Land Candy Is Different
IC date: Winter 65
OOC date: 2/22
Location: Open Market
PCs: Nocturne Whirligig

The open market of Horseshoe Harbor is fairly busy, in part due to a candy sale of sorts. This is all still surprising to Nocturne, who has paid little attention to the town's affairs for the past few weeks. Still, the unicorn managed to bring himself out in order to show his new friend Whirligig around. "And this is, well… where ponies sell stuff. Lots of stuff. Different kinds of stuff." Looking back to the seapony next to him, he gestures the around to a few vendors and stalls in random directions. "Y'know. Stuff. In case you're looking for something. I'unno."

Whirligig gives a few nods, half-way paying attention to Nocturne's narrative. The other half of it has the seamare's eyes open wide in wonderment at all the other land ponies and the shops in the market. She still doesn't quite have her land-legs yet, so walking is still rather wobbly for her. It's obvious she's been working on it, though. "It's all so…so…different! I mean…we have our own market place, but this seems so much more fun! There's CANDY!"

Nocturne's attention, on the other hoof, is still analyzing the market. Appearing almost blatantly unfocused, he nods his way through the seapony's excitement. "I mean yeah, I guess. Never been down there myse- You don't have candy down there?" He looks at the mare with a raised eyebrow and a baffled expression, his body seeming frozen. "Seriously, everypony should be able to buy candy where they live. C'mon."

The unicorn trots up to a nearby stall and converses with the owner as he hands over a small hoofful of bits. "I dunno. Something good, I guess. Just no banana." Eyeing a small bag placed before him, he shrugs and shoves his bits closer to the owner before turning back with the bag in his magic. "Seriously. When was the last time you had candy?" A small piece of some sort of soft, blue candy levitates out of the bag and in front of Whirli, remaining still for her to take.

Whirligig shakes her head with a little bit of a pout, "I mean…they have candy, but it's all seapony and zebra candy. It's not the same!" The seapony seems a bit passionate about it. Then again, she seems passionate about just about anything she says. Her eyes say she's about to drool as the piece of candy floats in front of her. She opens her mouth, hesitating for just a second…but, no longer. Once that short little second is up she chomps down and starts rolling the sugary treat around in her mouth.

Nocturne eyes the bag curiously as he holds it and opens it, turning his gaze to Whirli as she devours the piece offered to her. "That good, huh?" With a shrug, he quickly hurls a piece into his mouth, chewing for some time as he tries to enjoy the flavor. "Eugh!" The unicorn spits out his piece of candy. "I can't stand coconut."

And so, he picks up another piece and inspects its color. It's red, which hopefully indicates a different flavor. Quickly eating it, he finally cracks a smile. "Haven't had stuff like this in a while myself, what with… yeah, it's been a while." He brings the bag closer to the mare. "Help yourself. What's seapony candy made of, anyway?"

Whirligig's eyes went wide upon the candy being in her mouth. It doesn't take long before the small piece is devoured. She stands a little closer to look into the sack, "I mean it's got sugar and all that stuff in it…but it's made with saltwater, and sometimes things like kelp or seaweed. It's not as flavorful as land candy."

Whirligig's coat is in-between violet and maroon, fading in from a darker crimson running down her back. Her eyes are yellow, often with a bit of a crazed look in them. She has a full, slightly unkempt mane that fades from light blue in the front into a medium green in the back. Her dorsal fin and tail fin have a similar coloring. While in legged form, her tail matches her mane for the most part.

Nocturne idly listens as he brings out another piece, chewing on it for a moment and swallowing. "Seaweed, huh?" Looking back up from the bag, he freezes. Something has definitely changed in the past moment, and he can't put his hoof on it. What was he talking about again? "Just, uh… yeah, help yourself." As he leans the bag forward, he begins looking around somewhat frantically. As he does so, whatever was standing out to him appears to be gone now.

Whirligig looks up from the bag for a moment, back to the bag, then back up again. Her eyes are wide, almost frantic. "Can I…can I have some more?" She looks ready to start drooling.

Nocturne snaps his attention back to the pony in front of him. "Yeah, that's what "Help yourself" usually means on land." He shuffles out of the way of a few townsponies trotting by and looks off into the distance before turning back. "Perhaps we could, um… find somewhere not as busy. To eat candy, I mean."

Whirligig tilts her head. Oh! Right! He /did/ say she could. Why didn't she remember? That first piece of candy was good…for some reason it made her space out for a second or two as she ate it. She reaches her hooves into the bag, very carefully lifting out another piece or two and putting them into her mouth. "It's so…so good!" she says, eyes going wide again as the flavor sinks in.

Nocturne appears to be in deep thought, still stumped at what it is that's bothering him. Tapping his hoof impatiently, he finally brings out a few more pieces of candy to chew one while he mulls the situation over. "You're not kidding," he says, bearing an even wider grin. The unicorn quickly averts his gaze after realizing that his eyes have met those of the seapony before him.

"It was, uh, nice showing you around," he says rather quietly, and returns his gaze. "I'd love to get to know you more." Did he seriously just use 'love' in a sentence? "Y'know, what it's like in the sea and stuff."

Whirligig takes her time chewing the pieces of candy. Her own eyes meet the stallion's for that moment and she starts to feel a bit odd. Not a bad odd, just odd. She looks in the opposite direction with a light blush. Fortunately the red is hidden by her already violet-like tones. The seamare gives a nod, "Yes. It's been fun. I'm so glad every pony is so welcoming, atleast from what I've seen." She thinks for a moment on that last question, "It's very different. Besides…well…being wet, it's much slower moving around normally. I actually feel lighter being on the land."

Whatever is bothering Nocturne, it is almost visibly driving him mad at this point. "Probably just a sugar rush," he mutters inaudibly. Settling on that explanation, he listens with interest as the mare speaks. "Lighter? I guess that makes sense." Alright, so he's made it this far. Even if it feels strange talking to the seapony, and even looking at her, he is used to that kind of feeling when socializing. Just gotta find a way to further the conversation like a normal pony would.

"I'll be your mane looks just as beautiful either way."

Whirligig appears to be having a similar problem. She seems a little…shifty…like something's on her mind that she doesn't want to talk about. What does she do to cover it up? A few more pieces of candy are popped into her mouth, of course! Though the blush on her face is hard to see, the look in her eyes gives it away.

Nocturne has brought out a few assorted pieces himself, and frowns as the bag begins feeling very light in his magic. A smile suddenly appears on his face as he gestures a hoof for the mare to stay where she is, and returns to the vendor. Shortly after, he returns with another bag. "I got all the good ones this time. Purple, yellow, blue, and green." He immediately freezes as he makes the connection. Won't she think that's creepy or something?

Whirligig sticks her face in the bag to look at the new candy. She pulls it back out with a bit of a smile, though she does tilt her head to the side inquisitively. After chewing and getting down the peice she stole while she was in the bag (clever girl…) she asks, "So…I'm your favorite colors, then?"

Nocturne gives an awkward laugh at the question, trying to cover his embarassment. "Well, I mean… they're all really pretty colors." At this point, he can't even bother pondering what it is that's bothering him. Leaning in closer, he continues in a quieter tone. "You're lucky to have such beautiful color," he mutters, looking back at his own coat and mane.

Whirligig looks down, idly pawing a hoof at the ground. She's also still feeling a bit peculiar. "Your colors are nice too. Just because they aren't bright doesn't mean they aren't good!"

"You think so?" Nocturne's own dull color makes his blushing fairly noticeable. "I've… never really been complimented like that before." He notices the mare pawing at the ground, and flinches as he realizes that not only is he doing the same, but his hoof is unusually close. He doesn't even remember moving any closer. "I'm sorry, it's just- you're- I… I haven't gotten to spend time with such a pretty mare before."

Whirligig looks to the side, growing a bit more bashful by the second as the odd feeling continues to wash over her. She nods a few times, "Yes, I do." When he compliments her again, she seems almost ready to writhe out of her skin as if it's getting too tight.

Nocturne takes a few steps back, as the nervous tension he feels after giving each compliment is enough to make him snap. Why he doesn't is beyond him. Taking out a few more pieces, he eyes the colors, and looks back at the mare as he begins to eat them. "It's just that… I normally don't notice things like that… but it's true. You're, uh…" The unicorn nearly chokes on his own words. "You're a beautiful mare, Whirligig."

Whirligig takes a step towards as Nocturne takes a step back. She gets another piece of candy and pops it into her mouth, tucking it back in her cheek to suck on it and let it dissolve. After a few seconds, the mare takes a half step closer until they're almost nose-to nose. She looks into his eyes, seeing the same small hint of confusion that is likely in her own, "Thank you. You're…you're very handsome yourself…"

Nocturne can feel his heart beating out of his chest. It's a feeling he's used to, being an out of shape and anxious individual, but not in a situation like this. He leans forward some more, practically nuzzling the mare. "I feel so lucky that I got to meet you. It's unbelievable how… how fortunate that turned out." Oh, crud. He -is- nuzzling her.

Whirligig nods, "Yes…I'm glad I chose then…to try out my invention. I…likely wouldn't have met /you/ if I hadn't." She finds herself nuzzling him back. Something about all of this really feels off, but at the same time every bit of it feels right. The thoughts running through the mare's head are now a big jumbled mess.

Nocturne can hardly comprehend his own feelings at the moment, simultaneously alarming and inviting. "If you want, we can…" His words come out more easily this time, but still accompanied by his usual hesitation. "We can go back to my house. I'd love to play you a song or two."
Whirligig nods, taking a step back and smiling before nabbing another piece of the candy to work at. Her eyes seem a bit…heavy…in a way as she agrees, "That would be…lovely." The words roll affectionately off of her tongue.

Nocturne nods, also working on a piece of candy that he easily nabbed out of the bag. He begins trotting in the direction of Main Street, remaining by the seapony's side in case she loses her balance. "I think you'll like this song. I don't normally play it for… well, anypony, really." Right now, he is no longer overwhelmed by the feelings coming to him, but is embracing them. The two continue their trek, the unicorn appearing to be in an unusually calm and collected mood.