Issues With Royalty
IC date: Winter 27, 1007
OOC date: Januari 15, 2013
PCs: Starchild, Dustdevil, Sodium-Fizz
GM: None

The Harbour is rainy as always, and normally, Starchild would be out and about in spite of any gloom in the atmosphere; today, however, he took a very slow stroll through town in search of the Fizzy Flask. The unicorn wore a dark brown cloak concealing most of his identity, barring his horn and blue eyes.

As he finally stands before the flask, he's almost intimidated by its size. Although he has never visited, he is pretty sure he saw a tent in its place before. Still, he approaches the door and gently knocks.

"Come on right in, it's open you know!" came a shout from on inside. A statement confirmed by the sign on the door that's currently flipped to 'Open'. The Flask is like normal, a few scattered tables and seats on a solid oak floor and lit up by low-hanging chandeliers with globules of glowing liquid, towards the back stood the counter over which a grey and purple mare sold both soda and potions - a somewhat odd combination, but then again this is the harbour - and behind that shelves of potions, elixirs and powders.

Sodium-Fizz looked up from her latest customer, a rather scruffy looking pegasus-pony… sailor, yes… that hobbled his way to the door with a flask of liquid. Most likely some kind healing potion judging from the bandages around his hobble-inducing leg.

Starchild sees the pegasus come out after hesitating to listen to the voice inside. As he finishes holding the door for the hobbling pony, he trots inside, looking around in awe at the many potions. The writer knows will his reason for coming, but he's so curious! "Excuse me, miss… what /don't/ you sell here?"

"Food, for starters? Or furniture… or anything that's not soda, potions or powders," came the response as Soda leaned on the counter, her forelegs folding under her. "So what can I do you for then? Soda? Elixir?"

Dustdevil flits down from a rooftop heavily laden with gear, coat cloak, just looking like he's fresh back from an expedition. He doesn't knock actually as the door says open upon it and steps inside. He unloads some of the gear by the front door, and hangs up his coat and cloak looking much relieved to be free of all that gear. "Good morning Fizz" he calls out

Starchild puts an elbow on the counter, and his head in one hoof. "I'm looking for… something strong. Something that will, um, knock me out cold for a few hours." He cringes at the foreign voice and frowns in Fizz's direction, hoping he wasn't overheard.

Sodium-Fizz frowned, though certainly not at Starchild - it is solely directed towards Dustdevil. The grey mare's ears pinned back and she shifted uncomfortably before her gaze drifted back to Starchild. "Sure, give me a moment to dig it out of storage. I was just thinking of bringing it out anyway, hello Dustdevil" she muttered before turning away and walking down between the shelves and muttering for herself.

Dustdevil furrows his brow a little at that look and keeps his position near the door, not wanting to interupt the transactions at the counter, "Good Morning Sodium-Fizz, am I interrupting anything??" he asks some looking to the other customer, "I was just needing to pick up something, and I know you're the expert on stuff like this" he comments

Starchild turns around and gives the visitor a brief, and shortly after, a grin. "You'll just have to wait until I finish here, friend." It would be best not to be too suspicious.

After several long minutes of rummaging around Sodium-Fizz return, still looking decidedly unhappy, and dropped a pair of pouches onto the counter. A grey hoof pushed one over to Starchild. "Here you go, sleeping dust. It's the strongest I got that won't have any nasty after effects. Just dust them in the face with it and they'll go out like a light."

She turned slightly towards Dustdevil. "And what would that be, Dust?"

Dustdevil looks to the guest smiles and nods, "Of Course Sir, I didn't mean to interupt" he offers politely in return then looks over toward Fizz, "Oh, I'm curious if you have any of that good healing drink" he asks "I'll keep down on the Ground side to get my wings all healed up again" the pegasus indicates, "I've been hauling mail lately, and this weather" he indicates with the wave of a hoof outside. "I think ya understand

Starchild bears an expression of concern. "I, uh, it's for me, no worries. But I should ask… I was asked to meet with a 'Queen Pegasus'. She was supposed to help me with this. It's some complicated and esoteric magic, you see.'

Sodium-Fizz shot Dustdevil a short glance before dipping a hoof under the counter, retrieving a flask of soft ruby red liquid. "I understand, I crashed over at Chaos' place a few days ago. Never leave home without a healing potion, at least if you're me."

With that said the alchemist turned back to Starchild, frowning. "And… Queen Pegasus? I cant say I've ever meet her, though she hardly strikes me as having -anything- to do with magic or anything remotely considered complicated or esoteric. More of a brute-force kind of pony… And not one keen on helping either."

Dustdevil looks between the both of them, "If its for sleeping Queen Pegasus, then you've got the wrong dosage, and the wrong potion" he hrumphs some and strides towards the counter with a pouch of bits for the fizz. "That Pega-Pirate, needs a something a bit more potent than a simple sleeping potion" he hrumphs some, "dang sea-witch tried to kill me once, so, you'll excuse my lack give-a-darn" he practically growls out, then pauses as he plunks down the bits pouch, "Pardon me" he mumbles to the both of them.

"Hmm," Starchild's expression grows even more concerned. "I think the name could have been Quintessent… I don't know, maybe Rising Chaos." Fortunately, he had met a few peculiar magic users some few weeks ago. Still, he feels very suspicious, and wants to leave fast. The unicorn quickly empties a small portion of his coin purse on the counter and turns to leave.

"I think Chaos' put her magic on hold last thing I heard, so the other pony might be a better try I suppose," said Sodium-Fizz before turning towards Dustdevil. "And… perhaps, but I think things might take a turn for the better as far as Queen Pegasus is concerned."

Dustdevil looks between the both of them, "I must apologize, I think I'm confused perhaps" he mumbles "Are you working for the Queen, or against her, If you're against her, than a mere sleeping agent is the wrong potion, you need something stronger, If you're working for her" he just grumbles, and looks down..

"It's none of your business. Worry about your own needs, please." Starchild doesn't even spare a glance as he walks past Dustdevil, only to stop at the door frame, and slam a hoof against it. He is starting to regret all of this, but can't let Hemlock down.

Sodium-Fizz frowned at Dustdevil. "What does it matter? It'll sort itself out, it typically does… And watch the door frame, it's brand new!

Dustdevil looks to fizz, "Well, Sir" he stares after the unicorn, "My life kinda is of personal concern to myself, thank you very much" he shouts at the unicorn, "She threatened my life, and made further threats upon me, I should very well think its MY business, for if she were out of the way, gone, whatever I'd feel a heck of a lot safer here!" he glowers at the unicorn, then gives a glance to Sodium-Fizz, and sighs some

Starchild lashes back at the stallion. "If you want her gone, take it upon yourself. I'm no killer." He trots back to the counter and returns the potion to Fizz, but would feel rude taking all of his money back. "I'll just have… something else. For me. Soda, a sedative, hallucinogens, I don't care. Just don't speak a word of this to anyone."

Sodium-Fizz glared at Dustdevil. "You should feel a lot safer without me here, too, but that's hardly stopping you unfortunately," she growled before turning back to Starchild. A hoof nudged the bag of powder he returned to the counter. "And this -is- a sedative, the strongest I have that's harmless. I don't sell hallucinogens though, I don't like it when you mess with the head to much… Though I think I have zebra vision dust somewhere around here…"

Dustdevil looks between the both of them, "I don't kill other ponies, unlike her, but ya know what, she'd kill you without a second thought about it" he glares back to now both Fizz and this unicorn. He shakes his head, "this is pathetic" he just growls and heads for the door to retrieve his gear

Starchild sighs. "Just… a pack of sodas then. I don't need this kind of trouble on my- AGH!" Realizing that he's revealed more than enough, he holds his head in his hooves. "I'm sorry. And I'm sorry about the door. I, uh…" He looks back to the door and taps a hoof nervously.

Sodium-Fizz sighed for herself and shook her head. "No worries about it. And sure, a pack of soda's coming right up… Though I'd suggest you'd take the sleeping powder if you -are- going to face down Queen Pegasus… If you can find her anyway," said Soda before ducking under the counter, coming up with a quartet of small soda bottles in a thin cardboard carry assembly.

Dustdevil is just shaking his head glaring at the two of them "I wish I had some power, to get rid of that 'creature' myself" he grumbles he leaves that potion on the counter, and the pouch of bits next to it, he just leaves, he doesn't slam any doors or anything, just leaves with all his gear.

Starchild shakes his head, looking back to ensure that the two are alone. "I'd really prefer not to, but it's my job. I don't know anything about her. She sounds downright terrible… but I don't want to assist in taking a life." He picks up the sodas and nudges the dust toward Fizz

Sodium-Fizz nodded slowly. "Yeah, taking a life is nothing that should be taken lightly. Trust me on that." The grey mare scooped the bag of dust back to herself, dropping it together with the bag she kept herself back under the counter. "Take it up with… whoever made it your job. It's not something you truly want to be doing."

Starchild nods, and looks back one more time to guarantee he isn't being watched - He's definitely not used to this kind of business "Thank you again. I will be going now. Do take care." The unicorn turns around after putting his sodas in his saddlebag and trots toward the door.

"You to… and… well, don't go and get somepony killed!" called Sodium-Fizz after Starchild before settling down for herself, shaking her head.