Magic And Curses
IC date: Winter 90, 1006
OOC date: March 18, 2012
PCs: Jellybean, Siyana
NPCs: Jack-o-Lantern, Mayani
GM: None

With the New Year coming up soon, and on a year blessed with an extra day of sun no less, the preparations for the enormous celebration are coming along great. Most of Winter has been cleared away already — now it's just a manner of prep work! The bakers are baking, the brewers are brewing, the fashion ponies are fashioning, and the zebras are… well, doing whatever it is they do. One zebra in particular, part-time ghost catcher and full-time troublemaker, has been doing her part to help. Siyana trots happily, saddlebags full of vials and bottles, one of which is in her mouth as she goes, ready for pouring.

And then there's some rain. No, wait, that's just Jellybean and what is apparently his new best friend. The Pegasus lands a fair distance away from Siyana, apparently having decided that he's not going to let other ponies get wet if he doesn't have to. "Siyana," he calls out, "could we maybe talk? I kinda need to ask somepony about something, and I think the zebras might be the only ones who'd have any idea."

Siyana trots toward some nearby flowers growing along the boardwalk, only to freeze when her name is called. "Hnn?" she asks around the bottle, before she blinks wide blue eyes, and looks up at the cloud above Jellybean. She blinks again and then turns back to the flowers, sprinkling the mixture in her bottle onto the petals. For a moment, nothing happens. Then with an audible 'pop!' the flowers surge up several inches and expand their blooms into something magnificent, nearly as big as Siyana's head. Satisfied, she tucks the bottle away and turns to lope toward Jellybean. "Hi Deputy Jellybean! Seen anything weird lately? Whatcha want to know? I know all /kinds/ of zebra stuff." She puffs out her chest proudly.

Jellybean scuffs a hoof into the dirt, ears looking rather droopy, then points at the cloud above him. "I wanna know how to get rid of this. I can't get rid of it like I would any other cloud, because I can't outfly it and I can't just buck it away, and none of the Unicorns I've talked to know anything about weather magic, because Pegasi are supposed to handle the weather." He just sounds so dejected when he says it. "So I was wondering if maybe zebras know about weather magic?"

Siyana cants her head at the forlorn pegasus, and her eyes get /so big/ as she threatens to cry. She scampers forward under the raincloud and claps her hooves on either side of Jellybean's face, squishing his cheeks. "/Don't worry/!" she says urgently. "We'll fix this! C'mon, let's talk to my shipmates! I bet they know all about weirdo clouds like this!"

Jellybean looks overawed at the idea of finally get fixed. He gives the tiny zebra a happy little hug and then flies after her. "I was thinking your shipmates would know something, beacause I always figured you HAD to know something about how to deal with the weather, because how else would you get around? I can't imagine just letting random winds decide where you're going." Jellybean, not so much with the nautical expertise.

"Uuummm, weeell, yeah, we can do some wind stuff, I guess? I don't know how though." Siyana shrugs and goes running across the boardwalk with the chipper clatter of hooves on wood. She scampers to the gang plank leading up to the Destiny and claps her front hooves down, shouting, "CAPTAIN MWAAAAAAIIIII!" … No such zebra appears, but a few others lean over curiously. "Jacko! Jacko! Get my daddy, and come down here! We have to help!"

"…Help?" The burly zebra stares over the edge, brow lifted, flicking his dreadlocked mane aside. "Who do you want to help, Siyana?"

"Hello!" Jellybean waves a hoof to the nice Zebra peeking over the edge of the ship: he hasn't come onboard yet because that would be rude. "I'm Jellybean! I was hoping that you might be able to use your Zebra magic to help fix a curse I have. I mean, if you have Zebra magic. I know that Zebras have some magic." Another wave.

Jacko squints at Siyana down the gangplank, and then at Jellybean, and then sighs and disappears over the banister of the ship. Soon after he reappears, with the bespectacled Mayani as they jump down to meet the pair. "Zebra magic, eh? What seems to be the curse?"

Another little wave. "Well," he calls out, "there's this raincloud," points at the raincloud, "and it won't leave me alone. And sometimes it's not a raincloud. Sometimes it snows, and sometimes it hails, and sometimes it shoots lightning at me. But it won't go away and when I kick it it comes back. Do you know anything about this?"

Mayani and Jacko exchange glances, and abort their approach, backing away slightly instead. Siyana blinks and looks between the two parties. "What?" she asks. "What's wrong?"

"Well…" Mayani starts, reaching a hoof out to puuuull Siyana closer to him. "What, ah…started…this phenomenon?" Siyana frowns and squirms in Mayani's grip, trying to free herself from the headlock. No such luck. "Daaaaaaaddddd…"

"I don't knoooooow," Jellybean whines. "I just woke up one morning and it was there, and right while I was trying to prepare for Winter Wrap-Up, and it's making it hard to get anything done there because nopony wants to get close to me so I have to shout all the time and it's hard to clear weather when there's weather you can't clear." Tautology, but true.

"Have you made any enemies?" Jacko asks gruffly, rubbing his stubbly jaw thoughtfully. "Anyone who doesn't particularly like you?" Mayani peers up at the cloud, adjusting his spectacles with a free hoof while his daughter flails and squirms in the other. "Daaaaaddddd!!! Lemme goooo!"

"Not that I know of. Do you think I did? I really hope I didn't. I don't want to have any enemies, that would just be awful. Snowfield doesn't like me much but I don't think she'd be able to do this and she isn't the kind of mean person to do it, either." He's doing the lip-quiver thing again. Enemies? Who would be his enemy?

"Well, traditionally speaking, curses don't just manifest out of nowhere, and ponies don't curse people they don't like." Jacko grunts, and then he pauses. "Have you been feeling under the weather at all? Flu, shakiness, anything like that?" (Maybe a little cold-like on occasion, but that's pretty easily chalked up to being constantly rained on!)

"Well, I've been feeling kinda sniffly, but I think that's just because of getting rained on all the time." He blinks. "Do you think it might have something to do with the ghost? I hope not, because I'd hate to think that I'd made the ghost upset."

Mayani lifts a brow. "Ghosts? What sort of ghosts? No good comes from the unrest of the dead." He keeps tight hold on Siyana, who's still struggling and tugging against his grip. "DAAAAADDDDD!" she yowls, her braid all a-frizz as her hind hooves scrabble against the wood.

"Well I was helping Siyana look for a ghost in town. Or near town, anyway. In the Wintersong Wood. We might have found her? Maybe, maybe not." Scuff scuff. "I don't really know."

"Mmm… well. We will investigate. We have some thoughts." The two older zebras exchange looks and then nod at the pegasus. "In the meantime… don't… /touch/ anyone." Mayani finally lets Siyana go as she gives one final yank, and goes tumbling swiftly across the pier into a pylon. "Oof!"

Jellybean nods and favors the Zebras with a big if somewhat brittle smile. "Thank you, mister Zebras. I really appreciate you being willing to help me with this. I don't know what I'll do if I can't get this fixed." He waves a hoof to them again before flying off, chipper despite the snow.