Magic Investigation
IC date: Summer 50, 1008
OOC date: August 9, 2013
Location: Wintersong Forest - Snowfield's Cottage
PCs: Rising-Chaos
GM: Snowfield

Once again the scene is Snowfield's cottage in the Wintersong forest. Still deserted, still sporting a coat of freshly fallen snow which serves to erase the tracks of previous visitors to the scene of the crime. Were the skies clearer the clearing would be illuminated by the high noon sun but instead everything is the same shade of murky gray as ever.

Rising-Chaos doesn't care about tracks, she works at a different level. No, she's prodding around with her mind to look for signs of Snowfield's magic, and possibly a way forward.

She doesn't seem happy about it, at all. The mare stomping through the snow, which, while the cold doesn't seem to bother her, the inconvenience certainly does. Her displeasure is clear, and because nopony else is around,s he doesn't mind showing it, stomping, grumbling, once or twice yelling, the normal thigns a perfectly rational, mature and sane pony would do when alone in the woods.

GAME: Rising-Chaos made a talent roll with an outcome of Great.

The magic detection spell lights up the entire clearing. The entire area is veritably drenched with residual magic, all of it bearing the telltale signature of Snowfield: the sensation of a melancholy melody just beyond the edge of equine hearing. This is perhaps unsurprising considering that the clearing is where she practiced the majority of her magic.

Familiarity with tracking magic may grant Rising additional insight, however. The inequine melody seems at its strongest in the spikes of ice coming out of the ground as well as the frozen trees around the clearing.

Rising-Chaos barely even needs the spell, she's very in tune with magic all the time. Of cours,e when she's being grumpy and upset, it's harder, and all the spells she can use help. Once she's stomped to the middle of the clearing, she manages to compose herself, to something a bit more suitable for work. "I'll find her myself if I have to." Looking around at the admittedly bleak sight. "I'd prefer not to need to." Those spikes are interesting, thouguh, and she gets clsoer to investigate, concentrating on what seems to be one of the strongest sources of magic to see if she can elarn more, or get a direction, somehting, anything.

There doesn't seem to be a direction per se. The magic is everywhere at once and appears to have been cast in every direction. If anything leaps out as strange about it, though, it's that every shard of ice in the immediate area appears to carry traces of the unicorn's magic. Almost as if she summoned every one of them.

Not entirely contrary to what Rising Chaos suspected. From what she's seen, what with the ice walls and the weather magic, ice is kinda Snowfield's thing.Not that giant spikes of ice are fairly usual, but who knows, they were probably a good idea at the time. she hmmms to herself, grumpiness overtaken ever so slightly by curiosity. She looks up,then scans the area, then goes to inspect the trees, systematically looking for clues.

She does kick one of the ice shard as she passes, but hey, relieving stress, right?

GAME: Rising-Chaos made a talent roll with an outcome of Fantastic.

All of it carries the essence of Snowfield. The journal said that the windigo caused the trees to ice over but there's no otherworldly sensation from the frost damage the foliage has sustained.

A more focused search of the area reveals a few hot spots of magical activity. The cottage veritably sings with the forest witch's power, which is not particularly surprising considering that about a third of the interior is ice at the moment. Searching around the edge of the clearing reveals a lilting melody which snakes away between the trees. The magical trace is eminating from hoof-shaped ice prints on the ground which had been hidden by the fresh snow.

the cabin is of little interest for Rising. she's trying to figure out where Snowfield WENT, not where she WAS. The melody, and the hoofprints, however, are much, much more fascinating. Thank goodness, snow doesn't cover magic, what with it not really being physical and all.

That doesn't mean Rising doesn't amke an effort to uncover the prints. After a few more moments of deep, trouble, concentration, she follows the path, the melody, anything that seems to indicate snwofiled is that way. She's off to save the witch, after all.

The icy hoofprints do not seem to be a full set of four as they gallop through the woods. Should Rising Chaos be familiar with more mundane tracking skills she might recognize that they are only the rear hooves of a pony. Judging the the small size they are undoubtedly Snowfield's… but whether she was running after something or running away from it is anypony's guess.

Thankfully, she isn't, and has no idea what the tracks mean or what they look like. She just follows them because that's where the magic is going. She shouldn't be afraid of the forest, but she definetly looks it. She's not going anywhere fast, has her short sword out and is jumping at just about any sound. Something's got her grumpy and on edge, which is dangerous at best. She's almost suspisciously silent, except all her stomping around.

The thick foliage and snow perched atop the pines make the forest much darker than it has any right to be at mid-day. It wouldn't hurt to have a lantern to make sure one doesn't trip over anything… although the darkness DOES make a dim blue light further ahead just barely visible.

Rising-Chaos has a horn, lanterns are kinda lame. Not that she's using it, magic is easier to see in the dark. The dim blue light gives her pause.

A long pause.

After a while, she takes a few more, hesitant steps forward. She can DO this, if there's danger, she'll get out of it, and there's nopony else here to worry about. To save her magic, she doesn't make herself harder to see as she would dearly love to, but hey a sword is a sword, no matter how visible she is.

The blue light retreats into the tree branches when Rising approaches. It seems to be just as cautious as the pony is! It's also giving off a small magical energy which is definitely not Snowfield's. Perhaps it is some sort of forest creature.

Well that won't do at all. She may be hesitant and a little scared, but if it's just going to leave, Rising's going to get frustrated. She does stupid things when she's frustrated. Thankfully, she isn't there yet, and just sets a quick, but cautious pace, and tries to examine the thing as closely as she can. It isn't snowfield, she needs to know what it is, and if she can beat it up.

The light darts through the tree branches as Rising begins to follow after it. It's not particularly difficult to follow but it doesn't seem to want to get close enough to offer the unicorn a chance to examine it closely. The few times it's fully 'exposed' while floating between the branches the combination of small size and blue glow completely mask its body.

Rising-Chaos stops herself, and double checks if where the light is leading her is the same way as the trail she was following, priorities.

The light is not, in fact, following the trail. It has wandered off in a random direction and is cheerfully flitting between the trees and enjoying the chase.

If it's going to be like that, Rising chaos is going to ignore. she doesn't have to pay attention to some punk fairy. She sets back on the trail, but keeps an eye on that glow. It might be important, but not important ENOUGH.

The light in the trees disappears as Rising walks away from it then reappears a few minutes later following after the unicorn. It seems to be intrigued by the pony!

As for the magical trail? It continues deeper into the woods.

Somehow, that thing is getting to her. Enough that Rising Chaos hasn't left, even thoguh she REALLY should have. The trail, however, is hot, and the singing is haunting, and the chance is here. She doesn't need much light, and makes only enough for her not to fall as she follows the path at a steady, scared pace. She is growling though, she may start acting erratic, or give up and go home, only time will tell.

The landscape brights significantly up ahead as the forest abruptly cuts off. Smack in the middle of the forest is… a mountain! One unlike any of the other mountains which border the eastern edge of the forest. It stands alone and ominous, its texture strange underhoof like hardened mud. The sky overhead is also very, very interesting. The clouds swirl darkly around the summit of the mountain— this might be where the storm is coming from!

Rising-Chaos takes one look at it, and double checks the trail. Yup, this is where it went. She looks up at the mountain. "No, not again." So she does the smart thing.

She turns around, and wtarts to go back the way she came. Maybe she'll check out the glowy thing. If she makes it out. She really hopes she makes it out.

When Rising turns around she'll see that the glowy thing has not followed her out of the woods. It is keeping several meters back from the forest's edge, light aquiver.

GAME: Rising-Chaos made a talent roll with an outcome of Great.

There's a decent bit of magic around the mountain. The entire thing reeks of Snowfield but it also feels like a presense which is always watching you.

Rising-Chaos waits until she's out of sight of the mountain before doing anything. While she'd like to pretend she walked away calmly, it would be better called a run. That thing was terrifying, the amount of magic was intense. Once she feels SAFE, she pauses, and turns to look at the light, not moving. She can deal with this thing, if it will stick around.

The glowy thing seems perfectly happy now that it is away from the mountain. It dances about the tree trunks, comfortable once more to flit about at eye level. Its blue light causes the trees to cast strange shadows against each other.

Rising-Chaos stares at it for a while, watching it evenly. "Come here." May as well try it!

The glow stops when Rising speaks to it. It hovers in place, slowly bobbing up and down as if considering the order. Then it begins bouncing erratically as if challenging, "Why don't YOU come HERE?"

Rising-Chaos scowls, watching the thing angrily. "Because I have had a trying day and am not in the mood to be toyed with. I would like to meet you. Also, I am very, very tired after I have walked through quite o lot of this forest casting magic. Perhaps I can meet you half way?" She's being reasonable, considering.

The glow thinks about this momentarily and then seems to agree. It moves forward through the trees but stops a few meters away.

Rising-Chaos walks forward to meet it, calming herself down to amke sure she is obviously not a threat. "Hello, my name is Rising Chaos. Nice to meet you."

The glow darts about when Rising gets close. It stays close to the mare but doesn't seem to want to hold still. Perhaps just the nature of the beast. The unicorn may catch a glimpse of something that looks reminiscent of a pony's head and the center of the glow.

Rising-Chaos tries only casually to follow the thing, all the while trying to figure out how much magic it has. "What si your name?"

The glowy pony head spirit thing isn't much of a talker. It dancing around Rising's head happily and trills musically but doesn't actually say anything.

Rising-Chaos sighs. "Typical, not listening to me. Earlier, were you trying to lead me somewhere?" Patience has its limits

Hey, it's not the glow's fault Rising doesn't speak interpretive dance! It darts left to right several times in a close approximation of a 'no' gesture. Seems like it just wanted to play.

Rising-Chaos sighs, sounding really, really tired, and scared, and that sigh probably had more emotion than her entire self for the past couple weeks. "Listen, I'm sure I would be willing to play along another day. I've really had a bad time recently, I think I'm just going to go home, okay? I'll come back once this is all over, and play then okay?"

The glow bobs up and down excitedly and then darts off into the trees.

Rising-Chaos stamps a hoof, turns around, and starts walking away. Now she just stomps out, obviously no less grumpy than before. She pauses a couple times, pondering going back to see if she can find Snowfield, but every time she ends up continuing on out. There's no way she's going near that mountain.

Not alone, at least. It's time to talk to Sunshine.