Losing Your Head
IC date: Autumn 53, 1007
OOC date: November 11, 2012
PCs: Winter-Solstice, Sodium-Fizz
NPCs: Nightmare's Will, Nightmare's Eyes
GM: Applejack

Outside, it is, predictably enough, very cold and very dark. Winter hisses against a chill that, even a month and a half later, she is still sort of surprised by every time she steps outside, and takes a moment to ensure the door is properly sealed behind her. "So, uh, you pegasi can track eachothers' flight paths through the air, right? Right?" she asks, shouting back up the tunnel to Fizz.

Sodium-Fizz glanced back over her shoulder at Winter. "Um… not really? Well, some can but only if they're tailing by up to maybe half a minute. He's been gone far longer than that! On the other hoof, he's sick so I doubt he's actualy been flying. Or pulling the track-cover machine… I hope," came the uncertain reply. Pushing open the door of the hut she shivered, being a pegasus had some benefits when it came to temperatures, but this place was just silly. A few moments later she'd fastened the mask over her face, pale yellow eyes scaning around.

Winter-Solstice may be a Hardy Barbarian from the Frozen North, but she, too, agrees about how silly it is, hunching back into the ruffs that ring the collar of her suit jacket. (The ruffs, like much of the hodgepodge snowsuit, are green.) "Okay. Well…" She squints out across the dark plains and sees little, then looks down, scouting for fresh tracks. "Do you… do you think he went to go see that, uh, that captain they're always talking about stabbin' people, up north at the camp?"

Sodium-Fizz turned her head towards Winter, most likely to give her one of a number of possible facial expressions hidden behind her mask. "Do I think…? Knowing him, I'd say so! It's… almost funny, for all the time he's spent around the base and yearning for Ruby that he'd go off with her. Still… I guess I can't fault him, really." With that said Soda set off, trudging nothwards on the familiar, hidden path. She'd gone this one several times now, an odd supply run, raiding the camp, the trips to the Hive and… "Heh, it's hard to imagine we came down this way about a month ago, half frozen to death…"

Such a blistering cold. It seems something of a snowstorm's picked up too. Any pony would be awful silly to be wandering around in this weather! That is, if this wasn't the norm for this world. Which when you look at it that way, right now it's practically warm compared to how cold it could be!

Winter-Solstice follows close behind, trudging along, grateful that Soda has decided to stick to the ground for the time being. Winter's been practicing now and then, but she's still pretty terrible at flying despite every effort made. They always tell you, put your mind to it and you can do anything! Well, growing wings is taking longer than she anticipated. "Yeah," she calls out, raising her voice to be heard over the howl of the wind. The whirling snow cuts visibility further. "That was fun. Still haven't been out to smash many spiders yet, though. Sorta have… have that quest just kind of hanging open in the log." She trudges along for a few more steps. "I hope nobody else got ported in here without us knowing. That'd be real awful, if they didn't have someone around to come bring them to the base the way you guys did."

"Yeah, that would be a problem… Or have been a problem, considering the time-frame in which they could have come," came the shout back from the purple-tailed blob up ahead. "I supose," Soda hazarded, "we could keep our eye out for those spider things too. If Solar's run into Captain Twist, as weird as it is to say this, he's most likely safe! I hope!"

Sodium-Fizz ploded onwards, at least for a few moments before stoping and half-turning. "Your… what? Quest log?"

"Yeah! Quest Log!" says Winter. "You know, the list of things you keep in your head about things you gotta do. Like, Defeat Nightmare Moon and Save the World. Still not sure how we're gonna do that one yet." She's good at shouting, which is good, since there's a lot of it needed to cross the windswept distance between the pair. "I also need to figure out what Ruby came to Horeshoe Harbor for, she said something about it once and never spilled all the details and it's sorta been bugging me ever since. I also need to find some real food since those blue leaves are totally not cutting it anymore." Trudge, trudge. She casts her head this way and that as she pursues the pegasus through the snow. "And then I have to… oh! OH! A CLUE!"

Romping off the path, winter trundles into a snowbank, digs her head in, and pulls it out. Clutched in her teeth is frozen zombie limb. "Duvv thiff wook wike Folar's leg tchu yew?"

"Huh… I'm not suprised, that mare's got secrets. Lots and lots of secrets," Soda muttered, rather leaving out the part about Nightmare Moon. She didn't have a idea bout Nightmare Moon, it was kinda sad really. "Real food though, that would be… um… That would…" Her muzzle scrunched up behind her mask as she walked up to Winter, struggling through the snow. "I… don't think so. It's pretty decomposed, and I don't know anything that rotts it that fast… not natrualy anyway."

Yup, deffinatly muzzle scrunching. "No, I'm pretty sure it's not… and… doesn't that just taste horrible?!"

Winter-Solstice tosses her head and spits the limb into the snowbank. It lands elbow- or is it knee?- first such that the hoof is sticking out, pointed at the pair. "It's frozen enough it doesn't really taste like anything, but I bet if we brought it inside for a bit we could build up a pretty powerful funk." She looks back at the leg, then perks her ears. "Aww, I can't just leave the guy hangin'! Hold on." Reaching out, she high-hoofs the upraised zombie hoof- *Clop!*- which drops back into the snow with a satisfied *puff.* "Yeah!" Winter turns and smiles back at Soda, then heads back to the path. "Think we should head to the camp adn look around? Could be dangerous, but, uh… just… just sort of being here is dangerous, all the time."

Sodium-Fizz stared at Winter, just stared. Why did she like this mare again? Shaking her head she turned her attention roughly northwards in the direction of the camp. "Yeah, I guess we should take a peak…" She sounded hesitant. Turning she glanced at Winter before squaring her shoulders. "Right, lets go and take a peak! Who knows, maybe we'll run into that Nightmare's Will fella, I still want to give that feather-brain a piece of my mind!"

She set back down the track, at least for a few steps before turning, peering towards the snowdrift and the swiftly dissapearing leg. After a moment she gave it a small wave. "Thanks for the company."

Winter-Solstice smiles cheerfully at Soda. "Okay. You know more about it than I do, so you lead on for now." She bumbles along close behind Soda. The pegasus might be more agile than Winter, but Winter has freakish earth pony size and strength, so she can plow through the snow better than most. Also, again, hardy barbarian northerner. She had to do this daily on her way to the ice mines or something when she was wee. "I dunno about Nightmare's Will. She must have some kinda… some kinda… she's really tough, you know? We could kick her around forever. YOu don't have any more giant potions, do you? She probably has the dragon with her."

Sodium-Fizz snorted, "I don't know that much! Just what I've heard, suposedly she's rather important in holding the Shadowbolt's army together… largely through her magic or somesuch… Mind control. Never, ever let yourself get captured by her… Well, unless you're Ruby and have some kind of crazy escape plan." Somepony sounds crotchy. "And… no, I don't. But I have a few vials of petrification gas. That dragon would make a good lawn ornament, no?"

"Yeah, we've met. I was there when she… when she escaped from the base. She used her trickerickery on Glimmer and the Professor." Winter shakes her head sadly, still feeling a little twinge of guilt at the memory of pounding the pair. "I gave Will a good ol' one-two in the nose but she was full of Evil Stubbornness and it didn't stop her! That was not fun." She trudges along, sometimes bumping into Soda from behind, so determined not to lose sight of her in the blizzard. That, and when you're gettin' to know someone you can TOTALLY get away with bumping into them more often. For Winter, who has spent her life stepping on hooves and knocking things over, this is probably one of the biggest perks of being in a relationship!

Sodium-Fizz's ears perked at the sound of Winny's voice. "The Professor and Glimmer'll be all fine… Though I'd rest better knowing Will was out of the picture and without any influence at all over them. Not sure how we could take her out though… Maybe gas? Petrification could work… I could pull her head off for safekeeping using the Stonefish Elixir afterwards. We could put it back on when the Nightmare's done for… Maybe."

"Wow, Soda," says Winter. "That's really actually kind of a scary thought. I mean, not that she, she… she doesn't deserve it, of course. Being evil, that is." She trudges along for a few more moments. "How does that stonefish stuff work, anyway? Does it actually let you, like, swim around in stone?" She pauses. "Can you make an airfish potion? So I can swim along after you while you fly?" She pauses again. "Can you make a blimp?"

"She tottaly deserves it… But yeah, we can put her back together afterwards and un-petrify her if we want to. Problem is, if they keep her head, so can they." The next question brought a smile to her face, one that's clearly auidable in her voice as well. "Yeah, it does. Rock, mud, dirt gravel… As swimable as… well, not really water. Kinda watery mud, maybe? I've used it to prank Ruby and Magpie… Solar-Wind almost pounded my head in, thinking me a zombie. All in all, kinda fun. As for an air potion…"

That brought the alchemis to a halt, tapping her muzzle for several long moments. "You know, I think it would be possible, would require some alterations of the ingredients, but the principle is sound. I could no doubt make something that'd let you 'swim' through the air… I think I'd like that…" And there she sounded rather adorably embarased.

"Yeah?" asks Winter. "That could be fun!" She probably doesn't even catch on to whatever scandalous applications that has Soda all flustered. Winter is already bad enough at noticing such things even when there aren't concealing masks and snowsuits to make things trickier still. "I mean, assuming it didn't like, just, poof, blow me up like a balloon and carry me away into the sky. Well, that could be kind of interesting, actually. Although I would need proplusion. Like a big fan." All the shouting across the wind doesn't seem to be hampering her much at all, but then, she is used to being loud, so it comes naturally.

The things on Soda's mind are not scandalous by any streatch of the imagination, at least not yet, though floats more around the book-ish style of roman-.

Face, meet frozen, snow-covered ground.

Sodium-Fizz groaned as she picked herself up, looking over her shoulder at what tripped her over. A… piece of wall? That must mean. Her head swung around. It was the little town by the camp, that must mean. "We're close now."

Winter-Solstice stumbles over the wall a moment later, although one of the benefits of being clumsy is you lear to stumble with *style,* so after an artful flailing of her limbs she manages to stay upright. She reaches down to help haul Soda upright, and turns to glance back over her shoulder. "I can't see nothin' of the camp. Prolly the storm. Ugh! Solar picked an awful night to go out! Make him wear a bright yellow vest next time or something!"

Sodium-Fizz staggered to her hooves with some help from Winter. A few moments hoofing at the mask sees her pushing it out of her face. "Gah… got snow all over the darn thing… As for Solar… I'll make him wear a yellow vest -and- a leash! Darn it, why does he always have to be trouble like this?" Soda leaned against Winny, taking a few moments to orient herself before pointing. "The camp should be that way, I think! But were're really, really close! Even under cover of the snowstorm, getting closer could be dangerous…"

"Then again… it would give us a chance, maybe, to have look… A dangerous look."

"Let's circle around a bit and head upwind. That way, if they look towards us, the wind will be in their eyes and stuff, and they'll be like, whoa! We can't see!" She starts tromping in a clockwise direction around the wall. "Wait!" She stops. "They'll be able to -smell- us, then." SHe heads back in a counter-clockwise fashion. "Wait!" She stares at the hint of the wall in the snow. "Let's go towards the middle of the camp, so when they expect an attack from the outside, they'll be looking away from uus."

Sodium-Fizz seemed to think for a few moments before her cloak rustled, a pair of vials appearing between the primaries of her feathers. "You know you were curious of the Stonefish Elixir? Well, guess what I got? Who wants to sneak up there from bellow?"

Winter-Solstice stares at the vial being offered to her. She creeps forward carefully and accepts it with her teeth, drawing it back, a little shift of her lips moving the vial to the corner of her mouth. "You sure? Can I do it wrong and end up trapped in the ground forever and ever? That would get really boring real fast. Promise me you'll dig me out if that happens, okay?"

Sodium-Fizz blinked, looking a bit suprised. After a moment she leaned in, giving Winter a nuzzle. "For you? Without hesitation. We'll stick close to the suface, need to come up to have a little peak to orient ourselves. So nothing'll go wrong. Mind… I've not gotten the whole breathing underground right just yet, so we'll need a breath of fresh air every five minutes or so." She smiled and brought her wing to her face, uncorking the bottle and throwing down the contents with practiced ease. As she put down her forehooves the ground underneath it seemed to wave just a hint, rippling outwards.

Winter-Solstice grabs the bottle with a hoof and uncorks it with all the delicacy of someone pulling weeds. "Oops," she says, as a quarter of the solution spills down her neckline. She tosses the rest back, then loses the vial in the snow when it slips from her grasp a moment later. "Oops." As she reaches down to scoop it up, her hooves slip and slide on the snow, before with a dull sort of *slurp,* she tumbles through the ground like some sort of clipping error made real, eyes wide the whole way down. A moment later her voice echoes up from below. "Oops."

Sodium-Fizz shook her head and chuckled before taking a final look around. She recogniced… those walls there, and that shack… She thought. That must mean… over in that direction. Roughly! With her course taken out she leapt upwards, a flap of her wings turning her in mid air to dive right into the ground. A few kicks of her hindlegs seeing her pull her backside down as well. Once down in the frozen soil she reached around, where were… Ah! Was that an ear…? Then this must be her muzzle and… Did she just poke her in the nose? Soda pulled a face.

"I think… their camp is this way," she gave Winny a gentle nudge to turn her head about."

Suddenly wingbeats! Several of them. And a lot of shambling. And groaning. And scratching. And…what the hay?

As ponies get closer to the Nightmare Camp, it becomes apparent that certain ideas have apparently come to pass. First of all, the Encampment has grown somewhat. It now has a good-sized wooden perimeter, at least ten feet high, made out of tree trunk-sized stakes. It's also under attack.

Apparently the forest witch was not happy to just sit by and let this great improvised fortified camp stand untainted. So there's a horde of zombie ponies scratching at the gates. And the walls. And the corners. And everywhere they can dig a hoof or tooth in.

The Encampment is not taking this sitting down though, oh no! There's several teams of pegasi darting in and out of the horde with their spears, picking off what they can. Keeping them from climbing the walls, and trying to pry them off of more vulnerable places. Then there's Tom the Dragon, flying around the base. Every once in a while he lands next to a group of particularly ambitious undead things, breathing fire on them! Crispy critters! Alas, more seem to be ready and willing to take their place. Just how many centuries of dead ponies was this zombie queen able to dig up anyway?

"Aghk! Hey!" says Winter. "I- bllrfgh! I think I just got a rock down my throat! Ugh! It tastes like… like a rock!" She coughs, and a few pebbles pop up out of the ground and into the snow above. "Lead on, I can't see anything!"

Under the ground, Winter does a flailing dog-paddle motion, and manages to stumble forward through the frozen earth. Every so often she peeks her head up, the pointed white peak of her nose sailing above the ground like a shark's fin for a few moments, spitting up gravel. On one such a gaze she notes the wall; on another, she almost gets a footfull of zombie. Briefly, she pauses, realizing she has a golden opportunity! With a gleeful snarl she bites down on the zombie's ankle and gnaws for a moment. "Ha! HA! See how YOU like it!" She then drops down and swims along.

The ankle-bitten Zombie starts, then turns about with a groan and eyes another shambler behind it, single intact eye narrowed. The second shambler can only shrug helplessly and point down at the snow. "Urruuuuggh!" it articulates. "Urrrghh!" The first zombie snorts, clacks its jaw shut, and goes back to clawing uselessly at the bulwark.

"It's not particularly fun, yes… Still takes better than the booze though, and is more enjoyable…" Being a bit more experience in the art of swiming through dir, by about one time, Soda spreads her wings and let them do the majority of the proppeling her forward. Which they do with great speed. Like Winter she'd poke her nose through the ground for a breath, ocationaly her whole head for a look around, managing to earn herself a sore snout in the process. Stupid zombies should watch where they step! Before long though her hooves brushed up against something, wood. The palisade?

Holding her breath she waited for Winter, "I think we've hit the pallisade… and, sweet Luna, the lich witch does not like this lot… I'm… a bit worried though, the number of zombies she's just plain throwing away against the Shadowbolts… There must be millions of dead, here…"

"Well, I bet she can just put them back together when she's done with them, too," suggests Winter, peeking up beside Soda and peering about. She ducks back down as a shambler treads close, but doesn't seem to notice them, glowering at the thing's heels as little bubles of ire rise underneath the slush above her submerged nose. She frowns as she pokes back up. "Where's the command tent or whatever they have? I wanna know how they're taking this, if they're taking the zombies seriously or not. I wanna get a gander of this other general they have, too, the one that isn't Will."

Hundreds of undead, at least. Thousands, even! There's a few gargoyles flitting about, dragging damaged bodies out of the fray, back towards the forest. Obviously they have some kind of recycling program going on.

Inside the encampment, the mood is very dark, grim, and tense. At least all of the Shadowbolt grunts aren't taking it very well. They have everything they can braced against the walls, fixing spears, or resting between waves of re-slaughter. In the back, the two big General tents lurk. Will's is obvious, what with all the frills and glittering gems and whatnot. The other is much more plain, though still much bigger than other tents. It's also got something of a commotion going on inside.

"What do you /mean/ we're not getting reinforcements!?" a shriek can be heard. "We /deserve/ reinforcements! The Queen can't be /serious/! We can't lose this hoofhold! Not with that…that /pit/ of foals sitting right under our noses!"

Sodium-Fizz's head poked up next to Winter's, and after taking a moment to hurk up mud and gravel she turned to face the younger mare. "I… would think dead center in the camp, or close nearby… It certainly wouldn't suprise me, they most likely have some kind of crazy illusion of grandure. At least Will seems to have it… But yes, getting some more information on their other general would be really, really helpfull… Or, you know, we could just follow the voice? Sounds good?" She grinned at Winny before diving under the ground again, wings proppeling her bellow the palisade and into the camp.

Winter-Solstice pony-paddles along. There's a dull *thump* behind Soda as Winter bonks her head on the bottom end of the palisade, driven down into the ground. A few pegasi guards nearby turn and peer down at the base of the wall, wondering when zombies learned to swear so fluently.

A short while later, Fizz can feel a tug on her tail. Tug tug. "Hey, how long do these things last, anyway? 'Cause getting stuck in here would basically be the worst idea."

Ah, on the fly mental alchemical arithmetics! That's been a while. Lets see, knock of a quarter of the initial dosage. Divide by three. Add six. Carry the two… "Um… this is going to sound rude Winny, but how much do you weight? And don't dream of rounding it down."

Winter-Solstice considers for a while. "About… I think last time I checked I weigh about" and then she says a number which represents about 1.5x standard adult female pony weight. "But I've lost a bit of weight here 'cause all I'm eating are those blue leaves and now it's more like" 1.45x standard adult female pony weight. "Also I think I got a buncha rocks getting scooped up into my pockets so that's probably a factor, too."

Sodium-Fizz was silent, disturbingly so actualy. "Ponyfeathers… Okey, this isn't really panicworthy, but about seven minutes considering your bodymass? Give or take thirty seconds? Not panicworthy… Being stuck in the camp or comming up in the middle of a zombie-hord till we can get another elixir in you… a bit more so."

Winter-Solstice considers this. "Seven minutes. And I think it's been three and a half so far? Not yet five, but definitely more than three. Four. Let's say four and a half, minus one. About that. So in other words we have about six minutes left, plus or minus four."

She pony paddles along. "And thirty seconds."

Soon she's near the big tents near the center, and peeks her head up, glancing about. Ahh! A box. She swims back under and pops up under the box, so she can be up and out of the ground AND hidden INSIDE THE BO- ow. The box has a bottom, and it goes *clunk* when Winter surfaces beneath it. "Ow," she says, ducking back down. A moment later a pieplate hoof shoots up from below to punch a hole in the box. "HA!" She then sticks her head up inside the hole. Mmm… smells like alfalfa. Winter cocks an ear and listens as the generals squawk about reinforcements… that sounds like Will, alright. Evil and entitled!

A moment later a second head pushes up into the box through the recently installed hole. "Don't hog all the space…" Soda hissed before her ears perked curiously. This had the promise of being interesting to listen too.

Within the plain General's Tent, the shrieking continues. "Honestly! I know she's our Queen, I know, but this makes no sense! None! What do we gain from pulling back? What purpose does it serve?"

A couple moments of silence, and then another voice pipes up. "General Eyes suggests that perhaps General Will is not looking at all angles of this properly. Our withdrawl removes us from the equation. General Eyes suggests that if /we/ aren't here, the undead will gravitate to the next available supply of food. Which may eliminate the /real/ threat to Her rule."

"But..!" the voice of Will whines! "That's not /faaaaair/! I'm supposed to be the one that smashes the rebels and wins Her Majesties affections! Me! Me, me, me!"

A deep sigh. And then the other voice. "General Eyes says that this is not about affection. This is about effectiveness and getting the job done with minimal casualties of not-undead ponies. With all due respect, we should obey the Queen."

Sodium-Fizz shot Winter a glance, or what would have been one if it wasn't so darn dark in the box. "I don't," she whispered, "like her. She's that worst of bad-guys… Kinda smart…"

"Grrrr… No!" Stomp! General Will is stomping around like a little tyrant! That explains why the sounds and sights of a tipping box are going…mostly unnoticed. There's a few curious looks, but they're mostly looking between Will and the Box like 'uh-oh, she's going to start popping heads in a minute'. "No, no, no! I refuse! Those…cretins have bombed us, raided us, made total /fools/ out of me and my forces multiple times!" She plants her forehooves on the nearby table, headdress askew and fancy /VERY/ poofy-collared robe ruffling. "I will have my revenge!"

Across from Angry Will are two ponies of import. One stands proud, a grey-colored mare with a blonde mane and an eyepatch over her left eye. A pegasus, no less. She's not wearing anything that particularly marks her as a General, but the way she's being regarded by the others in the room is obvious.

Next to this silent pony is a steel-blue pegasus, staring at Will with the same sort of stern expression that the silent pony is making. Will huffs and puffs, but the grey pegasus makes a few gestures with her hooves, which the blue pony watches, and then clears his throat. "General Eyes expresses concern over General Will's willingness to disobey perfectly logical orders for the sake of petty revenge." More signing. "General Eyes also notes that General Will is a big pony, and well aware of what the Queen will do if she is crossed."

Winter-Solstice holds her breath, watching. She then lets go of that held breath. "Ooooooohhh," she whispers. "So that's Eyes. She's mute or something." Winter watches for a few moments longer. "Maybe we can sabotage their defenses and hasten their departure. I think we have enough time to get back to the walls and mess around with them a bit before these things wear off. What do you say, huh?"

Sodium-Fizz hummed softly before nodding. "We could do that, I think… Though I'm considering setting off some of that petrification gas here, in this very tent…" Pale yellow yes turned to Winter, Soda biting her lower lip. "It's… riskier, though, but we could take the whole lot of them… No leaders…"

Winter-Solstice's eyes widen. "Oh my gosh. See? I told you you were braver than you think." She tries to sneak a hug under the ground but she is terrible at it and only manages to pull Fizz's wings around a bit. "Do it do it do it do it!"

Sodium-Fizz let out a suprised eep as Winter hugged her wings, sorta. After a moment's blushing she dug through her cloak, passing the white mare another vial. "This… Another Rockfish Elixir… Go underground, when they you stop hearing it… then come right out and drink this down… I might need some help… And we'll have to try and make sure they can't get their generals back to soon." Soda turned her gaze out the crack in the box for a moment before looking back at Winter, giving her a brief kiss. "Underground, now…" With that her head dissapeared.

Long seconds passed, then a hoof rose right under the table, pushing a trio of vials up with it, vials full of softly shimmering, silvery grey gas. With a twist she hooked a trembling pastern around the three of them.

Winter-Solstice takes the second vial in mouth and ducks back under, and waits, listening. She still doesn't know how you're supposed to *see* anything down here, but she can at least listen. Horses are good at listening, right? Thing is, what she mostly hears is a song that's been stuck in her head for the past hour, and that's not helping. That and she's running Fizz's instructions over and over in her head. And then she's trying to do 'time remaining on the potion' math in her head, which is confusing, so she starts thinking of a song she once learned for remembering what numbers go in what order. "One, then two, don't be a foo'! Three, then four, get down on the floor!" she's singing to herself. "Five, then seven… wait…"

Will is seething, naturally, at being so calmly and logically rebuked! She throws her hooves up, giving a gutteral shout! "Urrrgh!" Then she slumps onto the table. "…Fine. I'll do as the queen desires." she mutters into the tabletop.

General Eyes nods once, cracking the barest hints of a smug smile. It vanishes quickly, of course, the winged General beginning to make her exit. Peony watches Eyes begin her exit, then turns back to regard Will.

"For what its worth, General Will, I understand the desire for revenge. Perhaps you can soothe yourself with the knowledge that the rebels will be dealt with. It will…probably be greusome enough to imagine a horde of undead." Then he, too, turns.

General Will grunts in reply. Her voice low, muttered into the woodwork. Heard only by the mischevious alchemist lurking beneath the table. "…I'll just take things into my own hooves. She'll forgive me… I know she'll forgive me…"

A hoof jerked downward, beneath the table, accompanied by the tinkling of broken glass, the sudden his of escaped gass and the earthy crackle of the ground, the wood of the table, and most likely within moments the occupants and the rest of the funishing in the tent as well as the tent itself. And, as a loud, pained gasp from underground reveals, a certain hoof stuck up through the ground-turned rock.

Sodium feels a bump beside her as Winter paddles over. "Soda! I forget! What do I do now? Do I drink the new elixir or do you? Hey, are you okay? Hey, is your foot stuck? Oh my gosh! Don't get stoned! I wouldn't want to swim through you, that'd be weird! I guess you could say 'I want to go swimming in you' if you had some really wacky romantic metaphor in mind but I totally do not and do not want to!"

The sound of vials breaking perks several pony ears up. General Eyes was already halfway out… But WIll? She's right there! She has enough time to blink and start to peek under the table when BAM! Stone! She falls over!

Peony has a little more time to consider this. Just enough to turn around and push General Eyes the rest of the way out of the tent! Then he, too, tips over, a stone-faced grimace locked in on his head, resting just outside the tent perimeter.

This leaves General Eyes. Outside the sudden Tent of Doom, backing up with her good eye staring wide. What in /blazes/ just happened here!?

Sodium-Fizz gasped and shook her head, pressing her muzzle up against Winter. "No, no… Just sufrace contact… Just… don't touch my hoof… I shouldn't touch my hoof either till the potion runs out. Just… wait till the hissing stop, the gas should clear up, then we'll get up and you can refresh our elixir… Wait till it stops… Like… so."

Reaching up she pushed another hoof to the surface and began hauling herself up, gasping in pain as she did. The Stonefish Elixir did -not- agree with a petrified hoof, not at all. "Hurry."

Winter-Solstice pages: (does Soda have her own second stonefish elixir or does Winter have the only remaining one?)

Winter-Solstice does so, taking a moment to peek up and glance around, then pops up fully- perhaps with a bit too much gusto, as she bonks her head on the bottom of the stoned table. "Ahhh!" She nearly bites the vial held in her lips open. With a wince she crawls out from under the table and glances about. There's Will… there's the blue (well, grey, now) pony… and there's… oh, snap! Eyes! "Hi!" Winter stares at the eyepatched general for a moment before she hastily uncorks and downs the elixir she holds and starts hopping up and down, waiting for the ground to suck her up like last time. Since she's not exactly sure how she managed it to begin with, it means she's having a bit of difficulty this time, so all that is going on right now is a lot of stomping.

Blink. Squint! General Eyes' single orb is most definitely watching the hopping pony with more than a casual interest. Hmph! Rebels! In her camp! AGAIN! Perhaps Will does have a point or two with her ranting of revenge. Perhaps.

That's besides the point though, the General giving a brief snort, head lowered and one hoof stamping at the ground! Dangit, that was her translator that just got stoned!

Sodium-Fizz groaned as she hauled herself out from under the table, looking blearily around, her petrified foreleg clutched to her chest. "Oh… Um, hello? Don't mind us, we're just… You know… You don't have a way to un-petrify ponies, do you? I… Better not risk it, huh?" Grining sheepishly she turned and… Aha! Reaching down with her good hoof she slowly pushed it into the neck of the rather fetching Nightmare's Will statue. That sent a shiver down her spine, this was just… wrong. So very wrong. It didn't help when, with a twist, she plucked the head off, the neck sogging slightly around her hoof. "Ugh…"

Her wings shifted uner her cloak, and… Aha, a bag! A quick tip of it saw maybe a dozen or two vials tumble to the floor, all inky black sticky gope. In went the head. "Winny? I think it's time to leave… Like right now!" The grey mare leant down, pushing her forehoof into the rock, the rest of her dissapearing into it a few moments later.

Winter-Solstice grins at Eyes, a bit desperately. "Eh heh heh. Uhhh." She looks mad. And mute. Winter stomps a few more times. "I get it, I get it. 'Rebel scum, I'm gonna destroy you and make you dead, raaahh.' Don't worry, some things just go without sayii- aahh!" Rather abruptly, Winter trips on the ground and falls through it. Her muffled voice sounds from below. "Oh, god! I got gravel in my nose again! Oh this is so weird! C'mon, Fizzy, let's go!" She then pony-paddles off, peeking up briefly out of the ground, just in time to bonk her brow on Eyes' hoof, squawk with surprise, and duck back under.

"Right! I don't think we're very wellcome here…" Fizz giggled nervously before uttering a loud curse, half-muted by a pained gasp. "Ponyfeathers, this hurts…"

The voices dissapeared down the tent-lined street. Or rather, roughly under the tents.

General Eyes bears witness to something that…probably changes her mind about everything. The stealing of General Will's /head/. That lone eye of hers widens considerably when the statue of the other General is so molested and defiled, the head of Nightmare's Will tucked away and sucked into the ground with both ponies! It's…enough to make any lesser pony lose their lunch, honestly.

As it is, Eyes charges in a moment too late to stop the theft, stamping fruitlessly, though with great force at the ground where both ponies disappear, making all manner of angry huffy sounds! No! NO! It was one thing to come in and take their food and their prisoners! But this!?

One more stamp at the ground, and Eyes turns about to regard the other stoned ponies. Her eye falls on the stoned form of her translator…and she moves to prop up that statue, gazing out across the rest of the encampment.

Those rebels have crossed a line tonight. As the *shudder* possibly 'late' General Will may have said aloud:

It. Is. On.

Winter-Solstice gallops along under the ground. She's just running at this point, popping up to check where she's going less than on her approach. She can only imagine the camp above is being whipped into some state of alarm with the apparent assassination of its general. There's a bump in the earth above her path, rumbling along, as though she were a cartoon rabbit or somesuch.

"Fizzy!" she burbles through the earth. "That was brighliggfffttpprt-" She spits a few times. "Sorry, thought too hard about how I'm talking underground and got a mouthful of mud. It's a lot easier when you don't question it and just doigghhfffrrlkk-" She surfaces, gags, coughs up a clump of dirt and a shocked looking earthworm who thought he had this whole permafrost thing finally figured out, then ducks back down. "… ughh! Anyway, that was brilliant! And kind of scary! Maybe I'll have to think twice before trying to pin you down by sitting on you again!"

Sodium-Fizz's strained voice came from somewhere of the side, her wings spread and proppeling her through the ground. "Just… get out of the camp… And… I woudldn't ever do this… if I did have a better plan! I just hope we can get her… head back on right… Later!" Something hard loomed overhead for a minute, the wall most like.

Winter-Solstice lifts her head to find out and bangs it on a the inside wall of the palisade. "Uunggh! Remind me to wear a helmet next time you have me pop one of these things!" she hisses as she ducks back down and continues her galloping. She leans up to check a few more times, earning a kick in the teeth from a zombie and a yanked ear from a surprised-looking gargoyle for her trouble, until finally, FINALLY, she's far enough afield from the besieged base to pop up fully and into the blessed open air. "UGH, FINALLY!" she crows. "Man, I must be a terrible Earth Pony but I don't think I'd want to live down there any longer than necessary. I'm gonna be pulling grit out of my nooks and crannies for a week!"

Sodium-Fizz joins her a few moments later, groaning as she burst out of the ground, one limb at the time, trowing mud and grit every which direction. Finaly free she let out a relieved sigh, colapsing against Winters side, her petrified hoof cradled to her chest. "I… I'm not doing that again… I hate doing this to myself…" Still, she turned slightly, flashing Winter a thin grin. "And… don't think you are. You're a fine pony… and to be fair, nopony sane would want to be down there…"

Her cheeks heated up, slowly. "As for grit… I… I… I do't think I'm going to touch that one." Soda looked away, draping her good forehoof over her face.

Winter-Solstice misses the embarassment, too busy reaching over to nab Soda's stoned hoof and lift it up. "Youch. THat looks bad. Gives me some ideas, though. Maybe… maybe that would be a lot easier than putting on my iron boots for forge work. Or fightin' evil. Can you walk on it or do I need to carry you back? We shouldn't stick around in any case- they'll be out looking for us if they know anything about anything." Indeed, Winter is shuffling forward, though it takes her a few steps to realize she's still holding Soda's petrified hoof and let go.

Sodium-Fizz whimperd as Winter grasped her hoof, "Careful! That hurts…!" she gasped, pulling her hoof back to her chest, giving Winter a reprocheful stare. After a moment it softened. "I… I think I might need a bit of help getting back… please? Today's been… all kinds of crazy. Bad crazy, good crazy, crazy crazy… I'm tired, I'm in pain and I'm cold… I want to go to bed." Soda leaned forward, giving Winter a soft nuzzle. "'Cause maybe tomorrow will be a little bit less crazy… but just as good."

Winter-Solstice doubles back, then, and without asking for permission, which is generally never something she does anyway because permission is for suckers, she scoops Soda up onto her back. Soda's a bit big to ride in a super-elegant fashion the way Jellybean or Magpie might be able to get away with, but Winter isn't about to let that stop her. "Sorry. Didn't know. Sorta thought that, you know, if it was all stone it'd be, like, numb, not hurty. I hope… you have a cure for that, by the way. That could get totally inconvenient if you don't." She shifts about to resettle Fizz's weight on her back, then starts trudging back towards base. "Rest sounds good. I get the feeling things are gonna get pretty exciting, though. General Eyeball looked mighty steamed up…"

Tromp, tromp, tromp. Back they go towards the base. "We'll figure something out, though!"