Licking Their Wounds
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Queen sighs heavily as Rising runs off without aknowledge her. She glances towards Daisy before reaching out to take the poker from near the fireplace - she proceeds to poke to Daisy who lies several feet away from Queen's bed. *poke poke*

Daisychain lets out another soft whimper as she comes back to. Getting poked by the queen, Her right leg twitches which only makes her whimper even more. As her wings slowly pull themselves back in to her side, her eyes begin to open. Even with vision as poor as hers, she can sense that everypony is gone but Queen. Her skin practically crawls when her senses come back enough to realise what happened. "I…I…" she doesn't seem to be together enough yet to pick her head up or form a coherent sentence.

Queen grumbles "Are you well enough to trot, Daisychain? Rising has run off, and I'm unable to pursue her on my own. "I've a feeling she's run off someplace to throw a tantrum at her own failure - rather at your combined failures.

Daisychain lets out a weak groan as she picks her head up off the floor. It takes a bit of work, but she finally rights herself again. She tries to walk, but it would seem that due to the fall, her leg is injured even more than it had been. Thankfully, she's a pegasus, so hovering is always an option. Her wings spread a bit and she does the best she can to hover off the ground. Using a hoof to poke around on the ground, she finds her broken glasses and holds half of them up to her face, the other eye closed. It's better than nothing right! "I…I'll try to…to find her, Queen…"

Just as she's about to hover out the door, some spectacled pony approaches the house and knocks, looking in the front door. "I've got a delivery for a miss…Daisychain…from Optic's Glasses. The goggles finally arrived!" Seeing that it's perhaps not the best time for anything friendly, the pony sets a package on the ground right inside the door and trots off. Daisy looks at the Queen and starts to cry…

Queen huffs softly "Yes yes - I know we're all very upset at the moment. At least /attempt/ to hold back those tears until we gather Rising." Not even entertaining that Daisychain might actually be crying because she's happy with the extra-durable prescription goggles! "I'd tell you to gather you wits - but that's exactly what I'm attempting to do."

Daisychain lets out a sigh sits down to open up the package. Inside is a reinforced leather-bound box. She slowly undoes a snap and lifts open the lid. Sitting in the box is a pair of flight goggles, similar to those of the legendary Wonderbolts. The pegasus pulls them over her head and messes with them until they're on nice and snug. With the new goggles in place, Daisy hovers over to the Queen. Her eyes are still a little wet from the tears. "Thank…Thank you so much…they…they're perfect…" she says quietly, giving the Queen a soft hug the best she can with both of them being injurd. "I…I'll go find Rising now…"

Queen acks softly as Daisy gets all affectionate - earning a small sneer but no reprisal "Yes yes, on your way. Make it clear that she needs to come back regardless of her foul mood." waving a hoof dismissively.

Daisychain takes in a deep breath and hovers out the front door. She has a feeling she knows where Rising might want to run off to. Flying up a bit, she heads over the fields where she had talked with the unicorn not too long before…

Daisy's guess is a good one! In fact, Rising Chaos went a bit farther than that, closer to the forest's edge. Thankfully, the light from her horn is enough to illuminate her presence. She certainly is a frenzy of activity over there, as Daisy comes closer, she may be able to hear yelling…

Daisychain 's wings are still a little sore from the impacts of earlier. As she closes in on Rising, she gets much lower to the ground. The 'beacon' leads her true, and before she knows it she's hovering up beside the unicorn. "Risin'…I…"

Rising-Chaos isn't in the mood for talking. She's throwing things around, snaping twigs and stmping all over. every once in a while she'll do some kind of incomprehensible yell. Daisychain is nothing but a target, and gets a stick thrown at her head.

Daisychain lets out a long sigh. After all, she knows she messed up pretty bad when she hoofed her in the side of the head. "Look…can…can I at least…" She tries to dodge the stick but her reflexes aren't exactly up to par at the moment. "Can I…at least…talk…to ya?"

Rising-Chaos might not have even heard, and is currently trying to beat up a tree. She smacks her hooves against it for a couple moments, before her bandages falls off and the wound in her chest reopens. With a hiss, she drops down to a sitting position. "Ouch." She takes a few deep breaths, then notices Daisychain. "When did you get here?"

Daisychain hobbles over to Rising. It might be best if she saves her wings just in case, after all. Noticing the wound, she reaches down and picks the bandage up but unfortunately it's dirty. No sense in trying to put it back on now. "Look…it don't…it don't matter how long I've been here…You…you're here 'cause of me…what happened…that…that was my fault…" Her eyes get a little teary behind the goggles.

Rising-Chaos slams a hoof in to the ground. "No, it wasn't, nor am I here to play the blame game. It doesn't matter who's fault it was, understood?" She lays down, exhausted. "I just had to let go, be angry. I've done it before, and it took days to clean up the house." She glares at the ground, picking up a stick and just SQUEEZING it.

Daisychain looks back in the direction of the house; it's quite a bit away and the Queen is all alone. She hobbles herself in front of Rising, "If I…if I hadn't gone chargin' in like…like that…I…I wouldn'ta accidentally hit ya…don't go blamin' yerself for this…"

Rising-Chaos struggles to get to her hooves, succeeding eventually. "Didn't I just say something about blame?" She turns to head towards home. "Now I have to go back home. Back to where I ran away from my Queen." She groans, remembering last time. "Oh great, this is going to be a great night. To think, I was so close to having a sweet moment with her, and then this." She stomps off, apparently oblivious to the bleeding wound. "come on, Daisychain," she barks.

Daisychain narrows her eyes a little bit. She flaps her wings a few times and hovers quickly in front of Rising, right in her path, "Now look!" She's got that fire again. " I know yer angry. Anypony would be. But yer th' one Queen likes. Yer th' one who knows her better than any other pony. It don't matter what you think…this is my fault. I got outta control, an' we all had ta suffer 'cause I did. It's my fault an' I'll be th' one takin' th' blame fer it." She turns around, landing on the ground with her back to Rising. "Now…yer bleedin. You shouldn't be movin' much. Hop on my back…I'll get us home faster…"

Rising-Chaos stops when the pegasus lands in front of her, but doesn't change expression. "Daisychain, be quiet. All of us could have done better. I'm sure that you didn't attack me on purpose, and you did immobilise one of them. So will you kindly shut up, and let me walk home?" Not waiting for an answer, she goes around Daisychain and keeps walking. she's fine, really! "We'll accept my Queen's judgement."

Daisychain wing-dashes back in front of the stubborn unicorn, this time with a rather angry glare. She stands nose-to-nose with Rising, "The Queen is ALONE right now 'cause you ran off an' she sent me out t' find you. She's hurt…an' so are you. We NEED to get back t' her as soon as we can." She snorts, getting more and more frustrated by the second, "I'm not askin' ya to get on my back…I'm tellin ya…"

Rising-Chaos holds the glare for a few moments, every bit as angry. She really, really doesn't want to. In the end, she figures it doesn't matter. "Fine, though I find it amusing that you think you can give me orders." She climbs aboard and scowls. She's lighter than she looks, possibly thanks to a simple spell, or just because she's small and thin.

Daisychain lets out a little bit of a groan as Rising hops on regardless of the light weight…she's still hurting a bit after all. This doesn't seem to matter as much to her as the task at hand though. She spreads her wings and starts to flap. It's not the fastest journey ever, but it's still faster than trying to hoof it. Eventually they find themselves outside of the house. Daisy lands and allows Rising to get back off, "There…now we can take care of yer wound…an' the Queens."

Rising-Chaos hops off and enters the house without acknowledging the comment. She makes her way in to the house and stands in the door way, shaking from side to side. She looks up at the Queen, guilt all over her face. It's probably best to just, stay here and await further orders, there's enough room for Daisy to get by.

Queen lies sprawled in front of the fire with her front right hoof propped up on a pillow - swollen and bruised from the stallions kick. "If you've finally managed to calm down enough to care about me - then it'd be lovely if you would fetch some ice from the fridge."

Daisychain walks up behind Rising and lets out a sigh. She nudges her with her muzzle, "Go on…I'll get some bandages." Daisy walks in and gives a small bow before the Queen, "She…she…her bandage came off…I'm…I'm gonna get her a new one…" She hobbles off and starts to prepare some new bandages, picking up what's left of her glasses from the floor and setting them on the counter.

Rising-Chaos goes and fetches an ice pack without a word. She trots in to stand near her Queen and, still silent, applies it to her hoof. It's not that she's that sad about it, but doesn't necessarily trust herself with words. trying not to sound like a fool is a full time job.

Taking a direct kick from a full-grown stallion is likely to do more than bruise and swell; poor Queen is liable to have a broken ankle from such a brutal assault. "I do hope the pistol is not damaged." Queen muses aloud before lifting her head to glance to the glowering Rising-Chaos. "More importantly - are /you/ okay?" she asks the mare calmly - the tone of her voice firm and confident.

Daisychain finishes preparing the bandages for Rising. She hovers over, still having problems walking on her leg. "Here…le…lemme put this on ya…" the pegasi demands. She's going to need cooperation from Rising to put it on on account of her own injuries.

Rising-Chaos sighs. "I'll be fine, my Queen, not badly hurt. I'm more worried about you. Would you mind if I checked you for injuries?" She reluctantly stays still for Daisychain. "I think Queen Pegasus is rather more important, I can take care of myself. None of my wounds are serious."

Queen huffs "The two of you can check me over once you've taken care of one another - I won't be having either of you going untended." she glances at the pair before laying her head back down. "There will however be consequences for today's performance."

Daisychain gives a sigh, looking into Rising's eyes. She seems genuinely worried about the unicorn, "Y…Ya started bleeding again from…from the…stab…wound…" though the blood at this point has been cleaned up by Daisy. With the bandage on, it's the Queen's turn. She walks up to her and looks at the swollen ankle. She doesn't want to get in the way of Rising though, so she steps to the side…

Rising-Chaos stamps a hoof. "get back here Daisychain, I have to look you over." She scowls, but considering everything it's a slight improvement. "And I know about the stab wound, but it's really not that bad." She looks down at the clean bandages, then back to her queen. "I accept the consequences to my actions, as last time." With a sigh she moves to check on Daisychain.

Queen lazes about with an ice pack on her ankle - truth be told it's not doing all that much good considering the extent of the injury. "I've no doubt you'd accept whatever punishment I have in store for you, Rising dearest. While the punishment I have in mind may not be as vicious as you are hoping - I assure you it will be quite enlightening." a small chuckle. "For the moment your punishments will begin with spending your waking hours together save for when I say otherwise. You will eat together, you will bath together, and you will learn to work together. Your actions this evening were detrimental to one another - we will take this weakness, this…loss…" lifting her head to look at the pair. "We will turn it into a tool to ensure my dearest, and my loyal servant can serve me to their full potential."

Daisychain seems a little stubborn about her own injury. She looks at Rising then back down at her leg which is still lifted off the ground to avoid putting any weight on it. "I…I'm fine…really…" she tries to convince. Daisy hovers over to the Queen and starts looking over the injured ankle. There's not as much of a reaction from her when the Queen states her punishment…after all, she messed up and the punishment could be much worse. She does, however, lower her head in the shame of needing to be punished in the first place, "Yes…my Queen." She looks closely at the ankle again, "Do…do you mind if…if I splint it?"

Queen-Pegasus says "You'll take no such care until your own wounds have been tended - I don't take kindly to repeating myself." firmly tapping Daisy's leg to emphasize her point."
Rising-Chaos doesn't CARE if Daisychain is stubborn. Rising could probably give stubborn lessons. She grabs the mare and pulls her, gently enough, aside and down. "Do as she says, Daisy. You stay here, both of you are badly hurt and I WILL tend to you." She doesn't even comment on the punishment, great, another liability. "I will be right back." The mare disappears in to the lab.

Daisychain winces and lets out a small wimper when the Queen pokes her leg. She looks down at the ground again in shame. "Y…Yes, my Queen…" She doesn't fight back when Rising handles her, though she does her best to try and keep off her leg.

Content with the treatment administered to Daisy, Queen finally allows the pair to look over her wound. Pegasi are a lightly built bunch and certainly not meant to take brute force to their legs; clearly Queen's a broken ankle - well she wasn't going anywhere in this storm as is, so oh well!

Rising-Chaos returns form the lab with extensive medical supplies including several healing potions. She looks her Queen over and sees the broken ankle, she looks Daisychain over and sees serious wounds. With a sigh, she gets to work, doing what she can to help the ponies in her house. She looks up at Daisychain while she works. "I'll assume you'll be sleeping here, downnstairs, while our punishment lasts. Easier to keep tabs on you that way." Aside from her assumption, she remains mostly quiet as she works, as she's too tired to speak. When she can, her horn lights up, using whatever magic she can to help the process. It's going to be a logn night.

Daisychain starts to get a little impatient. Sure, her leg is messed up…but…but…the Queen! But, Rising has all the fancy gadgetry and potions…don't forget magic. She looks at the Queen with eyes that seem to say 'please…just let me help…' but whether or not the message actually gets conveyed is hard to say. She lets out a sigh, "I…I don't really got any…any other options. If…if it's what th' Queen wants…then…then I must."

Queen glances to Daisychain "I appreciate your concern - that goes for both of you." She shuts her eyes. "I'll rest - the two of you can tend to me after you're all patched up.