Lavender S Plight The Second Day
IC date: Summer 90
OOC date: September 18
Location: Belly of the Beast
PCs: Lavender Tricker-Treat Fugue Spearmint Dream-Daze

It's late… Or is it early? Can anyone really tell in a place that has no windows? The dungeon-esque setting doesn't leave much in the way of telling time for those foals unlucky enough to be lurking in the myriad of cells. Right now consisting of loads of batponies, plus one lavender Lavender filly. At least they all got a bunch of fresh hay to snack on, and sleep on, and someone came around with a fruit cart too!

Then all the foals were given a chance to stretch their legs, let out of the cages, led to a room that looked like a giant hamster wheel, and all told to run. Run like the wind! The fastest runners get toys and more fruit!

And then all the foals were brought back to their cages, herded in by several big, burly, and very even-tempered ponies. Only when all of the kids have been put back into their little hay-filled 'Foal-Hotel' rooms, does another pony wander inside.

He's a pea-green pony, with purple muzzle and hooftips, and a bright sky-blue mohawk mane and goatee. His eyes are red, and very much like the eyes of many of the bat-winged ponies in the other foal cages. Which makes sense when one notes that he, too, has bat-wings. Lavender surely would recognize the face of her captor.

"Well well! My little numbskulls! I brought you all another playmate or three!" he shouts, his voice a deep, gravelly tone. He's got a bag settled between his wings big enough to probably have several little bodies inside.

Lavender runs fast during the running. Fast! But doesn't quite give it her all, since she's looking around to try and figure out what the room does. At least that's what she tells herself when she doesn't take home the 'fastest runner' award or the best fruit.

But when she sees the face of her captor, Lavender snarls and glares and eyes that adult. She paces back and forth in her cell, waiting to see who'll come out of that bag…

But you know who DID take home the fastest runner award? Tricky!! It was totally Tricky! The batpony, slim though she is, is a little bigger than most of the foals here, but only just. And she seems to be a neverending ball of energy. She hops up on her hooves, head tilting at Snakebite. And then she crosses her eyes and THHHBBBBTTTTTs at him.

Lavender and Tricky aren't the only ones snarling or thpppting, either. Behind Lavender, Fugue is lurking in his corner of the cage, hunched up and hissing like no tomorrow. Hiss, hiss! Several of the other foals have joined in, making the whole room sound like it were a balloon running out of air in a great big hurry.

"Aw… Is that any way to treat ol' Uncle Snakebite?" The red-eyed batpony roars in laughter, which succeeds in making at least some of the hissy-ponies stop. Then he opens up a fresh, empty cage, and starts lifting sleeping pony bodies into it. Each one likely darted to sleep, though some of them may be starting to come out of it. One, two, three new Harbor ponies deposited! The cage is closed, and Snakebite starts to lope off, the empty bag draped over his wings. "You kids be good now! You all got a bright future ahead of ya if you keep on runnin' like that." He grins a fang'd grin. "If I'm lucky, I'll get to keep a couple of ya as live bait for croc fishing. You're gonna need good legs for that! Bahahahahaha!" Snakebite leaves, stage right.

When he's gone, Fugue's hissing dies to a soft sigh and a mutter of sound. "Wish father'd hurry up already…"

Lavender leaps against the bars in the direction of that new cage, and starts shaking at them. "WhSpearmint! And is that? Snakebite, how dare you! It's one thing to kidnap me, but grabbing all the poor disabled foals in town is just mean and evil! How /dare/ you!"

"Disabled?" Tricky looks down at the floor, as if she could see Lav in the cage below her. "Hey! Disabled ponies can do all the stuff abled ponies can too! Like get foalnapped! It's an equal-opportunity profession." She nods decisively.

Spearmint stirs. He groans. He twitches an ear. He flops over onto his back and drapes a hoof over his eyes, which is a totally useless thing to do because it's not like it could possibly be too bright in here or something. "Ugh, okay, I'm up, I'm up. I… wait…" he frowns. "…Why does it smell like hay and bats?" Celestia only knows how he knows what 'bats' tend to smell like.

A couple adorable ears poke up from behind Spearmint. Then a couple adorable eyes! Dream-Daze blinks, caught between a groggy blind pony and another totally zonked-out foal. Just looking around in wide-eyed awe at what happened.

Snakebite is gone, but his echo lives on, echoing down the halls of wherever he's going. It fades quick enough with a scraping sound of a heavy door slamming shut. And then silence, outside of the general din a bunch of wakeful batpony foals can make.

Fugue rouses himself from his haypile, trotting over to the bars next to Lavender, poking his nose towards the newcomers. He lifts his head, "You know these three? Did they come from your cave too?" Because you know, all those Harbor buildings look like caves. Just small, homey caves.

Lavender looks back to Fugue, but seems frantic about it, "Y-yeah. They're from the Harbor too, and they're my friends, and we don't live in caves or anything. We live in houses. We build them. Uh…I'll tell you about it later when we're not…not everything horrible and trapped. Guys! Guys, are you okay?" Flails hooves through the bars.

"Hey, we got plenty of time for stories!" Tricky pipes up from above, smooshing her orange-maned batty face against the bars. "What else are we gonna do tonight? Pick our noses?" She pauses, and there's brief silence, before a booger flings down and spluts on the ground. Ew. "There! Done! … By the way, hi new ponies! I'm Tricker-Treat! Who're you?"

Maybe Fugue just doesn't understand the need for frantic hoofwaving. He's looking from Lavender to the new cell and back. "I don't think anyone's going anywhere anytime soon." he grumps, in agreement with Tricky, and then again poking his nose at the newcomers. Thankfully he missed seeing the booger drop. Ew.

Meanwhile in the cell, Dreamy's waving a hoof back at Lavender. …Oh. She has a sucker in her mouth, with a little big of string hanging off of it. Bet anyone can guess how she got caught! Then she starts nudging Spearmint, trying to nuzzle the poor little colt out of grogginess… An ear perks up, sensing that a question of some sort was flung her way, but all she can do at the moment is blink at Tricky. …whoa. Orange.

Spearmint's ears twitch this way and that at the hoofbeats, and the voices, and all the odd noises, and the nudging. "…This is not my room," he declares unnecessarily, then slowly moves to roll to his hooves. "…What's going on? Who…" one ear flicks towards Lavender as she talks. "Lavender? Is that you?" At least one voice is familiar?

Lavender doesn't stop flailing, even past the point of absurdity. "Yes! It's me! We've been kidnapped! There's, there's this scary batpony named Snakebite. And he's kidnapping fillies—uh, kidnapping all kinds of foals, it was mostly batponies but now it's us too! And it's all…nefarious and we have to get out! Um…once the sleeping darts wear off… Um. Oh yeah. You're underground, by the way. In a cell. And there's batponies, by the way," she says for the benefit of her blind friend. "They have batwings and cool eyes."

"REALLY cool eyes," Tricky amends cheerfully. "Man, I like you! You're hyper! Are all the daydwellers hyper like you?"

Fugue looks proud of that, at least. Cool eyes is something to be proud of. He sits up a little straighter. "My father /will/ rescue us." he states, firmly and with only a little bit of doubt. He's sure been taking his time with this whole rescue thing.

In answer to Tricky's hyper question, Dreamy starts bouncing around her cell. Boing, boing, boing~ Maybe she's just happy she got a sucker.
Spearmint blinks slowly as he takes this all in. "Oh," he says once he's processed it. Then, after a moment, "Mom is totally gonna ground me again. I'm not allowed to get foalnapped." It's actually quite difficult to tell if he's joking or being serious. …Or if he's just still half-asleep. (Maybe this is all a weird dream. That'd be convenient.)

"Oh! I like that one! It sounds bouncy too! Hi bouncy thing!" A dark grey hoof sticks down through the bars to wiggle excitedly. Tricky beams. "Yeah, Phantom's probably gonna, like, explode through the wall and yell, 'WHO TOOK MY FOALS' and then Uncle Snakebite will scream and hide. It'll be AWESOME!"

Lavender grins to Tricker Treat, "Some of us are. The good ones are!" Then she glares to Fugue. "Well then!" Lifts her muzzle in a 'hmph' gesture. "Consider it a race then. Between us kids and your father, who will rescue us first! My bits are on us!"

Fugue grins up at Tricky. "Exactly!" He stands up on his hindlegs, pointing a hoof out. "Beware foalnappers, or I shall smear you into paste with one mighty hoof!" Phantom impressions are fun! Then Fugue blinks at Lavender in total confusion. It's the look of a foal that maybe never had to rely completely on himself before. Or a non-parental figure. "Why..?"

Dream-Daze slows her bouncy ways down, ending up in a flop next to Spearmint. She's looking at the total rainbow of rather dark and/or bold colors in all the other cages. With so many bat wings and slitted eyes… It's like… It's kind of like a Nightmare Night costume party.

Which makes the little Dreamy filly's horn light up, giving a little daydream of 'pumpkin pie'. Because that's the first thing that comes to /her/ mind.
Spearmint tilts his head curiously towards Dreamy. "…There's pie?" He's so confused. He shakes his head slightly. It's time to wake up now yes it is. "I never tried a pie. Baking one, I mean. I made pumpkin cookies, though. Last year." He clears his throat slightly. "So we're… underground? It's echoey in here."

"Oh! Are we rescuing ourselves? Okay! That's cool too!" Tricky beams … and then blinks a little. "Hey, I just had an idea! It's like a cake but a cake made of pumpkin! I bet it'll be delicious!"

"Pumpkin cake," Spearmint translates automatically. "It's like pumpkin bread but… cakey."

Lavender blinks a little, "That actually sounds…really good right now…I miss cake." She shakes her head a few times. "Focus, Lavender! Yes, we are going to rescue ourselves. But first we need a plan. We need to find a way out! And then we need a way to, uh…get there. We don't have either right now…."

Fugue nods his head, making his way back to his hay pile. "I don't think they'll keep treating us very nicely if we try to escape." he notes. "If they stop giving us fruit…" he trails off, shivering. Life without fruit! Awful!

Dreamy may be drooling a little around her sucker. Awww daydreams~ But she shakes herself out of it, her magic fading. Her eyes are drooping too. That energy burst may have been about all she had to fight sleepdart with.

"Well… a plan is pretty easy to come up with, right? I mean you sound like you have all the ideas!" Tricky is 100% sincere on this, and she peers down. "Gosh golly you daydwellers are brightly colored! Makes my eyes cross!" And she does. "Hey! I'm good at stealing things! You could tell me to steal things!"

Lavender nods, "Keys maybe? I mean, they let us in and out often enough. So if you can steal a key, then we can start getting the run of the place. Yesss…" She rubs her hooves together, "I think a plan is starting to come together. And then we'll make sure Snakebite gets what's coming to him!"

"Okay! I can steal a key!" Tricky beams.

Fugue blows out a breath. "Fine… But if we end up escaping, and then my father shows up without any foals to rescue, don't blame me for what happens."