Licenced For Trouble
IC date: Autumn 31, 1007
OOC date: Oktober 20, 2012
PCs: Gravity, Ginger-Spice
GM: None

Autumn, the season of red, golds and crisp cold. Despite the recent string of pseudo-calamities that have struck the Harbour in recent times most everypony seems to go about their business as usual for the most parts. For a particular brown and red unicorn that includes finishing up handing in her paperwork. The town might be a not-Pirate port but even it is a slave under bureaucracy, at least a bit. Having fought the red tape and won, Ginger-Spice grinned widely as she stepped onto the town square, her renewed licences for her food stand floating in a tight roll besides her.

This was shaping up to be a good day.

Cold crisp air, my left talon! at this altitude everything is cold and crisp, and frigid. The Gryphon cruises well overhead that of mere ponies, but does alter course enough to bank right, roll over and tuck into a strike position. If he was going to make an entrance, it was to be a bold one.

Gravity plunges down causing the whistling of wings all tucked and swift looking. At the last possible second he flares his wings, and lands in a dead run on claws and talons generating a rapid click-clack of impact.

The landing is meet with several startled ponies on the ground nearby. Having a gryphon crash down onto of your heads, or eat least as near as, can be quite startling. He also gets a few approving grins, nods and smiles from the ponies that was /not/ caught right in the middle of it. Also, there's a call of, "What th'?! Oi, my licence! Get back 'ere!"

A piece of paper flutters past Gravity's beak a moment later, quite presumably the licence in question. It is followed closely by the sound of Ginger-Spice's galloping hooves. Then another impact, a lot meatier one. How she could actually miss the gryphon standing in the way is anypony's guess.

The Gryphon hadn't fully stopped his slowing dash, and finds himself smack dab in another pony, *Kerwhump* he's I pretty well stopped in his tracks and more or less bowled over backwards to land in a mess of wings and tangled paws and talons.

Grav startles to say the least, "HeyHeywhat Tha?" He shouts from his sprawled mess, "My landing site was Clear! You stupid pony, what are you Thinking?!"

Ginger-Spice shook her head and blinked, trying to make sense of what she's seeing. A moment later it all seems to click and she squeaks, she's practically standing on a gryphon! Oh dear, she'd just wanted to get her paperwork… back. Oh buck. "Sorry, cannae talk right now!"

She leapt forward to pursue her escaped paper, only to find a rear hoof caught on a piece of gryphon, sending her tumbling face first into the dust. "Ack! Ye feathery git, ye're gettin' in my way!" A forehoof reached for the paper. Not enough.

The gryphon is rightly miffed now, as he's stepped on by the hooves of a pony, getting his precious feathers tweaked and whacked out. "Gerrrofffme you thick boned dirtsider!" he gasps as she tries to get off and stumbles again on him now finding himself pinned down by a pony, not cool, so not cool. He winds up swinging in fits, She's HEAVY compared to this flighty thing.

Gravity shouts and swears and prods, but he's right pinned, at least he's makes for a soft landing. "GetoffGetOff, GET OFF ME!" he fits out in a cross between pony and growly.

It takes several long moments for the unicorn mare to untangle herself from their pile of wings, and more noticeably legs, her red and orange mane even more disheveled than normal as her head whips about the square. No sign of the paper. "Oh, darnit! It cannae 'ave gone far… I hope."

So much for any concern for fellow sentient beings.

Is left for scrambled just laying there a moment while the pony gets off, He is winded of course, heck you get broadsided by an absent minded unicorn, see where it leaves you. The Gryphon is starting to right himself though and brush himself off before he goes on the rampage all ragefit n everything. He stomps his claws, "What you mean this these precious documents?!" he glares as several clawtips have the documents that he had gotten on him in the process of falling with a pony, had achieved. The Gryphon becomes a avia-formed Paper shredder, and promptly shreds at least one document, "So There, ya absent minded dustsider !" he just growls back at her in embarrassment, rage, and annoyance. "Ya better Beg for me to save this one!”

The mares ears perk straight up in alarm at Gravity's question. Turning around slowly, Ginger-Spice gave a shrik of horror as the document was shredded. How could anypony do that?! Or anygryphon?! "Y-ye monster! I 'ad to spend 'ours gettin' these! I-… I'm-…" She took a deep breath, puffing out her chest for whatever it's worth. Taking a second look at her would reveal that for a unicorn, she's definitely on the small side. Her temper, not so much. "Right… Ye 'and them righ' back or I'll be pluckin' yer feathers! An' when I'm done I'll glue 'em right back on whi' hot tar!"

Gravity just stares after her, "You plow me over, step on me, mess with my wings, pin me down in front of all these ponies, and You expect ME to apoligize!? What ARE you Kidding me!?" he actually laughs, he balls up the other document in his talons, balls it up good, and flings it over his shoulder towards the fountain. no aiming or anything. "You are messed up" he intones and makes a side step so the pony can try and catch her precious documents. "Messed UP!" he growls out

The pony in question seems to have bigger fish to fry then getting her documents back. Or rather, bigger gryphons. A moment later Ginger-Spice stands muzzle-to-beak with Gravity. "Righ', and tha' gives ye the righ' to do tha' on purpose? I tell ye wha', it doesn't! I'm a big 'nough pony to admit I messed up runnin' into ye, but now ye've gone an' made this into a big deal!"

Gravity is actually surprised a little, no pony dares cross a gryphon, especially not a ticked off one, though there is that horn of hers, and he knows nothing of magic, he rates this pretty evenly, even if she looks like a wimp and everything. "Only Big deal here is you missie mad hooves" he shouts back at her beak to nose, and actually takes one taloned claw and reaches over to try and push her back a pace at least, this whole in your face thing isn't his style, but "I didn't mess up crap, go fetch ya stupid pony" he grumbles as he tries to separate the both of them before it comes to blows, "Yeah, you're biig enough indeed, need to go on a diet" he snerks out

Other ponies in the square are starting to shirk away from this scene, not wanting to get involved with these two roustabouts

The mare blinks, stumbling slightly as he pushes her back. "Did ye just make fun o' my cooking…?" The expression on Ginger-Spice's face is, if anything, numb. Short of the twitch in her right eye.

Gravity blinks, blinks again, "What, What are you saying, Cooking, what the buck are you talking about?!" he stammers, "What the hay are you talking about, Cooking, I don't care about your bucking cooking, thats gross, why the hay would you want to cook anything when you can eat it live and kicking?!" He shouts back at her, and shakes his head He turns around and fishes the balled up document from the fountain, and flings it over to her where it lands at her hooves. "Some of you ponies are just sick, messing with food like that" he stares, "SICK!"

Ginger-Spice gasps. "Y-ye're calling my cookin' gross…? Ye're calling my cookin' gross?!" Her eyebrows bunch up, just a bit, her ears pinning back in anger. It's not the same kind of loud, shouty anger from a moment ago. It's more the kind of focused pinprick furry that screams 'I will end you'. Her gaze flickered around the plaza for a moment before settling on a bunch of nearby crates, half tucked away down a small alley. Her horn lit up, a blazing purple, as she turned back to Gravity, a drop of sweat rolling down her freckled muzzle. "Ye shread my licence, ye scream an' holler at me while ah try to make sure I can work fo' a livin', and then ye /insult/ my cookin'… Ye're gonnae pay fo' that."

From the alley came the sound of shattering wood as the box tore itself apart, each plank wrapped in a telekinetic field, slowly righting themselves upwards. Kinda like clubs. Two dozens of them.

Gravity can only think 'ohcrap' when he sees that horn alight, Ok, he's not dead yet, ok, good, just what the hay is she doing with it, feathers intact, wings fine? Whut was that hideous noise. "Look at me you idiot!" he casts his voice right at her, "You Pony, me Gryphon, You eat Grass, I eat that which Eats Grass, not the other way around, ya stupid foal!" he shouts "hay I'd eat you if your kind if you didn't first talk back about it first" He admits openly without too much of a care, at that point in time he hears the formation of a battalion of clubs. Turns to stare, blinks, turns to stare, wide eye blinkblinks turns to look back at the insane Unicorn. "Oh Ponyfeathers, You're Crazy! I'm OutttaHere!" and with that he jumps into a very unsteady flight, as in your attack, moves closer, your initial impact has put several feathers out of place

A round of gasps come from the gathered ponies, including a rather startled looking Ginger-Spice. That's most likely what saves Gravity from risking getting clobbered right out of the gate and by the time she gets her wits about her he's already in the sky. Her choice of magic, animation spells, makes it really easy to wield a lot of things at the same time, independently. It does, however, make it rather difficult to handle unfamiliar objects, especially one can't take everything in at a glance. Her eyes flicker back and forth between the gryphon and her boards as she commands them out in the open and levels them at him. With a twitch of her head the soar after him like javelins.

They're rather off when it comes to aim, but they still get far to close for comfort for most.

Gravity downright squeaks dodges, dodges dodges, *WHIFT* "OwwwOwwOww stopit, stopit!" he shouts back at her, then changes his tactics, and dives down right at her thinking that maybe in her rage fit she'll forget about the boards and keep them coming. He ducks again gets hit and spirals out of control right at her!

As it turns out, another problem with simple animation magic is that once given an instruction the animated object will just keep on doing it till told to stop. Unlike the first time she sent the boards charging at him, this time Ginger-Spice have most everything in her field or view. There's orientation now, a sense of direction. Unfortunately for her, the direction leads right along Gravity's wake, straight at her. "Darn…"

The gryphon knocks her of her hooves, resulting in another pile of jumbled feathers, hooves, claws and talons. A moment later the board-turned-javelins strike down around them in a loud, continuous crack, battering them with chunks of wood and splinters.

Neither of them were going to get up anytime soon.