It's Always Ice Cream Weather
IC date: Spring 89, 1008
OOC date: June 18, 2013
Location: Town Square
PCs: Blackbird, Rusty-Gears, and Sadaka

RAIN. So much rain. Six days in and it's getting rather old, as far as Sadaka is concerned. She's bored. And /wet/. And stuck on the ground, because Mr. Jellybean's all busy, and she already proved she's not so great at flying in all the wind yet, and it's either stay in the house /all the time/ or leave with Mr. Jellybean and Ms. Typhoon in the morning and then be stuck on the ground until they come and get her at night. Which seemed like the best idea, but then there was /rain/.

Sadaka's hunkered herself down under the overhang of a market stall, glaring out at the mudpuddles. She makes a face at the nearest one. Nya.

But hopefully there will be some kind of sunshine for Sadaka soon — just not the literal kind. Instead, it's the kind that comes with weary hoofsteps from the harbor: a pair of ponies heading into the Town Square, both of them wonderfully, brilliantly familiar (if a little beat up):

Blackbird and Rusty!

The squeal heard 'round the world! Or, at least throughout most of the town. Sadaka hears the hoofbeats, glances up idly, freezes, then lets out quite a squee. "PAPA!!!" And Blackbird would find himself with a faceful of zebra. Or, well, probably more a chest full of zebra. She can only leap so high.

Blackbird looks up at the squeal and he brightens considerably, rearing so he can fling his forehooves around her and hug her tightly. "Hey, Little Bit! Ooooh I missed you SO MUCH!!" He nuzzles her mohawk of a mane fiercely. Too busy hugging her right now for much else.

Sadaka clings. CLINGS. She can have quite the grip when she's got a mind to! "I m-missed you too!" She manages, which is impressive considering she's got her face buried against his neck firmly enough that saying anything should be a bit of a chore.

Rusty chuckles, reaching over to give Sadaka's mane a light ruffle - as soon as she can fit a hoof in, that is! "Hey, kiddo. Told'ja I'd bring 'im back in one piece." A little beat up, but hey, he's not missing anything important! (That wasn't already missing before. (Like common sense. (Though maybe he's picked up a bit of that by now.)))

"Oh, pumpkin," Blackbird chuckles into her neck, just… thrilled for the moment. But after a bit, he's able to sort of pull back just enough to get a look at her. "I'm sorry we were gone for so long! But I promise, we're not going anywhere anytime soon. If ever. How are you, kiddo? Did Jellybean treat you right?" Like he has any doubts on that subject. He glances to Rusty with a slight, amused, and apologetic smile.

Sadaka nods, managing to lighten up her clinging - a little bit. "Uh-huh. He was real nice an' he helped me with my homework an' he gave me flying lessons an' I helped him bake a cake."

Rusty gently nudges Blackbird - if not forward, at least onto a nearby porch or something. These conversations are perhaps better had up in the dry! Even if she's the only one of the three who still remembers that it's raining.

Blackbird blinks, a few confused moments passing before it occurs to him what Rusty's gesturing. Then he grins and wrestles Sadaka into a clinging position on the back of his neck so he can trot them into the Schoolhouse instead. "You baked a cake, huh? How'd that go? And you got flying lessons! Excellent! How's your flying going? Tell us all about it!" He holds the door open for Rusty, ever a gentlecolt.

Rusty flashes him a smile as she ducks inside, shaking herself off a bit and pausing to wring out her hat.

"Pretty good. We made it with lotsa strawberries an' I think Ms. Typhoon really liked it. It was her birthday." Sadaka nestles herself into his mane, seeming uninclined to let go anytime in the forseeable future, muddy hooves be darned. "And Mr. Jellybean says I'm doin' real good at flying, and I've even figured out landings mostly. I guess I still kinda have trouble when it's too windy, though." She's got the bruise on her belly to prove that. Darn statue, getting all up in her way. Hmph.

Blackbird shakes off a little too, but not so rigorously as to lose his passenger. "Well! I guess we'll just have to make a cake together to celebrate being home, huh? I wanted to write to you, but there wasn't any mail service or anything. I'm really sorry, Little Bit." He reaches back with his nose to nuzzle her.

Rusty gives a small chuckle. "I shoulda looked for pidgeons or something. Have you ever baked a cake before?"

Sadaka nuzzles against him, giving a little sniff. "…I was getting worried. Mr. Jellybean said you were okay, but I dunno how he knew."

"Me? Once or twice. It's usually a disaster," Blackbird grins at Rusty. "But I bet Little Bit here can keep me in line." But when Sadaka sniffles that information, he reaches back to pull her into his arms and hold her close. "I'm so sorry, kiddo. I should never have left. But I promise you I won't be leaving again, okay? It's just you and me and Miss Rusty, here in the Harbor. Does that sound good?"

Sadaka nods eagerly, nestling into the hug. "Okay. Yeah. That… that's g-good."

Rusty looks a bit relieved at this herself, smiling. "There's plenty to do around here, anyways. Wonder how much stuff's broken while we've been gone." She looks around. "Looks like Gamble kept this place up, at least."

Sadaka nods. "Mr. Gamble's been teaching, yeah."

Blackbird feels more than a little guilty for going gallivanting off on such a /stupid/ thing, and leaving his poor daughter here alone. But this time! This time the guilt is fleeting, and just fuel for the fire of determination to do better from here on out. He kisses Sadaka on the top of her head. "It's true! Better make sure everything's in order. And check in on Gamble, see how he held up trying to wrangle all the students. I'd suggest maybe we go get some ice cream, but it doesn't seem to be ice cream weather, does it?" he chuckles.

Sadaka blinks and looks up at him with her very best serious face. "It's /always/ ice cream weather."

Blackbird blinks…and laughs. "You know, right you are. You up for ice cream, Rusty?" he grins, noogying Sadaka.

Rusty chuckles, grinning as Sadaka squirms and bats at his hoof playfully. "Well, it's hard to argue with that logic. Ice cream it is!"

Blackbird grins down at Sadaka and then wrestles her back onto his back. "To the parlor!" he grins, and off he trots, holding the door open for Rusty once more before they journey out for that ever-present treat in Sadaka's life: ice cream.