Hot Chocolate and Cold Reactions
IC date: Winter 15, 1007
OOC date: January 3, 2013
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Magpie, Jellybean, Kludge, Snowfield, Unknown
NPCs: None
GM: None

Another stormy Horseshoe Harbor evening - howling winds, beating showers, and the occasional mildly insane pony; just another normal evening. A minor oversight in scheduling has forced Kludge and Ruby to leave the warmth of the salon in favor of a grocery trip; far from pleasant considering the weather. "I can't believe how much she eats - I mean, a whole cheesecake; and I was saving that - and then there's the other foal she eats even more than Maggie!" Ruby whines softly for the briefest of moments before cheerfully piping. "Totally picking up another cheesecake on the way back." the rain battering down on her umbrella while she points "Grab two bundles of carrots there. I'll grab some asparagus, then all that's left is the cheesecake." The rain begins to pick-up "Ack! Maybe we should duck inside for a little bit." looking about in favor of warm cafe of the like.

Magpie says from right behind Ruby, "Maybe we should get like two cheesecakes this time?" It's not HER fault Ruby keeps hoarding the best stuff. And that she was hungry. And she can't read the 'For Ruby, keep out' sign. That's her story, anyway.

Jellybean lands not far from the two lovely mares, soaking wet but with the satisfaction of another day of doing his duty. He waves a hoof eagerly. "Hi you two! It's really wet outside today!"

Kludge ducks his head down and dashes over to the grocer's, getting out of the rain long enough to catch his breath and peruse the veggies. Getting out for a walk isn't a bad idea in theory, but in practice? Lousy weather.

Snowfield doesn't seem to mind the driving rain. She's crafted herself what appears to be a giant leaf made out of ice which is perched on her back and reaches over her head to keep her dry. With every hoofstep she leaves an icy imprint on the ground, using her magic to hold herself down so that the sudden gusts of wind don't knock the tiny unicorn off of her feet.

The forest witch is currently heading into town from the direction of the shore, having spent the last few hours doing maintenance on the levies. It's time for a break and a sandwich to keep her energy up. She is most definitely not in the mood for cheesecake but fate may have other plans for her this night.

Not far behind, there's a skulking filly slipping through the downpour at a distance to the travelling group. It seems that /someone/ left the door open to the salon, and who's going to stick around when there's freedom to be had?

…Of course, this little foal's version of freedom has stunted recently, and she stays as a distant satellite to her new family, sticking to shelter in the downpour as she does.

Ruby glances over her shoulder to Maggie. "That still doesn't excuse you for eating the WHOLE thing." she emphasizes with a playful little harumph before grabbing Maggie before ducking under the overhang of a nearby building. She spots one of cafes that have actually re-opened since the last large fire. "Maggie." She points "Hot cocoa?" throwing the foal onto her back and hoisting up her umbrella. Ruby offers Jelly a warm grin as he lands. "IT's soaking wet. This isn't the weather to be outside in." she points again "That looks warm, lets go. Kludge! Move your flank!" Then there's the ice queen over yonder - whom Ruby offers a wave to after a moment of hesitation - she's never really hit it off with that mare to date.

"I was /hungry/," Magpie protests. She isn't about to tell Ruby she was heartily sick afterwards. She eeps as she's pulled under the awning, her mane plastered to her head. At least her middle is dry under that green coat. She essays a wave to Jelly as she's summarily kidnapped and threatened with warm drinks.

Kludge looks over towards Ruby, glances over at the cafe, then nods an acknowledgement to her. He pays for the groceries and puts them in his saddlebags, then trots over to the cafe to meet up with the others. He does pause slightly as something catches his eye for a moment. Was that…? He shakes his head and keeps moving to the cafe.

Jellybean hops excitedly and waves to Snowfield. "Swowfield! Hi! Hi Snowfield! We're going to get cocoa! Do you want some cocoa! Or maybe tea?" He follows Ruby obediently.

Many ponies entering a single shop means it's probably the only shop still open. Snowfield sighs and moves towards the door of the cafe, trailing several meters behind the others seeking shelter and delicious foods. When she is accosted by a wild Jellybean she takes a step back. "I'm just getting a sandwich before heading back to the beach," she says cautiously, well aware that the slightest verbal misstep could result in having to spend quality time with the pegasus.

The foal slinks through the bushes and under construction, hunkering down when they open a door and start filing inside. She narrows her eyes, wriggling her rump in anticipation of the pounce from her hiding place.

Ruby slides Maggie off her back as the group begins to file inside - letting almost all the ponies enter before her, just so she can give Snowfield a big ol amused grin. "So glad you could JOIN US, Snowfield." emphasizing to make it all the more difficult for the anti-social mare to escape with ease. She really wasn't expecting Unknown to tag along - not that she would have stopped her; but certainly Ruby isn't looking for the darling little foal.

Magpie trots in before Ruby, and gravitates naturally towards the food counter. Almost by instinct she starts sidling around to the end of the counter where she might be able to nick something from the kitchen.

Jellybean's eyes go wide looking at all the delicious snacks on display but he waits patiently: he's a good little colt and doesn't want to be rude or anything. His wings are fluttering quite a lot, though: there's all this yummy caaaake.

"I'm not joining anyone," Snowfield says as she stops at the door to the cafe, waiting for Ruby to go in first. "There's still plenty of work to be done to stave off the worst of the storm, I don't have the time to socialize." She gestures for the other mare to go inside and… pauses. Something moved under the half-finished construction nearby which caught her gaze. Her eyes narrow and she tries to figure out what it is.

Ruby huffs softly "No need to be so cold, Snowfield. Join your friends for a snack - if you spend all your time worrying about every diasater that hits the harbor you'll nev…what you looking at." she stops to peer the direction Snowfield is looking.

Buttwiggle. Buttwiggle. POUNCE! It happens to be a lilac-colored foal that has pounced toward the door — and then swiftly aborted into an arching side-hop to avoid colliding with UNKNOWN PONIES. She lets out a fierce hiss at Snowfield, baring her teeth and scrambling to dart behind Ruby and hide under her tail, hunkering down to glare at the snow witch as if she had Personally Slighted Her by being in the way.

Magpie giggles at Jelly's nervous wings. She sidesteps. "Soooo, what're you gonna get?"

Kludge chuckles gently as he walks into the cafe. "Thought I saw something familiar," he remarks as he takes a seat at a table near the wall - the better to give Unknown a place to hide from others, after all. "Hey, little one, come on over," he gently calls to the feral filly.

Snowfield gestures with her chin towards the construction. "I saw something move over there," she says. When the rabid little foal lunges in the forest witch's general direction and bares its teeth Snowfield snarls right at her. She hunkers down close to the ground aggressively, ice leaf above her shattering and dropping to the ground around her. "Don't make any sudden movements," she says sharply to Ruby.

Jellybean eeks and flies into the air at the Unknown Foal's sudden appearance, landing a moment later. He looks to Magpie: "Um… I'm not sure. Maybe some carrot cake? Or strawberry cheesecake? Or chocolate cheesecake! Ooh! That's good too!"

The arrival of Unknown (Lilac-Berry, possibly) brings a grin to Ruby's face, and a delighted giggle as Unknown darts behind; that giggle quickly turns to a stern glare focused on Snowfield. "This one's mine, Snowfield. I found her first; she's kind of feral - but we'll work through that." she turns slowly so she can place a hoof comfortingly on Unknown's head to calm the foal before attempting to pick her up. "Want something yummy?"

Unknown squirms as a hoof is placed on her head, hissing again at Snowfield and bristling as much as a little foal can manage. She yowls when Ruby lifts her, flailing her hooves and flattening her ears, focused on the threat: Snowfield! "RAAAAA!" she growls, in a fairly decent imitation of a rocky mountain lion.

"'Yours'?" Snowfield repeats incredulously. "You can't just claim some foal you found as your own." When the little filly begins writhing and howling upon being picked up by her 'mother' the unicorn's horn begins to glow defensively. "For the love of Celestia, put that thing down. It's going to start biting at any moment."

Magpie blinks, and peeks back. "Oh, great. The kitty is here too," she grumbles, only loud enough for Jelly to hear.

Jellybean blinks at Magpie. "But that's a pony," he says, loud enough for everypony to hear.

Ruby doesn't heed Snowfield's 'warnings' - she'll accept the bites if they come, she's had worse. "Well 'mine' isn't the best term - but I'll certainly be taking care of her for the time being. And I believe there is precedent for taking in free-range foals, I'd certainly enjoy Blackbird's opnion on this." A mildly cocky grin to be had even as attempts to hold and comfort Unknown. "Shhh…it's okay, sweetie." turning to half-shield Unknown from Snowfield.

Magpie snorts. "Ruby's new 'project'. She thinks she's some kinda cat, I guess." Bitter? No. Couldn't be.

Snowfield's eyes narrow again as Ruby sasses at her. Her glowing horn brights as a nearby puddle freezes, rises into the air and is flung at Ruby's face, unfreezing at the last moment to try and splash the mare with icy cold water. "Don't you /dare/ compare Blackbird taking in an orphan who washed ashore to finding some feral child and deciding you're going to tame it like some sort of animal," she barks.

Jellybean whimpers a little, taking a step away from Ruby and Snowfield and towards Kludge. Big ponies are arguing again.

Unknown growls and bites Ruby, indeed, when she keeps holding her. She squirms mightily, but as Snowfield flings water in Ruby's face, her growling rises to a screech and she yanks out of Ruby's grip to charge and pounce at Snowfield. She's a very little foal — can't be more than equivalent to a five or six year old — and mostly what she does is chew harmlessly on Snowfield's horn. NOM NOM RAR.

Magpie hits Snowfield from the other direction at almost the same instant the feral foal does, shrieking, "LEAVE HER ALONE!"

Kludge just sighs and looks through a menu, sliding one over to Jellybean. In the face of fiasco, sometimes what's needed is an island of calm.

Ruby quietly stands there as she's splashed in the face with water - clearly quite livid; so livid in fact she turns and simply storms off into the rain without her umbrella or anypony else. Nothing like being told that trying to help out a poor ophan makes you a /bad/ pony. Muttering profanities under her breath as she storms off at a rapid pace - leaving Uknown to Maggie and Kludge, cause you know they're not awful ponies like Ruby.

Snowfield finds herself double-teamed by a pair of children, one larger and one smaller than the unicorn. "She started it!" the witch yells at Magpie as she tries to simultaneously throw a kick in the taller mare's direction while wrenching her horn out of the little foal's mouth. Unfortunately she's pretty ineffective at doing both at the same time. Somepony does not have much brawling experience.

Unknown does at least get swung off the horn; she's small and it wasn't a very good tooth-hold anyway. With a sharp hiss, she scrambles into the cafe with her tail between her legs, darting under Kludge's table, near Jellybean. "Mrrrrr…" she growls.

Magpie isn't exactly a brawler herself. She sort of flails her hooves on Snowfield's back, beating on her without inflicting any real injuries. When the feral foal goes rolling, she abandons the attack (before her opponent can focus on her!) and flees back towards Kludge, shooting a big raspberry over her shoulder. "PBBBBTH!"

Jellybean is now hiding under a table, cringing and wingfluttering. "Kludge? Make them stop fighting!"

Kludge just quietly headdesks against the table for a moment. Once he feels sufficiently composed, he walks over to the counter and orders four mugs - and a bowl - of hot chocolate. He gives a mug to Jellybean, Maggie, and Snowfield (and keeps one for himself) and gently slides the bowl over to Unknown after making sure the cocoa in the bowl is plesantly warm and not too hot.

Unknown practically leaps into the air when she realizes another foal is beside her. "MREEWR," she screeches, crashing into a chair and thudding to the ground. Dizzy foal is dizzy! … But at least there's a nice bowl of cocoa for her whenever she recovers.

Magpie deadpans, "Yeah, I feel about the same, kid."

Snowfield rolls back to her feet and pants heavily, eyes darting between Magpie and the lilac foal as she glowers at both. "Harumph!" she says before stomping up to the cafe's front counter. "Give me a petunia on rye, hold the daisy, extra lettuce," she says perhaps a bit more loudly than she really needs to. When Kludge tries to give her a mug of cocoa she staaaaares at him.

Jellybean sips his cocoa, calming down. Mmm, it's making him all warm and toasty. He looks at the Unknown Filly, points at the bowl and then at his mug. "Co-coa," he says, pronouncing each syllable loudly and clearly."

Unknown slowly rights herself and shakes her head, wrinkling her nose in frustration. But when Jellybean points out the bowl, her ears go back and she rolls to her hooves, skirting away for a moment. At least she's not aggressive! Just…suspicious. "Rrrr…" she mutters, her nose working and smelling the sweet scent.

Magpie sighs. She sits down on the floor, puts her mug down. "Look. Same stuff.' She waves the mug at Unknown, then lifts it and sips it carefully. "See? It's good."

When Snowfield staaaaares at him, Kludge just gives a slight half-shrug and leaves the mug of hot chocolate for the snow witch, then returns to his table. The offer has been made; beyond that, he's not going to worry about it.

Snowfield snorts as Kludge walks away. Her sandwich arrives soon after, which she pays for and picks up with her magic. With nothing left to take her adrenaline out on she resorts to taking an angry bite out of the delicious food, continuing to stare at the little foal under the table who nommed on her horn.

After a minute she picks up the cocoa and slurps it loudly. It's delicious. >:|

Jellybean meeps a little but doesn't freak out too much when Unknown growls at her: they're the same size and so she's actually more intimidating to him than to most other ponies, but he knows she's not really going to attack him. He has another sip, then: "Co-coa."

Unknown jerks a little when Magpie joins the under-the-table crew, but watches both her and Jellybean with fascination. And then she sniffs at her bowl, takes a hesitant lick… and stuffs her nose in it, snorfing loudly as she sucks down hot cocoa. SNORF SCRUMP SNARF

Magpie slides back up to table level. Ruby can't say she never helps out. "So anyway."

"Indeed," nods Kludge, still keeping an eye on Unknown. At least the feral filly seems to be calming down a bit now.

Unknown finishes snorfing her cocoa down and yawns, licking her muzzle with something akin to contentment. Though she curls up to snooze, she does eye Jellybean a little bit, and reaches out a hoof to pat at the rim of her bowl, trying to hook it closer and…do whatever it is the pegasus is doing. (Which is to say, holding his mug, which she can't exactly figure out at the moment.)

Jellybean finishes his cocoa and then holds a hoof over his mouth, burping gently. "I better get home so I can be with Typhoon. Thanks for the cocoa, Kludge!" He smiles happily and flaps his wings. "I'll see you all later." With that he floats out of the cafe, rubbing his belly.

Snowfield is settling down a bit thanks to the magical influence of hot cocoa. She stays standing because like heck is she sitting down anywhere near that feral thing on the ground. "I'm going to head back to the levy," she says through a mouthful of petunias. "If you're going to keep that foal as a pet then get a leash for it," she adds before turning towards the door. Her half-finished cup of cocoa is left on the counter.

Unknown rolls onto her back, awkwardly holding the bowl between two forehooves and dripping the last bit of cocoa all over her face. What a savage. She casts a glare in Snowfield's direction, though that's mostly because she's talking at all, rather than the content of her words. Cause honestly, who knows what that jibber jabber is.