It S All Blackbird S Fault
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Ruby-Blossom 's arrival might have been far less inconspicuous had she a crew to assist with docking. The small merchant vessel causing quite a commotion as it came into port a little too fast; fortunately no damage was done as the small vessel came to a halt against the docks no harm but a notable creak from the wood suggests a disaster was neigh-ly adverted. The ship has seen better days, already battered from some sea-faring adventure, a more seasoned sea-goer might even speculate the small vessel was fired upon. As the ship comes to rest a lone pair hooves appear on rail of the ship, an unfamiliar mare with a messed mane appears. One might gather she's been at sea long enough to become sufficiently grimy. A small exhale given as the mare rights herself before giving a curious glance about; hoping her rough landing went unnoticed.

Thupp thupp thupp thupp!

Overhead is the rather conspicuous and /very/ strange sight of a…contraption. A hoof-powered contraption. A white earth pony stallion with green hair and a pair of goggles furiously pedals the contraption to keep the blades above holding them aloft. There are all sorts of weird controls he's attached to it that he pulls or pumps or bites, depending.

Behind him, in the newly attached backseat, is a little zebra foal, it seems, by the stripes. Folks on the ground might get a closer look soon as he maneuvers the whirlygig around, sweeping gracefully toward the docks. "Hey," Blackbird calls back to Sadaka, "looks like a new ship! Wonder if we'll have to bust out the cannons."

It is indeed a zebra foal, settled in the backseat and looking around excitedly. A true smile is a rare sight from the little filly nowadays, but right now, she's beaming wide and bright, cheery and for all appearances having the time of her life. Who says zebras don't fly? THIS zebra does! Whee!

Sadaka peers down at the ship, tilting an ear and making her rainbow-shelled earring glint in the light. "Looks like someone already did!" She calls back up to Mr. Blackbird. She knows the look of cannon fire well! Probably better than one would guess. But she doesn't spend too long pondering that. "Wonder what they're here for?"

Unnoticed! In a town where everypony is about as conspicuous as it gets?

Certainly, under normal circumstances nopony would have bothered to raise a question let alone a fuss about the new boat's messy time docking. Drunken sailors and crewponies probably have near-misses with wrecking the dock on a nightly basis.

Today, however, is super special, because today the typical dock overseer has been given the day off. In fact, he hasn't been seen much in the last week. Instead, a pair of burly-looking goons have been manning the docks, taking turns at making dock workers 'shape up or ship out', which has unfortunately left them with something of a skeleton crew to manage things with.

For this reason, when the newly arrived merchant ship makes waves and threatens to wreck the smallest board of the docks, one of these new Overseers is right there, practically fuming at the potential damage.

"Oi! You! Who are you? You can't just crash a boat here! You're not authorized to dock!"

Of course…then the matter of a whirlygig flying by catches the dock worker's attention. "Wha…HEY! This is boat space, not airspace! Get yer flyin' rear ends outta the sky!" Such an angry worker pony.

Ruby-Blossom 's attention is drawn to the strange air-borne contraption; wondering anypony who isn't a Pegasi would want to fly. Her attention is quickly snapped to the yelling individual; certainly not the friendliest greeting she's received - resulting in a visible deflation in her demeanor. The distraction of the whirlygig flyawhatchyamicallit provides her sufficient time to slip out of view of the angry dock worker; matter of fact she all but slips from the boat with her saddlebag. Hoping to give the quick slip to the entire situation before she's in any real trouble.

Pumpkin seems to just be playing by the docks. Or possibly escaping from her siblings for fun: who's to say? Though if all honest is sought anypony would probably want to get a rest from her brothers after a little while. Either way, here she is, on the docks, walking into Ruby. "Oof!" She stops in her tracks, rubbing her nose. "Pardon me, ma'am. Ah wasn't watchin' where I was goin'."

Blackbird can't help but crack a grin, and he calls back to Sadaka. "True! Okay, ready for this?" The whirlygig tilts down, and sweeps /right/ by Ruby and Pumpkin, curving in an arc to bump the yelling pony just enough to overbalance him into the ocean. "Oops! Sorry!" he calls, grinning ear to ear before the contraption finally comes to land with a little thump on the dock. "Aw shucks, gee whiz, I didn't /mean/ to knock him in, right, sprout?" He looks back at Sadaka and pushes his goggles up his face with a grin.

"Hey…HEY! I told you this was a no-OAAHHH!" Kersplash! The dock Overseer flails, tumbling head over hooves into the drink! Much sputtering is had by the overzealous and eternally angry pony, who now has to swim for the nearest hoof-ladder back up to dry land.

His partner in crime, meanwhile, comes charging out of the nearby dock building! "What in the hey is all the racket!?" he demands, snorting the equivalent of fire and brimstone. That darn whirlygig is all kinds of distracting! Between the crashed boat, and the airborne menace, there's practically a small crew of thick-necked thug-looking ponies starting to form behind the dry dock Overseer.

Ruby-Blossom is graceful enough to all but avoid the rampaging filly; at the very least she maintains her balance and doesn't even come close to losing her saddle bag. A small, mildly exhausted smile given to the unfamiliar filly. She's sufficently stopped by the time the whirlygig lands save for a small scootching to slip behind any random object large enough to hide behind; after all it's best for someone else to be center of attention.

Sadaka giggles cheerily. "Totally an accident, Mr. Blackbird, I'm sure!" Not that the yelling pony hadn't kinda deserved it. Maybe a splash would cool him off! /He/ didn't seem scared of the water, so surely it was okay. And funny.

Blackbird disembarks the whirlygig, grinning. With Ruby tucked behind the copter, he doesn't notice her right off, but he does see the big thumping angry dock ponies. "Not a clue, sir! I was just landing my whirlygig, as requested. Haven't the faintest idea what the problem is."

Pumpkin blinks, looking around. "…where'd she go? Ah was TRYIN' to apologize, darn it!" She sees the kindly schoolteacher and his marvelous invention and stares for a moment or so before breaking out into a giant smile. "Well golly, Mr. Blackbird, that's a mighty amazin' doodad you've got there!"

Ruby-Blossom is certainly interested in the scene; peeking out ever so slightly to observe how this all plays out and get a feel for the strangers. After all, how better to endear yourself to everypony then to know them before they know you?

SUDDENLY! A voice sounds from one of the nearby boats, shouting "Fifty irons!?" incredulously. "You'd be lucky to get twenty for this swill, and you're certainly not getting it from me if /that's/ what your starting at. Maybe the Rusty Bucket is desperate enough for you." The voice is soon followed by a yellow pony trotting down the gangplank of the aforementioned boat who some might recognize as the bartender from the Champagne Bay.

"Honestly, I don't care /how far/ you brought it from," he mumbles from around a sack of pleasantly jingling coins firmly clamped in his teeth. "Cheap swill is still cheap swill and I won't pay a bit for it." He reaches over his shoulder to drop the bag of bits into his saddlebag.

Ruby-Blossom is quite capable of making out the unique sound of a bag full of coins; even among the building ruckus. She hesitates for only the briefest moment before nudging /something/ on that danged contrapation she's hiding behind; hoping the lever or switch will have some affect on the machine and throw the entire docks into a new level of chaos - which should afford her the perfect opportunity to do what she does best.

There's about…ten 'worker' thug ponies now milling about behind the Overseer. Whom is very intently staring at Blackbird's contraption. Then at Blackbird. And /then/ at the amber-colored pony! So much going on. But the Overseer is upset at the flying thing in particular, so that's where he starts to step towards, several of his cronies stepping in time behind him.

"The problem is you just attacked an official with that…thing! That's a fineable offense!" The Overseer's head dips down, giving an angry snort.

"Well, thank you, Pumpkin!" Blackbird beams, standing a little straighter. "I've been tinkering on it for quite some time." But, sigh, there are other matters to attend to. "I did no such thing! I was simply landing it, and I attempted to avoid the official, but he insisted I land it. So I did!" What's even the problem, gosh!

But Ruby get her wish: she hits a lever that sends the copter blades spinning suddenly and making the contraption jump on the deck and scoot along the boards toward the group. Blackbird jumps and yelps, whirling around. "Sadaka!" And there he goes, jumping at the foal still inside to help her out before something bad happens. Meanwhile, the copter blades have sheered a length off of one of the dock-ponies' manes.

Ruby-Blossom moves into a better hiding spot with the onset of the commotion, sweet distrating commotion. Keeping a sharp eye on the unfolding scene; intent on striking at the perfect moment - never sooner. She's careful, calculating, skilled, and abundently lucky. She's liable to not even make a move were it to put herself in any jepordy.

The bartender pauses as he steps onto the docks and finds a whole lot of shenanigans going on. He recognizes the schoolteacher by description from some of the tavern regulars, surprised that what by all accounts is a very mild-mannered stallion is apparently in trouble with the dock workers! Ah well, not Amber's problem…

…at least not until the whirlygig on the end of the docks decides to take on a life of its own and barrel down the walkway. "Waaugh!" the yellow stallion shouts in surprise as he dives out of the way, lest he become another pin in the inevitable strike about to occur.

Pumpkin sees the whirligig go scooting off. A name is mentioned and she starts running towards it. "Sadaka! Hold on, ah'm a-comin'!" Not that she has a plan yet, but somepony's in danger!

Eeep! And there goes the whirlycopter. Sadaka freezes for a second, eyes wide in alarm. Thaaaaat's probably not supposed to be happening! "Mr. Blackbird! H-how do I stop it?!" Because she has no clue how to work this thing! Just that it flies! Yay flying! But not when there's nopony /driving/ it.

Ruby-Blossom admits things couldn't have gone better; diving typically causes one's saddlebag to become improperly seated - meaning the mark is far less likely to notice a swift hoof lightening the load. Swiftly darting after the crowd chasing the copter - she partially 'trips' over the diving barkeep - stumbling before continuing after the crowd moving swiftly to assist the strangers with stopping that 'crazy thing'. There should be zero indication she stole anything, and with all the commotion she should easily go unnoticed

Ever see ten full-grown ponies panic?

The charge of the whirlygig scatters the group of angry dock workers, the Overseer barely managing to get out of the way with little more than a horrible manecut. That was close! Is that whirlygig heading for the ships!?

All the shouting, all the excitement, of course someone would go and fetch a Harbor Watch pony. A trio of ponies thusly shows up in time to witness the chaos at hoof. One off-white pony with very shiny rear legs, and two of her personal ponyguards.

And yet. Arriving on the scene, the three of them stare at the ensuing chaos unfolding before them. Why is it, all the crazy things that happen in town involve foals and fillies? Why?

"Hang on, peanut, I'm coming!" Blackbird dives into one side of the copter, leaving the other open for Pumpkin to jump in. "Get Sadaka out! I'll turn it off!" He thumps down in the front seat, frantically pulling levers, pushing buttons. "Stupid bucket of bolts! I thought we were past this!" He thumps a hoof on the dashboard in frustration!

Pumpkin jumps into the whirlygig and sees Sadaka. "C'mon, Sadaka, let's get o-" She looks at the door and the whole 'out of control helicopter' situation. "-exactly how're we gonna get out of here?"

Well, it's a fairly open-air copter, at least… Just mind the blades when you jump out!

The bartender pony does, in fact, notice nothing special happening to his saddlebag. He doesn't even call out that pony who tripped over him while he was diving out of the way! Perhaps he should pay more attention to his money and less to trying to not die horribly. "Watch where you're driving!" he shouts at the back end of the rampaging whirlygig, unaware that there are a couple of terrified little kids behind the pilot's stick. "It's just one thing after another today… blech." He doesn't really care about the arrival of the town watch, at least for the moment. Nothing here is his problem as far as he's aware.

Surprised, scattered, the dock workers start to regroup in the wake of the whirlygig's sudden departure. Rather, they've regrouped around the Overseer, who's still wide-eyed, curled into a ponyball, and sobbing his fool head off about close shaves and whatnot. The other Overseer just barely gets onto the dock, soaked and sopping, staring at the out-of-control vehicle.

Maddie sighs, bringing a hoof up to her forehead. She glances back at her two personal goons. "Why don't we have things like that?" she wonders, calmly starting to march her way 'officially' onto the dock area. "We're 'important' now. We deserve flying machines…" Another glance back to Rock'em and Sock'em. "..Or you two need to grow wings. Grow some wings, dangit."

Ruby-Blossom catches up just enough to knock that same little do-dad on the whirlygig that started this whole mess; concealed among her 'attempts' to latch onto the machine and provide additional assistance with the out of control device. A distraction is only fun until somepony gets hurt, after all.

Sadaka blinks over at Pumpkin. "I… I d-don't know!" How's she supposed to know? It's still on the ground, but that doesn't mean she's all that eager to take a wild leap. At least it's not over water, /that/ would be a real problem. "D-do we just… jump?"

The whirlygig shudders, bumps, squeals out steam, and lurches dangerously toward the dock workers again…only to let out a low whistle and seemingly power down. Hiccup. Blackbird thumps his head down on the steering wheel and sighs, deflating a bit. "Hop out before something else happens," he urges the foals wearily, though he seems less interested in doing so himself at the moment. He looks over at Ruby. "Thanks for your help, miss. It was indispensable!" (If only he knew.)

The bartender dusts himself off and trots past Maddie and her cronies. He makes his way up the gangplank of another vessel with little pomp or fanfare. Just running errands today, after all.

Ruby-Blossom is not only an innocent by-stander, but also a good samaritan; now that's being off to good start - keeping up appearances and all. A polite little nod returned to Blackbird, and quick glance at the filly inside - whom she was honestly unaware of when hatching her scheme; this is why she likes high-class social gathers - no fillys, they're far too easy to miss.

Pumpkin looks to Sadaka. "All right, you heard the teacher! On three, right? One! Two! Three!" And with that, she leaps out the door.

The dock workers scatter again when the whirlygig even starts to come their way! All except the Overseer, whom doesn't notice until too late that it's sputtering, lurching his way. By the time he does notice, the darn thing's skidding to a halt, coming inches from his snout.

Naturally he faints.

Now that the evil thing's stopped, Maddie feels free to march her merry way up to the contraption, and the assorted ponies therein. Of course they don't even worry about Amber trotting by. He had nothing to do with this escapade aside from getting robbed!

"Ahem! What's all this happening on /my/ dock? Do I need to start arresting ponies for disturbing the peace?"

Sadaka squeaks and hurries to leap out after her, luckily managing at least a semi-graceful landing on all four hooves. She gives herself a slight shake, then looks back at the whirlygig. "Mr. Blackbird? Are you okay?" she asks, tilting her ears worriedly and making the earring sparkle again.

"I'm fine, stripey-butt," Blackbird assures with a slight smile, and she looks over at the foal. "I just need to take a bit to figure out what went wrong before we go up in it again, hey?"

Of course, then there's Mad. His expression darkens a bit, as he looks her way. "Mad Mare. I was merely landing my whirligig at the behest of the officers around here."
Pumpkin rolls to a stop and looks around dizzily. "Glad you made it out in one piece, Sadaka," she offers before falling over.

"Uh-huh." Maddie looks completely unconvinced of the truth of this, given the scattered goons and fainted Overseer. "…Looks more like you went on a rampage with that thing." she observes, stepping to the fallen Overseer to give him a nudge or two with a forehoof. "Scared this one to death, even!" She casts a critical eye up towards the schoolteacher. "This is what you call keeping foals safe?"

She spins on her metal legs in a righteous huff, marching right back past her two main ponyguards. "Boys, write him up. Fifty-bit fine for messing up the dock, another hundred for putting foals in harm's way. I'm going for a drink."
With things settling down now is a good time as ever to exit strange left.

Ruby attempting to move away from the crowd while keeping a low profile - all in hopes of avoiding any additional attention for the moment.
Sadaka blinks and frowns, straightening quickly. "It wasn't Mr. Blackbird's fault! Something just went wrong is all!" Perhaps she spoke without thinking; perhaps she just didn't notice exactly who it was she was speaking /to/. Either way, she stands up straight and stamps a hoof. "And we're not in harm's way, it didn't even get off the ground!"

There's that voice again coming from the ships! It's a little less annoyed this time and a little more frantic and terrified this time. "My bits! Thief!" The yellow stallion is standing at the top of the gangplank once more. "THIEF! I've been robbed!" he calls out to the ponies on the docks.

Ruby-Blossom certainly isn't a fool;, and has no intention of getting caught…hence why the barkeeps bag has been disposed of; of course she kept the contents and well she's not going to diclose where those are. A dock is sure a convient place to drop something then nudge it off into the water with a discreet hoof.

Blackbird looks stricken. "Wha— no! I was saving them! I wasn't harming anyone!" The colt just stares, until Sadaka stomps her hoof and gets his attention. "No— Sadaka, it's… okay. She's right. I shouldn't have put you in the backseat on an untested run." But he looks so sad about it. :(

Rock'em blinks, and Sock'em snorts, one taking out a pen and the other a small pad, dutifully writing up both of the tickets! Two quick shakes of his head has Rock'em switching pen with the ripped-out tickets, looking all manner of pleased to be handing them Blackbird's way. Sock'em puts his pad away, head turning to regard the voice calling out about thieves. Who? What? They're not thieves!

The zebra filly's outburst does stop Maddie from taking more than a couple steps, those same critical eyes cast back on the young'un. Where they linger. And get misty. And..and… The Mad one turns away from the filly, huffing a breath out. "Mr. Blackbird, control your ward…"

The stallion accepts the tickets woodenly, and turns to nudge Pumpkin and Sadaka. "You okay, Pumpkin?" he asks gently. "Need help?" (Just wanting to throw this in real quick.)

The bartender is clearly not getting the attention he deserves from such a heinous crime. He spots the three guard ponies who are busy yakking away with Blackbird and dashes down the gangplank to interrupt their impromptu soiree. "Hey! I was just pickpocketed! Someone took the money I was going to use to restock the bar! You've got to help me!"

Ruby-Blossom hmms quietly as the situation unfolds, a brief glance to the ticket writing - now a little charity couldn't hurt; if that little pad of paper were to go missing. She stands about idly innocent, feighning exhaustion from the events that have unfolded and leaning against a crate or barrel.

The sudden streak of bravery wavers a bit when Sadaka gets a good look at Maddie, and she pales slightly, shrinking back slightly but still attempting a shaky glare. Until Blackbird talks; she tears her eyes away to look up at him. "But… b-but you didn't do anything wrong. It was f-fine until they made us land all of a sudden."

"Shh, sweetheart," Blackbird urges gently, nudging her with a hoof. "It's probably best if we leave the docks. Let me just figure out what went wr… What?" He blinks as Amber-Shot shoots right back into the thick of things. "Someone stole from you?" HAO DAR THEY.

What's this now? Somepony, trying to tell the guards what they /must/ do? "Ex/cuse/ me?" Maddie emphasizes, what with the bartender's nonsense. "Are you trying to tell me how to do my job? I don't walk into your bar and tell you how to serve drinks, do I?"

Rock'em clears his throat behind the Mare, whilst Sock'em plants his rump down on the docks. Looks like they're going to be here a while longer. "Uh, Boss. It /is/ our job now, ain't it? Keepin' the peace and all that?" "Yeah. Good guy stuff."

"I didn't ask either of you two either!" Maddie growls to her goons, but the gentle reminder is enough to make her only stew instead of openly aggressive. "…Fine. What happened? Make it quick, I have drinking to do."

The bartender seems taken aback by the guards' animosity towards him. He'd heard the new guards were rough, but this is just silly! "I was talking with some of the traders at port about restocking the bar since we're starting to run low on beer," he explains when Maddie's henchstallions rein in her temper. "Someone must have reached into my saddlebag and taken the beer money during that whole commotion with the flying machine!"

Ruby-Blossom sneak sneak sneak. Might as well take the guards copy of those tickets while she's at it~

Once again, Maddie looks horribly, horribly unimpressed. "What kind of pony loses track of a bag full of bits just because some crazy contraption's running amock? Are you sure you didn't just throw it into the drink out of sheer bloody panic?" The Mare rubs her face with a hoof, "You ponies… I swear if these houses weren't attached to the ground you'd let them all float away. Rock'em!"

Thusly summoned, the goonpony clops up next to his boss. "Yeah boss?"

"Do something investigatingish."

"Uh." Rock'em blinks blankly. "Boss?"

Maddie scowls. "I said, 'do something investigatingish'. Help the barkeep get his bits back. Find his bits."


Luckily Sock'em's there! With a flip of his mane, he shows a sudden…confidence. Competence, even. Hey, where'd that pipe come from? "I think, dear boss, that you've got Rocky flustered. If you don't mind I'd like to take this job intsead?"

Maddie and Rock'em both look to Sock'em like he'd just grown a second head. "…Yeah. Sure. Whatever. Just do it."

Sadaka blinks and edges over to Blackbird, frowning a bit. She isn't entirely happy with the idea of him having to pay money because she didn't get out of the whirlygig fast enough. But to be honest she's not really ready to confront Maddie anymore than she already has. So she nods and sighs and falls quiet for the time being.

"Uh…" Blackbird eyes the group, blinking a bit. "Sir, if you need some help… Well, we can help," he offers carefully to Amber in particular, an arm going around Sadaka. "Kiddo, how do you feel about becoming a detective, huh?"

Now it's the barkeep's turn to look unimpressed at Mad-Mare. He's going to have some very serious opinions come the next election. "The watch wasn't this incompetant when Red was in charge," he grunts quietly.

Maddie quirks an eyebrow, looking at Blackbird with a complete 'why are you still here?' look. Then up at Amber when he dares to invoke the name of the prior 'retired' head of the Watch! "I think you're mistaken!" she says to the barkeep. "We're not incompetent. We're indifferent. I could personally care less about your missing bits Ponies almost died tonight, that's a little higher on my priority list. Besides…" She waves a hoof vaguely in Sock'em's direction, said goonpony all sorts of grins, practically bouncing in place.

"…He's apparently got this whole detective thing down." She turns her head to glare pointedly at the still-present teacher and foals squad. "…Which means you can stay out of Harbor Watch business. Don't you have a broken copter-thingy to drag home? Or do I need to throw you in a dungeon for littering with big metal objects?"

"A detective? I've never been a detective! That could be fun." This line of distraction is momentary, though. Sadaka's ears perk at Maddie's words, eyes flashing a bit as she stands up straight again. "You l-leave Mr. Blackbird alone!" she snaps, protectiveness overcoming fear as she hops up in front of him, ears back. Nopony's taking Blackbird anywhere! Ever! Rawr!

Same difference, thinks the bartender. Looks like he'll have to suffer Sock'em's tomfoolery for a while, unless he wants to agitate the Guard even more than they already are. His mind races to the inevitable aftermath of writing off that sack of bits as a loss. How is he going to explain it to his dad? He'll have to give up his next two paychecks to make up for the missing money. Argh, what a mess…

"I'm merely trying to help," Blackbird replies levelly to Mad, mouth tightening. "If we're needed, you know where to find us—" And then Sadaka's coming to his rescue. A look of panic crosses his face and he grabs the foal by the nape, tossing her onto his back and backing away from Mad. "We're leaving," he says to the crazy mare. "No need to take action."

Really Maddie should just walk away now. She should! She knows she should. That…annoyingly loud voice in her freaking head that keeps telling her to be halfway /nice/ to ponies is telling her, right now, to shut up, and walk away from the little foal.

Buuuut Sadaka's hit that 'stubborn' button in the Mad Mare. Blackbird probably recognized the look that flashed across her eyes just then when he promptly chucked the filly onto his back. For a moment, she looked a lot like her old crazy self again.

Then the moment passes, and the 'insane rage' is replaced by a mask of utter confusion, and a look like the Mare might be a little green in the off-white of her cheeks. "…Urgh. No actions to take. You have your fines, take your stuff and get off my dock." She shakes her head as though to clear it, shooting Amber a look like everything were his fault. Then up at Sock'em, pipe and all, poking the goonpony in the side with a hoof. "If you don't find his missing bits, you'll be paying him everything he lost out of your pay."

There. Now she feels better. And Sock'em's too thrilled to play detective to even care. "Sure thing, Boss. I'm on it. Trust me!"

Sadaka squeaks slightly as she's snatched up, squirming, though she clings to Blackbird as soon as she's on his back. She's proooobably more than a little terrified. But protective. No way she's losing somepony else to this… this… /meanie/.

Right now, it seems the safest bet is to brave the malfunctioning gyro, rather than stick around where the unnervingly calm maniac is liable to murder his child. So he turns and loads Sadaka into the machine, and hops in front, getting it started again. "Hang on tight, sugar," he says quietly, gritting his teeth in hopes the flight doesn't end with them falling apart in mid-air.

That's that then! Maddie watches the ponies toddle off to fly away in their machine, Amber's case is going to get worked on, and Maddie gets to wander off to get drunk now. Maybe Salty's ghost had a point after all.

Sigh, just another day on the Watch. Another day that leaves the Mad Mare wondering how in the world 'good' ponies can keep up with all the crud expected of them.

With a little whirring and clanking, the gyro takes up into the air, and maneuvers off and away, without a hitch…