I M Still Mad At You Kinda
IC date: Autumn 35, 1007
OOC date: October 24, 2012
PCs: Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind
GM: None

Three Pegasi ponies are working out in the center of the room performing short hovering bursts, followed by aggressive airial charges, in close quarters. At the far side of the Room stands Solar-Wind. He is cleaned, and well groomed, still in black but his attitude and demeanor seems to have improved greatly. While he is still not flying, his wings are unsecured upon his back and looks much healthier in general. He nods to one of the pegasi as they work to better themselves in progressive airal combat. The third pegasus is next to solar discussing something.

Before long another pegasi enters the great room, typicaly a good place to be left alone as most of the locals were loath to get close to the massive doars outside and it's omnious warrnings. Not so much to day, Sodium-Fizz realiced with a sigh as her pale yellow eyes peered out practicing pegasi from under the hood of her ratty cloak. They finaly locked onto the large frame of Solar-Wind standing nearby, making her groan.

The jangling of vials and bone that followed her facehoof wasn't particularly quiet either.

Ice-Spiral looks from Solar-Wind up to Sodium-Fizz, "Captain, I think we have a visitor" he mentions to Solar, whom looks up quips his head slightly and offers a bow. A glance to the other two ponies in their positions causes them to drop solidly to the ground, and each pull a stiff practiced salute to Sodium-Fizz. Three base ponies saluting , and Solar joining them in a firm salute to Fizz. "Goodmorning Sodium-Fizz" he intones, which in turn his subordinates each intone in a quieter tone, "Goodmorning Maam" still locked in their salute to her.

"Please allow me to be the bearer of the news this morn" Solar intones, "The med staff has cleared me for duty, pending I maintain myself, and continue to not fly. Furthermore, I am to remain in a limited capacity for the foreseeable future. "Flying will come later, but for now I must only excercize my wings, not bear loads with them" The captain offers. "Furthermore I would like to extend my thanks to you miss FIzz, for guiding my recovery through some , Trying circumstances" he offers

Sodium-Fizz raises an eyebrow, her eyes sweeping over the pegasi. She looks decidedly… unimpressed. And her good mood seems to evaporate more and more with every word Solar speak till finaly her eyes snapp back to his. "You'd been in the air days ago if you hadn't been so Luna-danged stuborn, Mr. 'Trying Circumstance'."

Fizz fell silent for several long moments before glancing over the gathered pegasi again, her annoyance seeming blunted by her curiousity. "And… What's with the salute?"

Solar-Wind looks to the pegasi near him and calls out in a firm military voice, "Dismissed!" for which they snap their salutes, and file out in a precice line .

Sodium-Fizz seems to take the chance to dissmiss herself as well, her hooves resounding loudly against the stone floor as she plods over towards one of the more secluded corners of the cavern.

Solar-Wind erks some as his command goes away, but so to does Fizzy. His head ducks down, and he trots after her hoping to catch up with her before she gets too far.

Sodium-Fizz sighs after several long moments as it becomes clear she's not going to shake Solar-Wind and slows down, shooting the little, secluded corner of the great, cavernous room a longing glance. "Yes, Solar?" she muttered, without turning her head.

Solar-Wind catches up with her. Its not that hard for him, as she didn't try flying away. But with her stopped and not looking to him he now pauses unsure, "Med staff said I was good, just told me to take it easy. I, I'll do just that. Ive been stupid I know, but" he just sighs deeply and stops, his eyes downcast. "I'm just Sorry" he states quietly as he turns some as if to let her leave.

"No," came the curt response before Sodium-Fizz turned and walked onwards to her singled out corner. She keeps on talking though, "I know it can be hard not doing what you want, but you've been really foalish about it. You're not a featherbrain, or so I hope, you should know that we tried to help you and should have listened." Fizz huffed. "If you had, you'd have been free to leave, as new, days ago."

Solar-Wind paces a few hoof falls behind her, "No?" he queries, then looks down at the explanation. "Not what want, what I need. I need to have a purpose, a use, to be of help to someone. Being down in bed, even when I needed it was not a use, but just a cop-out. I can't just stand around doing nothing, even for a moment. It wasn't just my wings that were injured then, but my soul." he tries to explain more bumbling on words than anything as he really /tries/ to explain himself for his actions. "Yes, I was stupid and Stubborn, I realize that, I know, and I'm just trying to catch up with my failings, what I couldn't accomplish when I was out of the running so to speak" he stops as we reach the darker destination. He remains on his hooves incase she truely wishes to be alone. "I should have listened, I should have bowed before your wishes, I know that, I, I just couldn't handle it. I failed to my most basic elements, not to mention all my training.

The grey and purple mare shot Solar-Wind a glance from the corner of her eye as she sat down, her muzzle shooting down somewhere within her cloak before returning with a pair of pouches. Dumping the contents on the table, Sodium-Fizz set out sorting it up, the tip of her wings pushing plant parts, paper and a inkwell to their own little corners. "A wound of the soul, huh? I guess one could call it that, not being able to indulge in the things you truly enjoy… I guess that is indeed failed training, I thought the guard were thought how to cope with it. And that when it comes to medical issues, the /doctor/ is always right."

Biting down on the cork of the bottle of ink she pulled it out, harsher than nessecary, staining her hooves with blotches of dark blue, barely visibly against her coat. "And, speaking of 'things you truly enjoy'… You have not put your moves on Ruby yet, I notice."

Solar-Wind ducks his head lower , "yes, yes we all were trained, but there is a point past any point in training that ones self cannot ever prepare you for." he motions around, "This place, broke all those rules, devided what was real from what was only written in legends, broke every little concept of what was right, and just, and even what was possibile in the minds of mere pony's I became a flag with out a pole to fly by, and yet still I was there in the midst of the confusion. All my training failed to give me understanding, failed to bring me the inner peace it once touted that I could do." he states, "I was overwhelmed, and I failed because of it" He hrumphs some, "Yes, the doctor is always right, most of the time. Perhaps my own extensive medical training gave me some sort of complex or something" he mumbles on that one

The stallion grunts, with a quick gasp regarding her last statement. Voice changing rapidly, with definate desire, but also pain too. "Ruby" he swallows hard. "II respect her, and those whom also seek her attentions" he snorts some, more an exhale of reluctance, of annoyance. Ears flick back flatten, then he just Shakes his head trying to clear his thoughts. Thoughts still invade and sweep him away in fond things. Eyes lid slightly closed. "Ruby" he notes softly and he sighs deeply. You've definately stuck an emotional note with the big guy. "I respect her, I also respect Kludge, I do not wish to step on any hooves with my emotions" he states through obvious anger, or dislike, or perhaps pain. It yeilds a soft snort of distress.

Sodium-Fizz raised an eyebrow, giving Solar-Wind an skeptical look. "Solar, you don't seem to respect /anypony/. Besides, since when would 'respect' stop anypony?" That finaly seemed to get a smile out of Fizz, if an almost teasing one.

Fizz's comments yeild firstly a snort at her comment about him not respecting anypony, Then when she mentions why anypony would stop over respect, it yeilds a now set a-pacing solar wind. tight little pacees one way sharp turn about (you see that guard training right there, funny how little things like that show through sometimes) he is PACING with angry little snorts here and there. "thats a nasty subject, emotions of ponies, respect for others, or lack thereof can work in bad circles Bad Circles" he states as he paces, paces paces. "You might not know but I do have alot of respect for You, for Ruby, for everyone, maybe I just don't show it how you expect for respect to be shown" he states pacing in that guard format one direction swift snapped turn and back again. heh heh heh, 'frustrated guard pony' is definately the look. "I respect emotions of others, Kludge staked his claim pretty much, looks to have been corting her for some time" he notes, "She, she, She's complicated, I can't tell with her, d Does she even like me" oh he's spiraling now, bad, bad Fizzy, you started this! dang you! "Besides me just being me, does she even see who I am?" he asks as he's pacing before you. nothing exists in this little world now, just him and his errend thoughts.

"Truth to be told, I'm not certain she's even interested in anypony," Fizz muttered in response. "You won't know untill you try. And even if it goes badly, there's ponies who have wound up way worse."

Solar-Wind stomps a hoof stopped dead in his tracks, "Luna was right about you mares, nothing but trouble, and stray thoughts that lead to more risque thoughts which leads to weakness" he states, "we cannot induldge in matters of emotion while in wartime, while involved in a pending confrontation, or by order of the queens" he states out boldly as if reciting something heard or spoken to a class of cadets. he practically disolves from the resoloute captain of the guard as he turns and shakes his head. "dang this" he states with an exhale, then turns to look straight at Sodium-Fizz, he closes his eyes, though the look of pain is clear on his face, not physical pain, but mental anguish is clear, "please do not speak of this again to me, I, I cannot bear it" he states softly.

Sodium-Fizz shrugged. "If you want me to, can't say I think it's a good idea to just bottle it up and hope it goes away, though." With that she burried her muzzle in one of her wings, noseing around for a moment before plucking a lose feather and adding it to the items on the table. A hoof shot up, drawing a thin little pale-green branch laded with equaly tiny, pale blue berries to herself. They look almost like drops of ice.

"The plants here are downright fashinating, you know," she began in what might just be the least smoth transition in subject ever. "Plenty of them I've never seen before, then there are those that I know off, but that have addapted to live in this environment…. Life always finds a way, doesn't it?"

Solar-Wind sighs and slouches against the well beside your work looking down. He watches looking puzzled. "Are you still looking for something that can be fermented" he smiles and laughs lightly going with your subject change with a bit of relief evident in his voice. "Ya know I've never been able to get anyone here in the base tell me where our Blue leaves come from those dispicable things, I swear thats the only thing they think is idible here, surely there's /something/ else" he mentions. "Its been a thousand plus years, so things adapt, Ya know there's something I worry about with these cavebound ponies. It is the sun, can you imagine if one day when this all is over, if the sun ever does rise here , they'd practically be struck down because of thelight. I mean I know my eyes are going to be feeling horribile when we get back" he states, "gonna need some whiskey and a dark place for awhile.

"Actualy, I have been worried about the same thing. Though admitedly more on an envriomental side, the sun comming up might very well be a horrible thing in the end," Sodium-Fizz said with a slight nod before gripping her feather-turned-quill, dipping it in the inkwell and starting to write, eyes dancing back and forth between the paper and the plant. She speeks through her teeth, sounding slightly muffeled. "And no, I… think this might be better for me to be honest."

"Alcohole is not the best way to treat trauma, after all." She strained and leaned closer still, almost unhealithy so.

Solar-Wind nods slowly, "I think we're going to have to stick around to do weather training, You remember any of your old flight camp stuff, basic weather classes?" he asks, "these ponies have no concept of it, haven't for generations, so they just don't know how. I'm sure there are books, but don't even know about that. Then there's Winter Wrap up, thats going to be" he shudders, "vicious, here" he nods. "Winter Wrap-Up is going to need warriors in this place" he chuckles darkly at the thought, "When-if-er this place wakes up, If it does so before our departure, I think I'll stick it out here, wrangle up a new guard, and keep the skies clear" he smiles jokingly, (though there's some seriousness there in his voice too)

Sodium-Fizz smiled, if almost regretably so. "Yeah… I'm pretty sure I even know more unicorn magical theory, and I'm not good at theory, than most of our horned fellows around here. And I studied that when I was /eight/. Either way, that's kinda why I wanted to get the go-ahead to round up a few interested ponies and teach them alchemy. It's an very practial to have a working knowledge of it, especialy in dangerous times."

"Also, I never realy listened much during weather manipulation classes. It's kinda embarasing, really. I pride myself in knowing, yet I'm rubish with pegasi magics," she muttered after a few moments, blushing.

Solar-Wind hmm's and nods some, "we need a school, some orginazation towards this place's future" he notes. "given your family, I'm not surprised by your training

The pegasus smiled, "Hah! They were rather against it to be honest, but I was a lot more foolish then than I am now… I hope… I was dead set on being a unicorn." Sodium-Fizz giggled softly before squinting at the papers. "And yeah, we need to see to that too… Kinda why I'm trying to get all my observations down on paper, as well. To save it for the future, wether or not the sun goes up."

Solar-Wind says "yeah a pegasus in a unicorn camp, I'm sure they were beside themselves, flippin prissy unicorns"he hrumphs and laughs a little. "eh, at least thats how they seem to me by and large. Though admittadly, I do have a size advantage on about any pony""

Sodium-Fizz says, "I'm honestly suprised you can even fly, as large as you are. Now, are you going to stand there or would you mind helping me cataloguing these beauties?" The mare glanced up at him, an eyebrow raised. It… certainly wasn't an straight up appology accepted, but at least she didn't seem utterly cross with him any longer.

Solar-Wind has a seat beside her and starts to sort, and write, Ooh big boy can write, and what a fine scrawll evidently taught in Canterlot that one is. "The wing extensions help in more than just lifting capatity, but stability too" he offers sheepishly, "there were issues, but with the right excercizes to strengthen the muscles here and there, I overcame the challenges of my size vs my wings. I gotta do constant excercizes. thus me being cooped up, it just didn't work" he smiles and starts in again listing off charastistics and features of this and that.