Mages Of Friendship
IC date: Winter 60
OOC date: 17/02/13
Location: Rising's home and outskirts
PCs: Rising-Chaos Quintessent-Rune

On the door to her lab, is a sign urging Rune to come downstairs right away! The unicorn has also left a note by the mare's door, and told her last night. It's clear she's a little excited about this.

The soft, and quite dignified, sound of hooves on wood sounded down the stairs, preceeding the midnight blue Quintessent-Rune down into Chaos' laboratory. Bounding along on her back is, as almost always, Servant. And while neither gives a hint off it, one do get a feeling that neither Quintessent or Servant is particularly enjoying the others company at the moment. The mare does seem to brighten up slightly at the sight of Rising Chaos.

"Ah, Miss Chaos! I see I have found you at last, and not a note to soon either." As she spoke Rune waved a hoof-full of small notes, reminders from Chaos, though judging by the slight up-turn in the corner of the seapony's mouth she's rather thrilled to be here herself. "I do belive you have something to show me, yes?"

Rising-Chaos brightens considerably at the mare's appearance. She shifts her cape to a more comfortable position as she gets to her hooves, her ring is hanging from a chain around her neck, so as to be more inconspicuous. "I do indeed! I have followed your instructions carefully, and believe I am ready to try animating my first golem." She holds up the lizard plushie, look what she made! The sight of the notes makes her chuckle nervously. "You'll have to excuse my enthusiasm, I love learning new magic."

The midnight blue seapony blinked for a moment, then smiled - a rather wide and genuine smile. "Truly, Miss Chaos? This is indeed a marvelous occation I must say, I'm honored that you feelt like including me to witness this!" Quintessent-Rune faught back a giggle, a hoof to her mouth. It'd be undignified, and she couldn't have that. Bad enough that she couldn't quite keep the urge to bounce in place in exitement under check.

Rising-Chaos returns the smile, then places the lizard on a carully cleared table. "You are the one who made it possible, it is the least I could do." She trots around, slowly easing in to explanation mode. "It's hardly as sophisticated as your fantastic work. In fact, in terms of strength, they aren't even comparable. Instead, I focused my efforts elsewhere." Despite the practiced tone, her grin gives away how pleased she is by this. "Shall I start?"

Quintessent-Rune nodded, rather eagerly for being Rune at that, as she trotted up to the table. "When you are ready, Miss Chaos. It'd be thrilling to see the work of another golemancer than myself, I have not had the chance to do so before!"

Rising-Chaos nods and takes position across from Rune. Her grin fades a bit, overtaken by a look of concentration. "I have done quite a lot of inscription on the golem itself, to assist in the spellcasting. Still, it should be rather difficult. That being said, I am confident of success." She did the math, and it was a 47 percent chance of success. This is unsurprisingly one of the better predictions.

Rising's horn lights up, and her eyes close. The aura of magic envelops the golem as well. The unicorn obviously wasn't quite good enough to do several tasks, so is doing what she can in this one spell. Hopefully it works!

After a couple of seconds, the light starts to fade. Rising still has her eyes closed, now looking physically exhausted.

"Exelent," said Quintessent-Rune after several long moments, a grin on her face. "Power is running through the thaumic capacitor circuits, the amplification runes are holding up well, the cognitative archetecture is fine - though there a quarter of it seems to be unnafected, we'll look over that in a moment. I do notice, though…"

After a moment of silence Rune reached out with a hoof, proding the still rather limp golem. "…that you didn't quite get the locomotive runes right, still. We'll be able to fix that before to long!"

Rising-Chaos finally opens her eyes, and blinks. Her face falls in to something of a frown, it didn't work, then. She eyes the golem balefully, and sighs. "Oh dear. How do I fix it then? I could have sworn I did everything right." She looks rather crestfallen, but still hopeful. "I'm glad I brought you along for this then, haha."

"Do not fret, Miss Chaos. Mistakes is a fact of life, even for one such as me whose tallent is to create things like these. It is, I must say, a remarkable effort for a first try! You did get all the conceptual problems at your first attempt, leaving only a few implementation issues to solve." Quintessent-Rune favoured Chaos with a bright smile before turning back to the plushy. After a moment she pointed. "Ah, here. This symbol is slightly out of alignment and needs to be corrected. And I belive this rune here suffers from a case of having been ziged when it should have been zaged."

Rising-Chaos smiles back. She's all too uncomfortably aware of mistakes being a fact of life, they are quite nearly her super special talent, some days. The compliments perk her up though, and she sets to fixing the mistakes. "Those can be fixed easily, thank you miss Rune." She spares the mare a thankful look, before getting back to work. "I would never have accomplished it without you, of course. There si one other thing I would like to show you, once this is finished."

Quintessent-Rune smiled, though her more polite and propper smile. "Of course, Miss Chaos. I am always interested in your work, it is rare that I get a chance to engage such a briliant mind in descusion and I rellish every oportunity." The smile stayed, despite the fact Rune feelt like frowning, or perhaps pouting. Briliant mind indeed, Chaos should have been a Rune. Maybe her family wouldn't be such… Well.

Rising-Chaos pauses for the barest of moments, then gets back to her work. If Rune wasn't paying firm attention, she may have missed how much that hit Chaos. She takes a few more moments of fixing, seeing where she went wrong now. Once magic is actually flowing through it, it's so much easier to see problems. Thankfully the ink is magically active, so Rising can influence it. "Indeed, miss Rune. You are quite the magnificent pony yourself." She holds the thing up again, looking at it curiously. "Must I recast the spell?"

Quintessent-Rune shook her head, a hoof decending on another rune. "I belive this should be a rune of convelance, this is not quite it. And no, you typicaly do not. The spell, as it were, is within the magical runes. It only needs power, and you provided enough for the self-empowerment phase to begin. For the time being the golem is self-sustaining and will gain full control of it's archetecture once everything is sorted out. Mind, you might require further refinment and means to power your creation if you add further features."

Rising-Chaos makes the adjustments necessary, then sets the thing on the table again. "I expected as much. I hardly expected it to be a complete creation now." Though it working would have been nice. "Still, I included the three most important things, simple though they may be." She waits for the thing to show any signs of life. Oh please, this one time, work!

"Indeed, it is not best to expec to much to begin with. Servant have been a long time in the making, after all. I'd also suggest an alternative to magicaly conductive ink, there is a reason I am using orichalium and similar substances - their capacity for thaumic conductivity is staggering, which is almost nececary for high-end artifice," said Quintessent-Rune almost giddily, halfway lost in some form of lecturing mood of hers.

She fell silent, though, as the lizard twitched slightly. "Aha! It works! It shall take but a moment for the cogiative matrix to comprehend the new spellwork and it shall be up and about!"

Rising-Chaos nods, watching the thing. "This is but a trial run. I have plans for one more, far more simple golem, and for this one to be improved significantly. This was a more 'proof of concept' than anything else." There it is! It's twitching, awesome, it worked! Rising beams, so proud of herself. "I could never aspire to being as talented as you, however."

After a couple moments, the thing stirs again. It seems to be gaining some vigour! "I think it needs a name, if I am to have it as a companion."

Quintessent-Rune glanced at Chaos for a moment. "A name doesn't seem quite nececary. Servant seems to work fine for Servant, after all."

Rising-Chaos smirks. "Oh, I think it could be nice to give it a name, even if it's something simple. This golem is, after all, the quintessential example of shared knowledge, is it not?" Her face adopts a more calm look, back to reserved mode. "I was thinking Glyph, what do you think?"

The golem twitches again, then lifts itself up. The thing looks around dumbly, getting used to it's new environment.

The corner of Quintessent's mouth turned upwards. Quintessential example, eh? Glyph, eh? "If you feel it appropriate I shall hardly question it, Miss Chaos."

Rising-Chaos gives no indication the name had anything to do with Rune, thoguh ti totally did. She picks up the now active blue and white lizard, and places it in her saddlebags, so it can still see out. "Now, the other thing I wanted to show you requires to go out for a bit. After you, miss."

Quintessent-Rune raised a eyebrow in that politely inquiring fashion for a moment before nodding. "Of course, Miss Chaos. Lets take a walk, then." With that the dark blue mare turned, heading up the stairs once more.

Rising-Chaos follows the mare up the stairs, and out in to the street. "It's not something of mine, rather something of yours." She leads the way away from town, towards a small hill not too far away from her house. A stand of trees blocks view of the hilltop itself, for now.

Quintessent-Rune cocked her head to the side for a moment, glacning at Chaos. "Is… it what I think it to be?"

Rising-Chaos perks her ears, but shows no sign of smiling. "Perhaps, perhaps." She sets a brisk pace, and the sight of a building starts to come in on the hill as the trees are passed. It's nothing huge, or fancy, or palatial, but a decent sized building nevertheless.

Glyph seems to be tasting the air, and looks completely lost. It disappears back in to the saddlebags, and there's a rustling sound.

Quintessent-Rune blinked for a moment before following Chaos. By the time they clear trees the midnight blue mare is panting softly. True, Chaos might not be a athlethe (in fact, one might possibly find her in the antonyme listing for 'athlete') though at least she's used to havint two sets of legs to move around on. Sure, Rune's been about on land for a while now, but running is not something she have been indulging in much. With a rather un-ladylike groan the mare came to a stop, looking up the hill at…

"Is that… my own residence, Miss Chaos?" inquired Quintessent, blinking at it. Kinda like how Servant is blinking at Glyph… if the fish plushy had eyelids.

Rising-Chaos eyes the msotly finishes construction. "Indeed it is, miss Rune, it is. IT will be complete very soon." She stops, aware ruen is having some difficulties. "It's not, perhaps, as nice as you deserve, but the best I could organize. It is, at least, secluded. You will have all the privacy you desire."

Glyph pops his little head back out, and regards Servant carefully. After eyeing the fishy up and down, it crawl out of the bag, and on to Rising's back.

Quintessent-Rune nodded slightly, trying to get her breathing back under control. After a moment Rune glanced at Chaos. "Pray tell, does it have a pool, or any other form of aquatic facilities? Despite the amount of mobility and lack of attention they give me, I would rather ditch my legs in favour for my fins."

Rising-Chaos smirks, is that even a question? "There's a central courtyard with a pool. You can put a small roof on it if you desire, to keep out the weather, but otherwise it is open. The entire hosue is built around it. I would not leave you high and dry, as it were." She chuckles at her own joke.

Quintessent-Rune smiled, a real hint of emotion behind the otherwise rather empty smile this time, and… hugged Chaos? Certainly seems like that, the way she wraped her forehooves around the unicorn. "Thank you, Miss Chaos. You've been all to kind to me, and while I am delighted to move under my own roof I must admit that I am far less pleased to leave than I imagined I would."

Rising-Chaos stiffens in shock, but then hugs back, in a vague kinda way. that's the last thing she expected, ever. Those words mean way more than they should. "It will be a shame to see you go, honestly. However, I am glad you could finally get your own home. It's been a true honour, having you as a guest. Though, of course, we will keep in touch." Glyph, meanwhile, has started to gnaw on her mane.

"Of course we will, Miss Chaos. This is not a 'goodbye', merely a 'I'll be seeing you tomorrow, assuming the weather permits' kind of deal," said Quintessent-Rune, her hug tightening slightly. "I would hardly say goodbye to my friend now, would I?" Is… Rune's voice starting to sound a little husky there? With a self-concious tender heart the midnight blue mare puled back and turned back towards the house, hoping that Chaos would pretend not to notice the hoof comming up to brush across her eyes.

Rising-Chaos freezes, that's quite beyond everything she expected ever. She does pretend not to notice, but sees the hoof just fine. "Why, of course not, just until tomorrow. By then I'm sure I'll have all sorts of stories to share with one of my best friends." She gives Rune a little hug, just a short one. "Shall I leave you to look it over?"

"You could, indeed," said Quintessent-Rune, throwing Chaos a glance from the corner of her eye. "Though perhaps you will want to come along? Hear me sing your praise as we go?"

Rising-Chaos doesn't even hesitate, that sound more fun than work. It's not like it's been busy anyways. "I'd be honoured to, of course. Shall we go, miss Rune?" Turns out that this mare is sweeter than expected.