Magic Of A Bedtime Story
IC date: Jan 31, 2013
OOC date: Winter 43, 1007
PCs: Ginger-Spice, Toybox
GM: None

Ginger-Spice poked her head into the room on board of the… what had Hemlock called it… 'SS Justice' was it? Either way, it wasn't to important, and a smile broke across Spice's freckled muzzle as she spoted Toybox right where she'd been told where to find her. With a jaunty smile she entered, almost bouncing on her hooves as she did. "'Ello there, Toybox! I cannae say 'ow much I've been lookin'forward tae be seein' ye!"

Ginger-Spice chuckled softly and bent down, wraping a foreleg around Toybox in return. "Oi, nae need fer tha'. Ye're 'bout making me turn around lookin fer my mum, doin' tha'. Just Spice wroks fine. O' Ginger." Still smiling the brown mare straightened up, taking a look around the room. And more specificaly the bookshelf.

"What do ye 'ave here, then?" asked Spice, almost impishly.

Toybox turns her own head to look at the books, "I'm putting all my Dawing-Do books in the wight places!" She prances over to the shelf and rearranges a few more, proclaiming, "All done!" With the books taken care of, she starts setting out all the artifacts and decorations from her parents' adventures.

Ginger-Spice smiled softly and giggled. "Aye, them books are good. Thou', I'm forced tae ask ye a question, Toybox? Thin' ye got room in 'ere fer my books, and a few other things too?" The gingerbread brown unicorn turned slightly and glanced behind her, her horn blazing to life for a moment as she levitated in a line of books - a few dented and worn cookbooks mostly - as well as several bags of stuffing, threads, fabric and a sewing kit. "I mean, since it be lookin' like we'll be sharin' this room fer a bit."

Theres a pause where Toybox's time has apparently stopped for a few seconds. Her eyes then start to slowly get as wide as it seems they possibly can before she lets out a rather excited squeal. The foal bounces eagerly in place before looking at her bookshelf. "You're gonna be staying in hewe….WIF ME?!" She pulls the Daring-Do books off their shelf and stacks them up next to it. The bottom shelf is still full of books, though these ones aren't labelled. She beams a delighted smile at Ginger, "Thewe you go!"

Ginger-Spice chuckled softly. "Aye, I am. I dun' think I'll be needin' tha' much place, thou', but thank ye Toybox." With a slight twitch of her head she set down her cookbooks, filling the rest of the available space on the shelf with the sewing materials before filing in the fabric and stuffing in the empty space set away for it. Left intentionaly in Toybox's reach. "We'll get 'nother shelf and make sure ye can 'ave yer Darin' Do books up there too, a'right?"

Smiling brightly still the young mare took a seat at the edge of the bed, brushing her forelock out of her face. "Need any help gettin' settled?"

Toybox bounces a few more times, giving a nod in regards to the shelf. "I wish I could use my hown like that…but mama always says I hafta wait until I get my cutie mawk, " she comments, looking back at the empty spot on her flank with a bit of a pouty face. She glances a bit around the room. It hasn't taken much for her to get settled in, so all that's really left is getting some of her decorations put up. "Well…I'm not big enough to put some of these up!"

Ginger-Spice nodded, a small smile on her muzzle. "Sure, I can 'elp ye whi' that." Spice's horn alighted with it's typical warm purple glow as she started to lift the decorations, holding them to the wall or some of the higher shelves. "'Ere maybe? Or somewhere else?" she asked, glancing down at the pouting Toybox.

"An', I knew a lot o' unicorns tha' started usin' magic before tha'. Me included," said Spice. "Though I'm nae good at teachin' it, I must admit…"

Toybox thinks, her hoof on her chin. She points to what looks like some sort of old wooden tribal mask, "Put dat one…" she pauses, looking around the room for a moment before pointing at a spot on the wall, "Wight there!" Looking cross-eyed at her horn, she asks a little bashfully…a trait hardly known to the foal, "Do…do you think you could twy to teach me…?"

Ginger-Spice giggled and gave Toybox a small salute. "Aye, aye! Righ'… 'ere." The mask floated in place on the wall, the brown mare taking a moment to smile at it. There had to be a interesting story behind that. Actualy, it most likely was a interesting story behind everything on these walls, she figured. Turning around she crouched down by Toybox. "Sure, I can try. No promises tha' it'll be all good, thou'. An' when ye do get yer horn workin', I can always try tae teach ye my favorite spell. The 'come tae life' spell."

Toybox wrinkles her nose, misunderstanding what the spell actually is. She sticks her tongue out in disgust, "Like…bwinging ponies back fwom the dead? Dat would be gwoss!" The foal thinks about it for a second, "Is dat how…" *gulp* "Zombie ponies awe made?"

Ginger-Spice blinked, staring at Toybox for a few moments before giggeling. "Oh, nae! It's a spell fer doin' things whi'. Like… making a broom sweep by itself, o' a wagon move on it's own… O' make a toy walk 'round on it's own. O' fer cooking, in my case."

Toybox beams a smile, "Dat would be so cool!" Her whole body wiggles about a bit in excitement. "When can I stawt leawning?" She's practically giving the puppy-dog eyes…

Ginger-Spice reached forward and beeped Toyboxs muzzle with a giggle. "Dem puppy eyes is nae goin tae work on me, ye know. I'm tae goo' at 'em meself. An' ye can start learnin' whenever ye want. But nae today, it's gettin' late."

Toybox makes a big big pouty face, glancing out the porthole window, "But…it's not too late! Can I stawt now? Pweeeeeeeeeeeaaase?" Her butt wiggles a little.

Ginger-Spice sighed and rolled her yes. "Sure, jus' a lil' quick thin'… Then its bedtime fer ye, 'cause it is late an ye kno' it." Ginger giggled and reached out, wraping a foreleg around Toybox and pulling the filly to her side.

"So, ye're ready to learn a lil' trick me mum thought me when I first started tryin' tae learn magic?" she said in a almost conspiratiorical manner, the gingerbread brown mare leaning down slightly and glancing around the cabin as she did.

Toybox eyes go wide and lock on to Ginger, "I pwomise I'll go to bed wight after!" Her attention fully belongs to the mare, "I'm weady! I'm vewy weady!"

Ginger-Spice giggeled as she looked at Toybox, forced to wounder if she'd been as eager as the filly was at her age. Most likely not, she concluded, she'd been crazy for cooking - the magic had come later when she got frustrated at working with her mouth and hooves. "Righ'. So, when I wanted tae learn 'ow to tap into my magic, my mum told me this trick an' told me to practice each day. It might give ye results all quick like, o' it might nae… Still, practice is key fer this, aye?"

The freckled mare took a moment to order her thoughts. "So, the trick me mum taught me fer lightin' me horn fer magic was fer me tae think', reall hard, about all the things tha' made me 'appy. Wha' I liked tae do, aye? Jus' tae think about 'em, reall heard…" A brown hoof came up to rest on Toybox's chest, over her heart. "And jus' feel how it feelt 'ere. And when ye got tha' feelin', jus' tae let it flew from 'ere. Tae 'ere." The hoof came up, tapping Toybox's horn gingerly.

Toybox looks intently at Ginger as she explains the 'key' to getting her magic to work. She nods a few times, going cross-eyed as the mare taps on her horn. "So…I gotsta think about the things that make me happy?" A quizical look crosses her face, straigtening soon enough into another smile, "I think I can twy that!"

The foal squints her eyes, thinking really hard. Her horn glows for a few seconds, much longer than she's ever done, before it sparks a fizzles out. Rather than being disappointed, she looks up at Ginger in glee, "Did YOU see THAT?!"

Ginger-Spice giggled softly, pulling Toybox up tighter next to her. "Aye, I did. And if ye keep praciticin' ye'll eventualy be able to hold it alive longer an' longer till ye can do it at will whi'out effort. An' then thats where tha magic begins."

Toybox gives Ginger a big hug, beaming a thrilled smile, "I'm gonna pwactice it as much as I can! She lets the hug go an bounces a bit, "Thank you Gingew!" She squints her eyes again as she concentrates. Her horn starts to glow again, this time instead of fizzling out, it just glows very dimly. She opens her eyes back up with an 'oh-my-Celestia-I-can't-believe-this-is-happening' look on her face.

"Oi, it was trick, then bed!" came Ginger's amused response, a hoof poking Toybox in the side mischeviously. As she spoke her eyes drifted around the room for a moment, her smile growing slightly. "Ye promised tha'. I'll even read ye a bit o' Darin' Do, if ye want to."

Toybox gives a nod as the faint glow fades away. "I know! I pwomised!" She giggles and runs over to the bed, dive-bombing into it before wiggling her way underneath the covers. "I wanna heaw the one about Dawing Do and the Temle of Gloom!"

Ginger-Spice noded for a moment, her horn lighting up as she picked the book from where it stood - after a cursory glance to locate it - and scooted her way onto the bed herself, lying down next to Toybox. The book settled against the pillow, the purple glow dimmed - both around the book and her horn - as she fliped it open. "A'right. Darin' Do an' the Temple o' Gloom! Hmh, lets see.."

Spice peered into the book for a few moments before leaning her head back up slightly, giving a polite if throat-clearing cough before reading. "It was 'nother fine day in Canterlot, an' Darin' Do…"

Toybox curls herself up tightly. As Ginger starts to read the book, she closes her eyes with ears perked up. It's not too long into the story, maybe a few pages, before the foal is sound asleep.

Ginger-Spice smiled softly as she glanced down at Toybox, the come-to-life spell on the book closing it slowly before snuffing out. With a soft giggle, stiffled and covered up with a hoof, the unicorn mare lent down ever so slightly and gave the sleeping filly a soft nuzzeling before she settled down herself, just in case. After all, that was what Zula had recomended. Not that Ginger minded. After a moment she glanced back, her horn lighting again as he levitated over a cookbook for some light reading, though with one purple eye carefuly trained at her charge and a smile on her muzzle.