Lancer Of The Queen
IC date: Winter 61
OOC date: 2/18
Location: Outskirts - Chaos Manor
PCs: Queen Pegasus Stormdancer

After a long day out and about doing whatever it is Queen has been upto the past couple weeks, Queen can be found settled on her 'bed' of pillows and blankets in front of Rising's fire place - 'The Nest' as Rising may refer to it from time to time. The tall mare stretches out before lazily flopping onto her side - several books and a journal sprawled out before her.

*Whock* *Whock* *Whock* Hopefully Queenie hasn't gotten -too- comfortable, 'cause there's a knocking on the front door! Followed by Stormdancer's raised voice: "Anypony 'ome?"

Admittedly menial labor is far more an issue than comfort at the moment. Queen lifts her head to glance to the door "Really?" she calls out - questioning Storm's insistence on knocking. "Come in!" she yells before muttering under her breath "As if you need /my/ permission.

Stormdancer bumps the door open and sticks her head in. "What? Might've been napony 'ome, o' ya an' Arcee coulda been kanoodlin' o' somethin'." The rest of her follows soon after, with her closing the door behind her with a hind hoof and trotting on into the living room. "She said ya wanted ta talk 'bout some kinda trip past th' Win'ersong?"

Queen rolls onto her flank and flutters her wings a moment before relaxing - now sitting up right and facing the other pegasi. "I suppose you are correct - there is always the possibility of snogging or canoodling." she motions to the floor in front of her; fire to her back. "Come have a seat. Yes, Rising and I will be going on a trip - an adventure or quest if such words tantalize."

Stormdancer chuckles slightly, also sitting upright- just barely within hoove's reach of Queenie. "Glad ta see -somepony's- workin' ta loosen Arcee up. Mare'd been wound tighter'n some kinda spring metaphor back'n I first met 'er." She rustles her feathers a bit. "Sa it's a bit more'n sight-seein', I gather. What've th' two've ya got'n mind?"

For the longest moment Queen's single blue eye observes Stormdancer after the other mare inquires about the trip - clearly judging she wishes to disclose. "A quest for knowledge that will delve deep into history that predates Canterlot. I honestly had no idea that Rising's topic of study would align so perfectly to my goals when I first met her." She waves a hoof dismissively. "I'm sure you realize that my situation has changed greatly these past few months, and my crew is far different than when I first arrived in the harbor - Rising, Daisychain, and the gryphon." motioning towards the empty rafters. "I've no intention to apologize for any transgressions; however I have a certain appreciation for you."

Stormdancer can't help but smirk a bit- but she's trying to be nice! See how she's not rubbing the loss of the Vanity in Queenie's face? Positively saintly, that. "I 'eard ya got Featherduste' ta join up with ya- O' Daisy did, any'ow." An ear twitches towards the pink mare at the last part. "Ain't sure I'd accept 'em 'f ya gave 'em- b' go on. I'm listenin'."

Queen rests her hooves on her lap while looking at Stormdancer - clearly appraising the mare through the entire course of the conversation. 'Rubbing the 'loss' of the Vanity in Queen's face would have little effect save to prove Stormdancer's own ignorance; so the mare should be thankful she bit her tongue - well if she knew. "I do hope my 'thank you' for all the things you've done for Rising was sufficient. I don't tend to be in the business of giving gifts as it were." Indeed Queen knowns where Stormdancer resides now. "I wanted to give you an opportunity to ask a few questions of me…go on and ask - I won't bite."

"'t was… thoughtful," Stormdancer replies evenly, with a little tip of her head. Nice, be nice… No need for her to let Queenie know that it'd bothered her at least a little that her hideaway was no longer hidden. She stays in a somewhat formal posture, despite a trace of a smile sneaking onto her face. "A'righ' then- Ya figger'd a date fer th' weddin' yet?"

Queen certainly doesn't know how to react to Stormdancer's first question, and it's met with a small twitch at the corner of Queen's mouth and perhaps even a hint of blush. "We have not." she answers directly enough - after all she did offer to answer questions even if they are not to her liking." she rolls her hoof towards Stormdancer - inviting the mare to continue.

Stormdancer does go on, with a little grin. "Well, 'magine ya gotta make time ta meet each othe's folks, firstly. Ain't nothin' mo' fearsome'n Equestria'n a mother what ain't got a chance ta poke'n their daughter's weddin', 'less it's two've 'em."

The mention of Queen's 'folks' causes her face to scrunch as if something less than pleasurable is boiling to the surface, and just as quickly she seems to relax albiet a tad unnaturally. "I've not seen family since the day pirates attacked the cruise ship we were on, and I joined them." by 'joined' she means blungeoning the Captain to death and taking over. "I do imagine Rising's family will be a little shocked, then again this likely the erratic behavior Rising's family would expect."

Stormdancer's unnotched ear twitches briefly, but she skips over to another topic. "Sa, I kin un'nerstand why Arcee's lookin' inta early 'istory- What 'bout ya? Lookin' ta find Princess Platinum's 'riginal crown?" She pauses for a moment, looking thoughtful. "Yanno, th' thing 'bout priceless art'facts- That 'ole priceless thing makes't a bit 'ard ta find buyers. Sa I 'eard."

Queen nods. "I've plenty of wealth - priceless artificats make a lovely status symbol, but as you can see." the mare motions to her near flawless form, and beautiful jewelry. "I've plenty of status and very well known." For all the wrong reasons. "We are in search of an artifact worthy of my attentions - something I've been tracking for years. Some ponies would even consider it ficticious; after all immortality is always sought after, yes?"

Both ears face forwards at this, with Stormdancer dropping her facade enough to blink in surprise. "- Don' let napony tell ya yer lackin' fer ambition. This related ta tha' one thin' Arcee was workin' on 'fore all th' messes came landin' 't once 'round 'ere?"

Queen chuckles "Rising has been in employ since the day we met, and I've provided her with some of my earlier findings - she's found that quite riveting I must say." More than a pretty face it would seem. "I've plenty of ambition and plenty of wealth. The one thing I haven't is a pony on my crew willing to speak up. You've seen how I am - you can imagine Rising, Daisychain, and the gryphon are not the type of ponies to stand up to one like me." she motions towards Stormdancer. "I'm sure you understand where this is all going?"

Stormdancer chuckles, then smirks. "Thought ya'd yelled- more'n once, 'f I recall right- what m' attitude's th' one thin' was -keepin'- ya from tryin' ta 'ire me." One ear flicks back. "Sa why th' change from stickin' ta Yes-ponies?"

Queen motions Stormdancer closer while leanving forward until she can comfortably whisper. "There are moments when my judgement may become clouded with anger, and I have concern that I may be unable to protect Rising-Chaos from myself." Queen slowly leans away and returns to sitting upright. "Rising also has great faith in you, and a strong mind is of utter importance when magic is ahoof."

Stormdancer's smile slips from her face, replaced by a solidly serious expression that doesn't look quite -right- to anypony that's dealt with her on a regular basis. She looks at Queen carefully, before speaking lowly and locking gazes. "Then even if I don't join your crew, there's one thing that's going to happen." - Wait, her accent's gone. She also points one hoof at the other mare, then to herself. "You and I are going to spar regularly. I'm helping Rising learn hoof-to-hoof, and she needs to be able to counter your moves." Her eyes don't leave Queen's during the entire little speech, nor while she waits for a response.

Queen chuckles softly despite the serious nature the conversation has turned to. "The possibility of me harming Rising is slim. I do hope you understand the signifigence of this conversation." Indeed Queen was quite fourthcoming with Stormdancer. "I certainly shall consider sparring with a trusted and loyal crew member, yes." She slips up onto all all fours hooves then stretches out - wings out-stretched which allows Stormdancer to see how large and beautiful they are. All things considered Queen is just shy of a alicorn in size, wing span, and horiness…err hornedness.

Stormdancer will later admit to studying Queen's form, sure- But from a strictly professional standpoint! You know, for things like reach and muscularity. A small smile- that doesn't -entirely- reach her eyes- appears on her muzzle. "Then reckon I'll give ya a trial run 'n this lil' 'venture 've yers. An' I'll be sure ta let ya know'f I see anythin' I don' like."

Queen-Pegasus waves a hoof dismissively over her shoulder - not rude simply a dismissive little wave that both acknowledges Stormdancer's response and emphasizes Queen is done for the moment. "Do have a good evening." she replies before disappearing upstairs.