Jealous Much
IC date: Winter 15
OOC date: 05/01/13
PCs: Rising Chaos, Queen Pegasus, Daisychain
NPCs: None
GM: None

While Queen has no qualms about Rising's cooking she's vying for a change of pace - one Rising must be thankful for given how difficult things can be without her magic. The taller mare trots along side Rising at a slow pace - while no longer in dire straights she's still sore and tattered. "You're postive this place will not dissapoint me?" She asks her unicorn companion while the pair make their way into town.

Rising-Chaos supports the wounded pegasus all she can while making it subtle. It wouldn't do for the Queen to be seen leaning too heavily on such a common pony, after all. Their destination is well known to her, for quality food, probably some of the best in town. Certainly more than she can accomplish with her 'functional' skills. "I am confident you will enjoy yourself, my Queen."

"Oh no!" somepony says from the opening of an allyway. A tail appears, then the rest of the pony…she's backing up slowly and right into the path of the two walking up the road. She's squinting her eyes…

Dilemma! Queen is faced with one as the strange mare slowly backs into her path; does she take a lighter approach as she's promised Rising - or resort to her hold ways and shove the pony down then walk atop of her? The taller pegasi with tattered wings glances to Rising for consol - perhaps Rising will handle this, yes? "I certainly hope so…"

Rising-Chaos is one step ahead of her companion. "Don't worry, my Queen. I will make sure tonight is wonderful," she promises with a nuzzle. "I'll see what the problem is, one moment." Moving forward so she is standing beside Daisychain, she peers towards where the mare came from. "Hello, what's the problem here?"

Daisychain turns her head to look in all directions when she hears Rising-Chaos' voice, eyes squinted pretty far. She doesn't appear to really be able to see her and was too focused on other things to pay attention to where the voice was coming from, "W…who's there?"

Queen being the cruel-natured individual she is simply can't resist toying with the poor mare. "Why it's I, Princess Luna of course, subject. Surely you haven't forgotten my visage!" Certainly Queen is of above average height and has wings; but the mare would have to be utterly /blind/ and perhaps a tad daft to believe Queen's boast.

Rising-Chaos smiles nervously and taps the amre on the shoulder. "I'm right beside you, miss. Are you okay?" There's some genuine worry in her voice, not for the mare, of couse. But if Daisychain is hurt, whatever did it could come out and try it again on her, or worse, Queen Pegasus. That's not okay. Then the Queen makes her declaration, Rising trots back, letting her Queen have the spotlight.

Daisychain spins her head towards the direction towards…blur #1! She squints her eyes hard, but it doesn't seem to do much. She bites her lip for a second, "You don't…sound…like Princess Luna. Come to think of it though…I…I don't remember if I've heard her. Oh dear…I…" Her head spins towards…blur #2! "Um…I guess I'm ok." Her voice goes down to a super-quiet whisper. "I sorta lost my glasses…again. Is that…Really princess Luna?" she asks a garbage can.

Queen wears a look that clearly betrays the fact she's found something of interest; Rising better watch out! "Mwaha. Hardly - I'm nothing as simple as a mere Princess." she motions towards Rising - after all minions are for explinations and dirty work.

Rising-Chaos knows ehr cue when she hears it. She moves in and puts a hoof on the mare's shoulder again, giving Daisychain a point of refrence. "That is Queen Pegasus, she's a rather powerful figure in town. As a friendly tip, treat her well and she'll do the same to you." The new mare doesn't intimidate her, much, with how interesting she is. Rising is certain she can provide more value. Completely certain, yeah. "I'm Rising Chaos, what is your name?"

Daisychain squints her eyes towards the hoof on her shoulder, her wings fanning out just a bit in case the situation gets wierd. She isn't really thinking about the fact that she's be flying blind. Her head tilts to the side a little bit, still unable to make out any figures, "Queen…Pegasus? Never heard of 'er." She shakes her head a few times, "My name? Um…Daisychain…"

Queen tsks softly "Then perhaps I'll need to make a lasting impression.." the mare considers. "Daisychain…a poor mare who's blind as a bat." she seems to find this amusing judging from her chuckle. "I guess I can /see/ how you might not know a pirate of my calibur…

Rising-Chaos sigh internally, glad her Queen isn't upset by Daisychain's lack of acknowledgement. "Perhaps I can help you find your glasses? Would that help, miss Daisychain?" Rising offers, eager to get the mare out of the way so she can enjoy her meal.

Daisychain droops her head a little, "I…I don't know if…I don't know where they fell off. I mean…" she seems to sound more and more worried by the moment, getting herself worked up, "They fell off…an' I keep tryin' to find them but I don'
don't know where I am…"

Queen slowly rolls her one good eye before reaching down to pluck the glasses that hang around Daisy's neck thanks to a nice glasses loop; proceeding to gently drop the glasses onto Daisy's nose. "I certainly hope you're not in charge of anything important…" glancing to Rising to wonder how the other mare missed the glasses dangling from Daisychain's neck. "Perhaps you should carry a spare as well if your disability is so crippling." This brings Daisychain her first view of the taller, sleeker one-eyed pegasi - who's also quite tattered at the moment; clearly she's had quite the accident in the past few weeks.
Rising-Chaos blushes, at this rate everypony will question her intelligence. Around the mare's neck? That's too obvious to even check, she can hardly be blamed, right? Sighing, she moves back over to her Queen, not saying a word. She just got embarrassed.

Daisychain lets out a squeek as she feels something touching her neck, and when she looks down…OH MY GOD SHE CAN SEE! She looks at Rising-Chaos, then to Queen Pegasus, then back to Rising. Her eyes well up with tears, but they aren't exactly tears of joy…more like tears of shame! In some far-eastern lands, this might be enough to make a pony want to commit…no! Back on track! "I…I…I…I.I.I" She has become a stuttering mess.

Queen stands there, quietly staring down her nose at the odd little mare before her; a few moments pass before she's had all she can take and her voice rings out - far more commanding before "That's enough of that. Chin up and no more tears. If you're embarrassed then offer to purchase my meal." she waves her hoof towards the restaraunt down the street. "Get moving.

Rising-Chaos blinks in surprise. Dinner was supposed to be her treat, that was the plan. Taking care not to show any dissatisfaction, she stays near her queen. well fine, apparenlty she gets a free meal from this 'Daisychain' character.

Daisychain blinks a few times, looking up at the 'Queen' with a little bit of shock, "But…I…but…" She lowers her head again and looks at the ground. After all…this stranger /did/ just point out the so obviously-obvious glasses around her neck that she somehow managed to forget about, "I…I guess…"

Queen waves a hoof dismissively. "Lift your chin - what have you to be ashamed of!?" her tone commanding if not down right demanding. "You can't expect to make it through life by bawling your eyes out." giving the mare an encouaring little shove. "You need to take life by the reigns, and don't spare the spurs."

Rising-Chaos nods, the words are good. Inside she simmers a bit, completely jealous and confused. This new, nice Queen Pegasus is weird, and the fact that it bothers her is even weirder. Rising decides to keep her mouth shut and a smile on ehr face, it'll pass.

Daisychain looks back up, her glasses sitting on the end of her nose and ready to fall off. She pushes them back onto her face and lets out a long sigh. Self confidence doesn't quite seem to be a quality belonging to this pony. "I.." she starts to talk, but she figures she'll just be belittled even more by anything imporant she thinks she has to say. "Well…lets go…"

Queen sets into a slow trot with Rising at her side. "Hmmm…quite the push-over aren't you? If you keep being this docile I simply may keep you as a pet."

Rising-Chaos flinches at the mention of being a pet. That was her job, and she was proud of it. "yes, let's." She's unable to contain some of her newfound bad mood as she trots forward. No doubt to queen Pegasus' great amusement.

Daisychain stretches her wings for a second while walking alongside the…interesting…pair of ponies that she has somehow found herself buying lunch for. At a lack for things to say she keeps pace and hums a soft tune, seemingly avoiding making direct eye-contact.

Queen's good eye drifts to Rising where it lingers for the longest moment before she speaks up again. "Come now, Rising." Her words while simple should carry alot more weight for Rising whom should know her by now. "At any rate.." eye drifting back to the near-sighted mare then back to Rising. "Honestly Rising…"

Rising-Chaos trots along, trying not to let her sour mood spoil it. "I know, my Queen. I know, it's just…" Likewise her words should carry a lot. It's a good thing Daisychain has no idea what's going on or else this would be awkward! "Odd moods, not feeling the best."

Queen leans over while in mid-step to very gently nuzzle Rising's cheek. "Come now you, Rising-Chaos." she whispers to the unicorn. "I thought you'd never doubt me, hmm?" as the trio arrive at the restaraunt's entrance Queen stops - certainly she can't be expected to open the door for herself or anypony else.

Daisychain stops along side the other two ponies. She isn't really used to 'royalty' of this sort, and doesn't really seem like she knows what should be going on. Looking back and forth between the other two, she waits to see what happens next.

Rising-Chaos sighs, nuzzling Queen Pegasus in return. "I trust you completely, always. I'm not entirely myself right now my Queen. These thoughts and things I feel, I'm not sure where they come from. It will pass, I will control it." Brightening up slightly, she moves forward. "Allow me to get the door." She opens and stands aside so the others can go through first.

Queen chuckles softly as she notices Rising's mood impvoring a hint. "We both know control isn't your strong suite - I'll listen if you've concerns." lifting her head up high as she trots through the open door. She looks about the restaraunt with a scrutinizing gaze - already judging the decor, staff, and well everything. "As for you.." gaze drifting back to Daisychain. "I get the feeling you're pushed around often, yes?
Daisychain follows in behind the Queen, making sure not to run into her in the process. She takes her own look around the place…seems nice enough! She gets a little bashful when the pegasus talks to her, "I…no…" she clearly lies…
:follows them in, stopping by Daisychain. "I suggest not lying to Queen Pegasus. she will now, and having her happy with you is infinetly preferable to her being upset with you." Her message delivered Rising moves forward, spotting an empty table, the one she reserved. She leads the way, but doesn't take a seat just yet, instead bowing so the others can sit first.
Rising-Chaos follows them in, stopping by Daisychain. "I suggest not lying to Queen Pegasus. she will now, and having her happy with you is infinetly preferable to her being upset with you." Her message delivered Rising moves forward, spotting an empty table, the one she reserved. She leads the way, but doesn't take a seat just yet, instead bowing so the others can sit first.

Queen watches curiously as Rising gives the near-sighted mare so much advice; odd - why would Rising want her to like this stranger. With a small shrug she trots into the restaraunt - bypassing the matron de to select her own table - in a secluded corner where she can keep her back to the wall. She settles in. "As a Captain I've obtained many skills - getting information and truthful answers from ponies is one of them; there are /many/ ways to extract information…perhaps you'd like to experience some?":

Daisychain walks over to the table with a look on her face that seems to read 'Are you sure we're allowed to be doing this?' She decides it might be in her best interests to not question the Queen. However, she does seem a little confused when she's asked about these 'methods' of getting information, "What…what do you mean?"

Rising-Chaos smiles sweetly, she has a plan now, something to follow. She doesn't take a seat just yet, but instead stands at the head of the table. "I have made arrangements with the owner, and will be bringing him your orders myself. What would you two like?" Daisychain is an unfortunate complication, but Rising isn't about to let anything ruin her lovely lunch with her lovely Queen.

Queen settles into her seat across the table from Daisychain - her single blue eye remains fixated on the other mare. "Certainly you aren't asking me what I want, Rising." Queen having the expectation that Rising will /know/ what Queen wants. She places one hoof on the table while staring at Daisychain. "You're far too sweet to be wanting to know the answer to that." her smile slightly wicked. "Now I'll ask again - you get picked on often, don't you?"

Daisychain lets out a sigh, her glasses sliding towards the end of her nose as she looks town at the table. She pretends like she's looking at the menu but can't escape the glare of the Queen. "….yes…"

Rising-Chaos smiles sweetly Queen Pegasus' way. "I'm just trying to keep up appearance, my Queen. I'll go get our food while miss Daisychain is deciding." Wth a small bow she makes her way to the back, nodding to the owner. She disappears in to the kitchen for a while.

Queen chuckles softly while leaning back into her seat. "Honesty is the best policy - you'll find that I don't take well to liars." unwrapping her cutlery so she may place the cloth napkin on her lap. "I take it no pony ever stands up for you either?"

Daisychain droops her shoulders down, "I…well…" she thinks for a moment, "…No…" She pushes her glasses back up before they fall off…though perhaps this time she'd remember that they're still attached to her with a band.

Queen hmms softly while watching Daisychain; there's no denying that Queen's gaze is dominating and down-right critical - as if judging everything the other mare does. "Perhaps you've simply been hanging around the wrong ponies, yes? Perhaps you'd find yourself happier in the company of a stronger, far more confident mare. A mare who while demanding is very fair.

Daisychain looks over the menu more, perhaps trying to stall answering these questions, "I…ponies don't hang out with me. They…they make fun of me because I can't see without my glasses. They…would…take them from me…" She seems to be a bit of a delicate one, alright!

Rising-Chaos chooses that moment to return, followed by a pair of waiters, both of whom could have been candidates for the Vanity's crew. Behind them again is the owner, a slight earth pony mare with a light grey coat and dark green mane. Rising bows as Queen is served mixed vegetables covered in a spicy garlic sauce. While Rising herself is served a simple salad, as she prefers. One waiter stands by to receive Daisychain's order while Rising takes a seat beside Queen Pegasus.

The owner trots up and nods to Queen pegasus. "It's an honour to have you. Allow me to rpesent a gift, from the house." The mare places a fine bottle of rum on the table before trotting back towards the kithcen. Meanwhile Rising smiles in the satisfied manner of a mare who knows they've done a good job.

Queen chuckles softly while listening to Daisychain - the nonchalant attitude surely isn't meant to be comforting. The owner's offering of wine earns a small nod of acknowledgement before Queen pops the cork and takes a big whiff - it's important to inspect your drink before partaking. She pours some of the rum into Daisychain's wine glass before insisting. "Drink." Letting the mare partake first - after all if it's poisoned why risk your own neck! "Of course they make fun of you - they might even pretend to be nice, but in the end they just pick on you right? I don't pretend - that's the difference between me and your average pony. Most ponies will be nice then laugh behind your back - I'll laugh to your face; there's no questioning my sincerity. Consider that."

Daisychain looks up at the waiter, forgetting that she should order food. Rather, she looks like she's a bit uncomfortable and ready to cry. She scrambles a bit at the menu and finally makes up her mind, telling the waiter her choice. Eventually, she knows she should answer Queenie but still isn't sure what to make of her. After taking a sip of the wine for a good gesture she finally speaks up again, "Nopony ever liked me…they…they thought I was useless…."

Rising-Chaos is confused by the conversation, though Queen Pegasus' goal is clear. She decides to keep silent for now, and can at any time be brought it to support or prove a point. She does, however, find herself feeling jealous again. Here she is, having organized all of this, and more important is some sniffling mare and being taken in to what was her place. Rising holds her tongue and tries to get ehrself back under control.

Queen certainly isn't the nicest of ponies, matter of fact she's a downright murderous monster at times, and there's no denying she' smiling even as Daisy chokes back tears. "I'm positive I could find a use for you. You see - I'm all about opportunity - I've always taken what I want and made my own opportunities, and now I'm offering you an opportunity to be part of something larger than yourself." she waves a hoof dismissively "Clearly I'm not one of the good guys - but I'm far more honest."

Daisychain tilts her head to the side a little bit in confusion. For someone who's not one of the 'good guys' she certainly seems like she's beeing a 'good guy'. This of course has the pony running circles in her mind, "A…a use…for me?"

Rising-Chaos simmers off to the side. What sue could this mare be? Still, not even she could guess at what Queen Pegasus' plan was, and the pegasus did employ her after all. She keeps a smile on her face and waits.

Queen dismissively waves her hoof "Indeed. A use for you - I'm offering you a purpose and a place; live up to my expectations and you'll be treated well - there's no surprises; perform poorly and you'll be punished." Seeing how Daisychain hasn't dropped dead from the rum - Queen partakes! "Ah! I'm currently re-evaluating my situation, and I do believe a new crew is order. Of course Rising-Chaos will be my first mate, and should be treated as such.

Daisychain looks down at her plate hungrily as it finally arrives and is placed in front of her. She looks up at the Queen as if she's waiting for permission to eat. She's still taken a bit back by everything going on. "C…crew? Like…like on a ship?"
:nods gratefully at the assertion. Being Queen Pegasus' first mate is just about everything she could hope for. Surely, she would be loyal forever.She turns an eye on Daisychain, sizing her up. The mare's naivte is useful, hopefully it will make her lfie easier. These thought don't make her any less ejalous, but she contorls it better.
Rising-Chaos nods gratefully at the assertion. Being Queen Pegasus' first mate is just about everything she could hope for. Surely, she would be loyal forever.She turns an eye on Daisychain, sizing her up. The mare's naivte is useful, hopefully it will make her lfie easier. These thought don't make her any less ejalous, but she contorls it better.

Queen motions to the plate - gesturing her permission for Daisychain to eat. "To say my ship is currently land-locked - is an understatement. However my current goal does not require the use of a ship - well we could use my ship, but I find it better to not expose all of one's secret wepaons. Were the vanity to be moved back to the harbor I'm confident she would sail again; Rising was quite surprised to find the keel of the vanity undamaged even if the skin was shattered." she waves her hoof dismissively. "I demand obdience and loyalty - you'll find yourself well cared for in return.

Daisychain slowly starts to nibble on her food as the Queen informs her of the ship, "W…What would I be doing? Besides being…obedient…and…loyal…" her voice goes a little soft.

Rising-Chaos is caught quite unaware by all this. As she starts to eat her gaze moves to Queen Pegasus, whom she watches carefully. Just what are these new plans, and what is her role in them? She has total trust in the mare but it always pays to be careful and know what is happening.

Queen takes a moment to stir her vegetables before glancing across the table at Daisy-chain. "Everything, and anything your Captain asks of course - although I'm sure you've some skills you'd care to share with us?" Queen always has plans, in fact her plans have plans that have plans for planning plans. One hoof moving to gently pat Rising's leg before she sets to eating
Daisychain nibbles more at her food, taking a nother sip of her drink. "I…" she starts, looking at her cutiemark. She uses her wingtips, her mouth, and her front hooves to take a few napkins and tie them together in an eligant-looking figuring of Queen herself! "I tie things…"

Rising-Chaos freels better at the contact from her Queen, who is always a reassuring presence. Daisychain's talent is unexpected, to say the least. "That's quite interesting," she mutters to herself, before continuining with her emal.

Queen watches Daisy's nibble hoof, mouth, and wing work with some amusement. "Quite nimble…" surely such nimble hoofs will come in handy. "A good knot is very useful." she assures the mare before taking another bite of her food - it's adequate but lacks the love of Rising's cooking; after swallowing she adds. "Rising…" she motions to the mare "Isn't nearly as bad of a pony as I - she's just a bit of a hardcase. I'm certainly curious to your answer." then again Queen takes what she wants…so Daisychain's answer may be irrelvant.

Daisychain lets out a sigh, taking a few more slow bites of her food. She looks like she's a bit unsure of herself at the moment, though the gears are certainly turning, "Is…is it okay…if…if I think about it…first?"

Queen-Pegasus waves a hoof dismissively "While I'm sure you won't find a more generous offer - do as you wish." the mare resuming her meal - far more intent on keeping Rising's company.

Rising-Chaos scowls, certainly she cna be a hardcase. Though she's unable to stop a thin grin supplanting her dour demeanour. "I urge you to consider. My Queen is a powerful mare, you could profit greatly off of your cservice to her." Her one caution given, she quietens back down. The lunch, she thinks, was a success