It Came From The (not so) Deep
IC date: Autumn 41, 1007
OOC date: October 30, 2012
PCs: Seaside-Sunset, Thunnini, Rising-Chaos
NPCs: None
GM: None

Evening. Fall. Equestria. Seaside-Shimmer and Tropical-Sunset can be found planted on the beach where the pair admire the approaching sunset, each bundled up with a scarf and hoofsies to keep warm. "Last night was strange." "What do you think happened?" "You know that if I know, you would know." A nod of agreement. "I know." Could that conversation be anymore confusing? "I heard some pony say something about zombies." "We totally heard that." "But zombies aren't real." "Completely fictional." The pair shriek as they see head peek out of the water with a large piece of seaweed atop.

What type of monster is emerging from the water? It's… Thunnini, who is giving the twins a rather quizzical look. "What, never seen a seapony before? And I *know* you two have seen *me* before," she harumphs cutely.

*blink* *blink* goes two pair of eyes, and the mares quickly relax. "That was scary." "Coming out of the water with seaseed on your head." "We were attacked by zombies last night." "Totally attacked!" Actually they were back at the inn having hot cocoa and cookies with the foals, but still the harbor was attacked. "We didn't mean to imply anything." "We don't know you." "But we don't dislike you."

Thunnini blinks. "Zombies." Another blink. "/Zombies./" A blink and a headtilt. "Zombies…"

Blink blink and a headtilt the other direction. "What's a zombie?"

Seaside looks at Sunset, and Sunset looks back at Seaside before the pair looks at Thunnini before proudly proclaiming "Zombies are ponies that are dead." "But they still trot." "Mindless husks." "Searching for pony flesh to eat." The pair cling together as if each will protect the other. "Scary!" they proclaim in unison.

Rising-Chaos had been walking along the boardwalk towards the docks. But the sound of screams form the beach changed her plans. In a flash she was galloping down to the beach, her machete drawn and ready from under her cloak. She finally spots the twins, and Thunnini in the water. Chaos approaches Seaside and Sunset. "Um, excuse me, I heard screams, is everypony okay?" she asks, confused. She waves to Thunnini in the water. "Hey there Thunnini."

Thunnini cautiously waves at Chaos. "Hello miss Chaos. The twins thought I was a zombie, but that's silly, isn't it? I mean, I'm not dead or anything like that, so how could I be a zombie?"

The twins scream again as they see a machete Rising rushing them! "She's going to disembowel us." "We're too single too die!" Hoofs raised defensively in front of their faces - peeking out between their hooves cautiously as Rising simply /greets/ them. "H…" "Hi!" they manage to sputter - looking awfully embarrassed but justifiably so. Seaside points "Her head popped out of the water." "With seaweed atop!" "It sudden." "But not as scary as a machete wielding psycho." "Like that one movie." "Totally like that movie."

Rising-Chaos looks at her machete as it elicits screams from the mares. Slowly, she puts it back under her cloak. "Yes, that is very silly Thunnini. But we did have some trouble last night, I wouldn't blame them that much," Chaos says gently. She looks at the two, huddling together as if she was about to attack them. Chaos feels some sympathy, zombies tend to leave a pony in that frame of mind. "You two alright?"

The twins look at Rising skeptically for the longest moment. "We're alright." but they still cling together - one can only imagine this very natural for the pair. "We just…" "Aren't you a bad guy?" Seaside asks with a little less than semblance of tact, eliciting a small elbow from Sunset. What, you were thinking it too! Seaside protests.

Thunnini glances at the seaweed on her head as if noticing it for the first time, then idly munches on it as she watches the twins react to Chaos. The seafilly has an expression on her face that is equal parts "these landponies are silly" and "this seaweed is pretty tasty".

Rising-Chaos looks confused. "Bad guy? Whatever gave two that impression? I'm just a researcher, trying to do my job." She wrinkles her nose at the thought of being a 'bad guy'. She casts a glance towards Thunnini. "I'm not bad, right Thunnini? We've met each other before," she asks, her voice pleading.

Seaside cheerfully adds "We thought you were cool." "You offered to let us use your kitchen." "To seduce Carronade." "But then you stole from her." pointing at Thunnini." "Stole from Thunnini." "Tried to anyways."

After a few more chews of the seaweed, Thunnini adds her two bits in. "And why are you working with that mean Queen Pegasus?" she scowls at Chaos.

Rising-Chaos blushes as the twins bring up the incident with the necklace. "I do have yet to apologize for that, that wasn't my brightest hour." She scuffs the ground with her hoof, looking embarrassed. She's shocked by Thunnini's question though. "Because she's hired me," she explains. "Also I'm getting something very valuable out of the deal. My business relations do not dictate my personality."

The twins glance at one another before chiming. "Actions speak louder than words." "We used to be troublesome ponies." "There's only one pony responsible for your actions." How brutally honest. "You should apologize." "Totally owe Thunnininini an apology." Seaside gently elbowing Sunset as the mare mispronounces Thunnini's name.

Thunnini just *watches* Chaos as the seafilly keeps chewing away on the seaweed. A look that says "I think you have something to say, and I'm gonna wait right here until you say it."

Rising-Chaos lowers her head and approaches the water. she looks Thunnini in the eye. "Thunnini, it's been a long time coming," she pauses, looking down and scuffing the beach with a hoof. It's obvious she isn't used to apologizing. "I'm sorry about trying to steal the necklace from you, that wasn't right. I promise it won't happen again."

Thunnini keeps giving Chaos a Look… then suddenly smiles. "Apology accepted!" she says cheerfully, giving Chaos a big hug. Looking from Chaos to the twins and back, she adds "Care for some seaweed? It's pretty tasty!"

The twins chime adorably "Oh! Free seaweed." Seaside continues "Good for wraps." "Good for food." the pair beaming as they move to the water's edge to enjoy a less common treat; the equivalent of a seapony eating lettuce perhaps?

Rising-Chaos smiles at the thought, giving Thunnini a big hug back. "Well, I guess you should try everything once," she hazards. Her smile becomes a bit glassy as she thinks about it a little better. "Seaweed is quite safe for us to eat, yes?"

"Landponies eat plants and such, right? And seaweed's a plant, right? Should be safe enough," shrugs Thunnini. "Besides, it's tasty."

Seaside-Sunset nodnods at Thunnini "It's a delicacy back in Marehattan." the twin mares taking the offered seaweed to nibble a bit. "Usually drier than this though." "Super salty like this!"

Rising-Chaos takes a morsel and tries it out. After taking a bite, she stops, chewing on the one piece. With a look of pure concentration she swallows. "Certainly an… Interesting taste?" Her brow furrows. "Not bad at all." She takes another bite.

More smiling from Thunnini! "Told you it was tasty!" she beams. Too bad her foal friends aren't here to try some of this seaweed; perhaps she'll have to bring some the next time they meet.

Seaside-Sunset nods softly "It's better dried though." One of the twins admits before the other sticks out her tongue "So salty." prompting a little elbow from the other. "What is it you research, Miss Rising?" "Yeah?"

Rising-Chaos finishes off her piece, by the last bite she seems to have found that she enjoys the taste. "Thank you very much for letting me try it Thunnini." She beams at the seafilly. The Twins' question catches her off guard. "Oh, just magic, it's uses applications and many forms. I've loved magic my whole life." She shrugs at the explanation. "What is it you two do?"

Thunnini is paying close attention like the inquisitive seafilly she is. Learning things is always fun, even if she tends to find formal schooling somewhat boring at times.

Each twin points at the other. "We were invited here to work at the salon." "But it's kind of not built." "And Ruby-Blossom is no where to be found." A twin pout ensues before a hint of a smile. "We dabble in astrology." "It comes naturally." The pair look at one another. "Most ponies dismiss it as silly." "Last night the stars were foreboding." Seaside shhing Sunset.

Rising-Chaos raises an eyebrow at the mention of the salon. "I'm friends with Ruby myself, I hope to rebuild the salon at some point. When she gets back at least." She winces, remembering the fire protection charm she hasn't finished yet. She seems interested by the mention of astronomy though. "Astronomy is very cool, it's not silly at all." She gives the twins a big smile, always wanting to encourage science.