Magpie's Dream
IC date: Autumn 63
OOC date: November 21
Location: Dreamland
PCs: Magpie Dream-Daze
GM: Applejack

It's a crisp, cool autumn evening in the ol' Harbor. Main Street is lit up in a bevy of shades, all the colors of the rainbow. As though someone mistook this week to be the day of the 'Parade of Lights', and set up all the decorations all sorts of early! Colors spread out, touching all the buildings with their pleasantly warm light, dancing on all the windows and weaving across the cobblestone street.

There are no other ponies around. Just a single couple, taking in the sights, admiring the lights, and enjoying one another's company. Date night? That's what one might assume! Magpie on the left, Tale-Chaser on the right, one foreleg from either pony linked as they walk along the colorful setting.

Magpie leans in close against Tale Chaser, her breath puffing in little clouds of steam as she points at colorful lights and banners, or the warm glow of lantern-light displaying sweets in a baker's window. This is her favorite time of year, after all — even when she didn't always have a warm place to go, the nights seemed a little brighter.

The lights do seem to make everything brighter, illuminating the streets and treating each puff of breathy steam like a prism for the light, creating little rainbows that spread out for a brief moment before the steam dissapates. Every breath is a lightshow, perfect to share with someone special. Tale-Chaser seems to have been taking lessons from somepony lately, the leaning in prompts him to loop a leg around her in kind! Shared body heat in chilly weather and all that, after all. He pauses in his walking to share a snug with the piebald filly, smiling down at her, the lights dancing off his glasses.

There's the tiniest glint of light, different from all the others. Something that has just appeared along the seapony colt's barrel. What was that glint?
Magpie blushes warmly up at Tale Chaser. Oh my! He's so… handsome right now! She leans in closer to him, curls her hooves around his neck, lips angling for his~

Tale-Chaser's leaning down too! Blushing so handsomly, an all too nervous expression like he's not sure if he should be doing this, or if he's doing it right, or what, when…

Something clicks, and the sound of a reel being wound very fast breaks the silence of the light-bound scene. Tale-Chaser stops for a moment, his ear perked, twisting. "Do you h-"

Yoink! Suddenly the seapony is being dragged! Into the air he goes, a combination of surprise and shock on the airborne colt's face! "Ahhhhhh!"

That shiny string, now looks like a shiny cord around Chaser's body! And his legs…have turned into a seapony tail. He's being dragged down the street, just a couple feet from the cobblestone floor they'd just been walking down!

Magpie shrieks and chases after her hooked fishy! "Stop it!" she shouts. "Stop it! Somepony help him!" Her legs are all a-flail as she chases after the colt, trying to grab his tail, to hold him back!

During a lull in the fast reeling of Chaser, there's moments where it seems like the line is slackening enough that maybe, just maybe Magpie could grab hold. But just as she reaches hooves out, or lunges, he gets jerked away again! "Hurk! H-help!" he cries, dragged up and down the Main Street!

And then the line makes a quick turn. Right around a corner, Chaser goes, next to a familiar building. Home? The ol' salon! And right next to it, lurking in the alleyway…

…is a giant pony. A giant, turquoise mare, with a ruby-red mane. Wearing a fishing hat, a fishing vest with all /kinds/ of lures, and holding a gigantic fishing rod, from which Tale Chaser is now dangling, at least ten, maybe twenty feet from the street.

"Well! Looks like I caught a big one this time!" the big fishermare calls out, her voice echoing throughout the street. "Ho ho ho! Whatever shall I do with it?"

Magpie skids to a halt on all four hooves. "P-put him down!" she shouts up at the huge Ruby. "Give him back! You can't have him, he's mine!"

"Yours? Oh Magpie!" the Fishermare guffaws at the diminuative piebald, dangling her 'catch' up in the air where she can see it. "Why do you think we kept him around? You two were going to make the best fish-sticks together!" The big mare's face twists into a pout. "But I got tired of waiting… I'm hungry /now/! You know I can't be bothered to wait!"

The fishing line is flicked, and Tale-Chaser goes sailing up into the air! He makes a squeak of sound, falling down like the world's oddest popcorn shrimp, the line unwrapping from the colt's body as he falls…falls…falls…

GULP! Right into the Fishermare's mouth!

"Ahhh… That's some good fishin'!" the big pony declares, fiercely fired ruby-red eyes gazing down at the other small pony. "…But I'm still hungry…"

Magpie doesn't scream. She just stares in mute horror, then scrambles backward on her hooves, fleeing into the streets with a sob, sure any moment she'll feel the tug of that line…

"Aw, don't run! Why do you think I kept you around too?" the big ol' Fishermare calls out, heavy laughter echoing down the streets, causing many of the pleasant lights to crack and break! "Didn't you know you were a fish too? Ho ho ho ho ho!"

Suddenly Magpie's rear legs aren't responding like they used to! They've formed into an adorable black and white, koi-style seapony tail! Very fancy! But very difficult to use in trying to run away from the sound of a fishing line being cast…

Magpie flops and flails on a new spotted tail and she can't seem to gain any traction. She huffs and she puffs, but it isn't enough, and eyes start to tear in reaction.

"Ruby, please don't!" bursts the cry from her throat. "I always thought you would be kinder!" Ruby thinks she's a pest, just like all of the rest, and the fishing line pays out to bind her.

That moment, when Magpie starts to flail about, as that fishing rope can be seen sailing through the air, another pony darts out from behind a rainbow-shaded cardboard box! A little blue filly, racing across the street to tackle the piebald 'seapony'! Both pony and filly tumble, the fishing line landing limp on the street.

"Hey! That's not how this is supposed to go!" Ruby's voice booms, the sounds of furious reeling echoing behind it as that line is reeled back in.

Meanwhile the filly huffs. Huffs, gets up on her hooves, and starts trying to tug at one of Magpie's.

Along with the tugging, a much softer, even childish voice can be heard. As though blown in on a random breeze. Just a dream..! You're having a dream, Maggie!

Magpie lets out a loud "oof!" and blinks stupidly up at her rescuer. "Wh-what?" she asks, quavering, her tail flopping uncertainly. What's going on here? She scrubs at her tearful eyes with the back of a hoof.

The sound of the line being recast can be heard. The little blue unicorn glances at the sky, then starts tugging more urgently!

It's just a dream! the voice tries, and when it seems like that isn't quite sinking in, she scoots around to try and push the poor piebald koipony out of the way! It isn't as effective a second time, the rope line landing around both of them, tightening and tugging immediately! Both of the fillies get dragged through the air towards where the Fishermare lurks!

I..If you wake up this all goes away! You need to wake up Magpie! Before…

Magpie yelps and hugs tight to the filly as she's dragged into the sky. "I— I don't know what to do! I don't know how! I don't want to go!"

In almost no time at all, the pair of fillies are left dangling. Face to face, once again, with the Fishermare, those fierce ruby eyes glaring at her new catch. "Mmmm mmm! A double! I guess that'll make this worth the trouble…" she rumbles, lifting the line, causing the filly pair to dangle up over the big mare's open muzzle.

O..oh dear. the little filly voice squeaks. Little hooves start shaking at Magpie's shoulders!

Wake up! Wake up wake up wake up wa-ahhhhhh!

The line loosens! Both fillies begin falling! Falling towards that wide open mouth!

Magpie shrieks and gives her new tail a hard TWITCH, kicking her would-be rescuer to one side and sending herself flying the other way — tumbling down over the Fisherpony's side, towards the street… because everypony knows you wake up —
—when you hit the ground!

Magpie jerks with a splash, flailing in confusion before realizing — she must've fallen asleep in the tub. The water's barely warm anymore. She flails her way out of the tub and crouches there on the bath mat, dripping and shivering. She'd been daydreaming about Tale Chaser, must've drifted off… and… and… Ugh…

The remnants of the dream, in that space between dreams and reality, still have the barest echo of that big Fishermare's voice booming. Laughing. …but it's no more than an afterthought. The jitters of a bad dream.

The message on the mirror, however, is much more real. Like someone took their hooftip and wrote on the steamy surface. It's mostly dried by now, but the scuffmarks left behind are still there:

M E !

P.S. sorry about the bad dream~ Hug Chaser for me! - D.D. <3

Magpie stares at the mirror, mouth open.
Then the door bursts open and Snapdragon tumbles in shouting "BAFF BAFF BAFF BAFF NO!" and in a gust of cool air, the evidence crumbles away…