Manedye And Silver Studs
IC date: Autumn 67, 1007
OOC date: November 25, 2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Sodium-Fizz
GM: None

Sodium-Fizz found herself woundering what it was with ponies and living in the ruins of buildings, really. This was the second time over the weekend she'd found herself outside wreckage - though admitedly Kludge had done a lot to turn it from wreckage into something that might just be a building again. Of course, the last time hadn't been fun as she'd been forced to shoot Dustdevils high-flying romantic dreams down. This were over different circumstances, better ones. Kinda, she didn't quite like the idea of meeting the inhabitant just quite yet but…

Shaking her head she ducked through the gap in the plywood where the door might once have been and into the inside of the building-in-construction. "Ruby-Blossom, are you in here?"

Ruby-Blossom glances up from her spot on a small wooden crate - spoon still in her mouth from her the oatmeal she was eating. Ruby red eyes going wide before she ducks into her tent; clearly thinking she's still in trouble for the previous nights stupid hijinx. Clearly the mare is home, Soda just saw her!

The ruby-eyed mare is most deffinatly correct in thinking herself in trouble, though most likely not how she thinks. "Oh, get out from there," said the irrate Sodium-Fizz, "or I'll come right in after you, and I still have sticky bombs." As if to demonstrate she ruffled her wings, sending vials clinking together under her cloak. For some reson she seems to have changed back into it from her flight-jacket. Thought the glasses are still on her muzzle.

"I came here to get something you promised me earlier…"

Ruby-Blossom is severely tempted to wiggle her way out of the back of the tent, but opts to timidly peek out the front of the tent at Soda. The younger mare's ears splayed against her head while looking as guitly as a foal caught with her hand in the cookie jar - even if she didn't intend to take any cookies. She mutters cutely "I have some too.." ducking down a little as if it'll help her hide. A moment passing before she steps out and into the open with her ruby red eyes still cast downwards.

Sodium-Fizz eyed Ruby for a moment before sighing and reaching out, placing a hoof under her chin and lifting her muzzle. "Ruby… don't do that, okey? I'm not the right person to give pep-talks, Luna knows… And Dusty too, since I more or less threathened him back into shape. But… chin up, okey? I told you before, don't… toy with my emotions, it's not safe and I might hurt you. This… was not how I ment that, but it still applies." The grey mare leant forward, placing a soft kiss on Ruby's forehead.

"Besides… you don't want to make me feel bad, but seeing you feel bad becaus of me makes me feel bad… Mostly for the exact same reson you feel bad. So quit it and do both of us a favour…"

Ruby-Blossom nudges up to gently nuzzle Soda after the kiss to her forehead. "I'm sorry." she chirps oh-so softly "J..just know I would never, ever, ever, ever do that." she inhales heavily then exhales loudly before flopping back onto her flank - a slightly forced smile present on her muzzle; she's trying. "WH..what's up?

Sodium-Fizz smiled, a very thin one but that seems fairly normal for the grey mare. "I… know, I guess. Even if everything in my head screams at me that I can't trust anypony…" Soda batted a lock of hair out of her face. "Just remember what I said… you don't have to be perfect, or even good or… anything, just try to be different, be better. And that's why I'm here, I gues… I want to be a better me, a different me."

Fizzy sighed as she planted her own flanks on the floor. "It… feels embarasing… and downright stupid to say it but… Yeah, I want to change. I want to feel as if I've changed, too, on the outside. Maybe I can convince myself enough it's true and… then I have. I'm already wearing some of the scars from in here," a slate-grey hoof came up, tapping the side of her head, "on here and… it feels strangely good, but… I kinda hate it too, I look worse than ever." As she spoke the final part she coiled her foreleg against her chest, the scars from the last night in the… other place visible if one looks close enough. "But yes, I want to feel a changed… So I want your help."

Ruby-Blossom huffs softly before pushing up off her spot to again nuzzle Fizzy. "You're a good pony. Don't ever think otherwise, and you've got a wonderful marefriend, and wonderful friends…even if one of them is a kind of a jerk - like all the time." Another sisterly nuzzle to be had before Ruby moves away and nudges her soap box a little closer to Fizzy. "Have a seat. "I don't exactly have all my amenities at the moment. But I can make do." she smiles "I was thinking a nice trim to start, maybe a pedicure, and if you'd let me. I thought it'd be cute to add a hint of darker purple to your mane.

That got a mirthless chuckle out of Sodium-Fizz. "No, I'm not… I'm just good enough at pretending I am. And… thanks." Soda did as asked and glanced upwards at a lock of her own dusky, listless dark purple mane. "I… Maybe, yes? I'm not sure… I've never actualy done this before, not like this anyway…"

Ruby-Blossom nudges the mare gently "You are way better than you give yourself credit for. How else could you stand to put up with a mare like me, hmm?" Her inflection playful as she brushes her front hooves against Fizzy's mane. "Let me gather a couple of things and we'll get started. One Kludge gets this place fixed up, I expect you to come back for a proper treatment." the mare darting off to gather some water, her brush, shears, and several other key parts.

Sodium-Fizz smiled. "Maybe… but then you have to accept that you are too, becaus we're more simmilar than you think… In a way." Soda craned her neck around to follow Ruby with her gaze as she rushed off. "Speaking of which, what'll happen between you two? I told you two to go on a date… and he did rather smooch you good there, too…"

Ruby-Blossom returns a few moments later carrying a large bowl full of supplies which she sets down on another wooden crate near Soda before sorting them. "What'll happen between us? Well…I uhh…" the mare turning red as she snaps "look straight ahead so I can get started." Taking a deep breath to regain her wits. "There aren't any issues between us, so I'll be pretty content to go along with whatever Kludge asks." A very subtle, Ruby way of hinting at her expectations, and feelings; sliding a brush one to one hoof she begins to smooth Soda's mane. "You're a good mare deep down, even if you're a little bad above that - you're a good mare else I wouldn't like you. That is unless I like bad girls…" she ponders "That might be the case. Winny, Maggie, Rising…they're all kinda bad in their own way." she teases.

Sodium-Fizz turned ehr head forward obediently, though a small smile creased her lips. "Magpie was right… now I know how she feel," said the grey mare with a smile. "Though I had expected Kludge's show of affection to be a bit more… grand-stand, when I suggested he'd do that… Still, pretty good." Her ears swiweled in Ruby's direction. "And… maybe. I supose. Though I can't say I know Rising… You, me and Maggie though, that'll I go along with."

"And… Winny's not bad, at all," added Soda after a moment, pouting.

Ruby-Blossom chirps "Maggie? What ws maggie right about?" her tone noteably more cheerful as Maggie is mentioned - downright loving. "I was teasing about all of them. They're all good girls with small bad streaks. Winny's not bad, just a wild mare." she grins "Some ponies might consider that a bad thing." she teases while smoothing out that mane with the brush. Soon switching out the brush for a comb and spray bottle so she can wet down the other mare's mane; it'd be far easier with a sink - but she works with what she has!

"Oh, nothing!" chirped Sodium-Fizz, fighting back a giggle. "And… yeah, it's a bit jarring at time, her enthuseasm… But… she's dependable and honest. I can't help but think she deserves better though… Hay, I always think that…"

Ruby-Blossom huffs cutely "Never anger your stylist." proving Soda with valueable life advice while combing and wetting the other mare's hair. Once sufficently wet she begins to run her hooves through the man before taking the first small snip, then another, and another; seems Ruby /does/ know what she's doing even if it's not her primary occupation. "You'd be wrong if you think she deserves /different/; she seems pretty stoked about what she has - so embrace it.

Sodium-Fizz fought the urge to nod. "I'll try."

Grey wings shifted underneath the fabric of her Nightmare Night cloak, sending vials clicking together. "I… think I need to go and visit a store too. Magpie and Kludge thought I was silly, but… I kinda want some everyday clothes. It's a bit of a comfort, having a layer between yourself and the world. Pluss, I don't ever want to be caught out without potions and elixirs -ever- again!"

Ruby-Blossom huffs cutely "Tell me what Maggie was right about." she insists while gently snipping at Fizzy's mane; carefully she grooms the mane of her pegasi friend. There will no elborate styles - this is a simple grooming; shortening the length while helping to emphasize the natural bob and fall of the other mare's mane.

Sodium-Fizz giggled. "Well.. that it's fun, what's the term… shipping ponies?"

"At least I can only hope it's part my doing, I did rather suggest Kludge doing something… grand for you, wether you liked it or not," added Soda after a moment.

Ruby-Blossom huffs cutely as she brushes and trims Fizzy's mane - her hooves hard at work even as the two chat. "It all still makes me so nervous." she admits, trading the shears for brush so she can gently brush away loose strands and clippings. "Maybe I flirt because the idea settling down is so foriegn." another adorable huff as she continues brushing. "I mean it's not a bad thing, just different.

Sodium-Fizz once more fought herself not to nod. "I know, Ruby, I know. I've been wandering about for the last ten years or so purposfuly making sure I've never gotten tied down… And then I come here and get stuck in another dimension and… there you go, I have friends. And a marefriend! I… couldn't leave now. And neither can you. Just… do your best to cope with it, I guess. It might make you happy."

Fizzy smiled softly and… what? Her eyes crossed slightly as she peered at the tip of her nose, where a lock of purple hair had fallen, thickling her nose and… and… Her whole body rocked as she sneezed.

Ruby-Blossom snickers softly as the other mare sneezes; prompting Ruby to reach around and brush away the loose lock of hair. "Yup. You totally ponied up and went after Winny." clearly a playful tease - knowing full well that she's responsible for pushing Fizzy into a VERY uncomfortable situation which is quickly becoming a great thing for the pegasi. "Alright." she exchanges the brush for a vial of purple fluid which she compares to Fizzy's own mane color. "This should be good. Now, so you know. This stuff won't come out, ever. There's only one way to remove it." she grins broadly "I know how - and well that's about it." a small drop hitting fizzy's hair followed by a series of smooth comb strokes, then another and another as Ruby carefully colors Fizzy's mane with the intent of of highlighting her natural color using some brighter dye.

Sodium-Fizz flashed Ruby a small smile before settling down. "I… did need a push, and you know it. Just like you needed one to open up to the possibiltiy of… getting together with Kludge."

Fizzy sat silent for several long moments as Ruby worked before professional curiousity set in. "Um… where did you get that, by the way? It seems rather… an interesting dye."

Ruby-Blossom chirps "I learned to make it years ago - it was kind of an accident, and I was red in face for almost a month before I figured out how to remove it." quite literally she was red in the face! "I really didn't need a push - Kludge and I were already together before last night." she huffs adorably. "Did he think other wise?" her tone sincere and curious as she continues to use the lighter purple dye to high-light Fizzy's neatly trimmed mane.

"To be frank… yes, yes I did. At least I didn't think you were together in more than name…" admited Sodium-Fizz. "It's…. very hard to tell with you two. Kludge is fairly… Kludgey. And you're… really you-ish?"

Ruby-Blossom chuckles softly as she puts away the dye and begins to clean the comb - rinsing away dye with a bowl of water. "Stay put, and don't touch - it has to dry." she trots off to dispose of the purple water and put away her supplies. A few moments later returning to take a seat in front of Fizzy with file in mouth - lifting one of Fizzy's hooves she sets to work.

Sodium-Fizz blushed slightly as Ruby took one of her forehooves in hers. True, some ponies had sensetive hooves, she didn't though. It was more a fact that it brought Ruby a close-up look of her scars.

Ruby-Blossom gently begins to groom the hoof she holds - carefully filing one hoof, and then the next, and so on. The mare clearly can see scars - but she's seen them before; alot happens when you snuggle, ya know. It's several long moments before Ruby's done and able to put down the file and speak. "It's okay you know." she tells mare before sliding a buffing pad over one hoof so she can begin buffing each of those freshly filed hoofs.

"I… know, I'm just not used to actaly having them visible… I've told Solar-Wind, I think it was, that I'm bored of making healing products… becaus I've already tried all the noticable different ways to do it… That's not a lie, I've needed a lot of patching. And I'm extremely good too. You can't even tell it's not the leg I was born with," said Soda with a giggle as she wiggled her right forehoof, though her expression feel rather quickly and she shuddered.

That… joke had been a plain bad idea.

Ruby-Blossom continues to smile while gently buffing Fizzy's hoofs - gently polishing each in turn then going through the whole rotation again. "It's okay, everypony needs a leg up once in a while." trying to cheer the other mare up as she works. "Fizzy - I'm sorry if anypony appreciates the scars it's Winny. She's a tough girl, and each scar is medal proving you're stronger than you give yourself credit for." Beaming smile up at the older mare.

Sodium-Fizz smiled thinly. "Thats why I let them be rather than… try to get rid of them. Though I'm not certain I'm comfortable with them."

"That's why I'm going to drag you along clothes shoping," Soda stated after a moment, "I want clothes becaus I feel naked and woulnerable in just my coat. You asked me if I was much for jewelry… I don't think so, but I want clothes." That's a very much not-so-subtle hint.

Ruby-Blossom hmms cutely "That could be fun.." she ponders thoughtfully before gently cleaning off each of Fizzy's hoofs to finish the job. "This is the best I can do until this place gets put back together." she admits with a stupid smile. "Wait here…" she takes her supplies behind the plywood wall where she's snuck off to several times today. Only there's a lot more rustling, and creaking - as if Ruby was getting into something or somewhere not easily accessible.

Sodium-Fizz smiled and nodded, if rather gingerly, and picked herself to her hooves. Still, she sticks where she is despite finding herself rather curious as to what the ruby-eyed mare is hiding. Becaus she knows Ruby's hiding something! There was talk about Ruby's stash after all… or Ruby's 'stache but she hoped that wasn't the case.

Ruby-Blossom returns a couple minutes later carrying a small box in her teeth. She sets the little velvet box in front of Fizzy and grins. "I know you said no jewelry, but I think this earrings would suit you." She nudges the little box open to reveal a pair of sparkly amethyst earrings set in gold. She chirps. "I mean, that is if you'd like them.

Sodium-Fizz bit her lower lip for a moment. "They're… nice, Ruby… Though I don't think they're very… me." She chuckled, a bit awkawrdly. "Golds and gemstone's never been my thing… I like it plain, functional… and maybe a bit silvery."

Ruby-Blossom grins broadly and nudges the little box closer. "I'll tell you what. We'll gussy you up with a fancy dress, and earrings - then setup a cute little date for you and Winny at that fancy resturant that always manages to not burn down with the rest of the harbor." Manging to smile still even as she recalls her strange date with Maddie that took place there.

Sodium-Fizz bit her lower lip for a moment before reaching out and closing the lid of the box, pushing it back. "Make those silver and without gems - Luna knows I've grown tired of them since my father works with 'em so much - and you got a deal."

Ruby-Blossom huffs cutely "Fiiine." the mare takes the small box and trots behind the wall again - once more rustling and shifting! Something sure is well-hidden. Unless interrupted she returns a couple minutes to set down /another/ box very similar to the last - only this one contains solid silver studs.

Sodium-Fizz smiled and giggled, peering over in the direction Ruby's doing her secret digging around as she sees the studs. "I take it you have just about every kind of jewelry imaginable over there, yes? But… Thanks, Ruby. They're perfect." She giggled once more and leaned over, nuzzling the younger's mare cheek.

"So… Shoping, shall we?"

Ruby-Blossom chirps "Heavens no. I just have a few of my favorite things." glancing at the other mare. "I've sold or given away just about everything I've pilfered from the well-to-do; and donated everything to orphans." sounding entire serious at the moment. "It's extra fun though when you steal something and then sell it to another well-to-do fellow; then send anonymous letter to the pony you stole it from in the first place telling them where to find it. Rich jerks.