I Can T Let You Do That Solar
IC date: Autumn 34, 1007
OOC date: October 23, 2012
PCs: Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind, Ruby-Blossom
GM: None

Adventure Time! Actually - mundane chore time! Ruby glances over her right shoulder then left to ensure her snow-suit is properly fit before glancing to Fizzy. "You got that thing on alright? Wouldn't want you catching a cold."

Sodium-Fizz noded, pulling one of the straps of the suit tighter around one of her forelegs. "Yes, I got it. Gah… These things are a pain to put on." She grined before picking her raggedy and torn Ghostwalk cloak of the ground and swung it across her back, jingling loudly with vials and flasks clattering together, and fastened it with the bone broche around her neck.

Ruby-Blossom circles Fizzy once to ensure the other mare is properly dressed before leading up to entrance. She grabs the drawn-device to cover tracks before pushing the door wide open, and motioning Fizzy outside. "Hustle, hustle. Don't let the heat out."

Sodium-Fizz rolled her eyes for a moment and pushed the mask securely over her face before, as commanded, hustling outside with all speed. The temperature plumeted and she shivered despite the suit. She liked it chilly, yes, but not /too/ cold. She tended to freeze her hooves off, then.

Ruby-Blossom begins to nudge the door shut - getting almost all the way before sighing heavily "Fine Solar!" she calls down to the stallion hiding around the corner. "Just for a little bit." she glances at Fizzy. "I swear, he thinks he can sneak out after us." A small glare thrown her direction. "We should of known."

Solar-Wind nods slightly, "YessCommander" he intones softly as he suits up and follows diligently, "count me here for the heavy lifting" he notes, and softer, "Sory, I err, saw you get /that/ look and I know that means you're going out" he comments softly, "I won't let you down"

"I must say, I'm almost tempted to leave him to his own device at times so I can stop foal-sit him the whole darned time," Sodium-Fizz turned her head, staring at Solar-Wind. It would have been a bit more effective had she not already had her visor down.

Ruby-Blossom playfully swats the side of Fizzy's flank with one hoof. "He'd be dead if we left him alone - clearly one of those foals that can't survive without a mommy or CO." An amused smirk lost behind the visor of her snowsuit. "We're just going to gather a little wood, see if anythign else comes of interest." she motions away from the forest and diretion of the Thunderbolt encampment. "Windrose's map indicates there should be a small grove not far from here."

Solar-Wind just bows his head some, he knows he's the brunt of their jokes right now, but he remains silent, just here for now, just a little grunt of acknowledgement coming from him. as he goes along. He does mumble, a "thanks you RUby"

Ruby-Blossom apply hoof to forehead "Argh

Sodium-Fizz turned her head to Ruby for several long moments. "I know, but then it wouldn't be /my/ problem," she deadpanned. It's kinda difficult to tell if she's serious or not.

Solar-Wind just trudges behind, bringing up the rear so to speak.

Bringing up the rear means Solar is charged with dragging the track-covering sled thing-ama-jig! This leaves Ruby and Fizzy free to walk ahead - still single file. "Hey, at least it gives you something to look at while you sleep." a broad - very amused smirk thrown Fizzy's way; even if the expression can't be seen the tone is very suggestive to say the least. "I expect you to speak up if you feel ill at all Solar, no tough guy act.

Solar-Wind nods a little, "I know its meant to go over the shoulders, but could you remount it to the back of my rescue harness, it sits too close to my wings for much comfort" he asks softly with a little grunt

The older mare pulled a face, shooting Ruby a glare as she fell back ever so slightly to wind up next to Solar-Wind. "Alright, hold up a moment and we'll fix that. Also… what?" The last thing Sodium-Fizz directed at Ruby.

Like a child whining about his seatbelt - Solar can't resist needing to make Ruby 'pull' over! She mutters addorably "I suppose that's true." trotting back to the stallion to adjust the device, and re-attach it to his rescue harness. "Here you go." she chimes before patting his head. "I was just saying - if he fills light headed or weak; he's to tell us so we can turn back. No tough-guy act."

Solar-Wind ducks his head a little, "Ruby, Thanks, I know my limits, I can handle myself just fine" he comments softly before regaining his formerly quiet stand-by mode more or less. He's taken to simply not talking lately.

Sodium-Fizz eyed Solar-Wind for a moement as they finish straping the track-covering mechanism into it's new position before shaking her head. If he didn't want to talk, she wouldn't push him any. Turning about she set of once more, the snow 'crump'-'crumping' under her hooves. "But… Grove, yes. I hope I can have a quick nose around as well, when we get there. There's plenty of interesting flora here, you know? I've been keeping notes, there's almost a dozen and a half completely different species here, compared to back home."

Ruby-Blossom says "Yeah, I'd imagine cold and no sun would kinda change what's available." a tad bit of quip in her reponse - but affectionate all the same. As she begins to trot forward she glances over her shoulder at Solar, and not being nearly as tactful as Fizzy asks "What's on your mind, you big lug?""

Solar-Wind pads slowly behind them making well sure the machine is doing its job of covering their tracks. Mind on task he just mumbles something to the effect of he's just keeping the tracks clear or something. Eventually he is heard over the sound of the machine, "Thinking about the future" is all he really says, doesn't really give a hint at what he means though.

That made the alchemist giggle. Whiping her head around she smiled at them, even if the mask covered that up. "Why not talk about it, then? I mean, we've all talked about the past already."

Ruby-Blossom pops her visor up long enough to give Solar a good, hard look. "Fizzy. That's stallion speak for I'm thinking about 'mares', and can't talk to mares about it." a playful grin before popping her visor back down. "Like I said Solar - don't give up serving Celestia on my behalf."

Solar-Wind mumbles, "Serving Celestia is the least of my concerns, currently in order of what I see as priorities, 1. Surviving the next few weeks, 2. supplies and continuation of living itself, 3. Living, where? and then number 4. Living Here, 5. What next?" he states without a real pause between the numericas. Again silent and just putting his focus on walkiing forward.

"I don't see why he couldn't," Sodium-Fizz quiped right back with a grin before turning her attention to Solar-Wind. "And come on, Sol… That's not thinking of the future! That's beeing gloomy. True, this place does rather lend itself to being gloomy… but see just how we've managed to turn things around here by turning up?"

Ruby-Blossom lets out an exgaratedly loud sigh. "See, you've got your priorities all wrong. You should be thinking about what you'll do when we get back to the Harbor. That is unless you have doubts about our ability to make it through this ordeal?" My ability to keep everypony together, I mean I know I doubt my ability - clearly there are better leaders, and better ponies out there." Not a single hint of self-doubt or negativity in her tone; just facts. Fizzy's right. We're making a difference - a big difference. I think Celestia's a selfish bitter berry personally, but I still made them a little idol in her honor - just to give them hope. That was perfectly good pirate's gold too." a noteable pout in her voice.

Solar-Wind says "Professor Redmane has said himself that we don't have the means of getting ourselves home, I know of one here that does have that power, but committing ourselves to that is like publically asking for death" he states softly, "There is always, hope, but I'm not seeing where at this time" he murmurs, "I'll figure it out" he states inviting no further comment, as he returns to his contemplation and pulling of that sled. To him he's barely stepped foot out of the base, just pulling along."

Sodium-Fizz groaned softly. "Wow, you realy are in a dismal mood today, arn't you…? I'm with Ruby on this one, we'll get home all fine, somehow." She fell silent for a moment. "Though I disagree on there being anypony better suited to lead us, mind. None of the rest of us have the right mixture of presence of mind and force of personality to make it work."

Ruby-Blossom stops mid-step to turn and stare at Solar-Wind, visor once more flipped up and exposing her face to the cold. "There's always another answer, Solar; just because Redmane doesn't have the answer doesn't mean it's not there. We go here, so we can get back - it's that simple. Frankly if I need to trot into Canterlot to make sure everypony gets home, I WILL." one hoof roughly digging into Solar's chest. "You don't have to trust me, hay you don't even have to like me. But I expect you to keep a positive attitude around everypony else. Part of your duty is keeping your own moral up - so you need to honestly embrace the fact everypony will get home. You don't have to trust me as a pony, but you have to trust me as a leader until I say otherwise!"

Solar-Wind practcally slouches under the barrage of Ruby laying into him. If he was quiet before, now he could be dead, and you'd never know the differince. He murmurs quietly, "Yes Commander" and doesn't look up. he's only stopped by the hoof at his chest. "I trust you in all capacities Ruby"

Sodium-Fizz tapped a hoof against the hard snow, shaking her head. "You two… Solar, trust us. Everything will be just fine, we'll find a way to get home and when we do we can get on with our lives. Ruby, don't talk like /you/ expect everything go straight for Tartarus between yourself and everypony else, it won't. Right now we got a job to do, so can we do it and try to be normal? Just walk along both of you, feel free to stare at her flank if you must, feel free to enjoy having a big, handsome stallion staring… Whatever."

Ruby-Blossom huffs softly "Darn it." flailing her front hoofs. "If I didn't like you Solar, I wouldn't bother being around you!" continued flailing. "But you need to pep-up. What's wrong? Just frigging tell me what's the matter - stop holding it in; we're you friends and stuff." she pats the big lug atop of the head "I'll listen to whatever you say." she turns to nudge Fizzy with her nose. "Fizzy, this /is/ normal." she corrects the older mare. "Let's get going, it's freezing out here.

Solar-Wind sighs and tactfully changes the subject, he actually does so with grace and composure "Ya know I haven't had my wings open since the fight, I mean not at all even" he laughs some, "begiining to feel like some big ol' earth pony" he comment. Is that it, could it possibiily be just that he's bothered about. Well not being able to fly has always messed with him in the past, why not now. The big pony actually starts to take off his gear to reveal his wings, unbound mind you, though they still have the look of being tightly bound. He steps from his survival garb just standing there eyes half closed reveling in the chill air his wings are up, not unfolded though, just feeling the chill chilly air toss around them, touch feathers, and twirl away uselessly.

Ruby-Blossom huffs softly "Fine, whatever. Just consider what avoiding the subject might get you." she beams her voice going from cheerful to sour. "Well look at that, we're just about there." motioning towards the grove with a nod of her head.

"If this normal I don't want to know /bad/ is," Sodium-Fizz muttered in response. "Lets keep it that way, hmh?" The alchemist set of down the track once more, her fur-lined and bone laded cloak fluttering in the breeze with an sharp snap behind her. After a few moments she giggled.

"You know, when this started up… I kinda wound up thinking that we'd have 'Mommy Ruby' looking out for everypony. The more I talk with you," she shot Ruby-Blossom a glance, "the more feel like must have hit my head, back then."

Solar-Wind drops the harness in the snow, his thermal gear is still laying there, him out of it. he trots a few paces forward wings still up for all the world to see this way, and he ducks his big head beside Ruby's turns quick like and kisses her right on the cheek, "Ruby, You're wonderful, Don't ever forget that!" he states, then unexpectedly turns off direction and starts trotting towards the mountains. Wait, wait, what? no thermals, no sno track hider thing, just heading towards the mountains, A second later, you see the big pegasi actually manage to flick his big wings fully open, closed, then fully open again. There was a quick gasp in that effort, but there he is with wings fully out and extended, then down again hs he trots to the pass, to where the pegasus camp is located at.

Ruby-Blossom glances sideways at the other mare and softly comments "What's that supposed to mean?" Admittedly a tad confused as she trots along with the pegasi. "Guess I'm doing a poor job, huh?" Lets out a low snarl of a growl before lunging forwad at the big lug - throwing herself atop the bigger pony "STOP RIGHT THERE!" Attempting to drag the bigger pony to the ground - only she's really out-classed in the terms of weight. "Stop this instant you lughead." The tone of her voice sounds as if she's liable to do something /Solar/ will regret.

Sodium-Fizz blinked in suprise, turning towards Solar wind, facehoofing with a groan. "Solar-Wind, you big git…" With a sigh she trotted after them, though actualy doesn't seem inclined to interfere.

Solar-Wind is slowed down considerabaly, and now stuck there in knee deep snow while he's weighted down, he's just panting now though, wings up and wide spread. He's just feeling the wind in his feathers, and ruby can make out a tiny little voice, its actually Solar, "the wind feels so good" he actually tears up, turning his wings this way and that catching the breeze, "Its ok, Ruby, Its ok, I just needed this" he states, "please step backRuby, please, I need to feel this again" he practically begs of her, no he actually is begging now.

Ruby-Blossom snarls softly "You need to be back in your snow suit - then I don't give a danged if you spread your wings. But you are not running around unprotected, running off, or doing anything else stupid. So help me I will permanently break those wings if you don't shape up this instant." Clearly Ruby is frustrated - but only because she cares. "Get back into your suit - spread your wings, drag the sled, and help us get wood." she bops the dolt atop of the head.

"Do as she say, Solar." Unlike Ruby, Sodium-Fizz is just plain frustrated. "Luna help me, if you don't pull yourself together…"

Solar-Wind turns, looks to her closes his eyes opens them again refocusing them tohis suit. He turns back to the endless flat of snow with the mountains beyond. Blinkblink, stare, blinkblink stare. He closes his wings,retucks them, paces back to his suit, all without comment retrives the suit, and shirks it back on to him. he tucks here, and there a little, and retrives the rope, lifting it again and pausing there standing, just staring dead ahead, as if staring straight through both ruby, and fizz. no words, no comments, nothing. as if he was running on auto-pilot or something.

Ruby-Blossom huffs softly before reaching over to gently slip her hoofs into the wing-slots of Solar's suit to attempt to gently guide his wings free. "Guess I really must be aweful to make you feel this way." she huffs again - a nice peaceful outing has turned into a wretching chore. "I'm sorry Fizzy.

Sodium-Fizz sighed. "The sad part is that I'm used to it…" The mare sounded downright… dissapointed, the same way a parent might for their foal. "Lets just get this over with, shall we? When we get back…"

"When we get back, get somepony /else/ to look after him, I'm done."

Ruby-Blossom pats Fizzy as they continue to the clearing. "Sorry about that." she pipes. "I guess that was my fault." she offers a grin before lowering her visor. "I hope we find something good - aside from wood. I certainly hope we don't find anything - scary.

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Sodium-Fizz noded slowly, trudging onwards. "Not really, he's been dificult since forever. But I am serious, you get somepony else to look after him." With a grone the pegasus mare pressed her hoof against the bridge of her muzzle, her step faltering for a moment. "I… just want to take a chance to relax, realy. Get some wood, be exited over all the little bits and pieces of mysterious plants there is out here… if there are any… Just be myself for a moment."

She fell silent for a moment. "I still think you should have let me make some alcohole with the rest of the honey…"

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Ruby-Blossom nods softly "You're welcome to it, if you want - and share. Just…don't drink too much, you know?" bumping the other mare gently as they reach the edge of the woods. Ruby immediately begins to gather some fallen branches and the like, loading them onto the solar-powered sled. "I'll need to bring Kludge and Winny out here later to get some real wood.

Sodium-Fizz smiles and chuckles before digging into the fallen branches herself. "I'd share, you know… And yeah, that's most likely a good idea. Neither of us is quite built for handling one of these, are we?" She giggled softly and tapped one of the trees with a rear hoof. It gave a resounding, half-froozen 'thunk'. "To be honest, I'm not really sure how they do it either… Do they chop them down… or shatter them? Everything here is more frozen than… not…"

The grey mare trailed off for several long moments. "Oh! Look at those!" Fizz exclaimed eagerly, bounding across the snow-covered ground of the grove before burrying her muzzle in one of the small, inedible pieces of shrubbery. A few moments later she resufaced, a cluster of small flowers clutched between her teeth, beeming with joy.

Ruby-Blossom grins at Fizzy as she continues to load up on cold, wet wood - clearly it will have to dry before being of use. "Awesome. Keep looking around for anything that might be useful - just keep an eye for anything that might be dangerous." the mare chuckling warmly.

The alchemist giggled brighty again, tucking her find away somewhere in the pockets of her suits before glancing at Ruby-Blossom. "You know I will. And… thanks, for giving me a chance to enjoy doing something for myself. Kinda know where Solar comes from, in that respect…"

Ruby-Blossom chuckles softly "Solar just really isn't himself when he can't fly - it can make things very taxing." she comments while securing the wood to the sled.