Hungry Hungry Fury
IC date: Autumn 34, 1007
OOC date: October 23, 2012
PCs: Brume, Dream-Daze, Riptide, Seaside-Sunset, Spearmint, Spindrift, Thunnini
NPCs: Daffodil, Fury
GM: Applejack

It's a nice lovely evening, crisp and cool and covered in autumn colors. Underneath the boardwalk, a chubby little seapony colt watches the shore with trepidation and indecision. To go ashore, or not go ashore? He hides behind a pylon, peeking out at passersby, frowning in throught.

Behind the seacolt, a slimmer seafilly slowly surfaces silently. Thunnini had been down in her improvised warren when she saw the seacolt swim by, and being the inquisitive sole - er, soul - she is, she decided to say hello in what she considers the best way possible.

Leaning forward, she pipes up with "Hi! Haven't seen you around here! Wha'cha looking at?" Right in the poor colt's unsuspecting ear.

Such a nice evening. Nice weather, for autumn, some of the last days before things get really bloody cold! A little blue unicorn filly walks along the boardwalk, alongside a slightly bigger yellow colt. Daffy's apparently telling some kind of story, which has Dreamy's attention with those wide foal eyes of hers, listening to tales of strange wintery lands so different from even the books she's used to. Yay kids!

Spearmint trots along down the path, humming to himself. It's a lovely day! And he's in a good mood! He has a basket. A basket full of goodies! Pumpkin cookies, carrot muffins, nutbread… it's autumn, and who doesn't like good autumn baking? He hopes seaponies do, because he's heading for the docks! One can only assume he intends to share.

"AAAA!!" Riptide leaps out of the water with a splash and clings to the pylon, looking down at Thunnini with wide eyes. "Uh!! I— I um! Nnnn-n-nothi-nothing," he stammers. The chubby colt starts sliding down the pylon against his will, finally falling with a splash next to Thunnini. "Oof!"

Thunnini giggles and offers a hoof to the seacolt. "My name's Thunnini, but you can call me 'Thu' or 'Nini'. What's your name?"

Stuff happening! Shouts and splashes and and… Cookies? That makes it difficult for foals to know which way to go! Whatever story Daffy was telling is cut off by the splashing, the yellow colt earperking and dashing off to see just what's going on out there in the water. And Dreamy dashes off to catch up with Spearmint, tailing him and his basket of goodies~ Mmmmm, goodies…

Around one of the coffee shops is a rustle of bushes, eyes narrowing at the ponies milling about. Hmmm…

Twin ponies! Lazy twin ponies with nothing better to do then mill about town, and talk to other ponies; correction they do have something better to do - hit on stallions - but none are in view at the moment so they resort to the runner up, and approach~

Riptide peeeks his head up out of the water, regarding his fellow seapony with apprehension. He sinks back down, until only his eyes and the shaggy green mop he calls a mane sticks out of the water, bubbles streaming from his mouth. "R…Rippptibbbde," he burbles in ansiwer to Thunnini.

Down the street aways, around the corner, a hooded face peeks around the corner, and sea-green eyes stare across the boardwalk at Daffodil. Don't worry, guys, Spindrift is here to keep a watchful eye on the outlander foal, but if he happens to look over and see her lurking in such a shadowy fashion he may not feel especially appreciative of it.

Spearmint doesn't immediately notice Dreamy's approach, as his humming along with all the splashing blocks out the sound of her hoofbeats. When he /does/ notice, he pauses, ears perking. After a moment he puts the basket down, and proceeds to stand over it quite protectively. "Hello?"

The mares trot over to the mostly unfamiliar little yellow foal and promptly proclaim in unison. "Hi there!" "How's it going?" "What you up to? "Do see you see something?" "Do you hear something?" the twin mares proceeding to peek Daffy's shoulders to see exactly what transpires. The pair now perfectly blocking Spindrift's view of the foal!

Beam! "Nice to meet you, Riptide! This town's kinda funny, but it does have some nice landponies in it!" Thunnini is ear-to-ear smiles.

Emerging from the bushes, a certain white-haired pegasus creeps behind a garbage can, watching the converging group of ponies. She's ditched her snow fatigues in the (relatively) warm climate, which shows off her crossed-katana cutie mark. She leeeeans this way and that, trying to see around the twins. Grunt.

Daffodil props his front arms up on the railing overlooking water and beach and whatnot, and then decides to dash it all and balances up on the railing altogether! Walking it like a balance beam, he smiles cheerfully back at the twins, then peers into the water again. "I think…I see ponies. Hello ponies!" One yellow arm is waved!

Dreamy stops when Spearmint does, sits her rear down on the boardwalk, and sends the blind colt an image of just that. Dreamy, sitting, smiling. Tah-dah~ Then she bounces noisily on the wood for good measure! Clomp, clomp!

Riptide squeaks as ponies appear! Like magic! "Landponies catch seapony foals and eat them," he whispers fearfully to Thunnini, wrapping pudgy forelegs around her in fear. He shrinks away from Daffodil worriedly, hiding behind a mop of green hair. "I don't wanna get eaten!"

Spindrift sneaks out further from her hidey spot down the way, around the corner, and approaches at a casual pace. She wouldn't want to look TOO interested, but not SO interested she stands out in a crowd, at least any more than her height and her curious attire already make her. But she is actually quite interested, thank you, eyes still following Daffodil from the shadows of her hood. She is not, as of yet, aware of the approaching assassin.

Further up the street, another head peeks out from around the corner. It's Brume, and his hood is drawn up, lavender eyes narrowed thoughtfully. He watches Spindrift. After a moment he realizes it's much easier to see when you don't have a hood in the way and reaches up to sweep it back and off his head.

Seaside-Shimmer and Tropical-Sunset proceed to place their front hooves on the boardwalk railing - to either side of Daffy; what convienent obstructions they make! "Wow - Seaponies." They exclaim in unisorn "More than one." "Two in fact." The pair grinning at one another. "Never see that back in Marehattan." "Not a chance." The pair waving at the seaponies in unison. "We know her." "Strange seeing her in the water." "Definately a change."

Thunnini snorts with amusement. "The only problems I've had with landponies involved them fighting over a weird magic necklace," she says dismissively. "Those three" - pointing at the twins and Daffy - "are fairly nice. And the landfoals around here are very friendly!"

Spearmint blinks and perks his ears. "Oh! Hey! Hi Dreamy. Sorry, I didn't hear you! …Want a cookie?" He nudges the basket out. "I was gonna see if I could find Thunnini and then maybe we could find you and we could have some snacks."

"Strange?" Daffy looks at either twin, then back in the water. "Well..where do you usually see her if it's not in the water? I thought a seapony in the water would be natural." When he's pointed at by the seaponies, he points right back, waving again! "Hello out there!"

Dream Daze hops again. Bounce! She slips Spearmint an image of a headshake…and then of the two of them (in a quick stick-figure animation style no less) running to the dock to share the basket of goodies with seaponies. And a yellow colt too. Because there's that many to share with!

Riptide looks up at Daffodil and the twins, ears folded back, and he chances a shy wave. "H…hi…You're not…gonna eat us are you? Mama said that land ponies only think with their stomachs, and they got five of 'em. And they eat little ponies, and the sand is made of sharprock, so you can't ever go on land or you'll get eated."

Spearmint nods eagerly. "Okay!" Yay, more ponies! He's glad he made plenty of goodies. He scoops up the basket again and starts off towards the pier, ears pricked happily.

Fury creeps a little closer, before having to pause as she smells Spearmint's sweets. Delightful aromas waft toward the pegasus, and she groans a little. She's managed to forage a little since she arrived, but the plants here are totally foreign, and somehow the shops seem to be immune to pilfering from the pegasus. Her stomach burbles, and she freezes, narrowing her eyes and glancing around. No one heard that, right?

Thunnini gives Riptide a reassuring smile. "The land might not be as comfy as seasand, but it's nowhere near as bad as sharprock." A thoughtful expression crosses her face. "Still not comfy to crawl around on, though."

She is slightly distracted, though - she's looking around, trying to see if any of the landfoals are around. Especially Spearmint~ <3

Spindrift draws closer still. She's not being all creepy like Creepy McCreeperson over there, so her smooth strides carry her a bit further, a bit faster. But, again, she's more casual than a Haywaiian shirt over here, so she just gets near the foals… and stops. And loiters. And turns around so her back is towards them and watches the, er, the passerby. While leaning ever so slightly towards the docks, and perking an ear. A voice in the water… worrying about landponies eating seaponies, which they probably do… she hangs her head a little bit. Seriously?

Brume tumbles out of hiding and pops to his feet, then prances towards Spindrift on the tips of his hooves. You can almost hear his sneaky steps going poink-poink-poink. As Spindrift turns away from the foals and vaguely in his direction, he smoothly whirls with a flip of his cloak and settles onto a bench beside two rather surprised looking locals, and starts chatting them up about the weather. When Spindrift shifts and looks elsewhere, he glides to his feet and sneaks forward once more until his stringbean profile blends in with some conveniently gangly topiary. (Too bad it has been dutifully browned for the season.)

Yay more ponies indeed! Dreamy seems just as pleased with that idea as Spearmint, following him towards the docks. …At least until she hears the unmistakeable sound of a stomach rumbling. She pats her own belly. Mmm…nope. That wasn't her. She's not /that/ hungry. So she shoots Spearmint another image of a pony with soundwaves coming off their belly. Did he hear that too?

Daffy keeps at his balancing act, looking for the closest pier out towards where those seaponies are. Which is when he spots Spindrift and Brume! …I mean c'mon, how many other hooded mysterious ponies are there in town right now? "Hey guys!" he shouts to the all-too-familiar Strange Wanderers. "Do you know anything about seaponies? If I swim out there to talk to'em are they gonna eat me?"

Spearmint has already paused, ears pricked. He did indeed hear it! He's got good ears. He nods. "Somepony's hungry," he states, though around the basket it comes out more like "Mmmphny'sh unnnry."

Spindrift and Brume both whirl towards Daffodil, surprised they have been so readily caught! Then Spindrift scowls at Brume. Brume ignores her. "Seaponies sneak out of the ocean at night to eat your horn if you're a unicorn or your wings if you're a pegasus," he explains with a straight face, as he strides out to join Spindrift out in the open. "After that you're an Earth Pony. If you're an Earth Pony, they laugh at you and call you names."

Spindrift stares at her partner for a few moments longer before looking to Daffodil, the very picture of a dark alley where senses of humor get mugged for their joy. "That's not true. He doesn't know anything about seaponies. Neither of us do. I'd imagine, though, that if you met one, you should be nice to them as you would anybody else."

Brume nods. "Or else they'll eat y-ow." He is silenced as Spindrift reaches up to yank his goatee.

"I'm a vegetarian!" wails Riptide. "I don' wanna eat nopony!!" The seapony clings to the pylon nearest the shore, watching the foals and assorted with wide-eyed worry. "I promise I don't wanna eat anyone, and I won't if you won't!"

Meanwhile, Fury flattens her ears and ducks away, stomach still burbling. She's pretty close to the foals, but not quite close enough to touch, as she hides behind the bench with those same locals. "Stupid food. Stupid universe," the pegasus grumbles under her breath. "Ugh, I'm so hungry…!" Hiss.

The two locals in question exchange a look- high incident of weirdos tonight- then turn towards the pegasus. One of them offers a half of a sandwich. "How about this weather?" asks the other.

"That seems fair to me!" Daffy says agreeably, probably to both Spindrift and to Riptide, though it's the seapony kid he's turned to. "I promise I won't eat you! I'm totally vegiterrible too!" He hops on the railing. "So you should come up 'n visit us cuz' we're cool! You both should!"

Dreamy's ears are totally perked. Radar-like even. Maybe not /as/ good as Spearmint, but when you don't have the luxury of talking to other ponies, you kinda naturally become a pretty darn good listener. She gives Spearmint's tail a tiny tug, sending him an image of presenting a rumbly-stomached pony with a cookie! It's the nice thing to do, right?

Thunnini grins at Daffy and Riptide. "This works, doesn't it? Now, should we head for land, or…" A thought crosses her mind. "Daffy, how well can you actually swim?"

Spearmint blinks and nods. Indeed! That is the proper thing to do when a pony is hungry and you are in possession of delicious snacks! This time he sets the basket down to respond. "Sure! Let's invite them too. I got lots of good stuff."

"What do you say, Spin? Fancy a late lunch with the lad?" asks Brume, turning towards his raincloud of a companion. Spindrift stares at him a moment before looking away with a little frown. "… yes."

"Splendid!" proclaims Brume, taking a step towards Daffy. "Lead on, O cheerbringer."

While she's looking away, Spindrift eyes the Two Locals and their mysterious companion for a moment, but not long enough to really know what she's looking at, soon turning back towards the others.

Said hungry pony's ears perk. Wait, they're talking about me? Fury pauses, then jumps into the garbage can, coming up with a couple of paper bags and an old scarf. She dons all of these and approaches the foals hopefully. It's pretty much the worst disguise ever, but they're stupid foals; not like they'll notice. Plus, she's soooo hungryyyyy.

Daffy considers this! "…I dunno! I've never tried before. Most of the water where I come from's kinda frozen over. I guess there's only one way to find out, huh?" He crouches, /totally/ looking like he's going to just jump in the water and see if swimming's his thing!

Dreamy, meanwhile, is On A Mission! Luckily her Mission Target suddenly appears, prompting a hesitant step back at the total bum-looking appearance. Oh my. This is worse than she thought. This pony doesn't need a cookie, they need a full-blown feast! Her eyes go all teary, the little unicorn sending Spearmint an image of the poor beggarpony, scarf and bags and everything. Help the poor sod out!

"Everypony can swim! … Can't they?" Riptide is suddenly unsure of this. Landponies can swim, right? Course they can. He looks up at Daffodil uncertainly.

Dream-Daze rolls 1d10 (Daffy's Swim Skill Rating?) — Result: 5 | Sum: 5

(OOC) Dream-Daze: I guess he can ponypaddle. :o
(OOC) Spearmint: he is an average swimmer.

Spearmint lays his ears back at the image, expression sympathetic. "Oh, man…" poor hungry pony! He picks up the basket again, stepping up next to Dreamy. Muffins! Muffins help everypony feel better.

Thunnini watches Daffy prepare to dive into the water, ready to lend a hoof (and a fin) in case the colt has trouble swimming.

Beggarpony looks down at the basket, and at the foals, ears flicking back. "You, uh, offering some?" she asks, adjusting her bag hat as it falls lopsidedly. Without waiting for an answer, she reaches for a muffin and stuffs it into her mouth. And she pauses. And her eyes widen. "Mmnnfff!" she squeaks. Holy crap, she has /never tasted anything this good/.

Spindrift catches the disguised assassin out of the corner of her eye and whirls to face her more closely, gaze back to that neighborly intensity within the shadows of her hood. She stares hard at the apparent beggar, studying her, studying her… and gradually relaxes… but not entirely. Turning away, she instead makes her way towards Daffodil, to stand beside him at the edge of the boardwalk. "Go on. Your friends are here to help you if you need it."

Brume, in the meantime, is oblivious, smiling absently at the horizon. He stirss slightly as muffins are devoured, but aside from a brief glance doesn't pay too much attention. HUNGER: THE INVISIBLE BLIGHT.

Dreamy grins! She makes a happy hop, snuffling into Spearmint's basket to pull out one of the cookies, offering it up next. Everypony loves good cooking!

Daffodil, with so much encouragement, dives right in! Kersploosh! As it turns out for his first time really swimming in waters that won't cause instant hypothermia, he's not that bad. Not great, but not drowning either. More of a controlled ponypaddle that carries him out in the waters towards the seaponies. "Woohoo! Lookatme! I'm swimming! Water is /awesome/!"

Riptide ducks under water and swims to Daffodil, forgetting his shyness long enough to watch the four-legged pony paddle in earnest. "Wow… that's funny-lookin'! You're funny!" He kicks his front legs, trying to paddle just like Daffodil, but all he does is make a splash.

Spearmint smiles and blushes a bit. "Yeah, sure, help yourself," he offers, a bit late but nonetheless sincere! He hopes that's a good squeak. He baked it himself! …Not that he's terribly eager to outright admit that, but still, you want to know ponies enjoy the food you make when you make it, or else what's the point, right? Right.

Fury just stares…and then grabs another muffin and stuffs it into her mouth. And then another after that. She has literally no more room in her mouth for baked goods. "MMFNFFRUHMNFFM" she warbles, clapping hooves on her cheeks and going wibbly-eyed. "SNNNFFH GNNNHHH!!" Which is something akin to 'Soooo goood!!' in full-mouth-speak.

Spindrift leans forward, watching Daffodil, visibly tensing as he nears the water, and remaining so for a good ten seconds afterwards. She gradually begins to relax, though, settling back, though her eyes never leave the bright yellow foal or his paddlin' gait. She's oblivious to Brume, watching her in turn for a few moments, before he turns about to watch the beggar and the cookies and muffins. That's nice and all, but part of him hopes there's still some left. You know what's awesome? Bread. Not a lot of that where he's from, since the only people who are really excited about soggy bread are ducks, and c'mon.

"Not bad for a land pony," notes Thunnini with a grin, swimming around Daffodil and Riptide. Her grin gets even wider. "Say, Daffy? Wanna see what it feels like to go fast in the water?"

"Fast is good!" Daffy responds, treading water like only a newbie swimmer can. Shoot, he's just happy he can swim at all! Not even a single lesson to his name. Unless you count that one time Maelstrom threw him into a pond as a lesson…

Ahh, good times, good times.

Dream Daze makes a breathy wheezy sound that's almost a giggle, the image of this beggar's expression too good to pass up. She totally snapshots it and shoots it to Spearmint, giving the little colt a nudge on his cheek~ Spearmint, saviour of Hungry Homeless Ponies! Then she bounces up to totally hug the beggar. Because affection and food go hoof in hoof!

Riptide rolls 1d10 (How extreme is her reaction?) — Result: 10 | Sum: 10

(OOC) Riptide facehoof.
(OOC) Spearmint: ohgod
(OOC) Spindrift: uh oh
(OOC) Spearmint: maybe it's an extremely good reaction?

Riptide rolls 1d10 (1: Bad 10: Good) — Result: 2 | Sum: 2

(OOC) Riptide :|
(OOC) Spindrift: hahaha
(OOC) Spearmint: dangit dice
(OOC) Spearmint: we almost had her. :<

Spearmint's smile widens at the image. Yay, she likes his baking~ He gives a happy little bounce. "I, uh… I got 'em fresh. I can make more! So… so I hope you like 'em. I like carrots best in muffins. Pumpkin muffins are good too, though. But I don't have any of those, there's pumpkin in the cookies. And a little cinnamon. And the bread's got nuts an' stuff."

Fury stiffens and chokes when Dream hugs her, eyes flying open, and she jerks away. Her eyes dart from foal to foal, suddenly wondering if they're planning on killing her. Did they poison the food?! She suddenly starts spitting out the muffin and skitters backwards. "Oh no you don't!! You just want to poison me! I get it! Making the most delicious food in the whole world won't win /me/ over, you— you— you /foals/!" She spits a few more times and backpedals, until she bumps right into Brume and squeaks.

Riptide, though, is struggling to keep up with even Daffodil. He flops his tail, trying to get more speed, but he's better at slow and steady. "Wait…for me!" he pants.

"Hmmmm?" says Brume, in the manner of one waking up from a daydream. He focuses fairly quickly, though, staring at the beggar with a raised eyebrow, then slipping back to give her space and also because she might be kind of dirty. By now Spindrift has turned to face her as well, previously low Suspicion and Ire bars filling apace, and takes a step towards the 'beggar.' "Nobody is being poisoned. Calm yourself," she says, in a stern tone. "The rest of us were going to eat some as well."

What…? Dream Daze blinks, stumbling back to land on her duff next to Spearmint, looking up at the backpedaling Fury like …What? Poison? What? Pumpkin? What? Her eyes get all teary again, her ears pin back. Where's that one heart-healer Lily filly? This pony is obviously needing some emotional rewiring if she thinks foals are trying to kill her! She eyes Spearmint's basket, dips her head into it to pull out another cookie, and starts nibbling on it while staring at the Beggar. Why would she nibble it if it's poisoned? Hmph!

In the water, Daffy's happily chugging along! The fact that he can swim marginally better than Riptide is somewhat amusing to the colt, though he's not so much teasing as he is just swimming slow laps around him. "We're not going anywhere! Or are we?" He blinks at Thunnini. "What'd ya have in mind?"

"Don't worry, Riptide; I'll be just swimming here near the docks," Thunnini mentions. She ducks underwater for a moment, then surfaces underneath Daffy so the colt's forelegs are over her shoulders - not unlike the way Pumpkin carried her around town that one time. "Better hold on tight," she idly remarks as she starts to pick up speed.

Spearmint blinks and pauses, his own ears laying back. Poison? Of course there's not poison in the muffins. Just… carrots. And muffin-stuff. He looks a bit hurt at the idea. Why would he poison them and bring them to his friends? That would be /terrible/! You'd have to be a terrible pony to do that! He's not a terrible pony! …Does he /look/ like a terrible pony? "I… n-no, they're j-just… c-carrot… I w-wouldn't… I j-just wanted to share…"

Fury flails, and watches them eat. "You have the antidote! That's not about to convince me. Tricky, veeeery tricky." She narrows her eyes, wings flaring as she jumps to take to the air — and hits the ground. Because she's so hungry, she can't really take to the air! "You— you— wh-what did you do to me?!"

"Whoa!" Daffy squeaks, suddenly on the back of a seapony! Now this is different! This is new! This is exciting! So exciting he just…can't keep his arms to himself. So as Thun picks up speed, Daffy holds both arms up, trying to hold on by virtue of lower legs alone. "Woooooohoooooooooo!"

Dreamy pouts… Really? /Really/? She huffs, shooting Spearmint an image of the unicorn shoving a cookie down the beggar's throat. Cuz' that's what she's about to do, dangit. She's got this look in her eye. And she's getting up, cookie still in her mouth. She squints at Fury, beginning a slow foal-step closer, closer, closer… She is /totally/ gonna teach this beggar a lesson in rejecting perfectly baked goods!

Spindrift stares at the beggar for a few moments, then turns and stares at Brume- who stares back, nonplussed- before she turns towards Spearmint and Dream-Daze. "No good deed goes unpunished, I suppose…" She trails off as she watches Dream's Cookie Advance, her expression darkening. This has the makings of a bad idea. As such, she falls in line behind the filly, staying close, gaze practically boring a hole in the beggar.

Brume saunters over to the railing and leans up against it casually, legs crossed, and tilts his head as he watches. It's all very quaint.

Fury glares right back at all these whimpering foals. "Pathetic," she sneers, before she flutters up and falls again. "I swear, I'll- I'll-" Dream-Daze (with Spindrift in tow) is advancing on her like the menacing monster all foals are. She whips around to grab at her belt— and realizes she's naked and weapon-free. "Stupid, stupid stupid! ERGGH!"

Spearmint frowns and lays his ears back. "No, Dreamy… if… if she doesn't want the cookie, she doesn't have to…" he hangs his head slightly. "You said you were hungry, miss, I just wanted to help. I didn't put anything poison in 'em, only what tasted good, I thought my friends might like them. If… if you don't want the m-muffins but you're still hungry, you can have a cookie… or s-some bread, or… or, um, I've got a couple bits. I c-could, y'know, get you something at the Market. Or something." Because he's /not/ a terrible pony! And now he wants to prove it!

Dream Daze, of course, doesn't quite realize that she's got backup. Or that it's causing more Freak Out. But when Spearmint says 'no', she glances back and blinks. No..? But…but… …aw. Fiiiiiiiiine. The little filly stops her advance, sets the cookie down with deliberate slowness, like a loaded weapon, and then backs away from it. She gestures at it, just so Fury gets the point. Eat the dang cookie. Or else. Hmph. …Then she trots back to Spearmint to lurk behind the blind colt. Lurk!

Spindrift looms over the cookie for several baleful moments. It's delicious. Don't you want it? What's wrong with you? Is this not encouraging? Are you not encouraged, citizen? Her eyes try to laser encouragement into the beggar, or maybe it's just raw contempt. It should leave a warm and tingly feeling either way. At length she whirls away, cloak twirling in a dramatic fashion, and moves to position herself somewhere near the foals and Brume, who is smiling crookedly as he watches from his casual lean against the railing.

Fury finds herself surrounded by contempt and encouragement in equal parts, and she quails. Finally, she takes a deep breath. "You can do what you want to me, but I won't talk," she scowls. "Put me in the slammer if you've gotta!"

Riptide, meanwhile, pants and tries to keep up with Thunnini. "This…is…very…fast!" he gasps.

Thunnini glances at Daffodil, then looks at Riptide. A mischievous grin crosses her face, then she corners and submerges slightly - not enough to be a threat to Daffy, but far enough so that she can swim under the seacolt and scoop him up by using the landcolt as a backstop. Why not swim together~?

"Wh— wha!" Riptide flails as he finds himself flopped out on Thunnini's back. The pudgy pony is kind of heavy for her, especially added to the weight of the earth pony, but he clings to her anyway, eyes wide. "Whoooaaa!!!" he yelps.

"Whooooa!" Daffy agrees, suddenly having to hold onto Riptide lest they both be swept away by rushing water! "Woohooo! This is sooooooo awesome! Lookatmeeeee I'm a seaponieeeee!"

Spearmint blinks and tilts his head. "…The… slammer? What's that? Why would we put you in it?" He twitches an ear quizzically. "You don't gotta talk to us if you don't want to. We're just trying to be nice, but…" Momma said someponies like their privacy. Maybe she's one of those types? "But we don't have to talk. We just wanna help since you were all hungry."

The slammer? Dreamy peers at Fury. She doesn't get it. At this point she's not sure she wants to now. She just sticks her tongue out at the beggar, and tugs on Spearmint's tail a little. Surely they've got better things to do than mess with somebody who's obviously off their rocker.

Spindrift whirls towards Brume with an incredulous expression, gesturing to Fury with a hoof. Brume can only offer her a hapless shrug. Spindrift looks back to the assassin with her cheeks puffed out and a furrowed brow. You KNOW she's mad now. "Ignore the cookie. Ignore everything else. Just go, now, please." She turns away from Fury at last, and throws a foreleg out and around in a rather theatrical gesture of dismissal. Cloaks are flourished along the way. "Children, pay her no further mind. It was kind of you to share, and I am sorry it was not better appreciated."

Fury looks between them, watches their reactions. … Right. Sun-loving ponies have these terrible /emotions/ and do things out of /kindness/. Yuck. Still… as they turn away from her, Fury bends down and snatches up the cookie, skittering away as fast as her hooves can take her. If they're releasing her, she's not going to think twice about it for now. She can get her way out of a scrape later if she has to.

Thunnini is downright enjoying herself! She slaloms among the pilings, taking her passenger load into account. Thus, instead of weaving around every piling, she's weaving around every third one. More time to turn that way, y'know.

Daffy's quite happy with this! Lots of gleeful giggling and waving at the poor landbound ponies that can't swim this fast. After a little while though, he gives his new seapony friends a nudge, "Can I go back to land please? This is great but it's getting dark…"

Riptide, on the other hand, is terrified, clinging to Daffodil with wide eyes. "Don't cra— watch ou— you're gonna—!" Eeeeek!!!

Spearmint sighs but nods, scooping up his basket again and turning to follow Dreamy. Maybe she'd get the cookie and be a little less hungry, at least. Poor beggarpony. Even if she /is/ kind of rude.

"Okay - it's been fun swimming with you, Daffy!" smiles Thunnini as she swims to where the stairs are. This was actually fairly good exercise!

Riptide tumbles onto land with Daffy, huffing and puffing despite the fact he wasn't the one zipping around. "OOowwaarrhhh… oof." Thud. Out he goes, like a beached seapony. Which he actually is.

Brume and Spindrift both watch Spearmint and Dream go, neither moving to follow. Brume does offer them a wave, though. "Have a good evening, children! Chin up, now!" He's fairly chipper himself, but there's a sad soft of wistfulness as he turns back towards Spindrift with a slight smile. She's watching the foals scoot by down below, though her expression is dark. "Wretched," she says, quietly, as the assorted foals distance themselves by land or by sea. "But hardly surprising."

Brume chuckles slightly as he sits up. "Come now. They're not ALL like that, you know that by now. Just one bad apple. The children seemed sweet enough."

Spindrift shakes her head, stares at the sun sinking below the line of the horizon, then turns away, making for where main street adjoins the boardwalk. Brume sighs, glances back at the distant figures of Thunnini, Riptide and Daffodil, then hurries to pursue his grouchy associate, as always, as she turns a corner and disappears into the lengthening evening shadows.