Luncheon And A Magic Show
IC date: Autumn 27, 1007
OOC date: Oktober 16, 2012
PCs: Mesmerize, Ginger-Spice, Stormdancer
GM: None

It's another overcast, windy autumn afternoon in Horseshoe Harbour, possibly a hour or so past noon. The long boardwalk running through the district is mostly barren of ponies, zebras and gryphons alike, those few remaining rushing back and forth hurriedly in search of their destinations. From one end of the boardwalk the whats the smell of spicy food, emanating from a small red and yellow painted wagon, trying to reel in one or two ponies requiring a late luncheon.

Mesmerize is wandering through town rather aimlessly until a scent strikes his nose, food, good spicy food, hmm /that/ wasn't here last time he was he sees the vendor cart all bright and cheerily decorated as a clear standout from the dull grey and wintry hues of the season. He must go check this out! His nose demands it!

A becloaked blue mare meanders up the boardwalk, a makeshift fishing pole tucked under the strap of her battered-looking saddlebags. Stormdancer, too, is following her nose, homing in on the food cart.

Leaning over the counter of the cart is an young unicorn mare, her red and orange mane held back by a kerchief tied around her head and waving a goodbye at her latest customer, just leaving. Her horn is alight in deep purple, as seems every single piece of kitchenware surrounding her and her little food cart. At the sound of another two set of hooves on wood she turns, eyes flicking between the two before giving them a wide smile. "Hello! What can a get ye for?"

Mesmerize ooooh's watching the various magic forms taking place, firstly he admires the magic, then the wielder, then she interrupts him and his thoughts, "oh, having, whatever it s that smells so good" he nods firmly, "whatever you're serving" he practically floats on the tips of his hooves as he sniffs in draughts of that fine scent, "smells absolutely delectable!"

Stormdancer wickers a bit, letting the stallion go first. "Sounds like you got a fan," she calls up to the cook, starting to nose through her saddlebag, muttering. "One, two, th-" followed by a gasp, and a Shatner-ish wail of "Craaaaab!"

Ginger-Spice chuckles softly and rolled her eyes before looking back down at the counter of her wagon, "Well, I have a really delicate casserole here. Onion, garlic, plenty of scallion, apple for that sweet an' tangy taste, tofu, cheese. A bit o' sambal olek for kickin' it up a notch and a some well chosen spice!" As she spoke Spice waved a hoof over said casserole and it's spicey redness under it's crispy cover of cheese. "Ye canna find better eatin' in to-…"

The mare recoiled, startled, at Stormdancers cry of 'crab', every single kitchen utensil going rigid and pointing skywards int he process. "Wha'?! Crabs, wha' about crabs?!"

Mesmerize seems to pull a gecko maneuver, focusing one eye on said delecitablities, and the other eye off to one side, his horn alights in a bizarre shade, white grey, and he ponders one thing or another, mentioning something, "stop fussing about" and not long there after you both hear a splash, and both see a crab floating about before you both while the unicorn murmurs, "Crabs can be had readily around here" he offers to the other pony behind him, "though I wouldn't see quite why anyone would want to eat one, snappy things they are!" he issues and murmurs again "quit yer' fighting" he mentions to the crab that's well caught in his magical grip

Stormdancer has a mournful look on her face. "Thievin' crustaceans took summa my lunch money." And another gasp! She prods the levitating one with a firm hoof, giving it a glare. "Alright, youuuu- whereisit?!"

Crabby crab is confused and clacks its claws at the offending mare Clak! CLakk! Clack, Snip Snip Snip! atta pony hoof, Clakk!

Ginger-Spice blinked, her purple eyes flicking back and forth between the two of them. "Thievin' crabs? Really? Well, that's a lot better than, /cookin'/ crabs." She shuddered. "Can ye imagine tha'? Yuck! Ye canna get any crustacean in this kitchen, and I'll be keepin' it that way!" The gingerbread brown mare shoot her kitchen utensils an annoyed glare and they instantly relaxed their upright, almost military so, position to once more loiter around.

With that sorted out she turned back. "An', dontcha worry about the money to much. Can always pay back at a later date, eh?"

"Don't give me that, you-" the pegasus gets started, (unwisely) leaning her face in towards Crabby, before Mesmerize floats it back into the water. "- aw. He was about to crack, I can tell!" She shakes her head and grins. "Next time, for sure. And it's okay!" She hoofs out a pair of bits and a lopped-off carrot top. "What all'll this-" Blink. Shake the bit of carrot free. "- this get?"

The gingerbread brown mare peered at Stormdancer, her ears quirked questioningly as she tried to make out quite what's going on. After several long moments of silents she grinned widely. "Ye know, I think I rather like ye! An' two bits'll get ye about a third o' the casserole's that left, missy. An' the same go for ye too, aye," she nods at Mesmerize. "Got to sell it off 'fore I can close up for the afternoon, after all."

Giner-Spice smiled, a quick flick of her head seeing a trio of plate laden with the rest of the casserole, and plenty of it. "Say, I've not meet any o' ye two yet.. Name's Ginger-Spice."

Mesmerize fishes out four bits, regardless of the mare behind her's offering, its a tip. He promptly pays her off kindly and nods a little taking the plate into his magic, where he levitates it to sit betwixt his saddlebags perfectly stable back there. "I'm Mesmerize, but ya can drop that down to simply Mes, or Mez or some variation thereof" he offers politely as he steps to one knee in a little bow display. "Would you happen to have any beverages in your shop?" he asks softly, almost not audibly, as his shyness is creeping right back up.

Stormdancer licks her lips, sliding the shinnies over to Ginger-Spice. "Sounds, 'n smells, good!" She pauses, then turns sideways to slip a downy wing out from under her cloak to take the plate. "Stormie! Or 'dancer. 'less there's another Stormie or Dancer 'round, then you could use Stormdancer." Finally, she takes a breath, followed by another grin.

Ginger-Spice smiled and nodded, grabbing the last of the trio of plates within her own magic, the kitchen utensils all returning to their own proper places with a flick of her head. "I dun really know to be honest, not like I'm from 'round these parts myself. As for drinkin', aye, I think' I have something down here somewhere…" The chef ducked her head bellow the counter, her red and orange tail swishing back and forth as she dug around before returning with a trio of soda cans. "Ah, there we go! This is wha' I got. Now I don't expect to get anymore customers till evenin' so 'ow about we go off for a quick luncheon, aye? I've not eaten a bit yet myself, dunno about ye two."

Mesmerize smiles and bobs his head watching the magic flow, the various positions, effects of the mare's magic obviously studying her methods and murmuring a soft, "Fascinating" as you clean up shop. "Do you need any assistance with closing up?" he offers politely before he smiles, "Yes, yes, I'd most enjoy sharing the evening with anyone" he smiles though furrows his brow as he gets smacked in the forehead by a big mean raindrop. Furrows his brow again and steps a few paces backward more out in the open, looks up at the offending sky and the pending rainstorm. He strikes a grin to the two mares, then sets up shop so to speak, and casting a nice big umbrella sort of shield canopy. Ponies can pass through readily, and anything they are carrying/have, but rain, nada, not going to happen. His bubble encompasses even that of Ginger's Cart. It glimmers a magical color of white grey, with little flecks of green within the shield. A nice side effect to the bubble is the total lack of wind within, its downright pleasant!

"Not since second breakfast," the pegasus chirps cheerily. "And- ooo. This looks neat!" She trots to the side a bit, keeping the casserole inside the shield as she stands with it bisecting her. "Hee! It tingles!"

Stormdancer isn't the only one that seems to appreciate the magic that goes into the shield as Ginger-Spice stands staring up at it, a smirk on her muzzle. "Aye, tha' is a nice spell I'll say! Though nae, I dun' need help whi this. Tha' is the beauty o' my chosen spell, see? I only have to enscroll it," the gingerbread brown unicorn's horn flared to life once more, surrounding her wagon in a sharp purple glow, "an' give a command!"

The cart shook, one, the small cloth awing hanging overhead rolling up to the small yellow roof with an near-audible snap before the roof itself started to drop, the cart shaking and emiting an loud, cranking noise. "Come to Life spell."

Mesmerize expands his bubble shield a bit more to provide a larger eating space, and good space to sprawl, or for other ponies to take cover from the rain and wind. A little more concentration goes into a bigger size but it is apparently of no consequence for the diminutive stallion. "I have a strong appreciation for the magical arts" he comments, and ahhh's at the use of the 'come to life spell' "remarkable, hadn't thought of such a use as that" he comments and looks over to the Pegasus, "Second Breakfast, oh, yes, yes, thats right, you burdytypes have so much higher a metabolism than either of us unicorns or earth ponies" he laughs, "also have more sleep time too"

Stormdancer abandons the edge of the shield, finding a comfy spot to sit sphinx-style. Around a bite of Tasty!food, she muses: "But can it dance?" Another bite, and she goes a touch shifty-eyed. "… Yes. Those are totally pegasus things. No choice about them!" Grin!

"Suuure they are, lassy," Ginger-Spice chuckled as she planted her tush firmly on the ground herself before shooting Mesmerize a glance. "An' I must say, most ponies dun' really use it enough. It's my best spell nae doubt about tha'!" Her face fell, for a moment. "Well, t' be fair it's the only spell I'm really good at, but ye know 'ow it is."

Mesmerize smiles as he contentedly nibbles, and Ooh's mentioning, "Tasty!" and practialy goes into his meal, then glances to Stormdancer, "dance?" he queries then looks to his shield, "I suppose it could dance in a way" he looks to it with a bit more concentration focused on it this time. and slowly the colors of the shield start to slowly change colors uniformally slowly changing colors throughout the spectrum enough that you all notice the color change each time it changes. The unicorn settles for something else though, His trick now is more of a cheat of reality, bending the light around the bubble, and concocting a beautiful day to form upon the surface of the shiled. He has his eyes practically closed in concentration now. as clouds float by on the scene of a beautiful blue sky day.

Stormdancer (mildly) raspberries Ginger for calling her fib. "'s one more *om* spell 'n *nom* I can use," she offers around her rapidly diminishing meal. "-And- better cooking 'n what I can manage on my ow-" And, of course, gets utterly distracted by the light show. Staaaare. Until it settles down with the false sky, and she rubs a hoof between her eyes, squinting. "Ugh, twisty. Neat! But twisty."

Ginger-Spice chuckles and sticks her tounge out at Stormdancer. "Feelin' cheeky, arn't ye? But aye, my cookin's good! Or 'least one could hope so, considerin' I got myself a cooking cutie mark, eh? Would be kind depressing if I canna cook with a cookin' mark." She turns her gaze skywards as she chews away at her own lunch, nodding appreciatively.

Mesmerize smiles at the appreciatiave looks skyward. as he munches, "a pretty day to complement my pretty companions" he mentions lightly as he enjoys his meal, "ooh, how much to we owe you for the sodas?" he asks politely as he enjoys both company and good food. The small stallion ponders Stormy's comment of it being twisty, and puts more concentration into it some, and it yeilds a non twisty view, though still trapped within that bubble of beautiful spring day. The little unicorn practicially throws himself into this shield now. Where as before it was a cool crisp windy fall day, now though it rightly feels like spring out, a little cool, but far warmer than the fall day it was prior to this shield of illusion. He's really putting some really wild powerful magic into this show. But the unicorn still is contented with eating all the while. The sky is perfect only a pegasus could tell otherwize if they were to try and fly and catch a cloud, but other than that, there's no visual diferince or clue, there's even a warm brezze sweeping through gently.

Stormdancer waves a hoof at the stallion, clenching her eyes shut. "'s not- Not that. Just the difference 'tween what I'm sensin' and what I'm feelin'. 's head-twisty, doesn't match."

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Ginger-Spice reaches out and places a hoof on Stormdancer's shoulder. "Oi, now don't ye go an' get all sick on us, aright? Would 'ate it if I dinnae try to make sure you didn't waste good food," she said with a laugh, smiling brightly.

Mesmerize continues to munch then gets up and softly taps his horn to Ginger-Spice's horn, then turns to Stormdancer and taps his horn to her forehead lightly. Its an odd jesture of his, but you'll soon see just why once you step outside of the shield that is. "This is so each of you can get home without dealing with this rain, its only temporary, once you step inside it goes away, only lasts for today too" he smiles some as he returns to his meal again looking over to Spice. then taking his meal and packing the leftovers neatly into a pouch in his saddlebag, "and thats all for me, ladies, I must be on my way, "Miss Spice I do hope to see you around again soon, dinner tomorow perhaps, see what you have cooking again" he asks before bowing to her then to Stormy, "It was a pleasure to meet the both of you, but I must bid you both adiu'

Stormdancer shakes her head vigorously for a moment. "'m fine! Kinda like bein' drunk, but not." She opens her eyes and grins unsteadily at the two unicorns. "'s nice meeting you, Mezzy! And same t' you, Spicey!"

"Then all's well an' good then! Was nice meetin' ye both too, but I better get this 'ere cart back where I'm stayin' before I have to get all drenched, nae one likes bein' all wet." Ginger-Space stood and streatched, floating the cleaned plates back over to her wagon. Her horn shone brighter still and the wagon rocked backwards on it's single set of wheels, the supports keeping it steady folding back up.. and it stayed there, as if it had been hitched already. The gingerbread brown mare turned, offering Stormdancer a cheery wave. "G'bye for now, I 'ope to see ye around!"

Stormdancer waves back, finishing off the casserole in a single huge gulp. "You surely will!" Another grin, and she hops up to her hooves, stretching. And trying to catch raindrops on her nose through the protective field. Which, yanno, doesn't quite allow it.