Letters Home & Flight
IC date: Winter 24, 1007
OOC date: 1/14
PCs: Rising-Chaos, Gravity
GM: None

Its still stormy, its still dark, its still well its still just plain nasty
outside! But come mid evening there came a dull knock at the door, and with
everypony either in bed, or otherwise occupied, the dark lurker of the rafters
answered the door. Gravity opened the door to a startled looking Zypher
firstly stunned by the Gryphon, and then the fact that something other than a
pony answered the door. Yes its kinda late and all that but That was not what
the pony expected.

Zypher presented Gravity with a letter for that
was addressed plainly to "Rising-Chaos" The penmanship was relatively neat for
a non-unicorn at that, meaning that he must have put in some time to write it.
Zypher let Gravity take the letter with the condition that he deliver it to
Rising Chaos when he next saw her, and so the Gryphon waited for any sign of
movement from the land below the rafters so that he may present the letter…

Gravity isn't made to wait long, as soon there's movement near the stairs.
Rising Chaos descends the stairs, grabbing a book before taking a seat. She
has no idea any of this has happened, and is quite content to just read her

Gravity gently alerts Chaos to his presence, a slight 'ah-hem' sounded from far
above her so as to let her know of him. He can be VERY stealthy if he wished
it, and she may detect him via magical means, but being the hunter he is, he's
pretty good at remaining quiet. He slowly stalks down one of the beams and
does his wall walking thing to ground level. "We had a visitor this evening,
Everyone was sleeping and I didn't wish to wake anyone Misteress Chaos" he
offers politely

Rising-Chaos isn't surprised by Gravity's entrance, or at least doesn't show it.
After receiving the news, she takes a moment to process it, think about it. It
always pays to seem to consider what the other pony said. "Very well, thank
you. Who were they?" It's for the best that she couldn't get to sleep then,
this may be important

You say "twas a strange rather absent minded Pegasus with a some sort of ball"
he shakes his head, "oddest thing really, Zypher I do believe his name was"
the gryphon puzzles some over the odd pegasus. "Oh yes, and he left a letter
for you." Gravity slips from under his wing a small envelop and offers it to Rising-Chaos

Rising-Chaos raises an eyebrow before the name is even mentioned. Zypher payed
her a visit, at this hour? Interesting, very interesting. "I'm familiar with
the stallion, I'll take the latter." She takes the offered envelope and opens
it. "Thank you, Gravity." She reads the letter carefully.

Dear Rising-Chaos

As you may know, or not know, or whatever. I have been helping bring the Rusty
Bucket back to being a sailing ship, and well, we're gonna go to the
Sea-Ponies and save the harbor! I know you're all magic-ed out, so I'm gonna
do my best to save the town! There's alot of the harbor ponies sailing with
me, and we're actually going to sail the Bucket maybe, as Lorelei's Plan B if
the first ship fails, or isn't good enough. But, its the Rusty Bucket, all
loaded up and back and ship-shape, it was never not ship-shape, but now its
just Better!

But, well I just wanted to say that I don't know when I'll be back, but that I
had fun around the harbor, and you're a great friend, and I hope we can beat
this thing so I can get back to the harbor and see you again. Oh, and I still
want to make my amends to your Pegasus lady-friend, I'm not skipping town just
cause of that honest!.

Always your Friend


Rising-Chaos nods and closes the letter. "Very good, thank your for delivering
this to me Gravity." There's a little smile on her face after seeing the
letter. Hopefully Zypher will be fine, she would miss him if something

Gravity bows his head some, "Is everything alright with, that one? and
yourself?" he asks with a soft note in his voice, obviously treading lightly
on the subject, but curious all the same

Rising-Chaos shoots the curious gryphon a look."He just wanted to let me know he
will be out of town. He's a friend of mine, the letter is appreciated. I'm
really not sure what you're implying about me though, I'm fine."

Gravity does his 'innocent looking smile' given away by that mohawk of red
feathers that lifts a little, "Generally stallions around here means trouble"
he offers politely, "Just making sure that was not the case here, and that he
was truly a friend and not someone I should tactfully deny access to" he
indicates. "I can provide a deterrent should that become necessary in defense
of the household and its residents." the gryphon indicates with a smile and a
click of his beak.

Rising-Chaos smirks, interesting news. "I appreciate it Gravity, but he's a
friend. In any case, I am capable of taking care of myself again. As always,
your willingness to help is greatly appreciated." Rising slips the note in to
an inner pocky in her cloak and opens her book again. "You are right about the
stallions, however, much to my dismay."

Gravity tips his head a little, "as you wish Misteress" he smiles again, "You
have a good friend with that LadyPegasus upstairs" he offers softly, "Do you
wish anything more?" he asks "Or would I be overstepping myself?" he queries

Rising-Chaos chuckles. "Queen Pegasus is quite a bit more than a good friend,
but yes." She looks up at the gryphon, a hint of anger in her gaze. "I think
you assume too much about our relationship, Gravity. I am not your master,
there is no way for you to overstep yourself. Be at ease, gryphon."

Gravity softens some and sinks a little, "Pardon me" he lowers his gaze "you are
the master of the house for which I hold the upmost respect for, and I only
wish for your friendship and happiness in your life" he politely intones as he
withdraws a bit slinking up to an overhead rafter just above, so that they can
still carry out a conversation, but with him up above as the ground is not his
thing entirely.

Rising-Chaos rolls her eyes. "You have my friendship Gravity, you do not have to
worry. I am just leary or having another servant, it doesn't end well. However
much respect you have doesn't change the fact that I am a bad pony, I revel in
the fact." Her eyes go back to the book and stay there. She probably won't be
up long, or go out at some point. Being alone with her thoughts has become an
almost nightly routine.

Gravity ducks his head some. "Bad or not bad matters little to me, the
continuation of a comfortable living arrangement between all parties leads to
common maintenance for which I gladly perform, if you consider this being a
servant" he shrugs visibly, "Whatever, it makes things comfortable for you,
it makes things comfortable for me." he shrugs, "Even bad ponies have friends"
he states, with a little shrug "Bad Ponies vs. Bad Gryphons" he hrumphs, "bit
of a difference there believe me"

Rising-Chaos pauses in her reading for a moment, the continues. "Yes, well,
perhaps they do. I just want you to remember that, we are relative equals in
this household, but if you continue to put yourself underneath me, I may come
to treat you as such." The comment about bad gryphons makes her frown. "Bad is
bad, Gravity, everything else is just arguing opinions." She turns the page,
dropping the subject form her mind. "On another note, when did you want to go

Gravity nods a little and shrugs in regard to the bulk of the statement. "As for
the flying arrangements" he hmm's and makes a little noise sounding actually
unsure for a moment, "right now there are more than the factors of getting
feather wet, I am a good flyer don't get me wrong there, but the conditions
that are becoming common out there aren't good for anyone to be outside let
alone attempting to fly" he mumbles annoyedly.

Rising-Chaos does some quick calculation in her head. "You mean wind and
visibility, yes? I may be able to do something about that, for a short flight."
She just hopes it works, that's getting in to the territory of 'try it and

Gravity 's eyes widen some and he now hangs upside down, wings still tucked in
to the sides as he gazes unblinkingly to you a serious note of excitement in
his voice, "Yes, the winds and the wet, and not too much on the visibility, I
have that covered pretty well. Gryphon eyes have better visual acuity than
that of Ponies, no offense intended, just a differint design meant for ranged
sight, but if you have anything to offer that would make that better, I'm
completely willing to try what you have to offer!" he replies

That gets Rising Chaos to chuckle. "Well I'll see what I can do, how about
that?" She gets to her hooves and trots over to the door. Zypher's jacket is
put on under the cloak, for warmth and protection against the rain. "I needed
a walk and some magic practice anyways."

Gravity drops with a rotation and lands solidly on all fours and practically
prances after you, (we're going on walksies?! oohboy oohboy!) The gryphon
looks outside, then *POOF's* and goes from fierce to awwww cute
puffy-gryphie-burd, "Now, Oh, Ok, this works for me if you're ready!

Rising-Chaos chuckles at the sight of an excited gryphon. Her horn lights up for
a moment, and a spell is cast of Gravity. "That should keep you dry, but only
for about half an hour, so be careful." Rising steps outside and walks down
the street she has an idea of where to go.

Gravity nods some as he is encompassed by the spell, "Dry for half an hour, ok
that works for me" he nods some, that mohawk on this gryphie is bright-red, and
starts just behind his eyes, and goes all the way to where his wings start,
you've only seen him with a smile before, when it perks up just a little bit,
this version of /excited gryphon/ actually makes him look quite fierce
looking. Excited gryphon looks downright dangerous, if not for his demeanor,
some ponies would be scared of him.

Rising-Chaos wouldn't be scared of him, no matter what. Her fears are rather
more focused on the mind, a gryphon is nothing compared to things she's seen.
So Gravity, to her, just looks cute. She leads him to a small field near the
edge of town, stopping in the center. "You ready for a flight?"

Gravity bows some, "More ready that you could know!" he play-growls out as he
crouches and flares his wings, kinda ducking a little, and almost bouncing in
place, "What is the range I should keep to?" he asks with curiosity, just to
be sure of things. "I don't wish to tax your magic" he adds politely.

Rising-Chaos closes her eyes and focuses. "Try to stay within earshot of me at
all times, but the orb of influence should be fairly obvious." Her horn
flashes to life as she casts the spell. In reality, it's a simple thing, just
encouraging the wind to o elsewhere, a bit of resistance here and there and
you can make an area where the wind is just that much more bearable. Slowly,
the wind splits around her, and the rush of wind going past them is
significantly less. "You have fifteen minutes, max. Go, have some fun."

Gravity crouches tucks his wings in tight for a mere moment, "Got it!" he
pounces clear of you so he doesn't leave a dangerous wake or shockwave, and
throttles skyward in perfect weather watching the field of magic buffet out
the stronger gusts and make them manageable and easy for any flight worthy
creature to sail through with ease. "Awwwwyeah!" he shouts as he does several
roiling spirals pushing his body hard and fast into corners than banking out
and rolling mid-flight, tucking wings and plummeting ground-ward, flare braking,
then shooting skyward almost touching the perceived edge of that magic field,
a talon grazing that edge then him ducking and rolling and plummeting down to
the ground again.

Gravity then flys as high as the edge of that magic barrier is, and he just
hovers there looking out, gazing at maximum range, cringes some as he sees the
harbor, and a wrecked boat out north that of the Schooner Maid Mareian, looks
back to the harbor proper where the spire sits, and the lack of the Rusty
Bucket. He air-brakes there and makes a slow comfortable decent right on time,
with a few minutes to spare just so he doesn't tax her strength too much. He
is absolutely beaming but also a bit concerned about what he just saw too.

Rising-Chaos had, during that time, managed to open her eyes to watch the
gryphon mid flight. As he comes back down, she's smiling as well. Looks like
he came back down just in time, as she winces and cancels the spell. "Have
fun? You seem glad to have a chance to stretch those fine wings of yours."
there's more than a hint of tiredness in her voice, but a little note of pride
as well.

Gravity stretches them out again before her, "That, Felt really really good" he
nods some folds his wings back, untucks them again and retucks them yet again,
"Really haven't felt that good in ages, pretty much since the start of winter,
or really before than with this" he waves a wing over towards the harbor,
"that" he indicates, "I hope those ponies get it fixed and good with the
Seaponies or however that works" he mentions, "you alright?" he asks as he
pads over and ducks his shoulders into a position which would make it easy for
her to catch a ride, if she should need that.

Rising-Chaos waves him away and starts to trot back home. "I'm fine, really. I'm
glad you could get some exercise. Wouldn't do to have an antsy gryphon in the
house." She shrugs, though she hopes that the harborites win. "Whatever
happens, I'm sure it will all work out fine."

Gravity trots (yeah he's mastered that pony skill) thereafter, "Outer harbor
looked like a wreck, but the RustyBucket is out of dry-dock and I couldn't see
her, and that wrecked boat out there certainly isn't the that old tavern
ship" he mentions, "so they must have at least gotten away" he comments
softly, "and your friend is a pegasus, not much that can put them down, they
can always fly away from something" he offers softly with a smile. He lifts
one of his wings still with that 'dry' spell upon it and holds it over her as
an umbrella while they walk home.

Rising-Chaos nods along to the news. "Nice to hear they've gone out fine then. I
wish them the best of luck." There's a moment of silence, as she considers the
possibility that maybe, just maybe, they won't succeed. "Gravity, if it doesn't
work out, I want you to fly away, get to safety, okay? Nothing will stop Queen
Pegasus, and it will take more than a storm to keep me down, but you take

Gravity nods some, "If I leave, I'll bring back reinforcements" he smiles as
they get back to the house, and he opens the door for you. "Chaos, Thank you
for everything" he offers and gives a little wing hug "is there some spell you
have to undo, upon me, or will it fade off on its own?" he asks

Rising-Chaos nods and torts in. "It will wear off, you will be fine." She takes
off the coat and returns to the chair. "It was my pleasure Gravity, thank you

Gravity bows some and climbs back up to his loft, "Thank you" he murmurs and
retires for the night