IC date: Spring 86, 1007
OOC date: June 16, 2012
PCs: Lily-Heart, Fidget
GM: None

With the torrential downpour this week — not to mention the fact that dangerous snowbunnies are running rampant all over town seeking shelter — ponies are strongly encouraged to stay indoors. Which may be why a screaming little cream-colored unicorn slams open the door to Fidget's shop, and closes the door behind her, completely drenched. Lily-Heart pants heavily, her hind leg lifted off the ground as it's scratched and bleeding, and she turns big pink eyes around the shop, wondering where she stumbled into. "H-hello?" she calls weakly, wiping her red hair out of her face.

'Jokes! Japes! and Romance!' Announces the sign outside the make shift shop shoved in what was once an alleyway. Insides is an assault on the eyes. Colors haphazardly packed into every surface. Buckets set atop the counter, the tables and across the floor catch the rain that pours of the neighboring building and onto her's. Across the counter piled high with colorful fabrics, random prankster equiopment and foal's magic kits is a brown filly with bright amber mane. "Hiiii!" The pegasus flits up into the air and shakes the young one's hoof. "Welcome to my shop! Are you here for romance or jokes … or japes?" smiling wide ear to ear.

Lily-Heart works on catching her breath a little, as she gazes wide-eyed at all the jokes and japes. My goodness! "Oh h-hello!" A warm smile breaks out on the injured mare's face, and she shakes Fidget's hoof. "Well, I /was/ here to escape the snowbunnies, but…I'm really curious about all these things you're selling. So, um, I guess…all of the above?" She takes a few tentative steps into the small shop, peeking at all the buckets and the merchandise. "What do you mean by romance?"

The pegasus tilts her head. "Ohmy! Your hurt! Let me get something for that." flying back over to her counter and digging through her things. "Nope nooo thats a fake bandage, fur growth potion … ooh! First Aid kit!" trotting back over with it in her mouth. Getting to work if you let her she starts to clean it out with water and wraps the wound in gauze. "Yes! Romance. I give kissing lessons, and I can help you find your special somepony. I … kinda had my love potions confiscated. They where bad juju anyway." waving a hoof dismisivly. "I have anything a young filly could ever want! So what can I get you?"

Lily-Heart warms considerably, and smiles at Fidget as she offers to fix her leg. "Oh, thank you so much!" Indeed, she lets Fidget bandage it and care for it, flopping down and obediently turning it this way or that, however is needed. "Oh, that's okay. I'm not interested in love potions. But I…" She blushes and looks to the side. "I /am/ curious about how you'd help me find my special somepony…"

"Though one question. Whats a Snowbunny and why are you trying to escape them? They sound adorable." The jokester muses for a moment. With a shrug through the thought passes and she seems to light up with joy as you ask about her services. "Oooh! Yes finding your special somepony. Very hard thing going through all the eligible mares and stallions out there to get just the right one." hopping about you, never once stopping. "I have a whole wall of possible couplings for ponies in town! So tell me, what kinda pony are you looking for. I guess first I should know if you like colts or mare-oh! And if have your eye on somepony already of course!"

Lily gasps. "Oh, gosh, snowbunnies are /terrible/!" she exclaims. "Snowbunnies are from the forest, and they're made of super-sharp crystals, so that if you touch one, even a little bit, it cuts you up. I barely touched one while I was running, and it did /that/." She points to her hoof Fidge just bandaged, which did indeed have a pretty darn deep cut. "They're all over the town trying to get out of the rain!"

But, as for the matchmaking, Lily brightens again, blushing. "Oh…gosh. I like mares. But I don't have my eye on anyone…I spend so much time in the hospital, I don't get to see many ponies who aren't sick! But I guess I just want someone nice, and warm, and caring. Do you have anypony in mind?"

"Gosh that sounds pretty bad. Razory bunnies hopping through town. I wonder why they don't just chill in the forest? Rain can't be as bad there." "Soft and warm and caring…." walking over to a wall with not but a single but extra colorful tapestry. Pulling it aside she revivals forty or so crude drawings of ponies all with lines and little hearts going around them. "Lets see here. Captain Lavander … nooo too brash. Snowfield? No she is like married to grumpyness or something. "Sadaka? Nooo paired with Jellybean." There is a look of extreme focus, something Fidget's face is not accustomed to. Tongue sticking out just a little on one side. "There is just not alot of available mares your age." the match maker still looks determined. "Looks like this will have to be an out in the field job! We will have to hunt for your Ms. Right."

Lily trots over curiously, leaning in to look at the wall with fascination. "Oh, wow…that's really neat!" She blinks curiously, sitting and tapping her chin thoughtfully. "My age? Oh, gosh. I guess I don't see many teenagers around, huh?" She frowns and looks down, ears drooping just a bit before she perks up again. "Well, that's okay! An in-the-field job would be great! I'd love to meet more mares around!"

Fidget zips close invading your personal space. "Great!" zipping away she collects some gear that would be seen like hunting gear that blacks ops might wear. "Ok! So I have paints for blending in. Binoculars for spotting ponies! Um … I forget what the arrows are for. I think this is the right bag." muzzle deep in it shifting through the contents. "Um are the bunnies still out there? I dont' think many ponies will be out in the wet and in the razor bunny patch."

Lily jumps as Fidget leans in, and blinks rapidly in confusion, then rubs her wet hair as she leans away again. Huh. She tilts her head, watching all that rummaging, then turns to peek out the door…and squeaks! "There's one right outside!" she yelps, and as though on cue, there's a scratching at the door. She leaps onto Fidget, clinging. Eeeeeek!!

A mare bounces atop the filly and she squeeks, "Ack! Enemies at the door!" flailing helplessly as she is clung to for a moment before catching her head. "Ohoh! I know we must build a fort!" Nose to nose with Lily as she is held tight, smiling wide. Trickster wit coming in useful in the strange situation "Then … oh! they don't like water tip one of the rain buckets on them." glancing over to all the buckets she has stacked on everything to collect the leaking roof. The scraping gets louder and louder as the bunny starts to cut through the flimsy door with ease.

Lily-Heart squeaks in fear and scrambles off of Fidget, blushing. "S-sorry! Didn't mean— yes ma'am!" A pink glow sprouts from her horn, matching the heart-shaped lock and keys on her flank, and envelopes one of the buckets of water. It starts to float precariously into the air, tipping this way and that without actually spilling…yet. It floats over to the door, and holds steady, as she stares at the scritching, scratching door, sweating with the effort of keeping the bucket aloft. "H-how do we build…a fort?" she asks, strained.

When released Fidget moves like lighting gathering random things, from cushions, to an urn even a few books and makes a haphazard bunker out of them. Will it hold off a bunny attack? No, but its cool and cozy and clearly the best fort no matter what common sense says! Flurry of work stopping just as you manage to raise the bucket over the door. "Like that!" she declares happily and bumping flanks with you happily "Good work. Now we wait a second to see the bunny may be nice and just want to find a place to hide. Mean while we hide in our masterfully crafted bunker and wait and see!" Nudging you into the little entrance with her head. "Set the bucket on the metal stand over the door. I had it installed so buckets would tip over when someone opened the door without it needing to be propped open. Air conditioning is expensive after all."

Lily squeaks at the flank bump, and then beams and nods, only to very nearly lose her concentration on the bucket. She yelps and renews her hold, squinting hard as she caaaarefully sets the bucket in the holder. "Whew!" she laughs breathlessly. "My goodness, you're so prepared!" With that, she scrambles into the fort and pokes her nose out, watching the door to see if the bunny will come through…

The scratching at the door gets louder, as razor-sharp bunny fur knocks slivers and chunks of wood loose. A nose pokes through a hole, wiggling and sniffing. And with a sharp yank of its teeth, a panel comes away in the door, big enough for it to start wriggling into the shop.

Fidget wiggles into the fort after you just in time for the bunny to start scratching through the door. The little prankster returns your compliment with a proud look. "Pranksters always have to be prepared! Who knows when there is an opportunity for some grade A japery." The confines of the fort are Spartan to say the least making the two mares pull in close. It's Fidgets turn to blush a little, glancing over to you. Opening her mouth to say something just as the bunny breaks through the door rather than opening it via the door handle. The bucket remains unmoved, and the doom bunny enters the shop to reek havoc upon the trapped ponies. "Ooops"

Lily blushes a bit too as Fidget wedges in close, but it's pretty clear that there's More Important things to worry about than personal bubbles. Like bunnies breaking through doors. But luckily, one of them is a unicorn! And she quickly uses telekinesis to knock the bucket over on top of the bunny with ice-cold water. The creature squalls and yowls in a high-pitched yet wholly unearthly sort of way as it starts thrashing under the bucket in a panic. Lily pulls back into the fort a little, brows knitting. "That poor thing!" she whimpers.

"Wait I thought they just didn't like getting wet." Fidget's ears droop "why is it screaming like that is it in pain?" The little prankster may be a master of jokes, monster lore is not her strong point. Trading an equally pained look with Lilly. "Isn't there anything we can do? Its not like we can even touch it …" not one to give up easy she bursts form the fort and grabs at the tapestry form earlier. "Here help me with this maybe we can dry it off or something!"

"I dunno! I— I thought so too!" Lily wibbles, and as Fidget darts out, she pokes her head out to look at the tapestry. "Wha— what if it gets destroyed?" she asks uncertainly, as the bucket scoots across the floor, clanking and bonking against things erratically as it squalls and … does whatever it is it's doing under there.

"We can't just let it die or what ever is happening to it!" Fidget continues to tug at it getting a corner loose at last. "Least we can do is get that bucket off it." finally pulling it free and struggling to hover carrying the whole thing. "When I say go lift the bucket with your cool unicorn magics then I will toss this ontop, then we can maybe touch it to get the water off? I duno?" trying to get above the bucket for the drop, "NOW!"

Lily frets and frets, but as soon as Fidget gives the word, her unicorn magic knocks the bucket off the bunny. It leaps in surprise, apparently unharmed but very, very wet — and then completely covered in tapestry! As it fights and thrashes valiantly, the tapestry's getting ripped to shreds, and Lily's racing out of the fort to try and help but…she doesn't know how, so she just prances uneasily in place.

"It looks ok!" Fidget cheers. "Ohwait- its still ok, and now is mad. Also sharp. Look out!" Fidget colides into Lilly just as the thrashing ball of tapestry and razor bunny flails toward the unicorn. The two tumbling into a pony pile and rolling into the fort of random things with an impressive crash. "I … I think we have lost the prankster's gambit … I vote on retreat … ow…."

Lily yelps and falls back as the pegasus crashes into her, and they land in a floppy pony pile. Luckily for them, though, the bunny struggles free and, deciding this is a /terrible/ place to find shelter, darts back into the rain and FAR AWAY FROM HERE. Lily groans and flops back on her back, huffing out a breath. "Well that was… exciting!" she decides. "Are you okay, miss — Oh, gosh, I didn't get your name!"

Fidget lifts her head to watch the bunny leap away, and turning it to see the pony laying atop her. "Oh- I'm Fidget … I don't think I got your name either." Laying there next to you as you roll off and onto your back. "That was allot of fun, even if it was really scary. Sorry I couldn't find you a special somepony right away." Looking a little guilty, "You can come over any time, we can do stuff and maybe find you a special some pony? That is if you still want to."

Lily brightens again, and nods quickly. "Oh, yes! I'm sorry, Fidget. I'm Lily-Heart! I'm a heart-healer at the hospital. Er… /junior/ heart-healer." Blush. But she starts to get up and shake herself off. "Oh that's okay. It's a work in progress! And I'd love to stop by more and see if we can't cook anything up. Thank you so much for bandaging my leg." She gives the leg a shake, and smiles brightly down at Fidget. "I should probably get home before my cat gets worried… But I'll be back soon, okay?"

Fidget pulls Lilly into a hug, and adding an extra tight squeeze for good measure. "Thats great Lily! Heart healing Is like match making a little bit I bet! Both has to do with making the heart whole right?" Giving an extra wide smile and opening the door, whats left of it anyway, for you. "I can't wait till you can come over again this will be so much fun!"

"Oh, something like that! I bet there's some overlap!" Lily beams and gives a tight hug back. "I'll be back soon — be careful with those bunnies and keep safe! And don't get sick, that would just be /dreadful/." Wibble. But then the unicorn hops out the door and smiles. "See you later!" And off she runs, into the near-hurricane levels of rain and wind.