I Saw Sparks
IC date: Winter 55, 1066
OOC date: February 7, 2012
PCs: Firework, Salty, Polaris
NPCs: Peanut Butter
GM: None

Horseshoe Harbor - Town Square

A bustling town square! Hey look, a neat fountain!

The bustling town square holds a handful of buildings surrounding an important-looking fountain. At the center of the fountain is a statue of an adventurous looking filly shading her eyes with one hoof and gazing importantly into the distance. On her bronzed flank is a scroll and compass, and around her neck hangs a pair of binoculars.

Holes set equidistant around the pedestal spout water into the horseshoe-shaped pool around her. The water is littered with bitcoins, but it seems the pool is not just for wishing; everypony is permitted to wade in and cool off during the summers, too.

There is a plaque here. Use +view plaque to see it.

Lights are hung from the eaves of every building, and wound around every tree. Snow blankets everything the whole place, though the walkways are cleared.

………………………….< The Time Is… >………………………….
Today is Winter 50, 1066 A.C.
The time is 04:28 pm.
On this lovely winter day, the temperature is chilly, but the ponies of the harbor are hardy types. There's a small farmer's market that's been set out today, though pickings are rather slim. There are even some stalls with apples and pears!

That is where Firework is. Without fail, whenever these fruits are available, one can find the little lavender unicorn investigating. The bags strapped to her back are white, and she is using her levitation magic to inspect the fruit for bruises. Her usual serious expression is replaced by a somewhat carefree smile.

"HELLO, Random Citizen!" comes a loud voice behind Firework. A mint-green unicorn with wildly curly blue hair stands behind her, smiling brightly — maybe a little too brightly. The cravat around her neck is all fluffed, her knee-boots gold-toed… "Inspecting those…" She leans in, peering at the fruit. "…apples? I see? Those /are/ apples right?"

Firework squeaks, and the fruit is chucked at the poor fruit seller, who has known the little unicorn long enough to duck at a moment's notice. That's not the weirdest thing that happens though. Oh no. Not by far. With a poof…the little unicorn is gone, and inside the shop a resounding crash can be heard. The lid of a pot rolls out of the open door, and the stallion inside yells in surprise as the little…well young mare stumbles out of the pile desperately, slipping on pots and pans as she goes.

The stranger blinks rapidly and looks around. "Where'd she go?" The seller opens his mouth, just before there's a crash inside, and the two swing their heads around to look back. The seller doesn't seem surprised, but the mayor blinks. She watches the mare extricate herself and tilts her head, blinking a little more. "Well /you're/ a live one, aren't you? Do you have a few screws loose up there?"

Firework frowns at the other female. "No!" she says, stomping a hoof, which only results in her sliding into the door frame as she skids along on the lid of a pot. She hits with a squeak, and lands in a heap, little purple and white tail squished underneath her. Another false start, as she tries to get up and hits her horn on the door frame, but eventually the nice young stallion who works in the shop helps her up, and she blushes, looking angry. "Thank you…" She mumbles.

Salty watches all this thoughtfully, a little grin on her face. And that little grin spreads slowly into a wider one. "What's your name, citizen?" she asks, trotting forward with a light step. "I'm supposed to be out getting to know people today, or else Polaris will lecture me again, and he does /bore/ me quite a bit when he does that. It's all, paperwork this, building regulations that, talk to the people and don't buck things up this time. Eh. … Sorry, what's your name again?"

Firework backs up ever so slightly, maroon eyes widening until she runs into the poor brown stallion who is still standing behind her, trying to get his pots in order. "Uh." She answers, shaking out that dark purple and white mane. She listens to Salty rant with wide eyes, head cocking to the side. "Firework." She tells the other mare, glancing back, and giving the stallion an apologetic look as she levitates his things up into neat piles. For his convenience. "I don't…know anything about building regulations."

"Firework! Good name. I'm the Dread Pir…I mean. Mayor. Mayor Saltlick. I'm mayor now, right? — Right, yes. Okay." Saltlick pauses a moment, then amends, with a clear of her throat, "Mayor Salty! That's what I go by nowadays. Here, let me help!" The blue-eyed mare starts sifting pots and pans with her telekinesis, lifting them up. Her tongue pokes out in concentration as she starts moving things around, backing up as she focuses. "Just a little twist there… Ah— no, sorry I'm not asking about building regulations! Just getting to know my loyal citizens. What are your, uhhh… what's the word. Hobbies!"

Firework blinks, and glances at the shop keeper, who seems to accept this statement. "You're the mayor?" she asks hesitantly, and scuffs the ground with her hoof. The stallion brings his pots back inside of his shop, muttering. "Um…I don't…" She shakes her tail as if she's being…not put out but as if she's nervous. "I like…baking?" she glances at the shop keeper again, who at this point seems a little exasperated. "I sew and stuff. I'm not very good at it."

"Baking! Baking is good. Are you procuring fruits for your baking?" Salty is still backing up a little, until her butt hits the pylon holding up the awning for the shop. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem, but Salty is… special, and the wood creaks ominously. Salty jumps, the pots and pans she had been lifting clatter to the ground in the dirt, and she whirls around just as the awning topples down on the alarmed shop owner. "…Er…" She blinks, and stares. Oops.

Firework shakes her head, and glances over at the fruit seller who is probably not inclined to sell her anything now. "I just eat 'em." She says, and looks just. Sad now. And then as the awning falls, Firework squeaks again and…disappears. The poor stallion who had just gotten his pots reorganzied now has to deal with a very startled, unhappy, adolescent unicorn popping out of his cupboard covered in flower. As in it has toppled over onto her head and is now stuck on her horn. She runs into the oven, and then back into the bowls and then she burns her front leg, which just. Causes her to poof again, which is how she ends up on top of the fruit seller. Over the awning.

Salty opens her mouth to say something, but gee, this is all going down and it's so entertaining! "Firework!" she finally barks, "I say we split this popsicle stand. … uhhh, hey, good citizen under the tarp, if you, um, send a requisition to my secretary he will set you right up with some repairs and uhh…what's the word. Reimburse your supplies. Yeah. Yeah? Yeah. Okay. So Firework, I see chaos is drawn to you as well." Salty beams, almost proudly, at Firework.

Firework looks like she might actually cry. "I am -SO- sorry." She tells the fruit seller quietly, and gets off of the poor older mare's tail, straying more toward the sea green unicorn and looking just. Very very sad. "Her name is Peanut Butter." Mumbles Firework, and looks very unhappy about being a draw for chaos. "I just have…I'm okay with magic, but I've been teleporting places by accident since I was a filly." And by that she means as soon as her shit developed. At three months her mother found her in the refrigerator and had just. The scare of her life. Sad pony.

"Peanut Butter! Thank you. Yes, Peanut Butter, I, erm, I'm sorry. But at least there wasn't a fire this time!" Salty seems quite pleased with that! Not setting things on fire is good! "Teleporting by accident, hmm? Is that your anti-special-talent? Or perhaps you'll get a better hold of it and then you'll be so good you could teleport on up to the high hooves at Canterlot."

Firework cringes. Sometimes she starts fires. Usually it's on purpose, like for…you know. Cooking. Or awesome pyrotechnics, but sometimes it's that she stumbles into things and just FIRE EXPLOSHUNZ. Firework hooves at the ground a little bit. "Sort of. I mean I guess my grandmother on my father's side was really good at magic, and she had the same problem…only I'm not very good at magic and so…it's kind of lame." She mumbles, andf ollows after the other pony.

Salty trots sure-hooved through the square, leaving the destruction in their wake without another look back. "Bad at magic? Tragedy! Well, my special talent seems to be causing chaos, so perhaps that's yours. We can be chaos buddies together! Don't you learn magic in school, though?" She pauses at the fountain and uses her magic to pull a bit from her purse, flicking it into the water.

Firework shrugs slightly, and follows the older unicorn's example. "Uh…well yeah. But…my teacher says that I just have a really refined survival instinct." She says unhappily because while if she were ever actually in danger this might be a talent…as it was it was a nuisance and a socially isolating curse. "I'm pretty good at…uh, lights."

"Mayor Salty! What happened?" A shocked colt gallops quickly towards the pair of unicorns, eyes wide and taking in the path of chaos following them. He's breathing heavy when he gets close, and has to give his shoulders a twitch to resettle his saddlebags on his back. "Whose stall was that? Was that yours?" he asks, looking to Firework, taking in her flour covered form. "I'm so so sorry for what happened, miss. The mayor's office will reimburse you the full value of the stall…"

"Lights? Like…lanterns?" Salty asks skeptically as she looks over from the fountain. But as the cream-colored colt arrives on the scene Salty flicks her tail dismissively. "Oh don't worry so much. It was uhh… what did you say her name was? Peanut Button. Peanut Button's stall. I already told her to talk to you and you'd reimburse her. Keep your head on your shoulders." But, things start floating out of his saddle bags as she starts lifting things with her telekinesis. Looking for something.

Firework shakes her head "Uh…well, fireworks, and light displays, I guess? I can do lanterns too…" and then she squeaks and just…poofs again. She's easily startled. If he hadn't been behind her she probably wouldn't have panicked, but as it was she ended up in the fountain, floundering in…a freaking foot of water to try and rescue herself. She finally gains her feet, mane sopping wet, and her tail dripping as well, but she trips on her way out and stumbles right into Salty in what will inevitably become a pile of limbs an various unicorn bits. A few of the apples from her saddle bags still float in the fountain. The rest are in the process of being crushed under them.

"Peanut Butter, ma'am," Polaris says, nearly automatically. As the things that floating out of his saddlebags, his ears lay back worriedly, but he does his best to ignore it, instead looking towards Firework… Who's suddenly gone. And woah, she's in the fountain! "Are you okay, miss? Oh, careful of that step—" And bam, both the girls go done. Polaris nickers anxiously as he crouches next to them, shouldering Firework up first, followed by Salty. "If that isn't your stall, what of yours did she break?"

"Oh right, Pea—" And down she goes! All the things in Polaris's bags go flying and crashing into the ground or the fountain. "Oof. That didn't break the whiskey bottle did it? I was looking for the whiskey bottle. And tut tut, Polaris. I don't break /everything/."

Firework looks sheepish. "Uh…I don't…I might have broken something of hers, really." Because that tended to be how Firework's life went on. She broke things, alienated people, and cried herself to sleep eating cake. Which still failed to make her fat because she has an insane metabolism. She lets the stallion help her up, and wobbles a little bit, holding her legs out like a particularly uncertain foal. She is going to stay up, damnit. "I'm so sorry, Miss Mayor." She mumbles and just. Wants to go home and eat some cookie dough.

"That's in the other sidebag, ma'am," Polaris says, quiet enough that maaaayyybe Salty doesn't hear. "You don't break everything, no…" he says hesitantly, letting the wobbly unicorn lean against him as much as she needs, "But most times… Wait, something got broken that you didn't do?" He looks to Firework in surprise. "What was it?"

Salty brightens as she straightens, and shakes herself off. "Not a problem, Firework, not at all." She scoots over and seems to sandwich Firework in between the two flanks. This is probably not very fun, no siree. "This is my new chaos buddy!" she proclaims cheerfully, slinging a foreleg around her shoulders. "We shall level the town in harmony. … Well, not really." On the plus side, she didn't hear anything about whiskey.

Firework turns bright pink. Or rather her lilac skin darkens, and she just. Looks so ashamed. "Uh…I think probably the baker's shop. I know I put a hoof through at least three pots." She was going to have to pay for that. And possibly the oven. "I think I might have kicked the handle off the oven too when I burned myself…and I -KNOW- I inadvertantly pulled a chunk out of Mrs. Butter's tail." she mumbles and looks very downtrodden about it. Now where will she get her apples? Her horn glows as she lifts the three surviving apples back into her bag with a drip. Firework wheezes, but manages not to poof back into the fountain. Or into a tree. Or an oven.

Polaris blinks at Firework in surprise. And he even smiles a little. "Wow, Mayor Salty. You may have some competition for causing trouble." Though at Salty's pronouncement, his smile falls. "Or an accomplice. Oh Celestia… Please try and keep the repair costs under the GDP of the city?" When Firework wheezes, Polaris gives her a worried look. "Are you alright, Miss? I have some eucalyptus oil in my bag, if you need to clear the airways…"

Salty flicks her tail. "Fine fine. Spoilsport. Firework, don't worry about it. Do what I do, and drink till you forget about it! It'll probably dampen your powers a bit too." She says it so cheerfully too. She lets her go and then yawns. "Speaking of, I should probably start meeting other citizens. Firework, you are welcome at my abode any time!"

Firework cringes a little bit. "I…uh. I get nervous." She mumbles, in just. The largest understatement in the history of Equestria. Seriously. "I'm, I'm not…" she doesn't do it on PURPOSE. It's just that her random teleportation and clutziness couple together to make a recipe for disaster. "I don't drink. I don't think I'm old enough…" She says, and looks uncertain. She'd never really investigated because getting drunk when she was this much of a clutz seemed like a terrible idea. She looks down at her hooves, feeling as if she's been dismissed. "Yes, Miss Mayor."

"Yes, please. Feel free to visit anytime," Polaris says with a smile, carefully leaning away from Firework, watching to make sure she'll stay up. "The whole house is reinforced. It had to be, after she sailed the schooner in through the back wall."

"Who said anything about old enough?" Salty asks, grinning. "As long as you can drink water, you can drink whiskey, that's what I say. Or rum, maybe that's more up your alley… Or no, brandy, pour some brandy on those apples and bake 'em. … Well, have someone else bake 'em. We don't do well with ovens, do we." The dreaded 'we'. Poor, poor Firework, getting lumped in with the crazy. She reaches over the fountain and pulls out one of Polaris' quills, and some soaking parchment.

Firework 's brow furrows a little bit. She wants to defend herself, but sadly Salty is entirely right. And she's probably better off in a reinforced building. Her own room is just. Has a matress in it because everything else gets broken. Her entire house, really. It's empty and sad. She's not too keen on drinking brandy though. It smells bad. "I make brandy cake sometimes…"

Polaris is no mind reader, so the tragic image of the bedroom goes right over his head. "Not everyone likes to drink as much as you do, ma'am. … oh god, is that…?" His voice squeaks and he bolts over to the hovering quill and parchment, staring in horror at the state. "Oh no…that was my /good/ quill. And that was the grocery list…" Gently, he tries to pluck the parchment out of the air with his teeth, laying it over his back to inspect how bad the damage is.
"Well brandy it up more," Salty declares, as though this will solve all troubles. And with that, she lets Polaris take his things, and gallops off to either find some drink or accost some other poor citizen. Hooray?

Shame washes over the poor unicorn, and her head droops a little bit. "I'm so sorry." She says, and paws at the ground as if maybe she can dig herself into a hole to hide. It looks like they're going to go though so at least there's that. Her shame will be short lived.

"It's not your fault," Polaris says, stifling an unhappy sigh, resting a comforting hoof against Firework's shoulder, "Salty has this aura of mayhem that surrounds her. I'm sure you just got caught up in it." Oh no, he's not leaving.

Firework shakes her head. "No…I'm afraid it's probably my fault. I mean…I don't know Miss Mayor very well. Only…" She shakes her head again. "I have a tendency to ruin things." She does. It's not on purpose, but that doesn't change the fact that…well…she ruins things. Either way. "I can…uh, if you need help with the shopping, I can help. Or try to help."

Polaris blinks in surprise. "Pardon my forwardness, ma'am. But I'm having trouble imagining bad things happening and it not being the mayor's fault. What exactly did you do?" At the offer of going shopping, he smiles broadly. "Oh, that'd be nice, actually! It's so hard to check my list when it's weighed down under piles of groceries. Erm…" He turns, edging his side up towards Firework. "What's that word there? I know it's a vegetable, but I cant' quick see it from here…"

Firework shakes her head, still staring at the ground. "I don't MEAN to do things…I just cause accidents." Speaking of which, she sort of feels like she should go to the medic. Her burn is starting to hurt. She's not going to talk about that though. She frowns a little bit. "Um…a carrot? It sort of looks like carrot. Cucumber?" she asks.

"Oh? Well then, that's certainly a step up. At least you have your heart in the right place. But what exactly did you…what's that?" Polaris frowns and gets closer to Firework, carefully trying to eye her burn…wherever it is.
Firework stumbles backward a few steps, tripping to land hilariously on her rear. "I already TOLD you. I ruined a bunch of pots…probably that awning was my fault too…destroyed someone's cupboard, kicked the handle off of an oven, destroyed a bunch of fruit, and possibly gave the baker a concussion. It was hard to tell with all the pots."

Polaris blinks at Firework stumbles backwards suddenly. Is the earth's gravity shifting? He plants his feet a little wider, in case whatever caused her to stumble decides to come after him next. "Well, maybe an open-air market is the best place for you. Unless you want to get back home?"

Firework pushes herself back up, and shakes out her burned back leg. "No. I'm…I'm okay. I feel like since I ruined your list…I can at least try to help out." She can't promise it won't end in tragedy though. She shakes her head out too, and her wayward mane settles into something sort of resembling…not order, but acceptable disorder, at least. "I probably shouldn't do more than hold the list though…"

"Don't beat yourself up too much. Really, this is a /light/ day working for the Mayor." He starts to wander away back towards the shops, slowly to be sure she can follow along. There's no guarantee, seeing how much she's staggering about lately. "Do you happen to have a drying spell or something? That would be useful."

Firework pauses for a moment, but then she heads on after him, looking sheepish. "I can try." She offers. She's pretty good with heat and fire and light so she's not too worried on that front. She scuttles after him, and has to take a few steps to his since she's…quite small. Her horn glows, and she seems to concentrate, as the piece of paper rises into the air. It glows and steams…and then settles back down on his back, dry.

Polaris is beaming as the paper settles on his back again, the lanky young colt picking up the paper in his teeth again. "There you go! No explosions, no fires… I think we'll get along just fine. So first…" Flipping the paper up, he peers cross-eyed at the list. "First…spackle. Lots and lots of spackle. You don't know how to conjure a cart by any chance, do you? We may need to hire some help hauling it back to the house."

Firework blinks a little bit. "I can't conjure anything but lights." She's not THAT awesome at magic. Her great grandmother had apparently been, but SHE wasn't. "I can push a cart though. Or hold things." She was pretty good at holding up numerous bags as long as she didn't poof anywhere, because in that case they tended to crash to the ground, as they weren't touching her.

"Ah well, worth a shot. What's your name, if you don't mind me asking?" Now that Firework is keeping up, he picks up into a trot, and the two chat happily as they make their way back along the path of flour leading towards the market.

He's still larger, and has a longer stride though, so she's sort of scooting along after him. "Firework." she tells him, which is…sort of fitting with the metaphorical sparks she causes wherever she goes. "What about you?"

"Polaris. Mayor's aide. And as you can guess, I clean up after her a bit as well." When he realizes he's outpacing her, Polaris slows his roll down to a walk again. Curse his long legs! It was just a few seasons ago he was her size anyways…this is still all so new. "Firework? That's a nice name. How'd you get it?"

Firework was just…small. Petite, rather. "Uh…My mother gave it to me. As a kid I had a tendency to make light shows, I guess? My sister was Firefly so I suppose it sort of…fit." she says with a shrug, as if she's never considered it before. "How did you get YOUR name?" she jokes, but he might have a story for that. How would she know?

"That must've been fun! Light shows at dinner? Did they go off when you were trying to sleep though? That wouldn't be fun…" Polaris seems a little sheepish when Firework asks that question. "Oh… Uh, well, I just have a really good sense of direction. And my parents are kind of astronomy nuts…" Apparently he didn't get the joke.

Firework blinks. "Uh…well it started when I was a baby. At night. Like you know those lanterns you put over a foal's bed and it's…colors and shapes? Like that but…no lantern. My sister had sort of…the same thing, only she didn't have the same tendency to scorch the linen." Fireworks says, sounding just. Unhappy again. She is a constant source of trouble, that one. "Astronomy is cool. My father liked stars. He liked anything that was out of doors though."