryer and picture book. She glances up from her magazine and instantly spies the little foal - who according to Ruby adult to foal conversion factor - is a 80 match for Maddie simply from sight. "Hi?" she offers with a curious, hesitant voice while slipping from her chair while keeping her eyes fixated on the new arrival.

Sadaka glances up from the picture book that she's probably not paying all that much attention to anyways - but hey, it's better than the math book in her saddlebag, by a long shot - glancing over her shoulder as best she could around the hair dryer. New foal! She blinked. …Rather new foal. She doesn't recognize this one from school or anything!

The little white foal's head turns, bright blue eyes taking in the surroundings. They seem familiar! Yet… Foreign. Right up until she spies the salon proper, and its owner. Those blue eyes fixate on Ruby, but her little white ears splay out, then tip back, prompting a hesitant backstep. "O..oh, sorry, I think I have the w-wrong house…" she stammers out.

Big, expressive ruby-red eyes are fixated on the little foal with an unwavering gaze as Ruby slowly approaches the back-peddling foal. "What's your name, sunshine?" Her tone and chosen title of endearment no doubt betraying her suspicions.

The little white foal's eyes get big as dinner plates! "H-how do you know my name?" she squeaks, Ruby's slow steps prompting an equal amount of backwards moving from the kid. She doesn't exactly wait for an answer though, spinning about and bolting…under the nearest bench! "Don'teatme!"

Di-ding! The door opens behind the little filly and a slightly less little filly does that thing she's not supposed to do and immediately shouts, "RUBY, I'M HOME!" And then she slams the door.

Home just in time to see Ruby hurriedly darting after the feeling foal in an attempt to scoop her up into a big hug, a big freedom denying hug. No doubt Maggie knows /all/ about those hugs.

Magpie shivers. Better you than me, kid.

Sadaka blinks quizzically. She should really patent that 'what's going ooooon' look she's got there. She's quite good at it. "Uh…" She squirms around in her chair, twitching an ear, and peers after the fleeing foal. "Hey, are you okay?"

"Ahhieeee!" the little white filly squeaks! Scooped, trapped, hugged, and quite scared of it all! She is most certainly not okay! It's just one, long, drawn-out squeal, and a squirmy bunch of foal trapped by Ruby's limbs!
Magpie 's expression slowly drips into a scowly frown. She stomps over to Ruby. "Hey," she says loudly. "No! Bad Ruby. You can't take another. Let somepony else have a few orphans." Sticky, clinging to her horn, gives a matching frown and nods his head firmly along with Magpie.

Ruby-Blossom whines adorably in reply to Maggie. "But I met this one first~." despite the squeal Ruby maintains the warm, affectionate hug for the pony she hasn't seen in ages. She slowly turns around to face Sadaka. "Don't you see? You see don't you? It's /her/." gently wiggling her own flank on the ground which causes Sunshine to sway in her grasp.

It takes somewhere around a full minute of squealing and squirming and swaying and whatnot for Sunshine to realize she's not, actually, being eaten. Or beat up. Or anything of the sort! Only then does she calm down enough to stop screaming! Instead she starts staring at Ruby, and then at Magpie, and THEN all the way over at Sadaka! "U..uh.. W..who are you t-talking about?" she stammers out, those blue eyes peeking up towards Ruby again, brow knitted, like she should somehow /know/ this pony.

Sadaka blinks, quizzical expression turning into a frown as she ducks out from under the dryer and hops down from the chair. "H-hey, stop, you're scaring her!"

Magpie blinks at Ruby. "It's her who?" she asks flatly. She pokes at Sunshine's ribs. "Hey. Don't get comfy. We ain't keepin' you." She glares at Ruby and repeats, "We ain't keepin' her."

Ruby-Blossom huffs cutely and mutters under her breath at Sadaka's response. "Fine by me. If you don't recognize her, just means I can keep her without trouble." She glances over her shoulder "Her name is Sunshine, and she's a very special pony." Her tone containing more than a hint of affection. She sets the little one down and asks "Would you like some cookies and milk? Naturally I'd get them for all three of you?" hopefully smile offered to the lot.

Sunshine is not sure about any of this. Not by a long shot. However, the offer of cookies is not lost on little foalish ears! It brings a blush to the white filly's cheeks, still squirming, though not quite as actively as before, since she's not sure what to make of all this sudden glomping attention and whatnot. "I-I-I think…… Cookies would be good? Can I be set down now..?"

Ruby swears she set Sunshine down - but knowing Ruby she likely just fooled herself into believing she did just so she could keep hugging the foal. She again sets Sunshine down and coughs into one hoof "I'll go get the snacks." she shoots to her hooves and swiftly trots (waddles) towards the stairs at the back of the salon.

Sadaka tilts an ear, frowning a bit deeper but trotting over towards Sunshine uncertainly. "Hey… are you okay? …Don't worry, Ms. Ruby's nice, she's just kind of, um… huggy."

Admittedly other foals are a million times less 'scary' than adult ponies, so once Sunshine's set down and surrounded by others of a closer-to-her size, the little white foal relaxes. Just a little. She might even be inching to put the other two fillies between herself and Ruby. "S-snacks would be n-nice right about now…" she admits, her stomach giving a loud growl in agreement. Which makes her blush again!

Magpie glances back at Sunshine. Sticky points two wide, sticky toe pads at his eyes, then points them at Sunshine. Then licks his eyeball.

Magpie follows Ruby upstairs. "Okay, I give, who is she? Am I s'posed to know her?"

Sunshine blinks at Sticky. Or rather, the back of Sticky, and Magpie's head as they leave to follow Ruby. She ducks her head a little, scooting behind Sadaka. Hide, little foal, hide!

In the kitcnen upstairs Ruby has already begun to stack goodies on a serving tray by the time Maggie catches up with her; fruit, cookies, and milk. "Last time I saw her - she was an adult; but this doesn't seem like the foalification we went through." she glances over her shoulder at the piebald pony. "Her name is Sunshine, she went by Mad-Mare and was hated by everypony…ever-y-pony." she emphasizes. "I have no idea what happened, but she's being way to sweet to be Maddie." she scrunches her face. "But something just tells me it's her..I mean, aside from the look and name…I mean.." she grins sheepishly in a manner that suggests she's not telling everything.

Sadaka blinks and tilts her head, smiling faintly and attempting to look soothing. "Hey, it's okay. Uh, your name's Sunshine? I'm Sadaka."

"H-hi Sadaka." Sunshine speaks in oh-so-quiet a voice. She may even be scooting herself slooooowly backwards, inching underneath the bench. It seems like a safe place… Maybe. "Are… Are you here for cookies too..?"
Knock knock knock. "Hello? Is anypony there? Sadaka said she'd be here: I'm just trying to check in. You know, like a responsible foalsitter." Jellybean is the most responsible of foalsitters.

Magpie eyes Ruby. "So she's really a grownup pony? ….okay then." She turns and goes back downstairs without a word.

"Hey, Jelly," Magpie says once she's back on the ground floor. "Hi there… what was your name? Sunshine? Hi, Sunshine." She leans down and waves to the scared li'l pony, exuding her most friendly manner.

Eep! A new pony! This makes Sunshine duck her head and finish scooting to the percieved safety of the shadow under the bench. With the dust-bunnies. Two foal-sized eyes peeking out at the 'scary' bigger pony!

But then Magpie shows up, and waves. It would be rude not to wave back, prompting a small white limb to wave from under the bench!

Sadaka blinks and smiles. "Actually, uh, I was getting my mane trimmed. But cookies are good!" She perks her ears a bit, looking towards the door. "Hi, Mr. Jellybean. Sorry, I know I'm runnin' a little late…" she glances sideways towards the math-loaded saddlebag, reaching to stuff a conspicuously red-marked paper down into the bottom of it. She glances back at Sunshine. "Oh! Oh, it's okay. Mr. Jellybean's real nice. He's gonna give me flying lessons!"

Ruby trots back down the stairs with enough cookies and fruit to feed a gaggle of foals, and nice cold bottle of milk with 6 cups - always expect company! She hmms and offers Jellybean a friendly wave admist trotting towards teh group while balancing the tray on her head. She slides the tray onto the coffee table in the waiting room and motionns for Sunshine to come out from her hiding spot. "Come on over here." patting a spot to her left while taking a seat.

Magpie trots over and sits down on Ruby's right. So nyeh.

Jellybean smiles and gives the little filly a little wave. "Hi there. My name's Jellybean. It's nice to meet you." He leans down. "You don't need to be afraid of me. I mean, I get being scared, but you don't need to be scared of me."

Nice? Sunshine considers this, blue eyes darting from Jellybean, to Sadaka, to Magpie, and back up at Jellybean. …Okay, it's true he doesn't exactly seem /that/ scary. But…but adults! Still, if the other two aren't scared of him, maybe she shouldn't be either? Besides, the cookies have arrived, the scent of which makes her little stomach grumble again. Ooh that smells good~

Sucking in a deep breath, and probably holding it too, Sunshine crawls her way out from under the bench and straightens up. The breath is blustered out, her foalish gaze turning to regard Jellybean in the full light of the shop. She offers the barest hint of a smile! To Jellybean, and then to Sadaka too. "O..okay. Long as none of you are tryin' to eat me…" she says, working up to her next goal. This involves wandering over to where Ruby's patting and settling down in the hopes that there really are cookies she can eat.

Magpie blinks. "Eat you? WHy the heck would we wanna eat you? Do we look like Thracian mares or somethin'?"

Jellybean joins in blinking. "…but there's cookies."

Magpie says defensively, "…what? I read. …well, TC reads…"

Sadaka glances back at Sunshine. "Nopony's gonna eat you. I promise." She trots on after her, because yum, cookies.

Ruby points at the tray of snacks on the table. "Cookies, fruit, and milk." she tells Jellybean and Maggie before swiftly piling fruit onto Sunshine's plate along with a couple of cookies. She proceeds to dish out more rational servings to the rest of the ponies before moving onto pouring the moo-juice. "Hmm…" critically examining Sadaka's mane. "I managed to clean it up, but I think I still have plenty to learn about styling zebra manes." she grins warmly "Guess you'll need to come by more often."

Thusly reassured that there will only be eating of cookies, and nothing else, Sunshine is starting to look a little less like a scared mouse, and a little more like a real foal. Especially once she gets one of those cookies between her hooves to munch on it, still looking from pony to pony to pony. They all seem nice. Nice is good. Nice is comforting! …Except for that lizard. That lizard gave her an odd look.

She gets about halfway through her first cookie before remembering her manners, mumbling out a soft "Thank you for the food." at the same time she's trying to eat more of it. She was just a wee bit hungry!

Magpie giggles a little at the filly. Glances up at Ruby. "Are you SURE she's " Wait. Should she say that? Uh. "what you said?"

Ruby-Blossom quietly noms a cookie while pretending to be delightfully oblivious to what Maggie is implying. Good thing Jellybean is so sweet, otherwise Ruby might have to worry about being caught hiding something.

The power of cookies are amazing. One cookie, a couple bits of fruit, and a glass of milk later, Sunshine has all but forgotten she'd come to this shop pretty much ready to bolt out at the first sign of danger. It's oddly comforting here… She's still a quiet filly though, expressive eyes growing curious about the bevvy of ponies. "This is good place. Are all the places here this nice..?" she asks, around her second cookie.

Jellybean is an easy-going sweetheart. You know how it is. "So Sadaka, are you ready for those flying lessons? I hope you'll be patient with me: I've never taught anypony how to fly before, but I'm sure I'll manage that."

Wings are very interesting. It just so happens that Sunshine's watching Jelly and Sadaka's wings as they chat! They look so…different! It's making her curious enough to stuff the rest of her current cookie into her mouth, slide out of her seat, and trot over to stand beside Jellybean, studying his wing /oh so intently/. Yep, those are feathers!

Ruby seems all sorts of intent on getting Sunshine comfortable, and lightly places a hoof on the little one's back as she visibly relaxes. "I'd like to think so. We have a couple of wild ones, and a couple grouchy ponies. But overall pretty nice ponies."

Sadaka blinks and looks up at him, nodding and smiling. "It's okay, Mr. Jellybean… I've never had anypony teach me how to fly before. So it'll be fine." Apparently, this is logical… logic, to her. She noms on a cookie, scooping up a slice of orange to follow it up with. Mmm, citrus.

Admittedly, the little zebra could use some lessons. She's still not /entirely/ used to having wings. She's pretty good at paying attention to them while flying, but when she's not, she kind of tends to not know what to do with them. Like now! One's hanging not-quite-folded - she's tripped on it once already - and the other keeps fluttering and repositioning, as she's not /quite/ paying attention to what she's doing with it.

Sunshine steps back again, blinking up at Ruby. "Do lotsa ponies around here have wings? They look soft… But hers looks different." she observes, pointing at Sadaka's wings. It's like she's never seen a pegasus before. Certainly never one of a striped variety.

Jellybean stretches his wings out. "Hers are different. I mean, I'm a pegasus and she's a zebra. Zebras don't normally have wings."

Ruby-Blossom pouts adorably when Sunshine scootches away but she manages to offer the foal a silly grin. "We've got all sorts of different types around here. Nice but strange ponies." she encouragingly motions Sunshine to come closer again.

Sunshine scoots back next to Ruby. It's still a little hesitant, but not quite so much as before. Her eyes get /so wide/ when Jelly spreads his wings! Oooh! And then they get all curiously focused again on Sadaka and her wings. "They don't..?"

Sadaka blushes faintly, glancing back at her wings and spreading them as well. "Mine're different. Papa Blackbird made 'em for me, an' got the gypsy outside town to enchant 'em so I can fly with 'em."
Jellybean nods. "But they work like regular wings, which means that I can help her learn to fly. I'm looking forward to it."

Ruby rubs her eyes - how did she not notice those wings of all things, she gives a shake of her head to clear it. "Zebra's have stripes, not wings. Pegasi have wings, and unicorns have horns. Gryphons are well…a lion birds? Bird lions?" she shrugs and offers Sunshine some more milk.
Magpie scowls a bit, lookin' over at the filly who's all ga-ga over wings. "…I've…. I've got a horn," she points out.

Again Sunshine's eyes go wide when Sadaka's wings spread out too! Two sets of wings, spread. It's so majestic. Or at least cool. Makes the little filly smile, while Ruby explains the differences between races. "Oh…" she says, peeking around Ruby to blink at Magpie. "…So that makes you a unicorn! Right?" She peeks at Magpie's horn. "Do unicorn horns always come with things attached to them..?" she wonders, pointing at Sticky.

Mischevious Ruby grin! "Pegasi always have wings, and out of control emotions - it's part of the base package."

Magpie blinks at Sunshine. "Uh… yeah, I'm a unicorn. This is Sticky. He's my friend." She reaches up to unstick Sticky from her horn, and holds him out in front of the filly. "He's a gecko." Sticky gives Sunshine a look of reptilian judgement, and, finding her wanting, shuns the earth pony.
Which is absolutely meaningless because two seconds later Magpie surrounds Sticky with a dusty rose aura of magic and drops him onto Sunshine's head.

Jellybean blushes. "We don't always do." Hoofscuff. "Sometimes, you know."
Ruby-Blossom emphasizes dryly "Always."

"Oh! Hi Sti-" Sunshine starts to say, until the lizard turns around! "..cky. I don't think he l—" Interrupted again as the gecko ends up on her head! "Eeee! He jumped on me! Ahh!" She starts a little panic-dance, hooves prancing on the floor, looking worriedly up as if she could see on top of her head, and back at Magpie! "Does he bite? Ahhh what if he tries to eat me! Nooooo!" Off she goes! Scampering laps around the coffee table. Squealing.

Sadaka folds her wings up again, tilting her head and looking over Ruby. "…What's that mean I've got, then, Ms. Ruby?" It's tricky to tell if she's being sincere or trying to be snarky. Does she even know how to pull off snark? Who knows! She /has/ been hanging around Rusty a bit. She blinks and turns to watch Sunshine run in circles, tilting her head. "Hey, w-woah, it's okay… geckos don't eat ponies. They eat bugs an' stuff!" Because she likes science class, yup.

Magpie ack! "Stop running! It's fine! He doesn't do anything! He just sticks to things! Don't hurt him!"

Ruby-Blossom beams at Sadaka. "It means cool as steel, and sweet as molasses!" she nods sagely - not even entirely sure what she means; words are rarely her friend.

Jellybean makes a little fussy noise, "You really don't need to be afraid. Sticky's a good little lizard."

Screech! Reassurances make the white filly slow down, though she doesn't look entirely convinced. Or maybe she just looks sheepish. "O..oh. W-well okay! Sorry Sticky." she says. "I didn't know…" …anything, at all, apparently. She does get an idea though, eyeing the coffee table. She swipes up another cookie, breaks off a very small piece, and holds it up on a hoof. "Does he like cookies..?"

For the first three seconds, he doesn't like cookies. But Sticky seems to come to a decision, and darts his head forward to snatch at a chunk of cookie, holding it in his mouth for a second, then jerking several times to toss the thing back into his throat.

The coffee table rattles softly and Ruby begins to snooze in an apparent fit of narcolepsy; somepony is worn out.

Sunshine seems pleased by this. She fed a lizard! That's kind of like a peace offering, isn't it? She trots back to her seat, scooting back into it again, only to find out that Ruby's gone and fallen asleep. "Ah!" What does she doooo! "I guess… We should let her sleep?"

Magpie awwws and reaches over to pat Ruby's hoof. "She's all preggers, I guess that really takes it outta ya."

Whatever that means, it sounds bad enough that Sunshine goes and pats Ruby's other hoof. "Um. Do you think she would mind if I slept in here tonight?" She's looking over towards the bench. That one she hid under earlier.

Magpie eyes Sunshine. "Tonight? What, here?" She scuffs a hoof. "I guess you could… come sleep up in my room. If you really wanna."

"Anywhere that's safe." Sunshine states, ducking her head just a smidge. "It's not safe where I used to sleep…"

Magpie says "Oh, my room's safe. It's all good." She pauses. "Actually there's a … cubbyhole you can sleep in, if you're more comfortable somewhere small." Speaking from experience."

Sunshine nods quickly, "That sounds alright!" She turns to Jellybean and Sadaka, offering a most genuine smile. "Um… It was nice meeting you two! M..maybe I can watch your flying lessons. That sounds fun!"

Sadaka blinks and perks up a bit, nodding eagerly. "S-sure! Uh… if that's okay," she adds, glancing over to Jellybean. It's been a while since any of the other foals have seemed interested in what she's up to! She certainly wouldn't mind a little friendly support.

Sunshine beams a bright smile. "Okay!" Yay, friends! Then she scampers after Magpie to tuck herself somewhere safe for the night.

Magpie leads the way into her room, with a massive comforter draped almost entirely over her and a pillow hovering in her magic as she trots along. "Okay, so this is my room. Keep the door shut at night unless you wanna wake up with Snapdragon's butt on your head or somethin'."

Magpie has a simple, even underdecorated room. There's a solidly built bed against one wall, with a short set of shelves next to it. The bottom shelf is quite a bit larger than the others, a square cubbyhole with a throw pillow laying in it. The one window overlooks the harbor and is framed at the bottom by several sprays of greenery from the window-box planter, and on the opposite wall there's a bookshelf that's got a lot of non-book stuff in it, including one basketball sized orb that's covered with a felt sheet. Light gleams out from under it, though, and it probably acts as a night-light.

It took surprisingly little coaxing to get Sunshine to follow along, given how easy she was to spook downstairs with all the adults and whatnot. Maybe it's Magpie's not-quite-adult size! Or maybe it's the odd yet cute lizard. Whatever the reason, she's less 'scared' and more 'awed' by the room.

She's a little less awed by the mention of something named Snapdragon, or the prospect of waking up with its rear end anywhere near her. "Wait…what? What's a Snapdragon? Is…" Her eyes widen. Because 'dragon' is, somehow, a term she knows. "…it gonna eat me if it gets in? Shouldn't we bar the door? How do you /sleep/ here if there's a dragon?"

Magpie glances over her shoulder. "What? No, no. A snapdragon is a kind of flower. And Snapdragon is one of Ruby's adopted— Well, I guess he's kinda my little brother, really. He's… uh…" How do you explain this? "I think he was raised by cats and he doesn't really know how to be a pony."
Magpie says "His sister too."

"Oh." Sunshine's cheeks flush a soft shade. Like she should've known that or something. "That's not normal around here, is it? Being raised by cats?" Hey, at least she's catching on to something. The little white foal peeks around, poking her head into places, eventually stopping in front of the aforementioned cubbyhole. It does look rather safe. "You have a pretty big family. A..pretty nice family."

Magpie hesitates. "I…. yeah, I guess I do." She looks pensive for a moment. "Ah! Well. So. Anyway. You can be in there," she waves at the cubby, "Or up here with me. Whatever you wanna do, really." She leaves the blanket and pillow in the floor and trots over to the window, pushing it open.

Sticky obediently hops down from her head and disappears into the plants. A few moments later he climbs up on a half-buried roof shingle, apparently placed there for the purpose, and Magpie closes the window. "Sweet dreams, Sticky!

Sunshine blinks as two options are presented. Whoa! She turns to face the cubby, ducking her head to peek inside. Then she crawls inside, curling up on the pillow placed within. It does feel rather safe! Now why enclosed places like this feel safe at all is a mystery when there's only one avenue of escape and all, but that's just how it goes. Then again, the other option is probably more comfortable. Ponies are usually social creatures, so it's appealing! "Uh…" she says smartly, "I think this is okay…"

Magpie giggles. "I thought you might.. That's why I brought the extra blanket." She beams. She hops up on her bed and drapes forehooves over the foot. Then more seriously, "…so… You don't know much, do ya?"

Oh hey, extra blanket! Sunshine drags that in, going about the adorable duty of making a nest out of the blanket and pillow in the smallish space. Her ears perk when Magpie asks her that question though, prompting her to pull the blanket all the way up to her nose, blinking big filly eyes at the bigger filly. "What do you mean?"

Magpie says "Well, I mean… you keep askin' really weird questions. Like if it's normal to be raised by cats, and stuff. Stuff you oughtta know. So what's the deal?"

Sunshine pulls the blanket up just a wee bit more, her eyes getting the faintest wibble to them. They glance around her little cubbyspace. "Well… How am I supposed to know what I don't know if I don't know it..? M-maybe I'm just new around here." Her ears tip back, her eyes focusing on Magpie again. "I know some stuff!"

Magpie holds up her hooves in defense. "Hey! Hey! No crying! I'm not sayin' nothin'. I'm just sayin' it's kinda weird. Where're you from?"

Questions! The little white filly wraps the blanket around her like a little cocoon. "I'm from…" she starts to say, then pauses, eyes going downcast. "…From…up the beach..? A nice pony rescued me. And brought me here." She blinks, peeking up at Magpie again. Not so wibbly, probably more than a little hopeful that it's what she meant. Y'know, instead of a hometown or something logical.

"You're from… the /beach/." Magpie's head tilts slightly to the left. "Okay, see, that? That right there? Weird." After a moment she adds, "Unless you're a sea pony. Are you a sea pony? Do you have a, like… necklace or something?"

"There are /seaponies/?" Sunshine's eyes get really big! So much amazement! Until she realizes that that, too, was probably a weird response. "O..oh. um." She burrows into her little blanket cocoon until just her nose is showing. "II don't think I'm a seapony? I don't have a necklace… I'm just me!"

Magpie waves a hoof. "No, no, that's okay, most ponies don't believe in 'em. Or up until recently." She hops down and rubs the filly's head. "It's okay, you're just an earth pony then. No worries!" She peers. "But it's still kinda weird you don't know stuff. Eh. Dun worry 'bout it. You'll figure it out."

Sunshine goes quiet when her head's rubbed. It makes her pull the blanket back so she can stop hiding in the endless comfort of such fluff. "I know some stuff…" she murmurs again, defensively, her big blue eyes still having traces of moisture around them. "I really did come from a boat on the beach! And I really was rescued!" Her eyes get a little bigger. "There's a monster there… But now it's not /there/, and it's somewhere /here/, because /I'm/ here!" Oop, there she goes, burrowed into the sheets again. "And that's why it's not safe outside! That's what I know!"

Magpie 's eyes widen. "Wait, go back to the part about the monster? There's a monster in the city?"

Ruby stops by to say good night, and to give the filly a hug that she pretends to hate, and then the door is closed and the lights are out and the only illumination comes from the moon outside and the slowly shifting pale green gleam from under the felt covering, like the sun seen through deep water.

Sunshine opens her mouth, about to speak, but then Ruby comes in and interrupts! Which is fine, it gives Sunshine a moment to recompose herself, and maybe hope that the question is forgotten in the aftermath of Rubyhugs. She situates herself so that between the blanket and pillow, she's able to peek outside. It helps, y'know.

"…Ruby's very nice…" she murmurs. "I think I know her somehow."

Magpie scuffles into her bed and everything is quiet for a few moments.
The light slowly shifts in its globe.

"So… monster," says Magpie's voice from the semi-darkness.

Sunshine tugs her cover up. Just her eyes peeking out over it, at the moon. "Monster." she whispers. "It kept me in the ship for a really long time. Probably why I don't know things."

Magpie shifts a little. "What kind of monster?" she whispers. "A dragon? A kraken? An evil cloud?"

"A pony." Sunshine states. "…I mean, it /looks/ like a pony, but it's /not/ a pony. With bad black eyes and weird legs and…and…" The little filly shivers. "It laughs a lot… But it's not nice. Not at all."

Magpie pulls the covers up to her chin. "What kinda weird legs?" she presses. Not sure if she wants to hear this or not, but she has to ask. So she knows when she needs to scream and run.

"/Weird/ legs." Sunshine emphasizes, hiding her head under her blanket! "They're… Not like pony legs. They're weird and shiny and look like part of the boat! They make noise when it walks…" Aww, she's shivering under the covers! "And it's /mean/! It kicks things and hurts things and yells and laughs and and…" Whimper!

Magpie nods a little. "Okay. If I see a pony with shiny legs that make weird noises, I'll kick it while you run. Got it?"

"O..only if you run too." Sunshine meekly squeaks out. "If you kick it, it'll kick you back!"

Magpie says "Right. Kick, then run."

Scuff-scuff-scuff, thump. Magpie appears in front of the cubby. "Hey. Wanna see a secret?"

Sunshine gasps a breath when Magpie suddenly appears! It doesn't turn into a scream though, those blue eyes of hers peeking out. "A secret?"

Magpie leans in close, almost climbing into the cubbyhole with Sunshine. "If you're in here and somethin' bad comes in the room… there's a way out, okay?" She reaches past the little filly and pushes on the back wall of the cubby. It resists, then suddenly slips sideways to open a doorway into a narrow passage. "I got a secret room."

Sunshine gasps again! This time in awe as the cubbywall just slides open. The filly sits up to peer into the passage, "Oh wow! You have a… A monster-proof room!" She blinks, "But what if the monster's already /in/ there?"

Magpie says, very reasonably, "Then he's not already /here/."

Magpie says "…anyway, how would he even get in there?"

Sunshine can't come up with a good reason for that, so she shrugs! "Good point. You've thought of everything!"

Magpie giggles, preening a little. She pulls the door shut. "It goes up into the attic. Kludge made me a secret room when he built the place. In case I need to hide or… or get out or something."

All this talk of monsters has the filly sufficiently spooked though, Sunshine placing a hoof on the closed secret door, and then peeking up at the bigger filly. "Can I sleep with you then? That way if the monster comes we can both escape really quick and I won't be in your way or anything…"

Magpie giggles. "…sure." She clambers up over the end of her bed and scuffscuffs her way back into the covers. "C'mon up!"

There's zero hesitation this time, Sunshine crawling out from the cubbyhole, dragging the pillow and blanket with her. She hops up into the bed, setting pillow down first, and then the blanket, on top of the other blankets and everything. It feels different. Yet somehow safe? This is important, y'know! The little filly scoot and burrows into the sheets! "Um… Thank you! For bein' so nice, and not being a pony-eating monster."

Magpie nods a little and smiles. She nuzzles Sunshine. "Hey, no problem. Uh… you can be, like… under /these/ covers if you wanna." She giggles a bit.

Sunshine looks down at the covers, then up at Magpie, ducking her head juuust a wee bit. "Oh. Okay!" Some rearranging of blankets later, she's burrowed under the proper blankets. Which is where its most cozy and comforting anyway!

Magpie scootscoots to snuggle her side against Sunshine. "Huffff. G'night."

"Good night." Sunshine murmurs back, sharing in the warmth and everything. Thus was the end of a very confusing day in the life of a filly who seems to know nothing.